Days Transcript Wednesday 6/8/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/8/11 - Canada; Thursday 6/9/11 - U.S.A.


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Chloe: [Sighs] So...we slept together. I'm not proud of it. But that doesn't mean that you have anything on me.

Quinn: Guess again.

Melanie: Hey.

Dario: Hey. Don't worry. I'm not here to see you.

Melanie: I'm not. Just wanted to tell you your sister is doing good.

Dario: I'm glad to hear it.

Melanie: I'm not worried.

Dario: Sorry?

Melanie: Well, you said, "don't worry. I'm not here to--"

Dario: No, no, no. I get it. But, um, the thing is... you should be.

Melanie: [Scoffs] Should be what?

Dario: Worried.

Gabi: Hey.

Will: Hey. You're back. How you feeling?

Gabi: Better than I did last night. Ah. I thought. Ow.

Will: Yeah, uh, they said you'd be sore for a couple days. You're totally fine though. Uh, your appendix... not so much.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I'm glad all of this happened yesterday and not today with... prom and everything that's going on.

Will: You still want to go?

Gabi: Well, yeah. If doctor says it's okay, then, yeah, definitely. So has my brother stopped by?

Will: Uh, uh, yes, he has. He just went to get some coffee. Dario has been here the whole time actually.

Gabi: I meant Rafe. Good. I'm glad he didn't come. And I hope he doesn't show up either. The last thing I need is to see him right now.

Rafe: Hey, Sami, it's me. Listen, I just wanted to let you know I'm heading over to the hospital to see Gabi. And it's just killing me not to know whether or not she's okay. I know. I can't wait till I don't have to pretend to be this jerk anymore. Soon as we pay EJ and Stefano back for what they did to us.

[Phone trilling]

EJ: [Sighs] Come on, Taylor. Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Taylor: Go ahead, Nicole. Go ahead, because nothing you say or do is gonna make me stop loving EJ.

Nicole: You know what? There is one thing.

Taylor: Actually don't want to hear it.

Nicole: That is too bad.

Taylor: Let go. Let go of me.

Nicole: You think you know everything about your precious EJ? Your knight in shimmering armor. Well, you have a lot to learn, girl, so let's roll. EJ DiMera 101. Ready for your crash course? Because, ms. Walker, you are gonna learn first and foremost the vile and dastardly deeds that your prince charming has committed most recently. You ready to take notes, huh? Let's cut to the chase.

Taylor: You know, I don't want to hear any more of your lies, Nicole.

Nicole: Why don't we start with the evil perpetrated on one Rafe Hernandez? And, honey, it will boggle your besotted brain.

Chloe: Oh, my god. Why are you doing this to me?

Quinn: Let's just say I've got an eye for talent. Stick with me, Chloe lane. You'll go far. Trust me on that.

Melanie: Why should I be worried about you?

Dario: Uh, because I'm the kind of guy that you should stay away from. Well, you said it yourself. You even said you were scared of me, which is even a little more intense, isn't it?

Melanie: Look, all I meant--

Dario: Yeah?

Melanie: I just screwed up my life, you know, a lot and it usually has to do with a guy. So... I also said I want to be friends with you, which I mean. You don't believe me?

Dario: I'm gonna go see my sister.

Gabi: There you are.

Dario: Wow. You look human again.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I feel much better.

Dario: That's good. That's good. I brought something for you.

Gabi: Oh, yeah?

Dario: I smuggled it from the hospital cafeteria.

Gabi: What is it?

Dario: Bam!

Gabi: Oh, yes! A sugar cookie. Thank you.

Dario: So, um, what about Rafe? Have you heard from him?

Gabi: [Sighs]

Dario: Big surprise, huh?

Gabi: Yeah, I don't know what's up with him, Dario. I mean, first--first, he was a creep, then he got nicer, and now he's just a creep again. I don't know what's going on with him.

Rafe: Hey, Melanie.

Melanie: Rafe, long time no see.

Rafe: Okay, listen. My sister. I heard she had her appendix out.

Melanie: She did last night. Where were you?

Rafe: Uh, had some business to take care of.

Melanie: Business? That's what we're gonna go with?

Rafe: Uh, yeah, uh-huh.

Melanie: Wow. No wonder your brother thinks you're such a flake.

Rafe: [Scoffs] My brother? What else did Dario say about me?

EJ: Taylor! Taylor, can you hear me? Taylor!

Taylor: You've really lost it. You know that?

Nicole: You've made me this way, you bitch. All the men in Salem, you go after my husband. What the hell did I do to you to make you hate me so much?

Taylor: I have never hated you, Nicole. Th-th-this is about--

Nicole: "Love," right. "Love." You and EJ, it couldn't be controlled. That is a load of crap!

Taylor: Okay, you know what? We're done here.

Nicole: No, we're not!

Taylor: When you calm down, we can talk.

Nicole: Oh, no, you don't. I am not gonna let you stop me from telling you what an evil bastard your new boyfriend is. And if you leave this park, I will put it in skywriting. EJ is the devil. No heart. No soul.

Taylor: Oh, my god! Will you just shut the hell up?

[Door closes]

Chloe: You set me up?

Quinn: That's kind of a narrow way of looking at it. To me, it was more of an audition.

Chloe: Oh, my god.

Quinn: And you, lucky girl, got a call back and performed even better. Congratulations. You're a natural.

Chloe: Please tell me that this is some kind of a sick joke.

Quinn: This is your big break, darling. Look, I'm sorry I wasn't more forthcoming in the beginning, but I had to be sure you could deliver. And personally speaking, oh, well, you knocked it out of the park. The job is yours.

Chloe: I don't believe this. I can't.

Quinn: Give yourself a few minutes. Deep breaths.

Chloe: You actually think--

Quinn: Well, hey, look, times are tough. These kind of opportunities are few and far between. Chloe, take my advice on this. Don't blow it.

Chloe: I thought you liked me.

Quinn: I do, and I promise I will take good care of you, make sure no one hurts you. I mean, ask anyone. I look out for my girls.

Chloe: I am not one of your girls. And you are out of your mind if you ever think I'd be a whore for you. Some low-rent prostitute?

Quinn: Again, you're looking at all this backwards.

Victor: Everything all right here?

Melanie: Well, he says that you've turned into a complete jerk, which I get since you're only now coming to see your sister.

Rafe: I told you I had business.

Melanie: "Business." That's right. No, that's definitely more important than seeing family.

Rafe: So what did Dario say?

Melanie: You know what, Rafe? I really--I don't want to get in the middle of the brother "hernandi," so I'll let you guys keep that as your business.

Rafe: Well, last time I checked, you brought it up.

Melanie: You know what? You're right. I did. So I'll just give you a few specifics, although they're not what Dario said. They're what I think, just for the record. Um, I think that people have you two mixed up. 'Cause I think that you're the jerk and that Dario is the one that has character.

Dario: Look. Look who finally decided to show up.

Rafe: Hey. How's Gabi?

Dario: Like you give a damn?

Rafe: All right, listen. I'm late. I know that. I'm sorry, okay?

Dario: You know what? Go to hell.

Gabi: What, I'm supposed to be okay about it that, you know, the brother that once existed is not even here anymore, he doesn't act like himself?

Will: Hey, I don't want you stressing out right now, okay? That's all. Because you just had surgery, remember? So you need to try and relax.

Rafe: Hey, Gabi. I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner.

Gabi: Okay, I know. I know you had more important things to do. I get that.

Rafe: Listen, if I'd have known how serious it was, I would have been here.

Gabi: Stop, all right? Just stop acting like you care. Actually, I'm fine now. As a matter of fact, I'm great. Just can't wait to get out of here so that we can go to the prom.

Maxine: Sorry, honey. That's out of the question.

Gabi: What?

Maxine: Doctor's orders. No prom. You're with us through the night, sweetheart.

Gabi: [Sighs] [Sobbing]

Rafe: It's okay. Gabi, hey, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Taylor: You know what? Why don't I put in skywriting that you have lost complete touch with reality and are living in denial?

Nicole: Me? You're the one who thinks she's gonna live happily ever after with some lowlife criminal. Your perfect little head is in the sand pretending that the love of your life is some sugar-sweet altar boy.

Taylor: Look, I know he hasn't been a saint, but--

Nicole: Hasn't been a saint? Who are you kidding?

Taylor: Okay, he's a DiMera. He's a DiMera and he's done some shady things, but it is different now. He's changed.

Nicole: No. You're the one who's changed, Taylor. What happened to you? You used to be the smart one, the sensible one, and to even believe that EJ would ever change for anyone or anything. It would be downright funny if it wasn't so depressingly stupid!

Taylor: God, Nicole, you know, you cannot see past what you want to see. You think that you know everyone's motives about everything.

Nicole: Oh, and you think you know EJ? Well, wait till you hear what he's done and what he is still doing.

Taylor: No, why would I listen to you? Nicole, why? Because you would say anything-- absolutely anything to slander him because you cannot stand that he doesn't love you, so you just want to ruin him.

Nicole: He doesn't need my help for that.

Taylor: God, Nicole, you are such a liar! You--you--you-- god, when things just don't go your way, what do you do? You say anything that pops into your vindictive head.

Nicole: I'm a liar? I'm a liar?

Taylor: Yes, you are.

Nicole: You fell in love with my husband and pretended that you couldn't stand each other and then you slept with him. You are not only a liar, Taylor, but you a are a full-blown slut!

Taylor: Okay. Well, at least I don't have to blackmail a man to get him into my bed.

Nicole: Oh.

What if one little pop

Rafe: Gabi. Gabi, honey. Hey, it's okay. It's all right. There are other dances.

Gabi: No! Not like this. I mean, you only get to go to your high school prom once. I'm sorry, will.

Will: Okay. Gabi, please don't be sorry.

Gabi: But you're going.

Will: What?

Gabi: Yeah, you have to go to the prom.

Will: No.

Gabi: Yes, you're not gonna miss it just because of me. I mean, you can go and take pictures and you can text them to me.

Will: Look, Gabi, I'm not going to the prom without you.

Gabi: Will, please. You have to go because I can't live with myself if you don't. Just go, please.

Will: Uh, okay. Yeah, okay, I'll go and I'll text you pictures. And, uh, yeah, I'll leave you two alone and we'll talk soon. See ya.

Gabi: Well, like you said. Not a big deal.

Rafe: Yeah. Hey, listen, if it makes you feel any better, I hated my prom.

Gabi: Really?

Rafe: Oh, yeah, yeah. My tux was totally uncomfortable. My shoes didn't fit. Oh, and the girl that I went with, she wanted to be with another guy.

Gabi: What? No way.

Rafe: Yeah. No, I swear. I swear it. She ends up flirting the whole night with Chris Olivero.

Gabi: What a witch.

Rafe: Totally. Oh, and to top it off, my shoes, they totally didn't fit and they had no grip. So aside from killing me, I ended up last dance of the night slipping, falling on my ass.

Gabi: Oh, no.

Rafe: That was the most embarrassing moment of my life. What?

Gabi: You just said all of that to make me feel better.

Rafe: I wish.

Gabi: No, um, thank you. That's very sweet. Means a lot to me, Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah.

Gabi: Thanks.

Will: No. Okay, mom, it's okay. It's okay. Don't--don't freak out. I understand. You need to stay with Johnny and Sydney. Yeah. I don't know. I'll figure something out though. Yeah, I will. Okay, all right, thank you. Got to go. Okay, bye.

Melanie: And... going on my break!

Will: Oh, uh, Melanie? Um, I kind of need your help with something and it's kind of an emergency.

Chloe: Everything is fine, Victor.

Victor: Doesn't look like it to me. Is this woman bothering you?

Chloe: Oh, please just go away.

Victor: Not until I've warned this obviously unsuspecting gentleman that he needs to stay the hell away from you. Her M.O. Is seduce and destroy.

Chloe: Hooray. You did your community service for the day. Now beat it.

Victor: Just so you know, I do have some credibility. I'm Victor Kiriakis of titan industries. And you are?

Chloe: Why does it matter, you bastard?

Victor: Getting a little feisty, aren't we, Chloe?

Chloe: Don't you have anything better to do than stand around here and insult me to a total stranger? This man's idea of a good time is to be cruel to people. He has a soul the size of a pea.

Victor: And she's such a wit too.

Chloe: Just go away! Please leave us alone.

Victor: Why do I get the feeling that you're trying to get rid of me?

Nicole: How do you look at yourself in the mirror? How are you not paralyzed with shame?

Taylor: What do I have to be ashamed of? I am not the one who is living a lie. I am not the one forcing someone to stay married to me. I mean, how sick and pathetic is that?

Nicole: I swear to god, Taylor, you better shut your mouth or I will shut it for you.

Taylor: Or what? What are you gonna do, Nicole? It really doesn't matter. Say what you want. You can make insane threats, but EJ is never gonna love you. [Gasps]

Melanie: Okay, you know what to do. I'll handle the rest. Go.

Will: Okay, thank you so much again for everything.

Melanie: You're welcome. Go.

Will: All right.

Melanie: You again.

Dario: Me again.

Melanie: Coincidence?

Dario: Or are you stalking me?

Melanie: Huh. See, stalking just really isn't my style. Although if I were stalking someone, I don't know if I'd choose you. I'm sorry. I'm just kind of over the whole unpredictable thing. Three years ago though maybe.

Dario: Is that the image you had of me, because you seem to have painted a different picture for my brother.

Melanie: That's because you were being nice to your sister. I found it sweet, so sue me for thinking there's a heart in there somewhere.

Dario: Yeah, I've always had a soft spot for my baby sister.

Melanie: Obviously. So can you put your hostility aside for a minute and help me out with something baby sister related?

Dario: Yeah. Sure.

Melanie: Come with me.

Dario: Okay.

Chloe: Why do you get the feeling that I'm trying to get rid of you? Because I am. Take a hint!

Victor: I'm sorry. I didn't get your name.

Quinn: I'm Quinn.

Chloe: I am talking to a friend here and we don't want you here anymore, so please leave.

Victor: "Friend"? Right. Is Chloe just a friend, Quinn? I didn't think so. Although I suppose I should be grateful that you've moved on and at lightning speed, I might add.

Chloe: How is this any of your damn business?

Victor: Oh, it's not. Although I must say it has become sort of a macabre hobby of mine to follow your trail of destruction... from Lucas' bed to Daniel's to Philip's.

Chloe: How dare you?

Victor: How dare I what? Tell the truth? Listen, Quinn. If you're really considering having a relationship with this woman, you should know who you're dealing with.

Quinn: I don't know what your problem is, sir, but Chloe doesn't need you trashing her.

Victor: Oh, is that right?

Quinn: She's a special girl. And if you can't see that, then-- then I'd say you've got a screw loose.

Victor: [Chuckles] Right. I've got a screw loose.

Quinn: I'd appreciate it if you left us alone.

Victor: Another one who's succumbed to Chloe's innumerable charms. You'll find out soon enough.

Quinn: I asked you to leave.

Victor: She's brought down many a decent man. You'll be no exception.

Quinn: Ah, but that's where you're wrong. See, this time it's different. Isn't that right, sweetheart?

Victor: Different? You have an Aussie accent. That's about the only thing that's different. Good-bye.

Quinn: Maybe next time you should take some of your own advice when it comes to women.

Melanie: [Clears throat]

Gabi: [Gasps] What is going on?

[Dance music plays over radio]

Will: Well, um... you couldn't go to prom, so we brought prom to you.

Taylor: I don't know how I could have ever been so wrong to believe my sister with all of her problems and all of her struggles was actually a good person, and would be there for me no matter what.

Nicole: Be there for you? How--how am I supposed to be there for you? You're sleeping with my husband!

Taylor: Oh, my god, Nicole, you know--you know that nothing would have happened and EJ and I would not have fallen in love if there was anything between the two of you.

Nicole: If you hadn't been there, Taylor, there would have been something between me and EJ because he was falling in love with me again. I know he was.

Taylor: You're delusional.

Nicole: I'm not delusional!

[Overlapping arguing]

EJ: Hey, get away from her!

Nicole: [Grunts]

EJ: Leave her alone.

Nicole: Let's go of me!

EJ: Hey! You all right?

Taylor: I'm okay. I'm okay.

Nicole: [Sobbing]

[Knock on door]

Melanie: Ahem.

Will: Wow. You look so beautiful.

Rafe: Lucky guy, will.

Gabi: No, I'm the lucky one. Thank you all so much for doing this for me. Thank you so much.

Dario: Yeah, I-- I think that's our cue. [Laughs]

Melanie: Yes. Um, all right, you guys. Have a great night. Remember curfew.

Will: Curfew?

Melanie: Yeah, visiting hours stop at 10:00 P.M.

Will: Oh, okay, got it.

Melanie: You know what? I could probably pull some strings.

Will: Okay, thank you. All of you, thank you.

Melanie: Come on, let's go.

Dario: Have fun, Gabriella.

Gabi: [Sighs] This is so crazy. I feel like I'm dreaming.

Will: Yeah. It's real. So is this.

Gabi: Will, I've been-- um, I've been thinking.

Will: Uh-oh.

Gabi: No, this is serious.

Will: Okay, now I'm scared.

Gabi: No, no, don't be scared. Don't be scared. Um, it's about me, not you.

Will: Okay.

Gabi: I just feel like sometimes I can be a little bit too needy.

Will: Needy? What makes you say that?

Gabi: Well, ever since my sister died in the accident with Rafe and he's changed, I just feel like I've depended on you so much.

Will: Uh, so? And what?

Gabi: I just--I feel like-- like this burden sometimes.

Will: No. Never, Gabi. No. Why would you feel like that?

Gabi: I don't know. I mean, I just-- I've kind of sensed that you've been a little distant lately.

Will: Distant? Um, I don't understand. I mean, we spend so much time together. And when we're not together, we text each other, like, 100 times at least an hour. You know, and just now, I, um-- I mean, I set up this whole prom thing for you. Uh, for us, you know?

Gabi: I know and I love it. It means a lot to me. But it's, like--

Will: It's what? I mean, what's the matter? I don't know what you're getting at.

Gabi: I don't want to push you away by needing you too much. I mean, I had this friend and her boyfriend dumped her because he felt claustrophobic. I mean, he actually used that word, and he said that he needed to feel free, to be his own person.

Will: Okay, I don't know this guy, but he sounds like a jerk. Look, Gabi, I don't know why you're feeling insecure right now, okay? But you have to know that you are the most beautiful and special person that I have ever known.

Gabi: Even if I don't know how to play hard to get very well?

Will: Look, I'm not interested in the games, okay? I hate them, in fact. And you-- I mean, you're such an honest and direct person, and that is why I feel so close to you. You know, and if you want to talk about needy... I'm needy.

Gabi: No, no, you're not.

Will: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, my life hasn't been so easy lately. My family has been dysfunctional forever, so, I mean, if anybody needs support and understanding--

Gabi: I hope you feel I give that to you.

Will: Gabi, are you kidding? You are my best friend, okay? And you have no idea how much you help me, and how much I rely on you.

Gabi: Thank you... for making me feel better.

Gabi: I'm just telling you the truth. I love that you need me. 'Cause I need you too.

Victor: Do I know you?

Quinn: Never laid eyes on you in my life.

Victor: Then why would you say what you just said?

Quinn: Clearly you've made some bad choices with women. Otherwise you wouldn't be so bitter and mean-spirited, out here alone trying to rain on our parade.

Victor: How terribly astute of you.

Quinn: I try.

Victor: Good-bye, lovebirds.

Chloe: Don't ever touch me.

Quinn: What? That's how you thank me for stepping up against the grandfather of your baby? I mean, what if I told him what you did, huh? That could have put a fairly significant crimp in your custody hopes, no? Well, it still can. Believe me.

Taylor: Uh...I'm okay.

EJ: Come here.

Taylor: I'm okay.

EJ: What the hell is wrong with you? Hmm?

Nicole: How does no one see this? You two were sleeping together behind my back, and I'm out of line? How do you think Taylor will feel when she knows who you really are?

EJ: I wouldn't say things that you will regret, Nikki.

Nicole: Nice. Is that a threat, EJ?

EJ: It's friendly advice.

Nicole: Screw your friendly advice. 'Cause if I go down, I am taking you with me. And you have a lot more to lose than I do.

Quinn: You should be thanking me.

Chloe: For being a pig?

Quinn: Oh, Chloe, Chloe. This is the real world. We buy and sell each other every day.

Chloe: Wow. That's deep.

Quinn: Hey, I could have shown grandpa Victor this not-too-flattering recording of you, but I didn't, did I? I protected you and I'll keep protecting you.

Chloe: Why are you doing this to me? Don't you already have a stable of whores working for you?

Quinn: Not like you. I told Victor you were special and you are. You're extraordinarily beautiful. You're sexy, you're charm--

Chloe: That's what makes this all so sick. You made me feel like I was special when I was at my lowest. You made me think that I mattered. And all I was trying to do was get my life back together. I thought asking my family and friends for help was the worst thing I could do. I was so wrong.

Quinn: You're not wrong. You do need help and that's what I'm offering you.

Chloe: Go to hell.

Quinn: Look, Chloe, I'm not a monster.

Chloe: I told you not to touch me!

Quinn: Look, I'm just trying to make your life better. Let me do that. Look, once you calm down, I know you'll see this for what it really is. A way to get back on your feet, and a relatively painless way at that.

Chloe: Oh, yeah? How am I gonna make it painless? By pretending that I'm into it to make your so-called clients happy when all I want to be is sick to my stomach? No way. I can't do this.

Quinn: You can, okay? You've already proven that. Chloe, listen to me. Do you have any idea how much cash a girl like you could make in one night? You'll be able to provide for your son in no time. More than provide. You can do this, Chloe. You can. And you will.

Will: Uh, well... now that that is settled... do you want to dance?

Gabi: Of course.

Will: Okay.

[Soft acoustic music]

The way the light kisses your eyes

It's hard to explain I lose all track of time

Will: [Chuckles]

Loving you

Melanie: Nice work, you guys.

Dario: Worked out well, huh?

Melanie: It did. I guess we couldn't have done it without you.

Rafe: Yeah, right. Anyway, whatever. That was cool. I'll be in touch.

Dario: Yeah, yeah, go. We wouldn't want to keep you from whatever's so important.

Rafe: Thanks for your understanding.

Dario: Any time.

Melanie: All right. Calm down. At least he showed up.

Dario: Yeah, sure. He shows up when Gabi's all better, right? And when she really needs him, he's out on "business."

Melanie: Yeah, I know. Look, I already yelled at him earlier. He seemed sorry.

Dario: Wow. You sure change your mind a lot.

Melanie: What does that mean?

Dario: Well, first, you think that guy's a creep and now he's nice and he's a good guy? I mean, same thing with me. First, you hated me and... now you think I'm a prince.

Melanie: Oh. All right, well, don't throw what I said to Rafe about you in my face because I meant that.

EJ: What exactly are you implying? Do you think you have nothing to lose? Can I take that to mean that you no longer care about Johnny and Sydney? That they no longer fill this little place in your heart... as you so poignantly told me over and over and over and over again?

Nicole: That is not what I'm saying, but you would just hurt your children like that by taking me away from them.

EJ: Behave... and maybe I will let you have some small part in their lives. I think that's better than no part at all. Don't you?

Nicole: Damn you. I am not gonna let you get away with this. Either one of you.

Victor: Hello, Rafe.

Rafe: Victor.

Victor: Bye, Rafe.

Rafe: Hold on a second. Got a minute?

Victor: For what?

Rafe: I just remembered once before you helped me out with Nicole.

Victor: You still having trouble with her?

Rafe: Uh, no. More so the husband.

Victor: Ahh, I see. And what is it you think I can do for you?

Rafe: Well, just wondering if you were going to, uh, set your sights on taking down the DiMeras, what would you do?

Quinn: Be there on time. I'll give you further instructions when you arrive. Do I have your assurance that you will turn up? Chloe, I'd hate for this video of you to get leaked to the public. Think about it, okay? I know you'll do the right thing.

[Muffled music]

Dario: Proms suck.

Melanie: I wouldn't know. They didn't have them where I grew up.

Dario: Yeah, I didn't go to mine either.

Melanie: Why not?

Dario: Well, I'll tell you another time. Let's just say that I'm not really a prom kind of guy. It's not my style.

Melanie: [Chuckles] Is a, um-- a burger at the Brady pub. Is that your style?

Dario: Are you sure you want to risk it, being around such a bad influence?

Melanie: Sure. I'll risk it. 'Cause I want to love you

Will: How you feeling?

Gabi: Fine.

Will: No. I can tell that you're tired.

Gabi: No, no, no.

Will: No, it's okay. You just had surgery, remember? So you need to rest. Come on, let me help.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Will: [Sighs]

Gabi: Will, um, this night has been so amazing. Better than the real prom, for sure.

Will: You know, uh, I have heard rumors about the real prom. Pretty lame apparently.

Gabi: Yeah, but the afterparties. I mean, will, you should go to those at least.

Will: No, no, no.

Gabi: Yes.

Will: Okay, look. I am right... where I want to be. Which is aqui... contigo. [Giggling]

Victor: I haven't had any dealings with the DiMeras in quite sometime. But as I'm sure you know, they're very difficult to get to once they circle the wagons. Damn near impenetrable.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I figure there's got to be some way.

Victor: Well, they are human, fallible, mortal... regardless what they want all the rest of us to think. Their weakness lies in the people they surround themselves with.

Rafe: What?

Victor: Well, they said you changed after your accident. Seems to me you're the same person I had this conversation with last year.

Rafe: Huh. Well, you know what they say. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Victor: [Chuckles] Indeed.

Taylor: I have never seen her like that.

EJ: [Sighs] Sorry. Wish I could have got here sooner.

Taylor: EJ... Nicole was desperate to tell me something about you. Was she trying to hurt me? Was she trying to scare me? Hey. Is there something else I need to know about?

Nicole: I am not done with you, EJ. Not even close. Stefano! Stefano, I know you're here! Don't make me look for you! Stefano! I need you! It's a matter of life and death.

Jennifer: I'm going away for the weekend with Daniel.

EJ: Nothing is going to come between us.

Nicole: Are you gonna help me, Stefano?

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