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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/4/11 - Canada; Thursday 5/5/11 - U.S.A.


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Nun: You should get some rest. I could get you your own rosary If you'd like to pray.

Rafe: "Convent of the holy cross." Wait a minute. I know that place.

[Slow country music plays]

Melanie: We wouldn't have come if I knew you worked here.

Dario: It's okay, don't worry about it.

Melanie: I mean, I'm gonna-- you saved my life last night, and then you asked me out, and then I show up here with another guy? I mean, I know it's Brady, but still, you've gotta feel kind of like...

Dario: Why, do I look like I care?

Melanie: Yeah. I mean, kind of. Aah!

Daniel: Hey, whoa.

Melanie: I didn't know you were here.

Daniel: Yeah, thought you and Brady had an early dinner.

Melanie: We did, but Maxine called and asked me to cover for Nancy Haggarty. Are her kids always sick?

Daniel: Crazy. Those crazy kids. Smell that.

Melanie: [Sniffs] Where are you taking Jennifer? A sports bar?

Daniel: No, actually. You know, the cubs aren't playing tonight, so I am gonna cook her some dinner right here.

Melanie: Here?

Daniel: Oh, yeah, here. Yeah, right here. What? You've got this look. It's not a good idea?

Melanie: No!

Daniel: What, I gotta take her to a restaurant?

Melanie: No. No, no, no. Cooking for her--no, I think it's... [Stammers] It's sweet.

Jennifer: Yes, thank you. I'll take care of that tomorrow. All right, good night.

Abigail: Where do I leave this? They're my health forms for the internship.

Jennifer: Oh, right, right. I'll take those and put them in here. Actually, honey, you know what? I am so glad that you're here.

Abigail: Why?

Jennifer: I really need your help.

Nun: You do?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think. It's not the name of this place, is it?

Nun: No, holy cross is on the outskirts of Salem. Does that ring any bells for you?

[Church bell tolling]

Rafe: Yes. It does.

[Knocking on door]

Maggie: Oh.

Victor: May I come in?

Maggie: [Exhales] I suppose.

Victor: [Clears throat] Maggie, we can't go on like this. I hate being at odds with you. Over anything.

Maggie: Well, you know how to fix that.

Victor: Usually, yes. But in this case, I'm right. You'll be the one who has to concede. Having Chloe in this house is a train wreck waiting to happen. You must know that. I mean, she destroys everything she comes in contact with. Look what she's done to us already. Please, pack her up and get her out of here. So we can go back to what we had.

Maggie: Victor, I'm going to say something that I doubt anyone has ever said to you before.

Victor: What?

Maggie: No way in hell. Chloe can stay here as long as she likes.

Rafe 2: Yeah, that's it. That's exactly what happened. Sami picked up my bank card with her junk, and then when she sees "Javier Morales" on that card, she's gonna wonder who the hell that is. And I ain't gonna let that happen. Hey... Mrs. Brady. Hi. All right, listen, I know that I really screwed things up with Sami something awful, and I just wanna make things right. So I just came by to see if she's here. Is she?

Daniel: You know, when you say that you think it's sweet when I'm gonna cook for Jennifer... I think maybe it's a euphemism for lame, stupid.

Melanie: Lame, no! No, I really--I do think it's a sweet idea. It's a good idea. It's just usually, when people cook for other people, you know, they're, um...

Daniel: They're, um...?

Melanie: They're good at it. And unless memory fails me--

Daniel: Excuse me?

Melanie: I don't remember you cooking anything ever.

Daniel: Hey, no, no. Didn't I--didn't I put a turkey sandwich together for you?

Melanie: See, that's not really cooking, that's kind of just putting some cold cuts in between two pieces of bread.

Daniel: Well, your bread, you know, it had a little mayo right here, and it had a little mustard right there. And boom, it was a sandwich.

Melanie: I take it back.

Daniel: Thank you very much.

Melanie: Okay, Dad.

Daniel: Okay, look, okay, maybe I don't cook. But I can read, and I found a very simple recipe online for cioppino.

Melanie: Chi-what-oh?

Daniel: Cioppino, I got it. I know what it is.

Melanie: That doesn't sound simple at all.

Daniel: It is, it is. It's very simple. Oh, yeah, all you really need is some scallops, some shrimp, a little, you know, a pot. You need that, and 40 minutes, and boom. I can do this.

Melanie: None of which you have.

Daniel: Okay, but it's in the bag. I'm sure it's in here.

Melanie: I wanna say I hope there are leftovers.

Daniel: Come on. Well, you know what, there are gonna be leftovers and you're gonna like it. You'll eat it.

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: Okay?

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Melanie: I hope you and Jennifer have a good time.

Daniel: Thank you. You know...I--I hope so, too.

Melanie: And I wanna hear all about it. For--well, not all about it.

Daniel: All about it?

Melanie: Some of the-- how about you-- you tell me what you want to when the date's over.

Daniel: There you go. Okay, that's a good cover-up.

Melanie: Okay, I'm gonna...

Daniel: You're gonna go.

Melanie: Yeah, I'm gonna go.

Daniel: All right.

Melanie: Ooh, good luck with this.

Daniel: Ah, thank you. Love you, sweetie, all right.

Melanie: Me too.

Daniel: All right, I got this.

Melanie: Yes, sir.

Daniel: All right.

Kate: Ah.

Stefano: [Gasps] Katherine, what a lovely surprise.

Kate: Hello, my baby. Well, I had an appointment today with my oncologist.

Stefano: Is everything all right?

Kate: Yes. Thank you very much. I am two years officially cancer-free.

Stefano: That is wonderful news, my little...

Both: Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah.

Stefano: That's terrific. Why didn't you tell me that you had an appointment today?

Kate: Because I haven't seen you all day.

Stefano: Well, you could've called me, you know? I'm never too busy for you, sweetheart.

Kate: Really? What about your son?

Stefano: My--what do you mean--my son, what?

Kate: Chad. You moved him into the house, and then you practically disappeared.

Stefano: Disappeared? I told him about the position, I...

Kate: Uh, yeah, one conversation about work. Do you know that he was dining all by himself at that big table last night? The night before, he had a sandwich in his room. Come on. Why would he not think that you're too busy for him? Why would he not wonder if you even care?

Adrienne: Hey.

Chad: Hey.

Adrienne: Here you go. And I gave you time-and-a-half for Sunday.

Chad: Oh, wow. You didn't have to do that.

Adrienne: You worked really hard; you deserve it. Of course I did.

Chad: Well, thank you. I guess that's... I guess that's it then, huh?

Adrienne: Mm. I'm really sad to see you go, Chad.

Chad: Yeah, me too. You know, I really, really liked working here.

Adrienne: Yeah?

Chad: Yeah.

Adrienne: So what's next?

Chad: Taking a job with my father's company at the end of the semester. Might even have to wear a suit.

Adrienne: Right.

Chad: Oh, wow, wow, wow. Your expression totally changed right there, like I told you I had a terminal illness or something.

Adrienne: Well, I'm sure you've given it a lot of thought, working for DiMera Enterprises. And I get that family's important.

Chad: But?

Adrienne: But you're a good kid. Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?

Abigail: Yeah, Mom, I'll help you any way I can. What do you need?

Jennifer: Okay, well, I'm going on a date with Daniel tonight.

Abigail: Oh, it's tonight. I thought it was this weekend.

Jennifer: No, we made it for tonight instead. You know, and I already know what outfit I'm gonna wear, 'cause you helped me with that. But I didn't know what earrings to wear. So I was hoping I would run into you before I go on the date, because I brought them in my purse here. So...which ones do you think?

Abigail: Uh...any of them. They're all really nice.

Jennifer: I know, but they're all really different.

Abigail: So?

Jennifer: So I need to know which ones to choose, you know? I mean, I wanna make the right choice. Like, what do you think... about these? I mean, they're kinda showy though, right? And I don't wanna be showy, that would be weird. I don't wanna be showy. What about these little silver ones? But I don't know. They look kinda subdued, and you wouldn't even notice that they're in my ears. But see, these have this little stone right here that I'm not really sure because I don't have a necklace to match. And I wasn't gonna wear a necklace 'cause I thought we're just gonna be at his apartment, we're not going somewhere fancy. So...I don't wanna have a necklace. Do I--right?

Abigail: Mom.

Jennifer: What?

Abigail: You're obsessing about this.

Jennifer: You're right.

Abigail: Yeah.

Jennifer: I'm obsessing about this. I am so nervous and I am so conflicted that maybe Carly was right.

Abigail: Carly? What'd she say?

Jennifer: She just said that maybe I was feeling guilty because...

Abigail: Because what? Just say it.

Jennifer: Just because part of me still feels married to your dad.

Abigail: Yeah.

Jennifer: You know, and it's hard. You know, it's so hard, moving on. I mean, I want this to be light, and I want it to be really fun, but it's really hard.

Abigail: Oh, Mom. I'm sorry. You know, I was no help picking out earrings for you.

Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Abigail: I'm sorry. But you know... maybe I can help you in another way. In a more important way.

Nun: What do you remember?

Rafe: It's weird. But when you asked me if the name of the convent rang any bells...

Nun: The holy cross.

Rafe: Yeah, the holy cross. I pictured a room, an apartment, and I heard church bells.

Nun: Well, then you obviously lived by a church, or maybe a convent.

Rafe: I don't know.

Nun: This one, you think?

Rafe: I don't know. What I do know is I need to get--

Nun: Whoa, wait. You can't get up, you need to stay calm and rest.

Rafe: Oh, God. Yeah, but... what if this convent--what if it's a clue of who I am or where I came from? I need to find out.

Nun: No, look, maybe it is. But until you go anywhere or do anything, you need to heal.

Rafe: Sister.

Nun: No back talk. Rest.

Rafe 2: Yeah, I guess I had that coming.

Caroline: Just be glad I didn't have a shillelagh.

Rafe 2: Did you not hear what I just said? I'm trying to make things right with Sami.

Caroline: So...sleeping with a whore when she's out of town, is that your idea--

Rafe 2: Come on, come on! I didn't come here to fight with you!

Caroline: Then get out. Get lost.

Rafe 2: Please? Mrs. B, don't do this to me, okay? You're gonna tell me you've never made a mistake in your marriage that almost ruined the whole thing? Come on. Please, if you me out here. Help me save mine.

Victor: I understand why you wanna help Chloe. Well, you've always been generous, and compassionate, and trustworthy. That's what I love about you. Everyone does. But you're dealing with Medusa here. She destroys anyone she comes in contact with.

Maggie: Victor...

Victor: I'm not exaggerating, Maggie. Look what she's done to my family. She's hurt Philip, and Daniel, and Brady. And your family. Poor Lucas almost drank himself to death because of her.

Maggie: No! Not because of her! People drink because they choose to. Lucas let his demons take control of him, yes. And yes, Chloe betrayed him. But he survived and he forgave her. Because he understood something. Something that you obviously don't. Chloe is a human being. With a heart, and a soul, and feelings just like the rest of us.

Victor: Well, that's debatable.

Maggie: And right now, she needs help.

Victor: No, right now she needs a place to regroup until she decides whose life she's gonna destroy next.

Maggie: [Scoffs] Oh. That is so unfair. And so terribly cynical. Nor is it fair for you to make this some sort of a black and white issue between you and me.

Victor: So how long is she gonna stay here?

Maggie: Irrelevant.

Victor: Permanently?

Maggie: No, of course not. But she will stay here until she gets back on her feet. Financially and emotionally.

Victor: Meaning she'll never leave.

Maggie: Victor, either you are going to accept the fact that Chloe is staying with me and you and I can remain friends or not. So what's it gonna be? To me, that's a deal breaker. What's it gonna be for you?

Chad: My father offered me a job in the mail room. It's not like I'm gonna be a mobster in training.

Adrienne: And you wanna get to know him, I get that too. I just hope that you don't see the side of the DiMeras that my family has, that's all.

Chad: Well, I guess only time will tell.

Adrienne: I guess so. But if you ever change your mind, you'll always have a job here.

Chad: Thank you. I really appreciate that. And you know, I'll be around here. Grab a burger or something, shoot some pool.

Adrienne: Well, I'm gonna hold you to that.

Chad: All right. A chance to know my father. Right? Except he seems to have forgotten I exist.

Caroline: Yeah. I did make a terrible mistake in my own marriage. The man loved me enough. I mean, more than I deserved. So...thank God. We were able to work it out.

Rafe 2: Yeah. See, see, that's all I'm asking. My marriage is on the rocks here, my life is on the line. I'm just asking you to help me out. So just tell me where Sami is, okay? Please.

Caroline: Honestly, I don't know.

[Church bell tolling]

Rafe: Holy cross. The key. The key.  

Rafe 2: Okay, but... yeah, I thought you were gonna tell me where Sami is.

Caroline: But how can I tell you when I don't know where she is? But I tell you what, when I do hear from her, I will have her listen to you, to what you have to say to her.

Rafe 2: No. See, no, no, no. 'Cause that's not good enough. I need you to call her right now and get her over here. Now.

Caroline: [Sighs]

Kate: [Laughing]

Stefano: [Mumbling] [Sighs] Hello, son.

Chad: Oh. Hey... what brings you guys here?

Stefano: Well, I wanted to apologize for being so inattentive lately. But...that is going to change.

[Phone ringing]

Stefano: Hello. Excuse me. Uh. Excuse me, this should not take long.

[Dishes clanging]

Daniel: Okay... uh, place mats. Napkins, I need those... ugh. [Softly] I hate you. Ugh.

Jennifer: So tell me how you are going to help me in this very important way.

Abigail: Take a seat.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Abigail: Mom... you are such a good person. And I know that you still care about dad and worry about him. Which means... in a way, you still love him. I mean, maybe you're not in love with him anymore, but... but I think that going out with someone else for the first time is making you feel... disloyal.

Jennifer: Yes, you're right.

Abigail: But you have got to fight that. You've gotta fight that, okay? Because dad isn't around anymore. And he doesn't want to be. But you... you're still young and beautiful. And I'd be really sad if you didn't ever have anyone else in your life again.

Jennifer: Well, you know what? I don't know about the young and the beautiful, but when it comes to being with a man... yeah, I am hardwired to be part of a couple.

Abigail: Well, why not just... let whatever's gonna happen, happen. You know, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Abigail: And if you find out that you aren't ready for more than friendship right away, then tell Daniel that. Hopefully, he'll be patient with you.

Jennifer: You are so sweet. And you are so smart. And you've helped me so much.

Abigail: Good. I'm really glad. Oh, and... not that it matters much, because you would look good with a paper bag over your head... but here. For luck.

Jennifer: What? Are you sure?

Abigail: Of course I'm sure.

Jennifer: Wow, these are-- these are very hip.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Jennifer: They're too hip. I don't wanna--

Abigail: No! They're perfect for you, my ultra-hip mom. They're great.

Jennifer: Are you sure?

Abigail: Yes, yes.

Jennifer: I don't wanna look silly. I mean, I wanna look my age.

Abigail: No, they look perfect.

Jennifer: Are you sure?

Abigail: Yes. Let's see.

Jennifer: Let me see.

Abigail: So...look.

Jennifer: Let me see.

Abigail: Perfect.

Jennifer: [Gasps] You're right, they look okay. All right, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna wear them.

Abigail: Good. You got it?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Abigail: Okay, now listen. All you have to do now is just have fun, okay? You said yourself that Daniel has a great sense of humor. So hopefully, you know, you guys are gonna laugh a lot, and get to know each other better. It's just a date, mom. And you deserve to have some fun.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Chloe: What? You're going on a date with Daniel?

Abigail: [Softly] Oh.

Chloe: Are you for real? You're going on a date with Daniel?

Abigail: Whoa, like it's any of your business?

Chloe: Yes, it is my business. How could you do this? You know I still love Daniel. Everyone knows that.

Abigail: Well, maybe nobody cares. Including your ex.

Jennifer: Please, Abigail. Chloe, listen to me. If you really loved Daniel, you would not have put him through the misery that you did. You destroyed all of his dreams. You have to know how much that hurt him.

Chloe: Listen to me, bitch. I love Daniel and my little boy more than anything in this world. And all I ever wanted was a family. And now I'm all alone. Philip took Parker from me, and Daniel turned his back on me.

Abigail: Okay, so now you're the victim?

Chloe: I don't have to explain anything to either one of you.

Jennifer: This is ridiculous. No, you don't. You don't. But whether or not you're the victim, or whether or not you're hurting, you cut Daniel to the bone. He lost a son that he thought was his because of you. He lost a perfect marriage because of you. So really, in your heart, if you really believe that you still love him... let him move on, okay? That's all he wants.

Victor: I don't like ultimatum�s, Maggie.

Maggie: Neither do I.

Victor: You know, call me old-fashioned, but I like to protect the people that I care about. Having that snake living in this house--

Maggie: Would you stop calling her names? Do you understand? Chloe is very-- she's very confused, and a very insecure woman whose life is in pieces.

Victor: Because she is un-trustworthy and promiscuous.

Maggie: Victor. Listen, I am not gonna deny that Chloe has made some very bad choices in her life. She has hurt a lot of people. People that we both love. But she has also hurt herself.

Victor: Yes. Poor, poor Chloe. Why do you even care?

Maggie: When I was drinking-- [Sighs] Things went south pretty quickly. My life got very complicated, to say the least. Sometimes, I felt that I was rushing toward oblivion, full speed ahead. I would've destroyed everything, if someone hadn't stepped in to help me.

Victor: Alice Horton.

Maggie: [Softly] Yes. [Inhales] She showed me the way home. [Crying] She led me there. She held me together. Till I could make it on my own. So, you see, it's my turn. I can't stand by and watch Chloe be destroyed. I can't. And I won't.

Victor: You know, I wish I could let go of the anger the way you can. I wish I could be forgiving the way you are. But I'm sorry, Maggie, I just can't. And I won't.

Dario: Hi.

Melanie: Dario.

Dario: I just came by to give you this.

Melanie: My jacket. That's right, I forgot this at the Cheatin' Heart. Thank you.

Dario: No problem.

Melanie: How did you know where to find me?

Dario: I didn't, I just figured that if you and Brady went back to your place, it wouldn't be cool if I just dropped by, so.

Melanie: Probably. But you knew I'd show up to work eventually.

Dario: I'm genius, what can I say?

Melanie: [Giggles] Um...I could use some coffee. Do you wanna go to Java Cafe with me?

Dario: Uh, uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.

Melanie: Okay. Okay, let's go.

Dario: [Chuckles]

Chad: Did he really just come in here and apologize for being inattentive, then disappear five seconds later?

Kate: Chad, he--

Chad: It's okay, I should probably be going.

Kate: No, no, no. No, please, please.

Chad: Hey, look, it's okay. You're just trying to make excuses for him and you don't have to do that; it's fine.

Kate: No. No, that's not fine. And I'm sorry that he rushed out like that, but it was obviously an emergency. Look, what you need to know about Stefano is that family always comes first with him. Always. No. And it may seem like he's busy... it may seem like that, but he adores you and he's loyal to you. And he's a devoted father.

Chad: Yeah? Well, growing up with a father who pretty much avoided me any chance he got--it's kind of a hard concept to wrap my head around.

Kate: And that's why you've let Stefano into your life. Because you want a father. And you wanna have a family. And you will. You do. I know you're disappointed. But Stefano will never let you down. I promise you that.

Stefano: Katherine is right, you know? Even if you are not in my presence, you're in my heart. Always. That--that...will never change.

Caroline: Voice mail.

Rafe 2: Try again.

Caroline: I did. I tried twice. I mean, she knows my number, she's gonna know that I called.

Rafe 2: Yeah, you're probably right. She probably turned the thing off 'cause she doesn't wanna talk to me.

Caroline: There you go.

Rafe 2: Where'd she say she was going when she left here?

Caroline: She didn't say.

Rafe 2: What'd you guys talk about?

Caroline: We talked about your betrayal, we talked about how she hates that. And how she's looking for some kind of closure.

Rafe 2: Closure?

Caroline: That's what I told her.

Rafe 2: Yeah, well, where does one go to get closure?

Caroline: I don't know, dear. She talked--had a key, and...

Rafe 2: Key?

Caroline: Yeah.

Rafe 2: Key to what?

Caroline: I don't know. Maybe some special place you two have?

Daniel: All right. [Mumbling indistinctly] ...All to yourself. [Knocking lightly on door] [Sighs] Get your clothes on.

Jennifer: Hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Hi.

Daniel: Hi. Welcome.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Daniel: As in, welcome.

Jennifer: Thanks for inviting me.

Daniel: You're welcome.

Jennifer: I brought some red wine. I didn't know exactly what you were serving, but...

Daniel: Oh, thank you, thank you. But I have some white wine on ice here, so. And I'm gonna make some cioppino. Yeah, it's got seafood in it. I should've asked. Is that okay?

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. That's fine. Yeah, no, yeah, that sounds great.

Daniel: Good. Okay, well, how about a glass of wine?

Jennifer: Yes...please. Oh, excuse me. [Giggles]

Daniel: Here you go. Those are very nice earrings, by the way.

Jennifer: That's sweet. Thank you. I like them, too.

Daniel: Well, you know, I'm glad this worked out.

Jennifer: Yeah. This is good. This is--I think this is gonna be fun.

Daniel: Yeah. So, um... to a wonderful evening.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Kate: Okay, who's up for another round?

Stefano: Ah.

Chad: Sounds good. I'll get the next round.

Kate: No, no. No, it's on me.

Chad: You sure?

Kate: Yes.

Stefano: Sparkling water is fine for me, darling.

Kate: [Chuckles] I'll be right back.

Stefano: Ah, she's a wonderful woman.

Chad: Yep.

Stefano: I-I am not known to be apologetic, Chad. So I want you to please understand when I say to you that I am very sorry. I mean, I ask you to move into my house, and I am not a gracious host nor a very attentive father. But...that is going to change.

Chad: Why should it? You don't owe me anything.

Stefano: Oh...[Chuckles] Let's be clear about something. I did not ask you to move into my house because I felt that I owed you anything. I asked you to move in because I want to have a relationship. A relationship with my son. Now... to be honest with you, I mean, the thing that's been taking up so much of my time lately... is because I had to do something very important for your brother, Elvis, okay? He needed me. And I was there for him. Just like if you ever need me I will always be there for you 100%. Never forget that.

Waiter: We need you in the kitchen right away.

Caroline: Oh, okay, okay. Darling, I tell you what, I will beg her to listen to what you have to say, I promise you.

Rafe 2: Okay.

Caroline: I gotta go work.

Rafe 2: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Caroline: Okay?

Rafe 2: Key?

Maggie: Can't you at least try to give Chloe a chance? Let go of all that anger you have inside.

Victor: The anger is justified, Maggie. It's what keeps me sane. After all the pain she's caused my family. I'll never forget it. And I'll never forgive.

Maggie: Then I'm so sorry. I can't be with a man who can't have a little compassion in his heart for someone whose life is so broken.

Victor: Then I'm sorry too.

Chloe: Like I care. Jennifer and Daniel. Saccharine sweet little suck-up. Not his type at all.

Man: Excuse me. Could I possibly buy a beautiful woman a drink?

Chloe: Sure. Have a seat.

Daniel: So is it okay?

Jennifer: Mm, it is delicious.

Daniel: Mm.

Jennifer: Mm!

Daniel: Good, yeah. Yeah, I found the recipe online. It's very simple. Just a little shrimp in there, some scallops, some clams, and I kinda whipped it together, little onion, sea salt, and pepper--

Jennifer: [Gasping]

Daniel: Jennifer, what is it?

Jennifer: Mm.

Daniel: What? It's too salty? Oh, my God.

Jennifer: [Gasps]

Daniel: Hold on, hang on, hang on.

Melanie: I'm so sorry we had to rush back like that.

Dario: Oh, no problem. Don't worry about it.

Melanie: It's just when the hospital pages you, you gotta get back as soon as possible.

[Beeper ringing]

Melanie: Yeah, they do need me.

Dario: Right, well, um... take care then, okay? Maybe we could do this again sometime. Coffee. Just friends.

Melanie: Yeah, yeah. No, that would be... that'd be cool.

Rafe 2: Key. What key? Speaking of which, she asked me about a key? Does that mean anything to you? A key?

EJ: It's probably just a romantic memento or something.

Rafe 2: [Chuckles] The key to the safe house. That's where Sami went.

[Door opening]

Nun: How are you feeling?

Rafe: Better. And finally... I know where I need to go.

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Sami: I want him back.

Rafe 2: You stay the hell out of my business, okay? You got it?

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