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Sami: Um, I know how upset you were about Dario and not being able to help out your brother. And I appreciate you doing it for my kids, of course, but, um, you know, it just-- I could just see how much it broke your heart not to be able to let your brother stay with us.

Rafe 2: Yeah. Well, it's... the price I got to pay, I guess, you know?

Sami: Yeah. But now you don't.

Rafe 2: Sorry?

Sami: Well, I talked to Dario. You know, we totally had a heart-to-heart. And I don't know. I had a really good feeling about him, so, um... I invited him to stay with us. He's probably there now.

Rafe 2: What the hell's wrong with you? Who do you think you are?

Melanie: That's how you answer the door?

Dario: I was working out. What do you want?

Melanie: To see if Rafe was here. Rafe, are you here?

Dario: He's not.

Melanie: When will he be back?

Dario: How am I supposed to know?

Melanie: Okay, thank you so much for your hospitality.

Dario: Are you here to make sure that they're gonna lock me up?

Melanie: Hmm. No, I'm here to make sure Rafe stays impartial. But if you've already made yourself comfortable, it looks like I'm a little late for that.

Dario: Who are you to judge me? You don't know anything about me.

Melanie: See, that's where you're wrong.

Carly: Oh, my God. I've been buried alive. No.

Vivian: Get me the hell out of here! Brady! Brady! [Sighs] Maybe if I could read tea leaves, life would have turned out better for me.

Carly: Come on. If those leaves foretold something you didn't want to hear, you would have dumped them out and done as you pleased.

Vivian: You're probably right.

Nathan: No, no. I appreciate you putting up with me changing my mind so many times. No, I'm sure. No. Thank you. Yeah, I understand. Yeah, I know anyone would jump at the opportunity to study and practice medicine at Johns Hopkins. Thank you, Sr. Cooper. All right, bye-bye.


Stephanie: Hi.

Nathan: Hey.

Stephanie: So... Johns Hopkins? Mind telling me what that was about?

Nathan: Yeah. That was about me leaving.

Stefano: Hmm. You better be here to tell me that our guest is en route to his final destination.

Marco: Yes, sir. I'll let you know as soon as he's there.

Stefano: No security problems.

Marco: There won't be.

Stefano: Don't underestimate Rafael Hernandez under any circumstances. And if he starts to remember anything--anything at all-- you contact me immediately. You hear me?

Marco: I hear you.

Stefano: Okay.

Kate: Hey. What's bothering you?

Stefano: Oh, nothing.

Kate: This is me, and I know that look. How can I help you?

Stefano: [Sighs] Thank you for saying that, but there's nothing you can do. It's all up to me.

McCarthy: I'm just gonna go away.

Sami: So now you're throwing things?

Rafe 2: Whatever. I'm never gonna be the guy that you want me to be, so why don't you just face it? Leave me the hell alone.

Stephanie: So you're trying to get that job you turned down when we were together?

Nathan: Hmm.

Stephanie: And I assume the reason you're going to another hospital is 'cause it's so awkward to be around me.

Nathan: No, no. Listen. This has nothing to do with you.

Stephanie: Really?

Nathan: Yeah.

Stephanie: Cool. does Melanie feel about this move?

Nathan: Melanie doesn't know about it.

Stephanie: Well, you can't just drop it on her. I mean, she has a family here and a job.

Nathan: Well, considering she's the one who seems to think it's too late for us, I doubt she'll mind.

Stephanie: So this is my fault.

Nathan: Why would you say that?

Stephanie: Well, if I hadn't been so desperate to hold on to you, you and Melanie would have been together this whole time.

Dario: What do you even know about me?

Melanie: Go put a shirt on. I'm not impressed.

Dario: I asked you a question.

Melanie: You're just one of those guys.

Dario: One of what guys? You're not making any sense.

Melanie: I don't--look. You steal my necklace and that's fine, but then if I have a problem with it, if I want to see you pay for that, um, I become a judgmental bitch. Am I right?

Dario: [Chuckles]

Melanie: Okay, that's what I thought. Well, since I'm judging, as a thief, you suck.

Dario: Should prove to you that I'm not a pro.

Melanie: So that means you don't have to pay for what you did?

Dario: Look, uh, you said you were no saint. Did you ever pay?

Melanie: Yeah, I did.

Dario: How?

Melanie: Look, my life is none of your business, okay? But what it did was give me the ability to spot con artists like you and Rafe might turn away, but I'm not going to.

Dario: Why? Because you like what you're looking at?

Melanie: Oh, my God.

Dario: [Chuckles]

Kate: It might be helpful to unburden yourself. No pressure. I-- I'm concerned about you. You're obviously very distraught.

Stefano: Well, it's not anything I haven't encountered before. One of my adversaries is making trouble.

Kate: I see. And you dealt with it?

Stefano: I have, yes. By altering his life.

Kate: Well, um... I don't know what that means. But you did what needed to be done. And still you're doubtful.

Stefano: It's not like me, is it?

Kate: No. It's totally out of character.

Stefano: To tell you the truth, Katherine...ahem. I don't think I have made the right move. Not this time.

Sami: All I did was invite Dario to stay with us.

Rafe 2: This whole thing... it's not working out.

Sami: Dario just got here.

Rafe 2: It has nothing to do with Dario! Okay? Do you not get that? It's about you and me.

Carly: Did I just hear you say I was right about something?

Vivian: You know... when people were saying that I left Salem?

Carly: Made no sense to me. It's not like you to just give up.

Vivian: Yes, well, that didn't happen. I was being kept prisoner.

Carly: [Scoffs] Really? Where?

Vivian: In a crypt. Victor's private mausoleum. You were there. Isabella's new crypt.

Carly: Victor put you in a crypt? Alive?

Vivian: Yes, and if it weren't for Gus, I'd still be in there.

Carly: Oh, good ol' Gus. Wow!

Vivian: Mm-hmm. I don't think Victor should get away with that. I think you should tell Bo what his father did. Oh, but...[Sighs] of course you can't. Word on the street is that Bo has left you for Hope... yet again.

Kate: Well, it's a little difficult to assure you that you've done the right thing if you won't tell me what you're talking about.

Stefano: Well... you know... when Elvis came back into my life-- I mean, I know we disagreed on a lot of things, but somehow... we understood each other. Now...[Chuckles] I find I have another son. And Chad is very much like his mother.

Kate: [Scoffs] I agree.

Stefano: Hmm, so you know what I'm talking about.

Kate: I think so. I think that you're finding Chad very interesting. And you don't want to alienate him. And things are heating up with this old adversary of yours and you're concerned that Chad will find out and turn against you. How am I doing?

Stefano: Very well.

Kate: Mm-hmm. Well, look. Lexie knows that you are no saint and she's still hanging around.

Stefano: True.

Kate: [Chuckles] You know, the thing is my kids hate so many of the things that I've done... but they know that I love them and that I would die to protect them. And your children know the same thing about you.

Stefano: [Sighs] I'm just not sure that Chad feels the same way about that yet, and I don't know if I do.

Kate: But it's going to happen. And then he'll be yours forever. Just like I am.

Sami: "We're" not working? Is that what you're trying to say?

Rafe 2: In case you don't remember, I busted my ass to make life okay for you.

Sami: Of course I remember and I am grateful every day for everything that you have done--

Rafe 2: Then why do you keep undermining me?

Sami: I didn't think it was undermining you to invite Dario to stay at our place.

Rafe 2: It didn't occur to you that maybe there's a reason that I never talk to him, huh?

Sami: I thought this would help the two of you mend fences.

Rafe 2: Well, okay. That's good. My first day back on the job, I got to deal with my two-bit brother, and now you invite him to move into our house? You have any idea what kind of pressure that is putting on me?

Sami: He's your brother.

Rafe 2: Yeah, he's been worthless since the day he was born and not even you can fix that, okay?

Sami: I'm sorry.

Rafe 2: You're sorry? Well, guess what. This just isn't working, okay? You keep undermining me like this, it is not gonna work out between us. You get it? You hear what I'm saying?

Sami: Oh, loud and clear!

Rafe 2: Okay, good. 'Cause I don't think I can take this anymore.

Sami: Well, that makes two of us. Because this sure isn't working for me either! Hold up. Why are we stopping?

Carly: I knew you weren't really trying to make amends. You were just setting me up so you could stick it to me about Bo.

Vivian: Oh, it's not your fault. Maybe Hope is a little more exciting to him now that she's served time in prison.

Carly: I miss Bo terribly, but I have nothing but good memories of our time together. He loved me, and I will never forget the lengths he went to to protect me from you.

Vivian: Oh, yes, he loves to play the superhero. Well, actually, I think I was responsible for the two of you being together. And if I just focused a little more on you, maybe you'd still have your man.

Carly: And who do you have, Vivian, Gus?

Vivian: Well, I--

Carly: You don't need those tea leaves, because this is it-- this is your life, your future. Sitting here alone. Drinking alone. Sleeping alone. Because no one in this world cares enough about you to save you from yourself. Yeah.

Vivian: [Chuckles]

Maggie: Hey, Carly.

Carly: Hi.

Vivian: Hello, Maggie.

Maggie: Oh... I just realized I don't really need this coffee.

Vivian: Oh, no, no. Please, please, don't go. I have something I need to share with you.

Maggie: Okay. Make it fast.

Vivian: Congratulations. You win.

Nathan: Look, if anyone is to blame here, it's me. I should have fought for Melanie, instead of... instead of trying to convince myself that I was in love with you.

Stephanie: At least you can admit it.

Nathan: That wasn't fair to anybody. You in the least. Anyway, look, all that being said, I think it's a great time for a big change.

Stephanie: So you really are leaving?

Nathan: Nah, it's not for sure, but I'm hopeful.

Stephanie: Good luck.

Nathan: You're probably not gonna believe this, but... I think you're a great girl, despite everything. Okay? And I really wish the best for you. I do, because you absolutely deserve somebody who loves you. Hey.

Melanie: Let go of my arm.

Dario: Are you gonna try to slug me again?

Melanie: I don't know, I might.

Dario: Listen one moment-- you don't know who you're up against.

Melanie: Oh, the whole--

Dario: That should cool you off a bit.

Kate: You feel better?

Stefano: Yes.

Kate: Chad is a challenge, but you've never backed away from a challenge.

Stefano: I married you, didn't I?

Kate: Yes, you did.

Stefano: [Chuckles] You know, when I saw Chad standing next to Elvis at the wedding, I... I was very moved. You know. I mean, Chad is now family in every sense of the word. And I need to get his loyalty. Otherwise he'll become a liability.

Kate: That's all fine. It's fine. Just don't change who you are.

Stefano: It's a little late for that.

Kate: Well, thank goodness. This problem, you're going to solve it.

Stefano: You're sure?

Kate: Absolutely sure. You know, it was very, very boring when we were separated.

Stefano: I have to be able to trust you, Katarina.

Kate: You can.

Stefano: You know... you mean a lot to me. I'm a man who has everything. But without you in my life, I felt like a pauper.

Kate: I love you.

Sami: I can't do this anymore.

Rafe 2: What? You can't do what anymore? What does that even mean?

Sami: I love you. And I would do anything for you. But guess're not you anymore!

Rafe 2: I'm the same guy I always was.

Sami: How can you even say that? Do you know how many arguments we've had, how many intense arguments? But I have never once been afraid of you...until now.

Rafe 2: Sami...

Sami: Allie told me that you were mean to her. And I thought she was exaggerating. I don't now. And I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I have children to think about.

Rafe 2: Sami, Sami, hold on. Just give me-- just give me a second, okay? I'm sorry that I freaked out on you like that. It's just...I've had this headache, you know. It's killing me.

Sami: A headache? Why didn't you mention it sooner? How long have you had it?

Rafe 2: A couple hours now. And maybe I--

Sami: Oh, my God, Rafe! Oh, my God, call 911! Somebody! It's an emergency! Rafe! Rafe! Oh, my God!

Maggie: What did I win?

Vivian: Well, Victor, of course. I wanted to congratulate you on your strategy.

Maggie: I didn't have a strategy.

Vivian: My point. See, I had to trick Victor into marrying me. I pulled all the weapons out of my arsenal. You, no the other hand, did nothing. You didn't lift a finger, but you were there. You were suffering through the loss of your beloved husband, and so beautifully unavailable, unattainable. My, I must have looked very desperate in comparison.

Maggie: How many times do I have to tell you that there isn't and there wasn't any competition?

Vivian: There is to me.

Maggie: Yeah, I figured... when you locked me in the coffin.

Vivian: Well, anyway, as I have repeatedly told you, I am out of the picture, so you and Victor can be together.

Maggie: There is no me and Victor.

Vivian: Oh, well, that's in your head. The truth is you didn't throw yourself on Mickey Horton's funeral pyre. Oh, no, you're very much alive. Whether you want to admit it or not, Victor's the one who got you through the last year. I know you think I'm incapable of love, but I did love him, and I wanted us to be happy. But you see, he didn't want to be with me. He wanted to be with you. He wants to be the man he is when he's with you.

Maggie: He doesn't want that 100% of the time.

Vivian: Oh, and so you're all right being at home with all your fond memories of your husband? That's enough for you? Well, it wouldn't be enough for me. But then, what do I know?

Melanie: Did you get that one out of your system?

Dario: Hey, somebody had to make you chill.

Melanie: Oh, I am so not chill.

Dario: What is with you? I gave you your crummy necklace. Why are you up in my face?

Melanie: Look, I've had so many things taken from me in the last couple of months. Things that just meant a lot to me, all right? So when you took my necklace my mom gave me, it just-- I don't know, it was the last straw.

Dario: So now I'm supposed to pay for what some other dude did to you, right? Look, when Rafe gets here, I'll tell him you want him to throw the book at me, okay? Now I'm gonna go take a shower, and when I get back, I don't want you to be here. Got it?

Melanie: [Scoffs] Yeah.

Sami: He had an MRI, and Daniel said everything was fine.

Carly: His pupils are equal and reactive--that's good. I want to order a ct to rule out the possibility of an embolism. Maxine?

Maxine: You got it.

Sami: An embolism?

Carly: It's a blood clot.

Sami: In the brain? I mean, that's really dangerous, right?

Carly: If it stops the flow of blood to the brain, it could cause a stroke.

Rafe 2: [Groans]

Sami: A stro-- Rafe...Rafe! Oh, my God, Rafe.

Rafe 2: Sami?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, I'm right here.

Rafe 2: Where am I?

Sami: The hospital.

Rafe 2: Hospital?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. It's not important right now, okay? You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine.

Rafe 2: [Exhales]

Carly: Hey, there, stranger. It's about time you woke up.

Rafe 2: Who the hell are you?

Maggie: Hey, sweetheart.

Nathan: I thought I heard someone come in.

Maggie: [Chuckles] Well, Jen asked me to pick up a few things for her, but she has a doctor's appointment, so I'm just leaving her a note.

Nathan: Oh. She seems to be making a good recovery.

Maggie: Yeah, I think so too. What are you doing here in the middle of the day? Checking up on Jen?

Nathan: No, I got off duty early. It's just I, um...have some things I have to think about.

Maggie: You okay?

Nathan: No.

Maggie: Want to talk about it?

Nathan: I guess I do. I called Johns Hopkins today. I told them that if that position the offered me was still available, I'd definitely be interested.

Maggie: Hmm. You did, huh?

Nathan: Mm. I don't know what's gonna happen, but a big change sounds so good right now.

Maggie: Was Melanie part of this decision?

Nathan: Melanie wants just as big of a change as I do. Obviously, more of a change, considering she doesn't want me to be part of her new life.

Maggie: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. You're a good catch. Do you know that? Now, you deserve to be with someone who loves you, and only you.

Nathan: I just want that someone to be Melanie.

Dario: What-- I thought I told you to be gone!

Melanie: Yeah, well, you dumped a bottle of water on my hair, slick. I'm gonna need a blow-dryer.

Dario: What, you can't go down the street not looking your best?

Melanie: What is with your attitude? Why do you go around stealing stuff from people?

Dario: You mean, why am I not like my big brother Rafe, huh?

Melanie: Yeah. Or, I don't know, maybe Arianna, who was probably the best person I knew.

Dario: You leave her out of this.

Melanie: You might want to drop the attitude before you get in front of the judge. Or else they're gonna put you away.

Dario: I had a good reason for doing what I did. I needed the money for something important.

Melanie: Yeah? So get a job.

Dario: I had to have it fast.

Melanie: Did you? Let me guess, you think you're Robin Hood. Or maybe you're a low-life druggie looking to score.

Sami: Honey, you don't remember her?

Rafe 2: Am I supposed to?

Sami: It's Dr. Manning. She saved your life. She rescued you from drowning.

Rafe 2: Oh, right. Uh, it's coming back to me now.

Sami: She also assisted in Johnny's surgery.

Rafe 2: Right. Doc, I'm sorry. Memory's not what it used to be.

Carly: Don't worry about it. How's your head?

Rafe 2: [Sighs] Better.

Carly: Good. Well, we're gonna figure out why you blacked out. Do you remember anything about it?

Rafe 2: I was at the police department. My brother was there... cuffed, and after that, though, I got nothing.

Carly: It's okay. Any weakness on either side?

Rafe 2: No.

Carly: Good. I'm gonna go check out your last MRI, and then I'll come back, okay?

Sami: Um, Dr. Manning, thank you. Thanks for everything.

Rafe 2: Thanks, doc.

Sami: [Sighs] Hey--hey, I was really worried about you. So scared.

Rafe 2: Were you there?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. In fact I'm pretty sure it was my fault.

Rafe 2: Did you clock me in the head or something?

Sami: No. I-- I invited Dario to stay with us, without checking with you.

Rafe 2: [Groans]

Sami: What? Rafe?

Rafe 2: Oh, man...

Sami: Oh, my God. Nurse? Nurse Thomas, please come help my husband!

Maggie: Your mom know about your plans?

Nathan: Uh, well, she knows about everything but the Melanie part. Are you gonna be okay?

Maggie: I'm gonna miss you, that's for sure.

Nathan: I'd feel a lot better about going if I-- if you weren't gonna be alone.

Maggie: Oh, who's alone? I have Jennifer and Abigail around now. Julie and Doug are nearby. I have Chez Rouge, all my friends. Don't worry about me. If you get this job, you need to go for it. Opportunities like this don't come along every day.

Nathan: You sure you're gonna be okay?

Maggie: Yes, I'm sure.


Vivian: Going for your constitutional, Kate?

Kate: Actually, my driver said that he was having the car serviced, so I decided to walk to work, get a little fresh air.

Vivian: I paid your driver to say that.

Kate: Like hell you did.

Vivian: Gotcha.

Kate: You know, suddenly this air doesn't seem so fresh. It's become rather fetid. I think I'll take another route.

Vivian: You want to talk about rancid air? Try spending some time in a locked casket.

Kate: Are you threatening me, Vivian?

Vivian: Me? Why would I do that? Just because you laughed at me and made jokes when I could have been dying?

Kate: But you didn't die. You never do.

Vivian: Uh, how is Stefano, now that he's taken you back?

Kate: We are deliriously happy, Vivian.

Vivian: Oh, peaceful little house, huh?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Vivian: I hear EJ remarried, and he's had a rapprochement with Sami.

Kate: Yes.

Vivian: Well, I certainly hope nothing disturbs all that bliss.

Kate: Just so you know, you don't scare me.

Vivian: Your arrogance-- well, some people might call it hubris-- is your fatal flaw, Kate.

Kate: And your habit of making enemies of the wrong people, that's yours...Viv.

Dario: Are my eyes red? Do you see me shaking and sweating? Do you see any tracks?

Melanie: Fine. You said you needed the money for something important. Don't I get to know what that is?

Dario: It's personal.

Melanie: Okay. Good luck with the judge.

Dario: I needed it for my sister, okay?

Melanie: What, were you gonna use the money from the necklace you stole from me to pay Gabi back for the earrings you stole from her?

Dario: Not Gabi. Arianna.

Maxine: Blood pressure is still too high, but everything else looks stable.

Rafe 2: I don't know what happened. That headache... I thought I was gonna pass out again.

Maxine: We'll find out what's wrong, don't you worry. I have some paperwork I need you to fill out for admitting.

Sami: Yeah, okay. I'll be right back, okay?

Rafe 2: Okay.

[Monitor beeping]

Rafe 2: EJ, it's me. We got a problem. Well, I don't have my cell phone, so I'm gonna have to try you again later. [Sighs]

[Cell phone ringing]

Stefano: Hello?

Rafe 2: Mr. D, it's me. I'm in University Hospital.

Stefano: What happened?

Rafe 2: Well, I'd rather not get into it over the phone, so how about you come up with a reason to get down here, and I'll explain then.

Stefano: I'll be right there. Oh, good--

Carly: Sami, Maxine just paged me. She said that Rafe had another episode of pain to the head.

Sami: Yeah.

Carly: Did he lose consciousness?

Sami: No.

Carly: Okay, that's good. Listen, I have gone over all his scans and test results since the accident, and something is definitely not adding up.

Maggie: So you're gonna tell me what happens with the job.

Nathan: You'll know when I know.

Maggie: Well, you better. [Chuckles]

Nathan: Listen, if this goes through, everything's gonna move really fast. I should probably get organized.

Maggie: Go.

Nathan: All right.

Maggie: You're gonna be just fine.

Nathan: Hmm. You be just fine too, okay?

Maggie: Promise.

Vivian: You can't do anything to me, Kate.

Kate: Hmm. Well, I could threaten to harm the people who love you. But oh, drat. There aren't any such people. So I guess I'll just have to directly focus on you.

Vivian: Oh, you're scaring me. Unlike mine, your world is full of people you care about.

Kate: Well, you can't touch Stefano. No one can. You're definitely not going to come between the two of us. My children are spread all over the world, except for Philip. And you're not going to hurt him, Vivian, no matter what you say. So gee, I think you should just admit to yourself that your little trip to Salem was a bust, and go back to Lawrence Land, or crawl into that sarcophagus you built and just disappear.

Vivian: Stefano's up to something big. But he's keeping you at arm's length because he doesn't trust you. I'm gonna find out what it is. And when I do...he's gonna pay...with your life.

Melanie: How could you need money for Arianna? Arianna's...

Dario: Dead. But she was still my sister. And that bastard ran her over and just kept on driving. Left here laying there, bleeding. The Salem Police don't care who it was. They gave up the case, and so did my brother. But I care. And that P.I. I hired, he's charging me 500 bucks a day. Plus expenses.

Melanie: I had no idea.

Dario: You'd forgotten all about it, right? You were all into yourself.

Melanie: No... no, Arianna was my best friend.

Dario: Best friend? Friends don't let people kill their friends and get away with it! You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Rafe 2: Sami said she'd be right back. Oh, man. What if I have blown it this time?

Sami: So what's not adding up?

Carly: When Rafe was brought into the hospital after the accident, his blood pressure was fine, and a scan indicated that he suffered a concussion. And now his blood pressure is up, and his follow-up MRI is completely normal. He didn't recognize me.

Sami: So you agree that something's wrong?

Carly: Look, I know you felt like you're putting too much pressure on him, but what could be causing him to be short-tempered and anxious is that maybe he knows that something is off, you know, and he just doesn't want to admit it to himself.

Sami: Well, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I hope that you find something physically wrong with him, because then you can cure it. We can figure out what's going on. Because all I know right now is that guy in there is not Rafe.

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Melanie: I guess she wouldn't want anybody to know she had an arrogant, judgmental, son of a bitch for a brother!

Sami: I'm not gonna stop until I get Rafe back.

Stefano: What the hell have you done now?

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