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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/13/11 - Canada; Monday 5/16/11 - U.S.A.


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[Low conversation]

Adrienne: One-on-one.

Justin: Okay.

Chloe: Justin, hey. Thank you for meeting me.

Justin: Oh, sure.

Chloe: Hi, Adrienne.

Adrienne: Hi, Chloe. Nice to see you. Remember, we're meeting the accountant in half an hour.

Justin: I know. Let's go sit down over here.

Chloe: Okay.

Justin: Yeah, now that we're remarried, we have about 8,000 forms to fill out. It's crazy.

Chloe: [Chuckles] Yeah. I just went through that same process in reverse 'cause, you know...

Justin: Yeah. So you sounded a little shaky on the phone. You all right?

Chloe: Um... can you keep to yourself what I'm about to tell you?

Justin: Um...can you give me a dollar? I mean it. We have to establish confidentiality.

Chloe: Oh.

Justin: Thanks. All right. So tell me what's wrong.

Chloe: Well...something happened. I'm scared that I'm never gonna be able to see Parker again.

Melanie: Oh. Hi.

Daniel: Good morning.

Melanie: Morning. You were up early.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I, uh... well, it seems like we have a new neighbor, your little pal Dario.

Melanie: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. His futon was in the hall all night. Yeah, he couldn't get in the apartment by himself, so I thought I'd give him a hand. Yeah. So I just wondered how he got it up the stairs by himself.

Dario: Okay, well, let's... let's put it down, and I'll--

Melanie: Well, it's--it's slipping--ow!

Dario: Ay!

Melanie: Oh!

Dario: [Yelling in Spanish] Oh, que dolor!

Daniel: Uh, don't you have to go to work this morning?

Melanie: Yes, I d-I do.

Daniel: Yeah, you do, you do. Kinda dressed up, though, don't ya think?

Melanie: No. No. No, I just found this in the cl--I'm gonna change at work.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You wanna look stylish for the drive over.

Melanie: Uh...I have to go back to work, or I'm gonna be late.

Daniel: Yes, you do.

Melanie: Do me a favor and, um, you know, uh...uh...unplug the coffee pot.

Daniel: The coffee pot? Why would I--why--

Melanie: Okay, bye!

Dario: Heh!

Vivian: One thing about our Stefano is he certainly stays young at heart. He's still in the game after all these years. Still keeps prisoners in the basement. I mean, when you think about it, it's very inspirational.

Gus: Yeah.

Vivian: I wonder who it was that was down there and why. Oh, well, I guess we'll never know, and if I can't use that tidbit of leverage I will... just have to go to plan "B". Kate's gonna pay for what she did to me.

Gus: You mentioned that before.

Vivian: Stefano's such a discerning man. He's so vital. How can he stand that woman?

Gus: Maybe he loves her.

Vivian: Don't ever say that to me again.

Gus: No, Madame.

Vivian: Her days of being lady of the manor...are coming to an end. Kate is gonna have a very, very, very bad day.

[Gus laughs]

Stefano: Are you sure there has been no activity on the Morales account? Oh. All right, you let me know where and when he tries to access it. Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm. Two days... and you still haven't tried to cash out. Which means either you did not find the bank card... or something has happened to you, my friend.

Kate: Are you talking to yourself? Is there something wrong? There is, isn't there?


Sami: Nice try. Good morning.

Rafe: Morning.

Sami: Well, I'm really glad your fever you were able to get some sleep. How do you feel?

Rafe: Better. Thank you.

Sami: Do you remember?

Melanie: How's your foot?

Dario: Broken in three places--I'll have you know I'm suing you for damages.

Melanie: Really? It's not my fault you're clumsy.

Dario: You're not in a very good mood in the morning, are you? How'd you sleep last night? You seemed kind of wired when you ran off yesterday.

Melanie: I...did not run off.

Dario: Yeah. Right. Uh... well, you didn't give me a chance to thank you...sincerely thank you for helping me last night.

Melanie: Well, it's not really hard to help somebody who can put everything they own in like three boxes.

Dario: [Laughs] Yeah, well, know for us men it's customary to invite the dudes that help us move to a beer. So why don't you stop by after work? I can do wine, if you prefer. Or I do a mean Sangria.

Melanie: Hmm. Um... I don't--I don't think that's a good idea.

Dario: What, you don't wanna see what I've done with the place?

Melanie: No, I, um...I just usually am pretty tired after work.

Dario: But yesterday when you got off work, you helped me move--

Melanie: Yeah, okay, Dario. I, um--you know how it gets with neighbors if you get too friendly too fast and you can't, you know, get out of it.

Dario: [Laughs] [Laughs] I' welcome to the building, and, uh, and I will, uh, I will see you around. Buenos días, neighbor. [Chuckles]

Gus: Madame, may I ask you a delicate question? Are you still thinking of trying to seduce Mr. DiMera?

Vivian: [Laughs] You're jealous.

Gus: No! Not at all. I think, um, it's beneath you.

Vivian: Oh. That's so sweet of you. No, I'm not going to use my feminine wiles...against Stefano.

Gus: Good.

Vivian: I'm going to outwit him... and in doing so, bring Kate to her knees. How ironic. Isn't that where she launched her career in the first place?

[Gus snickers]

Rafe: [Laughs] I remember... that I was this room, and I was... I was hurt. You were taking care of me.

Sami: Yeah. Anything else? You will. You will.

Sami: I'm really confident. I just want you to know that. I want you to know that I know you're gonna get your memory back, 'cause you already are. I mean, I know it's one little thing, but it just means it's all gonna come back to you.

Rafe: That's great, but it's not like we have a lot of time. We have a guy who's tied up in the bathroom. You've got kids to take care of.

Sami: It's gonna happen quick. I know it is.

Rafe: You know this how?

Sami: Okay, so I have a theory about your amnesia. I've been thinking about it and I think it's like a frozen river kind of, you know? And it--it's spring. So there's a crack in the river, and the next thing you know there's gonna be another crack and another crack, and the next thing you know, it's gonna flood back to you.

Rafe: That's your theory?

Sami: Yeah. Thought it sounded sort of professional.

Rafe: What... no, it's good. I...I like it. I like hearing you talk.

Sami: Really?

Rafe: Yes.

Sami: Are you sure you don't wanna like turn on a basketball game to drown out the sound of my voice?

Rafe: Did I do that before?

Sami: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Probably had a good reason.

Sami: [Laughs] You're definitely not wrong about me. I know how I can be sometimes. Like when we first met and I was cranky and scared and... pregnant.

Rafe: And you didn't want me to know about that.

Sami: Do you remember?

Rafe: No. But I'm starting to figure you out.

Sami: [Laughs] You figured me out pretty quick. You know me better than anyone. And that's annoying too.

[Both chuckle]

Rafe: I can't remember falling in love with you, but... I can definitely see how it happened.

Abigail: Hey, I, uh, wanted to ask you something. Last night were you driving down McLeon with a futon on the roof of your car?

Melanie: Ha! Yeah, no, I was helping this guy move into our building.

Abigail: Yeah, I saw that. He was cute. What's his name?

Melanie: Um, his name is Dario, and he is a jerk.

Daniel: Really? And he speaks so highly of you.

Chloe: And I had this nightmare. Parker was with Philip, but they were on the other side of this glass wall. I could see that Parker was crying, but I couldn't hear him and I couldn't get to him. I just--I woke up in a panic.

Justin: sounds terrifying. But I still don't understand why you need to talk to me.

Chloe: I just need to know that he's all right. So I figured maybe you could find out since you're Philip's lawyer and his cousin and... maybe he'll talk to you, because he won't return my calls, my emails or anything.

Justin: [Sighs] I'm sorry, Chloe.

Chloe: And I'm just scared that the dream is true. If I can't find out how he's doing, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Kate: Okay. I see this is one of those "I don't ask, you don't tell," moments.

Stefano: Exactly.

Kate: Well, if there's anything that I can do, you know I would, but obviously, I can't, so, um... I'm gonna go to my meeting.

Stefano: Right. Good luck. And sweetheart, please. Don't worry about anything, all right? Everything is fine.

Kate: I know even if it wasn't, you could handle it.

Stefano: Mm. You're right about that. Marco. I wanna talk to you about the situation with Rafael Hernandez.

Sami: Obviously, I would have preferred for EJ not to torture you, kidnap you, and wipe your memory clean.

Rafe: Really.

Sami: But that being said, there is a silver lining, and I'm gonna find it. I'd say that it's giving us a chance to, um, find out that what happened between us back then could happen again.

Rafe: [Laughs] Like it was the first time.

Sami: [Laughs] Look, living with that...creep was horrible. But...but that's over. And you're back. And sitting here looking at you, knowing that you're you is... amazing. 'Cause I just... I know...[Sighs] You... in my soul and... I know we're gonna get to be us again. You did all this for me and made this night so beautiful, and I love you and I want to marry you.

Rafe: You... you... you were wearing white. The trees were... the trees, they were all lit up. It's the night we got married, isn't it?

Sami: It was a beautiful night.

Rafe: And why were you crying?

Sami: EJ took my kids from me that night.

Rafe: I hate this guy already. And imagine how I'm gonna feel about it when I actually remember him.

Sami: Unfortunately, you have a lot of bad memories to remember...mostly because of me.

Rafe: Not because of you. Because of him.

Sami: Yeah. I mean, he's done--he does a lot of bad you, me, and everybody and... until this, the worst thing I thought was the way he made me betray you.

Rafe: What'd he make you do?

Sami: I lied to you. And we broke up and... he manipulated me into... thinking I should marry him. But thankfully, you didn't quit. You saved me.

Rafe: Okay, listen, I know I'm playing catch-up here. But this guy EJ, I mean, to put it mildly... he goes to extremes. I don't want you blaming yourself for something that he made you do.

Sami: You're very forgiving. I'm pretty lucky.

Rafe: [Chuckles] You didn't have to tell me that. I may not have remembered.

Sami: No way. We're not startin' off like that. I'm gonna be honest with you. 'Cause you taught me how important that is.

Rafe: Can I ask you a question?

Sami: Anything.

Rafe: Do we ever have any fun?

Sami: [Laughing]

Dario: I thought you had to take off.

Adrienne: Yeah. In a minute.

Dario: Is something wrong?

Adrienne: That's an understatement.


Justin: Chloe... you're not thinking of... hurting yourself?

Chloe: No, no, it's not that. Look...I have made a lot of bad decisions, and I know that Philip has full custody. But does that mean that I'm not allowed to know how my baby's doing? If he's healthy or happy?

Justin: Chloe...[Sighs] it's not that I think Philip is being fair. But I am his attorney. And anything that I know about him or the baby could be viewed as privileged.

Chloe: Look, I'm sorry I even asked.

Justin: Chloe--

Chloe: No, it's okay. I'm not mad. I understand. I made my bed, and I have to lie in it, right? Thank you for listening.

Adrienne: Listen, I'll be back in an hour. Hold down the fort.

Dario: Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.

Adrienne: That didn't look like a whole lot of fun.

Justin: I feel really bad for her. But I don't know what to do. I mean, I'm Philip's attorney. My hands are tied.

Adrienne: I know, sweetie. But I know you're gonna figure it out. Tell you what. Let's go to my office, get my purse. We'll go see the accountant. 'Cause that'll cheer you up. Come on.

Chloe: Uh, excuse me. Do you know where Adrienne is?

Dario: She and Justin just left. Can I help?

Chloe: Uh...yeah. I was just gonna ask her if I could hang one of my flyers in her window.

Dario: "Bel canto art songs." You think you're gonna get a lot of opera students at a dive bar?

Kinsey: O...M...G! You're Chloe Lane. I know...all about you.

Stefano: I want to know where he is and when he tries to access that account. Right. As soon as possible.

Harold: Excuse me, sir. Miss Vivian Alamain is at the door. I told her you were busy--

Vivian: But I wouldn't take no for an answer. Thank you.

Stefano: Ugh. What the hell are you doing here?

Vivian: I am about to make you an offer that you will not refuse.

Sami: Did I skip over all the fun stories?

Rafe: Kinda.

Sami: Sorry. Yes. We had fun. We have fun! I mean, even when we're fighting, we have fun. Like this one time, oh, my God, you brought in this ridiculous dogs playing poker "artwork," and you had the nerve to hang it up on the wall in my apartment like I would-- it's nice, I mean-- well, we'll talk about it. But--but then, what about this one time? We had this romantic date and, um, and we almost got arrested for public indecency. That was awesome.

Rafe: That sounds like fun.

Sami: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: It was a lot of fun.

Rafe: But it was more than that, wasn't it?

Sami: Much more.

Daniel: Uh-huh. So you really are upset that Dario moved across the hall.

Melanie: No, I just--I made what I thought was a very good decision to keep my distance from him, and now I kind of can't.

Daniel: Yeah? And you wanna keep your distance because...

Melanie: Because...

Daniel: What?

Melanie: He just--he gets under my skin like Philip used to.

Daniel: Hmm.

Melanie: Do you have to actually be catholic to be a nun?

Daniel: I don't think that's over-reacting.

Melanie: Ha ha ha ha ha. I just don't want any more drama in my life.

Daniel: Amen. I tell you what. You're a strong-willed woman. He starts pushing your buttons, you push back. Maybe some boundaries.

Melanie: Yeah, boundaries. That's super-easy.

Daniel: [Laughs] You were so right when you said you need a season to work on yourself. Really. No guys. No attachments to guys.

Melanie: No, I--no.

Daniel: No?

Melanie: Ah, no, I'm not gonna get attached to Dario Hernandez.

Kinsey: Okay, so what I'd really like to know is that when you were on Hearth & Home, did you get to keep all of those fabulous clothes? See, me and Nicole, we are like this, and I know she's your BFF. So I just know we are totally gonna get along. 'Cause I'm a journalist too. Or, well, I'm an aspiring journalist, and I would love to pick your brain about jump-starting my career--

Dario: You know what? Marry someone whose mother has a TV show. I've gotta go.

Kinsey: That's how she treats her public? No wonder her career tanked.

Quinn: Well, if it's not my own personal pretty woman.

Chloe: I-I have to go.

Quinn: Hey. I thought we were friends.

Chloe: Really? Friends? Then why would you leave me money?

Quinn: Well, can't friends have a small business transaction together?

Chloe: That's...not what I'm like, okay? That's not why I went with you. I'm not that kind of person.

Kinsey: Oh, uh, Garcon. Yes, it seems you've forgotten my Chardonnay.

Dario: Because you seem to have forgotten your ID.

Kinsey: You don't look like a bureaucratic tool.

Dario: And, uh, you don't look 28. We have a very refreshing lemonade, or how about a juice box?

Kinsey: Quel droll. You know, I heard this place can be fun in an ironic, retro kind of way. Wrong.

Dario: forgot to pay.

Kinsey: Yeah. Seems you found your life's work.

Dario: Nice gesture, but you're about 5 bucks sho-- take care of that.

Melanie: What are you doing?


Rafe: I didn't think I could hate that guy more than I already do.


[Door opens]

Vivian: I just have one question for you. What would you say if I told you that you could do serious damage to Titan and make more money than a small Arab nation doing it?

Stefano: Hmm. Well, I'll admit... you have my attention.

Vivian: Hmm. So you see... titan has invested some very high yield but very high-risk securities. Now, I was going to cover those risks when Brady took control of the company away from me.

Stefano: And Brady did nothing about the situation.

Vivian: Oh, well, you know, he's very reckless. He doesn't seem to know that if certain things happen, Titan could take a very big hit fiscally.

Stefano: Oh, I see.

Vivian: Well, I can't do this all by myself. I need a partner. And since you are the only other person in the world who hates Victor as much as I do, I thought it would be a good idea to make a visit to you.

Stefano: It's a tempting offer.

Vivian: Tempting? Oh, come on, you and I both know that the best aphrodisiac in the world is a trifecta of money, power, and revenge. I'd like to make a toast... to the prospect of the two of us crawling into bed together.


Adrienne: Sweetie, if I ask you a question about Philip, is that privileged? I mean...have you heard from him since he left?

Justin: No. No.

Adrienne: [Sighs] Well, you don't think that it's cruel not to tell Chloe where Parker is, send a picture, something?

Justin: In my nuanced, carefully considered analysis of the situation...Philip is being a world-class jerk. But my problem is I don't want to make things worse.

Adrienne: Mm.

Justin: I have to go slow. I just...

Adrienne: I know you're gonna do the right thing. I just...I gotta tell you, looking at Chloe, even across the bar--her body language-- she--

Justin: Shh. Hey, Chloe.

Adrienne: Chloe, are you okay? Did something happen?

[Rafe 2 grunts]

Rafe: Now, I'm gonna take the gag off, but if you do anything stupid, well... I'm gettin' my memory back, so let's just say I remember all kinds of swell FBI ways to keep someone quiet.

Rafe 2: You need to feed me.

Rafe: Mm. Actually, we don't need to do anything.

Sami: I think it's a good idea. Why don't you go get us breakfast or something? And you can leave me with him. I'll keep the gun.

Rafe 2: No.

Sami: Lost your appetite?

Rafe: Should I be worried about your mental state?

Sami: No. He should be.

Rafe 2: Let's not do this.

Rafe: [Whispers] Be right outside. See you later.

Sami: Have a great time. Don't worry about us. We'll be good. One thing about being a cop's daughter...I have pretty good aim... pretty quick reactions so, um... stay calm. Try to stay still, okay?

[Rafe 2 snickers]

Sami: I said okay?

Rafe 2: Yeah. Okay.

Sami: Rafe's, uh, starting to get his memory back, which is nice. Don't you think that's nice? Don't you think it's nice?

Rafe 2: [Quietly] Yeah. Yeah. I do.

Sami: I thought you would. I think it's nice too. I think it's really nice. He remembered the wedding. It's so sweet. But you and I, we, um...we have memories too, don't we? I don't even know what to call you. Isn't that crazy? All those months we spent living together... and I don't even know your name. But you know me, don't you? You know everything about me... and my family. You went to the Rafe Hernandez school, didn't you? You get some private tutoring from Stefano and EJ? [Loudly] Is that what happened?

Rafe 2: Yeah.

Sami: That's what I thought. But they didn't just tell you about Rafe, did they? They...told you about me too.

Rafe 2: Yeah, they did.

Sami: Right. How I like my nicknames for my kids... my favorite chocolate. Did EJ happen to mention that I... shot him in the head? I spent a lot of time last night thinking. I was up most of the night making sure Rafe was okay. And I thought about you... and everything you have done. You stole Rafe's life... and turned my life inside out. But that was EJ, right? EJ wanted me to divorce Rafe. But had fun. You enjoyed it. You are such scum. You're that guy that... kicks puppies and... scares kids. That shoves women around. Because deep down inside you're not really a man.

Rafe 2: [Snickers] Whatever. For the record, this job isn't so bad when, uh, I'm not dealing with a total bitch. Shoulda got frickin' hazard pay.

Sami: You should have gotten the frickin' hell out of dodge while you had the chance. Too bad you screwed that up. Now you're here...with me. Rafe... he's so forgiving. Me? Not so much.

Melanie: You're stealing from the customers?

Dario: Jump to conclusions much?

Melanie: Oh, come on, you're not gonna actually try and pass off that little knock-off clutch as your own.

Dario: What I'm not gonna do is explain myself to you.

Melanie: You just have such an attraction to other people's money, don't you?

Justin: Chloe, I want you to know that while I can't promise you anything, I'm gonna do what I can to get you some news about Parker.

Chloe: Thank much. And I'm sorry I ran off earlier. I'm just a little emotional these days, I guess.

Adrienne: Sweetheart, of course you are.

Chloe: Well, when you do talk to Philip, can you please tell him that I'm trying to get my life together? Look, I am taking students and I'm gonna get back on my feet.

Justin: Okay, I will. Good. Well, good luck. I mean that.

Chloe: Thank you. Really, thank you.

Quinn: Chloe. I have to confess, I followed you.

Chloe: How do you know my name?

Quinn: I have my ways.

Chloe: I never told you.

Quinn: I asked around.

Chloe: What do you want?

Quinn: I just couldn't leave things like that.

Chloe: Just...go away, please?

Quinn: I can't. I see now that I've insulted you, and I wanna make it up to you. Please. Let me?

Vivian: [Chuckles] [Ahem] Kate, this is...not what it looks like.

Kate: You mean it's not an old crone sucking up to my husband?

Stefano: Ah...this might be a good time for you to leave.

Vivian: Uh-huh. Of course. Well, Stefano, it was just--ha. Fabulous talking to you. [Ahem] Bye. [Mouths words]

Kate: That woman is always so unpleasant, except when I-- when I found her in a coffin, that was fun.

Stefano: [Chuckles] She came to me with a proposal.

Kate: Hmm. Did you accept?

Rafe 2: Go ahead. Do it. Go on. Have Rafe clean up after you, clean up your mess. That's what he does, right? [Laughs] He's a... a babysitter... mess cleaner-upper. That's not a husband. [Laughs] That's like a nanny.

Sami: There's no one on earth who knows better than me which one of you is the real man. No contest.

Rafe: Ah... sorry. They were closed.

Sami: I am so glad you're back. Not much more of this guy I can take. Gag him. I-I've heard enough.

Rafe: Well... doesn't sound like you two mended any fences.

Rafe 2: Yeah, well... she's not a real warm person, you know? [Sniffs] Oh, except in the sack. I'm thinkin' maybe you don't know about that. Yeah. She said I was like... like never before. Like I was a new man.

Rafe: [Laughs]

Kate: Thank God my client cancelled and I came home when I did. Otherwise, there's no telling what I could have found here-- the two of you rolling around on the floor.

Stefano: Ha ha ha! You're jealous.

Kate: Seriously, I'm not jealous. I'm disappointed that you don't see through that pathetic act of hers.

Stefano: She's out of her mind. I mean, she amuses me.

Kate: It's not amusing to me. So let's hope that we have really seen the last of her.

Gus: How did it go?

Vivian: The seeds of doubt have been planted. It's only a matter of time before Kate goes mad with jealousy. Oh! I'll be her...Iago.

Gus: Or Wile E. Coyote.

Melanie: I don't get it. I offered you the reward money. You turned it down, and then you steal from other people? You see the disconnect here?

Dario: Uh, what I see is someone who thinks she has all the answers when she doesn't have a real clue to what's actually going on.

Melanie: Hmm. Ha. I just came to say hi, but I'm glad I did, because maybe now I'll get it through my head what you're really like.

Chloe: Look, you don't have anything to make up to me. It was...all just a big stupid mistake. And look, if you want the money back--

Quinn: Only if you don't wanna keep it. I mean, since it was insulting to you--

Chloe: It was and...I plan on returning it...soon. I just don't have it right now.

Quinn: You spent it already.

Chloe: No. I gave it to charity.

Quinn: Oh. Wow. Not just beautiful. Generous too.

Chloe: Look, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. Can we just...forget what happened, please? Can we do that?

Quinn: Not me. I'll never forget it.

Sami: What? Did something happen?

Rafe: I have to ask. Did you sleep with him?

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