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Sami: I don't understand why this one's more complicated. Is that why the cancer spread, because of the surgery you did last time?

Dr. Kim: No, absolutely not.

Sami: Well, then what is it? Why is this one worse?

Carly: It's not worse. It's just in order to save the eye, it requires precise maneuvers with a-a laser.

Lexie: The main thing is to get the cancer before it has a chance to spread.

Sami: I get that, Lexie. But this is the only eye he has left. I want to know why you didn't see this before, why you didn't catch it sooner.

Daniel: Okay, okay, retinoblastoma is a very aggressive cancer. Now, during the previous surgery, Dr. Kim and I both agreed that it hadn't spread. But the X-rays have proven us wrong.

Sami: What if you don't get it all this time?

Lexie: Okay, Sami... Sami... there are so many variables. Let's not speculate, okay?

Sami: But I promised him that was the only surgery, Lexie. I mean, I-- I told him he would still be able to see. I-- I mean, I-- oh, my God. Oh, my God. [Sobbing]

Stefano: You were supposed to take care of this problem.

Warden Smith: I had it all under control.

Stefano: All right, what do you propose to do next?

Warden Smith: Well, I'll take care of him. You--you'll see a nice profit from it. I promise.

Stefano: You're thinking of putting Commissioner Brady on your organ assembly line?

Warden Smith: I-I don't see why not.

Stefano: Obviously you don't. And that's what makes you an idiot. The biggest problem you have right now is Hope Brady. And he is the only one on this earth who could take you to her. But... he has to be alive.

Hope: Where the hell are you, Bo? That woman's scarier than you would believe. Let's see... are there any more emails or phone calls? I'll try to figure out if there's anyone involved... in this that we don't know about.

Rafe: Sami, Sami... Sami, you can do this. I know you. I know you can do this.

Sami: [Clears throat] I'm sorry I fell apart.

Dr. Kim: Please, please, there's no need to apologize. But we must be expeditious about this. As I said before, the cancer is moving very quickly.

EJ: So wait a second. I mean, we sign these papers and you take his other eye, you'll render him blind.

Sami: Is there any way to save his sight?

Daniel: Yes, it's possible. The malignancy in this eye hasn't been there very long. The tumor is tiny and not nearly as invasive as it was in the first eye. But what you need to understand is we won't know the whole situation until we go in there. Now, if this cancer is as pronounced as it was in the other eye... we may not have a choice but to remove it. Understand? Now, as Dr. Kim explained, we need to work quickly. And while I'm not gonna make any promises here, the sooner we get to it, the better the chances are that we can save is sight.

EJ: So this decision... about whether or not to remove it... you're not going to consult us? You'll just do what you think is best?

Lexie: Correct.

EJ: You can't do this without my permission, right?

Daniel: We need permission from both of you.

Gabi: Uh, I think we should stop.

Will: What? How come? Who made you the boss of kissing?

Gabi: My iron will. Besides, we have to work on our papers.

Will: Mine is all done, so...

Gabi: That is such a lie. You haven't even picked your topic yet. You would say anything to get what you want.

Will: Well, that's your fault. You're the one who's so pretty.

Gabi: No, Will. We have to work on our papers, and we have a biology quiz too.

Will: Okay, you know what? I think we have got biology covered.

Daniel: Now, as I've explained before, we're gonna use the laser to pinpoint the exact site of the cancerous cells. And if--and that's a critical "if"--if that site is small and contained, we may be able to use the laser to eradicate them.

EJ: If not... remove the eye?

Sami: Daniel, tell me. I need you to tell me that you think the laser is gonna work. Should let him

Warden Smith: So you think we should let him lead us to her?

Stefano: As long as Hope is out there, chances are that your "Organs R Us" franchise will be on the front page of the Salem Spectator.

Warden Smith: I keep telling you she doesn't know anything.

Stefano: How stupid are you, hmm? How do you think he found you here? She is a former cop, you idiot. And she knows how to trace you down, and she is still doing it.

Warden Smith: You think so?

Stefano: Yeah... I think so.

Bo: [Grunts]

Hope: Hmm, refresher course at the police academy is really coming in handy-- computer hacking for the good guys. Wait a minute. Gotcha.

Bo: [Grunts] Where the hell am I? Who's there?

Warden Smith: Your wife's worst nightmare.

Daniel: I wish I could categorically tell you what you want to hear, but I've got to be honest. We simply won't know what the situation is until we get in there to operate. But as I've told you, we caught this early... and that's good.

Sami: So we don't have a choice.

EJ: Just do whatever you have to do to save my boy.

Carly: We'll book an O.R. and prep him for surgery.

Sami: Wait. We, um-- we're gonna get to talk to him, right, and tell Johnny what's happening before he goes into surgery?

Daniel: Of course. I want to review all of his latest scans.

Carly: I have the report in my office.

Lexie: I'll go check on Johnny.

Sami: We did the right thing... right? I mean, you know, we did what we had to do.

EJ: It's like you said, Samantha, we didn't have a choice.

Sami: I can't--I can't-- I can't cry. [Clears throat] I'm not gonna let my son see me upset. I don't want him to think that I'm scared.

Nicole: Is there anything I can do?

EJ: Uh, yes, actually, there is. I'd like Johnny to spend some time with his family before he has surgery. Could you--could you call Mary... ask her to bring Sydney down?

Nicole: Sure.

EJ: Uh, Nicole... look, Dr. Jonas says the best... chance we have of beating this is the fact that we caught it early. You caught it, so... thank you.

Nicole: I'll be right back.

Rafe: I texted Will. He's gonna bring Allie down here.

Sami: Did you tell him what's happening?

Rafe: No. I figured it's something he should hear in person.

Sami: There's no real easy way to hear this, is there?

Rafe: Can I get you anything?

Sami: How about a miracle?

Rafe: You sure deserve one.

Sami: No. No, I don't. And neither does EJ, and maybe that's the problem. We don't deserve healthy children. We don't deserve...

Rafe: Let's--let's not do this, okay? Let's not go there. Listen, Johnny has cancer. It's a disease. It's not some form of retribution.

Sami: It's hard not to go there. I've done a lot of terrible things in my life, and now my son has cancer, and he may never see again.

Rafe: Can we-- let's just not do this. Let's just wait and see what happens with the operation... all right?

Sami: Like I keep saying, I don't have much of a choice.

Lexie: Hey, hey. Johnny's just waking up.

EJ: He is? Does he know what's going on?

Lexie: Well, he's still pretty groggy. Oh, sweetheart, I am so sorry. I am so sorry.

EJ: Thank you. I, uh-- [Clears throat] I should go in and see him, I suppose.

Lexie: Yeah, uh... EJ, you should go in there with Sami... for Johnny's sake.

EJ: He's waking up.

Lexie: How you holding up?

Rafe: Me?

Lexie: Yeah.

Rafe: I'm okay.

Lexie: Yeah, right. I hope Sami realizes how lucky she is to have you.

Rafe: [Sighs] God.

Nicole: They went to see Johnny?

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Yeah, he, uh... EJ wanted me to call Mary. She's taking care of Sydney. She'll bring her here.

Rafe: Will's bringing Allie too.

Nicole: This is horrible.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: I mean, Johnny's... such a sweet little boy. He's the sweetest. You know what he said to me when I... I took him to the car after he ran away? He said, "even though I don't want you to marry my daddy, it doesn't mean I don't like you."

Rafe: [Chuckles] Yeah. [Chuckles]

Nicole: He's been so brave about the--the bandages and the pain and... if I had to go through what he's already gone through, I guarantee I wouldn't be half as strong, and he's just a little boy.

Rafe: You really love him, don't you?

Nicole: I do. I really do.

Sami: Hey, big guy. How are you feeling?

EJ: Are you sleepy?

Sami: So we have something we, uh--we have to talk to you about. The, um... the doctors are going to do another operation on your eye.

Johnny: I don't want another operation!

EJ: I-I know. I know.

Sami: I know it's scary. Sweetheart, I know it is. But this time... this time they're gonna do everything they can to make sure that they get all of the cancer out, okay?

EJ: So they just have to... check and see how sick your eye is, and, uh...

Johnny: I won't be able to see?

EJ: No, no. W-we don't know.

Johnny: I'm scared.

EJ: I know. I know you are. We are too. But we're here for you, both of us... your mother and your father. When did you get smart?

Bo: There's no need for the blindfold. I recognize your dulcet tones.

Warden Smith: Aren't you special?

Bo: I have my moments.

Warden Smith: You keep showing up places where you don't belong.

Bo: Where don't I belong this time?

Warden Smith: It doesn't matter. What matters is, one way or another, sooner or later, you're gonna tell me where your wife is.

Hope: All right, Bo... let's see what you were looking at. "Picked up prisoner's accomplice. No bid on the prisoner yet." Oh, my God... oh, my God, she's got Bo. But where? [Sighs] Who the hell is she working with?

Stefano: [Groans] Well, where is everybody? I thought there was supposed to be a wedding today.

Harold: I'm sorry to tell you, sir... Mr. DiMera and his fiancÚ took young Johnny back to the hospital.

Stefano: Giovanni? Uh, what happened to him?

Harold: They were concerned about his other eye, sir. I'm very sorry, sir. Um, is there anything I can get you, sir?

Stefano: No, no. Uh, thank you, Harold. Thank you. My God, his other eye? [Exhales deeply]

EJ: I can't answer the phone right now. Leave me a message, and I'll call you back.


Stefano: This is your father. Call me. [Exhales sharply]

[Cell phone rings]

Lexie: Hello, Father.

Stefano: Alexandra, do you know what's going on with Giovanni?

Lexie: Yeah. I'm afraid it's not good news. Um... it turns out the other eye is involved. The cancer has spread.

Stefano: Oh, my God, no.

Lexie: He's going into surgery again.

Stefano: What? They're--they're not--they're gonna take his other eye?

Lexie: Okay, look, that's not for sure, all right? They're--they're going to try and save it.

Stefano: Look, um... let me talk to Elvis.

Lexie: He and Sami are with Johnny right now. I'll tell 'em you called.

Stefano: All right, look, have him call me as soon as he can, all right? And, sweetheart, please let me know if there's anything that I can do. [Tapping phone on desk] This is Stefano DiMera. I need to see you now.

Nicole: Oh, Daniel, Daniel. Uh, can I talk to you for a minute?

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: Privately?

Daniel: I'll be right there.

Carly: Okay. EJ and Sami are with Johnny?

Rafe: Yeah.

Carly: How are they gonna get through the next couple of hours?

Sami: Hey, it's okay, sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy are both here.

Johnny: Are you gonna fight?

EJ: No. No, we're not going to fight.

Johnny: I'm scared.

Sami: I know you are, sweetheart, and it's okay. It's okay to be scared. I mean, we're scared too, right? But you know what I was thinking we could do? Do you remember what we would do when you were scared when you were little? We would make a list of everyone who loves you and all the people you love. Do you think that would help you if we made that list right now? Okay. So the first one's easy, right? Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you. And then there's grandma and grandma... and both your grandpas... and your Great Grandma Caroline and Will and Allie and-- and now there's Sydney.

Johnny: And Rafe.

Sami: Yeah.

EJ: And Rafe. [Clears throat] And then there's, uh, your aunt Lexie and your Uncle Abe and Theo. And, uh, that's just the beginning of a very, very long list. Let's see, we have your teachers and all of your friends at school. I-I don't think I've ever known anybody with so many people who love him. He must be the finest boy in the whole world.

Sami: Yes, he is. And, Johnny, you know what else? All those people on that list and a whole bunch more people-- they are all praying for you to get better... get better quick, so we can get you out of this silly, old hospital.

Johnny: Even if I can't see them?

Will: What? What difference would that make?

Sami: Hey...

Will: Look who's here.

Johnny: Allie!

Will: Yeah. Here you go.

Sami: Let's get you down next to your brother. Move over, bacon. Okay.

Will: Hey, Allie, why don't you tell Johnny what you told me in the car?

Allie: Johnny, if you can't see, I said I'll see for you.

Nicole: Look, I really hope you take this the right way.

Daniel: Take what?

Nicole: I've kind of had a front-row seat for what you've been going through the last few days.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, now is not the time to talk about Chloe.

Nicole: I wasn't going to. Daniel, are you up for this?

Daniel: What?

Nicole: I mean, you've been through freakin' hell, and I'm just saying that we're talking about whether or not Johnny is gonna be able to see again or not. And I wouldn't bring it up if I didn't think it was important.

Daniel: You think I shouldn't do the surgery.

Carly: Who are you to question his abilities? If Johnny's parents trust Daniel, I don't see how this is any of your business.

Daniel: Okay, I have this, Carly. I can see how much you love Johnny, and I understand your concern.

Carly: I really don't.

Daniel: Carly, it's okay. And this is not ego. I really think I'm the best person available to do my part of this procedure. Now, I can't promise that Johnny won't lose his eye, but I can promise you that I will do everything in my power to save it.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I'm just scared. Excuse me.

Daniel: I understand. I do.

Carly: You were classy. You didn't have to defend yourself.

Daniel: I think she has a valid concern. We both need to make sure we don't walk into that O.R. carrying any emotional baggage with us.

Carly: That's kind of tough to do these days, isn't it?

Stefano: Ah, thank you for meeting me on such short notice.

Ben: I would think you'd be used to people moving things around for you.

Stefano: You must know about my grandson Giovanni. He had surgery, and they removed one of his eyes. It was cancerous.

Ben: Yeah, retinoblastoma. I do know. I consulted on his case.

Stefano: All right, well, he's back in the hospital. His other eye has been affected.

Ben: I'm sorry... it's not really my area--

Stefano: See, the problem is that, you know, it's possible he could lose the other eye. So what I need from you is-- I have to have you find me a donor eye immediately.

Ben: I-I'm sorry, sir, but I can't do that.

Sami: One more.

Will: One, two, three.

Sami: [Laughs] Good one. Good one. All right, now back to the thumb wars--ready? Okay...

EJ: William... can I have a word with you, please?

Will: About what?

EJ: Over here. [Sami and kids laughing] I just wanted to thank you. Johnny's very lucky to have a brother like you.

Will: Oh, no, um, that was Rafe's idea to bring Allie over here.

EJ: Well, it was a good idea, you know, and I-- when I said he was lucky, I wasn't talking about that specifically. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how kind you've been to him... to both my children. You're a very... caring and sensitive young man.

Will: Right. Well, I know how much you value that--sensitivity.

EJ: It wouldn't hurt to be a little more respectful, thank you.

Will: I'm sorry, respectful?

EJ: For Johnny's sake.

Will: You've got to be kidding me.

Sami: Hey, um, EJ?

EJ: Yes?

Sami: Look, I've been thinking. I just want you to know... I'm begging you-- I am begging you to understand how important his family is to him. I'm not just talking about now, but you have to see how important all of us are to Johnny. And after this surgery, he's gonna need to have all of us with him.

EJ: You don't need to explain to me how important family is, Samantha.

Lexie: Well, I think she does. She's absolutely right, EJ.

Warden Smith: I've got the upper hand here. We both know it. Ex-cops don't do well in prison. Hope had to find out the hard way. Imagine what would happen to a stupidly arrogant commissioner. Think about your next move. You tell me where Hope is... or your life as you know it... is kaput.

Stefano: Are you standing there telling me that you won't help me?

Ben: I can't. No one can. Look, your--your grandson isn't eligible for a transplant, because we just-- we don't have the science for cases like his... not yet.

Stefano: We're talking about a little boy going blind here.

Ben: I get that. I do, and I want to help-- not just him, but all the other people in need. Look, let's--let's be clear, I am not involved with this operation to make money. I'm doing this to save lives.

Stefano: I am behind this operation, all right?

Ben: I understand.

Stefano: And I can't even help my own grandson? Oh... [Chuckles] I don't care about anybody else's motives.

Ben: Mr. DiMera... look, I-I... I feel for your grandson. But I feel for all of my patients. And right now things are not going well. The supply is nowhere near the demand. Now, I've talked to Jane about this, but I don't seem to get anywhere. So what are you gonna do about it?

[Telephone ringing]

Lee: Infirmary.

Warden Smith: I need you to purge the files from the computer.

Lee: Why?

Warden Smith: Hope is still at large. We don't know what kind of proof she may have.

Lee: So you're finally admitting we have a problem.

Warden Smith: Oh, just shut up and listen. I think she has access to a computer.

Lee: Great. That's just great. [Sighs] Son of a bitch. Okay, not good news. I just typed in your user name and your password, and according to the spyware we installed, there's someone poking around all your accounts.

Warden Smith: [Sighs] I thought so. Oh...

Lee: It's her, right?

Warden Smith: Right. So this is what I'm gonna need you to do.

Lexie: [Sighs] Okay, EJ... you have to think about Johnny. He has to go into this surgery with a positive outlook so he can handle whatever lies ahead. He needs to be in the best emotional state he can possibly be in. And the best way to accomplish that is for him to have his entire family around him, okay? And for them all to get along.

EJ: I do know that, Lexie.

Lexie: Then act like you do.

Sami: Let's go see Johnny, okay?

EJ: Just wait--wait a second. I had Mary bring her down.

Nicole: Here she is.

EJ: Samantha, would you, um... take Sydney in to see her brother, please?

Sami: Hi. Hi, sweetheart. Oh, my princess.

Stefano: What in God's name do you expect me to do? We are talking about human organs here. I cannot speed up production as if it was some kind of a-a factory.

Ben: I know that.

Stefano: But you don't act like you know it.

Ben: I'm trying to save lives here.

Stefano: I am behind this operation, all right?

Ben: Yes.

Stefano: Do you think that this is some kind of a moneymaking operation, something like that, huh? Because this is personal-- very, very personal to me. You know, there was a time... when I needed a transplant, all right? And they could not find a donor, and I almost died. So I know exactly what your patients are going through right now. And--and now you're telling me that my--my grandson is not eligible. What the hell kind of word is that?

Ben: I'm very sorry.

Stefano: Oh, God help that little boy.

Carly: I'm ready.

Daniel: Good.

Carly: I want to say something first.

Daniel: Okay. What?

Carly: If you don't want to work with me, if you think I bring baggage with me in here, I understand. Sinclair has experience with the laser.

Daniel: No, not like you.

Carly: He can do the assist, Daniel. I know he can. And l don't want to do anything that's gonna make this harder for you.

Daniel: We're gonna be all right, Carly. We'll do what doctors have done since Hippocrates, which is compartmentalize.

Carly: You're gonna take the high road, which is what you do. That doesn't mean you have to work with me. It's your call. Say the word, and I'm out of here.


Will: I look like a monkey, right?

Rafe: You're freaking them out.

[All talking at once]

Lexie: Excuse me, everyone. Excuse me. Um, they're ready to get started.

Rafe: All right.

Will: Okay. Johnny, pound it out, man. See ya.

Sami: Hey, um, Sydney, can you give your brother a kiss? Give your brother a little kiss? Mwah!

Nicole: You know what, buddy? When you get out of here, I'm gonna make you the biggest, messiest ice cream sundae ever.. for breakfast.

Johnny: Even if I can't see?

Nicole: All you have to do is taste it. Give me super hugs. Yeah, super hug.

Rafe: Dude man... you're already an honorary FBI agent. Nothing ever changes that. You know that. Let me tell you something. You're also the strongest guy I have ever met, ever. Come on, give me a hug, buddy. Yeah, there you go.

Lee: Here you go-- just what the doctor ordered.

Warden smith: Oh. He's not gonna know what hit him. Did you take care of the computer situation?

Lee: All done. And once we find Hope, she will be too.

Hope: God, no. What happened? Oh, please, not now.

[Door opens]

Warden Smith: Well... you know, you never go wrong listening to Albert Einstein.

Bo: Oh, you guys been having a little chat?

Warden Smith: He said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I ask you where Hope is, you refuse to answer. I hit you, and then we start all over again... insane.

Bo: [Scoffs] Yeah. As much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with you.

Warden Smith: So... we move to plan "B."

Bo: [Grunts] You know, you really ought to stay away from those online nurses' courses. Your technique kind of stung. What was that?

Warden Smith: I think you could take an educated guess.

Bo: I'd have to say sodium pentothal.

Warden Smith: In just a couple of minutes, you're going to tell me exactly what I want to know. And there won't be anything you can do to stop me.

Daniel: I want to assist.

Carly: You sure?

Daniel: Bottom line, you've had more experience on the laser than Dr. Sinclair, and you and I have demonstrated that we can definitely work well together. I promised Johnny's parents that he would have the best medical care we have to offer, and that means you on this team.

Carly: Thank you. So colleagues... just not friends. Just not friends.

EJ: [Clears throat] So I want you to remember that, um, I love you very much. And your mother--she loves you very much too.

Johnny: You know what I'm doing?

Sami: No.

EJ: No.

Johnny: I'm remembering you, just in case.

Sami: We're gonna be right here. When you're done, we'll be right here waiting for you. Okay.

Johnny: [I'm thirsty]

Sami: You're just gonna go a little way, okay? But we'll be right here. We'll be right here. [Sobbing]

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Sami (to EJ): Is that really what you want for your son?

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