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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/6/11 - Canada; Thursday 4/7/11 - U.S.A.


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Sami: Don't you ever talk to me like that again. Do you hear me?

Rafe 2: Oh, great. Here come the waterworks.

Sami: You tell me to back off, or I'll be sorry? I'm your wife. I'm not supposed to care that you're acting like a complete stranger? Is that what you want? Me not to care anymore? You want me to pretend like everything is all right in our marriage when actually it's frightening and horrible?

Rafe 2: Yes! Okay? That is exactly what I frickin' want. Because I am sick and tired of being badgered by you.

Sami: Don't shout at me.

Rafe 2: And if you don't listen to me--if you don't listen... you are going down too, do you hear me? You're going down too, just like Fay Walker.

Stefano: Ah, Katherine.

Kate: Oh! Finally, the car is here.

Stefano: All right, look.

Kate: Mwah.

Stefano: I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

Kate: Well, was it business, I assume?

Stefano: Yes, there was a shipment stuck out there.

Kate: Well, now I feel like a complete idiot, dressed like this for a black tie charity event and we only stay ten minutes?

Stefano: Well, I'm anxious to get home.

Kate: I never would have guessed.

Stefano: Look, I want us both to be there when my son arrives, all right? We both should welcome Chad DiMera into his new home. Huh?

Abby: Hey.

Chad: Oh, how's it going, Abigail?

Abby: Okay.

Chad: Oh.

Abby: I'm meeting a friend here.

Chad: Oh, well, have fun.

Abby: Chad, wait. Why don't you, uh, why don't you stick around? Cindy's really nice. You'll really like her.

Chad: Actually, I really can't. I got a lot to do. So I'll just--

Abby: Studying?

Chad: Packing. I'm moving into the DiMera mansion tonight.

Abby: Oh, so soon.

Chad: Yeah, why would I wait?

Abby: I don't know, to think about it some more?

Chad: And why would I do that? Just because you're not so high on the idea? Abigail, I hardly know you. Why the hell should I care what you think?

EJ: You must be exhausted.

Nicole: Yeah. But I am not leaving until I know my mom's okay.

EJ: I'll stay with you.

Nicole: No, EJ.

EJ: No, Nicole, I'm not--

Nicole: EJ, really, listen--

EJ: No.

Nicole: You have been so--

EJ: Mm-mm.

Nicole: Caring. And kind. And I can't tell you how much it means to me to have my husband by my side. My husband. I like saying that.

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

EJ: I noticed.

Nicole: Do you like referring to me as your wife?

EJ: Yeah, of course I do.

Nicole: It's just, I don't hear you say it that much.

EJ: I say it a lot when you're not around. What? What is it?

Nicole: Well, I know... I'm a bit needier than usual. But I was just wondering if, um...

EJ: What? Tell me.

Nicole: Do you love me? Me? Even a little bit?

Taylor: [Crying] Mom. Mom, it's me, Taylor. Mom, can you hear me? [Crying] You're waking up. That means you're gonna be okay. You fell, Mom. That's why you're here in the hospital. You took a bad fall down the steps of the DiMera house. Do you remember that? Mom, do you remember what happened to you?

Rafe 2: Time for you to have a little accident.

Fay: No, no! Aaaah!

Taylor: Mom! Mom, what is it? Mom, what's wrong? Mom.

Sami: No. No, it can't be true. You did not try to kill Fay Walker.

Rafe 2: I didn't? What do you think I was doing when you walked in on me in her hospital room. Huh? Reading her a bedtime story? About to clean her bedpan? I was injecting an air bubble into her I.V.

Sami: No. Rafe, no.

Rafe 2: No, no, that's the other thing, babe. I'm not Rafe. EJ and Stefano... they switched us.

EJ: The, um... the truth is... the truth is that my feelings for you have changed. And the way you've cared for my children, your devotion to them. I'm very grateful for that.

Nicole: That's it? Oh, God, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that. I guess I'm deluding myself.

EJ: How so?

Nicole: Honey, because... here you are with me. Not wanting to go until we know my mom is all right. And you could have gone home. Not that I would be mad, but you didn't. You won't. I guess that's why I... I thought you'd fallen in love with me.

Fay: [Crying]

Taylor: I'll go get Lexie, Mom. All right? I'll be right back.

Fay: No! No, no! No, no, no!

Sami: What are you talking about? You're not making any sense.

Rafe 2: They switched me. What, do I need to spell it out for you like everything else?

Sami: Switched you? How? With who? What do you--what do you mean? And why would you try to kill Fay?

Rafe 2: Because Fay knows about the whole thing. She knows who I am. Which is why I decided I needed to throw her down the stairs. Which, under normal circumstances, would have worked fine. But evidently she's built like an old brick outhouse.

Sami: I still don't understand. Why you would do something like that. This doesn't make any sense.

Rafe 2: Because, like I said. She knows the whole deal. She knows that EJ and Stefano are paying me to impersonate your dork-ass husband. Which also means when they find out that I'm not doing such a good job, well, they might just kill me. So I need to keep Fay from singing. Know what I'm saying?

Sami: I have to get out of here.

Rafe 2: No, no, no. I don't think you're going anywhere. Huh? What, are you gonna go tell the cops? Huh? Your Uncle Bo? Your daddy?

Sami: No. I swear to God, I swear. I won't tell anyone anything. I promise--

Rafe 2: No, you're not gonna tell anyone anything 'cause you're never going anywhere. Ever again.

Sami: [Choking]

Abby: Fine. You don't care what I think? Have a nice life, Chad. Go and pack for your big move. I'll never tell you what I think again.

Chad: Abigail, look, I didn't--

Abby: Hey, wait.

Chad: Okay, all right.

Abby: I have an even better idea. Why don't I never even talk to you again. Hmm? How would that work for you?

Chad: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Look, what I was trying to say-- what I meant to say was... I didn't mean to lash out at you, all right? I'm just--I'm really insecure about this right now. So I don't need you telling me it's a bad idea. I just don't want to hear that, you know?

Abby: I...yeah. I'm sorry, too. This is obviously a really rough time for you. And you're right. I hardly know you. So it's not my place to give you advice about anything. Much less where you're planning to live.

Chad: I'm not that naive, you know. I've read all about the DiMeras. Heard all about them. And trust me, okay? At first I wanted nothing to do with them, all right? The thought of being a part of the DiMera family even made me sick. Like, literally.

Abby: What changed?

Chad: Well, I--you know, I got to know them as people. All right, not just names on the internet. Or in newspaper articles. All right? They made me feel like I belonged. Like I had a purpose. You know?

Abby: Interesting.

Chad: That they accepted me for who I am. And I've realized... that they're not that different. When you talk to them. Okay? And, you know, they're my family. So...

Abby: Yeah, okay. I get that. And I will never say another word about them again. Because... they're your family.

Chad: Right.

Abby: So good luck with the move.

Chad: Thank you. Um...

Abby: Did you hire a moving company?

Chad: Um... no, no. I don't have that much stuff. My friend, he's supposed to meet me here. But it looks like he's a no-show.

Abby: Oh, that's too bad.

Chad: Yeah, it is. Hey, if you're not busy... why don't you, uh, come by and check out the new digs, huh? Help me get settled in? What do you say?

Kate: So I asked Harold to prepare the bedroom for Chad. And we moved in the larger desk into the bedroom from the adjoining study.

Stefano: Excellent.

Kate: And I also asked him to hang some more artwork. I thought that Chad would appreciate that Warhol that's in the guest suite. If that's all right with you?

Stefano: Oh, of course.

Kate: Okay. You know, it's just... well...

Stefano: What?

Kate: Well, I just wonder, you know, how long he's gonna stay. I mean, if he's planning on living with us permanently...

Stefano: Katherine. I asked him to move into the house. All right? I told him I want him to be part of the family. So that means he can stay as long as he likes. Ah. That's not a very thrilling idea for you, is it?

Kate: No, it's not Chad. It's not Chad at all. He's a very impressive young man. He's smart and he's--he's good-hearted. He is, I feel for him. His mother's gone, he's lonely. Obviously lonely.

Stefano: Well, if it's not about Chad, then who is it about?

Kate: You.

Rafe 2: [Sighs] Should have done that a long time ago.

Sami: Rafe, why aren't you answering me? I asked you if you're threatening me. And you're, like, in a trance. You totally tuned me out. What is the matter with you?

Rafe 2: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Oh, God. You know, it's my head. I... I'm sorry. It's just not right. I say things I don't mean, I lose my temper. And I... you know, I listen to myself sometimes, I can't even believe it's me. You know?

Sami: Okay. Do you have control now? You want to talk about us?

Rafe 2: There's nothing that I wanna do more than talk about us. But it's just that the department's got me on a stakeout tonight.

Sami: Right, you mentioned that.

Rafe 2: Okay, listen to me. Listen, as soon as I put this thing to bed I promise you that's all we'll do. We'll talk about us. Only us.

Sami: Why don't I believe you?

Nicole: Why aren't you saying anything?

EJ: Because I just don't think that this is the time or the place for us to be discussing our feelings for one another. Okay?

Nicole: Oh, God. You're right. You're right, I need to focus on my mom. Not my own needs. I'm just so grateful that you're here, EJ. And I just... I got carried away.

EJ: It's okay. You're allowed, you know. A little bit.

Nicole: And you know what, EJ, when I look at you, it all comes back to me. Why I wanted to marry you. Why I so badly wanted to have a baby with you. And now we're raising your children together. And we're being honest with each other about everything. It's a dream come true for me, EJ. How--how could I be so lucky?

Taylor: Mom, please. Don't speak yet. It's taking too much effort.

Fay: [Mumbling] Gotta help. Gotta help. Gotta help her.

Taylor: What? Gotta help who?

Fay: Gotta help Nicky. Nicky, gotta help her. Help Nicky.

Abby: You want me to help you move in?

Chad: I mean, you don't have to. I mean, I know you're busy. I know you're probably--probably meeting someone here.

Abby: No, no, no. I can--I can call her and make it later.

Chad: Oh?

Abby: This is a really big step for you and you need a friend around. Moral support.

Chad: It could be helpful, yeah. But, uh, you know, I also want you to meet my father. And maybe you'll see that he's not the Stefano DiMera everyone maligns and mistrusts. That he's the man who welcomed me into his family, a guy who cares for his kids and grandkids more than anyone I've ever known.

Abby: Okay, sure. I would like to meet him.

Chad: Yeah?

Stefano: I don't understand. You are not happy about Chad moving in because of me? He's my son, for goodness' sake. He's a DiMera.

Kate: Yes, that's exactly my concern.

Stefano: I don't follow.

Kate: You DiMeras are not only smart and witty and charming, you are also quite curious.

Stefano: Look, Chad is a very bright and curious young man, yes. Which means to me that he is willing to respect any boundaries that I put up.

Kate: Oh, now I see. He's just going to look the other way.

Stefano: Well, if that's the way he's directed, yes. Besides, I don't see anything in our house that is in the least bit suspicious, okay? You worry about nothing, as always.

Kate: God. Oh, I know. I'm married to Stefano DiMera and worry about nothing.

Stefano: All right, look. The thing that is important now, the most important thing is that we make Chad feel welcome in our home, in our lives, hmm? Loved and respected.

Kate: All right, fine. I'm going to do my very best to welcome him and to love him.

Stefano: Good. Finally our family is living a normal life, and by God, I'm going to keep it that way. [Sighs]

Sami: Obviously your priorities are in order. Your work is more important to you than our problems, resolving this problem in our marriage.

Rafe 2: You know, it's like talking to a frickin' wall over here.

Sami: Excuse me?

Rafe 2: Yeah, yeah, it is, you know? I mean, don't you get it? The bad guys, they don't sleep, Sami. You know that.

Sami: All right. All right, fine. Go have fun with your bad guys and we'll talk about this some other time. Maybe next week. Is next month okay? Maybe--maybe next year. Maybe we'll wait until 2012.

Rafe 2: Okay, I get it. I know that I have not been the world's greatest husband, and I'm sorry for that, but you need to understand that sometimes work does come first. I'm a cop. Isn't that what you do? You dedicate yourself, your life to making people safe?

Sami: I know your work is important to you. You have made that clear from day one.

Rafe 2: Really? Really? Do you know that? Because it seems to me like if you did, you wouldn't be dragging me on the other side of town for some frickin' relationship talk when you know that I have to operate some serious stakeout.

Sami: I dragged you out here? Is that what you think?

Rafe 2: See? Here we go.

Sami: I brought you here because I thought this place would help you remember how important we were to each other.

Rafe 2: Okay. Okay. I get it.

Sami: You do?

Rafe 2: Yeah, I do. This is a very special place, so I'll tell you what. Why don't we come here tomorrow, we'll have a picnic and I'll make love to you all day long if that's what you want. You know what? I'll feed you some grapes, I'll give you a nice little back rub, a massage. How's that sound? But right now I need to go and operate my 12-hour stakeout shift because it's not gonna operate itself.

Sami: 12 hours?

Rafe 2: Maybe longer. So don't wait up.

Sami: [Sighs]

Taylor: You gotta help me. Why? Mama, what does she need help with? Oh, God.

Nicole: I love you so much and I've never felt it more than right now. I've never felt it more.

Stefano: Welcome to your new home, Chad.

Chad: Thanks. Is it okay if my friend Abigail comes inside?

Stefano: Of course. Any friend of yours is always welcome here. Mary, what are you doing?

Mary: I'm sorry, Mr. DiMera. I was just making sure all the blood was scrubbed out from when miss Fay fell down the stairs.

Nicole: Taylor. How's Mom?

Taylor: She just woke up.

Nicole: She did? Oh, uh, well, did she talk? Did she say anything?

Taylor: Uh, only that she needed to help you.

Nicole: What? Help me?

Taylor: Yeah. She seemed really worried about you and I-I-I just--I couldn't get her to explain why.

Nicole: Okay, well, I should go in there and tell her that I'm fine.

Taylor: Yeah.

EJ: You go on in.

Nicole: Okay.

EJ: Okay?

Nicole: I'll be back.

EJ: Okay.

Taylor: [Sighs]

EJ: Look, just--

Taylor: Don't, don't.

EJ: Taylor, about the--

Taylor: Don't, EJ!

McCarthy: Well, Detective Hernandez, glad you're back. I have updated printouts of all the latest area crime, so if you want to--

Rafe 2: Not now. I got a tip on a drug dealer holed up in a motel, so we'll stake the place out, try and nab the guy.

McCarthy: Oh, not alone, you're not.

Rafe 2: What?

McCarthy: I'm going with you.

Caroline: Oh! [Chuckles] Hi.

Sami: Grandma, how are the kids?

Caroline: Oh, they're sound asleep and Will is out with Gabi.

Sami: Well, thank you. Um, uh, I'll go check on them in a minute.

Caroline: Okay. Everything okay? How's Fay Walker?

Sami: She's good. She's gonna be okay, I think. It's Rafe I'm worried about.

Caroline: No improvement?

Sami: No. If anything, he is worse, Grandma. He is worse every day.

Caroline: You want to talk about it?

Sami: I found him in Fay's hospital room and he had the lamest excuse for being there. He said he was there for me.

Caroline: For you?

Sami: Weird, right? And then all these alarms went off, so we had to leave her room, but I swear, he--

Caroline: He--he what?

Sami: He seemed like he was gonna smile the whole time we were in there.

Caroline: Smile? That woman's had a terrible accident.

Sami: Yeah. Maybe I'm imagining things. But when we talked about it--

Caroline: What happened?

Sami: I confronted him and he threatened me.

Caroline: Oh, God. In what way?

Sami: Grandma, I swear to God, there was a moment--and I can't believe I'm gonna say this--but I swear, there was a moment when he was looking at me that I thought he wanted to kill me.

Caroline: Sami.

Sami: And he said that I'd be sorry if I didn't back off. Look, I know it's crazy. I know I'm over-reacting. I mean, I can--I hear it, I--

Caroline: Sami, you're always saying you're over-reacting but maybe you're not over-reacting. Maybe this accident has caused Rafe to become angry and vengeful.

Sami: Look, it's so hard to be objective, but there's one thing I know for sure. I know I'm right about the thing with Johnny and how wrong it was for him to try to teach Johnny to be aggressive like that and fight other kids like that. I know I did the right thing, putting a stop to it, and I just wish to God that EJ hadn't found out about it.

Caroline: Oh, great.

Sami: And he said that he was worried about Rafe contaminating our kids and that if he felt there was a problem, he was gonna get involved. Like, great. The last thing I need.

Caroline: I guess you're afraid that EJ's gonna use Rafe's behavior to demand full custody of the kids, huh?

Sami: EJ said that he's worried that Rafe is a bad influence on my children and he's worried that he could corrupt them, and the thing is...

Caroline: What?

Sami: I agree with EJ. I think he's right about Rafe.

Kate: And that concludes the grand tour. Did you like your room?

Chad: Yeah, it's great. I mean, it's huge.

Abby: Like the rest of this house--estate--mansion-- whatever.

Chad: Yeah, my bathroom, it's like the size of a studio apartment.

Kate: Well, I'm going to leave you to get settled then.

Chad: Wait a minute. We're not done yet.

Kate: No?

Chad: Yeah. There's something that I want to say to you.

Nicole: Hey, Mom. Taylor said you were worried about me. Well, you don't have to be. And I don't need Taylor to help me. I don't need anyone's help, Mom. Not anymore. I know I used to be angry with you, and then I grew up. Well, I sort of grew up. And I only came to you when I needed money and you bailed me out of desperate situations. You were always there for me and you always gave me everything I wanted, even when I was horrible to you. And yet, you stood by me, no matter what. I guess that's what they mean by unconditional love. A mother's love.

EJ: Hey, I'm back.

Taylor: I'm busy.

EJ: You're surfing the internet.

Taylor: Searching for an apartment.

EJ: What?

Taylor: In Chicago.

EJ: Taylor, please.

Taylor: I'm leaving town, EJ. I'm getting out of your life for good.

EJ: You can't do that. Please, your mother needs you. Your sister needs you. I need you.

Rafe 2: Because there's no point in the two of us staking out the motel.

McCarthy: But I've got orders. Commander Brady wants two detectives covering stake-outs. We were briefed on it last week.

Rafe 2: You're like a dog with a bone.

McCarthy: I'm just going by the book, Detective Hernandez.

Rafe 2: Okay. Book it is. We'll leave here in five. Grab a couple of two-way radios. [Sighs] Damn her.

Kate: Do you really want to have that conversation now?

Abby: Look, I should be going anyway.

Chad: No, no, no, no, no, no. It's okay for you to hear this too, okay? It was Kate who found my actual birth certificate. I wouldn't know my real dad or any of my real family. I wouldn't even be here right now if it weren't for you. So I just wanted to thank you, okay? And I'm hoping that we can get to know each other better, especially since we'll be living together.

Kate: I'd like that too, and I appreciate you reaching out to me like this, I do.

Stefano: [Applauding] Wonderful, wonderful. My wife and my son start anew and we'll love each other. [Chuckles] [Speaking Italian] Group hug, huh?

Kate: [Laughs]

Chad: Uh, you know, I really don't do those, so instead, you want to get the--

Stefano: Well, maybe you better learn to do those because our family is very expressive, right, Katherine?

Kate: Oh, yes, indeed.

Stefano: Aha! Heh heh, hey! Ha ha! Mwah! Ah! [Applauds] Well, that calls for a toast, hmm?

Chad: Uh...

Abby: Wow. Did those just appear out of nowhere?

Stefano: Well, I'll tell you the truth, I was hoping that maybe--maybe Chad's brother and sister would be here, but in their absence, I would like to, uh, welcome the charming Miss Deveraux, hmm? All right, so, there you go.

Kate: Thank you, my love.

Stefano: [Exhales] We want to welcome you to your new home with open arms and open hearts. Salute.

Rafe 2: McCarthy, you actually read these updates?

McCarthy: Not yet.

Rafe 2: Yeah, well, I did. We got an anonymous tip that that home invasion thief we've been looking for for months, he's gonna strike a certain house tonight.

McCarthy: So?

Rafe 2: So? You're all over that, huh? Stake the house, grab the perp, make the collar.

McCarthy: Shouldn't we do that together, since this tip seems more solid?

Rafe 2: We could do that. I could give up my stakeout. We could team up. But if we catch the thief, I'm getting all the credit, being the lead detective. Go and be the hero or lose the mark and that promotion that you've been wanting. You've got to think about your future, kid.

McCarthy: Okay, I'll do it on, uh, one condition.

Rafe 2: Yeah, what's that?

McCarthy: From here on, you address me as McCarthy or Detective McCarthy. Deal?

Rafe 2: Sure thing, hot stuff. I mean, Detective McCarthy. [Sighs]

Caroline: So, is this it? Is it over between you and Rafe?

Sami: [Sighs] Grandma, I know I promised to love him in sickness and in health, and I did not make that promise lightly. I know he had a head trauma from an accident that I caused. I know he's been diagnosed with hypoglycemia.

Caroline: But?

Sami: But I feel in my gut that he's not acting like this. He's not acting like someone I don't even recognize because of a head trauma or anything medical.

Caroline: What are you saying?

Sami: There's something else going on. I'm sure of it.

Taylor: I won't leave until my mom is able to go home, until she's all right, and then I'll come and visit her all the time.

EJ: Taylor, please.

Taylor: As far as Nicole needing me, I think that's a bit ridiculous, considering there were years that went by when we hardly even spoke. I think she'll survive my not living down the hall from her.

EJ: Taylor, you are extremely important to her.

Taylor: I think it's more important for her marriage to survive, don't you think?

EJ: Taylor, please.

Taylor: You have no say in this, damn it.

Nicole: Mom, I was so scared when you told me you were sick, but having you move in with us was one of the best moments of my life. Being able to take care of you for once. And then having Taylor move in, too. It was so great and so comforting to have my mom and my sister back in my life. And EJ, he has been so wonderful to me and to my family. Mommy, I fell in love with him all over again. And he makes me so happy.

Fay: [Moaning] EJ, no. EJ, no.

Sami: It's a crutch, Grandma, don't you see? Every time he gets angry or every time he forgets something really important, he--he plays the victim. He blames the accident.

Caroline: But, darling, what if it is the accident?

Sami: It isn't. I know it isn't. I know in my gut, I know in my heart it isn't, so I just have to find out the real reason Rafe has been acting like this. And when I do, then I'll make a decision about our future.

Rafe 2: [Chuckles] What? Holy frickin' jackpot. Oh, oh, oh. Look at that. Well, Fay Walker, you're about to be treated by the world- renowned Dr. Hernandez, whose specialty is death.

EJ: [Sighs]

Taylor: [Laughs] And then there's you. Contrary to what you seem to think, EJ, I'm the last person you need to have around. In fact, you need me gone so that you can devote yourself to my sister and to your kids and to making a family for those kids, and I'm just gonna get in the way of that.

EJ: Okay. Can I speak now?

Taylor: No, you may not.

Nicole: Mom.

Fay: [Whimpering]

Nicole: Mom, Mom, what is it? You said, "EJ." What about him?

Fay: He--he--he--a secret. [Gasping]

Nicole: Shh, shh, shh. Mom?

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Taylor: Why did she get so scared? What is she afraid of?

Rafe 2: Time to say good night.

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