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Sami: I've been thinking about this and I really don't think that we should involve the police.

Rafe: I know. I know you don't want to, but I feel like we're not getting anywhere. Now, if we want to link that joker in there to EJ and Stefano, we're gonna need bank records, we're gonna need LUDs from cell phones. I'm talking a court order here.

Sami: Look, these are my kids, okay?

Rafe: I need the police department for that.

Sami: These are our kids we're talking about. We cannot risk it. EJ gets one whiff that you're back or that we're involving the police and come on. It's gonna be the shortest reunion in history.

Rafe: Okay. You're right. Fine. You and me, that's it. No cops, all right?

Sami: 'Cause you know what? You and me...we got this. We're taking EJ down.

Carly: Abigail, it's okay. Really, you don't have to help.

Abigail: I know, but it was my fault.

Carly: It's okay. Give that to me.

Abigail: Why do you have pills for someone named Katerina?

Gus: [Sighs] How about a game of cards?

Vivian: Shh.

Gus: Little acey-deucey?

Vivian: Will you keep quiet? I'm willing Stefano to call me.

Gus: You've been staring at that phone since you got up this morning.

Vivian: Well, today is the day. I laid the groundwork. My little pigeon's coming home to roost.

Gus: May I remind you that I got us in Mr. DiMera's house and I found the DNA evidence that showed he had a prisoner in the basement? You got rid of it. What groundwork?

Vivian: I went to Stefano as a woman.

Gus: Why didn't I think of that?

[Cell phone rings]

Vivian: Ah! Text from Stefano. I rest my case.

Kate: Hey, sweetie. It's me. It's mom. Yes, I know. You weren't sleeping, were you? Good. Thank God. Yeah, I just always get confused with that time difference in Hong Kong. Yeah, so how are you and Allie doing? Good. Oh, that's great. When--when are you gonna be visiting? No, I am not nagging. I just really miss you. That's all. Sure, okay. Well, listen, I have some really good news for Allie. Sure, yeah, you can tell her. Well, let's put it this way. Her erstwhile stepfather is, uh-- well, he's hit the road. [Chuckles] To put it simply, Rafe is gone for good.

Rafe: So? You ready?

Sami: Yeah.

Rafe: You're on.

Sami: Uncle Bo.

Bo: Hey, uh, Sami. Haven't heard from you in a while.

Sami: Yeah, yeah. I guess we've both been busy.

Bo: Yeah. How's it going? You back in Salem?

Sami: No, not yet. I'm actually calling 'cause I want to talk to you about Rafe.

Taylor: EJ. You're here.

EJ: Did you really think I wouldn't be?

Taylor: I've been doing a lot of thinking since I left you and--

EJ: And?

Taylor: And in the middle of it I ran into Nicole.

EJ: What happened?

Taylor: She knows about you and me.

EJ: [Sighs] Yeah. I thought that was a possibility. What did she say?

Taylor: It's not what she said, it's how she's acting. She's playing with me... like a cat does with a mouse it has trapped.

EJ: Well, of course. That's my Nikki.

Taylor: Look, she's not blackmailing you because she loves you and she wants to stay in the marriage and-- she's blackmailing you because she hates both of us.

Will: Okay. You know, Rafe was such a jerk before he left. Why don't you just wear the stuff you left behind?

Gabi: Yeah, well, I'm doing it for your mom. I don't want her to have to come back and see his picture of dogs playing poker.

Will: I couldn't believe it when he brought that home.

Gabi: Yeah, I couldn't believe a lot of things he did before he left.

Will: Yeah. You know, I get why my mom can't face the apartment.

Gabi: Oh, and I'm Rafe's sister. Uh, what if she can't face me? What is that gonna do to us?

Bo: What happened with Rafe? Ma told me you guys split up.

Sami: We did.

Bo: Well, you okay?

Sami: Not great. Um, but actually I'm calling 'cause I want to talk to you about Rafe. Um, you just have a different perspective on him, you know, working with him and everything and I just had some questions.

Bo: Yeah, sure. Um, I'll tell you what I can.

Abigail: So--so who's this Katerina von...something? Is she a friend of yours?

Carly: No. No, and I shouldn't tell you this, but she's a patient. No, give me the bottle. Look, it's, um-- it's a sensitive situation and I said that I would handle it for her.

Abigail: But the label on that bottle says it's a controlled substance.

Carly: Abigail, you're working in a hospital now. You're gonna come across things that are nobody's business. You want to make a go of this internship? You better learn to keep your mouth shut.

Vivian: Now, which do you think would be best for a place called the--the cheating heart?

Gus: If in doubt, avoid floral�s.

Vivian: Oh.

Gus: Wait a minute. Mr. DiMera wants to meet you at the Cheatin� Heart?

Vivian: Do you know it?

Gus: It's something of a dive.

Vivian: Oh, well, is it sort of dimly lit during the day with a lot of atmosphere?

Gus: If by "atmosphere," you mean the aroma of stale beer and cheese fries.

Vivian: Well, it doesn't really matter because my talk--talk with Stefano was very successful. He wants to see me again and then maybe I'll be able to deal that fatal blow to Kate this afternoon.

Kate: Hey, Johnny.

Johnny: Hi.

Kate: Whoa. Something wrong?

Johnny: My daddy said Rafe's never coming back.

Kate: Ahh. You liked Rafe, didn't you?

Johnny: I'm mad at him now.

Kate: Really? Why?

Johnny: Because he didn't say good-bye to me and my daddy won't tell me why he went away.

Sami: So you were unhappy with Rafe's performance at work?

Bo: Uh, yeah, about his work and his attitude. You know, I really hate to say this stuff about him. I know you love the guy.

Sami: I do. I do love him. I just didn't understand him.

Bo: No, neither did I. Did your dad tell you that he wanted to take a leave of absence right before he found Ciera and Theo?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. I knew he was planning to go on a trip and then he found the kids.

Bo: Yeah. So why was he in the middle of a forest preserve out there by Centerville?

Sami: That's where he found them? In Centerville?

Bo: Yeah, that's where Rafe found them right after he told your dad that he didn't have time to look for 'em.

Sami: That is weird.

Bo: Yeah, and, um, Theo had a bad reaction to him.

Sami: Really? What was that?

Bo: Well, you know, he's more sensitive than most kids, but, uh, he had reason to be upset. Rafe had a pretty good grip on his arm, was pretty rough with him. And, you know, a good cop knows that when you have a-- a runaway situation, you got to be gentle and make the kid trust you.

Sami: So is Theo okay now?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Theo's doing fine, so is Ciara.

Sami: Thank God.

Bo: Ciera had something to say about him too.

Sami: What did Ciara say?

Bo: Well... she said that, uh, Rafe was only nice to kids when adults were around. I'm sorry, Sami. I really hate telling you all this stuff about him.

Sami: No, no. It's okay, Uncle Bo. You've--you've helped me more than you'll ever know.

EJ: So let me ask you this. What exactly did she say to you?

Taylor: Well, among other things, that, um, she was happy with you before I came to town.

EJ: [Laughs] Oh, please. Look, you know that's not true.

Taylor: Okay, EJ, you did ask her for the divorce because of me.

EJ: If you're suggesting that you drove her to blackmail me, stop, all right? Her whole life is a quid pro quo.

Taylor: Okay, that may be the case, but I still think she's doing this because of me.

EJ: Listen. The ammunition that she's using against me is something I gave her. That had nothing to do with you.

Taylor: Okay, but when you asked her for the divorce, if she hadn't known that there was someone else and that someone was me--

EJ: I'm sure she would have taken a very generous settlement, okay? Gone on to live the rest of her life with Brady.

Taylor: He says that's not gonna happen.

EJ: Really? That is interesting. Hmm. You know, I talked to Nicole too and judging by her mood, I'm guessing it was right after you spoke to her.

Taylor: Okay, wait. What did she say?

EJ: Oh, she made it very clear the only reason she's holding me to this marriage-- it's not to do with any feelings for me or for the children. She's getting even.

Taylor: And she wants me to leave town. She's punishing us.

EJ: Yeah, well, that's not going to happen.

Carly: I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to jump all over you like that. I just-- this woman, um, she doesn't get around very easily and she relies on this medication to get her through and that's why I'm helping her out.

Abigail: Look, I--I don't mean to be nosy, I really don't. But, um, is that why I ran into you at a drugstore so far from where you live?

Carly: Yes. Yes, this woman can't get to the drugstore, um, by herself, so-- and that's where she lives.

Abigail: So--so you pick up the pills for her then?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: Wow. I--I had no idea doctors still did stuff like that anymore.

Carly: I do what I can.

Abigail: Yeah, my mom says you're the best. Well, I--I better get going.

Carly: Wait, wait, wait. Before you go, um, I need you to keep this between us, okay? This kind of matter is supposed to stay between the doctor and the patient.

Abigail: Yeah, okay.

Carly: That means you can't tell anyone.

Abigail: Okay.

Carly: Not a word.

Bo: Not a word about what?

Will: Okay, Gabi, there is no way that my mom is gonna hold it against you that you're Rafe's sister.

Gabi: Are you sure?

Will: Well, Dario's met me.

Gabi: [Chuckles] Oh, man. Are you sure your grandma's not gonna mind that we're storing these here?

Will: You know, uh, speaking of grandma, she told me that you cleaned out the storage room to make a place for it. Is that true?

Gabi: Yeah, it's no big deal.

Will: Yeah, but that's usually my job and it sucks. So, you know, how could my mom not like a girl who offers to clean the storage room? Really? Even if you are Rafe's sister.

Gabi: Can't believe that he took off like that. I mean--and the way he acted before that, it was just--

Will: Yeah, I know.

Gabi: Uh, I got my invitations for graduation.

Will: Me too.

Gabi: Yeah, I feel really sad that Ari and Rafe are not gonna be here. Thought it was gonna be really cool, you know? Ari crying and Rafe screaming like a maniac when they called my name.

Will: Okay, listen though. I mean, you're gonna have something almost as good. Uh, there's gonna be my mom and a ton of Brady�s there, okay? And they're all gonna be going crazy for you, okay? And I'll be the loudest one of all.

Kate: I know that you miss Rafe. I know you do. And your mommy keeps on bringing new daddies into your life and then they keep on leaving, but you know something? Your real daddy and your grandpa are always gonna be there. They are.

Johnny: I don't know where they are.

Kate: I know. They're gonna be home soon though.

Johnny: I miss my mom.

Kate: Sweetie, she's gonna be back too, okay?

Johnny: I wish Allie were here.

Kate: You know something? Ah--guess what. I talked to her today on the telephone.

Johnny: You did?

Kate: I did. Yes, I did and I'll tell you what. I will call her tomorrow and you can talk to her. Would you like that?

Johnny: Does Rafe not love us anymore?

Kate: Oh, honey. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that wherever Rafe is he loves you so much. He does. Come here. How could anyone in the world not, mmm, love you, hmm? Huh? Sweetie.

Rafe #2: [Grunts] You ever hear of the Geneva Convention?

Rafe: Doesn't apply to spies. You weren't in uniform.

Rafe #2: I'm starving.

Rafe: Well, you'll get fed soon as you answer some of our questions.

Sami: Yeah, so I was talking to my Uncle Bo and, uh, he said you found Ciara and Theo at the Centerville Forest Preserve. That's on the way to O'Hare.

Rafe: Where were you going?

Rafe #2: [Scoffs] Think I'm gonna tell you that? You must be as dumb as I look.

Sami: It was dumb luck that you found them, isn't it? You weren't looking for those kids. You couldn't care less what happened to them.

Rafe #2: Yeah, that's right. I would have made it out of here too if it wasn't for your crap car. Piece of junk broke down. And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, well, surprise, surprise, there they were. Two little brats.

Sami: But you had no choice but to come back because Bo found you with them.

Rafe #2: Yeah. Well, you should thank your lucky stars, babe. You got to sleep with a real man one more time.

Sami: What? We did not have sex again.

Rafe #2: That's not the way I remember it.

Rafe: Now you're gonna listen to me. You want to make it through today, you're gonna shut your damn mouth. Got it? To think that I was worried about what we were gonna do with him.

Sami: Hmm.

Rafe #2: What are you talking about? What are you gonna do to me?

[Microwave bell rings]

Sami: Dinner's served.

Rafe: Your last meal.

Taylor: Are you-- what are you gonna do to Nicole?

EJ: [Sighs] I'm going to handle this... and I'm gonna keep you out of it. Look, I'm sorry. I'm not letting her hurt you anymore. You've been betrayed by everybody who you care about, especially me. But I'm asking you, please trust me.

Vivian: How do I look?

Gus: I should probably remind you that Stefano DiMera contacted you regarding a business meeting.

Vivian: That was a test. Women understand sub-text. Now go away.

Kate: Oh, I wouldn't bother with that.

Vivian: Now, what are you doing here, Kate? Did you have a sudden urge for a Philly Cheesesteak?

Kate: Funny thing. I was just going to ask what a girl like you is doing in a nice place like this. [Chuckles] Mind if I sit?

Taylor: You didn't lie... about your feelings for me, did you?

EJ: No. I just failed to mention that I was involved in a drug ring... and that one of my associates was responsible for the death of a young woman.

Taylor: Was Arianna in love with you?

EJ: No. She got in some trouble with the law. She was innocent. I represented her and eventually I did manage to get the charges dropped. She was just grateful. You should probably know that when she died, she was doing something to help me.

Taylor: Okay, was this something legal?

EJ: Yes.

Taylor: [Scoffs] You as a drug dealer, it's just-- it's like two different people.

EJ: Look, I want to be the man you fell in love with. I want to be that man 100% of the time.

Taylor: Okay, so which EJ is gonna deal with Nicole?

EJ: The one you love. The one I hope you'll trust. Will me?

Taylor: Okay, before I answer that... I need to know is there anything else that you failed to mention.

Rafe #2: [Grunting]

Rafe: All right, shut your damn mouth. You had your dinner. Think he's getting a little sick of the bathroom.

Sami: Oh, well, that bathroom's too good for him.

Rafe: Yeah. Makes me want to kill him when he says those things about you. I just want to--

Sami: But you know what? You won't because you're you and he's not.

Rafe: Yeah. This plan of ours, it's not gonna be easy, you know?

Sami: I know. But it's for the kids. And I have you by my side. I can do anything.

Carly: Bo. I can't tell you what we were talking about, but, um, I was just giving Abigail here some tips on hospital protocol.

Bo: Ah, sorry. Didn't mean to barge in to a conversation. None of my business.

Carly: Okay. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Abigail: Yeah, yeah, totally. Yeah.

Carly: Okay.

Abigail: Well, I--I better get back to work, so.


Bo: I--sorry. I saw you over here. Sorry.

Carly: Whatever. Stop apologizing. It's no problem.

Bo: Yeah, but I feel like I upset you.

Carly: No, you didn't upset me, so go ahead and do what you came here to do.

Bo: Well, actually, I came here to talk to you.

Kate: I asked if I could sit.

Vivian: Well, you know, as entertaining as that might be to spend time with you, I'd really rather you didn't. Excuse me.

Kate: Well, that's too bad, because you and I are going to have a little chat about what happened earlier this evening.

Vivian: Really? And whatever would that be about?

Kate: Oh, you remember when I interrupted your oh-so-pathetic attempt to use your wiles on my husband.

Vivian: Oh, Kate, you know, I've thought a lot of things of you, most of them unsavory, but I never thought of you as an insecure woman. Don't you have any faith in your husband whatsoever?

Kate: I know my husband appreciates women. That didn't change when we got married, but he does have certain requirements for the women who truly interest him.

Vivian: Really? Like what?

Kate: Like they need to be born in the same century he was born in. You keep looking around. Are you expecting someone?

EJ: Okay. All right. I want you to know everything about me.

Taylor: You know what? No, no, no, no. Now that I've asked you, you know what, I'm not even sure that I want to know the answer.

EJ: Why not?

Taylor: Because, I, um--

EJ: Taylor, please.

Taylor: I called the D.A.'s office this afternoon.

EJ: Did you?

Taylor: I did, but I didn't tell him... who I was or give them your name or anything. I just-- I told them that someone told me they'd done something illegal.

EJ: What? Is that why you asked me to come down here?

Taylor: It's part of the reason.

EJ: Mm-hmm?

Taylor: It's part of the reason, yes. Anyway, I was talking to the guy on the phone and he asked me-- he said, "well, you tell me what happened, who it was, and what happened," that he would take care of it from there. And I asked him what it meant. And he said if they could prove that a crime was committed that he would notify the police and then they'd bring the person in. So I told them that I had to think about it and I hung up the phone. I--I could have gotten you arrested. And I don't even know what would have happened after that. I mean--I mean, I don't know what they could prove. You say that Troy is--he's in a coma, right? And so it would be what I said against what you told me he said and that--that would just be-- [Stammering] Oh, God.

EJ: You don't say?

Taylor: Right, right. Right. But of course there would be publicity because of who you are. And then I thought, okay, you might lose custody of Sydney and Johnny and then with everything Sami's going through with her losing her husband, she doesn't seem in a good place and then I thought Nicole would--would-- who knows what she's gonna do with that? Huh? And I just-- I don't know. I thought about what--what about Johnny and Sydney? They're gonna have no parent that they can count on. It's not why I didn't call the D.A. back.

EJ: What was the reason?

Taylor: I couldn't do that to you.

Gabi: So I've never made out in a storage closet before.

Will: Yeah. Too bad that beer truck came when it did.

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Will: Still though, that storage room will never be the same.

Gabi: [Giggles]

Will: You know, it's so good to see you smile. Oh, I've been thinking, um... about what you said about my mom and... Rafe has been such a jerk since the accident, right, and nobody knows why. But before that, he was, like, this awesome, you know, totally nice guy and you loved him and my mom loved him and you're never gonna forget that and then she's never gonna forget that, so it's like this-- this big, um, you know-- this good thing that you two have in common.

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, I hope she sees it like that. I'm gonna go freshen up.

Will: Okay.

Sami: Don't worry about me, Rafe. I've got game.

Rafe: Don't I know it. [Laughter] Ah, just wish we had some more intel.

Sami: We'll just improvise as we go.

Rafe: I was afraid you'd say something like that.

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: Oh.

Rafe: What's up? Who's it from?

Sami: It's a text from Will. He's, um, saying that he wants to talk to me about Gabi.

Rafe: Perfect.

Sami: Yeah, you might get to see her. They're both at the pub right now.

Carly: If this is about some open police case, can't you get some other staff member to--

Bo: No, this isn't police business, it's personal. I was talking to Sami this morning. She broke up with Rafe... and I could hear in her voice what she's been going through.

Carly: Oh, don't do this. Don't do this.

Bo: What happened to us was very unfair to you.

Carly: I don't want to make you feel guilty, but I can't tell you that I'm just fine. Not honestly anyway.

Bo: Okay, so you'd like me to keep my distance. I get that. It's understandable. Um... some mail came for you by the house. It looked like some important stuff.

Carly: It's junk mail. Kind of wasted a trip. Oops.

Bo: Um, something's going on with you that you're not telling me?

Carly: I'm telling you I want you to leave me alone.

Bo: Well, that's not gonna happen. I know you. We've been through hell together. And you're different. I mean, uh, it's pretty obvious when you stopped by the house, so I'm not going anywhere until you talk to me.

Kate: I think you are waiting for someone. I really do. I wonder who that could be. I mean, I can't imagine anyone even wanting to be seen with you, never mind share a drink with you, outside of that little nebbish that you pay to trail you, carry your train, and I saw him leave.

Vivian: Yes. I asked Gus for some privacy.

Kate: Ahh. So you're meeting someone and it's private. You're expecting Stefano, aren't you?

Rafe: All right, so we'll stop at the pub and then we'll do what we got to do.

Sami: Okay.

Rafe: Did you text will back?

Sami: No, I thought maybe it'd be better to play it by ear.

Rafe: Right.

Sami: Come on, we are gonna pull this off and we are gonna get our lives back.

EJ: So you're not going to turn me in?

Taylor: When you say that you want to live another life, I-- I believe you, okay? And I want you to have that chance.

EJ: Okay, but if you say nothing, can you live with your conscience?

Taylor: All I can tell you is that when I made that decision, I-- I felt relieved. I felt like I did the right thing.

EJ: Okay. I'm sorry. It means a lot to me if you're willing to put this behind you.

Taylor: Well, Arianna died. I mean-- you've been punished.

EJ: She was the one who was punished and fairly. And me... I have to live with that every day for the rest of my life. Look. When I told you that my fate was in your hands, I wasn't talking about giving you the opportunity to go to the authorities. I was talking about giving you the opportunity to say that you wanted nothing more to do with me. You haven't given me the answer to that one.

Carly: How's Hope?

Bo: A lot better now that Ciara's home.

Carly: That's good. Why don't you go home and concentrate on her?

Bo: Things got so dangerous with her there at the end that you and I never had the chance--

Carly: Had a chance to what? To break up properly? To have closure?

Bo: You were very understanding at the time. I'm thinking maybe you didn't have the chance to say some things.

Carly: Okay, I'll tell you what I didn't have a chance to say. I know I was just there until you decided Hope needed you more or you needed her more or whatever that was.

Bo: That's not true. You--you know how I feel about--

Carly: What difference does it make what I know? What are we doing? What--what difference does it make what we say to each other? Why don't you go home and pretend you and I never happened? Because god knows that's what I'm trying to do.

Bo: Do you have people you can talk to?

Carly: Stop. Just-- I have people. I've got Daniel, I've got Melanie, and Jennifer's back in town.

Bo: That's another reason I wanted to talk to you.

Carly: What?

Bo: Jenn and Daniel are seeing each other.

Carly: So?

Bo: Is that difficult for you?

Carly: I'm happy for them and I find this to be unbelievably patronizing. So you'll excuse me. I have work to do.

Kate: It is Stefano, isn't it?

Vivian: Surprised?

Kate: Mmm. Surprised that you're so gullible that you'd believe that he'd actually meet you? Yes, I am. And as a matter of fact, I'm gonna call him and we are going to have a great laugh about it. Oh, my God. Look what I did. Took Stefano's phone by mistake.

Vivian: So you sent the text?

Kate: You get it.

Vivian: Oh, well, he's not gonna like that.

Kate: You know, you're right. He adored it. He adored it when I told him all about it over lunch. He just howled. And you know why? Because he's not interested in you, Vivian. Not personally. Not professionally. And I only can assume that you hang on to this fantasy because you have nothing else in your life to think about. No man, no children, no pets, no plants, nothing except that silly sycophant who follows you around. So if you're waiting for Stefano to look at you, you're going to be waiting a long, long time. Go home, Vivian. Don't bother us again.

Vivian: [Sighs] Get in your laughs. Why don't you go get some more blue streaks in your hair? Think this is going to make life easier for you, you better think again, Cookie. Bartender, could I have a vodka martini straight up? Hold the vegetables.

Taylor: Come on, that's not the only reason... that I couldn't send you to jail. I don't want to be without you.

EJ: Come here. I like that reason.

Taylor: I'm not sure I do. 'Cause I don't like being out of control and I am. But I don't want to live without you.

EJ: You... don't have to.

Gabi: So I was thinking about what you said. About remembering the good times with Rafe. I just--I keep thinking about when Arianna died and how he was there. He got me through it. Just he thought about things in this great way. But I just--I can't forget about the last time I saw him.

Rafe #2: Did you not understand me?

Gabi: Would you stop being such a jerk? I mean, I'm your sister and I care about what's happening and if I ask you a question, you answer me. That's our deal.

Rafe #2: That's the deal? Let me tell you what the deal is. You stay the hell out of my business, okay? You got it?

Gabi: [Scoffs] I miss the brother I used to have...not the one I have now. I never want to see him again.

Will: Oh, my God.

Sami: Hey. We're home.

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