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Stefano: Buon giorno, Rafael. You know, there's so many reasons why we need women. Procreation, inspiration, tying these damn bow ties. Ah, still a little under the weather, huh? You know, I was hoping that you would be feeling better after the antibiotics and a good night's rest. [Sighs] You know what I was gonna do? As a matter of fact, I was gonna send you down a piece of the wedding cake. Oh, oh, have I told you that Elvis is getting married again? [Laughs] Oh, God. I must say, I admire his persistence. With his track record, boy, you need a hell of a lot of nerve to get back on that particular horse. Heh. Ah, yes. You haven't asked about little Allie. Oh, Rafael, I told you that her fate was in your hands. I mean, the guilt must be crushing. I mean, you need to be a hero, send that little girl like poof. Oh, all right, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Maggie: Are you sure you won't change your mind? I'm sure Nicole would love to have you at her wedding.

Chloe: I need to take care of Parker.

Maggie: I could take care of him for you.

Chloe: No, it's okay. I appreciate everything that you've done for me, but I just-- I need to be here for him. I haven't exactly been present in his life so far.

Maggie: Well, that happens. But it isn't your fault. And now, with the medication, you can make up for lost time. Okay?

Chloe: Unhappy feelings are a part of life. I want my son to see me handle those without any drugs. [Pills clatter in sink] Don't be late for the wedding.

Maggie: Uh, well, I'll, uh, send you some pictures and you two can have some fun.

Chloe: Yeah, we will, I promise.

Maggie: Oh, my goodness. Call me if you need any help, okay? I have no problem leaving a DiMera wedding.

Chloe: [Laughs]

Maggie: [Laughs] Okay.

Chloe: Okay. [Sighs] Hey, little man. You know what this is? This is a fresh start because I am gonna be strong and I'm gonna be a good mommy to you. I promise. Yeah.

Kate: Oh, my God. Chloe, are you talking to yourself?

Bo: You're, um, kind of quiet.

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: Anything wrong?

Hope: No. I was just thinking.

Bo: And?

Hope: [Sighs] I was kind of scared about this morning, dropping Ciara off at school, seeing all those parents after everything that's happened, after being on the front page of the paper for what seemed like months.

Bo: I thought it went okay.

Hope: Actually, you know, I think it went better than okay. I mean, people were like, "Hope, Hope, you're back." So much better than big hugs and sympathetic looks. So much better.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Well, you are back, and it's great.

Hope: I'm glad you think so.

Bo: How long has it been since you've been able to plan your day for yourself?

Hope: Oh! A long time. A long time.

Bo: Mm-hmm. And I am gonna take this little suspension of mine from the department as a snow holiday.

Hope: The suspension is killing you. You love your job.

Bo: Nah, look, it's--for the first time in many, many years, we can do whatever we want. Or don't want. So what shall we do?

Lexie: Whoa.

Taylor: Wow.

Lexie: It's beautiful.

Taylor: And so understated, just like Nicole.

Nicole: I heard that.

Taylor: I know.

Lexie: Okay, then, uh, look, I'm gonna head over to my father's and, uh, check on the guys. Uh, anything I can do for you before I go?

Nicole: I don't--I don't think so. Thank you.

Taylor: And thanks for putting up with me.

Lexie: Taylor, we put you up. Big difference. Okay, I'm gonna go. Um...oh, can't wait to see that dress. Bye. See you later.

Nicole: Bye.

Taylor: Hey, you look really nervous, like this was, uh... [Laughs]

Nicole: A real wedding and not a business arrangement?

Taylor: Yeah. I wasn't gonna put it like that, but you just look more emotional than I expected.

Nicole: I am. I-I-I didn't expect it either. But then, I didn't expect to fall in love with EJ all over again.

Taylor: Happy Wedding Day.

EJ: [Exhales]

Chloe: I wish you would call me before you come over.

Kate: Well, I would, but you don't take my calls.

Chloe: Well, if you're so worried about me being depressed, then go away.

Kate: And leave you alone. Oh, God, I--I feel trapped by circumstance here.

Chloe: You feel trapped?

Kate: Yes, yes, I do, because I know that you threw away your medicine, but you made me promise not to tell anyone else, so...

Chloe: Hello. Blackmail.

Kate: Well, whether I like it or not, that puts me in a position of responsibility, Chloe.

Chloe: No, it doesn't. I, I am the one who's responsible for the baby, not you.

Kate: Oh, God. Maybe this is divine intervention.

Chloe: Huh. It feels a little more like punishment for my sins.

Kate: Well, maybe God picked me to know your secret because I was a single mother. I know the bone weariness of taking care of a child 24/7 when you're feeling so very, very alone.

Philip: But she's not alone. She has me. So, mother, what the hell are you doing here?

Abe: Oh, hey.

Bo: Oh, hey.

Abe: This is great. Well, Theo and I have a little time to kill before the wedding.

Bo: Oh, yeah?

Hope: Hey, sweetheart.

Bo: Look how handsome you are.

Hope: I know, look how handsome.

Abe: We can have breakfast together.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. That'd be great.

Hope: Yeah.

Philip: I am so surprised. It's like you ignored everything that I told you. That never happens.

Kate: [Sighs] You always assign me the most vile motivations. 'Cause you see, I was here, trying to talk Chloe into going to Nicole's wedding so she could get out of bed, enjoy her life.

Philip: You're not going? I thought you were the maid of honor.

Chloe: Uh, you know what? Uh, Nicole's sister showed up out of the blue, which was great, because I just get to spend more time with Parker.

Philip: Right. Right. Well, I am sorry that I questioned your motivation. I should have known that your visit was just to cheer Chloe up. And of course, you wouldn't want her to miss her dear friend Nicole's wedding. Why, Chloe and Nicole are your two favorite people.

Kate: Wow, genetics are so strong. You know, I can close my eyes and I hear your father's voice.

Philip: I am like him, and I told you what would happen if you didn't leave Chloe alone.

Kate: Yeah, you threatened me.

Philip: Yes, I did. And now I'm going to make good on that threat.

Taylor: What did you just say?

Nicole: You heard me.

Taylor: You're in love with EJ?

Nicole: I know, it's a little--

Taylor: Bizarre, dumb, self-destructive, idiotic?

Nicole: Okay, you can stop now.

Taylor: Nicole, he's dangerous. He's manipulative. You yourself said this marriage was a business arrangement, right? He's using you.

Nicole: But I-I think you would understand if you had ever met him.

EJ: Look, since I'm paying you to find her, don't you think that if I knew her name, I would have told you her name?

Ted: Sir, begging your pardon, sir, "really beautiful in a classic manner" isn't a lot to go on.

EJ: Look, I gave you a complete description and I told you where to start looking, so go on, please. Find her. Thank you.

Ted: Ma'am.

Lexie: Was that Ted?

EJ: Why is it he always sounds like he just got out of boot camp?

Lexie: Are you looking for someone?

EJ: No.

Lexie: Then why was Ted here? I mean, that is his field of expertise, isn't it?

EJ: Because I need a little extra security at the wedding.

Lexie: [Exhales] EJ, that is such bull. I heard you say, "find her." Who are you looking for? And why?

Stefano: I knew all that indifference was an act.

Rafe: If anything happens to Allie, I will get out of here and I will kill you.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Now, what kind of a threat is that, huh? It's an empty threat. Anyway, I have to get going, and you have got to stay here and think about what you've done to that little girl.

[Door slams]

Abe: Well, I tell you, it is great bumping into both of you and hearing all the good news about Ciara.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Theo: I want to see Ciara.

Abe: Well, later, pal. We've got to get going to uncle EJ's wedding. I wonder if they'll get to the end of this one, huh?

Bo: Yeah. Well, give EJ our best.

Hope: And Nicole. Don't forget Nicole. I hope the two of them are as happy as they deserve to be.

Bo: Hmm.

Abe: You know, I have to tell you, it really was great bumping into both of you and having coffee.

Bo: Yeah.

Abe: I'll never take it for granted again. Take care, okay?

Bo: Yeah, you too.

Hope: Have fun.

Bo: Yeah, have fun. Bye, Theo.

Hope: Bye, Theo. He's right, you know. I took things for granted too. Never again.

Bo: Never again.

Hope: Never again.

Bo: I love Abe and Theo, but they were kind of eating into our bowling, games one and two.

Hope: Shucks. Less time to bowl.

Bo: Less time alone with me.

Hope: Let's go. Let's hit the lanes.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: What are you waiting for?

Bo: You.

Hope: Me? Oh, I'm gonna get so many strikes.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Strik--uh-oh.

Hope: You want to get that?

Bo: Yeah.


Bo: Brady. Aw, no.

Kate: You are not facing facts.

Philip: The fact is, you can't stop yourself from interfering.

Chloe: Okay, just because you two are quiet doesn't mean I can't hear what you're talking about. Philip, can you please just make her go away?

Philip: [Sighs]

Kate: Talk to her. You'll see I'm right.

Philip: I am so sorry. I'll keep her away from now on.

Chloe: Oh, come on, Philip. Don't act like she's the only problem. I heard Melanie say she was gonna take my baby away from me, and you sided with her!

Philip: That is not what happened. And nobody's taking your baby away from you. And you made sure no one could because you're taking your medication. You're getting better. You take those pills, and everything's gonna be fine, right? Right? Come here.

Chloe: Yeah. Fine. Just fine.

Taylor: [Sighs] Nicole, you're marrying into the DiMera family for the second time. The first time didn't go that well, and they didn't despise you the way they do now. You need to be on guard, wary. Not in love with the man who's playing you like a poker hand.

Nicole: You don't know him.

Taylor: Maybe it's good I don't, 'cause then I can be objective. Look, I don't think marrying this guy is a great idea, but sentimentalizing it, that's disastrous.

Nicole: I'm not being sentimental, Taylor. I'm being honest. I love EJ.

Taylor: Then God help you. [Sighs]

Lexie: So you don't think it's a sign that something's wrong when you're searching for a beautiful woman on the day that you're getting married?

EJ: Lexie, Nicole and I have a very clear understanding, okay? We're getting married for the children. It's not for love.

Lexie: Ah, I see. Nothing could possibly go wrong with a plan like that.

EJ: This is my wedding day trouble. You are supposed to be nice to me, okay?

Lexie: Oh, EJ. Honey, I mean--okay, look. What happens when Johnny and Sydney get a little bit older and, uh, they realize that you're not in love with your wife? How do you think that's going to affect them?

EJ: I think they'll be fine. Okay? Nicole and I have a real respect for one another.

Lexie: Hmm.

EJ: I think that's enough.

Lexie: Yeah, and this respect that you have for one another. Does that make her not mind the fact that you're already looking for a little something on the side?

EJ: This is not something on the side, all right? Actually it's this woman who I met... who I would like to know a little bit more about. And I'm not talking to you about this anymore. Okay?

Lexie: Ooh, little brother. You've got it bad. And that ain't good.

Stefano: He may not be asleep because he likes to pretend that this is not really bothering him. [Chuckles] It's really bothering him.

Ted: Doesn't look like there's any chance of his escaping.

Stefano: All right, now look. It isn't your job to keep him contained, all right? It's your job to make sure that he does not die.

Ted: Really?

Stefano: Yes. It's not my idea, all right? As far as I'm concerned, he's used up his usefulness. He's nothing but a liability now. But my son is adamant. So even if he dies of natural causes, he's gonna blame me. And I don't want to fight with him on his wedding day. Hey.

Taylor: Well, this may not be the most romantic wedding I've ever heard of. But you're gonna be one beautiful bride.

Nicole: All right. I have to tell you something. If this whole sister thing is gonna work out on any level, you can't be honest with me. Because I don't like it.

Taylor: Right, so this is a fairy-tale wedding, and EJ's a prince.

Nicole: By George, she's got it.

Taylor: Okay, so in that vein, um, I have something for you. It's something both old and borrowed. It's a piece of gypsy lace.

Nicole: It's beautiful.

Taylor: When I was staying in Romania, my host family had a little girl. And we got to be good friends. When I was leaving, she gave me this and told me to use it in my wedding. But, um, you can just... put it in your bra or something if you want.

Both: [Laughing]

Nicole: That's exactly what I'm gonna do. And you know what? You can borrow it back for your wedding.

Taylor: I don't think I'm gonna hold my breath.

Nicole: Come on, Taylor. Don't be cynical. You can meet your prince charming any day now. Maybe you already have, and you didn't know it.

EJ: Sorry.

Taylor: Oh, no problem.

Lexie: EJ! Oh, goodness. Hasn't this past year taught you anything?

EJ: What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Lexie: Well, there is just a certain amount of life that is simply out of our control. You charge around here, kidnapping, and marrying someone and marrying someone else. And you believe that because you take action that you are in charge. But you're not.

Chad: Hey.

EJ: Ah.

Lexie: Hi.

EJ: Saved by the latest sibling.

Lexie: [Laughing]

EJ: I'm very happy you're here. So...first job as best man. Stop her from explaining me to me.

Lexie: [Laughing]

EJ: Let me get you a drink.

Chad: Uh, it's a little early.

EJ: That, my dear boy, is why they invented champagne.

Lexie: Look at you, hello. Muah. You are just--mm! Criminally handsome in this tux. You know, our family may be crazy, but we sure are good-looking.

Stefano: It's in the genes. From the father's side. [Laughing] Alexandra...time.

Lexie: Okay, all right. I will. In a minute, okay?

Stefano: I can't tell you how pleasing it is to see you here with your family this morning.

Chad: Well, let's not get too carried away. I'm not sure I'm not making a big mistake.

Lexie: Oh.

Rafe: Oh. My God. Oh, my head.

Ted: Hey, cut that out!

Rafe: Aah, God. Ooh! My head. Aah! [Mutters and sighs]

Hope: Look what daddy has for you, sweetheart.

Bo: Here you go, little one.

Hope: Here baby, sit up.

Bo: Now you just sip it slowly, okay?

Ciara: Okay. I'm sorry, Daddy.

Bo: Why? It's not your fault you got sick.

Ciara: You said you were going to have a date with Mommy.

Hope: Oh, sweetheart. Why would I want to be on some date when I can be here with the two of you? There's no place on earth I'd rather be.

Philip: So you were up late last night with Parker?

Chloe: Some, yeah.

Philip: Maybe you should get a nap. I'll take care of Parker.

[Baby crying]

Chloe: Hey, Parker. What's wrong?

Philip: What do you mean, what's wrong? He's fine.

Chloe: Oh, I thought I heard him crying.

Philip: He's happy as can be.

[Baby crying]

Ciara: I'm finished with my soup.

Hope: Good job, sweetheart.

Ciara: Can I have some ice cream now?

Hope: I thought you said you had a tummy ache.

Ciara: Oh, yeah.

Hope: Hmm.

Ciara: Maybe a cookie?

Bo: Okay, little one. Give it to me straight. Do you really have a tummy ache?

Ciara: Yes. No.

Hope: Mm...uh-oh.

Bo: She's had a few tummy aches lately. I was hoping they'd get better now that you're back.

Ciara: They did. I just wanted to be on a date with you.

Hope: Ciara Alice Brady, why didn't you just say so? Huh? From the beginning.

Chloe: It means a lot to me that you don't hate me.

Philip: Why would I hate you?

Chloe: I put your son at risk.

Philip: It was a one-time thing, okay? And now you're on your medication, it won't happen again.

Chloe: It was awful. Going to the hospital.

Philip: I know.

Chloe: Having to have Daniel see me like that. God, he must be even more disgusted with me now.

Philip: Chloe, he's a doctor. He understands. Now look, go upstairs. Lie down. I'll take care of parker. I'll stay with him.

Chloe: No, no, no, it's okay. You don't have to. Go.

Philip: I want to. I want to stay.

Chloe: No. You know what? Maggie said that she would take him to the wedding and show him off. So I'll get to sleep then. Go.

Philip: You're sure?

Chloe: Yeah, I'm sure.

Philip: You'll call me if you need me?

Chloe: I will, I promise.

Philip: Okay. He sure is something.

Chloe: [Chuckles] Yeah. Something.

[Baby crying]

Chloe: Oh, God. Please no.

[Baby crying]

Chloe: Please stop.

[Baby crying]

Chloe: Why won't you stop crying, Parker? What the hell is wrong with you?

Nicole: Man, what a waste.

Taylor: Excuse me?

Nicole: Well, I mean, here you are looking drop-dead gorgeous. And I don't think there's gonna be one eligible guy at the wedding.

Taylor: Oh, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, I mean, there is EJ's new brother. But he is pretty young.

Taylor: I gotta say, I don't think I'm gonna meet the man of my dreams at a DiMera wedding.

EJ: Ahem, okay.

Chad: Uh, no thanks. Like I said, it's early.

EJ: Well, you're in a real celebratory mood. Should make for an interesting speech.

Chad: Um, I'm sorry. It's just--I did this because Lexie thinks it's a good idea. And to hang with Johnny.

Stefano: Well, I'm glad you're here, no matter what the reason.

Lexie: Oh, no thanks. I'm on duty later. And I really need to go meet up with Nicole and Taylor.

EJ: Oh, yes, yes, yes. The sister.

Lexie: Yeah. Be good, I'll see you later.

EJ: Muah. Bye.

Lexie: See you all later. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Before I go, I want to take a picture. EJ, would you mind standing between your father and Chad?

EJ: Okay, got to get the tie done.

Lexie: Ah, goodness. Oh, look at you. You're all so handsome. Mm!

Stefano: [Laughing]

Lexie: It's almost like I have a normal family.

Stefano: Well, we are a very normal family.

Chad: Right, right. Like the Addams family.

Stefano: Why did you say that?

Chad: 'Cause I heard you guys have, like, secret passageways and dungeons, and things like that.

EJ: Secret passageways and dungeons, Father. What would we do with those?

Stefano: I don't know.

Rafe: Aah, please.

Ted: I ain't buying it, Hernandez.

Rafe: Ooh!

Stefano: Chad is upstairs helping Giovanni get dressed. You know, Chad is really quite wonderful with your son. You know that?

EJ: I know, I know.

Stefano: And, you know, when you stop to think about it, he has just lost his mother. And you ought to take it easy with him--he is your brother.

EJ: Father. I try, okay? The guy is just so humorless.

Stefano: Right, he should be a little more lighthearted, like you.

EJ: Yeah, I'm lighthearted today. Because everything's going my way.

Stefano: Everything is going your way now, right?

EJ: Of course.

Stefano: Of course?

EJ: Of course.

Stefano: It is never "of course" when it comes to Nicole, all right? Look, I have to tell you, Elvis. One way or the other, I just simply don't understand why you are tying yourself to this woman again.

EJ: Father, because I'm not tying myself to this woman, okay? Nicole and I both understand exactly what this marriage means.

Nicole: So, um, was EJ in a good mood?

Lexie: He seemed to be.

Nicole: My sister is a little skeptical about the wedding.

Taylor: Oh, where'd you get that idea?

Nicole: No, but I think EJ and I have made some real progress. And, look, this time we're starting off completely honest with each other.

Lexie: Really?

Nicole: Yes.

Lexie: Hmm.

Nicole: And I don't mean that I'm not pretending to be pregnant. I really--I really think this marriage is going to be even better than EJ thinks. So! I'm gonna go turn into the bride of his dreams. [Giggles]

Lexie: Whew... don't you think she's kind of, uh, pink clouding this whole thing?

Taylor: Oh, what do I know, Lexie? You know, maybe she's right. And maybe EJ will fall in love with her all over again.

Lexie: I'm not so sure about that.

EJ: Sorry.

Taylor: Oh, no problem.

Stefano: Elvis... you're a million miles away.

EJ: Just thinking.

Stefano: Are you worried about Hernandez? Because I'll go check on him again, you know.

EJ: Nope. Come on, it's time you and I got going. Hernandez can take care of himself.

Stefano: Absolutely.

Philip: I meant what I said. You stay away from Chloe.

Kate: What are you doing here? Did you leave Chloe alone with the baby?

Philip: I told you, she's fine. And Maggie's bringing Parker to the wedding with her.

Kate: Oh, really? Because Maggie had already left.

Philip: Look, there's nothing to worry about! End of conversation.

[Baby crying]

Chloe: Why won't you stop? [Crying] Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it...

Abe: Well, you think those two could get any further apart?

Lexie: Hmm! Well, ha! At least some people are getting along.

Abe: [Laughing] You know, I think Johnny and Theo are the most mature people in the room.

Both: [Laughing]

Lexie: Right, I know. Oh, hey.

EJ: Hey. So...

Lexie: Yeah.

EJ: Bride here?

Lexie: She's in Maggie's office getting dressed.

EJ: Is her sister here, do you know?

Lexie: She has a name, EJ.

EJ: What is it? I keep forgetting, what's her name?

Lexie: Taylor.

EJ: Taylor. Got it, thank you. Taylor. Okay.

Ted: Damn it.

EJ: [Clears throat] So you've got the rings, right?

Chad: What?

EJ: The rings. I gave you them at the house. You brought them here, yes?

Chad: Uh, no. No, you didn't. What, you don't have them?

EJ: Chad.

Johnny: Daddy! He's punking you.

Chad: Oh, wow, that was good.

EJ: Give me a high-five.

Chad: That was good, you guys, that was funny.

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EJ: That was good, wasn't it?

Chad: Yeah.

EJ: I'm sorry.

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