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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/27/11 - Canada; Monday 5/30/11 - U.S.A.


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Carly: Oh, god. That's all I need. Right, manning, just make your life more complicated than it already is. That's perfect.

Melanie: Okay. Sorry. I was thinking about for lunch-- what's wrong?

Daniel: So I made reservations for us at chez rouge, but if you'd like to do something more casual... I could change it.

Jennifer: Uh, no. I think it might be kinda nice to dress up.

Daniel: Great. I'll wear shoes and everything.

[Pager rings] Uh, all right. You know what? I gotta go. I'll talk to you later.

Jennifer: Uh, hey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm really looking forward to tonight.

Daniel: Me too.

Jennifer: Okay... whoa. What in the world...

Hope: What in the world? You auditioning for the real

housewives of Salem? You wanna tell me what's going on here?


EJ: I spoke to Samantha. I mean, she completely believes that Rafe's turned over a new leaf. She said he was the man she fell in love with.

Stefano: Hmm. We both know that's not true. What we do not why that idiot has come back. I mean, he cleaned out the account. The man is a millionaire, and he comes back to Salem?

EJ: Samantha doesn't have any money. I mean, he doesn't really have anything to gain. He has a lot to lose, actually. So why does he come back?

Stefano: I know why.

EJ: Enlighten me.

Stefano: [Sighs] He's fallen in love with her... just as we suspected.

EJ: this situation, father, is a lot more dangerous than we thought.

[Jukebox plays country rock]


Rafe: Yeah. Well, figured I'd pick up some food then take it over to our little friend and, uh...see if I can get some more information out of him. Sami, I'm at the cheatin' heart, okay? I think I'll be safe. All right.

Dario: What the hell are you doing here?

Nicole: We need to talk? About what?

Taylor: Well, it's nice to see you too.

Nicole: No. No, not nice for either one of us. And the upside of admitting that we hate each other is we can drop the sisterly pretenses. So I repeat myself...what could we possibly have to talk about?

Taylor: Um...did you speak to EJ?

Nicole: Do you think I would share if we had? What are you doing here?

Taylor: Well, I'm leaving. And I just wanted you to know you won. So I hope you're happy.

Rafe: Dario.

[Jukebox playing]

Dario: Let me save you some time. If you're looking to score, try online, but get the hell out of here.

Rafe: Looking to score? Wh--no. No, wait, listen. Sami and I, we're back together.

Dario: What? You gotta be kidding me.

Rafe: No. No, I'm not. I'm workin' things out. Just give me another chance.

Dario: Sami cannot be that stupid.

Rafe: [Laughs] Okay, listen. I know that I haven't been acting like myself lately.

Dario: Not acting like yourself. Is that how you describe it? Being a cheating jerk to your wife? And then your brother finds the guy that killed your sister, and you don't care. Like she meant all.

Rafe: Okay. Maybe I didn't say it... but thank you. Thank you for finding him. Truth be told, I should have found him.

EJ: Okay, look. If that dolt really has fallen for Samantha, then we can assume that he intends on staying. That means there's even more possibility that she's gonna find out he's a fake.

Stefano: You act as if he has some say in the matter.

EJ: How did he manage to convince her that he's a changed man?

Stefano: God only knows how, because the man does not have a brain in his head.

EJ: Okay, well, look, however he managed to do it, you know, ingratiate his way back into her life, doesn't really matter, father. Because this whole thing's gonna blow up in his face. He can't control his temper, let alone his libido.

Stefano: All right, so we agree that the man is a time bomb.

EJ: But what's interesting is Samantha doesn't seem worried about him being with the children anymore.

Stefano: Come on, will you? No matter how much she protests about being a great mother, the only thing important to her is the man in her bed, all right? And it doesn't make any difference how stupid he is.

EJ: I... father, this does not make any sense. Look...she sends Allie to Hong Kong. It's halfway around the bloody world so she can get her away from this guy. And now she's supposed to be so desperate to have a man in her bed, she's willing to just forget, deny everything that happened? Come on.

Stefano: No. You're going around in circles, Elvis, okay? That is not what matters. What matters is that we have to terminate our stand-in's contract and ensure his departure.

EJ: Unless there could be another reason that he'd stay. A very simple reason.

Nicole: Happy? Ha. Well, that doesn't quite catch it. I'm freakin' delirious. I mean, my mom's dead. My sister has seduced my husband--

Taylor: I did not.

Nicole: And she's trying to make me feel guilty about it?

Taylor: Okay, Nik, do you think you can just shut up and listen for 30 seconds?

Nicole: I can't believe I thought you were a good person.

Taylor: Okay. I guess not.

Nicole: You know, and the other thing is... I thought you had my best interests at heart. I thought you were rooting for me to be happy.

Taylor: I did want you to be happy.

Nicole: But you tell me to shut up? You and your delusional--

Taylor: Okay, would you just listen for one second? If EJ loved you, nothing ever would have been able to happen between him and me. He would have been so focused on you that no other woman would have been able to get his attention. Why can't you see that? Why can't you see that the reason he was drawn to me in the first place is because your marriage--it wasn't based on anything real. He didn't love you.

Nicole: Uh, he did... until you came along, all pure and dewy-eyed.

Taylor: Oh, my god, Nik, did you not hear a word that I just said? I mean, really, you cannot be this delusional. You really think that if EJ was in love with you that my coming to Salem would have made one bit of difference? Nik, I know that your pride is hurt... but you won, okay? I lost. So why don't you do the decent thing and just let him go?

Nicole: Let him go.

Taylor: The two of you are gonna be miserable together.

Nicole: I'm not gonna let you steal my life.

Taylor: Why--why do you think that I'm trying to do that, Nik? I'm leaving. Did that not register to you? Okay, this is not about me. It's about you and EJ.

Nicole: Right. Right. You have some land in Florida you wanna sell me?

Taylor: Oh, my god, why do you think I wanna con you?

Nicole: Oh, come on! You would be waltzing EJ down the aisle 15 minutes after the ink dried on the divorce papers. I know what you want, and you are never, ever going to get it.

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Melanie: [Laughs] No, dad. That's an awesomely original idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Okay. Well, dad wants to go to--hmm-- the Brady pub.

Carly: He likes the Brady pub.

Melanie: I know. Do you wanna... like maybe take a rain check?

Carly: No. Why?

Melanie: I-I--just when I walked in, you didn't--I sensed that maybe you weren't in like a family getting lunch mood.

Carly: Oh, no, no, I--stop acting like I'm falling apart. I'm not, okay? I'm very much in a family... lunch mood. So let's go.

Melanie: Oh! I'm gonna run to my locker and grab my purse really fast. Be right back.

Carly: You don't need your purse. You're not paying. Oh...

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen, that my sweet, insensitive, sarcastic cousin would come over here during my most private, embarrassing moment.

Hope: Got your wish. Wow. Now... that was quite a little shopping spree, huh? I take it this isn't for the office?

Jennifer: Um...I have a date.

Hope: A date.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Must be pretty special.

Jennifer: It is. And you know, hope, my know what my clothes look like.

Hope: Safe, predictable.

Jennifer: Okay...stop.

Hope: Well, this definitely is not safe or predictable. It's grea-- speaking of, uh, great...[Ahem] What are you hiding? Oh! Let's see. What do we have? Holy moly!

Jennifer: Hope... please...

Hope: And what about this? Is this for the date too?

Jennifer: I-I don't know. I just...I wanted to be prepared for any eventuality, that's all.

Hope: Yeah, well, you know what? I have to say, I cannot believe you. I'm like in shock--

Jennifer: Give me those!

Hope: Daniel is one...very lucky guy.

Jennifer: Okay, what can I say to you to make you stop this right now?

Hope: You know what I just thought of? I have the absolutely perfect necklace for this neckline. And, uh, speaking of what you keep putting away...and you want me to far as this goes, I would say that the lingerie needs, um...nothing. But you.

Jennifer: You can stop all of this accessorizing in your mind, because I bought all of this but I'm not wearing any of it.

Hope: You're going naked.

Jennifer: Don't say anything.

Hope: You're going naked?

Jennifer: Shush!

Melanie: It's not a bad thing. I'm just saying you're starting to get a little predictable.

Daniel: No, that is absolutely not true--not true.

Melanie: Okay, let's see. Today's Friday.

Daniel: Yes.

Melanie: We're gonna go to the Brady pub. You're gonna order clam chowder. You're gonna turn down dessert. Then you're gonna talk me into ordering the--mmm, mmm, the brownie sundae, and then you're gonna eat all of it yourself.

Daniel: Okay, okay. You know what, I'm the dad. I comment on your life, not vice versa. Note to self, okay? And now, why are you smiling? What is going on here?

Carly: My family. I'm buying lunch.

Melanie: Ho!

Carly: But only if you order something other than clam chowder.

Daniel: What is going on? Are you guys like ganging up on me now?

Melanie: No, we're not--I-- well, we're--how do you feel about dad's shirt?

Carly: Let's talk about that.

Daniel: What's wrong with my shirt?

Melanie: It's not so much--

Carly: It's not really the shirt, it's the way it--

Melanie: Exactly. Like the fitting--

Taylor: Okay, Nicole... you can make sure that EJ and I are never together, but why don't you do a good thing...and let him be free?

Nicole: Hmm. Free of me, you mean.

Taylor: No, free to change. Free to be the man that he wants to be.

Nicole: Oh, my god, you're gonna do the far, far better thing, right? Oh, let him be the man he can be. I will walk the desolate moors alone, but let him be free.

Taylor: You know, you're a bitch.

Nicole: Oh, I'm a bitch? Taylor, he is a DiMera. He's a drug-dealing, law-breaking, mobbed up ruthless killing DiMera.

Taylor: No. Not anymore.

Nicole: [Laughs] Hmm. He would say anything... to get you in his bed. Because he lies. And he is very, very good at it. And once you are another notch on his bedpost, he will revert like that.

Taylor: God, you are wrong. You're so wrong, and you know that he loves me... and that's why it's tearing you up inside.

Nicole: I told you... to get out of Salem or EJ goes to jail. So let me amend that. Get out of town now.

Taylor: Don't worry. I'm leaving. But just remember... it doesn't change the way EJ feels about you.

Nicole: You can hate me. I concede. Because I'm bad and you're good. But the truth is sending you away...I'm doing you a favor. Gotta be on your game today, honey.

Jennifer: Give me that.

Hope: Oh--cuz, I was just playing. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to tease you. You know what, that dress is gonna look fabulous. No--it's gonna look even more fabulous because you're wearing it.

Jennifer: But it doesn't... it doesn't even look like me. It looks like I'm playing dress-up, like I'm some sort of fake.

Hope: We're not talking about fashion, are we?

Jennifer: Hope, listen to me. I...I like Daniel. I really like him. I-I haven't this in a long time. But Daniel, he likes women that are like, you know...

Hope: Not really.

Jennifer: Listen, I can speak my mind. I can hold my own at my job. I can play pool, okay? But I'm a mom. I'm a mom. I've been a wife for years. I am not Daniel all.

Hope: Okay. If that's true--and I definitely don't think it is--then Daniel's an idiot.


Carly: Okay. You're buying lunch.

Daniel: Okay, hold on. You know what? I just want you two to know something. I didn't actually want the clam chowder.


Daniel: I did not. I just felt it was very important not to let you two manipulate me.

Both: Oh!

Melanie: Okay. No, I see what you're doing there. So the clam chowder is more like your last stand.

Daniel: That's right. Don't tread on me.

Carly: Ha ha! You are deeply weird, the two of you.

Daniel: Actually, I think she's more--you're more like her.

Carly: No, no--

Daniel: You really are. No, no, no, the weirdness--

Carly: She's more like me. You're the weird ones, so you can't even get that right.

Daniel: It's your DNA.

Melanie: Okay, hey, you guys, this is a good segue, because I actually feel like I'm like both of you which, um, I--I'm-- I've made an important decision that I want to talk to you about.

Dario: So you say you're sorry and everything is fine?

Rafe: No. But I am sorry, and I want things to change.

Dario: Who the hell are you?

Brady: So I'll just tell grandfather that Stefano's trying to block the proposal, and he will round up the votes that you need.

Lexie: I love it. Isn't it great how we can play the two of them against each other? For the good of the hospital, of course.

Brady: Of course.

Lexie: [Laughs] As usual, I'm running late. I'll see you later, okay?

Brady: All right, see ya.

Taylor: Hey.

Brady: Hey. What are you doing here?

Taylor: Um, well, the office said that I could find you here. I need to talk to you, and it's...not good news, I'm afraid.

Brady: Okay. Hit me.

Taylor: I am tendering my resignation...effective immediately.

Brady: Really?

Taylor: Yeah. I'm so sorry about it, I just--

Brady: Don't be--don't be sorry...because you're not gonna go anywhere.

Taylor: Excuse me?

Brady: You have a contract. I'm gonna hold you to it.

Stefano: And what would that very simple reason be?

EJ: Greed. He thinks if he can win Samantha back that he can make you and me pay a little bit more to get him out of town.

Stefano: Greedy swine.

EJ: Right. Probably went out there, priced up a couple of German sports cars, and realized the millions we gave him isn't gonna get him very far.

Stefano: Mm... I'm telling you, the criminal class today, all they think about is money--nothing about the craft.

EJ: Father, can we please stop the monologue about the decline of criminal civilization?

Stefano: You know, when I was young, I was glad just to get the opportunity to learn.

EJ: Please, we need to focus, okay? We have to work on how to deal with this. We cannot afford for the truth to come out.

Nicole: Ooh. You got that right.

Daniel: Okay. We just went from like fun stupid to solemn in two seconds.

Carly: Honey, are you okay?

Daniel: Are you okay?

Melanie: Oh, yeah, I'm fine. No, I'm not solemn. This--this is exciting. I've decided to apply to become a nurse practitioner.

Carly: Wow!

Daniel: What?

Melanie: Yeah, no, there's an accelerated studies program that I can take that satisfies the college credits I don't have, and then once I finish that, I can start the program.

Daniel: Like--like your mom said--

Carly: Wow!

Melanie: Well, it's gonna be a lot of work, so I'm a little worried about it.

Carly: No. You can do this.

Daniel: No, no, no, you can do this--you can do it. Yes. We believe in you.

Melanie: I, um...[Giggles] I kind of--I got the idea from you two. Not only because you're doctors but, um, I've just seen you both go through a lot of hard things, and you always manage to bounce back, but you always have your work. You know, you always know that what you do is so important. And, um... I just--I kinda want to be like you guys.

Jennifer: All right, I know that you're on my side because you're my cousin and you love me. But you know what? Daniel is not an idiot.

Hope: Okay, first of all, that is not at all what I meant. As a matter of fact, I don't think you're giving him enough credit. Or yourself. Thank you.

Jennifer: Well, let me tell you--we went to Victor's last night, okay? And I saw a picture of Rebecca, his wife that passed away. She...was the most beautiful, sultry brunette. An then this morning, I ran into Chloe. At 10:00 in the morning, she looks like Angelina Jolie on the red carpet. At 10:00 in the morning I look dull and frumpy and nothing like Angelina Jolie.

Hope: You dull and frumpy? Never. You couldn't even if you tried.

Jennifer: It's so not age appropriate to feel like this right now, and I feel like I'm a mess. And I'm a mess, aren't I? I am.

Hope. Yes. Okay. You are, you're a mess. But that's why god made us cousins.

Jennifer: Thank god.

Hope: Thank god.

[Both giggling]

Taylor: So sue me. You know, it's not gonna make any difference. I don't have any money.

Brady: Why don't you stay here and earn some?

Taylor: Oh, god, Brady, I-I can't, okay? I just--for a number of reasons, I have to go.

Brady: Is Nicole behind this? Is she?

Taylor: Look, it really doesn't matter. I just think it's really so much better if I just move on.

Lexie: What'd you just say?

Taylor: I was coming to see you next. I'm leaving.

Lexie: Well...guess you and I need to have a chat.

Stefano: You know, Nicole, you talking about the truth is like Mel Gibson talking about restraint.

Nicole: Well, you two sounded worried about something. You care to share?

Stefano: My god, Elvis. You sure know how to pick them.

[Stefano chuckling]

Nicole: I don't think he likes me very much.

EJ: My dear, nobody likes you.

Nicole: Ha ha. Oh! You know who I just saw? Taylor. Ha. Poor, naive Taylor. She thinks she knows the real you. And she thinks you did a very bad thing by selling drugs and paying that evil man to kill Ari.

EJ: She told you that, did she?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. I mean, I hate to say it, but she's a little blabby and terrible at keeping secrets. Which is good for me, because now I have more on you. Drink?

EJ: No.

Nicole: You see, the thing about Taylor is she really believes in redemption, and she firmly believes that you're a changed man and that you're very, very sorry for being a naughty boy. Past tense. Could you imagine how shattered Taylor would be if she found out the man of her dreams likes to play Manchurian candidate with his ex-wife's new hubby?

EJ: You know, I'd knock it off if I were you. I'm not in a particularly good mood today.

Nicole: EJ...honey... I know you think it was love, but it was a fantasy. She's pure and good, everything I'm not, but she loves someone you fundamentally are not. I know who you are...and I'm all right with it.

EJ: Well, just so you know, I do want to be the man that she loves. Unfortunately, I'm being blackmailed into staying married to a bitch like you.

It's a new day

Hope: Jack didn't desert you because of who you are.

Jennifer: You know what? This has nothing to do with Jack.

Hope: No?

Jennifer: No. And the reason I say that is because I really don't want to think about how he prefers a cot in an ashram to my bed, okay? So that's why I said that.

Hope: Jennifer.

Jennifer: What?

Hope: You are a beautiful, confident woman... and that is exactly what Daniel is looking for. Trust me. This could be good. You two could be great together.

Melanie: Dad, why don't you just have the dessert?

Daniel: No, no, no. I just want a little taste, that's all.

Carly: You know, it doesn't have any calories if he steals it from you.

Daniel: So when did you make this big decision anyway?

Melanie: Oh. Well, I decided when I helped you deliv--um...

Daniel: Parker. No, it's okay. You can say.

Melanie: Y-yeah. That was just amazing to be a part of. And when I watched you save Jennifer's life.

Daniel: Uh, no, when we saved Jennifer's life.

Melanie: Okay. When we. But, um...I was just--I was thinking how cool it would be if I actually knew what I was know? And it's a lot of work, but I think I can do it.

Carly: I know you can do it.

Daniel: She can.

Melanie: Actually, I have to hit you guys up for a small favor. I kind of need a letter of recommendation.

Daniel: What? Oh, come on! A whole letter?

Carly: We'd love to!

Daniel: Now you're asking for the worl-- oh...Melanie. I'm proud of you. We both are. Pretty nice, huh?

Carly: Yeah. It really is.

[Pager rings] Um...oh. Super. I have to go back to the hospital. You want a ride?

Melanie: Uh,, I think I'll, uh, I'll burn off the dessert that, you know, that dad is eating.

Carly: Okay. I really hate to go. Can we do this more often?

Daniel: Yes.

Carly: I mean, you're absolutely nuts, but you seem to keep me calm.

Melanie: Ah. That's what we're here for.

Rafe: Okay, look. I'm not gonna ask for you to forgive me.

Dario: Good. 'Cause you'd be wasting your time.

Rafe: But how about giving me a chance, all right? Those things that I did, the things that upset you and Gabi so much...didn't seem like I was acting like me, right?

Dario: Is this where we get that accident excuse again? Because--

Rafe: No. No excuses. I'm just asking you for a chance. Sami gave me another chance. Why don't you?

Dario: You've already had your second, your third, your fourth, your fiftieth chance. And you know what? You blew it. There's no going back now.

Rafe: Dario--

Lexie: I'm gonna miss you. But I--I can't--I can't help but feel that it's a good thing you are getting away from this mess.

Taylor: You know that, um... she knows that he doesn't love her. She knows he loves me.

Lexie: Oh, honey. Look, um... EJ's my brother, and I respect him in many ways. But...women who love him-- I don't know--they just...they tend to get hurt. You know, I mean, sometimes... intentionally and sometimes not. I know you're hurting right now, Taylor, but I... this really might be for the best.

Taylor: Well, Nicole says she's doing me a favor.

Lexie: Well, she could be right. I-I don't see this ending well. And I certainly don't see EJ letting Nicole get away with it unscathed.

Taylor: You know what I wish?

Lexie: What?

Taylor: I wish that I'd just never come to town. you--can you do something for me? Because I--I just don't-- I don't know. I-I'm being a coward, okay? But I just don't think that I can say good-bye to EJ. I think I should just go.

EJ: Never let anybody tell you you're not just like your sister.

Nicole: What?

EJ: Doesn't matter. It's not important. You really want to live like this for the rest of your life?

Nicole: I like the way I was living before my sister showed up on my doorstep.

EJ: You were living in a fantasy! A fantasy, all right? Our marriage was a business arrangement--nothing more.

Nicole: We had a future.

EJ: Yes, we do. We have a future together. We can hate each other a little bit more every single day. Although I'm not quite sure if I can hate you any more than I do right now.

Nicole: Well, there's a fine line between love and hate.

EJ: You really think so? That's crap.

Nicole: Well, it was worth a shot. Anyway, that reminds me.

EJ: Well, please, help yourself. Knock yourself out. Why don't you?

Nicole: Okay.

EJ: See if you can keep that one in the glass.

Nicole: I will. Listen...EJ. I'm trying to do everything I can to save my marriage. And I am keeping my mouth shut so you don't go to jail. And I'm also making sure that my sister doesn't get her hooks in you ever again.

EJ: What are you talking about?

Nicole: Taylor. I'm gonna make it as easy as possible for get over her.

EJ: What did you say? What are you doing? Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Melanie: Ho! Whoa. Ha ha. You look upset. Is that guy still bothering you?

Dario: My brother's back.

Melanie: Rafe is...back? Why?

Dario: He's back with Sami.

Melanie: Sami took him back?

Dario: That's what he said. He wants to pretend like nothing ever happened. Like he didn't back out on us and Ari.

Melanie: Hmm... no wonder you're upset.

Dario: You know, she can take him back...but Gabi and I... we're not gonna forgive. We're sure as hell not gonna forget.

Melanie: You don't mean that.

Dario: Oh, no? It'd be fine with me if I never saw him again.

Melanie: Okay, well, then you're an idiot.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Come in.

Lexie: I figured you probably wanted more paperwork! I know how much you love it.

Carly: Thanks.

Lexie: Is everything okay?

Carly: Yeah. I've just got a lot on my mind.

Lexie: Oh. Um... I saw you heading out with Daniel and Melanie...I mean, you all seem to be having such a great time.

Carly: We did have a great time. The way he treats her, the way they are together, it's like he's been her father since she was a little girl, all along the way.

Lexie: Hmm. She sure is crazy about him.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah.

Lexie: That bothers you?

Carly: No. Well, what bothers me is that, um... I'm a little crazy about him too.

Lexie: Oh, boy!

Carly: Yeah, oh, boy. And I know how he feels about Jennifer and how she feels about him and... the great thing about being Jennifer's friend is she feels like she can tell you everything. And she feels a little insecure with Daniel, so I'm there to cheerlead and remind her of how much he really likes her.

Lexie: Ooh! That must be fun.

Carly: The worst part is they're really good together.

Lexie: Mm. So you're...just going to, uh... let it go?

Carly: I don't really have much of a choice, do I?

Lexie: Uh...guess not.

[Pager rings] Ooh! I've gotta go. Look, I-I really want to continue this conversation. We'll talk later, okay?

Carly: Mm-hmm. There's not much to talk about, is there?

Daniel: So what? It's like on the local news that Jennifer and I are kind of dating?

Brady: At 7:00, the details of Jennifer Deveraux and Daniel Jonas dating-- no, no, no, no. I heard it from Melanie.

Daniel: Right. I feel like I'm in junior high here. Why would you possibly care that Jennifer and I went out?

Brady: Because she's like family to me and she's a really good person.

Daniel: And I'm really not. Can we just talk about the cubs or something else?

Brady: Daniel, Daniel, it's just that she's fragile right now because of what happened with Jack.

Daniel: No, I know, Brady. I know more about Jennifer than you think I do.

Brady: I'm sure. But it doesn't mean that...

Daniel: What? No, go on. Go on, say it.

Brady: I--look, it doesn't mean that you won't end up hurting her.

Jennifer: That's the other thing. I never used to make mountains out of molehills--ever.

Hope: That's not what you're doing--not exactly.

Jennifer: It's close...

Hope: No--

Jennifer: To what I'm doing.

Hope: Okay. Stop for just one second, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Hope: I'm gonna say this again. You...are a beautiful, beautiful woman... on the inside and the outside. So stop worrying so much about how you look or what you're going to wear and think about how you and Daniel relate to one another. How you enjoy each other. How you laugh together. Those are the important things.

Jennifer: I know, I know. I just...I need to grow up, right? That's what I need to do.

Hope: No. Just... lighten up. Oh, boy, I need to get going.

Jennifer: Oh!

Hope: Let me know if you wanna borrow any of my jewelry or if you just need someone to remind you of how gorgeous and smart and fabulous you really are. Okay?

Jennifer: Thank you. I love you.

Hope: And I love you. Oh, and you know what? There is, come to think of it-- there is one more thing you can do.

Jennifer: What?

Hope: Just look at yourself in the mirror... and you'll see that Daniel is one lucky guy. I love you.

Jennifer: Love you.

Hope: Have fun!

Jennifer: Thank you. Amy, you're gonna love college.

Daniel: I am not gonna do anything to hurt Jennifer.

Brady: Not intentionally. I know. Look, I'm shooting my mouth off here but... Jennifer is not as tough as she comes across, all right? She's feisty. She can handle herself in a lot of situations, but when it comes to falling in love--and this is proven from her years with Jack--she doesn't take it lightly on any level. It's wonderful that you gave her her heart back, Daniel, but don't break it.

Jennifer: Okay... this is good. Maybe it's time to...try something new.

Carly: I can't do this to Melanie. I have to be the person she thinks I am. So I'm gonna have to find a way. I'm gonna do it on my own.

Melanie: I, uh, I didn't mean it like that. Um...I'm just trying to make a point.

Dario: That I'm an idiot.

Melanie: No. That maybe you're flying off the handle? I mean, you lost Arianna. Do you really want to lose your brother too?

Dario: He's--he's a jerk.

Melanie: Okay, yeah. But he's family. Are you really gonna turn your back on family...over an argument?

Dario: It's more than that.

Melanie: Okay, maybe it is, but, um, if Sami can take your brother back, you should be able to.

Dario: You're right.

Melanie: Whoa. Ha! I'm s--[Laughs]--I'm sorry. I'm hallucinating here. Did I just hear...I'm right?

Dario: Okay, you might be right. I'll give him another chance. But if he's not the man he used to be's over.

Rafe: Oh. What a surprise. Still here. Got you something to eat. But before we get into that... let's resume our little conversation. Really hope you're ready to share.

EJ: Did something happen to Taylor? What did you do, Nkki? What did you--

Nicole: I didn't do anything, okay? She wised up. She realized there was nothing here for her, so she packed up and left.

EJ: Where'd she go?

Nicole: I don't know. And I don't care.

Taylor: Oh...thanks.

Man: long will you be staying with us?

Taylor: Oh...I'm not really sure what my plans are right now. Thank you. God... EJ, I'm so, so sorry. But I had to do this for us.,

Lexie: Are you and EJ in trouble?

EJ: We had a business arrangement, all right? A business arrangement.

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