Days Transcript Friday 2/18/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/18/11 - Canada; Monday 2/21/11 - U.S.A.


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Rafe: [Grunting]

[Cell door banging]

Stefano: Rise and shine, Hernandez.

Rafe: DiMera.

Stefano: I heard you had quite an adventure last night.

Rafe: Just needed some fresh air.

Stefano: Fresh air. Mm. So that's what the poor little Allie Horton has to pay such a high price for, huh? Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Kate: Melanie. Hi.

Melanie: Hi. Hi, Allie. What are you guys doing?

Kate: Well, Johnny's getting his prosthetic eye today, so Allie and I are here to give moral support, aren't we, sweetie?

Melanie: Cool. Uh, I'm on duty, so... better get back to work.

Kate: Melanie, wait a sec. Excuse me, honey. I just hope you know how happy you've made my son. He has never loved a woman the way he loves you.

Melanie: I get it.

Kate: And you're gonna be a great mom, not just to that baby you're carrying, but to my other grandson as well.

Melanie: Okay, Kate, uh, you've gotta stop jumping the gun about Parker, okay? We don't even know what's gonna happen.

Kate: What's to know? Chloe's a walking time bomb. When she goes off, you and I and Philip are going to take that sweet baby away from her.

Philip: Parker? What? Are you alone? Where's your--Chloe! Chloe, get over here.

Chloe: Philip, what's wrong?

Philip: What's wrong? Parker, he's sitting by himself.

Chloe: I was a few feet away. I was paying the bill.

Philip: But you had your back turned. Someone could have come in here and taken him.

Chloe: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that people come into the Brady Pub to steal babies.

Philip: You cannot leave an infant alone, not in the house and certainly not in a public place--not even for a second!

Chloe: Will you stop lecturing me? Like you're such an amazing parent.

Philip: Oh, right, let's go there.

Chloe: I had my eye on him. You think I'd be careless after yesterday? You don't think I learned--

Philip: What are you talking about? What happened yesterday?

Both: Oh!

Kate: Oh!

Nicole: Oh, I'm so sorry! [Both laughing] Oh, what's with the balloons?

Taylor: I thought you ordered them for little Johnny.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, you know what? I-I placed an order with the hospital gift shop.

Taylor: Oh. Well, I'm working there now. Today's my first day.

Nicole: You're working at the gift shop?

Taylor: Yeah. It pays the bills for now, and the people are really nice.

Nicole: Right. Uh, hey, thank you for bringing those up. But I really--I have to find EJ, so would you mind bringing them back to the gift shop? I'll pay for them now.

Taylor: Okay.

Nicole: And then I'll pick 'em up in a few minutes. I'll give 'em to Johnny myself.

Taylor: You really do love that little guy, don't you?

Nicole: He and Sydney mean the world to me, and now I'm marrying their dad and...

Taylor: You're finally gonna have the family you've always wanted.

Nicole: How lucky am I?

Taylor: I know.

Lexie: How's our little angel doing?

Sami: He's still asleep from the anesthesia.

Lexie: Mm.

Sami: I hope EJ gets here before he wakes up. He's been gone a while.

Lexie: Hmm. That's strange.

Sami: I know. I mean, what could be more important to him than his son?

Lexie: Yeah.

EJ: You... are never again to take matters into your own hands. You hear me?

Rafe 2: Who doesn't hear you?

EJ: Hey. You don't have permission to just go and beat up Rafe... all right? Now, what the hell do you think you were doing?

Rafe 2: What do I think that I was doing? Oh, I don't know. I think I was thinking that he was gonna blow it! He had it coming.

EJ: Oh, did he?

Rafe 2: Yeah.

EJ: That's not your call.

Rafe 2: Well, this is real funny--you lecturing me, considering you were supposed to be watchin' this whole damn thing. If you'd have been paying attention, none of this would have ever happened!

EJ: You work for me, understand? That's how it works.

Rafe 2: Oh, yeah?

Nicole: Hey, hey, hey! Hey, what's going on here?

Philip: What happened yesterday, hmm? What lesson did you learn?

Chloe: Nothing. There was no lesson. You misunderstood me.

Philip: Don't play games with me. Hey, look at me. I'm this baby's father. If something happened, I deserve to know.

Chloe: Yesterday before you came over, I ran to the pharmacy to get Parker's prescription for his ear infection, and... he was sound asleep, and I didn't want to wake him up, so...

Philip: Are you telling me that you left him there alone?

Chloe: I wasn't gone for long, and when I realized my mistake, I hurried--

Philip: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. When I got to Maggie's, there was all that smoke--oh, my God, you left the oven on, didn't you? The entire house could have burned down with Parker in it.

Nicole: What are you two fighting about?

Rafe 2: Well... my fault. Sorry, man.

EJ: It's fine. It's nothing. Just a little bit of tension about Johnny. That's all.

Nicole: Okay. Well, um, that's why I was looking for you. Johnny's gonna wake up soon, and I'm sure he'd want you to be there.

EJ: Oh, of course, absolutely. Thank you for coming to get me.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. I'll see you in a bit.

EJ: Okay.

Nicole: Oh, no, no, no, no. Just a second. We need to talk.

Rafe 2: Talk? [Door closes] Us two?

Nicole: Yeah. Us two. What is going on between you and EJ?

Rafe 2: [Chuckles]

Rafe: Damn you, Stefano. I'm warning you. I'm warning you. If you get anywhere near that little girl, if you touch Allie...

Stefano: I already told you. I am not gonna hurt her. I am going to help her. We are gonna take her away from her homicidal mother, all right, the mentally unstable person that she is, and put her in a more stable home.

Rafe: Stefano, please don't do this. You--you can't do this. You take that little girl away from her mother...

Stefano: It did not have to be this way. But you--you knowingly broke the rules. Now you and Allie and Samantha have to pay the consequences. You damn fool.

Rafe: I'm warning you. Stefano! If you get near that little girl, I'm gonna kill you! I'll kill you, Stefano!

Philip: Chloe, what were you thinking?

Chloe: I don't know. I-I was busy watching parker and baking cookies when the pharmacy called, and I just-- I was distracted. I'm sorry.

Philip: You're sorry? Chloe, Parker could have been killed.

Chloe: You know how much I love my little boy. I would never intentionally do anything to hurt him.

Philip: Good God. I knew you were having issues, but I had no idea things were this bad.

Chloe: I'm sorry. Please don't hate me.

Philip: I don't hate you, Chloe, but this can never happen again.

Chloe: It won't, I promise! I'll pay more attention from now on.

Philip: Not good enough. We need to get you some help... today.

Rafe 2: Well, there's nothing to talk about. EJ and I got a little ticked off at each other, that's all.

Nicole: A little ticked? EJ was gonna throttle you.

Rafe 2: [Laughs] Please, I was gonna crush his...

Nicole: Yeah, and I know why, Rafe.

Rafe 2: What?

Nicole: You don't think EJ's changed. You still believe he's the same bastard who's trying to make life miserable for you and Sami, and that is not fair.

Rafe 2: Really?

Nicole: Yeah, really. EJ's kept his word. He's sharing custody of the kids. He's been kind to Sami. He is trying to do everything he can to keep the peace.

Rafe 2: Okay. You win.

Nicole: I win?

Rafe 2: I will try and be a little more trusting... for the kids' sake.

Nicole: Thank you. I'm gonna go check on Johnny.

Rafe 2: Yeah. That chick has her head so far up her...

[Cell phone rings]

Rafe: Do do do yeah, boss.

Stefano: It's time to show Hernandez that there are consequences to his actions.

Rafe 2: Does that mean "wittle" Allie's about to go bye-bye?

Stefano: Shut up and listen. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that Giovanni goes home with Elvis, hmm? And then you gotta make sure that Samantha goes along with them, and you offer to take Allie home yourself.

Rafe 2: What does that mean? "Wittle" Allie's not gonna make it home, is she?

Stefano: Exactly.

Lexie: So everything feels okay? You don't feel any pressure around your left eye?

Johnny: Nope.

Lexie: Good. You want to see what it looks like?

Johnny: Yep!

Lexie: Ha ha ha! See?

Johnny: It looks just like my old eye!

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Yes, it does. It does exactly.

Allie: You're all better, Johnny.

Johnny: Thanks, Allie.

Nicole: Hello, hello. Hi, Johnny. Hi, Allie.

Johnny: I got my new eye!

Nicole: Oh, my goodness, you did? It looks perfect! These are for you, kiddo.

Sami: What do you say, Johnny?

Johnny: Thanks, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, you are very welcome, and wait till you get home, because there's more presents waiting for you.

Sami: Uh, I thought he was gonna stay with me tonight.

Nicole: I thought it was EJ's turn to have the kids.

Sami: Yeah, well, he's had a really tough day, so I-I guess I just assumed you guys would let him be with me. He should be with his mom, right?

Rafe 2: No, Sami. It's Johnny's turn to go with EJ.

Chloe: Are you sure that Maggie's okay with watching Parker?

Philip: Chloe, Maggie wanted to watch Parker, and you have to do this.

Chloe: I don't need a doctor. I just--I need some rest.

Philip: You need help. And I'm gonna make sure you get it, for your sake and for our son's. Daniel. Thanks for coming on such short notice.

Daniel: Not a problem. I made arrangements for Chloe to see Dr. Kragen.

Chloe: You're not gonna oversee the exam?

Daniel: No. No, I'm not.

Chloe: Daniel, come on. This isn't some sort of trick or excuse to see you.

Daniel: No, I know that. But it's better for me, for you, uh, that I'm not involved.

Philip: Daniel...please. It's--it's important to Chloe. It's important to Parker. He needs his mother to be well. Not to mention you'll be discreet about this.

Daniel: All right. I will take Chloe's case.

Chloe: Thank you so much.

Daniel: Maxine, will you come here a minute, please? Would you please set my patient up in Room 312?

Maxine: Sure thing.

Daniel: I'll be there in a minute.

Philip: Don't worry about it, okay? You'll be fine. I'll wait here.

Chloe: Thanks.

Melanie: Philip, Chloe just walked off with Maxine. Is she sick?

Stefano: Oh, Katherine. did things go at the hospital?

Kate: Well, Johnny's fine. I spent a few minutes with him, and then I left. I think it's overwhelming for him to have too much company.

Stefano: Ah. You know, I sent some stuffed animals over there. Did they--did they arrive all right?

Kate: Yes, they did. Why didn't you come?

Stefano: Well, you know, I feel the same as you do. I mean, they're just... you know, the poor boy had too many visitors.

Kate: Is that all it is?

Stefano: Well, to tell you the truth--[Ahem]--I was busy. I had something I really had to do.

Kate: Must have been pretty important.

Stefano: Ah. [Sighs] What? Are you trying to make me feel guilty, huh? I will make it up to Giovanni as soon as he gets home, all right?

Kate: No, I'm sure you will. I saw all those gifts. It looks like Christmas all over again.

Stefano: Oh, yes, all kinds of games, puzzles, you know, and DVD's.

Kate: I just hope that Allie isn't going to get jealous because of all the attention Johnny's getting.

Stefano: Oh, don't worry about Allie. She will survive.

Melanie: Sorry to make you wait.

Philip: Hey, I'm just glad to get to spend some time with you. Look, I know you wanna take it slow, but I miss you.

Melanie: I know.

Philip: Are you taking care of yourself?

Melanie: Yeah.

Philip: And the baby?

Melanie: No, we're good. Um, but what about Chloe? You were gonna tell me something was wrong.

Philip: Well, I'm not sure I should say anything.

Melanie: Philip. I mean, this is obviously bothering you, and if we're gonna make our marriage work, no more secrets, please.

Philip: You're right. But you have to promise not to tell anyone...or Chloe could end up losing Parker.

Sami: Um, I would appreciate it if you, uh, didn't take his side. You think Johnny should be with EJ today?

Johnny: Don't you like me anymore?

Rafe 2: Course I like you, champ. But like Nicole said, it's your day to go to your dad's big mansion. You got all those servants waiting on you hand and foot-- that's pretty cool, right?

Sami: Hey. Hey! Are you serious? Don't let him think that having servants waiting on him hand and foot is a good thing.

Rafe 2: I'm just trying to lift the kid's spirits, that's all.

Sami: Well, you're not succeeding. You're confusing him.

EJ: Okay. Why don't we all, uh...settle down here? Look, I think Rafe is just over-compensating for a little... spat that he and I had earlier. I really appreciate the gesture, I do, but, um, I think it's completely unnecessary. Johnny should be with his mother.

Rafe 2: But it is part of the program--

EJ: No, no, no, no. No buts, actually. I, um, I think that is what Johnny would prefer. Right? Okay.

Lexie: Okay, well, now that that's all settled, I'm going to tell your parents how to take care of your new eye, okay?

Rafe 2: I'll wait outside.

Nicole: Uh, yeah.

Rafe: Stefano! Stefano, you-- [Whispers] Please. Come back here. Listen, I'll do whatever you want, I-- just don't hurt that little girl. I'm sorry. It' fault. God. Don't hurt her. Please don't hurt her. For God's sake, she's just a little girl.

Rafe 2: What the hell did EJ do that for? [Inhales] Mm... now how am I gonna get rid of that little brat?

Taylor: Who are these for?

EJ: They're for you. I heard you started working here. I hope you like them.

Taylor: I do. Thank you. They're--they're beautiful.

EJ: They're just like you. Perfectly... exquisitely beautiful.

Lexie: Taylor! Hi!

Taylor: Hi.

Lexie: You okay?

Taylor: What? Uh...yeah. Yeah, um...[Laughs] 'Cept I'm living in a dream world.

Lexie: What do you mean?

Taylor: Nothing. I'd better deliver these flowers. I don't wanna get fired on my first day--see ya.

Lexie: Okay. Hey, you!

EJ: Hey!

Lexie: Hi! Johnny's doing great, huh?

EJ: Oh, he's doing fantastically. He loves his new eye. He can't wait to show off at the wedding. He's really excited.

Lexie: And what about you?

EJ: Me?

Lexie: Are you excited about the wedding too?

EJ: Of course I am. [Laughs] I'm marrying Nicole. It--it's what I want. It feels right, you know?

Daniel: Also get a blood sample, Maxine.

Chloe: For what?

Daniel: You may have an under-active thyroid which could be contributing to your depression.

Chloe: Depression? Wait, you mean like postpartum?

Daniel: Well, I'm no psychologist, Chloe, but it's pretty obvious that you're not yourself lately.

Chloe: Obvious to you, maybe. Maxine, would you mind giving me a moment alone with my hus-- with Daniel?

Daniel: Uh--d-- anything you have to say... you can say in front of Maxine.

Chloe: Fine. I just--I don't think that I have postpartum depression. I'm not crazy.

Daniel: Well, postpartum, if that's what we're talking about here, does not mean you're crazy. It means you may have a hormonal imbalance. And with counseling and the proper medication, you will, uh, you will be just fine.

Chloe: You think medicine can fix everything, don't you? What about my broken heart? Is there a pill for that?

Daniel: I'm sorry, I, uh, I can't--I can't help you with that. Maxine, will you--you, uh, take her down to the lab, please?

Maxine: Of course.

Daniel: Thank you.

Chloe: Daniel, wait. I just... I wish you would...

Daniel: What?

Chloe: Love me. It's never gonna happen, is it? Guess it's really over, isn't it?

Daniel: It was over a long time ago.

Melanie: She left Parker home alone?

Philip: She got a call from the pharmacy. She was in a hurry to get his meds.

Melanie: Oh, my God!

Philip: She wasn't gone very long, probably not more than 15 minutes. And nothing happened...okay? We were lucky. Especially since she had been--

Melanie: She had been w-what?

Philip: Baking cookies. And she accidentally left them in the oven.

Melanie: The oven was on? Are you kidding me?

Philip: I wish I were.

Melanie: Is she insane?

Philip: She feels terrible about what happened.

Melanie: She should! She's completely lost her mind. Is that why you brought her in, to check her into the psych ward?

Philip: Melanie, stop. Chloe--she just needs a little help.

Melanie: She needs-- Parker's the one that needs help and responsible parents.

Philip: She loves that little boy. It's her kid.

Melanie: Are you worried about your son?

Philip: Look...I'm not happy about all this. But I'm mostly concerned. I just want her to get better. And I believe that she will. She's probably done with her exam. I should go check on her.

Melanie: Yeah. I'll catch up with you.

Philip: And remember what I said. Please don't tell anyone.

Melanie: Sorry, Philip. Not when Parker's life is in danger.

Stefano: What is it now?

Rafe 2: Well... change of plans. Johnny came home with Sami and me.

Stefano: [Speaks Italian]

Rafe 2: Hey, I'm doing my best. Your son's the one that screwed it up, by the way.

Stefano: Great.

Rafe 2: So what do I do now?

Stefano: I'll call you right back. You just sit tight. Elvis, ah... so I hear everything went well at the hospital?

EJ: Oh, Father, those doctors, I mean...they're excellent, you know?

Stefano: Good.

EJ: And Johnny seems to be very pleased. You know him. Not much for complaining, is he?

Stefano: [Chuckles] He's a brave little boy. But, uh, why didn't you bring him home? I mean, not only did I want to see him, but I also wanted to take the occasion to, you know, start with our plan. Remember our plan?

EJ: Yeah. I remember the plan. You know, I was thinking, uh, Father, maybe, uh... maybe you should call it off. You know, I think maybe it would be best if Allie stayed with her mother.

Philip: Where's Chloe?

Daniel: She's down at the lab having blood work done.

Philip: Well, thanks again. For helping out. I know Chloe appreciates it.

Daniel: I did it for Parker. I want what's best for him. And that includes having a mother to take care of him.

Sami: Hey.

Rafe 2: Hey.

Sami: Uh, my grandma is gonna be watching Sydney a while, but she'll be back in a little bit.

Rafe 2: Oh. Well, uh, that's good...for Johnny, yeah?

Sami: Yeah. Listen, can we, um, talk for a second about what happened at the hospital? Why did you say that you thought that Johnny should be with EJ tonight?

Rafe 2: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I did--I thought that, um... you know, it would be better if we just stuck with the regular schedule.

Sami: But this was a special circumstance.

Rafe 2: I know. And like I said, I'm sorry. I am just... come on, Sami. You know that I'm on your side, right?

Sami: Well, it didn't feel like that today. I mean...

Rafe 2: Well, what-- Sami, listen, please, okay? I'm just...[Sighs] I'm a little off still... sometimes from the accident, you know, so just be patient during my recovery, will you? Please? Please? Sorry.

Sami: Yes, of course. I can be patient.

Rafe 2: Okay. Good.

Sami: I'm just glad EJ agreed to let Johnny be with us tonight. I mean, look at them. I don't know what they'd do without each other.

Rafe 2: Yep. Don't you think Johnny should get some rest, though?

Sami: Yeah. That'd probably be a good idea. Hey, Johnny. What do you say that you and I go and read a story and maybe you might be able to close your eyes and take a nap, huh?

Johnny: What about Allie?

Rafe 2: Well, she can hang out here with me.

Allie: No! I don't want to!

EJ: Look, all I'm saying is taking Allie away from Samantha, it's a little bit, um...harsh.

Stefano: How so? It is not as if we would be hurting the little girl. All we're doing is putting her with a better family.

EJ: Yeah, I know what the plan was, Father... I just don't think it's a good idea anymore, you know? I watched Johnny with his sister today. He really counts on her.

Stefano: Elvis... we told Rafael that if he tried to escape that we would take Allie, hmm? All right, isn't it obvious to you...that if we don't carry out what we say, then our threats are meaningless?

EJ: Rafe's trapped in the basement, Father. If we tell him Allie's gone, how is he going to know the bloody difference, huh?

Stefano: What the hell difference does it make what that idiot knows one way or the other, huh? It is a matter of principle!

EJ: Oh, what, really?

Stefano: No! Come on, there is no exceptions. By the end of the day, the plan is going to be executed. Allie will be taken away from her mother.

EJ: No. No one is gonna be taken from anybody, all right? That girl stays with her mother! You hear me?

Stefano: Yes, I hear you! And I don't give a damn, because I have the last word here!

Nicole: Oh, should I come back?

Stefano: I'm just leaving!

Nicole: Ooh. Uh... dare I ask?

EJ: No. Don't.

Nicole: I'm upset you, whatever--whatever it was. But I know something that might lift your spirits. I am heading on over to the pub to do some wedding stuff with Taylor. Maybe you could stop by and meet my sis. [Laughs] Finally.

EJ: Yeah. Look, um... sorry. I'm in the middle of a crisis. Work-related. You go. Have a good time, all right?

Nicole: All right.

EJ: Tell your sister I'm sorry that I couldn't meet her this time.

Nicole: Okay, well--[Ahem] Good luck with that crisis.

EJ: Okay.

Nicole: I guess.

Daniel: Make sure Chloe takes her meds as prescribed.

Philip: I'll get this filled right now. Thanks again, Daniel.

Melanie: Meds. Postpartum depression? Uh-oh.

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Hello.

Melanie: Hi, it's me. I found out some new information that can help us...accomplish what we've been trying to do.

Kate: Excellent.

Melanie: I have to whisper, so listen up.

Kate: I'm all ears, Melanie.

Melanie: Philip brought Chloe into the hospital because she's suffering from postpartum depression.

Kate: That's a lot more serious than I thought.

Melanie: Well, wait till you hear this. Chloe left Parker home alone with the oven on.

Kate: Oh, my God!

Melanie: That's why Philip's taking her to get help, but I don't think medicine's gonna be enough.

Kate: Well, of course it's not--you can't cure insanity with a pill.

Melanie: I'm worried about Parker. Now I know it's way too dangerous for him to be living with Chloe. [Gasps]

Melanie: I gotta call you back.

Chloe: Too dangerous for my own son? Why are you talking about me like that? And who? Who was on the phone?

Melanie: Never mind.

Chloe: Oh, I do mind! 'Cause it's none of your damn business.

Melanie: Wanna bet?

Sami: Why are you so upset, Allie?

Allie: I want to stay with Johnny.

Sami: Oh, um...well, how 'bout we read a story together, all of us, and then when it's time for Johnny to take his nap, you and I something else, okay? Why don't you two pick out a story? There you go.

Rafe 2: You think she's still mad at me about that cookie thing?

Sami: No. Probably not. I'm sure--you know, it could just be that she just needs-- wants attention right now.

Rafe 2: Yeah. Yeah, you're probably right. Johnny has been getting all the love lately, hasn't he?

Sami: Well, I mean, she knows she's loved. But maybe it's hard for her at this age to understand that Johnny needs special focus right now.

Rafe 2: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. She just doesn't get it. She's too young.

Sami: Yeah. Um... well, I think what I can do is plan something that's special for the two of us, you know, some quality time for us.

Rafe 2: That's a good idea. Yeah, that's a good idea. Spend some quality time, 'cause she's about to disappear.

Kate: Hey, I'm glad you're here. I need to talk to you about something.

EJ: Bad time, Kate.

Kate: It won't take long. I just have a few questions--

EJ: I said it's a bad time, all right?

Kate: Hey, you know--

EJ: It's a bad time!

Kate: It's important! It's about saving my grandson, all right?

EJ: Wait a second. You would do anything...anything for your grandchildren, right? Tell me.

Kate: Yes, of course I would!

EJ: Then listen to me! Listen to me.

Melanie: Parker's my stepson. I get to be worried about him.

Chloe: Well, don't be. He's fine. He's a perfect little boy who gets plenty of love.

Melanie: Who's loving him right now?

Chloe: He's with Maggie right now.

Melanie: Maggie? Again? Maggie spends more time with him than you do.

Chloe: Don't you dare judge me.

Melanie: A mother's supposed to love and protect their child. Can you say you've done either?

Chloe: What has Philip told you?

Melanie: I think if you're a good mom, you'd give Philip full custody. You'll do what's right for Parker.

EJ: Listen, just call Lucas, okay, and tell him he needs to send for Allie right away.

Kate: Okay, why, why? You need to tell me what's going on.

EJ: No, I do not need to tell you what's going on. You just need to do it.

Kate: You're asking me to send my granddaughter to Hong Kong--I should know the reason why!

EJ: No, you shouldn't, all right? You need to make sure that he gets her out of the country today! Today.

Stefano: Then you know what to do.

Rafe 2: Shouldn't be a problem. I'll check in with you later.

Stefano: Did you hear that, Rafael, hmm? Allie Horton is going to leave Salem forever... and there is not a thing that you can do about it.

Chloe: I am not giving Philip full custody of Parker. That's not what he wants anyway.

Melanie: Maybe not yet. But it will be.

Chloe: Why? Because you're gonna poison him against me?

Melanie: No. I don't have to do anything. You keep up this Medea act, and no one'll let you go anywhere near Parker.

Chloe: I will not let you take my son away from me. I'm gonna let Philip know what you're up to.

Melanie: Do it.

Philip: What's going on here?

Kate: Okay. I'm gonna call Lucas.

EJ: Well, call him. Do it now!

Kate: What do you want me to tell him?

EJ: I don't know! Get creative!

Kate: Hey, EJ, it's the middle of the night in Hong Kong, all right?

EJ: Then wake him up. [Sighs] Hi. Hi, honey. Yeah, it's me, it's Mom. Yeah, I know. I know it's the middle of the night. I'm sure you were.

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: Hello. Hey. I didn't think I'd hear from you.

EJ: Hey. Crisis averted. So...still at the pub?

Nicole: Yeah! I'm actually just going over a few things with Taylor. You should come by.

EJ: Hmm. I think it's about time I met your sister, don't you?

Stefano: Oh, well, well, well, well. [Chuckles] Yep. Ah. Well, how does it feel, hmm? To know that Samantha is going to lose her child? All because of you. [Laughs] You know... you better watch yourself, Rafael, because, you know, Samantha has a...a lot of people in her life that I could make disappear. So here on in, if I were you, I would, uh...I would really be on my best behavior. [Chuckling]

Sami: Well, why don't you and I play the game that you and Johnny were playing? You can show me how it works, okay?

Johnny: Mommy!

Sami: Oh, 'bout you and Rafe set it up, and I'll be right back.

Rafe 2: Hey, Allie... hey. Since your mom's busy, I got a better idea than playing some boring old board game. What do you say you and I go to the park? Sounds like fun, right? How's it going? Good. How are you?

On the next "Days of our Lives" --

Rafe: I'm at the park with the kid. Come and get her.

Stefano: I suggest that we move on to the next stage of the plan.

Philip: How could you do this to my father?

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