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Melanie: [Screams]

Dario: Ay! Oh!

Melanie: Oh, my God, Dario!

Dario: Madre, mis ojos!

Melanie: Ah, I'm so sorry! Are you--well, you're-- ah, ha. [Chuckles nervously]

Dario: Ooh.

Melanie: Um...

Man: Well, it seems Parker is doing beautifully.

Philip: Yeah, it's been good for him... having both his mother and me here--good for Chloe, too. She's getting it together, which is why I think we should share custody.

Man: Well, I already told you, I don't have the power to restore Chloe's rights to Parker. That's in the hands of a family court judge.

Philip: But if you make a recommendation...

Man: Mr. Kiriakis, you're already giving Chloe full access to Parker. Wouldn't it be easier just to--

Philip: It's not about what's easier for me. Parker needs his mother. And Parker's Chloe's whole life.

Man: Well, if that's true, where is she now?

Chloe: You are always saying such mean things to me that I think it's time that you hear what I think about you.

Kate: I don't intend on listening to any more of this, Chloe.

Chloe: Oh, you're gonna listen to it whether you like it or not, you old whore. Hey, Kate. Did you hear what I said?

Kate: No. Actually... I didn't.

Max: You wanted to see me, boss?

Stefano: Yes, Max. My grandson... [Clears throat] Theodore Carver, is missing. I want you to find him.

Max: Sure, but shouldn't the cops be on this?

Stefano: They are. What do you think I called you for? Oh. Bo Brady could not find his rear end with both hands and a map. Look... his daughter is with my grandson because Bo and Hope let them get away. Now, I want every man on my payroll looking for them.

Max: You got it, boss.

Stefano: All right. Oh, God.

Vivian: Stefano... you seem a bit lost. I didn't know you were so close to Fay Walker.

Stefano: Fay Walker? Forget about her. My six-year-old grandson is missing.

Vivian: Wha--what? That's terrible. I'm so sorry.

Rafe 2: [Chuckles] You're kidding me, right?

Roman: No, Rafe, I'm not. I'm dead serious. There's no way I can grant you a release.

EJ: By the time I get back from my mother-in-law's funeral in Chicago and Samantha gets back from Colorado, you... are gone.

Rafe 2: Look, you can't order me to stick around just 'cause you think it's what Sami wants.

Roman: It's not Sami I'm thinking about now. My niece is missing, and I need to find her.

Rafe 2: Your niece?

Roman: Yeah, Bo's daughter. And I need every warm body I got working this case until Ciara is back home safe. So, no. No, you're not going anywhere.

Man: I don't mean to intrude, but I just said good-bye to your brother, and I wanted to make sure there's nothing else I could do for the two of you?

Nicole: You've been great. Thank you.

Taylor: Thank you for all of the nice things you said about mom at the eulogy.

Man: Well, I know how much Fay loved her children. And I'm glad I finally was able to meet you. And I'm glad the two of you were able to find each other before Fay was taken away so suddenly.

EJ: What? No.

Taylor: No, no, no. He's not--he's not my husband.

Nicole: Yeah, he would be mine.

Man: I'm so sorry. Um, I don't know why I just assumed.

Nicole: Don't worry about it.

Man: Your brother explained to me that the three of you wanted to write letters to be placed with Fay's ashes?

Taylor: Right, yeah.

Man: I have Brandon's right here.

Taylor: Um, I've got mine too.

Nicole: Leave it to me to be behind on my homework.

EJ: Oh, sweetheart, it doesn't matter. There's not a rush.

Man: Well, the burial ceremony is in Dupage County. It's a bit of a drive. The limousine's already here.

EJ: Listen, I'll go and talk to the funeral director, okay?

Taylor: Thank you.

Man: I'll, uh, leave this with the two of you.

Taylor: Yeah.

EJ: Look, Father, I don't know how she did it, but the more I think about it, the more I keep going over it... that's the only thing that Fay could have been trying to tell Nicole. It's about Rafe.

Taylor: What's the matter, Nicole?

Nicole: Uh... you have to ask?

Taylor: [Scoffs] I mean with you and EJ. I know you're upset about the secret that mom told you, but d-does that mean you have to keep shutting him out?

Nicole: Our mother just died. So I'm not gonna feel guilty if I forget to say "please" and "thank you" to EJ.

Taylor: Do you know how lucky you are not to have to go through this alone? Do you know how much I would give to have what you have?

Melanie: Okay, put this on your face.

Dario: Yeah, what are you doing to me now?

Melanie: It's just a towel soaked in milk. I got it from the bar over there. Water doesn't really help with pepper spray. Did you touch your face?

Dario: Are you kidding me? I'm scared of you now. I'll do anything you tell me to.

Melanie: Okay, good, 'cause when you touch your face it makes it worse.

Dario: I don't know how it could sting any worse.

Melanie: Eh... here. Is that feeling better?

Dario: Yeah, at least I don't feel like clawing off my skin anymore.

Melanie: Good. Okay, so the milk is working.

Dario: [Sighs] What were you doing to me, anyway?

Melanie: Uh, you grabbed me from behind.

Dario: I was trying to get your attention.

Melanie: By grabbing me?

Dario: Is that what you do when someone's messing around?

Melanie: No, of course not. But it is when I just got attacked on the pier. You should know better than to grab me like that.

Philip: Chloe had some things she needed to do. So I said I'd take Parker. Kids need two parents. And even good parents need down time.

Man: I understand that. But to restore joint custody will require an extended period, during which a Social Worker would visit. And Chloe's emotional state would be closely monitored.

Philip: Hmm. I thought the courts usually lean towards reuniting families.

Man: Well, they do. But Chloe left her newborn in a stroller at the pier during freezing weather. Then she jumped in the water and tried to commit suicide.

Philip: You think I don't know that?

Man: Mr. Kiriakis, this is serious. If you hadn't shown up when you did, Parker and Chloe could both be dead.

Philip: Yeah, but Chloe's doing better. She's on her meds now.

Man: It's not that simple.

Philip: It is. Chloe wants to be a mother to her son.

Man: And I hope, for your sake and Parker's, she can prove that to us.

Chloe: You always had it in for me. You never thought I was good enough. You know what? Nobody is ever good enough for your sons. The only woman you want in their lives is you.

Kate: Do you feel better now, Chloe?

Chloe: No.

Kate: I don't know why you wouldn't. I mean, you've done your very best to get even with me. You cheated on my son with my boyfriend while I had cancer. That didn't make you feel better? And then you cheated on Daniel with my--with my other son. That didn't settle the score?

Chloe: You tried to kill me.

Kate: [Scoffs] Yeah, I know. You keep saying that.

Chloe: You did!

Kate: Well, actually, you know, the truth is, the only person who tried to kill you is you.

Chloe: Damn you, Kate. Damn you to hell.

Rafe 2: I'm sorry. I didn't know your niece was missing. And I would love to help find her. But I got to get out of town tonight, bud.

Roman: What, you want to make sure you're gone when Sami comes back?

Rafe 2: [Chuckles] She's the one that left, Roman.

Roman: She left to visit her brother. Now, you want to get out of town when two kids' lives could be dependent on you?

Rafe 2: Two kids?

Roman: Yeah, Theo Carver's missing too. They're together, apparently.

Rafe 2: Stefano's grandson?

Roman: Yeah.

Rafe 2: You want me to help find Stefano's grandson?

Roman: You got a problem with that?

Rafe 2: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Taylor... you're not alone. You have me.

Taylor: Right, Nicole. Sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

[Door opens]

EJ: The, uh, funeral director says we should leave for the cemetery now.

Nicole: Uh, EJ, I... have a lifetime full of things that I wish I said to my mom. This is the last chance I have to try to make it right.

Man: If I might make a suggestion... um, you could travel with your sister-in-law in the limousine, Mr. DiMera, and I could stay behind and take Mrs. DiMera.

Nicole: Thank you, reverend.

Taylor: Nicole... are you sure about this?

Nicole: Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can.

EJ: Whatever you need, all right?

Nicole: Thank you.

EJ: I'll see you there.

Nicole: Okay.

EJ: Okay. Let's go.

Philip: I know you need your mom. But I'm gonna do what's best for you. This whole thinking about someone else without thinking about what I want-- it's kind of new to me. So I might make some mistakes. But I won't give up. You make me feel like a better man, Parker. You know that? Maybe that's why I love you so much. Mm-hmm.

Parker: [Giggles]

Philip: [Chuckles]

Kate: I hope you're not using that kind of language in front of my grandson, Chloe.

Chloe: Oh, knock it off. You know Parker's not here.

Kate: Where are you?

Chloe: Where do you think? At the Cheatin' Heart.

Kate: [Sighs] You're still there, drinking?

Chloe: What's it to you?

Kate: Well, I guess you would want a few more martinis after you dumped one on me.

Chloe: Oh, I should've done worse to you. You tried to kill me. And you turned Lucas into a pathetic mama's boy. Oh, and you tried to get Melanie to take my baby from me? Parker is my baby--mine.

Kate: Yeah. And it's such a pity, since you lost custody of him.

Chloe: Oh, you know what? If you try anything else, old lady, like turning Philip against me, then guess what. Say "what."

Kate: What, Chloe?

Chloe: Then I'm going to take my baby, and none of you will ever see us again.

Kate: [Sighs] You'd do that? You'd run away with Parker? You would take him away from everyone who loves him?

Chloe: You bet your ass I would. I'm not gonna let you do to my son what you did to yours. I'll kill you first.

Kate: Wh-- I-I'm sorry. I really--I didn't hear what you said. You're kind of slurring your words. Did you just threaten... did you just threaten to kill me?

Chloe: Hey, why not? I mean, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the other goose, right?

Kate: Yeah, well, I'm hanging up now. I've heard enough.

Chloe: No, Kate, I am not finished.

Kate: Just enough. I don't think you're gonna kill me, Chloe, since I just put the final nail in your coffin.

Stefano: Vivian... what are you doing here?

Vivian: Oh, well, I came to see an orthopedist. All that time in the coffin gave me a stiff neck.

Stefano: I see.

Vivian: Speaking of pain in the necks, why isn't your lovely bride with you in your hour of need?

Stefano: [Chuckles] You know... for a minute there, you, uh... you seemed almost human.

Vivian: [Sighs]

Stefano: Ciao, Vivian.

Rafe 2: I'm just saying... if Stefano DiMera's grandson is missing, he's got his own people looking for them, right?

Roman: So what, Rafe, I'm supposed to just relax, put my feet up on the desk, let Stefano's thugs do the heavy lifting here?

Rafe 2: That's not what I said.

Roman: Well, it sure as hell sounded like it. You know what? Sami said you haven't been yourself since your accident. But I believe there's only one reason that somebody would say something that cold, and I think I know what it is.

Nicole: Mom... I don't write what I'm thinking. I say what I'm thinking. And I can't... I can't do it anymore, not to you.

Man: I just, uh, wondered how you're doing.

Nicole: Lousy. I have so many things that I want to say. And I-I can't put them in order.

Man: Would you like to talk about it?

Nicole: Yeah. I think that might help. I mean, you're pretty much a stranger, and you can't tell anyone what I tell you.

Man: Well, I'm not a priest, but I will keep anything you tell me in confidence.

Nicole: Okay. Well, be-- before my mom died, she, uh... she had something she wanted to tell me, something she wasn't supposed to know... that my husband had some kind of a secret. And she was so desperate to tell me what it was, but she was so sick, she couldn't explain.

Man: And do you feel an obligation to find out what it is Fay was trying to say?

Nicole: Part of me feels like that. And the other part... just wants to run... in the other direction.

Taylor: Only the second time I've ever been in a limo.

EJ: When was the first time?

Taylor: When I was in high school. Ten of us rented one to take us to the prom. But it was white, and there... were chaser lights all around the inside.

EJ: Probably not very appropriate for this occasion.

Taylor: I don't know what's appropriate for this occasion, EJ, but I'm pretty sure it's not me being alone in the back of a limousine with you.

EJ: You know, I really don't think this is the time for us to be having this conversation.

Taylor: No, I mean it. My mother was the most unselfish person I've ever known. She had a hard life, and--and everything she did was for Nicole and me. And I-I swore to her that there was nothing going on between us. [Sighs] And I'm gonna honor her memory by making sure that's true.

EJ: Look, I understand how important it is to you. That's why I agreed to stay away.

Taylor: I know. And then my mom died, and I went into your arms, and I let you comfort me.

EJ: Did you not feel comforted?

Taylor: That doesn't matter. EJ, when I wrote that letter to my mom, I promised her that I was always gonna look out for Nicole. And that means I can never be this close to you ever again.

Dario: The bartender at that dive must be wondering what you're doing out here.

Melanie: Well, I actually told him I sprayed the wrong guy with pepper spray. He kind of thought it was funny.

Dario: Es un idiota. Okay, so what's the soapy water supposed to do? [Sniffs]

Melanie: Uh, pepper spray's oily, so it helps get it off the skin.

Dario: If I had to get hit with pepper spray, at least it's by a nurse who knows what she's doing, huh?

Melanie: Yeah. Top of my class.

Dario: You're not as cool as you want people to think, you know? You're actually kind of a mess.

Melanie: A-are you serious? I've been attacked twice on the pier lately. One--one of those times was by you, by the way.

Dario: I saved--I saved you from that, remember? I-I helped you with our friend.

Melanie: Yeah, who's still out there and hates me more now.

Dario: I know. That's why I decided that this is too dangerous for you.

Melanie: You decided that?

Dario: Look, I know that you care as much as I do about nailing the guy that ran Arianna down. But this guy means business, you know? And I thought that Rafe would back us up, but... I guess I was wrong. So you're out of this now, vale? Se ha terminado. I'll take it from here.

Melanie: Yeah, right.

Stefano: [Groans]

Troy: Mr. DiMera... long time no see.

Stefano: What are you doing here, troy?

Troy: Oh, I got time off for good behavior. I've been out for months. Aren't you happy to see me?

Stefano: This is not a good time.

Troy: It was always a good time when I was running your son's drug business.

Stefano: Don't push me, because you won't like what happens.

Troy: I got busted, and I did not roll on EJ. You both owe me.

Stefano: I owe you nothing.

Troy: Well, that's not how I see it. So I'll be back to collect.

Rafe 2: Just what is it that you think you know about me?

Roman: That you were never the man we thought you were. Now, I got two kids to find. I got no more time to waste on you.

Man: So you overheard your husband and your father-in-law say that they thought Fay knew something about them and a friend of the family?

Nicole: Rafe isn't exactly a friend of the family.

Man: What do you think this all means?

Nicole: I don't know. But what I do know is EJ was really anxious to find out what I heard.

Man: Did you level with him?

Nicole: Are you kidding?

Man: I didn't think I was.

Nicole: How much do you know about the DiMera family?

Man: Well, your mother did tell me a bit about them.

Nicole: So you know they're not like other families? They get even with people who get in their way. Rafe is in their way.

Man: So you think your husband and your father-in-law might do something to this Rafe person?

Nicole: I think they already have.

Man: [Sighs] That does put you in a bit of a predicament. No wonder your mother was so concerned about you.

Nicole: Since my mom opened up to you... she probably told you I'm not exactly mother Teresa.

Man: Your mother never said a negative word about you.

Nicole: Really? [Sighs] I guess that's how mothers are. Well, you know, I've changed... or I'm trying to. And I'm a mother now-- a stepmother, anyway. And--and these days, I think... about how I live my life. And I really believe that EJ was doing the same, that he's not like his father. I guess I thought I knew him. I told my mom that... she was wrong about him.

Man: And now?

Nicole: I'm afraid mom's been right about him all along.

Taylor: Watch the road, will you? This is a limo, it's not a covered wagon.

EJ: [Chuckles]

Taylor: [Chuckles] Sorry.

EJ: It's funny. It seems like even fate's trying to throw us together.

Taylor: Not for long. EJ, my mother's gone. There's no reason for me to live in your house. I'm gonna get through this day, and then I'm gonna move as far away as I can get... try to forget all about you.

Melanie: I don't like people telling me what to do.

Dario: Was I saying that? I don't think so.

Melanie: Um, no, but I'm in this now whether I want to be or not, because our knuckle-dragging friend knows I'm the one that put up the reward money.

Dario: Okay, what if you went back to your dad's place and stayed there, huh?

Melanie: While you go find the guy on your own?

Dario: I didn't say that. I'm just--I'm trying to do--

Melanie: Look, Arianna was my best friend. And I'm tired of losing people I love. So don't tell me what to do.

Dario: [Sighs]

Man: Here you go.

Chloe: Thanks. Appreciate it.

Man: Sure. You driving?

Chloe: Mm-hmm. I don't have a choice. I've got to get home to my little boy. This is him.

Man: Aw, cute kid.

Chloe: Yeah, he's the best. He smiles whenever he sees me. You know, it's funny--a few months ago, we didn't even know each other. And now whenever I walk into a room, he acts like it's the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Man: That's cool.

Chloe: Yeah, way cool. He's my whole life.

Philip: It's kind of late, isn't it?

Kate: I have to talk to you about something that happened tonight.

Philip: If this is about Chloe, I don't want to hear it.

Kate: If you care about your son, you don't have a choice.

EJ: Look... I'm not trying to argue with you.

Taylor: Good.

EJ: But you've just been through a hellish time. You just lost your mother. Do you really think this is the time you should be taking some distance from your sister?

Taylor: No, I-I-I don't want to do that, EJ. I just--I have to.

EJ: What, because of me?

Taylor: Something's off between you and Nicole.

EJ: Did she say something to you?

Taylor: No, I can see it. I mean, even today... when she needs you so much. And I know why.

Man: Are you worried about your marriage?

Nicole: I know what I married. I just thought he changed. But that's not all. I love those kids. And they're EJ's kids. But if I lose him, I lose them. And the thing is, my sister lives with us now, so if I try to find out what my mother heard, then I could ruin the lives of the people I care about the most.

Man: Well, Fay just died, so you don't have to do anything now.

Nicole: Yeah. But eventually, I'm gonna have to figure out what I can live with. And if I do dig deeper, is that a risk I'm willing to take?

Man: Well, I guess that's something you're gonna have to ask yourself.

Melanie: [Sighs] Dad calm down. I'm gonna be fine. Yeah. No, look, I'm gonna--I'm gonna take a shower, a bath or something. I'm gonna pop some popcorn, maybe watch a movie-- I don't know. Yeah, I know. Nothing too exciting, all right? Love you too. Ugh.

Man: Oh, you're more exciting than you think, little girl.

Philip: A tape recorder?

Kate: I don't like doing this.

Philip: Right.

Kate: But it's the only way I can get you to believe me. [Recorder beeps] Where are you?

Chloe: Where do you think? At the Cheatin' Heart.

Kate: [Sighs] You're still there, drinking?

Chloe: What's it to you?

Philip: Come on, like you and I have never had a few too many.

Kate: Wow. I really wish that she was as loyal to you as you are to her.

[Recorder beeps]

Chloe: You know what? If you try anything else, old lady, like turning Philip against me, then guess what. Say "what."

Kate: What, Chloe?

Chloe: Then I'm going to take my baby, and none of you will ever see us again.

Kate: You'd do that? You'd run away with Parker? You would take him away from everyone who loves him?

Chloe: You bet your ass I would.

Kate: See what I mean?

Gus: Bad news at the doctor's?

Vivian: He thinks I should do yoga.

Gus: Wow, that would put one in a funk.

Vivian: You know... I ran into Stefano just now. And his grandson is missing. And I told him I felt sorry for him, and he--he believed me. And we sort of had a moment.

Gus: What sort of moment?

Vivian: It just made me think that subterfuge is not the best way to come between Kate and Stefano.

Gus: Where is he now?

Vivian: Well, unfortunately, I pushed him a little too hard, and he walked away.

Gus: Well, subtlety was never your strong point. Luckily, we have plan "a" to fall back on.

Vivian: What's new?

Gus: I'll know when I can stop at Gentech.

Vivian: Gentech? What's that?

Gus: Oh, the, uh... the private lab on the first floor of the hospital.

Vivian: What's there?

Gus: The results of an analysis I requested... on the DNA evidence that I collected from the DiMera's basement.

Vivian: You mean...?

Gus: Yes, madam, very soon we will know the identity of the prisoner that Stefano DiMera was keeping in his basement.

Vivian: And I'll have Stefano just where I want him. Ooh... Augustine, you are a genius. You are a genius!

Stefano: [Whistling softly]

Rafe 2: Hey. What the hell? What are you doing here?

Stefano: Looking for you.

Rafe 2: What? You having me followed?

Stefano: Until you are safely out of town, of course. What are you doing here?

Rafe 2: I was just wrapping up things with Roman Brady, like you told me to.

Stefano: Uh-huh. And how did it go?

Rafe 2: Yeah, listen, I'm sorry to hear about your grandson. Uh, he actually wanted me to help join in the search. I said no. We parted ways.

Stefano: Mm.

Rafe 2: But if you want me to help in the search, I'll stick around.

Stefano: No, no, no, no. What I want you to do is, uh, tie up one loose end for me. Then you can leave town.

Rafe 2: What kind of loose end?

Stefano: Him. Take care of him. Marco will tell you who he is and how to find him.

Rafe 2: This guy?

Stefano: Mm-hmm.

Rafe 2: [Chuckles] Well, it looks like it's gonna be harder to leave Salem than I thought.

Stefano: You handle this clown.

Rafe 2: Yeah.

Stefano: And then you take this new face that I bought for you and all the money that I've paid you, and you find someplace very, very far away from here.

Rafe 2: All right. [Scoffs] [Scoffs] Yeah, like I'm gonna deal with this guy.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicole: Come on, Rafe, pick up.

EJ: Nicole has no idea there's anything going on between you and me, if that's what you're suggesting.

Taylor: You're sure?

EJ: Of course I'm sure. You know your sister as well as I do. If she thought something, she would confront us with it.

Taylor: I guess. It's just...

EJ: [Sighs]

Taylor: EJ... when that minister asked if you were my husband... I just--I don't know. I thought to myself, "is it really that easy to spot?"

EJ: The fact that we have feelings for one another?

Taylor: Yes. It doesn't bother you, does it? What we'd be doing to Nicole.

EJ: Is that what you think? Do you think it doesn't bother me? Do you really think that? You really think it doesn't bother me to lie to a woman who loves me? You think it doesn't bother me that I might rob my children of the hands that tuck them into bed at night or the voice that sings them to sleep? Do you think that doesn't bother me? That bothers me. That's bothered me from the first moment that I set eyes on you. It bothers me, Taylor, that every time you walk into a room, I'm looking to see if I'm the first person you try to meet eyes with. It bothers me that when you're upset, I can't be that person who comforts you. And if this is it, if this is everything that's supposed to exist between the two of us, it bothers me that I can't be that man tonight!

Chloe: [Exhales deeply] Oh, hey. Sorry I'm late. I got a little held up. What is she doing here?

Kate: As a matter of fact, I was just leaving. Good night, Philip.

Chloe: What is she up to now?

Philip: She dropped this off.

Chloe: Tape recorder?

Philip: Mm-hmm. A tape recorder.

Chloe: Oh, you know what? If you try anything else, old lady, like turning Philip against me, then guess what. Say "what."

Kate: What, Chloe?

Chloe: Then I'm going to take my baby, and none of you will ever see us again.

Philip: What the hell is this about?

Melanie: Who's there?

[Cell phone ringing]

Dario: Hello?

Nicole: Hi, this is a friend of Rafe's. Is he there?

Dario: Uh, no.

Nicole: Do you know when he'll be back?

Dario: Maybe never.

Nicole: What?

Dario: Look, uh, your friend Rafe--he left town.

Vivian: Oh! Have you looked at it?

Gus: Not yet.

Vivian: Well, what are you waiting for? Don't keep me in suspense. Who's the prisoner in the basement?

Gus: Uh-uh.

Vivian: [Sighs]

Gus: I don't know.

Vivian: What?

Gus: Most of the DNA belongs to Stefano and EJ and their operatives.

Vivian: Oh, that's just wonderful. We have now discovered that the DiMeras have kept each other prisoners in a basement.

Gus: No, that's not it. There's one sample that the lab couldn't identify.

Vivian: The prisoner's?

Gus: We'll have to run it against another DNA database.

Vivian: Well, okay. Good. What are we waiting for? Let's get to work. Come on.

Rafe 2: From now on, nothing but the good stuff.

Fay: Aah!

Rafe 2: I'm really sorry about that, Fay. But you could've really screwed things up for me. [Sighs] Guess it'll just be our little secret. [Chuckles] Oh, boy. Now I got to take care of this dweeb. And then... sayonara, Salem.

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EJ: Stop, all right? What about me? I love you. Don't I get to be the person who comforts you on the worst day of your life?

Taylor: I want that too. You know I do.

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