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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/27/11 - Canada; Friday 1/28/11 - U.S.A.


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Hope: [Exhales] Come on, Jennifer. Hurry up. Wherever Bo is, he needs our help.

Officer: This is the police! Come out with your hands up!

Carly: Hey, Jennifer. I got your message. What's going on?

Jennifer: Hey, listen to me, I talked to Hope.

Carly: What did she say? Are she and Bo all right?

Jennifer: Listen, Bo is missing. He went to track down a lead and never came back.

Carly: No. Okay. We have to do something.

Jennifer: We will. We're gonna do something and I have a plan, okay? But I'm gonna need your help to pull it off.

Burt: Time for your execution, commissioner. Just so you know, I'll give you a decent head start before I pull the trigger. Don't want your brains all over my nice uniform.

Bo: Yeah, well, you're a disgrace to that uniform. You're nothing but a scum-sucking pig. [Grunts] [Coughs]

Burt: You know what, killing you is gonna be a lot of fun.

Melanie: Hi, Dad.

Daniel: Hey. Hey. Honey.

Melanie: Hi.

Daniel: Hey.

Melanie: What did--what did you need to talk about?

Daniel: It's Chloe.

Melanie: No. Absolutely not. You're not going back to that bitch.

[Door opens]

Maggie: Parker's finally asleep. Music seems to calm him. Makes him happy too. You know, sometimes when he cries, I sing to him a little bit. Cheers him up pretty quickly. He probably gets that from you, don't you think? The music gene. Chloe. Honey, are you listening to me?

Kate: Okay. So you said you wanted to talk to me. What about Parker?

Victor: There was an incident today with our grandson's mother. Seems that Chloe is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Kate: Oh, Victor, that's wonderful!

EJ: And then when Samantha found out that Nicole was going to be part of the children's lives, she, uh, she went berserk.

Nicole: Big surprise.

Stefano: Mm-hmm. So she refuses to sign the custody papers?

EJ: She does. Yes. But she'll come down. I mean, eventually, father, she's going to realize she doesn't really have a choice, you know. Nicole is going to be a part of this household no matter what. That's not negotiable.

[Cell phone rings]

Stefano: Uh... yes. Oh, my God. Are you sure?

EJ: What is it? All right. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Fine. Just keep me posted. Rafael Hernandez was just in a very serious car accident, and they say that it's possible he might not make it.

Sami: We're here, Rafe. We're at the hospital. I promise we're gonna get you some help.

Ben: What do we have?

Medic: M.V.A. Driver restrained. Car versus tree. Unresponsive at scene and intubated on route. Heart rate is 105. BP is 110 over 70.

Ben: Rafe, can you hear me? Rafe, it's Dr. Walters. We're gonna take good care of you. All right, let's get him to room 304. Mrs. Hernandez, please, you have to stay back.

Sami: No, please, come on. You have to let me go with him. It's my fault.

Ben: We're gonna do everything we can. I promise you. You have to stay.

Carly: I'll do anything. What do you need?

Jennifer: All right, you know that Hope thought something wasn't right at the prison.

Carly: The girls who died mysteriously, yeah.

Jennifer: Yeah. And it's a long story, but I broke into the infirmary. I have files on all the patients.

Carly: What do they say?

Jennifer: I don't know what they say. It's a bunch of medical codes and I can't read them. Listen, that's why I need you, all right? If we can prove how those women died, then we can prove that Hope was in danger. We can stop the whole manhunt for her and Bo.

Carly: Okay. Well, do you have them with you?

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. I took pictures of them on my cell.

EJ: Was anybody else hurt? The children weren't involved, were they?

Stefano: No, no, no, no. He was alone.

Nicole: Oh, thank God.

EJ: Listen, if Rafe dies, Father...

Stefano: [Exhales] This could change everything.

[Cell phone rings]

Stefano: Ah. All right. I got to take this. It's my contact at the hospital.

Nicole: What does he mean by that?

EJ: Hmm? What does he mean by what?

Nicole: Rafe's death could change everything. Change what, exactly?

Sami: Hey. Hey. So what's happening with Rafe? Have you heard anything?

Nurse: I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait for the doctor.

Sami: I can't believe this. I mean, this is my fault. Oh, God, please. If something happens to Rafe, I will never forgive myself. Please, God, let him come back to us. I need him so much. My whole family needs him. He's everything to me. To us. Just please let him be okay.

Daniel: Don't call her that again.

Melanie: Answer me.

Daniel: No. No. I'm not gonna go back to Chloe. That's not even what I wanted to talk about.

Melanie: Then what? What's going on?

Daniel: She pulled another desperate stunt today.

Melanie: She try to seduce you again?

Daniel: No, no, no. It's something more alarming. She brought Parker to the hospital claiming that he was sick when, in fact, he wasn't.

Melanie: That conniving little...

Daniel: Tsk...

Melanie: Ugh! Okay. Fine. This whole--this whole no name-calling thing, that's gonna take a little work.

Daniel: Okay, well, look, there was just something in her eyes--in her voice. Something's not right with her.

Melanie: Do you think Parker's in danger?

Daniel: Well, I sure as hell hope not.

Melanie: Well, is it okay that he's left alone with her?

Daniel: She's not. Chloe and the baby are staying with Maggie tonight.

Melanie: Well, Maggie won't let anything happen to them.

Daniel: True. Listen, um... I think Parker needs us to look out for him.

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: Okay?

Melanie: Yeah. I mean, he's just an innocent in all of this. We absolutely will. I love him. I'll do whatever it takes.

Daniel: You will?

Melanie: Yeah.

Daniel: Thank you. Thank you.

Victor: So it turns out that Chloe was just pretending that Parker was sick to get Daniel's attention.

Kate: [Scoffs] My God. Can you imagine lying about something like that?

Victor: Well, it's hardly surprising.

Kate: That's so true. Do you remember when Chloe and Philip were in high school together and how she lied? Do you remember? She accused him. Ugh.

Victor: Wait a minute.

Kate: No. You know, the thing is, there wasn't a baby involved then. Thank God. Now we have this precious little boy. We have to make sure that she is not part of our grandson's life.

Victor: That's simply not going to happen. We can't use this against her.

Kate: What? Why the hell not?

Maggie: Chloe? Did you hear what I said?

Chloe: No. I'm not okay. I'm a terrible mother.

Maggie: Oh, honey. That's not true.

Chloe: I told people my baby was sick when he wasn't. Who does that?

Maggie: You've been through a lot lately. You're under stress. So much stress. Your breakup with Daniel... cut yourself some slack, will you, please?

Chloe: I just wanted to remind Daniel how much he loves Parker and... and loved me. [Crying] I'm trying everything to keep my family together, but it all just backfires. And now Daniel's gonna hate me forever.

Maggie: No. No. Listen to me. He's angry and he's disappointed, yes. But I don't believe that Daniel could ever hate you.

Chloe: No. No, Maggie, you're wrong. If you saw the way that he looks at me--or doesn't look at me... he wants nothing to do with me or my baby.

Maggie: Chloe, listen, I realize this is very upsetting to you, but you've got to put this aside, honey. You have got a child to take care of.

Chloe: Yeah. A child that I have failed completely. I have ruined any chance for him to be happy. Don't you see that? How am I even supposed to face my little boy now?

Officer: Know you're in here. Come out where I can see you. All right, we'll do this the hard way.

Bo: Ha. Is that the best you can do, Burt? You know, why don't you have your girlfriend come in here-- Jane--show you how it's done?

Burt: I know what you're doing. You're trying to goad me into killing you right now. And that way, our cover story doesn't work.

Bo: You've been watching cop shows, haven't you?

Burt: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we're sticking to the original plan. You're gonna get shot evading arrest. A fatal wound straight to the brain.

Jennifer: Carly, what do they say?

Carly: I can't make it out. It's too blurry.

Jennifer: Oh, shoot. I was afraid of that. I was nervous and I was in a hurry.

Carly: Is there any way I can see the originals?

Jennifer: Yeah, I think so. But it's dangerous to go back there.

Carly: I don't care. We need to help Bo and Hope.

Jennifer: All right, then let's go. Come with me. Come on. If there's any way I can get a few extra dollars in my bank account--

Melanie: Mmm.

Daniel: Whoa. Oh, I'm not used to a home-cooked meal.

Melanie: I know.

Daniel: Chloe and I used to order takeout. And we'd actually sit by the fire--

Melanie: No, I don't want to hear about Chloe, okay? Here. Stir that in for me, okay?

Daniel: All right.

Melanie: I'm gonna go check an email really quick.

Daniel: You got it.

Melanie: Hey, hmm, no more Chloe.

Daniel: Okay. All right. All right. All right.

Melanie: Try it too.

Daniel: Okay. Yeah.

Melanie: How is it?

Daniel: It's delicious!

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: Daniel, um, you need to get over here right away. I'm worried about Chloe.

Daniel: Uh, hold on a second. I'm gonna step out for a bit, okay? I'll be right back!

Melanie: Wait! Where are you going? Was it my stew?

EJ: I'm sure father's referring to the custody situation. You know, Rafe is on our side. Obviously he was able to talk some sense into Samantha.

Nicole: I don't think he's exactly on our side.

EJ: Maybe I miss-poke. But he understood why I want you around. He recognized the children needed a mother figure. Somebody who's reliable. Somebody who'll put the children first. Somebody who'll love them with all their heart.

Stefano: We have got to get to the hospital now.

Ben: Rafe has suffered some serious internal injuries including hemorrhages in his brain.

Sami: What does that mean?

Ben: It means that there's a slight possibility of brain damage. But the main thing is he's stable for now.

Sami: Will he need surgery?

Ben: At the moment, no. We'll let you know if anything changes.

Sami: So can I go sit with him? Is he awake?

Ben: He's unconscious. But I think it would do him a lot of good to have you by his side.

Sami: Thank you, Dr. Walters.

Ben: [Exhales heavily]

[Machine beeping steadily]

Sami: Hey. Hey, sweetheart. Rafe, can you hear me? I'm so sorry. I mean, this is all my fault that... you're always trying to protect me. And I shouldn't have run out like that. I should've stayed and I should've listened to you. And when you get better, I promise you I won't do stupid stuff like that anymore. When you come home, I'll be different. And I know you're secretly rolling your eyes at me and you're, like, "yeah, right, Sami." But I promise. And I can prove it to you. I'm gonna accept Nicole in my kids' lives. I'm gonna sign that custody agreement so that our family can finally have some peace. But we're not a family without you. So, Rafe, you have to wake up, and you have to get better, and you have to come home because-- because I need you and our kids need you. Please. Please just come home to us.

[Glass shatters]

Officer: Damn. Crazy drunk must've gone onto another boat.

Hope: [Exhales softly] That was close. Come on, Jennifer. We're running out of time.

Burt: Hey, Brady, stay alert. No time for a catnap.

Bo: Water. I need water.

Burt: Do I look like your maid?

Bo: Just get me some water.

Burt: Damn it. We need you awake.

Bo: Hey, Burt. No sleeping on the job. Janey's not gonna be too happy with that.

Carly: I cannot believe you broke in here. If anyone found out what you were doing...

Jennifer: No one would've found out what I was doing. I was fine. All right. I want you to take a look at these and tell me what these codes mean.

Carly: They're I.C.D. codes. They indicate what the patient was suffering from. Look at this. 5.0. 442.9?

Jennifer: What? What does that mean?

Carly: Oh, my God. I know what was going on here.

Maggie: Come in. I finally got her to lie down. She has been so distant and distracted ever since she left the hospital. Kind of like she's going through the motions.

Daniel: Okay. Well, I'll see what I can do.

Maggie: Okay.

Daniel: I left my doctor's bag in my car. So I should probably just go--

Maggie: I'll go to your car and get it.

Chloe: Daniel. Why are you here?

Daniel: I came to see you. I just wanted to make sure that, you know, everything was--was-- was all right.

Chloe: After all the horrible things you said at the hospital, you're here. You do still care about me.

Daniel: Chloe...

Chloe: Oh, my God. It's been awful without you. I missed you so much. Thank you. Thank you for giving me another chance. I swear, you won't regret it.

Victor: Look, Kate, I know you despise Daniel for leaving you for a younger woman...

Kate: Oh, for God's sakes!

Victor: He is still my Godson, and I'm not going to lose him over this.

Kate: Oh, that's great. You don't want to lose him, but you don't mind losing your grandson? Which is exactly what's gonna happen if Chloe continues to cling on to Parker.

Victor: Look, I know that Melanie would be a better mother for Parker. Almost anyone would. But we've gotta be smart about this.

Kate: What would be smart is to take advantage of Chloe while she's vulnerable.

Victor: No. No, no, we have to wait and see how this thing plays out. We don't want to get our hands dirty if we don't have to.

Kate: [Derisive chuckle] When has it ever bothered you to get a little dirty?

Victor: Kate, think about it. Philip would never forgive us if he found out we plotted against the mother of his child.

Kate: Oh, stop. Stop. Eventually he's gonna thank us.

Victor: Oh, really? When's the last time he thanked you for meddling in his life?

Kate: Okay, listen to me. We need to act on this sooner than later. Otherwise we're never gonna be able to get Chloe out of our lives.

Victor: Damn it, Kate, I said no, and that's final!

Kate: Hi, Melanie, it's Kate.

Melanie: What do you want?

Kate: Have you heard about Chloe's latest transgression?

Melanie: Maybe.

Kate: Then maybe we should meet a little later.

Melanie: Why?

Kate: To discuss one thing-- her downfall, and your happiness.

Melanie: That sounds like two things.

Kate: Not the way I see it.

Sami: Hey, Rafe, if you can, I would really appreciate it if you could give me some sort of sign. Just something to let me know that you can hear me.

[Monitor beeping]

Sami: Thank you. Thank you so much. Okay. Okay, I know you're coming back to me. Rafe, I love you. I love you so much.

Nicole: Careful, Sami. You don't want to send him screaming back to the light.

Sami: What are you two doing here?

EJ: We heard about the accident. So what happened?

Sami: Rafe was driving behind me, and there was a deer. And he swerved to avoid it and hit a tree.

Nicole: That is terrible, Sami. I'm sorry, is he gonna be okay?

Sami: Are you serious? What do you care?

Nicole: What's wrong with you? All right, I'm trying to be nice.

EJ: Okay, Nicole, I think that's enough. Samantha, we're very sorry for the intrusion. Let's go.

Sami: Wait. Wait. Um... look, I--I... I'm not even going to try to pretend that I will ever be okay with you being in my children's lives. But... but Rafe wanted me to try. And... and he's a pretty smart guy. So... so I just want to make everyone's lives easier.

EJ: What are you saying, exactly?

Sami: I'll sign the custody papers.

Stefano: So you expect Rafael to make a full recovery?

Ben: Yes, I believe he will.

Stefano: Hmm. But you said there were some internal injuries. Is there any, like, visible damage on the outside? Like, you know, for instance, cuts, gashes? Like that.

Ben: Why would you want to know that?

Daniel: Uh, Chloe, I think you have the wrong idea, because I'm just here to-- because Maggie called me.

Chloe: Maggie?

Daniel: Yeah. She said that you seemed distracted and not really yourself.

[Door opens]

Chloe: I don't understand. I thought that... oh, uh... you think there's something wrong-- wrong with me, right?

Daniel: No...

Chloe: Am I mentally imbalanced?

Daniel: Uh-uh. Nobody ever said that.

Chloe: Well, good... because I'm fine. So you can just leave.

Daniel: Can you give us a moment, Maggie?

Maggie: Sure.

[Door shuts]

Chloe: She shouldn't have called you.

Daniel: Well, she's worried about you, and so am I.

Chloe: Why? You think I'm going off the deep end? Crazy Chloe strikes again.

Daniel: No, I never thought you were crazy. I still don't. But you just seem to me like you're having a very difficult time, and I get it. I completely understand, because so am I.

Chloe: Really?

Daniel: Yes, really. But--but you need to-- you need to get well first. And the best way for you to do that is to talk to somebody.

Chloe: You mean a shrink?

Daniel: A psychiatrist. So here's the number. And you just make an appointment... and here's a prescription to help you sleep. Okay? Here, take it.

Chloe: I don't need any of that. All I need is you! Don't you see that?

Daniel: I don't see that. I'm sorry, I don't. And this is just--

Chloe: You know what I don't understand? You--you're the kindest, most forgiving person to everyone else. Why is it so damn hard for you to forgive me?

Carly: According to these codes, Hope was right. Most of these deaths that happened in the past year happened during routine surgery. Look at this. One person came in for appendicitis. This woman came in for a cut, and then died on the table.

Jennifer: All right, so we can prove that there's been malpractice then.

Carly: No, we can prove more than that. Look at this--v70.8. That means that every patient was examined for organ donation. Every last one of them.

Jennifer: They're all donors?

Carly: And coincidentally, they all signed up to be cremated.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. So you're telling me that this prison has been killing patients...

Carly: So they can sell their organs. Hope knew about this. That's why they got rid of her. She was getting too close to the truth.

Jennifer: We have to report this--we have to report this.

[Keys jingle]

Bo: Come on...

Burt: Big mistake, Brady.

Jane: Hold on. I need you to fax this for me. I've gotta get going.

Lee: Where are you off to?

Jane: Gotta get rid of Bo Brady. With the help of certain officials. He'll be shot escaping the state police. We'll do it out in a clearing near Route 55, where there won't be any witnesses.

Lee: What about Hope?

Jane: Well, without her beloved husband, maybe she'll just give up or lose her mind. Either way, we'll take care of her eventually.

Lee: Okay, I'll take care of this.

Jane: Thanks.

Jennifer: Oh, my God, we need to call the police right now.

Carly: No, you heard her. Someone on the force is working for her. I'm going to the clearing.

Jennifer: No, wait--

Carly: No, I will be careful.

Jennifer: We'll go together. Listen to me. Just go back exactly the way we came in. I'll be right behind you. I need to call Hope.

Carly: Okay.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hope: Jen, anything?

Jennifer: Hope, listen to me. I just overheard the warden. They're gonna kill Bo tonight.

Daniel: Chloe, I don't want to go through this again. I can't.

Chloe: But, Daniel, we were so happy once. We could be like that again, I know it.

Daniel: You need to tell Maggie that I said good night. Okay?

Chloe: But what about Parker? Don't you want to kiss him good night? Don't you miss him? He still thinks of you as his father, and you could be if you'd just come back to us.

Daniel: Would you stop? You stop using that baby to get me back.

Chloe: I'm not!

Daniel: You are! And you're killing me. Why--why can't you see that?

Kate: Thank you for coming.

Melanie: I love this place. It reminds me of being double-crossed by EJ. All those warm, fuzzy feelings of being coerced into a bad idea. Why do I feel like history's about to repeat itself?

Kate: I like you. You have a quirky sense of humor.

Melanie: Cut to the chase, Kate.

Kate: Do you remember that little conversation we had about you raising your baby and Parker along with Philip?

Melanie: I remember telling you that was never gonna happen. One, because your son betrayed me, and two, because Chloe's not gonna just give up her baby.

Kate: What if Chloe weren't a problem?

Melanie: Well, that's a nice fantasy, but it's never gonna happen because we can't just make Chloe disappear.

Stefano: Dr. Walters, I am merely concerned with my grandchildren's stepfather. Is that not all right with you?

Ben: Why don't you come with me--I'll give you a full report.

Sami: I've got to find Dr. Walters.

Nicole: Sami, hey, hey. Are you-- are you serious about signing those papers? I mean, you're okay with me... being around your children?

Sami: Yes...I'm okay with you being around my kids. Let me just be clear. You are not their mother. You're not anyone's mother.

Nicole: Damn you, Sami. I have done nothing but love your children and try to make them happy.

Sami: You shouldn't even know my children, never mind love them!

Nicole: You don't get to talk to me that way. You understand?

[Both shouting]

EJ: Okay, come on! Stop it, all right? She's agreed to sign the custody papers. Just behave, please.

Sami: Hey, dr. Walters, how's Rafe?

Ben: He's making some progress, but there is a chance he might suffer some memory loss.

Sami: Permanent memory loss?

Ben: I'm sorry, Mrs. Hernandez, it's just too soon to tell.

Sami: Oh, my God.

Nurse: Dr. Walters, you have a patient coming in.

Ben: Thank you. Please, if you have any questions, come find me.

Sami: Thank you.

EJ: Look, I'm sorry, Samantha. This must be agony for you, I'm sure.

Sami: It's not, actually. I'm fine. Because I know Rafe is gonna be fine. He's coming back to me. I know he will.

Jennifer: Hope, listen to me. I overheard the warden. They said they're gonna shoot Bo. They're gonna make it look like he was trying to escape being arrested.

Hope: Do you know where?

Jennifer: Yes, the clearing off of Route 55.

Hope: I'm on my way. Once you hang up, call the police right away.

Jennifer: No, I can't call the state police. There's someone in the police department that is in on this with the warden. I can't do it.

Hope: Contact Rafe Hernandez. You can trust him.

Jennifer: All right, I will. You be careful--do you hear me?

Hope: You too, cuz. Thanks.

Lee: You... what are you doing with those files?

Jennifer: Lee, nothing.

Lee: You better put down the phone, Miss Spenser, 'cause you're not calling anybody. Ever again!

Bo: Aw, Burt... dude, I cannot believe you fell for that old trick. You're just a schmuck.

Jane: What's going on here?

Burt: I'm getting really sick of this guy. When do I get to take him out?

Jane: Right now. Let's go.

Chloe: I am sorry for hurting you, Daniel. But if you would just come back to Parker and me, we could all stop hurting.

Daniel: That is not possible.

Chloe: Yes, it is! It is! I promise you I'll do things right this time. I will never lie to you. I'll never deceive you again. I will just love you with my whole heart and soul. I will spend my life just loving you!

Daniel: Okay, you... you need to take care of yourself, Chloe... for your little boy's sake.

Kate: Okay, let's forget about Chloe for a minute. Let's say she wasn't an issue. Would you be willing to raise your baby and Parker alongside Philip?

Melanie: Well, I would absolutely raise Parker. I love him. I mean, I bonded with him before I found out he wasn't actually my brother. Raising him with Philip, though, that's probably another story.

Kate: Why? Because you don't love him anymore?

Melanie: You have such amazing powers of deduction, Mrs. DiMera.

Kate: Or is it because you're still hung up on that pompous ass, Dr. Nathan Horton?

Melanie: Nathan is not pompous. He's honest...shocking. He's caring, compassionate. He's not something I'm gonna discuss with you.

Kate: Mm-hmm. Well, Melanie, you can't have it both ways. Parker--Parker is a package deal with Philip. Not with Nathan.

Melanie: Leave me alone.

Kate: Okay, I will. I'm just going to ask you not to make any hasty decisions about your future. At least not for a couple of days. Okay?

Melanie: I'll show myself out.

Kate: Oh, you'll come onboard, Melanie, I know you will. Mother to Philip's two children, that's really what you want, whether you know it or not. Now, all I have to do is find a way to get Chloe out of our lives for good. No biggie.

Maggie: Is Daniel gone?

Chloe: Yeah. He's gone forever.

Ben: Come on, pick up.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lee: Hello?

Ben: Lee? Lee, is Jane there?

Lee: She's running an errand. Can I help you with something?

Ben: Look, Lee, I have a patient who needs a heart now.

Lee: It's your lucky night, doc. You'll have that heart within the hour.

Burt: Shouldn't we remove the cuffs? It won't gel with our cover story.

Jane: We'll get rid of 'em later. Just shoot the bastard.

Sami: Come on, agent sleepyhead... it's time to open your eyes.

[Monitor beeping]

EJ: So...what are you so happy about?

Stefano: What do you think?

EJ: Oh...Rafe's recovery.

Stefano: Could not have worked out better.

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Bo: No, don't do this. Not now.

Lee: You lying little--

Stefano: Either you go along with this plan, or you give them up. Now, which is it going to be?

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