Days Transcript Thursday 3/10/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/10/11 - Canada; Friday 3/11/11 - U.S.A.


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Vivian: [Breathing heavily] Well?

Gus: You shaved 30 seconds off yesterday's time, and that was a personal best too.

Vivian: Ah! Every day and every way, I'm getting better and better. Oh, God. Who am I kidding? I'm Vivian Alamain. I should be on top of the world, instead I'm living at the Salem Inn, wasting my time speed-walking and rereading the memoirs of Wallis Simpson. Oh, God. My life is empty... empty!

Gus: You have me.

Vivian: Your point?

Gus: It's not like you to wallow in self-pity.

Vivian: Well... maybe... ugh, I'm past my prime. Maybe my indomitable spirit was finally broken on that island.

Gus: Maybe your blood sugar is low. Here, charge your electrolytes. And then tell me what evil thing you plan to do next.

Sami: So, thank you so much for doing this for me. I really appreciate it. I didn't get a chance to pack up everything for Allie. She left in such a hurry.

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, no problem. I'll just overnight it in the daily package from the office. She should have it tomorrow.

Sami: Good. I want her to have something to help her feel close to home.

Kate: Yeah, right. Well, according to Lucas, she's having a wonderful time.

Sami: Yeah, yeah. I talk to her every day. I miss her a lot. But, you know, this is probably a good time for her to be with her dad.

Kate: Because of Rafe.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Kate: Well... did I misunderstand? Allie isn't having a problem with Rafe?

Sami: What?

Kate: I thought that's what Lucas said.

Sami: No, Rafe is just recuperating, okay? And Sydney and Johnny have busy schedules that I'm trying to juggle. It's just a lot right now, and I'm glad to know that Allie has the full focus of Lucas' attention.

Kate: Okay. Sami, really... don't you think it would be best for the kids if you and I were just honest with each other right now? You are worried about Rafe being around your kids.

Sami: No, tha-- that's not true at all.

Kate: Isn't that why you sent Allie away from him? Come on! When you thought EJ was going to take Sydney and Johnny away from you, you shot him in the head. And now you've sent your daughter halfway around the world, and you're acting like it's a sleep-over? Come on. What the hell is going on in that apartment?

Stefano: Katherine, Katherine... do you really think you should be talking to Samantha like that?

Nicole: Who are you, and what have you done with the real Rafe?

Rafe 2: [Chuckles] Well, uh, I'll tell ya... if you really want to know.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Male doctor: So the blood work all looks good. I think he's good to go.

Male doctor 2: Mm-hmm.

Male doctor: Yeah, it's-- hold him down. Watch his vitals.

EJ: Yes, I can fight my feelings. I'm fighting them right now. Trouble is, though, I think I'm losing.

Gabi: I still can't believe someone took my earrings.

Will: Gabi, I can get you another pair.

Gabi: No, no. I mean, you picked those out for me. I want those, not some substitute.

Will: Okay. Then we're just gonna have to find the jerk who stole 'em.

Man: So? How much will you give me for 'em?

Nicole: Wait a minute. Are you sure you're not trying to set me up?

Rafe 2: Oh, come on. What, we're back to that again?

Nicole: Well, you're Mr. "No drinking around the kids." And now I'm drinking a beer, and you're drinking water. You're videotaping this, aren't you? Damn it. I can't do anything in this town without being videotaped.

Rafe 2: What?

Nicole: I knew I shouldn't have let my guard down. Is there a nanny cam in here or something?

Rafe 2: Hey, paranoid lady. Chill, okay? Don't you think if I wanted to take you down, I'd aim a little higher... or lower?

Nicole: What?

Rafe 2: Yeah. Listen, no offense, but you're not exactly known for your discretion. It's a beer. For God sakes, it's nothing. Who cares? Come on.

Nicole: I guess you have a point.

Rafe 2: Yeah, just relax. Sit down. It's what you need. Living with that DiMera, it's got to be a total exercise in self-control.

Nicole: Hey.

Rafe 2: Hey yourself. I know what I'm talking about. I do. See, in our relationships, you know, we're the ones--we're the ones that are judged. We're the ones that have to measure up and... ah.

Nicole: What? Sami thinks you have to measure up?

Rafe 2: Yeah, well, you know, she blames it on "the accident," but, uh... well, you see, the way I see it, it's just the way of the world. She talks me into marrying her, and then she starts in on the customizing.

Nicole: Rafe, why are you telling me this?

Rafe 2: Hmm. Well, 'cause I think you're, uh, the kind of person who understands the way that I am now.

Nicole: Now?

Rafe 2: Yeah. I'm a changed man... literally.

Kate: Excuse me, but did you just reprimand me for the way I talked to her?

Stefano: Well, I mean, she is dealing with a very difficult situation. Maybe it's not wise of us to try to second-guess her.

Kate: Oh, what?

Stefano: I'm sorry. But I know that Katherine's concern for Allie is so deep that, well, she might come on a little strong.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Stefano: Anyway... how is everything going? I mean, is there anything that we can do to help?

Sami: Oh, thank you... yeah, for asking. Every time you've gone out of your way to help me, it's really, really gone so well for me. [Chuckles sarcastically]

Kate: And did you just apologize for me? Please don't do that again.

Stefano: Oh, come on, Katherine. Come on, all right? Think about it. Do we have a right to question her about her relationship with her husband?

Kate: When her husband is spending time with our grandchildren, yes, that's our right.

Stefano: Look, the thing is this. It's very simple. She and I love our grandchildren very much. So, at times, we may step over the line.

Kate: Step over the line? What are you talking about? Something happened here. Allie is now afraid of Rafe.

Sami: Now, hold on a second. She's not afraid of him. I should've known Lucas couldn't keep his mouth shut with his mommy.

Kate: Oh, great. If there's a problem, don't you think it's best that we all handle it together?

Sami: You said yourself she is fine with Lucas.

Kate: Oh, really? So you're sure that this problem just exists between Rafe and Allie? You're sure it doesn't concern Will, doesn't concern Johnny and Sydney?

Sami: I'm sure, okay? I'm sure.

Kate: I don't believe you. I think you're scared. I think you're really scared.

Taylor: God, EJ, no. Oh, God. That's your idea of fighting your feelings?

EJ: Look, I told you. I said that I felt I was losing.

Taylor: [Sighs] Oh, God.

EJ: Come on. Maybe you're the strong one in this duo.

Taylor: We are not a duo. We're a brother- and sister-in-law.

EJ: You know what? And that's a damn shame.

Taylor: Oh, God. God, EJ, this is not funny.

EJ: No, it's not funny at all.

Stefano: Ah, Katherine, I really don't think we should interfere.

Sami: This may come as a shock to probably both of you, but I am not buying this whole "good cop, bad cop" scenario you have going on here. And if I did have a problem, which I'm not saying I do, but if I did, I would definitely not confide in either one of you.

Stefano: Well, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way, for the children's sake.

Sami: Yeah, and that concerned tone is exactly what I'm talking about. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. So, Kate, thank you so much for agreeing to send that package to Allie. See you around.

Kate: She's scared.

Stefano: I don't know. She looks the same to me as she always does.

Kate: And you are up to something. And I want to know what it is.

Male doctor: Well, he didn't die.

Male doctor 2: [Chuckles] No thanks to us. You think we should still go ahead with the plan?

Male doctor: You want to tell Mr. DiMera we didn't do what he told us to do?

Male doctor 2: Let's prep him for the procedure.

Nicole: So you're this changed man, but you're still sticking to the bottled water, huh?

Rafe 2: Yeah, well, like you said, it is my first day back on the force, so... I don't know. Plus, I need to pass a breathalyzer test when Sami gets home.

Nicole: She does have you on a short leash.

Rafe 2: [Scoffs] You're tellin' me. Yeah, she chalks it up to the accident, like I said. But I'll tell ya, yeah, being watched all the time... gets old. Hey, you want to hear a theory of mine?

Nicole: Well, isn't that part of drinking beer, to share theories?

Rafe 2: Yeah. Well, the way I see it, there are two types of people in the world, right? There's the live-and-let-live. That's us. And then you got the, uh, "you know, life will be a lot easier if you just do everything that I say." That's Sami and EJ.

Nicole: He's not like that.

Rafe 2: Oh, come on. Who are you kidding? He's so like that. In fact, you look up "controlling" in the dictionary, there's his picture. It's right there.

Nicole: Okay.

Rafe 2: I can see it.

Nicole: Maybe... maybe at that time... you know, I-I said some stuff about EJ that I shouldn't have, but things are different now. They're a lot different.

Rafe 2: What time?

Nicole: That time... you hit on me to try to get the CD away from me.

Rafe 2: Oh, yeah, right.

Nicole: Because I thought you were a decent guy because... I was drunk. And... well, it felt good to have someone hold me without wanting anything more. So I opened up. And now I wish I hadn't. You know what? I'm gonna go say good-bye to Johnny and Sydney, and then I'm gonna leave, because I just realized how dangerous it is to trust you.

Rafe 2: Hey, hey, hey, Nicole, Nicole, listen to me. Sor--listen. You got nothing to worry about when it comes to me.

Nicole: Hmm.

Rafe 2: We're cool. You know, I-I just thought it was nice to have someone to talk to.

Nicole: I just didn't see this coming. I didn't see you as the type to go around telling women that your wife doesn't understand you.

Rafe 2: Well, you know, she-- [Grunts] Damn! Damn. Had that piece of heaven in your arms, and you didn't want anything more? Hernandez, you are a real loser.

Vivian: Oh...[Sighs] Gus. Life can be so cruel.

Gus: Tell me about it.

Vivian: Marry a man like Victor Kiriakis, a man with enormous power. And more importantly, a man with no ethics at all. Ruthless animal. [Shudders] He had me at hello. Then that housewife. That pathetic widow with her volunteer work.

Gus: Don't go there, Madame. You'll tense up right before your massage.

Vivian: You're right. Just...woman...gets on my nerves.

Gus: I hadn't noticed.

Vivian: It's because of her that I lost Victor. Now I need a man just like him. Those people, that--that gang of five. They laughed at me in the coffin, they laughed at me when I was facing death. And I can't let them get away with it like nothing ever happened. [Sighs] I need a man now who knows the erotic thrill of a well executed revenge. You're not saying anything.

Gus: You don't want to hear what I have to say.

Vivian: There is a man like that. My ex-husband, Stefano DiMera. He fits the bill perfectly.

Gus: You're right.

Vivian: You think it's the same thing, don't you? That Stefano is in love with that harridan he married, and Victor with that gift-shop trollop.

Gus: Didn't say a word.

Vivian: Well, it's not the same thing. I'm Vivian Alamain. I can handle Kate Roberts DiMera. She'll never know what hit her.

Gabi: Look, I don't want to sound pessimistic. I just--I don't see how we're going to find the person who took the earrings. The pub doesn't even have any surveillance.

Will: My great-grandma's a trusting soul. Doesn't think they need it.

Gabi: Yeah, but without a surveillance tape, there's no way we're gonna know who took the earrings out of my purse.

Will: No... so we try and figure out how he's gonna get rid of them. Like, maybe he'll advertise online or something.

Gabi: Yeah, we can start monitoring the web and see what jewelry is up for sale. I mean, it shouldn't be that hard. They're pretty distinctive.

Sami: Oh, hey.

Will: Oh, hey, Mom.

Sami: Hi, Will. Hi, Gabi.

Will: How're you doing?

Sami: Good to see you. I'm here for Rafe. It's his first day back to work, so I thought I'd get him some coffee, just the way he likes it.

Gabi: You mean bitter and lukewarm?

Sami: Right. Exactly. I'm glad you're here, 'cause there's actually something I wanted to talk to you about.

Gabi: Um, do you want me to get that coffee?

Sami: No, actually, I don't, 'cause I'd love to talk to you, too. It's about your brother.

Stefano: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kate: Oh, please. You think I don't know you inside and out? You... you just took Sami's side over mine. Which means that you're playing with her. Which means you're up to something.

Stefano: I am not up to something. All right? Elvis wanted us to try to get along. So that's what I did. I tried to get along. Besides, the last time that you had Samantha get excited, she shot my son.

Kate: Okay, that's the whole story?

Stefano: That's the whole story.

Kate: Right.

Stefano: "Right." That does not sound like you believe me.

Kate: Well, no, it just means that I know that I'm not going to get anything else out of you. But you have to admit, you have to agree with me that--that this--well, whatever happened with Allie, between Rafe and Allie, it's just not characteristic for him. If anything, he's been overly sweet with those kids.

Stefano: Oh, I-I think it has something to do with the accident.

Kate: Yeah, I know, you keep on saying that. But even if--even if that did happen, we still have to worry.

Stefano: Why? Allie is safe and sound in Hong Kong.

Kate: Yes, that's true, but there's still Johnny. There's still Sydney.

Rafe 2: All right, dude. So tell me about this jerk at school. What was his name?

Johnny: Reed.

Rafe 2: Reed? [Snorts] Reed? What the hell kinda name is that? Reed. Okay, all right. So, uh, you told your teacher that this--this reed was messin' with ya?

Johnny: He called me Clops.

Rafe 2: Right. Like Cyclops, you-- you know what? I love this dude, right? He's--he's got his, uh, fruity name. La-dee-dah insults. Probably has a designer backpack.

Johnny: I hate him.

Rafe 2: You hate--you know what? Me, too. The question is, what are we gonna do to him? [Quietly] Yeah.

EJ: You know, conventional wisdom has it it's not a very good idea to slap a DiMera.

Taylor: Oh, well, I'm not afraid of you.

EJ: No? I'm certainly afraid of you.

Taylor: Really?

EJ: I'm afraid of what you can do to the rather fragile equanimity of this household.

Taylor: Then maybe we should talk about that equanimity, instead of you just...[Huffs]

EJ: Instead of me what? Huh? What, losing control? Giving in to my baser instincts? Is this all one-sided? I mean, am I forcing myself on you?

Taylor: No.

EJ: No.

Taylor: I slapped you because I was mad at you, but I'm mad at myself, too.

EJ: Don't be. Look, you have the same... impulses that I do. You just show a little more self-restraint.

Taylor: It doesn't feel like that. EJ, I just think that we should--

Nicole: Life is so weird sometimes. You know, I--you think you know someone, and then out of the blue, it-- what's going on here?

Vivian: Thank you.

Gus: You really don't think that involving Mr. DiMera might make this thing blow up in your face? Literally?

Vivian: Darling. Haven't you been listening to me? I said I have a plan. My plans always work out perfectly.

Thief: 100 bucks? You gotta be kidding me. Those things are worth 10 times that much.

Dealer: Yeah, you're right. That's my final offer. 100 bucks for the earrings. 900 if you got a sales receipt to go with 'em.

Thief: Oh, damn it. I'll take it.

Dealer: Pleasure dealin' with ya. Little word of advice, though. Don't spend it all in one place. [Chuckles]

Thief: Calm down. Calm down. You got what you came for.

Will: You're still worried about Rafe, aren't you?

Sami: Look, I don't want to worry either one of you. I mean, he went to see Dr. Jonas, and Daniel said that he had a clean bill of health.

Gabi: But?

Sami: Well, there's just something... something that I can't quite put my finger on.

Gabi: You think he's different than he was.

Sami: You feel the same way.

Gabi: Yeah, I-I did for a while. It--it was really freaking me out, too. But then I had some time to think about it, and actually, it makes total sense.

Sami: How do you mean?

Gabi: Okay, Rafe. Well, the Rafe before the accident. He ran six miles every day. Had a killer jump shot. He could do the crossword puzzle in ink. Everything about that is just slightly, slightly off. I think he... must probably feel frustrated. On edge.

Sami: I guess I hadn't thought about it like that.

Gabi: Look, I know what you're talking about. And I think that what he needs us to do is just... to be patient, back off.

Sami: She doesn't know me very well, does she? It's just not exactly my strong suit. Which is too bad, because I think you're right. I think Rafe has changed. Which means I need to change, too.

Male doctor: So... there's the brain scan.


Male doctor 2: Looks as empty as the dark side of the moon.

Rafe 2: All right, Bud, listen up. This is important stuff, okay? Now, when you throw a punch, you wanna make sure this wrist right here is straight. You got that? You feel that? That's straight. You want your fist, you want this arm right behind your fist. You want all that strength in your arm backing up that punch.

Johnny: But fighting is wrong.

Rafe 2: Who said that?

Johnny: You did.

Rafe 2: Well--[Scoffs] Uh, yeah, but you know what? That was before I heard about this Reed dude, okay? Now, lemme see this fist here. Okay, good, you get your thumb down there. Now this other arm, you're gonna bring it up here, okay? Now this you're gonna bend. See this? You can use this to guard yourself. This one's ready to go, and then bam. Okay, you ready? Let's see your stuff. Now, go ahead. I wanna see how you're gonna punch me. Go on, go on. Whoa, hey, see? But check it out. I saw you thinking. I knew you were getting ready to throw a punch. What you need to do is you need to surprise me, you know what I'm saying? Like, you need to just, like, all of a sudden, the guy's not ready, and then you throw the pun-- oh, God!

Johnny: Did I surprise you?

Rafe 2: [Painfully] Yes. Dude. You did. A little bit. And you know what? I think Reed is gonna be sorry that he messed with you. Gimme something right there, my man. That's what I'm talkin' about. Gimme another one! Come on, show me the power! Reed is gonna be sorry. That's what I'm talkin' about, Buddy. Yes!

Gabi: I'll go get Rafe's coffee. Anybody want something?

Sami: Uh, actually, yeah. I was hoping to get one, too. Do you mind?

Gabi: Yeah.

Sami: Thanks.

Will: Thank you for not scaring her. Now. Tell me what's wrong with you and Rafe.

Gus: Madame, you were being facetious, weren't you?

Vivian: Oh, Gus! Gus, I'm never facetious.

Gus: You said your plans always work. You can't really believe that.

Vivian: Well, Gus, you see, that's your problem. It's been your problem for quite a while. If you can't tell the difference between setbacks and...sort of...little failures.

Gus: So... the sarcophagus.

Vivian: Mm-hmm.

Gus: The island?

Vivian: Mm-hmm.

Gus: Losing the company?

Vivian: Setbacks. Little stumbles. You know, this morning, my spirits flagged. But now, all systems are go.

Gus: Will it do any good for me to point out that Mr. DiMera's a dangerous and ruthless man?

Vivian: Ah! The operative word is "man". You know my power is legendary over men. I will use Stefano DiMera... to help me with my revenge. That awful, dangerous man. I will make him serve my purpose. And to do that, what I need for you to do next... is...

Kate: Oh, I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Stefano: I don't know why.

Kate: Because we're talking about your family and your grandchildren, and you just want to wait and see?

Stefano: [Scoffs] As I said, Elvis wants to try to keep peace for the sake of the children. All right? So we should not interfere.

Kate: Come on. You don't give a damn about what Elvis thinks unless it suits your purposes.

Stefano: That is not true.

Kate: Stefano, why are you taking this laissez-faire attitude about everything? I mean, I don't understand it. Rafe screwed things up with Allie so much that Sami felt compelled to send her off to Lucas's. Now, you know things aren't gonna end there. I think will can hold his own, but Johnny and Sydney, they're in a very vulnerable place right now.

Stefano: [Sighs] Katherine, read my lips. Hmm? When it comes to Samantha and Rafael, back off. Whether we like it or not. We just cannot interfere in their lives. [Sighs]

Sami: Come on, you don't wanna hear about my problems. You're here having coffee with a pretty girl. I don't want to worry you.

Will: I love Rafe, too, Mom, and if something's wrong, I wanna help.

Sami: I appreciate that. And if there was something you could do, I would tell you. But for now, I think the only thing we can do is what everyone has said. Just like Gabi. We have to be patient. Give him time to...

Will: To what? To be who he was before? What if that doesn't happen?

Sami: It has to. Will, it just has to.

Nicole: It looks like I walked into something heavy here.

Taylor: Um...

EJ: Yeah.

Taylor: Mm. We were talking about the situation with mom.

Nicole: Which is settled, right? You're gonna move in here, and we're gonna take turns playing nursemaid.

Taylor: Look, I want to help you, Nicole. I don't want to leave all of this up to you. But there is no way that I can move in here.

Nicole: Wait--what--what happened here? You were supposed to convince her, make her an offer she couldn't refuse.

EJ: You know, I think she has a point. I don't think she'd be comfortable here.

Nicole: Who is? But right now, our mother is playing Camille, and she wants both her daughters with her. Especially you, 'cause you're the one she actually likes.

EJ: Look, you can't make Taylor do something she doesn't want to do.

Nicole: Why not? You make everybody do something they don't wanna do. Well, except for her. What--what-- what makes her so different? What is the problem here?

EJ: Do you want to tell her, or shall I?

Kate: [Sighing] Well, in the words of the very eloquent Johnny DiMera, "you are not the boss of me, and I am not going to do nothing."

Stefano: Katherine.

Kate: I'm going to call Lucas, and I'm going to ask him if Allie had anything else to say about Rafe.

Stefano: Katerina.

Kate: And you don't scare me. [Imitating Stefano's accent] Katerina! Because I know you can't stay mad at me very long, can you? See you for cocktails.

Stefano: I can't let you ruin this, Katherine. Not now.

Rafe 2: Pffft, hey. Sure you guys don't want any more sprinkles? Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. Who doesn't want more sprinkles? There you go. Good stuff.

[Phone rings]

Rafe 2: Yeah.

Stefano: I'm just calling to see how things are going.

Rafe 2: We're having a nutritionally balanced lunch and watching an educational video.

Stefano: Well, uh, I just ran into, um... to Samantha just now. You know, she doesn't seem to be as upset as I want her to be.

Rafe 2: Oh, yeah? Well, uh, what can I say? Workin' on it.

Stefano: All right, you do what you have to do. But, uh, don't send up any red flags, you know?

Rafe 2: Uh, no, I don't know. What's that supposed to mean?

Stefano: What that means is that you have a job to do, and you have to do it subtly, all right? Now, about the children. I--you are alienating them against you, are you not?

Kids: [Giggling]

Rafe 2: Uh, yeah, they hate me.

Stefano: All right, I just want to tell you that you have a job to do, and you've got to wrap it up.

Rafe 2: What's got his panties all in a knot?

Sami: You know what? I just had a run-in with your grandmother and Stefano, and obviously, it's put me in a bad mood, and I definitely over-reacted about Rafe.

Will: So you were over-reacting when you sent Allie off to stay with dad, then.

Sami: I didn't send her off. Your dad wanted to see her, and I said it was okay.

Will: Did you say okay because of Rafe?

Sami: No.

Will: Do you worry about him with Johnny and Sydney?

Sami: No, I don't. You sound as bad as your grandmother.

Will: You're the one who's saying that Rafe isn't the same.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Will: And frankly, sending Allie off to stay with dad seemed a little out of character for you, too.

Sami: Look, I'm sorry I brought it up, okay? There's nothing to be worried about. I just really don't want you to upset Gabi. Okay?

Gabi: Here you go.

Sami: Thank you.

Gabi: They had some muffins that were really fresh. Do you guys want one?

Sami: No, no, thank you. Um, I'm actually gonna get going.

Gabi: Oh, yeah, you're gonna relieve Rafe from babysitting.

Sami: Yeah, he, um, he's starting work. So I wanna make sure I don't make him late, right?

Gabi: Nice.

Sami: But, uh, it was really nice to catch up with you. Thank you again for getting this. And Will, I love you. Don't worry.

Gabi: Do you want some muffins?

Will: [Sighs heavily]

Gabi: They had, uh, they had banana, they had whole wheat. Um, they had strawberry, I think. Um--

Will: I never had a Madre de Dios muffin.

Gabi: Oh, I don't believe this.

Will: [Quietly] What?

EJ: Well? Are you going to tell her, or shall I?

Taylor: Um--

EJ: Fine. I will tell her. Look. I think Taylor's just a bit, um, embarrassed. [Mumbling] Concerned. She doesn't want to hurt my feelings, basically. She doesn't approve of what goes on in this household, and she suspects that we may not entirely be on the up-and-up.

Nicole: Is that it?

EJ: What? Of course that's it. Don't be flippant about this. She's a good person.

Nicole: Unlike me, right? Taylor. Listen, you're not moving in here to live the high life. It's for mom.

Taylor: [Sighs]

Nicole: No, you know what? That's--that's not true. It's for me. You showed up on my doorstep, and you pushed yourself back into my life. And now I need you. Okay? I want you back in my life, and you're taking off because you don't like my husband? And you keep talking about moving into his house. This is my house, too, and I want my mom and my sister to move in with me. Please? Please, Taylor. Move in with us.

Gabi: You bitch, it was you! You stole my earrings!

Girl: What are you talking about?

Will: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa.

Gabi: She--you have my earrings on.

Male doctor: Well, I would say that our work here is done. We did it. The patient is a new man. His memory is completely erased.

Stefano: Now, that is indeed good news. [Chuckles] Today really is... [Sighs] The first day of the rest of his life. Now all I can hope for is that my Rafael Hernandez blows it with his--the children... his wife... and his job. Or... we have to rethink our plan.

Vivian: Oh, Helms.

[Classical music plays]

Vivian: I always find this passage so moving.

Masseuse: Yes, Madame. It's very profound.

[Phone rings]

Vivian: Oh, hand me my phone. 86 the music.

Masseuse: Yeah.

[Ringing continues]

[Music stops]

Vivian: Oh. Hello?

Gus: Madame, I think I may have hit pay dirt.

Vivian: Spill.

Gus: I overheard Stefano DiMera. Something's going on. And it involves Rafe Hernandez. Apparently something about Hernandez blowing it with his wife.

Vivian: Oh, all right. Well, you've got to keep on that. We have to know where Mr. DiMera is going, what he's doing. Ugh. Oh.

Rafe 2: [Making truck sounds]

Johnny: Rafe, should I try to talk to reed?

Rafe 2: Uh, why? Sounds like a real jerk to me. Boom!

Johnny: I mean, before I hit him.

Rafe 2: Well, okay, listen up. The way I see it, you two have already talked. So no. You know? This guy starts giving you any more grief-- hey, listen up. If he gives you any more grief, you smash his face, okay? You beat the crap outta him.

Nicole: Taylor. You know me. You know that I do not say please. Look, I'm begging you.

EJ: Don't look at me. Taylor, if Nicole wants you to live here, I'll make it as easy as possible for you to stay.

Nicole: See? He'll keep his distance. I promise.

Taylor: [Sighs] Okay.

Nicole: Okay. Okay, yea. And no changing your mind this time. You two need to get along, okay?

EJ: [Inaudible]

Nicole: You know what? Know what? This could actually be fun.

On the next “Days of our Lives” --

Daniel: Just thought I'd drop by and tell you you're a complete jerk.

Melanie: You're wonderful. I'm sorry. But it's over.

Sami: What are you doing? What has happened to you?

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