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Kate: Marco?

Marco: Mrs. DiMera. Good morning.

Kate: Good morning. It's kind of odd to see you here. I, uh, assume Stefano...

Marco: Has me picking up a package, ma'am. I really can't say any more.

Kate: Mm. And I really don't want to know anything else.

Abigail: How many of those exactly have you had?

Chad: Oh, I don't know.

Abigail: I feel like I'm gaining weight just sitting next to you.

Chad: Yeah, right. If your body got any hotter, you'd catch fire. Oh! Brownie points. Come on, now.

Abigail: Well, well, somebody's certainly gaining points early today.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: I'll be right back.

Chad: Wha--where-- where you going?

Abigail: I told you, I have to hit up the atm. I might not be able to go later.

Chad: Oh, well, I'm gonna time you. Hurry up.

Abigail: Two seconds, and if I'm not back, you can inhale at least one more pastry.

Kate: Good morning.

Chad: Hey. Uh... sit. Join me.

Kate: Thank you.

Chad: Uh-huh. So, uh, any new word on EJ, anything new?

Kate: Well, I-I think he's doing better. I really do. The family's still concerned, though, of course... [Sighs] Especially your father. Chad, your father really needs you.

Taylor: EJ? No.

Lexie: Oops! Excuse me. Oh, good morning.

Taylor: Where is EJ?

Lexie: Oh, honey, relax. Relax, okay? He's fine. Nothing's wrong. He checked himself out of the hospital this morning.

Taylor: [Laughs] Oh, good.

Lexie: Yeah, against my advice, I might add. I told him it was too soon, but there's no stopping my brother when he wants something-- you, for instance.

Stefano: Oh, Elvis! My god, what are you doing here?

EJ: Mm. Well, I decided I wasn't gonna atrophy in some bloody hospital bed when I could be doing something a lot more constructive here at home. [Clears throat] Excuse me for a second.

Stefano: What are you doing? Are you calling your girlfriend? [Chuckles weakly] I'm sure she's gonna be happy to know that you're here waiting for her.

EJ: Father, please, just--

Stefano: You know, sometimes I don't understand you. Things are going wrong, all right? And all you can think about is your love life?

EJ: I asked you twice.

Stefano: This has to be done now, because the monster that we created is totally out of control. Even the police think so.

EJ: Well, that just doesn't make any sense. I mean, why would our impostor attack me?

Sami: Hey, hey.

Hope: Hey.

Sami: So I've been looking all morning. There's a truck parked in front. It has to be one of the DiMera goons, and they probably saw you come in.

Hope: Good.

Bo: It's exactly what we want.

Hope: Yes, they're watching because they're nervous.

Sami: Not as nervous as I am.

Bo: Got a lot to do today.

Hope: Sami, we're gonna be fine.

Bo: Are you ready?

Sami: If I can get my life back with Rafe... I'm ready for anything.

Chad: Wow. Okay. Um, so what does he need? Did he--did he say? What'd he say?

Kate: He has a man, Marco, who's waiting at the pier right now. He needs to be reminded to use extreme caution when he delivers a shipment he's about to receive to the mansion. It's also very important that he is not followed.

Chad: Okay.

Kate: What? Am I misinterpreting now? I thought that you were ready to st--

Chad: No, I'm just--I'm not sure if, uh-- look, Marco does some pretty heavy stuff for Stefano.

Kate: Okay, look, your family is under attack right now. You saw what happened to EJ. Your father trusts you, and he needs your help.

Chad: Okay. Well, I'm sure I can just pass on a message, no problem. I'll just let, uh, Abigail know that I'll be right back. Shouldn't take long, right?

Kate: Oh, no, it won't take long at all.

Chad: Okay, so, um... what's in the shipment?

Kate: Oh, I think it's best if you and I don't know what's in the shipment.

Chad: Got it. See you.

Kate: This is going beautifully.

Abigail: Hi. What--what happened to Chad?

Kate: Hey. Uh, something came up, and he had to leave. I think that he texted you.

Abigail: Oh, thanks. Huh. He, uh--he didn't say where he was going.

Kate: Oh, I think he said he was going down to the pier.

Bo: That's it.

Sami: That is really small. Are you sure this is gonna do the job?

Bo: Yeah, the signal's strong, reliable.

Sami: But what about the antenna?

Hope: Oh, it doesn't need one. The equipment truck that's parked near the DiMeras will boost the signal more than enough.

Bo: We'll be able to hear everything that Stefano and EJ are saying.

Sami: If I do my job right.

Hope: Sami... you're gonna be fine.

Sami: I wonder if they're really worried.

Hope: My guess? Plenty. Sami, look at this. They created a freak that's now on the loose. And they believe that he's the one who attacked EJ.

Sami: Right.

Bo: Fortunately, EJ has no memory of the attack, so we're good there.

Sami: So what are we gonna do with the, um--the creature?

Bo: He's under lock and key. Rafe's FBI buddy's watching him.

Sami: And everybody thinks he's the one who's back in Salem, right, not Rafe?

Bo: Right. And we had a bit of luck this morning. Our DiMera informant called and said something's going down today, so we'll be able to rattle their cage.

Lexie: What's going on between you and my brother?

Taylor: EJ loves me. I love him. I'm hopeful. And Nicole asked him for a divorce, but Stefano-- ho-ho-ho-ho!

Lexie: He doesn't approve?

Taylor: Okay, well, let's just say the man knows how to level a threat.

Lexie: Well, let's just say that EJ knows how to handle father.

Taylor: You think?

Lexie: I know.

Taylor: Good. Good. I'm glad to hear that. Now I just wish you could tell me that the man who murdered my mother is gonna pay for it.

EJ: Well, that's just all we bloody need, isn't it, huh? I mean, the police are looking for our impostor!

Stefano: Do you think he attacked you because he found out that you were gonna get him killed?

EJ: Who cares, father? Who cares, all right? He needs to be eliminated now... before the police find him.

Stefano: The only thing that the police can find is an all-night doughnut shop, all right? Our people will get to him, and then he'll disappear.

EJ: Oh, they better, father, because he has a lot of evidence that he could take to the authorities.

Stefano: As if you're worried about that.

EJ: Excuse me?

Stefano: The only thing you're worried about is that he could connect you with the murder of your girlfriend's mother.

Victor: Maggie, what a surprise. Come in, come in. Can I have Henderson get you something?

Maggie: Ooh. Well, does Henderson know why Rafe was blamed for something that Brady did? No, wait. I'm sure you can tell me.

Victor: Maggie, I had nothing to do with that charade. I'm sure Bo must have his reasons for taking that route, but he didn't share it with me, and he didn't warn me.

Maggie: Awfully convenient for you, though, isn't it? And Brady benefits, too.

Victor: Yes, he does. As long as the DiMeras are chasing Rafe Hernandez, he's not going to war with my family.

Maggie: Mm. It's a real win-win... unless your name is Rafe Hernandez.

Victor: Look, Rafe is a cop. Bo is a cop. I'm sure they have a plan. But you didn't come here because Rafe Hernandez was being mistreated.

Maggie: Mm, no, not entirely. I spent a lot of time with Melanie last night. She, of course, is worried about a-- oh, a possible war erupting with Brady being the first casualty, but she had something else on her mind.

Victor: What?

Maggie: She was intent on using this crisis with Brady to make sure... that we connected again.

Chad: Good morning. Marco?

Marco: Who wants to-- oh, you're Mr. DiMera's son. How are you, sir?

Chad: Uh, fine. Thank you. Listen, I, uh-- I have a message for you from my father.

Marco: Absolutely, sir. Anything you say will be the same as hearing it from Mr. DiMera himself.

Hope: See you later. Have fun, kids.

Bo: Okay, man, I owe you. Right, yeah. Uh, is Sami clear on what she has to do?

Hope: Absolutely. What's next for us?

Bo: That was our DiMera informant. He said it's showtime. And since you're just a deputy, I'm going to tell you, you got to be careful, you got it?

Hope: I got it.

Bo: Yeah, bring along an extra clip, just in case things go south.

Hope: All right. You know, it feels kind of weird.

Bo: Why, because you're just a deputy and not a full detective?

Hope: Yeah, I guess. I mean, I know it's only for this one operation, but, well, after that, I go back to being just hope Brady.

Bo: Well, hey... "just hope Brady" is someone I happen to love. So give me a kiss for luck.

Hope: You give me my hat.

Bo: Mm. Shall we?

Hope: We shall.

EJ: Look, father, if our impostor is caught and he's charged with Fay's murder, he's going to implicate both of us, all right? So let's just leave him out of this, shall we? Permanently.

Stefano: Should have eliminated that bastard the second he came back to Salem.

EJ: God knows he has enough information to back up his story. I mean, father, it's not like he just knows that he was operated on and how many times. He knows who paid the bills! He knows everything! One DNA test--just one-- against his sibling, and we don't stand a chance at trial--nothing. The jury are gonna think we're ghouls.

Stefano: Well, what we did to Rafael has to be kept secret... forever. Now, aside from our impostor, who we're gonna get rid of in a few hours, hmm, the only ones that know about this, really, is you, me, and Nicole.

EJ: Speaking of which, is she upstairs?

Stefano: No. One of my police informants told me that she was arrested because they think that she had something to do with what happened to you.

EJ: What do you think?

Stefano: Not a chance. Of course, I am a concerned citizen. And I was never dumb enough to qualify for the Salem police force.

EJ: Okay, I understand that, father, but, look, she knew that we held Rafe downstairs. She got the DNA tested.

Stefano: Meaningless.

EJ: Why? Why is it meaningless?

Stefano: Because I did some fancy paperwork with a copy of Nicole's will. By the way, she left you nothing.

EJ: [Chuckles] I'm crushed.

Stefano: And I have also destroyed everything down in the cellar, okay? So now the only problem is...

EJ: That idiot running around.

Stefano: Uh-huh. But... I have my people all over Salem, okay? They are uplifting garbage cans all over the place. We'll find him, okay? And then he'll be out of our lives.

EJ: [Sighs] I wish I shared your confidence, father. I-I really do. This is just brilliant, isn't it? I'm finally, finally... trying to make a better life for myself, and I can't because our impostor is running around, ready to ruin everything!

Stefano: Well...

Sami: Impostor? What are you talking about?

Marco: Is the message complicated? Maybe I should write it down.

Chad: No. This is just a warning from Stefano. Abigail, no. Hey, hey! No, Abigail, wait up!

Marco: Mr. DiMera gave me a message?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He said that you need to be very careful you're not followed. You got that? Abigail, wait up!

Maggie: And when Melanie mentioned that there might be a war between your family and the DiMeras, she worked very hard at convincing me to somehow get you out of town.

Victor: Out of town?

Maggie: On a trip.

Victor: Just go off somewhere?

Maggie: With me.

Victor: Huh. A slow boat to china, just us kids. [Chuckles]

Maggie: I know. Crazy, isn't it?

Marco: [Sighs] Better double-count it before I deliver it to Mr. D. Who's there?

Hope: Just a lady... looking at you.

Marco: Listen, lady, maybe some other time. I've got--I've got business-- oh!

EJ: Samantha. Well, this is a lovely surprise. What are you doing here?

Sami: I came to drop Sydney off, right? It's her time to spend with you.

EJ: Oh, of course.

Sami: And I asked Mary to watch her, because I wanted to come in and see what kind of damage had been done and if I needed to prepare Sydney. [Clears throat] So what were you talking about-- an impostor? Were you talking about Rafe?

EJ: That's--yes, we were talking about Rafe. That's very strange. I was just saying to my father that the Rafe who came back to Salem is so completely different from the one who left that he might as well be an impostor.

Stefano: Absolutely. Have you seen the paper? I mean, the police are looking for your husband because he tried to kill him and left him for dead.

EJ: It is a little bit Jekyll and Hyde, Samantha. It's almost like the man has two completely different personalities.

Sami: No, you're wrong, okay? Rafe would never just attack someone without provocation. Obviously, you must have done something.

Stefano: Ah, of course. I mean, you know, accuse the one that got hurt.

EJ: Samantha, in all fairness, please, you were the first person who came in here to complain that Rafe was not acting himself anymore.

Sami: I would never--I would never say something like that. He--he is himself, and you obviously must have done something--or both of you did.

Stefano: Now, look, false accusations are not gonna help, so calm down.

Sami: I can't calm down, okay? Don't you understand what I'm going through here? I thought he was getting better. I thought Rafe-- he came back, and people were saying that he was better. Everyone was saying that he was better. And now this happened. So, obviously, it must be something that you did, okay? I mean, you had to do something to make him feel like he had to do it, or otherwise, there just--it's a mistake. I mean, it had to be a mistake.

EJ: Samantha, what are you doing?

Chad: Hey, have you, uh, seen Abigail?

Kate: Yeah. She came in after you left. I told her that you went down to the pier, and then she left.

Chad: Why the hell would you tell her where I was?

Kate: Did I say something I shouldn't have?

Chad: Well, yeah. You knew I was down there on family business.

Kate: Chad, you were delivering a message. It's not like it was illegal. I don't think that's any big deal.

Chad: Well, it was. Abigail overheard me talking to Marco, and she took off running.

Bo: All right, let's go.

Lexie: And you're sure it was Rafe? Are you pos--are you positive?

Taylor: Lexie... he as much as said it to my face. He murdered my mom. And there were witnesses standing there, and the cops did absolutely nothing. So at least now they're gonna arrest him for beating up EJ.

Lexie: [Sighs] You know, there was--there was always something strange about Fay's injuries. But I mean, when a person falls down a steep set of stairs, all sorts of injuries pop up, so I-I-I let it go. Damn it, I should have followed my instincts.

Taylor: It's okay, all right? But at least now we know why he was lurking around here like he's some sort of vulture.

Lexie: Yeah. Well, I mean, once they catch Rafe, maybe he'll confess, and we'll be able to find out the whole truth.

Taylor: I need to know the truth. I need to, so EJ and I can start moving forward. You know, we need to put this-- this nightmare behind us.

Lexie: [Sighs deeply]

Taylor: What?

Lexie: Taylor, you know that I'm in your corner. But don't fool yourself, okay? There isn't gonna be some happily ever after. When you are involved with any member of my family... things are always complicated.

EJ: Samantha... I asked you what you were doing.

Sami: What does it look like I'm doing? I am trying to come to terms with what is happening with my husband. I'm sorry if I can't handle the whole cold shoulder, sociopathic, stiff-upper-lip thing you've got going. Excuse me. You know, it's upsetting to me. He is my husband, and whether you believe it or not, I love him. And I don't believe he's capable of something like this.

Stefano: Of course, he's just a regular st. Francis, except when he bloodies up people and leaves them for dead.

Sami: Oh, come on, you know that's not true. You know he didn't do this, EJ. Come on, please tell me that-- that you understand what is happening.

EJ: Truly, Samantha, I-I-I wish I could, but I have no idea.

Sami: Didn't you do something? Didn't you say something that provoked him?

EJ: Samantha, I have absolutely no memory of anything that happened that evening.

Sami: The worst part of all of this is that I don't know what's gonna happen next. I have no idea what he's going to do. I'm sorry. I-- I can't keep talking. Mary has Sydney, and, uh... just call me when she's ready to come home.

Stefano: Hmm.

EJ: She's right, you know. We have absolutely no idea what this bloody lunatic is going to do next.

Stefano: Well, it won't be long. I have faith in my people.

EJ: I hope so.

Stefano: Where are you going?

EJ: Out. I have something to do.

Stefano: Elvis, should you be driving? Elvis! Oh, for god's sake. My son Elvis is leaving the premises. Follow him... for his protection, of course.

Victor: I'm still trying to fathom what was going through Melanie's mind.

Maggie: Well, it seemed clear to me she just wanted to get you out of town, in case there was a war. Plus, I--

Victor: Us on a trip together? I mean, what made her think I would turn tail and run... and take you with me, to boot?

Maggie: Victor, did you ever think that Melanie might know more about us than you think?

Victor: Oh, she has no--

Maggie: Now, wait a minute. I haven't finished. You see, you made it very clear that--that you thought that we can't be together, because, well, you can never change. And, yes, the DiMeras are off on the wrong track. So maybe leaving town isn't quite so urgent.

Victor: Definitely not.

Maggie: Well, I want to tell you something. When Melanie brought up the idea of you getting away from danger, my first thought-- no way. He pushed me away. He doesn't want any more contact. And since I no longer have any influence, I thought, "well, what was the point?" But, Victor, nothing is gonna stop me from coming over here and giving it one last shot.

Chad: Damn it. Voice mail. She just--she just ran. She wouldn't even let me explain anything.

Kate: Do you think you could?

Chad: What?

Kate: You're a DiMera. Stefano said it all in the hospital. Family is what matters in a crisis. Outsiders really don't understand. Abigail Deveraux is really a Horton.

Chad: Oh, please. She just saw something out of context, misinterpreted it. That's all.

Kate: Come on, you don't really see this? It's going to keep happening over and over again, because Hortons are trained to see things in black and white. And I don't want to sound like the voice of doom, but eventually, this will come between the two of you. And you're the one who'll end up getting hurt.

Sami: Hey.

Bo: Hey, hey.

Sami: What happened?

Bo: Things went down perfect.

Sami: Really?

Bo: Yeah, look at this.

Sami: Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

Hope: Stefano's really gonna feel the pinch...

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Hope: When he realizes that someone has stolen this from him.

Bo: Isn't that a shame, huh?

Sami: Wow.

Hope: How'd it go?

Sami: Oh, I put the bug in a flower.

Bo: Oh, okay, good.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, um, it was great. And I laid it on really thick about how worried I was about Rafe's behavior and everything. I'm telling you, you should've seen the looks on their faces. They were extremely concerned.

Hope: Terrific. How's it working? How's the bug working?

Bo: Well, let's get it warmed up here.

Sami: Is that it?

Bo: Tut, tut--

Sami: Why isn't anyone saying anything?

Bo: A little patience, please. Things will heat up very soon. They think a lunatic is out on the streets who could bring down the whole family, so just hang tight.

EJ: Taylor.

Taylor: Hey.

EJ: Hey.

Taylor: You had me worried. I went to the hospital room this morning. It was empty. I got very worried, you know.

EJ: Really?

Taylor: Yeah.

EJ: I'm fine.

Taylor: Where'd you go?

EJ: I couldn't stand being in that place another second. I'm sorry. I would have come to see you straightaway, but I had some things I needed to take care of first.

Taylor: Yeah, Lexie told me that she had some words with you about leaving.

EJ: Oh, yeah, a few choice words about me being bullheaded? Yeah. I couldn't stand being in that place any longer. Besides, if I was there, how was I going to spend all of my time seeing you?

Taylor: You look good. Are you sure you're okay? Yeah?

EJ: I'm fine.

Taylor: Are you? Well, I think we should sit. Sit down. Just sit.

EJ: I'm fine. How are you? How are you?

Taylor: I'm fine.

EJ: Really? 'Cause when I walked in just now, you looked lost. What were you thinking about?

Taylor: Honestly... I was thinking about my mother being murdered... and you.

Chad: No, Kate, I'm not worried. Abigail and I are cool with who I am.

Kate: Really? She's cool with you being a DiMera?

Chad: Absolutely. She and I have talked about it openly, and we're totally honest with each other.

Kate: Well, no matter how honest and open you are with each other, the outcome is still inevitable.

Chad: So--so you're a fatalist, huh? You believe we're all so powerless to change our destiny?

Kate: No, I believe that you are naive.

Chad: Really?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Is it naive to trust that someone has enough integrity not to judge me by my name? Now, look... I know you're the person who's been pushing me to hook me up with my new family, and I really, really appreciate what you've done for me, okay? But Abigail is important to me, too... very. And I'm not gonna give up on her. I'm not gonna let her go.

Victor: I appreciate your coming over and trying to help, Maggie, but as you said, with the DiMeras chasing the wrong man, there's not much chance of a war between us.

Maggie: We're not talking about that anymore, Victor. Try to keep up. We're talking about us. You have been insisting for weeks that you're wrong for me because I'm saint Maggie, and you're the devil incarnate.

Victor: Well, I would say my past speaks for itself, wouldn't you?

Maggie: Yeah, well, so does everybody's. But the present counts more. See, what I would like to know is, why you decided that we couldn't be together without asking me?

Victor: I-I don't know how to answer that. I--w-what are you saying?

Maggie: Victor, you are always walking away after you give me something to think about. Well, now it's my turn. I'm gonna leave you with this to think about.

Chad: Abigail? No, no, no--just--just wait. Just--just give me--just-- please, please just give me one minute. Please.

Stefano: [Sighs]

Sami: Wait, that sounded like someone was shuffling papers.

Bo: I told you that mic picks up everything.

Mary: Mr. DiMera?

Stefano: Yes?

Sami: That's Mary. She's the maid.

Mary: I'm sorry to interrupt, sir, but I need to clean in here.

Stefano: Uh, yeah, of course, yeah, you've got to dust. Go right ahead. It's no problem.

Hope: Sounds like we're going to be here a while.

Bo: I'll wait till hell freezes over if it means those sons of bitches wind up where they belong.

Sami: Amen.

Marco: Mr. DiMera?

Stefano: Marco.

Marco: We need to talk, sir.

Stefano: We do?

Bo: That must be our friend from the pier.

Stefano: All right. That's fine.

Hope: This is the good part.

Stefano: I've been waiting for you for a long time now, you know. Mary, do you mind leaving us alone for a moment?

Mary: Oh, yes, sir.

Stefano: Thank you.


Bo: What the...? What the hell just happened?

Hope: We lost the signal.

Bo: No.

Stefano: You're empty-handed, Marco. Where is the delivery?

Marco: Uh... uh, sir, there was a delivery, but, uh, there was a complication. Uh, and I-I got your message. Y-your son was real clear, but--

Stefano: My son? Not, uh--not Elvis?

Marco: No, sir, the--the young one.

Stefano: Chad.

Marco: Yes, sir. You did send him, right?

Stefano: Yes, of course. Okay, uh, so... what happened to the delivery?

Marco: Sir, I-I-I got jumped. I-I got hit in the head, and when I came to, the case was gone. And--and this letter was shoved in my pocket.

Stefano: Get out of here.

Marco: Yes, sir. I-I'm so sorry.

Stefano: "I'm taking charge. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Your loving creation... Rafael."

EJ: But, Taylor, I had--I had nothing to do with your mother's murder.

Taylor: No, I know, not directly, no.

EJ: No, no, no, look, I can assure you that there was--

Taylor: Things--they keep overlapping in my head.

EJ: Why?

Taylor: 'Cause I lost my mom. And then I almost lost you. And it's all because of Rafe Hernandez. It's really disturbing.

EJ: Look... I just don't want you to worry, okay? Everything will be fine. I promise.

Taylor: Well, I wish I could believe that. It's just that you and I went through so much to be together, and as soon as we made that commitment, Rafe attacked you.

EJ: Sweetheart... we will be fine, okay? I'm out of the hospital. All right? Nicole has agreed to step aside.

Taylor: Yeah. Well, I know things seem right right now, but... EJ, I just--I can't help but worry that something else is gonna go wrong.

EJ: Nothing else is going to go wrong. Nothing else, I promise you.

Taylor: You promise me? You can make that promise? Do you have a magic wand? You're the ruler of the universe?

EJ: Maybe.

Taylor: [Laughs]

EJ: What if I told you something? What if I told you... that I knew for certain... exactly what the future had in store for both of us?

Chad: All right, look... you might not want to believe this. But I've got to say this, okay? What happened before... I'm pretty sure we were both set up.

Abigail: Set up?

Chad: Yeah, by someone who doesn't want to see us together.

Abigail: Yeah, nice try, Chad.

Chad: Look, I work for my father's company, sure. But I'm not into anything illegal. But still, I'm able to stay faithful to my family. I mean, isn't that--it's natural. I mean, isn't it?

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: Just--just trust me, okay? I can work for my father's company, stay outside certain things. And believe me, we'll be okay. We'll--we'll be together.

Abigail: No, I'm sorry. I don't think that's possible.

Bo: It's not the receiver. It's working fine.

Sami: I thought I put it in a really good place. I put the bug right there in the flower arrangement.

Hope: Okay, thanks, guys. They lost the signal, said it shorted out.

Bo: Flower arrangement?

Sami: Oh, my god. It fell into the water in the vase.

Bo: [Sighs deeply] It's--it's gonna be okay.

Sami: How is it gonna be okay? I ruined everything. This is gonna ruin everything.

Hope: No, Sami, no, it won't. We can still make the plan work. Look, just because we can't hear them doesn't mean we can't still stick it to them.

Bo: Yeah. We'll continue to make them think that the impostor is out there wreaking havoc.

Hope: Yeah, pretty soon, they're not gonna know whether they're coming or going.

Bo: And that's when Rafe will make his final appearance. The DiMeras won't know what hit them.

[Cell phone rings]

Stefano: Yes? All right, that's good. So where is Elvis now? He's in the park? What is he doing in the park? What?

EJ: Taylor... you have nothing to worry about... not now... not ever. Here's why.

Taylor: Are you okay?

EJ: Ugh, I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay. I don't want to waste another minute. I love you. You love me. Our future together is brilliant... if you will just... agree... to be my wife.

Roman: I've got this idea for a screenplay.

Maggie: I did everything for you!

Melanie: I'm prepared to pay you $50 for finding the men that killed my father.

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