Days Transcript Thursday 3/31/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/31/11 - Canada; Friday 4/1/11 - U.S.A.


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Bo: It's the same theft ring, right? Uh, the one you busted up, like, three years ago?

Hope: Yeah, it was, uh, summer 2007. If you can get access to the files, I'll take a look for you.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. That I can do.

Hope: Well, shouldn't Jocelyn be back with the kids by now?

Bo: I don't know what arrangements you guys made.

Hope: Well, I told 'em that I'd be working here with you for about an hour, but she's been gone for two, over two.

Bo: I'm sure they're okay.

Hope: I'm gonna call anyway. Can I use the phone?

Bo: Yeah. Please.

Hope: Thanks.


Hope: [Sighs] Hey, Jocelyn, it's Hope. Listen, I was just wondering-- when are you coming back with the kids? Not that it's any rush. What? What do you mean, you can't find the kids?

Melanie: I'm getting mascara on your jacket.

Brady: I don't care about the jacket. You're gonna be all right, Mel.

Melanie: I hope so.

Brady: You know, there was a period of time where I didn't see a lot of you, and I'm glad that's over now.

Melanie: Yeah, me, too, because I need a friend so much.

Brady: I got that covered. I'm always here for you, you know, always.

Melanie: [Quietly sobs] That means so much to me. You have no idea how much.

Nicole: So, what is so urgent? What do you have to tell me that couldn't wait?

Taylor: Okay, um, it wasn't an easy decision to make, Nicole, but I felt I had no choice.

Nicole: No choice...

Taylor: I'm moving out, Nicky. I can't live at the mansion anymore.

Nicole: What? Why not?

Taylor: [Sighs]

Stefano: Here you go.

EJ: Thank you.

Stefano: All right. The stakes are higher than ever, especially now that our endgame with Samantha is at hand. Salad.

EJ: Salad. And to you. You're doing an extraordinary job of convincing Samantha and the children you're really Rafe.

Rafe 2: Yeah, well, I better be good at doing him. I'm gonna be him for the rest of my life.

Stefano: [Chuckles]

EJ: And no one will be any the wiser.

Stefano: Only we will ever know that the real Rafael Hernandez is a locked-up shell of a man with no memory of who or what he was.

EJ: Never to see the light of day again.

Fay: [Gasps]

Rafe 2: Someone's out there. In the foyer.

Nicole: That's great, Taylor, just great.

Taylor: Hey, Nicole, please don't be angry.

Nicole: Me? Angry? I mean, just because I've gone on and on and on about how important it is for me to have my family together in my house. And you, without any warning at all, by the way, announce that you're leaving. I mean, why in the world would I have a problem with that?

Taylor: Nicole, please.

Nicole: Because it's about Taylor, it's about what Taylor needs and what makes Taylor happy.

Taylor: No, it's not. Nicole, I want you to be happy too. You know that.

Nicole: No, I don't. Not anymore, especially if you're willing to screw everything up because you don't like my husband.

Taylor: I didn't say I don't like EJ.

Nicole: Of course.

Taylor: [Sighs]

Nicole: Of course you didn't. You just use all sorts of euphemistic expressions instead, like "we don't see eye to eye," and "there's tension between us," and "he makes me feel uncomfortable."

Taylor: I don't remember saying any of that either.

Nicole: What does it matter what words you used, Taylor?

Taylor: [Sighs]

Nicole: The fact is, you don't wanna stay in the house because you and EJ can't stand each other.

Taylor: No, it's not that at all, Nicole. You couldn't be more wrong.

Stefano: I didn't hear a thing.

Hope: Oh, God, no.

Bo: What's going on?

Hope: She can't find the kids.

Bo: Where are they? Where is she?

Hope: At the school still waiting to pick up the kids. Jocelyn, is it--is it possible they could've gone back into the building or maybe one of the after-school programs?

Jocelyn: I've already checked. I've got the teachers searching the school grounds right now.

Hope: Stay where you are. I'm on my way.

Jocelyn: Wait, wait. I see them. There they are. Ciara! Theo!

Hope: Thank God. She found the kids.

Bo: Okay.

Jocelyn: Uh, I've gotta go.

Hope: Are they all right?

Jocelyn: Yes, everything's fine. Uh, we'll be there soon.

Hope: Jocelyn, please, tell Ciara that we love her. Jocelyn? She hung up.

Bo: She--she probably just went to pick 'em up.

Hope: Right. Oh, my God. They're fine. I don't know what happened, but she found them. Oh...

Bo: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It's okay, hope, it's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Hope: I thought the worst.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: The worst.

Bo: Yeah, okay, I know.

Hope: My mind immediately went to thinking that we'd lost her, Bo. [Sighs] How could it not?

Bo: I know, I know. But Jocelyn has 'em now.

Hope: [Exhales]

Bo: Ciara's gonna be fine.

Hope: [Sighs] Right. [Sighs]

Chloe: What's up?

Both: Nothing.

Chloe: Okay.

Melanie: I gotta go. I have a meeting to--I-- that I'm supposed to be at.

Brady: Okay.

Melanie: [Mutters] Okay. Bye.

Brady: See ya.

Chloe: Hmm, guess I must've chased her off, huh?

Brady: [Sighs] She had something to do, obviously. How're you doing? How's, uh, how's Parker?

Chloe: He's fantastic. He's just getting bigger by the minute.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: And he's almost sleeping through the night now.

Brady: [Laughs] That's good. Or it's not so good? Why are you looking at me like that?

Chloe: [Scoffs]

Brady: What?

Chloe: Brady, it's just I-- I thought you had more class than that.

Brady: I'm sorry. What?

Chloe: The girl isn't even divorced yet. You really think it's such a smart idea to move in on Philip's wife?

Brady: [Chuckles]

Taylor: It's complicated, Nicole. [Sighs]

Nicole: What does that mean?

Taylor: We've been trying to get along, EJ and I. We've been trying really hard to coexist in that house for your sake, Nicole, and for mom's, but it's just not possible. We're--we're just not compatible. [Sighs]

Nicole: So, what? You can't just stay out of each other's way or be civil, even if you do run into each other?

Taylor: Yes, I know, Nicole, but there are still lunches, okay, there--there are dinners. It's EJ's house. I don't feel right being there when there's so much tension.

Nicole: Well, there sh-- there's absolutely no reason for all that tension. You are a very easy person to get along with, and as a matter of fact, I am gonna talk to EJ and insist that he tries to make it work with you.

Taylor: Wait. No.

Nicole: No? No--no what?

Taylor: Not yet. Don't talk to him yet.

Nicole: Well, when should I talk to him, Taylor? When things get worse between you two?

Taylor: I want you to hear it from me first.

Nicole: Hear what? Did something happen? Taylor... did EJ hurt you?

Taylor: Nicky, it's you who's gonna get hurt.

EJ: No one here.

Rafe 2: I swear I heard something.

Stefano: Aside from Fay, who is in bed and sedated-- she couldn't make it down the stairs anyway-- we are alone in this house.

[Phone rings]

Stefano: Ugh.

EJ: [Sighs]

Stefano: [Sighs] Yes. Fine. All right, bye. As soon as we can. Thank you. We have an appointment, Elvis. [Clears throat] Our business with you is concluded. I assume that you know what has to be done.

Rafe 2: Pretty simple. Give Sami the old heave-ho. Yeah? Oh, and, uh, make sure that Johnny sees you and only you as his father.

EJ: Quite. It means you get to live off the very generous salary that we're paying you to be the permanent owner of Rafe Hernandez's, uh, corporal well-being.

Rafe 2: Yes. Whatever the hell that means.

EJ: It means that the second this little thing is over, you get yourself out of town and you never come back, because I never want to have my children see that face again, all right?

Rafe 2: Fine by me. And it'll be like, uh, Rafe Hernandez never existed. [Clicks tongue]

EJ: [Clicks tongue] Come on, let's get out of here.

[Door clicks shut]

Fay: [Breathes heavily] Oh, my--oh, my God. Oh, my God. I can't really... know about this. I wonder if she has any idea what her husband's up to.

Hope: Oh, thank God. There you are, there you are. My angels. Oh, honey. Let me see your sweet, little faces. I'm so glad to see you. Relieved. [Laughs]

Ciara: Mommy, have you been crying?

Hope: Maybe, because I'm just so happy to see both of you, that's all.

Bo: Thanks for picking them up, Jocelyn.

Jocelyn: Oh, no problem. I'm just glad everything worked out.

Hope: What happened?

Jocelyn: Actually, uh, when I spotted them, they were trying to scale a chain-link fence.

Hope: What? Ciara.

Bo: Uh, thank you, Jocelyn. Hey, you guys. Climbing fences? That's not like you, little one, or you, Theo. Why were you climbing fences, especially at pick-up time?

Ciara: We thought it would be fun. We saw some other older kids doing it yesterday.

Hope: But, Ciara, you know how dangerous that is, honey.

Ciara: But Kimberly Marston dared me to. And Theo, too, so we did it.

Bo: Hey, we have talked about this a lot. You don't do things because someone dares you to do it. I mean, you could get hurt, get yourself in a whole lot of trouble.

Ciara: I won't do it again, Daddy.

Bo: Good, I hope not. You, either, young man.

Theo: No.

Bo: All right. Ciara, you scared us an awful lot, so next time be at the pick-up place at the scheduled time, okay?

Ciara: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make everybody mad.

Hope: Sweetie, it's okay. It's okay. It doesn't matter. You know what? The only thing that matters is that you're safe. That's all that matters. [Sniffles]

Brady: You know, for someone who, you know, had sex with Philip while he was happily married to Melanie, I don't think you should talk.

Chloe: Don't you dare turn this around on me.

Brady: You want me to stand here and take these accusations from you? What did you just say? I had no class? I mean, you got pregnant with Philip's child and ruined their marriage. Oh, and you also ruined your marriage, as well, with Daniel.

Chloe: Thanks, thanks. This is just what I needed.

Brady: Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you started throwing sleazy accusations about me and my friend.

Chloe: Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that you were hugging your friend so tightly. When I walked in, I just had a reaction, okay? Just wanna advise you to be careful.

Brady: Right.

Chloe: [Sighs] It's--it's just that Philip is hurting enough, not just because of Melanie, but because of his career, you know, with you stealing titan from under your grandfather.

Brady: Yup. Wow, you're so in tune with Philip's feelings and sensitivities lately. How's that?

Chloe: We share a child.

Brady: Yeah, I--I know you share a child. I was just thinking maybe you share a little bit more, maybe a mattress or something.

Chloe: Wow. Really? Now who's being sleazy?

Brady: Oh, come on, Chloe. I mean, you already screwed up both marriages. What have you got to lose?

[Approaching footsteps]

Melanie: That stuff's terrible for you.

Dario: Oh, yeah? And why is that?

Melanie: I don't know. It raises your pulse, your blood pressure, um, there's a lot of sugar in it, fake energy boosters...

Dario: And, uh, you care?

Melanie: [Laughs] No.

Fay: Oh, my God. No, no, no. There's no way that Nicky knows about this. [Breathes heavily] There's no way she'd stand for it, even if--even if she does love EJ. What he is--what they're doing is pure evil. Oh, my God. I just heard-- pretending to be Rafe Hernandez. [Sniffles] Oh, my God. [Sighs] Okay. Okay, Fay, calm down. [Sighs] You don't have a choice. [Breathes heavily] You gotta do something. [Breathes heavily]

Nicole: So, that's what this is about. You're worried that EJ is gonna hurt me.

Taylor: Not just EJ.

Nicole: Who else?

Taylor: Me.

Nicole: Because you can't get along.

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Taylor: Well, uh, either that's just gone right above me, or that is complete nonsense. So, which one is it, Taylor?

Taylor: Uh, yeah, I-- I guess it doesn't make sense.

Nicole: Then why did you say it?

Taylor: Because I--I don't know why I said it, Nicole. I just know I hate this, okay? I--I didn't wanna live in your house in the first place, and now it's just all-around tense, and stressful, and difficult, and all you wanna do is make it better.

Nicole: Well, why wouldn't I?

Taylor: [Sighs]

Nicole: Does that make me some crazy Pollyanna? Why wouldn't I wanna make things better?

Taylor: Because it's impossible. It can't be better as long as I'm living in that house.

Nicole: Taylor, you are driving me nuts.

Taylor: Okay, then, can we not talk about it anymore? Can we just drop it, like, please?

Nicole: Yeah, sure, fine. We can--we can not talk about it, all right? Whatever. I mean, my-- my husband and--and my sister hate each other's guts, and it's making me tense and miserable, but who cares.

Taylor: As I've said before, I can move out of the house. Nicole, I'll get an apartment nearby. I'll come and visit mom every single day.

Nicole: No.

Taylor: All right, I'll come twice a day.

Nicole: No!

Taylor: [Sighs] Nicole, she senses there's tension. She'll probably be relieved.

Nicole: Well, I won't be.

Taylor: [Sighs]

Nicole: I will be sad, and I will be depressed. [Sighs] Look, EJ and I are going to be married for the rest of our lives. And I want my sister to be onboard, not just for my sake, but for the kids--for Sydney and Johnny. I mean, you're their auntie. You know that.

[Phone rings]

Nicole: [Sighs]

[Phone rings]

Nicole: It's mom. [Sighs] Hey, Mom.

Fay: Oh, Nicky, thank God you picked up.

Nicole: What's going on? Are you all right?

Fay: Honey, listen. I need you to listen to me-- [Gasps]

Nicole: Mom. Mom, are you still there? Mom.

Rafe 2: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Chloe: I am very much in love with Daniel, okay?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: And Philip is still in love with Melanie. So, no, we are not sleeping together.

Brady: Well, good. That's a relief. You know, I don't think you like my accusations any more than I like yours.

Chloe: Point taken.

Brady: Good. Then we're done. We're good, right?

Chloe: No.

Brady: What do you-- what do you mean "no"?

Chloe: [Sighs] In spite of this minor disagreement, I am still your friend.

Brady: [Laughs] Okay, here we go. Come here.

Chloe: Brady, I know that you're still hurting about Nicole.

Brady: I am not hurting about Nicole. I'm not at all.

Chloe: Yes, you are, and I don't want you to just jump into something else just to distract yourself, especially with Melanie.

Brady: Are you--are you really gonna sit here and bad mouth Melanie? I mean, you destroyed her life. Is that appropriate, do you think?

Chloe: I didn't mean to.

Brady: [Sighs]

Chloe: Philip thought that she was cheating on him, just like I thought Daniel was chea--

Brady: [Sighs]

Chloe: You know, I am sick of having to defend myself.

Brady: And I am kind of sick of hearing it too.

Chloe: [Sighs] Look, I am just suggesting that you not forget who Melanie is and where she comes from.

Brady: What the hell do you mean by that?

Chloe: Oh, come on, Brady. Wherever Melanie goes, trouble follows.

Brady: [Sighs]

Dario: You know, I don't remember asking you for medical advice.

Melanie: Well, sure. I mean, you know, who would need medical advice when you can drown your sorrows in 24 ounces of liquid speed.

Dario: Give me a break, okay? I worked all night last night, and again today, and now is my first time off, get it? So, excuse me for wanting a little pick-me-up.

Melanie: You work on the docks now?

Dario: Yeah.

Melanie: Are you a drug pusher?

Dario: No, I smuggle unsafe toys for small children.

Melanie: Wow. [Chuckles] That's not even a little bit funny.

Dario: You're right. It's not. I shouldn't have joked about it, especially since...

Melanie: Especially since...

Dario: Oh, never mind. It's--it's fine.

Melanie: No, please do share.

Dario: Well, we almost had a tragedy in my own family involving a toy.

Melanie: [Chuckles] What, did you get in a fight with an action figure?

Dario: Well, my sister Gabi, she almost choked on a marble. I--I helped her cough it up, though.

Melanie: Oh, so, you're a hero.

Dario: [Scoffs] Hey, I'm telling you the truth.

Melanie: That would be a first.

Dario: Not with you. No more lies with you.

EJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. Trust him? Father, this guy is an imposter in every sense of the word.

Stefano: Take it easy.

EJ: Take it easy, take it easy, take it easy. [Sighs] Father, there are far too many moving parts here, okay? There are so many things that can go wrong, and I'm not just talking about the fake Rafe Hernandez. I'm talking about the real son of a bitch as well.

Stefano: The real Rafael doesn't even know who the hell he even is. You're talking nonsense.

EJ: Bec--well, because you tell me that his memory's been wiped clean, okay? But I haven't seen any evidence of this, uh, amnesia.

Stefano: Ugh. Are you calling me a liar?

EJ: No, that's not what I'm doing. I'm just saying that I need to see that for myself.

Stefano: Or you will not believe it. I know. The reason, my dear, is because you are a complete cynic to the core of your being.

EJ: Oh, I see. This is about my personal failings, is it?

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no. Come on. As a matter of fact, no, it has nothing to do with failings, all right? Not in the least. As a matter of fact, I appreciate your need for proof, which is why I brought you here.

EJ: I--I don't understand. What?

Stefano: It's time that you see Rafael, hmm, the amnesiac, for yourself.

[Phone rings]

Fay: I didn't mean any harm.

Rafe 2: I asked you what you were doing.

Fay: Nothing. I was just calling my daughter. That's all.

Rafe 2: Oh, your daughter. To tell her what? About some spring clearance sale at the mall, huh?

Fay: I--I--I just... I just need to see who's calling, that's all.

Rafe 2: Oh, look at that. There she is. Little Nicky. A.K.A. Misty Circle. Yeah.

Fay: Don't you bring that up.

Rafe 2: I happened to catch one of her performances on film.

Fay: You shut up, dammit.

Rafe 2: Hello, Misty C. I'll tell ya. She's awesome. I mean, some amazing stuff she's doing in there. You must be real proud.

Fay: You know, if you don't let me answer that phone, she's gonna come looking for me. She's gonna be worried, and she's gonna come here, and she's gonna check on me.

Rafe 2: Yeah? Maybe that'd be good. I wouldn't mind getting me a piece of that little Nicky Nicky, know what I'm saying?

Fay: Shut up, you sick bastard! I'll never let you touch my daughter. I would die first before I'd let you touch her or hurt her! Ok, so which one tasted better?

Bo: Hey, Jocelyn. Would you mind taking Ciara and Theo into the interrogation room for a couple of minutes?

Ciara: Daddy, are we in trouble?

Theo: No jail, no jail!

Bo: No, no, Theo. You're not going to jail. I just wanna talk to your mommy for a couple of minutes, okay?

Jocelyn: Come on, you guys. I'll get you some paper to draw on. Would you like that?

Theo: Do you have pencils?

Jocelyn: I sure do. Lots of 'em.

Hope: Thanks, Jocelyn. Is something wrong?

Bo: Yesterday you made me think that I was giving in to Ciara too much, spoiling her.

Hope: Okay, so--

Bo: And now you say that it's okay for her not to be where she's supposed to be at pick-up time, for her to be climbing fences when someone dared her to.

Hope: No. [Sighs] I know. You're right. I'm sorry.

Melanie: Are you serious? Making up some story about your sister almost choking on a marble? Let's all feel sorry for you? Or so maybe I'll be impressed with you because you know the Heimlich maneuver, or whatever you used to save her?

Dario: Why can't we just start over, huh, be friends?

Melanie: Be friends? How are we gonna do that? Are you gonna call me again?

Dario: [Scoffs] My sister choked, and I helped her. Why can't you believe me?

Melanie: I don't know. I guess I have a hard time seeing you as a hero.

Dario: Well... I guess it's a good thing, right?

Melanie: What?

Dario: Seeing as how you're not into heroes. Am I right?

Stefano: All right. [Clears throat] Show him.

Rafe: [Sniffles] What are you doing? Hey. Hey, tell me why I'm here. Please. Please tell me who I am!

Rafe 2: Now, I know exactly what you were up to. You were listening in on me and Stefano and EJ, weren't ya?

Fay: I don't know what you're talking about.

Rafe 2: No, no, no, no, no. I thought I heard someone. Turns out I was right. It was you, wasn't it?

Fay: No. Please. You--you don't understand.

Rafe 2: 'Cause nobody was home. It had to have been you.

Fay: No, see, I--I was upstairs the whole time. I didn't even come down till you guys left.

Rafe 2: Oh, yeah? If you were upstairs, how'd you know we'd left?

Fay: I--I saw you leaving from my bedroom.

Rafe 2: Okay. Sorry. [Chuckles] I guess I was wrong about you. April Fools'! Now, you need to stop lying to me. And you tell me exactly what you heard. If you're honest with me, no one's gonna get hurt. Lady...

Fay: [Screams]

Melanie: Look, maybe I like heroes, maybe I don't, but I definitely don't like you.

Dario: Is that why your heart's racing?

Melanie: Cut that out.

Dario: So, what's that?

Melanie: What?

Dario: Racing. Your heart.

Brady: Hey, hey! What's--what's going on?

Melanie: Brady, God, it's so good to see you here!

Brady: Hi.

Jocelyn: Okay, I'm gonna go back to work now. Are you two okay in here? Okay, good. If you need anything, I'll be in my office next door.

Ciara: It almost worked, Theo. We almost got away.

Theo: I don't want to run away.

Ciara: Well, I'm still going to.

Theo: Please don't go. Please don't go. Please, please, please!

Hope: So, what do we do? What's our united front?

Bo: Uh, oh! She's got that party next week, right?

Hope: Uh, yeah, Olivia's birthday party at the skating rink.

Bo: I don't think she should go.

Hope: What? All right, wait a minute. [Sighs] Time out here. She's really looking forward to that. It's not just the skating. There's a slumber party.

Bo: Yeah, I know. That's the point. We gotta stand firm on this.

Hope: Okay. You're right. Gotta be a team.

Bo: Yes. And we're good at that.

Hope: Yes.

Bo: Teamwork.

Hope: Teamwork.

Theo: Your mommy looks sad.

Ciara: She is, and it's all because of me. Mommy and daddy are always sad because of me. That's why I have to run away.

Rafe: Hey, come on. Come on, just tell me. Tell me who I am! Please! I have a right to know!

Stefano: [Sighs] Satisfied?

EJ: [Sighs]

Stefano: Do you believe now that the Rafael that Samantha knew and loved is gone forever?

EJ: Yeah.

Nicole: Oh, she's-- she's still not answering.

Taylor: Try the house.

Nicole: My God. It went straight to voice mail.

Taylor: Okay, I'll try her nurse. Uh...hi, Delia. It's Taylor. Yeah, I was calling to see how my mom's doing. Really? Okay. And when you left? I see. I will. Thank you so much. [Sighs]

Nicole: What'd she say?

Taylor: Mom was agitated, so she gave her a sedative.

Nicole: And?

Taylor: She went to sleep, so Delia went to be with another patient.

Nicole: What do you mean? No one's with mom right now?

Taylor: She said Stefano was there when she left.

Nicole: Then why isn't she answering? Why isn't anyone answering? This isn't good, okay? This--mom did not sound right. We need to go over there and check on her right now, okay? Here, I'll--I'll just...

Taylor: Yeah. [Sighs]

Fay: [Screams] No! No! No!

Rafe 2: Tell me what you heard.

Fay: Nothing! Nothing, I swear!

Rafe 2: Don't lie to me. Don't lie to me.

Fay: [Screams]

[Muffled screaming]

Rafe 2: All right, be quiet. Nobody's gonna help you, because there's nobody here, okay? You got that? It's just you and me. You and me. Hey, pipe down. Now, I'd let you go, but I can't have you squawking. Someone might come in. In fact, I can't have you making one more little peep.

Fay: [Breathes heavily]

Hope: No party for Ciara.

Bo: You're on the fence about this, huh?

Hope: Just think you're being a little bit harsh.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: So, how about we compromise?

Bo: And do what?

Hope: We ground her from her computer. No internet, no games.

Bo: Wow.

Hope: Well, if she misses Olivia's party, she's gonna be so sad and disappointed. And given what she's been through lately, she may act out even more than usual. Think of everything she's been through. Her parents split up, her-- her mother went to jail, and that's aside from the hell she went through before that. Come on, she's our sweet little angel...who's been through a very hard time the past couple of years. Bo...

Bo: That's why I wanted to get her the doll yesterday.

Hope: We're not bringing up the doll.

Bo: But, oh, okay.

Hope: That's money.

Bo: Okay. Keeping her from the party is overdoing it. You're right.

Hope: Really? You're agreeing with me?

Bo: Let's not push it, okay?

Hope: Mum is the word. [Laughs]

Bo: Teamwork.

Ciara: It's all my fault. Mommy and daddy are always in a bad mood, and it's all my fault. [Sobs]

Theo: Ciara, don't cry. Please don't cry.

Ciara: Don't you see, Theo? That's why I have to run away. Mommy and daddy can't be happy until I'm gone.

Melanie: Uh, so are you ready for our date?

Brady: It--uh, yeah. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Let's--let's go. I can't wait.

Dario: Hey, don't worry on my account. I was just about to leave myself.

Brady: Great. You know what, Dario, you should probably make a clean break, head for the city limits, you know, like we talked about.

Dario: You really like bossing people around, huh?

Brady: Yeah. I just want you to get the hell out of here, actually.

Melanie: [Chuckles]

Dario: [Sighs] Can't always get what you want.

Brady: Hmm. Yeah.

Melanie: I am so sorry about that.

Brady: [Laughs] Why are you sorry? I got kissed by a beautiful woman. It's not so bad. Okay.

Melanie: Uh, you are good at pretending. I almost bought that there for a second.

Brady: I was good at pretending. Yeah, I thought you did a really good job pretending yourself, yeah.

Melanie: [Laughs] So, now what?

Brady: [Sighs] Uh, well, I kind of feel like I should take you out on a date now.

Melanie: [Laughs] Probably. Well, I mean, so, you know, he doesn't think we were pretending.

Brady: Exactly. Yeah.

Melanie: Uh, where do you wanna go?

Brady: I got some ideas. Get your purse. Let's go.

Melanie: [Laughs]

Brady: Date.

Dario: Ah, nurse Melanie. Five mil is way too much to keep to yourself. [Chuckles] It's time to share the wealth.

Stefano: [Sighs] So, you see? Our plan was a complete success.

EJ: [Scoffs]

Stefano: Still skeptical?

EJ: Uh, no. No, I, um, I'm a believer.

Stefano: Oh, as you should be, because you are about to get everything that you want.

Fay: [Muffled screams]

Rafe 2: You know, you know, don't you? You know I'm not the real Hernandez dude.

Fay: [Muffled screaming]

Rafe 2: Shh!

Fay: [Muffled screaming]

Rafe 2: [Indistinct] It's almost time to let go.

Fay: No! No!

Rafe 2: Quit being squirmy.

Fay: No!

Rafe 2: It's time--time for you to have a little accident.

Fay: [Screams]

Rafe 2: [Breathes heavily]

Fay: [Whimpers] [Whimpering]

Rafe 2: Look at you... do you see what you made me do?

Fay: [Groaning]

On the next “Days of our Lives" --

Jennifer: It's about Carly. There's something wrong with her. I'm sure of it now.

Carly: I can't do this. I can't do this.

Both: [Crying]

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