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[Doorbell rings]

Stefano: Where the hell is Harold?

[Doorbell rings]

Stefano: Yes, yes, yes. [Sighs] My son.

Kate: What's wrong?

Victor: Vivian's not here. She's not at Titan. She's not anywhere in Salem, as far as my people can find out. That's a little strange... too strange. What's going on?

Vivian: Those vicious little bastards... tricking me, tossing me onto this useless piece of dirt in the middle of the ocean, with nothing but cruddy canned food and bottled water. Oh, the gall. Wait till I get my revenge. They'll wish they were never born.

Gus: How, Madame?

Vivian: Well, for one thing, I was thinking of concocting a nice poisoned vodka for Brady--

Gus: No, Madame. How are we gonna get off this island?

Melanie: Dad?

Daniel: Hey. Hey, how you, uh--how you holding up? You good?

Melanie: Okay. Uh, "okay" is relative.

Daniel: Yeah.

Melanie: You?

Daniel: Hey, don't you worry about me. Don't you worry at all. You, uh--you good? What have you been doing, hmm?

Melanie: Uh, uh, I've been doing research.

Daniel: Yeah?

Melanie: Yeah, um, on something that we both need, uh, a divorce lawyer. His name is Peter Dewitt. Um, in Chicago, they call him, uh, the wood chipper.

Daniel: A divorce lawyer--

Melanie: I know--I know it feels kind of, uh, soon. But I also know that you have a really big heart, and I-I think that Chloe's gonna use Parker as a weapon. And then before you know it, she's gonna--

Daniel: Okay, stop, stop. Chloe and I--we're finished. Yeah, we talked, and she's moving her stuff out as we speak.

Chloe: Are you listening to me? I said your men can't come today. My baby's sleeping. I'm saying the move isn't happening. You want a good time? How about never? How does that sound? [Sighs] [Knock on door] Philip, I told you the baby was sleeping, and I meant it. Hey.

Carly: Is Daniel here?

Chloe: No.

Carly: I'll catch him later, then.

Chloe: Carly, wait. No matter what you think of me, I just hope that--

Carly: You want me to tell you what I think of you? Any given day, I'm so sorry that I met you.

[Door opens]

Stephanie: [Gasps] Nathan, wait, wait, you can't come in. I'm in my dress. You can't see me in my dress before the wedding-- it's bad luck to see me this way.

Nathan: Oh, no, our bad luck's already begun, Steph.

Stephanie: What's wrong?

Nathan: What's wrong is that Chloe and Philip aren't the only liars in this situation.

Stephanie: What are you talking about?

Nathan: You.

Stephanie: I don't understand--

Nathan: Do not play coy with me, okay? No more denial. I want the truth.

Stephanie: But I don't even know what you're talking about. And you're so angry.

Nathan: You're damn right I'm angry! When we found out that Chloe had cheated with Philip and that Parker was Philip's baby, you seemed just as surprised as the rest of us. You stood there, and you acted your little heart out.

Stephanie: I was as surprised as you were.

Nathan: Bull. You knew everything the entire time, didn't you? Didn't you?

Vivian: Oh. You're right, Gus. We do need a plan. And we would-- Gus, Gus... there's a ship. A big tanker--it's coming this way. Light the signal fire.

Gus: There is no signal fire.

Vivian: There's no signal fi--well, go, you idiot. Go, build, gather, now. Hello. [High-pitched voice] Hello. Here.

Victor: What's with the Cheshire smile? I just told you Vivian might be up to something.

Kate: She's not. You won't have Vivian and her little minion to kick around anymore.

Victor: Oh, good God, what have you done now?

Kate: Well, since you and the others seemed a little off your game, Brady and I decided to take action. I mean, it's nothing life-threatening. We just sent Vivian on a little expedition.

Victor: On a what?

Kate: Vivian and her moronic God-knows-what-he-is went exploring another part of the world. Maybe they will come back, I don't know, with a three-dimensional map. But they will definitely be gone long enough for your lawyers to fix things at Titan.

Victor: Do I want to know the details?

Kate: Maybe I'll tell you later. Maybe Brady will tell you later. He is becoming so resourceful. I think you should be very, very proud.

Victor: I am. And now with Vivian out of the way...

Kate: Yes, your people can fix Titan, and we can concentrate on...

Victor: Philip and our new grandson.

Kate: Not to mention Chloe Lane-Black-Horton-Jonas- soon-to-be-Lane again.

Chloe: How can you say that?

Carly: 'Cause it's how I feel.

Chloe: But it's not fair. None of this would have happened. I would never have been upset with Daniel, I would have never been drinking, I would have never slept with Philip if it hadn't been for you.

Carly: What?

Chloe: Vivian wanted to hurt you, and she used me. She tricked me into thinking Daniel was cheating with you. That's how this all started! I could very well be blaming you for everything, but I'm not!

Carly: Do you hear yourself?

Chloe: But it's not all my fault.

Carly: Because Vivian played one part in this--look at me.

Chloe: Well, you helped too.

Carly: That's right, Chloe. I did help you. That's right. I begged you to tell Daniel the truth. And when you wouldn't, I did the paternity test. But I did that because I thought you having this baby with Daniel would make up for everything that I did to him, depriving him of Melanie's childhood. Everything I did... I did for Daniel and Melanie.

Chloe: Well, you knew that I made that one mistake, and you still kept quiet.

Carly: I didn't know the man you slept with was my daughter's husband! Do you honestly think I would have looked away had I known that? You used me. And you would have used anyone else to keep your secret hidden away. I'm sorry, Chloe, but there are consequences for you and for me. And from now on, we're gonna face them alone.

Melanie: I'm glad I'm not going through this alone.

Daniel: Never... okay? You are never going through it alone. Come on.

Melanie: [Sniffles] What are you doing here? Nobody wants to talk to you.

Kayla: I'm here to see my mother, Melanie.

Melanie: Fine. Go speak with her, because nobody else wants to see that horrible--

Daniel: Melanie... stop.

Kayla: Excuse me.

Melanie: How can you be so calm? Caroline Brady is the one that screwed with our lives, and I can tell by the look on Stephanie's mother's face that she knew about it the whole time.

Daniel: Well, you know what? Sometimes you just got to let stuff go, otherwise you're gonna just--

Melanie: I can't just let things go, Dad! You want to let it go? You let it go. You let things go, but I can't. I can't forgive those sadistic women. I can't forgive Philip. I can't forgive Chloe. I can't forgive anybody that's been not honest to us! [Cries]

Daniel: It's okay. It's okay. Baby, it's okay.

Stephanie: I've never seen you like this.

Nathan: It's 'cause I can't stand the lies. I heard you talking to Philip. You knew. You knew everything all along.

Stephanie: [Crying] Yes. [Sighs] I found out a while ago.

Nathan: Oh, good for you. The truth, finally.

Stephanie: Wait, wait, no, no, no, you can't leave. You cannot leave.

Nathan: And why the hell not?

Stephanie: Because you-- you have to hear it all. You have to understand why. I mean, the whole story, Nathan. You have to understand that... I didn't have a choice. I really did the right thing. I did the right thing.

Stefano: So you took a little trip, huh? I was wondering why I did not see you in Salem for a little while here. But, uh, you know, traveling is good for you. It broadens the mind.

Chad: Well, my trip was so I can clear my head. There was a lot of noise in there.

Stefano: So now you're back.

Chad: Yeah. And don't call me anymore.

Stefano: What? I can't call--

Chad: No, you can't. I want you out of my life... for good.

Melanie: [Crying, sniffles]

Daniel: Okay. I am not going to tell you what to think or what to feel, but for me, I just know that staying angry and blaming other people-- it does not work for me.

Melanie: What does?

Daniel: Baby, I don't know. Time... maybe time.

Melanie: Dad?

Daniel: Mm-hmm? Yeah?

Melanie: Do you think maybe I could stay for... stay at your house for just a little bit, um, I don't know, like, just a couple of days till I can figure out what to do? I can help clean--

Daniel: I would love that. You stay as long as you want... okay? You know what? I... I got to go. I got to go, but I love you.

Melanie: I love you too.

Daniel: I am here for you, and I love you. Okay. All right, I got to go.

Melanie: Okay. Oh, Dad.

Daniel: Hmm.

Melanie: What about Carly?

Daniel: I'll see you at home.

Chloe: No. See, that's where you're wrong. I've been thinking, and we don't have to face this alone. We can help each other.

Carly: How are we gonna do that, Chloe?

Chloe: Well, first, you can help explain to Daniel what happened so he can get a different perspective and not be so angry--

Carly: Angry? Anger doesn't begin to describe what he's feeling. You betrayed him in the worst possible way. We all did.

Chloe: But maybe you can explain to him, and then I can help you when things get better.

Carly: Do you not understand how deep this goes? You didn't just hurt your relationship, Chloe. You killed it.

Chloe: But if we both talk to him--

Carly: No, I won't.

Chloe: Wait, I thought you said you were my friend.

Carly: I... I wanted to be your friend. I wanted everything to be perfect for you and Daniel and for Melanie. I could see how much he loved you.

Chloe: He still loves me. I can see it in his eyes. He's gonna forgive me, and he's gonna take me back.

Carly: No. No. I can see how much you want that to be true. It's not.

Chloe: [Cries] If you think being Melanie's mother gives you some sort of free pass, think again.

Carly: No, I don't know what's gonna happen, but I'm gonna find out. From now on, you and I live in the real world. [Door slams]

Chloe: [Crying]

Stephanie: Can you please just listen to me? Don't I deserve that much? I'm sorry.

Nathan: That seems to be the operative word today.

Stephanie: Okay. Um... you know how my grandma switched the results for her own reason? She hates Victor a lot more than anyone knew. And she wishes she'd never let him know that Bo was his son.

Nathan: Stephanie, I don't care about any of this--focus.

Stephanie: No, no, no, but it's important, because, you see, when I found out about Philip and Chloe, that's when I found out what my grandma had done. Remember how upset I was, how I tried to tell you what was going on?

Nathan: I remember you were tense, yes.

Stephanie: Right. But I couldn't really say anything because my grandma could have gone to jail. I mean, she could still get prosecuted.

Nathan: As she should. What is--what is your point?

Stephanie: My point is that-- that I tried to get her to come forward and admit what she had done, even though I knew there would be risk. Actually, I was about to force her to do it.

Nathan: And why didn't you?

Stephanie: Because-- it's like, there were so many bad things piling on her at once... Sami losing her kids, Johnny's eye surgery, Bo and Hope being hunted. Nathan, I just couldn't do it. When I thought about how much she was going through already, I couldn't drag the truth out into the open. Can you understand what I'm saying?

Nathan: Oh, I understand perfectly. Too bad none of it's true.

Vivian: Help! Over here! Oh, Gus, for heaven sakes, move faster. We need more than this to burn if they're going to see us.

Gus: [Breathing heavily]

Vivian: Hello.

Gus: That's it.

Vivian: Well, that's it.

Gus: That's all there is.

Vivian: Make it burn. Send the flames to the heavens. Hurry up. Oh, my God. The ship has passed us by. We're doomed.

Gus: Yes, Madame.

Vivian: Don't you "Madame" me, you worthless waste of space. If you had listened to me, we wouldn't be in this situation. You've just been nothing but a lazy, good-for-nothing--

Gus: Shut your mouth!

Victor: Seeing the look in Daniel's eyes in that church... I would have done anything to make that pain go away.

Kate: Well, Daniel hasn't always been on the side of the angels, in my opinion, so... he felt what Lucas was feeling.

Victor: Well, we have to make sure that that baby is raised a Kiriakis.

Kate: Well, I think it will be. I mean, Philip said right out that he wanted to raise his own son.

Victor: He told me that too, but you know how mercurial he can be.

Kate: You know the really disgusting thing, is that Chloe is the mother.

Victor: Yeah, of all the women in the world. Why can't she move somewhere else? Anywhere-- the further away, the better.

Kate: Yeah, I know. That would be so nice. Maybe she could move somewhere where people really wanted to have her around.

Victor: Yeah, that's unlikely. But if she does...

Kate: She can't take that baby with her.

[Door unlocking]

Chloe: Daniel.

Melanie: Oh, what the hell are you still doing here?

Carly: Daniel.

Daniel: Hey.

Carly: I-I didn't realize you'd be here. I thought--the schedule said you had time off, and I--

Daniel: Yeah, you know, I did. I actually scheduled time off so I could be with my son after his baptism, but, you know, obviously, I really don't need that now. So you know what? I'm gonna keep myself busy. And, uh, you know what? You have a good day.

Carly: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, please, please.

Daniel: Please what?

Carly: I was hoping that--

Daniel: Hoping what? That I'd let you explain? No, you played God with my life once for 20 years, and then you do it again? Now, last time I was left in the dark, and Melanie suffers. Now, this time it is the same thing. I am left in the dark, and now my daughter is going through hell.

Stephanie: What do you mean it's not true? Ask my grandma. She'll tell you the same exact--

Nathan: Of course your grandma's gonna tell me the exact same thing. She's gonna lie to protect you, Stephanie, just like you're lying to protect yourself right now.

Stephanie: Nathan.

Nathan: No, I get it. I get it, okay? Caroline tells you she made the switch. Of course you're worried, because she committed a crime.

Stephanie: Well, then you do understand.

Nathan: It wasn't news to you, Stephanie. It wasn't even close to news. You knew for months. In fact, you tried to make the switch yourself.

Stephanie: No.

Nathan: No?

Stephanie: That is not true.

Nathan: It's not true?

Stephanie: No.

Nathan: You willing to live or die by that lie? Fine, we'll let your email do the talking.

Stephanie: You read my email?

Nathan: Yeah, I read your email, because you don't know how to tell me the truth, and I had to find out.

Stephanie: Nathan, please don't do this.

Nathan: Here's your message from Ian--you remember him, right? Your little college buddy with the ponytail? The little geek that was helping you out with what, minor software problems every day? More lies.

Stephanie: Please don't do that.

Nathan: Oh, here's what he said. "Ian, don't tell anyone what we did. You're the only one that knows."

Stephanie: That isn't proof that I--

Nathan: Damn it, Stephanie. I've seen the guy. I've talked to the guy, and I've gotten the truth out of the guy! It's over.

Chad: Here's the thing. I'm not gonna borrow a ton of money so I can go to college. At Salem U, it's in-state tuition, and I've got a small scholarship because of my grades, which is something that I can afford. Plus, I have my friends here. And the only reason why I came by here today is to let you know that I'm not giving up on school. In fact, I'm already enrolled for another semester.

Stefano: Oh, that's wonderful.

Chad: [Scoffs] Here's what's not gonna happen. You're not gonna keep leaving messages on my phone. You're not gonna offer me money or rent or whatever. And I don't want anything to do with my new half brother or half sister or any DiMera. And for God's sake, don't send Mrs. DiMera around trying to talk me into anything. You clear on that?

Stefano: Don't worry about Mrs. DiMera. She's no longer a part of my life.

Chad: [Scoffs] Okay. We're done here.

Stefano: No! We are not done! You heard me. Very good. [Sighs] Look... you are a very angry young man, and that is understandable. The reason for all this anger that you have is because you have never had a father who wants you around him.

Chad: And I never will.

Stefano: Hmm.

Kate: The key is not to pester him. You know how much he hates that.

Victor: I do. But at the same time, we can't just let him go wandering around for the next few weeks.

Kate: I know. I know. Philip needs to assert his rights as a father, and then maybe he'll see Chloe for what she really is.

Victor: Yes, a gold-digging bitch who'll use that baby as leverage every chance she gets.

Kate: Right. But we are going to keep our distance at first, right?

Victor: But if it looks like he's making a wrong move...

Kate: Then we'll make the right one.

Victor: Yeah.

Chloe: Melanie, I couldn't leave yet. The baby needs a stable--

Melanie: Shut up. Don't you dare use Parker. I know you're packed. I know my Dad got you a place. So get out.

Chloe: Melanie, I'm begging you--

Melanie: How dare you ask anything from me? You betrayed my father. You betrayed me. You betrayed everything in this world that's good, and I hate you. I hate you. And I know exactly how I'm gonna make you pay.

Stephanie: Nathan, I never wanted this to be an issue, but you know Ian has always been jealous of you, and he was--

Nathan: Shut up! Shut up. Lie after lie-- no, no more--you're making it worse. You knew that Chloe slept with Philip. You knew that she was having a secret paternity test. You want to know how I know this? 'Cause Ian told me. He also told me how desperate you were to find out the results. And you used him. You used him to hack into the system at St. Mary's to find out. Then you begged him to hack in again to switch the results. And he did. But just as you were about to make him do the switch, you realized someone already beat you to it--good old grandma. Good old grandma switched the results to make it look like Philip wasn't the father and that Daniel was. Can we at least just admit that? Can we at least just say out loud that that's what happened?

Stephanie: Yes! All of it is true, every last bit of it, and I would do it all over again!


Gus: I've done everything for you! I came back and rescued you from that miserable tomb. I've risked my life over and over!

Vivian: The last thing I need now is a disloyal lackey.

Gus: Fine! From now on, you will stay on your side of the island, and I will stay on mine.

Nathan: You'd lie about everything all over again.

Stephanie: If it meant I could still be with you, then, yeah, because that's how much I love you.

Nathan: Steph, don't you see what's wrong with this picture? That's not love. That is some weird, twisted... it's just like the situation with the letter, when you destroyed the letter to make sure Melanie was out of my life. That's crazy.

Stephanie: I have always loved you! Always! You want to talk about honesty? How come you weren't honest with me?

Nathan: When?

Stephanie: For over a year now, you've been telling me that you and Melanie were over and done with, except that was all lies.

Nathan: No, I-I got down on my knee...

Stephanie: I saw how you looked at her!

Nathan: And asked you to marry me.

Stephanie: You couldn't stop looking at her! And every time you talked about her, your voice did this slow, little, soft thing, and I had to sit there and listen to that and hope to God that you would change, except you never did!

Nathan: Whatever you want to think--

Stephanie: You still want her! You probably thought about her every time we made love!

Nathan: All right, now you're acting like a child!

Stephanie: You would leave me in a heartbeat if Melanie asked you to. The only reason you stuck with me was because she didn't want you. She chose Philip. Even after the whole letter thing, she still chose Philip. And if Philip hadn't screwed up like he always does, she'd still be with him.

Nathan: I don't know where any of this was coming from.

Stephanie: The only difference-- the only difference is that I knew if Philip had to pay for what he had done, then so would I. As soon as everyone heard the truth about that baby, Melanie would leave Philip. She'd come running right to you, and you would grab her in a heartbeat. And I'd be left with nothing! And that is exactly what I have--nothing-- because as soon as you walk out that door, you're going straight to Melanie. Just admit it!

Melanie: Here's how it's gonna be, Chloe. My dad is too nice of a guy to have Parker actually taken away from you, although, believe me, I tried to get him to go to Victor to make that happen.

Chloe: No.

Melanie: And I know he's probably not ready to file for divorce yet, but I'm on that too with a lawyer--

Chloe: Please don't.

Melanie: So you bet your slutty, little butt it's gonna happen, and I'm gonna see to it. And you know what else I'm gonna see to? That you get your things out of this place in 60 seconds, or it goes in the dumpster. Have I made myself clear?

Chloe: And what about you? What about you and Philip? Are you just gonna throw that away too?

Melanie: There's nothing to throw away there... because there was nothing there to begin with. It was just a lie. I loved Philip. He was everything to me. And Daniel--he loved you more than life itself. And you butchered that... with your lies. I mean, even Parker's a lie.

Chloe: Don't ever say that--

Melanie: Don't touch me! You make me... sick. I'm gonna be sick.

[Door opens, closes]

Carly: I wish I could make you understand--I never meant to hurt you or Melanie, I swear.

Daniel: You know, what is the matter with you? It's not about what you meant. It's about what you did. Look, I lost the woman I love, a woman who I thought loved me.

Carly: I truly believe she does.

Daniel: More than anything in this world. And then I lost a boy who I thought was my son, but--you know what? Skip that. You know what's worse? Is that now my daughter lost her husband, not to mention a little brother, and anytime I try to comfort her, you know what I feel like? I feel like I'm a constant reminder of a mistake she made--

Carly: No, I'm sure she sees you as a comfort.

Daniel: No, you know what? I am the Godson of Victor Kiriakis, Philip's father. So trust me, I am a reminder. And the fact that I can't help my little baby girl, it-- it kills me. And I don't even know--

[Groans softly]

Carly: Wait. Okay, I-I know that saying I'm sorry for what Chloe did, it doesn't--

Daniel: Okay, can we just be clear about this? I don't blame you for what Chloe did or what Philip did or what you didn't even know. I blame you for what you didn't do when you found out. I married a woman you knew cheated on me, and I fell in love with a little boy who I thought was my own, and now my life is in shambles like I-- but once again... my daughter is suffering. So your little "sorry" doesn't really work right now. So you can just--

[Knocking on door] All right, Kayla... if you need to talk to me, I can guarantee you right now is not the right time to do it.

Kayla: This isn't about you, Daniel. It's about Carly... and what's gonna happen to her.

Vivian: I don't know why everybody hates me. All I want is some simple justice. Victor should have been... overjoyed when I came back and wanted to get rid of Carly, and, no. Philip should have been happy when I gave him life, but, no. [Sighs] Then there's... Gus. Now... [Sighs] Lawrence. I'M... [Chuckles] I'm all alone on a desert island... all alone in Salem... all alone.

Kate: Chad. Wow. I haven't seen you in ages.

Chad: Yeah, well... left town for a while. Had to clear my head.

Kate: Hmm. Good. I hope it went well for you.

Chad: I saw Mr. DiMera. And he, uh, said that you guys are no longer together--is that true?

Kate: Correct.

Chad: Hmm. Well, it's really none of my business. But I know you guys were fighting a lot. You mind if I ask why?

Kate: Mainly because of you.

Chad: [Sighs, chuckles]

Kayla: So, yes, my mother will probably be facing some criminal charges. But she's not gonna be the only one. That paternity test was taken under false pretenses, using a false identification and using DNA supplied by Daniel unwillingly. Those are felonies.

Carly: I know what could happen to me, and I'm ready to face whatever comes.

Kayla: Are you sure about that? Because assuming that you don't go to prison, you'll undoubtedly be fined. Oh, and there is that little ethics issue... and not to mention those medical conduct rules that you broke. St. Mary's is collecting evidence as we speak. And there'll be a disciplinary hearing here tomorrow. Naturally, you can have an attorney, but I really don't see how that will help... because when those charges are proven, Carly, they're gonna strip you of your license. And you won't be able to practice medicine anymore. And gosh darn it... Bo's shoulder isn't here for you to cry on.

Nathan: I haven't the slightest idea what I'm gonna do or where I'm gonna go--I don't. All I know is I can't stay here.

Stephanie: Please. I never should have said those things, and I do love you. Don't you see? Melanie ruins lives. It's what she does, and she'll ruin yours.

Nathan: And you have been so good for me. And I'm so-- I'm just so sorry. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Please. I know I screwed up. I know it. Just give me one more chance. That's all I'm asking you. Just one more chance. Please don't leave me. Please! Please.

Brady: Come here.

Vivian: Brady... this is unexpected.

Brady: Come here. Come here. I don't know why. You know I've always had a little thing for you, right?

Vivian: A thing?

Brady: For older women. They drive me crazy.

Vivian: Oh, well, you know, I know what you're talking about, because we certainly know how to handle things.

Brady: Yes, you do. Why don't you, um... come swimming with me?

Vivian: Ooh...Kay.

Brady: Come on.

Vivian: [Gasps] Oh... oh, God. It was only a dream. Help! [High-pitched voice] Help!

Kate: I'm not gonna go into details, but suffice to say that my idea of letting you make contact with Stefano first rather than telling him that you were his son the moment I found out, well, that didn't go so well.

Chad: Hmm.

Kate: But I do hope that the two of you will be able to make peace.

Chad: Oh, trust me, we have... as long as he leaves me alone. And I made that pretty clear to him just a little while ago. So, hey... I'm no more a part of his life than you are.

Kate: [Chuckles] Oh, my...

Chad: What?

Kate: You have absolutely no idea how Stefano feels about his children. You will never be free of him.

Stefano: Alexandra... [Clears throat] I know that you are busy and now with Elvis preparing this idiotic wedding with, uh, Nicole, but, uh, I think we should get together and talk about our family. [Chuckles] Our, uh... our extended family.

Carly: I always knew this could happen.

Daniel: Does it make it any easier?

Carly: No. No. You know, I don't know how-- Daniel, I swear, I don't know how, but I'M... I'm gonna find a way to make this right.

Chloe: Are you okay?

Melanie: No, I'm not okay. You and Philip ruined my life. You ruined my dad's life. You ruined Parker's life, but don't--don't flatter yourself. I'm not getting sick because of you. I think I have the flu. I haven't been feeling good since the baptism.

Chloe: Melanie.

Melanie: What?

Chloe: Are you... late?

Melanie: Late for what? No. No. I'm-- I'm not. I... I'm not... pregnant.

Stephanie: Please. [Crying]

Nathan: Good-bye.

Stephanie: No.

Nathan: Good-bye.

Stephanie: [Crying] No. No! No! No! [Crying] Oh, my God. I love you!

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