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Philip: Maggie, I want to see Chloe. I don't give a damn what excuse she's got, or if she says she's-- there he is. Let me hold my son.

Maggie: There you go. Hmm?

[Knock on door]

Melanie: Oh, Kate.

Kate: Sorry just to drop in on you like this, but I needed to do this in person.

Melanie: Do what?

Kate: We need to keep it on the QT. It's about Chloe.

Chloe: Daniel. Hey. I wasn't expecting to see you here. I figured you'd be at home resting after what happened. The whole hospital's talking about how you saved Jennifer.

Daniel: Yeah, what, um-- what are you doing here?

Chloe: Uh, actually, running into you like this. I think it's fate.

Daniel: Fate.

Chloe: Yeah. Um, 'cause I've just done something that you should know about.

Nicole: What... what was that? What is this?

EJ: That was a kiss. And an invitation. What? A fiancÚ is not allowed to kiss his bride to be? Hmm?

Nicole: No, of course. But, I mean...

EJ: We are getting married. You know that, right?

Nicole: Yeah.

EJ: Okay.

Nicole: Yes. Of course I do. I...

EJ: I'm sorry, is there some kind of rule in place? No sex?

Nicole: Well, I kind of thought that was implied.

EJ: I didn't.

Rafe: Makes no sense. Who cares if I pass out? If I'm out of Sami's life for good, why bother keeping me alive?

Stefano: Isn't it obvious? I need you.

Sami: So maybe I'll just have to jog your memory. What's wrong?

Maxine: Sorry to keep poking you like this, Mrs. Deveraux. But we have to keep a close eye on how you're healing.

Jennifer: Maxine, the doctor who saved my life.

Maxine: Dr. Jonas? Yeah, he's the one that operated on you.

Jennifer: I need to see him. Please.

Daniel: What did you do that I should know about?

Chloe: I went to see Dr. Pearlman.

Daniel: Ah. Good.

Chloe: Yeah, uh, we had a nice talk. Uh, he seems really nice.

Daniel: He is. Yes, he is. Very nice.

Chloe: I decided to follow your advice. Unlike before. You know, when we were engaged. And I lost the baby--well, realized that there was no baby. Everything just started to go wrong.

Daniel: I'm glad you're seeing him. He's very, very well qualified. Um, good luck with that.

Chloe: Well, it just got me thinking, you know, about everything that's happened. And all the mistakes I have made. And I just think, what if? You know, what if things had been--

Daniel: You know, Chloe. I--I, um, have a lot of patients today. I'm literally just--I'm swamped. I am. And, I--

Chloe: Okay, but I'm still your wife. Don't you wanna just talk somewhere? Like, go somewhere and talk for a little bit?

Daniel: No. Mm-mm.

EJ: Look. Please don't misunderstand. The kiss. Invitation. That doesn't have anything to do with the arrangement that we've made. Okay? We're still getting married. You know? You still get to see Sydney. And Johnny. That is, if you still want to.

Nicole: Yes, yes.

EJ: Okay? I just thought that, well, as you've, um, put on this marvelous performance recently. And if we take off the bracelet that there could be a new kind of trust. You know? Between the two of us.

Nicole: Trust is good.

EJ: Look, if this is something that you don't feel that you can take further... so be it. You know? I just... I thought that us being here, alone, in the moment... we might be ready to take things to the next level. So... are we?

Rafe 2: This, uh... no, nothing's wrong. It's just, uh, maybe I had a few too many beers at the party. But, uh, no. Any time you want to kiss me, you just go for it, babe.

Sami: You're lying.

Philip: Hey, little man. You're still so perfect.

Maggie: Yes, he is. It might be nice if you'd come to visit more often. Maybe, uh, help take care of him.

Philip: Maggie... I'm going to do just that. I'm not gonna screw up this time. I'm this little guy's dad, and I'm going to be a father.

Maggie: Good.

Philip: And that goes for Melanie's baby, too. I'm gonna be a father to my kid. Whether Mel wants it that way or not.

Kate: It's very sad. It's horrible, really. But Chloe is losing it.

Melanie: So I've heard.

Kate: Yeah. It's like she's disconnected. She had--she had a doctor's appointment today to talk about it. Her lack of interest in Parker. It's like she doesn't even care about that baby.

Melanie: Okay, Kate. Believe me, I hate Chloe. But she loves that baby, so I'm not about to believe a word you're saying.

Daniel: Chloe. I am not trying to be cruel, here.

Chloe: But you are.

Daniel: No, I am just trying to be realistic here. Having a conversation? A private one, you and me? About anything? It's just--

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: It's not gonna change anything. Ever.

Chloe: Parker misses you so much. Every time he sees a picture of you, he cries.

Daniel: Stop, stop, stop. You will not use that baby as a weapon.

Chloe: I'm not.

Daniel: Using Parker will never make me want to come back to you.

Chloe: I understand, I just--

Daniel: You just what? What?

Chloe: Every time I think of Parker, I think of you, and us. And what we had. I would give anything to have you look at me the way you used to. Anything.

Daniel: So would I.

Lexie: Well, thanks again for watching Theo.

Taylor: Oh, hey, my pleasure. He's such a sweetie.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah he is. Are you sure you don't want to stay again tonight?

Taylor: No, no. Now that the storm's cleared up in Chicago I'll just get on that bus back to my mom's.

Lexie: [Sigh]

Taylor: But listen, you don't have to walk me to the bus station. God knows I know the way.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, I know. But, um...

Taylor: What? Lexie, is something wrong?

Lexie: Well, your bus isn't for a while yet. And, um... okay. There's something I need to say to you before you leave Salem. Okay?

Taylor: Sure. What's it about?

Lexie: Your sister. Nicole.

Nicole: EJ, uh... this is just really unexpected. I...

EJ: [Clears throat]

Nicole: I didn't really think that--

EJ: Nicole. I understand. Most aspects of a relationship are pretty bloody awful. It's also one arena in which I always thought you performed rather well. Unless you want a relationship that is... sans benefits. Or is it Brady, I don't know.

Nicole: Brady. Uh, no. No. No matter how I feel... Brady has moved on. And that was made very clear.

EJ: Okay. So is that a yes?

Nicole: Actually, uh, what I'm saying is... no.

Rafe: You need me? What for? Oh, my God. You have done something to her, haven't you? What did you do to Sami?

Stefano: I told you. Nothing.

Rafe: You lying son of a bitch. Now it's either one of two things. Either you've done something to her, or she's-- she's home worried sick about me.

Stefano: You are so full of yourself, you know? I thought somebody with your FBI credentials would at least have a little bit of an imagination. Can't you imagine the possibility that Samantha is not missing you at all?

Rafe 2: Sami, I would never lie to you.

Sami: I know. Rafe, I didn't mean it that way. I just mean, ever since we came home from the hospital you've been pretending like everything's fine. And it's not.

Rafe 2: What?

Sami: You were just in a car accident.

Rafe 2: Right.

Sami: Rafe, you almost died because of me.

Rafe 2: Look. No. Like I said before, I don't want you blaming yourself for this.

Sami: But I do blame myself. I was driving like an idiot. And you had to chase after me? I mean, God. Rafe, the whole thing is my fault. And then you come home from the hospital, and you're pretending like everything is cool when it isn't.

Rafe 2: Hey, hey, hey. Check it out. Everything's cool. We're good. We're cool. Okay?

Sami: No, we're not.

Rafe 2: Yeah.

Sami: No, you still have a concussion. You're not 100%.

Rafe 2: Listen...

Sami: So we have to take things slow, and that's okay. Okay? We just will. You know, I shouldn't have hauled off and just kissed you like that. It was wrong.

Rafe 2: Felt pretty right to me.

Sami: I love you so much.

Rafe 2: Yeah?

Sami: I hope you know that. I just want you to get better. So we'll take things slow, it's okay. I won't attack you every chance I get, okay? One step at a time. I'm gonna, um, I'm gonna go check on the kids, okay?

Kate: Just trying to help, Melanie.

Melanie: Help who, Kate?

Kate: Parker. But I'd like to help Philip. I'd like to help you, too, if you'd let me.

Melanie: Okay. I know you hate Chloe at least as much as I do.

Kate: Absolutely. We have a lot in common.

Melanie: Wait, uh, that's actually the only thing we have in common. And here's the other thing. I'm not ready to make any decisions about Parker, about my baby, about anything else right now.

Kate: Okay. I understand. I mean, I absolutely understand. Believe me. You need time to think. Maybe...maybe talk it over with someone. I have some time right now, so why don't we go to Java and we'll kick back some lattes and talk?

Melanie: Actually, here's what we're gonna do. You are gonna get going right now.

Maggie: There you go, young man. All nice and comfy. Yes! Oh, Chloe. I just put Parker down.

Chloe: Thanks.

Maggie: Is everything okay?

Chloe: It's fine, yeah. Uh, why don't you go see Jennifer. I know you want to see her. I do, yes. How'd the doctor's appointment go?

Chloe: Oh, it was fine. Um, he seemed really nice. Um, he's running some tests. And gave me a prescription for something, I don't know. My nerves.

Maggie: Okay. Well, did you have it filled?

Chloe: No, um, I will. Later. Why don't you go be with your niece.

Maggie: Right, I'm on my way. Oh! Chloe? Honey. Okay, sweetheart. What is it? Something happened, didn't it? Come on, now. Something happened when you went to see the doctor. Talk to me. Please. Please.

Chloe: It was afterwards.

Maggie: After you saw the doctor.

Chloe: Yeah, um, I was there. And I thought that maybe if I went to see Daniel I could get him to admit that he still loves Parker.

Maggie: But he didn't want to see you.

Chloe: No, he saw me. And he said that he was never gonna change his mind. Maggie, I don't know what's wrong with me. I just feel like I'm so out of it all the time now. And it was always my dream to have a baby. And I got that. And... now, in my head, I know that I love Parker. But in my heart...

Maggie: What? What?

Chloe: I don't know if I can anymore.

EJ: I'm just at a little bit of a loss. Is there a reason that you said no?

Nicole: Because, how you feel about me. Two years ago, EJ, I stole Sami's baby and passed her off as our own. I am not naive. And I know that sorry doesn't cut it. Not with something that goes so deep. So it doesn't matter what our agreement is, or how much you've changed. You still hate me for what I did. And that hasn't changed. Am I right?

Rafe 2: You're not rushing me. I'm fine, up for anything.

Sami: Really?

Rafe 2: Or, listen, if I'm giving off bad signals it's just 'cause, you know, things are still a little weird for me sometimes.

Sami: Oh, I know, I know. I'm so sorry. The doctor said there are some things you might never remember. I wish I could help. I'd do anything.

Rafe 2: I can think of something.

Philip: I was just about to knock.

Kate: Hello, darling.

Philip: What are you doing here?

Kate: I was just leaving, actually. We'll talk soon.

Melanie: Probably not.

Kate: Hm.

Philip: What was that about?

Melanie: Your baby. Actually, both of your babies.

Jennifer: Oh, Gram, you were so wise. It's hard to believe I've been given another chance like this, Gram. I mean, to be saved because of one man.

[Knock on door]

Daniel: Hey. How's it going?

EJ: Nicole, what matters most to me is your love for Sydney, and for Johnny. And I can see that. It's real. It's tangible. Yeah? The business... I hope it stays in the background. That's where it belongs.

Nicole: Can it? Always?

EJ: We'll have to wait and see. Anyway, this has, um, nothing to do with my feelings. Which are very different to your feelings. Maybe we should just both say this conversation is over. Hmm? We're done here. All right? Hm?

Sami: I'll do it. I'll do anything.

Rafe 2: Okay. Okay. Go slow. You know, maybe we could talk to each other about the things that we've said. You know, in private? So I could get a good feel for the details. It might help me get my memory back, you know?

Sami: Uh, sure. Yeah, we could talk about as much, as little as you want. Um, about anything...always.

Rafe 2: I like that, yeah. Yeah, I like that.

EJ: Done. Right?

Nicole: All right, EJ.

EJ: Hm? I...

Nicole: No, wait.

EJ: No?

Nicole: Wait a second.

EJ: Uh-huh?

Nicole: Um...

Rafe 2: I said talk to me.

Sami: Um...

Rafe: Now.

Melanie: Uh, your mom has decided that since Chloe's gone off the deep end I need to step up and raise her child along with my child.

Philip: What?

Melanie: Yeah. She thinks that since they're both your kids I can think of them as my two little darlings.

Philip: That's-- that's insane. As usual my mother's way off on her own, trying to run everybody's life. But Chloe would never in a million years let--

Melanie: Right, it's not happening. Believe me. But that's what Kate wants. She's trying to get Chloe's baby away from her as soon as possible.

Philip: Damn it.

Melanie: Oh, there's another thing. Your mom wants us to get back together. Mommy and daddy raising both your kids.

Philip: Well? Hey. You know that's what I want more than anything.

Melanie: Well, hey. It's not gonna happen. You betrayed me, and then you lied about it. Forever. And I don't want you building my life, and I don't want you a part of it. And if I need help, my dad's gonna help me. And so is Nathan.

Philip: Nathan.

Melanie: He still wants to be with me. Even though I'm having your child.

Daniel: So, uh, Maxine said you wanted to talk to me?

Jennifer: Yeah. I, um, I just--I wanted to say thank you. I heard about everything that happened at the prison and everything that you did for me.

Daniel: Ah, you don't have to thank me.

Jennifer: I want to thank you. You know, Carly's told me so much about you, and that you're a great doctor. And you're a great guy. Everything that you did to save my life--

Daniel: You know, I was just doing what I'm trained to do. It worked out. By the way, my daughter deserves a lot of the credit.

Jennifer: She's a nurse, right?

Daniel: Yeah, she's a very good nurse. Yeah, she was right there with me. When things seemed to be a little dicey, she was the one that kept me going.

Jennifer: Obviously you're proud of her. You must feel very lucky.

Daniel: I, uh-- yeah, I am lucky. I'm a very lucky father. A very lucky man.

Maggie: You know, honey. Sometimes, you know, young mothers, especially when they have their first baby... well, I mean, things just don't always work out the way they expect. Now the doctor that you saw today. Um, did he--

Chloe: Maggie, I'm fine. Uh, why don't you go see Jennifer?

Maggie: I think I'm gonna put that off for a while. Let's just have our tea. Shall we? Do you want to tell me what you're so upset about? I mean, you said that you didn't feel that you love Parker the way you should. So, I mean--

Chloe: You know what? I'm just--I'm not a good mother. That's what it is. I'm not good enough. If you'll excuse me, I just need some air.

Taylor: Nicole doesn't want me around.

Lexie: Taylor, why don't you give her another chance? Maybe now that she's had some time to think about it. Just go see her. Just one more time.

Taylor: It won't help. Lexie, the past... the way she sees the two of us, it's kind of hard-wired into her by now.

Lexie: [Sigh]

Taylor: But you and Abe have been so kind. Now I can't thank you enough.

Lexie: Oh, are you kidding? We love having you here. And you know how Theo feels.

Taylor: Give him a kiss for me?

Lexie: Yeah. I will. Bye, sweetie.

Taylor: Bye.

Lexie: Taylor.

Taylor: Yeah?

Lexie: Are you sure?

Taylor: Yeah. Nicole wants me gone, so I'm gone. Thanks again. Bye.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Hmm.

Nicole: Wow, hmm. That was a surprise.

EJ: Yeah, a very pleasant one.

Nicole: Oh!

Sami: Are you sure about this?

Rafe 2: Babe. [Indistinct] Just want you. I need you. On my way. I'm good to go. I say it's now or never.

Sami: What does that mean?

Rafe 2: Let's not talk anymore.

Daniel: Well, I think it's time for you to get some rest now.

Jennifer: I...I do. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get personal about your life.

Daniel: No, no, no. It's fine. I just, um, want you to stop talking. Okay? You got a lot of healing to do, so just get some sleep.

Jennifer: I just feel like it's all my fault. Trusting Ben, and going to that prison. I was such a big fool.

Daniel: Well, you were doing it for... for Hope. And you're--well, you're one brave lady.

Jennifer: Thank you. I owe you. I owe you so much.

Daniel: I'm actually starting to see how much I owe you.

Philip: You want to raise our kid with Nathan?

Melanie: Philip, I don't know what I want. Or what I'm gonna need. And I'm not really worrying about it right now. But Nathan made it pretty clear he still wants to be with me. And he doesn't care that I'm having your baby.

Philip: Yeah, well, I care. He's not gonna be playing daddy with my kid. I'm the father.

Melanie: You're Parker's father. How's that working out for you?

Philip: I just came from seeing him.

Melanie: Did you? You stay for two minutes, or three?

Philip: I don't want to talk about Parker. I want to talk about us. And my kid. I mean, you gotta know that I love you. And I'm going to love our baby.

Melanie: Okay, Philip. You're not listening to me. I don't care how you feel. Or how you're trying to make me feel. I'm making all the decisions from now on about Parker, about my baby, about Nathan, about you. About everything. You don't matter. Now go. Please.

Chloe: Oh, God. Can't stay here. You have to go back to Maggie's. Go and be with Parker. Hold him. Love him. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. All I ever wanted was Daniel and his child. And now... ooh, now, I can't even look at my own baby.

Stefano: Well, have you had a chance to think it through?

Rafe: Yeah. Whatever game you're playing, I'm out. And if you haven't hurt Sami, then she's terrified. Wondering where the hell I'm at.

Stefano: Is that the only scenario that you can come up with?

Rafe: Oh, of course there's always the body burned in the exploding car theory. Burned beyond recognition. Well, of course, a conveniently placed piece of jewelry. Or partial I.D. is that what you did? Did you convince Sami that I'm dead?

Stefano: [Laughing] Rafael, you give me much too much credit.

Rafe: Whatever. You take your drink, get the hell out of here. Obviously, I've been fed and watered. You're keeping me alive for some reason. I'm done. Get out.

Stefano: Rafael, haven't I told you? We are not done. Hm? I need your help. Remember?

Rafe: Right. Yeah. Like I would ever help you.

Stefano: Actually, I think you might.

Rafe 2: Yeah. Oh, that was incredible.

Sami: Yeah.

Rafe 2: Heh. That was like the first time.

EJ: [Laughing]

Nicole: Wow.

EJ: Wow. Wow, indeed. Well, we should probably talk about that. [Clears throat] Over a drink, I think.

Nicole: That is a good idea. You know what? I will go make us some martinis.

EJ: Good idea.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

[Cell phone vibrating]

EJ: Is there a problem?

Rafe 2: Actually, man, I've never felt better.

Kate: Well, hello again.

Philip: What the hell's the matter with you?

Kate: Philip--

Philip: You are not running my life. Or the lives of my children. Or Melanie's or Chloe's. Understood? So back off.

Chloe: Ooh. Okay. Um, I've gotta call Maggie and tell her we'll be there. Oh, God. Why am I so awful?

Melanie: What are you doing, taking a nap?

Chloe: Melanie, hey.

Melanie: It's the middle of the day, why aren't you taking care of Parker? Why aren't you taking care of your baby?

Stefano: [Sigh] As I told you before. I haven't done a thing to Samantha.

Rafe: Or EJ, then. What's the difference?

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no. My son hasn't done anything to her either.

Rafe: Okay. Then what the hell are you talking about?

Stefano: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. You do not ask the questions here. I do.

Rafe: Hm. Well, I'm not gonna tell you squat.

Stefano: Ah, I think you will. Actually, right now. And I am going to tell you why.

Nicole: Well. We certainly clicked, huh? Although, I wonder if maybe-- no, that's a bad idea. That's a very bad idea. Or not. I guess I'll find out, right? Maybe he'll say, "hey, let's do it again." Or, maybe he'll say, "get the hell out." I don't know.

[Doorbell rings]

Nicole: Harold! Mary? Anyone? Really? This better not be Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. Ooh. Uh, Taylor.

Taylor: Hi, um--

Nicole: What the hell are you doing here? You were supposed to be gone! Long gone! For good!

Rafe 2: Aw, just checking in, man. Letting you know things are real good.

EJ: You sound very chipper.

Rafe 2: Yeah, you too. What's up?

EJ: I ask the questions. Okay? You remember who you work for.

Rafe 2: Right. Sorry, boss man.

EJ: You're not being very specific, why are you so upbeat?

Rafe 2: Yeah, well, remember that thing that you and your dad were so worried about? Me and Sami? Well, no more worries. Taken care of that.

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