Days Transcript Wednesday 5/18/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/18/11 - Canada; Thursday 5/19/11 - U.S.A.


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Daniel: Get in here. No, why--wait a minute. Why is it my fault? I don't understand.

Jennifer: Let me catch my breath, and then I'll tell you.

Daniel: Oh, I see. A little hiking, picnic, laughter, and now you can't speak at all.

Jennifer: Yes.

Daniel: That's great.

Jennifer: Well, you know what it was? It was such a great date...

Daniel: Yes.

Jennifer: That we completely spaced on time.

Daniel: Oh, okay. I'm starting to see your twisted logic here.

Jennifer: Yes.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: Where did I put that?

Daniel: You're freaking me out. What do you mean? Put what?

Jennifer: My phone. Where'd I put it?

Daniel: Your phone? I don't know.

Jennifer: Oh, here it is.

Daniel: There you go.

Jennifer: All right, now-- purse. All right, all joking aside...

Daniel: Yes.

Jennifer: It was a great date. And, um, I'll probably be sore for a week, but it was worth it.

Daniel: Um, I'll--I'm not sure yet. We'll see. I agree, yeah.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, um, now I should-- I should get home and change.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: And I'll see you at work.

Daniel: You--I will definitely be there. Okay.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, maybe--maybe something a little less strenuous next time. I don't know. Maybe a nice dinner, someplace quiet?

Jennifer: Only if they serve cioppino--my favorite.

Daniel: [Laughs] Okay. Okay, well, I'll see if it's on the menu. You let me know how it goes, and, uh, we'll figure out a time to do it.

Jennifer: You know, actually, I am really booked the next couple of weeks.

Daniel: Yeah, your schedule kind of busy, is it?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah. Hmm.

Jennifer: I don't know. I might be able to squeeze you in...

Daniel: You think?

Jennifer: Since you make me laugh a little bit.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I got that going for me.

Jennifer: You have a few things going for you.

Maggie: So is Victor responsible for this? I mean, did he tell you to come over here?

Melanie: Mm, yes. He said you're always right. Hmm. He said he knows how much you miss me. And he said that I need to come over here and do what needs to be done.

Maggie: That's very good of him.

Melanie: You seem surprised that he would stick up for you.

Maggie: I am a bit, yes, because I don't understand why. I don't know why he even cares.

Melanie: [Scoffs] He's in love with you.

Victor: As soon as the players are all in place, it's a green light all the way. Now, have the lawyers draw up a contract. And remember, Len, this is a corporate takeover, not the dissolution of a marriage. Pitman and Crouse are drowning in toxic assets, and we're about to pull the plug on the drain. Just get it done. Get it done quickly. Justin... anything I can help you with?

Justin: I'm just trying to wrap my head around what I just heard.

Victor: Well, don't try too hard.

Justin: Does Brady know what you're doing?

Victor: Why would I care? Brady no longer has the power to approve or disapprove of any of my decisions regarding certain branches of Titan. He gave me back a piece of my company--a big piece.

Justin: Really?

Victor: Why do you sound surprised?

Justin: I just wonder why.

EJ: I think you're aware of the fact that I've done some things in my life that I'm not very proud of.

Taylor: And that's--that's all you can say? Come on, EJ, give me something. What does Nikki have on you? Please tell me the truth or just set me free.

Stefano: What the hell is the matter with you?

Taylor: Wait. You're--you're saying that EJ...

Brady: I'm saying that EJ was... EJ was behind the murder of Arianna Hernandez.

Taylor: Okay, h-how? What--what happened?

Brady: How? What happened? He had her killed. He had her murdered. How many--how many different ways do you want me to say it? He had her--

Taylor: Okay, you know what? I-I'm not listening to this.

Brady: You're not gonna listen? Yeah, you are. What is wrong with you?

Taylor: What's wrong with me? You cannot go around making baseless accusations.

Brady: I'm sorry. I'm making baseless accusations?

Taylor: Yeah, you can't do that and not explain yourself.

Brady: What the hell is there to explain? EJ DiMera was behind the murder of my ex-girlfriend, the woman that I loved, and furthermore, why are you so personally attached to this, huh?

Taylor: Why? Why? Because you're wrong. That's why. I think you want EJ to have killed your girlfriend, because you hate him. It's plain and simple.

Brady: Do you know how off base you are right now? I can't believe you're saying this.

Taylor: Oh, my God. Go to hell.

Maggie: No.

Melanie: No, what?

Maggie: Whatever you said.

Melanie: What, that Victor loves you?

Maggie: Well, but it's not true.

Melanie: How do you know that?

Maggie: Because he told me, for one thing.

Melanie: He told-- well, what, was he like, "Maggie, just so you know, I don't love you"?

Maggie: Of course not. He didn't use those exact words. But we were talking about our relationship, and he admitted that he would have to change if things were gonna work out between him and me. And--and then... at first, he was agreeable. And then, rather suddenly, he just decided that it wasn't possible. So then that means he's out of my life... for good.

EJ: Oh, what's wrong with me? I trust that's a rhetorical question.

Stefano: Fine. [Clears throat] I'll venture a guess. You are sick and tired of having to deal with this farce of a marriage you have with ding-dong Nicole, and apparently you seem to be madly in love with her sister. Hmm?

EJ: Something like that.

Stefano: Rings a bell, no?

Johnny: Daddy, where's Rafe? I want to see him.

Brady: Taylor, wait. Hold on. Hold on.

Taylor: Leave me alone.

Brady: I'm not letting you walk out that door with you thinking that I'm the bad guy, that I'm some vindictive bastard that falsely accuses people. I'm not that guy.

Taylor: Okay. So what proof do you have that EJ did this? Why--why should I believe you, huh?

Brady: Look, I shouldn't have said anything, anyway. I was angry. I blurted something out. You didn't even need to know about it, all right? Just let it go. Put it out of your mind, okay?

Taylor: Okay, well, I can't.

Brady: Taylor...

Taylor: Look...

Brady: Let it go.

Taylor: I need to know, Brady--everything.  

Dario: [Scoffs] The game was yesterday, Mike. Just--you got to give me a little more time. No, no, I-I'm good for it, more than good for it. Look... [Sighs] I have to let you go. I'm at work, okay? Uh, uh, hey, boss?

Adrienne: Yeah, hey, Dario. What's up?

Dario: I hope this doesn't sound out of line or anything, but, um, I was wondering if I could get an advance on my paycheck.

Maggie: I am grateful to Victor for understanding how important you are to me.

Melanie: He does understand. And only somebody who's head over heels in love with you would be able to know you that well.

Maggie: [Laughs]

Melanie: He loves you. Oh, shoot. I'm supposed to hang out with my friend. I think I'm just gonna call and cancel.

Maggie: No, no, absolutely not. Hang out with your friends. I'm fine, especially now. You lifted my spirits more than you know.

Melanie: Well, you lifted mine too. All right.

Maggie: Okay. Go. Have fun.

Melanie: I will. Oh, Maggie, Victor went to bat for you. So it's time for you to step up to the plate and admit you love him back.

[Door closes]

Victor: I had something Brady wanted. He had something I wanted. We swapped. I got a piece of my company back.

Justin: Just a simple swap, huh?

Victor: Don't you have better things to do than to interrogate me, Justin... a divorce settlement to pocket?

Justin: [Sighs] You know what? I don't want to know. However it happened, I'm just glad to see that you and Brady are getting along again. It must be a big relief.

Victor: It is.

Justin: And yet you look downright forlorn.

Victor: What, because I got a piece of my company back, because I'm no longer furious at my grandson, 'cause I've got my health, I should be dancing a jig?

Justin: Well, not dancing a jig necessarily.

Victor: There are other things in life, Justin-- companionship, love, "someone to watch over you," to quote Gershwin. Without that, there's nothing. You should know that better than anyone. Just a big fat waste.

EJ: All right, come on. Your legs look tired. Why don't we sit you down...

Johnny: Okay.

EJ: For a second, okay? Do you remember the, um... conversation you and I had about Rafe's recent behavior to you? You and he talked about what to do when somebody bullies you, and he told you it was okay to hit other people. Do you remember your mother got very upset by that conversation? So that was one of the reasons that she went away for a little while, and, um--and now Rafe-- he's--he's gone away too, um, because he was fighting with your mother quite a bit. They were arguing a lot.

Johnny: He went with mommy?

EJ: No, he went somewhere else.

Johnny: Forever?

Taylor: [Sighs] Look, I'm sorry I went a little crazy on you before. You didn't deserve that. Look, the woman you love was killed, and... I shouldn't have gone on the attack.

Brady: No, you probably shouldn't have done that.

Taylor: I shouldn't have. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, 'cause I can only imagine what you are going through right now, but... maybe I can help. Would you please--would you please just tell me what happened?

Brady: All right. Let's talk.

Taylor: Thank you.

Brady: [Clears throat] I was--I was in love. We were engaged... Rafe's sister and I. It didn't work out for various reasons, but I had never stopped loving her. She was working undercover for the Salem P.D. Narcotics Department. She was trying to infiltrate the local drug ring at the time. Well, shortly after completing her assignment, she was killed by a hit-and-run. We all thought it was an accident.

Taylor: And you just found out that it--it wasn't?

Brady: Apparently the killer was an operative in the drug ring. It was a revenge job. Ari had put him away in prison.

Taylor: Oh, my God.

Brady: So after we found out about this--this guy, this operative, something didn't sit right with me. I didn't think he could have done it alone. So I looked into it. Turns out that the head of the drug cartel here in Salem is none other than your brother-in-law, Elvis DiMera. And since Troy is in a coma now and he doesn't look like he's gonna wake up any time soon, well, it looks like EJ is going to get away with murder.

Daniel: Uh, before we send Mr. Whittaker home, can we make sure his wife knows what to do in terms of dressing a wound, you know, changing bandages, things like that?

Maxine: You got it, doctor.

Daniel: Oh, you are the best, the absolute best.

Maxine: You are in a great mood.

Daniel: Oh, yeah? How can you tell?

Maxine: Well, I see a little gleam in your eye, you know? Plus, the way you danced in here a little while ago.

Daniel: No, I didn't dance in here. I-I danced in here?

Maxine: Mm-hmm, like there was music playing only you could hear. So what did you do on your morning off, anyway?

Daniel: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey. Hi, Maxine.

Daniel: How you feeling?

Jennifer: Um, you know what? I'm a little sore. My calves.

Maxine: Your calves.

Jennifer: Yes, Maxine. Daniel and I went on a hike, and I may have... I over-did it a little bit.

Maxine: Right. How about you, Dr. Jonas? Did you overdo it too?

Daniel: I'm fine. I'm--um, no soreness. Yeah, I'm fine.

Maxine: Right. Well, I'm gonna go, and let you two discuss... whatever.

Jennifer: Maxine, I don't know what you're thinking.

Maxine: I'm not thinking anything, except you two went on a nice little hike.

Jennifer: Yes. We went on a hike, because we are friends, and we really enjoy the outdoors, so we decided--

Maxine: To go on a hike.

Jennifer: Yes. Because we're friends. And we--

Maxine: Both enjoy the outdoors. It's okay, honey. I get it.

Daniel: You're in trouble. [Laughing]

Adrienne: Um, Dario? Can I see you for a second? Thanks. Listen, um, things like advances and raises, they're actually controlled by my C.P.A. I don't write the checks. I just sign them. So, unfortunately, you're gonna have to wait till payday just like everyone else.

Dario: Right. No problem.

Adrienne: Okay, great. Thanks.

Dario: [Exhales deeply]

Melanie: What's wrong, Dario? Let me guess. Did a customer stiff you again?

Victor: Well, Maggie, I wasn't expecting you.

Maggie: Bad time?

Victor: No, no, not really.

Maggie: Melanie came by before, and I wanted to thank you for what you said to her, for convincing her to come by and talk to me.

Victor: Well, I'm glad it worked out.

Maggie: You sure this isn't a bad time?

Victor: Well, actually, I, uh--I am due at the office.

Maggie: The office?

Victor: Uh, Titan. Brady finally came to his senses. He gave me back a piece of the company.

Maggie: Oh, Victor, that's great. I'm so happy for you.

Victor: Thank you. Uh, I wish I had time to talk, but--

Maggie: But you don't want to.

Victor: Well, no, it's not that--it's just--

Maggie: You don't want to. You're afraid that if we get close in any way that you'll only end up disappointing me. And you don't want to risk that. It's easier for you to just walk away than to face potential failure.

Victor: Very astute.

Maggie: But you know what? I know that you're fallible, just like we all are, of course. And, I mean, the fact is, I realize that now, anyway, I... I don't expect you or do I want you to be someone that you're not, because I know that underneath that sometimes... [Sighs] Callous, curmudgeonly, antisocial guy that you present to the world, there's a heart of gold... a very good man... of character. That's who I see. That's who I adore.

Taylor: Um... are--are you... are you absolutely sure? Are you absolutely sure that EJ is the head of this drug ring?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Okay, how--how do you know? How--how did you find out?

Brady: I need to know who you sold the drug operation to when you got out of the business.

Victor: EJ DiMera.

Brady: I just know. You're gonna have to trust me, all right? I just know.

Taylor: Okay. Okay... look, EJ is--I mean, he's--he's a DiMera, right? So, I mean, obviously he--he has a dark side, but... doing drugs and--and... I-I don't know.

Brady: Taylor. Taylor. Taylor.

Taylor: I think that maybe...

Brady: It's a damn good thing you're out of that house, all right? It's a very good thing.

Taylor: Yeah. Okay. Um...

Brady: What is it?

Taylor: I-I have an appointment that I forgot that I have to get to, so, um, I'm gonna--I got to go, so if you'll ex--

Brady: Okay. You don't look too-- hey. Hey. Hey. You all right?

Taylor: Yeah...

EJ: Well, Rafe is not coming back.

Johnny: Not ever?

EJ: No. Not ever.

Johnny: Are mommy and Rafe getting a divorce?

EJ: Well, I think, uh, that's something that your mother will have to discuss with you. But we can have that conversation together. Look, I know how important Rafe was to you, and I know that you'll miss him very much. So I'm sorry.

Johnny: What about you?

EJ: What about me?

Johnny: Are you leaving me too, Daddy?

Man: Jennifer?

Jennifer: Hmm? [Gasps] Scott Albright?

Scott: That's me.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Oh, hi. How are you? You look great.

Scott: And you do too. I was hoping I would have seen you at the reunion last year.

Jennifer: Oh, I know. I wanted to go so badly. I just couldn't make it. What are you doing here?

Scott: I'm just here for the, uh, you know, "yearly physical" thing.

Jennifer: Oh, okay.

Scott: So when did you move back to Salem, or are you just visiting?

Jennifer: No, I-I've been back, actually, for a couple months.

Scott: Really?

Jennifer: Yeah. Daniel, come here.

Daniel: Oh.

Jennifer: Uh, Daniel Jonas, this is Scott Albright.

Daniel: Hey, how you doing? Nice to meet you.

Scott: Likewise.

Jennifer: We went to high school together. It's crazy. I mean, it feels like a century ago at this point.

Scott: It feels like just yesterday. I mean, you haven't changed a bit, I swear.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, I still look 17. I know. Thank you.

Daniel: You know what? I'm gonna let you guys catch up on the reunion, so... all right, take care.

Jennifer: This is so funny. How are you? How are you and Gail?

Scott: Um, divorced... about a year ago.

Jennifer: Oh, wow. I'm--I'm sorry.

Scott: Oh, don't be. Trust me, we are much better apart. How about you and Jack?

Jennifer: This feels weird to say, but, um, I'm divorced also, as of this morning. The papers arrived right after breakfast.

Scott: Wow. Uh, I'm sorry. You know, maybe you and I could commiserate over a cup of coffee sometime.

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah. I would like that. Thanks.

Melanie: You aren't gonna talk to me? Come on, Dario. The last time I saw you this upset, you were helping yourself to a tip that wasn't yours, and the time before that you were stealing my neckla--trying to steal that necklace.

Dario: Back off, Melanie. I'm warning you.

Melanie: I'm not saying anything that isn't true.

Dario: Why would you bring up the necklace now? You know why I stole it.

Melanie: Yeah, to find Arianna's killer. But guess what, Dario. We found him. So you can knock the chip off your shoulder.

Adrienne: Everything okay?

Melanie: Uh, yeah.

Adrienne: Well, then how about I bring you an order of those special hot wings you like?

Melanie: You know what? I'm okay. Thank you very much. Um... I kind of lost my appetite.

Jennifer: Oh, there you are. I had a question about the hospital fundraiser.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, how can I help?

Jennifer: Okay, well, I was just wondering--I mean, I'm just thinking maybe we shouldn't... hi. You're not looking at me.

Daniel: Okay, what? All right, what's wrong?

Jennifer: I don't know. What's wrong? You seem--you seem mad.

Daniel: Why would I be mad? Oh, you mean because you ran into your old friend, and--and he was flirting with you?

Jennifer: Flirting with me? No.

Daniel: Yeah, no, I expect guys to want to be with you. I do. You're very--you're very magnetic. You are. You're a magnetic woman.

Jennifer: Daniel, no, he wasn't flirting. He's an old friend from high school.

Daniel: He's a friend.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: It's fine, right? Just like you and I are friends, which is cool, right? Look, it's all good, really. You have friends. I have friends. I'm fine. Okay? Um, I need to get back to work, though. And I'll see you later, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Brady: Sit--sit down. Sit down. Sit.

Taylor: God, I'm--I'm sorry. I just, um...

Brady: It's all right.

Taylor: I think--it's the drinks, and I haven't eaten much.

Brady: No, you didn't have that much to drink. I think it's something else. I think the news I just gave you about EJ hit you really hard. And I know why.

EJ: No, of course I'm not leaving you. I would never leave you.

Stefano: Oh, sweetheart... neither will I. Johnny, we are family. We will always be here for you, always.

EJ: Always. You know that, don't you?

Johnny: I guess.

EJ: You guess? You have to know that we both love you very, very much.

Johnny: I love you too. I don't want to wear Rafe's jacket anymore.

EJ: Okay. Let's take that off, shall we? There we go. Come here.

Jennifer: Daniel, wait, please. Please, can we just...? Listen... I... I-I'm sorry if I was, um...

Daniel: If you were what?

Jennifer: I was just talking to that guy Scott, and it really threw you for some reason. And--and I understand. I mean, I wasn't--and I know that I wasn't...

Daniel: That you weren't what?

Jennifer: He's--he's an old friend from high school. And maybe something that happened between you and Chloe, I mean, maybe you look at a situation, and... I-I have no idea what I'm saying. I'm sorry.

Daniel: You should say what you're thinking.

Jennifer: All right. What I'm thinking is that whatever happened between you and Chloe, you--you are easily threatened by what you perceive as disloyalty, and if that's the case, then--then you are not ready for this, and we should just end this right now.

Gabi: Hey, Dario.

Dario: Gabriela, what brings you down? It's the chili fries, isn't it? You know what? Uh, get anything you want, and we'll put it on the house.

Gabi: Uh, I actually need to talk to you, Dario?

Dario: So serious.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I think I may have found the reason why you decided to stay in Salem.

Dario: Oh, yeah? And why's that?

Gabi: Melanie.

Melanie: Ow. Stupid purse.

[Knock at door]

Abigail: Hey.

Melanie: Hi.

Abigail: Are you okay?

Melanie: Yeah, no, I just... come on in. It's okay.

Abigail: Uh, if this is-- if this is a bad time, I can come back...

Melanie: No, no, no, no, I said I'd talk to you about the hospital--um, the hospital internship that you're gonna do. It's a great stepping stone if you're interested in pursuing a career in medicine, which I'm assuming you are, unless you aren't. Then I don't know why you'd be at the hospital.

Abigail: Melanie, are you okay?

Melanie: Yeah, I'm fi-- uh, no, I just-- ugh, I'm flustered. Um, I'm caring about things that I'm not supposed to be caring about, which I do all the time. It's kind of, actually, really one of my downfalls.

Abigail: Okay, okay, well, maybe if you tell me about it, I can help you out.

Melanie: Okay. Um, uh, you know that guy that we were talking about at the hospital?

Abigail: Dario?

Melanie: Yes.

Abigail: Oh, what'd he do?

Melanie: No, he--uh, he didn't do anything. He just--he annoys me more than anybody I've ever met in my entire life. He--he knows how to press all of my buttons, which is--is just frustrating the heck out of me, and this is gonna sound kind of messed up, but I think that your aunt made a mistake hiring him, because he's a complete jerk.

Abigail: Wow. Uh, tell me how you really feel.

Melanie: This isn't funny. Now I can't even go to the Cheatin' Heart.

Abigail: Why, because he works there?

Melanie: Well, yeah, because he works there, but it's not like that even matters, because he moved in across the hall. He lives right there, which is a thought that just--just thinking about it makes me-- why--why are you smiling?

Abigail: Oh, because I just came up with an excellent solution.

Victor: Maggie... I'm sorry.

Maggie: For what?

Victor: Well, it was very arrogant of me to think that I deserved a woman like you. I could never be the man you want me to be.

Maggie: Actually, I'm the one who should be sorry.

Brady: I can see it, Taylor. I know what this is about. You're worried about Nicole, aren't you? Well, don't be... 'cause there's one thing I do know about Nicole. She can take care of herself.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah, you're right, you're right. I am--I'm worried about my sister, but, I mean, what about the kids, you know, Johnny and Sydney? They... EJ's a loving father, but... wait, you just said that EJ was gonna get away with murder.

Brady: He's good at that.

Taylor: Brady, you can't let him. You--you have to go to the police. You have to tell them what EJ's done.

Daniel: Obviously you want to end it, which is fine, which is fi-- you know, and I understand.

Jennifer: No, you don't understand, because I don't want to end it. But if you can't trust me...

Daniel: You know what? It really isn't even about trust. You just explained, and you were very clear with Maxine, that we're friends. And that's cool. We are, right? But then you--after that, you made a date with this guy, and that's fine.

Jennifer: No, I didn't make a date. I didn't.

Daniel: I heard you. He said, "let's do something together," or--"commiserate." "Let's commiserate."

Jennifer: No, no, he's an old friend, Daniel.

Daniel: Which is fine. It's okay. I'm sure you are. But do you really think he was looking to start a book club? I mean...

Jennifer: No, I don't think that. But seriously, I didn't give him my phone number. I wasn't even gonna follow through with that plan. And the only reason I told Maxine that we were friends is because I didn't want you to feel nervous that this was all moving really fast. That's all.

Daniel: So you were looking out for me?

Jennifer: You don't believe that?

Daniel: [Chuckles] No, I do.

Jennifer: Good. Then can we just put all this confusion to rest, please?

Daniel: I would love-- but here's the thing, though. Every room you walk into, you just light it up, right? And every guy in that room is gonna want to be with you.

Jennifer: That's a non sequitur.

Daniel: No, it's a fact.

Jennifer: And I really appreciate it.

Daniel: Okay, full disclosure. Full disclosure... I was jealous. No, I was. I was. And--and I'm sure that freaks you out, since, you know, I have no right to be. I really don't, because then who am I to be, you know, getting jealous? 'Cause we're friends. We're friends. You're friends. I'm fri-- but, you know, it's just ludicrous that I would just have this... you look like you're about to cry.

Jennifer: No, I'm good. I'm just, um... need to get back to work.

Dario: And why would I stay in Salem for Melanie? Are you out of your mind?

Gabi: Okay, so you're denying it?

Dario: Well, if you saw how she just went off on me a little while ago...

Gabi: I did see that. You two were at each other's throats.

Dario: Exactly. I can't stand her.

Gabi: Thing is, Dario, I know you, okay? You're doing to Melanie exactly what you did to every girl you ever liked.

Dario: Yeah? And what's that?

Gabi: Getting under her skin, driving her crazy.

Dario: Driving her crazy? She's the one that's driving me nuts.

Gabi: That's just the way you like it, don't you?

Abigail: It's simple. We get Dario evicted from his apartment.

Melanie: You're so bad. I love it. How do we do it?

Abigail: Oh, please. There are millions of ways. We can, uh... we could dump a load of cockroaches in his place.

Melanie: Gross. What else?

Abigail: Okay, uh, we can... break into his place and blast the music really, really loud, because then the neighbors will complain, and that will get the cops over.

Melanie: Yeah.

Abigail: Yeah.

Melanie: Wait. Except...

Abigail: What? Except what?

Melanie: No, just... I live here with my dad, so anything I do to Dario is gonna reflect poorly on him.

Abigail: Ah. Hmm.

[Pounding on door]

Melanie: Uh...

[Pounding continues]

Mike: Dario, open up! No more hiding, man! Time's up!

Melanie: Hi, I'm sorry. Who are you?

Mike: Mike.

Melanie: Hi, mike. Um, Dario's not here right now.

Mike: Where the hell is he?

Brady: Look, it's not exactly in the Kiriakis DNA to go running to the cops. That's not how we roll, all right? And if... if I do open up that can of worms, a lot of people are gonna get hurt.

Taylor: Okay, so then what do you do?

Brady: I'm gonna have to figure that out. What about you?

Taylor: Me?

Brady: Yeah. Am I gonna be able to trust you with what I've just shared with you?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Sure. It's--it's--it's... it's just a shock, you know?

Brady: No, it's not, not to me. See, EJ is scum. He's always been scum. He always will be. He's watching his back right now, but I swear to God, once he lets his guard down, I'm gonna be there. And I'll take him down.

Stefano: [Sighs deeply] Giovanni is in the kitchen with his sister, and Mary is giving them both milk and cookies. Oh. Things are finally going your way, Elvis. I mean, Troy is still in his coma, and Giovanni has rejected Rafael... who, in fact, is dead. And you are finally the only father of Giovanni and Sydney. So you finally have gotten everything that you ever wanted.

EJ: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Victor: Why should you be sorry?

Maggie: Because I'm the arrogant one... insisting that you change, believing that I could change you. Victor, you are a lovely person just the way you are. You're smart. You're funny. You're caring... and very deserving of love and admiration. But maybe the person who needs to understand that most of all... is you.

Daniel: My God, I upset you again. I'm sorry. Look, I only meant to say...

Jennifer: You didn't upset me. You didn't, in a bad way. It's just for so long when I was with Jack, when I was without Jack, I just--I never felt...

Daniel: Appreciated.

Jennifer: That's so self-pitying.

Daniel: It's not. It is not.

Jennifer: Yes, it is.

Daniel: No, I get it.

Jennifer: For whatever reason, everything that you just said to me just made me feel so emotional, and it was so sweet, and... I feel like a fool right now.

Daniel: What?

Jennifer: I do.

Daniel: No, you don't.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Don't. Don't do-- you are not a fool, ever, ever. No, no, no. Come here.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Dario: I'm not into her, Gabi, and that's that. And, uh, you know what? I don't want to discuss my love life or my absence of love life with my sister anymore, okay?

Gabi: Too bad.

Dario: What is?

Gabi: I mean, all your life, you got into trouble. Rafe was there to save your butt. But he's not gonna be there this time to save you.

Dario: Oh, to save me from Melanie?

Gabi: Look, Dario, Melanie is not like all the other girls you've gone after. She's... she's way out of your league.

Mike: Dario owes me money. Thinks it's okay to blow me off. So if you know where he is...

Melanie: Uh, I don't. But I know he's not here.

Mike: Well, then when you see him, you tell him Mike's looking for him, yeah?

Melanie: Okay. Okay. Ho. [Laughs]

Abigail: I don't get it. Why--why didn't you tell him where Dario is?

Melanie: Uh, because he's obviously in trouble.

Abigail: Okay, what do you care?

Melanie: Well, I don't want him to get hurt. No, no, because then I would be responsible.

Abigail: Oh. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

[Pounding on door]

EJ: All right! All right! I'm--for God's sake. All right!

Taylor: Hey.

EJ: Taylor, I'm sorry. What are you--?

Taylor: So I hear that you run a drug operation, and that you are also in the business of killing people. Hmm?

EJ: Look, I don't know who you...

Taylor: Arianna Hernandez-- young woman, her whole life ahead of her?

EJ: Taylor, I don't know who you've been talking--

Taylor: You were responsible for ending her life, weren't you? Weren't you?

On the next “Days of Our Lives...”

Maxine: Those two are getting friendlier by the minute.

Rafe: I remember.

Taylor: Are you the reason that Arianna Hernandez is dead?

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