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EJ: His... it's evidence that Sydney and Giovanni are back where they belong.

Stefano: They are here? They are living here? Oh, my goodness. This is the best news of all. You don't know what a happy man I am.

EJ: Maybe. But I'm not sure how long that's gonna last. We'll see. [Chuckles]

Brady: So, you and EJ, you've worked something out. That sounds swell for you. Doesn't sound so swell for Sami. I'll tell you that.

Nicole: Brady?

Brady: Hmm?

Nicole: I know the kind of day you've had.

Brady: Do you know the kind of day I've had?

Nicole: I do. So... let me make you forget... just for a little while.

Tina: Here you go. I'm sorry if the hollandaise is a little runny. [Laughs] What? Not in the mood for jokes, huh?

Hope: Sorry.

Tina: What in the hell did a sweet little girl like you do to get thrown in solitary anyway?

Hope: I was simply trying to help someone.

Tina: Yeah, well, around here... no good deed goes unpunished. You gonna eat that pudding?

Hope: Would you like it?

Tina: I hate to see it go to waste.

Hope: Take it. Enjoy. So you think, um, maybe you could do me a favor?

Tina: Probably not. Didn't you hear what I just said about doing good deeds?

Hope: It's not much. I just want to know what happened to a patient named Pam. She was supposed to be transferred to University Hospital for surgery.

Tina: Oh, I can tell you flat out, that didn't happen.

Hope: What?

Tina: I just came from delivering meals over there, and she's still there.

Hope: Are you sure it was Pam? Blonde? She had a hand injury.

Tina: Yeah, sure I'm sure. We both work in the kitchen. They told me she's just about to go into surgery here.

Hope: Oh, my God. She's gonna die.

Bo: Hello, Warden. You wanted to see me?

Warden: Commissioner, please sit down. I thought it might be better for us to have this conversation off campus, so to speak.

Bo: I see.

Warden: As I've said before, I think it's very important that it doesn't appear that you or your wife have any special privileges.

Bo: Okay.

Warden: As a fellow law enforcement officer, I wanted to give you a heads-up, so to speak. As a courtesy.

Bo: A heads-up?

Warden: We had no choice, Commissioner. We had to put your wife in solitary confinement.

Jennifer: Bo, pick up, please. Listen, call me as soon as you get this message. It's about Carly.

Kate: Mmm. You look like you got bad news. Is Melanie worse?

Philip: I don't know. I don't know. Carly...

Kate: What about Carly?

Philip: Daniel developed an antiviral drug. Carly injected herself with it so she could test it on herself.

Kate: What?

Philip: The drug. And now she's really sick.

Kate: I'm sorry, honey.

Philip: Look, you know, I appreciate your coming down, but we don't know when we're gonna find out anything, so if you want to go home, it's fine with me.

Kate: No. I don't want to go home.

Nathan: You need to know.

Daniel: Okay, stop talking.

Nathan: No, I can't die.

Daniel: You're not gonna die.

Nathan: I can't die without telling you.

Daniel: You're not gonna die.

Nathan: I need to tell you about Chloe.

Daniel: Chloe?

Melanie: Mom, can you hear me? Mom! Mom! Dad, please. You have to help her. Mom!

Daniel: Carly? Carly!

Melanie: Do something, please!

Daniel: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Carly! Carly! Carly! Carly? Carly? Hey, Carly!

Melanie: [Crying] Please don't let her die. Please. Please. I just found her, Dad. Do something.

Daniel: Carly, I'm right here. Come on.

Melanie: Mommy.

Philip: I cannot believe this.

Kate: Well, I thought that you should know.

Philip: So once again, Vivian gets off scot free.

Kate: Yeah, that's right. Thanks to Brady.

Philip: Brady?

Kate: Yeah, Brady. If he had just kept a level head when he found out what she was doing. He should have just reported her to the police, and then she'd be behind bars right now.

Philip: Well, neither one of us called the cops.

Kate: Because that ship had already sailed by the time we got involved. This is definitely Brady's fault.

Philip: And that's what matters? Vivian gets off free. Melanie and Carly could die. But let's be mad at Brady.

Kate: Honey, you know that's not what I meant. I am just here to--I wanted to warn you about Vivian, okay?

P.A.: We have a code blue in quarantine room one. Repeat--

Philip: Oh, my God. Melanie.

Kate: Honey.

Philip: Oh, my God.

Jennifer: It didn't work. The drug didn't work.

Philip: That means--

Jennifer: Don't say it, please. Don't say it.

Bo: Solitary confinement?

Warden: Commissioner, I'm sorry. She left me no choice. She stole a cell phone from the prison doctor. Now, I simply can't be seen as playing favorites.

Bo: Yeah. Maybe this incident happened because she was overwhelmed.

Warden: I've conferred with her psychiatrist... and we agree we need to limit Hope's contact with her family so she could focus on herself, on getting well.

Bo: I see. So you're gonna keep her from speaking to the people she loves for her own good?

Warden: Commissioner, this was a courtesy. I didn't have to tell you any of this.

Bo: No, you didn't. But you also know that I would have found out anyway.

Tina: What do you mean Pam's gonna die?

Hope: I shouldn't have said that. I'm just really worried about her. She's not strong enough to have surgery right now.

Tina: And you know that 'cause you're a doctor? [Scoffs] I don't think so.

Hope: I need to talk to the warden right away. Would you tell her that?

Tina: Like she's gonna listen to me?

Hope: Tell her there's something she needs to know, and tell her that Pam's life could depend on it.

Brady: Well, that was classic guy behavior.

Nicole: You are too hard on yourself, okay? Whatever gets you through the night.

Brady: Well, I did forget about it for a little while, so thank you.

Nicole: Hmm, welcome. [Sighs] Brady, look. I know it's not fair. You're worried about everything, and I haven't been this happy in so long.

Brady: Let me guess. Since you were on top of the world believing that Sydney was your daughter.

Nicole: You know, earlier... I got to tuck her in for a nap, but before she fell asleep, she looked up at me. Brady, she looked up at me with that smile of hers. It just makes me melt.

Brady: I know it does.

Nicole: I'm just afraid that EJ's gonna back out of his-- his end of the bargain.

Brady: [Scoffs] Why would you ever doubt EJ's word on anything, Nicole? Really, I mean, given your history together, I'm sure this new arrangement of yours is gonna work out great. It's gonna be splendid.

Nicole: Okay. Okay, I get it. We can't trust EJ.

Brady: No.

Nicole: But I'm getting someplace. I think he's beginning to see.

Brady: See what?

Nicole: That if he wants this to work with Sydney, he needs me.

Stefano: You know, my grandchildren are back in my house, and you are acting as if it's bad news.

EJ: It's not--it's not bad news. It's just not good news across the board.

Stefano: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. If they are here-- if you have the children--

EJ: Oh, yeah.

Stefano: Ah?

EJ: I have the goods. I can prove Samantha shot me.

Stefano: Salud.

EJ: Salud.

Stefano: So... you finally found what Arianna had left for you?

EJ: I did. How I found it is what is interesting. That's the part I don't think you're gonna like too much.

Stefano: Hmm?

EJ: Nicole gave it to me.

Stefano: Nicole?

EJ: She went through the things that Arianna had left Brady. It turns out Arianna had made a video recording of Samantha confessing.

Stefano: And so Nicole gave you the recording?

EJ: I wouldn't so much as say she gave it to me.

Stefano: Uh-huh. I'm sure there was quite a price on it, right? Wasn't there?

EJ: Uh, let's just say we came to an arrangement.

Stefano: Uh. She was out of your life, Elvis. More importantly, she was out of Sydney's life.

EJ: Not anymore.

Melanie: No! My mom is dead! Ah!

Philip: Melanie!

Jennifer: Philip.

Melanie: [Sobbing]

Carly: Mel--Melanie, baby.

Daniel: Melanie, Melanie, Mel--Melanie, she's back. She's back.

Melanie: Thank God.

Daniel: It's okay. She's back. She's back. She's back.

Warden: I, uh... understand you're upset. But I do think we're just doing what's best for Hope.

Bo: Right. So when can I see her again?

Warden: Well, I'm not able to answer that. I'm taking my cues from her psychiatrist. But my guess is it could be weeks.

Bo: Okay, so I'll speak to the psychiatrist. What's his number?

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Aw, hell.

Warden: I'm not sure I have the authority to give you his name.

Bo: I have every right to his name and his number. I'm her husband. Excuse me.

Jennifer: Bo, where have you been?

Bo: Jen? Jen, what's wrong? Has Melanie gotten worse?

Jennifer: Bo, listen. I'm so sorry. It's Carly. She has the virus too.

Melanie: Mom.

Carly: Yeah, baby?

Melanie: I am so mad at you.

Carly: I know.

Melanie: If you ever inject yourself to save my life again, I will never forgive you.

Carly: Will you forgive me this time?

Melanie: It's weird to love somebody so much.

Carly: I have loved you since I first held you. I have loved you even when I didn't know where you were. What I couldn't imagine is how much I like you. You're gonna be fine, baby. We're all gonna be fine.

Jennifer: I think I'll head over to the chapel and make sure that Chloe and Stephanie are holding up.

Philip: Yeah, I'm just glad Chloe didn't hear that Code Blue.

Jennifer: I know. But you know what? At least I can tell her that Daniel seems to be fine.

Philip: For now.

Ben: Hey, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey.

Ben: Anything new? I've been in surgery.

Jennifer: Yes, Carly. There was a Code Blue, but Daniel brought her back.

Ben: Oh, well, if it means anything to you, they are in there with one hell of a doctor, so.

Jennifer: Good. Well, I'm gonna check on Chloe and Philip. I mean, the two people that they love most in the world are locked in this room, and they don't even have an update on anything right now.

Ben: I know. I know. I'll see what I can find out, okay?

Jennifer: Okay, thanks. Hey, how about your surgery? Did it go okay?

Ben: Of course, it did. I was the surgeon.

Jennifer: Whew. You really need to work on your self-esteem.

Ben: [Chuckles]

Philip: You don't have to stay, you know?

Kate: Of course, I do.

Philip: Is this out of concern for Melanie or are you just scared to go home?

EJ: Father... Nicole was insightful enough to make a very good point, which is that I don't just want custody of Sydney and Johnny. I also want them to be happy.

Stefano: Then buy them a pony.

EJ: Sydney loves Nicole, Father.

Stefano: Oh, sure, because they had so much fun when they were in Cleveland when she kidnapped her. You know, I-- I don't understand, Elvis. How can you even let that woman anywhere near your daughter?

EJ: Because she's not gonna take her again, Father. I'm watching closely.

Stefano: Well, sure. Of course. You watch her closely. You know what's going to happen? Sydney is going to become attached to her, okay? Now, naturally, you're not gonna want to hurt Sydney, so what's gonna happen? Nicole gets the upper hand.

EJ: Thank you. I certainly appreciate all of your support and understanding.

Stefano: Ahh, I see. I'm supposed to support and understand everything that you say, right? I mean, especially when you're acting like an idiot. I don't understand any of it. You know something? [Sighs] Look, Elvis... you almost lost your children. You almost went to jail. Somehow or another, you got through all of that, and you have the upper hand on Samantha. Now you are bringing Nicole into the deal. You know, sometimes I think you have a death wish.

EJ: Yeah, well, I think you live in a glass house.

Stefano: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

EJ: Oh, I don't know. Maybe it means that throwing stones could be a little bit risky for you... as you're married to a lying, traitorous bitch.

Bo: Thanks for tracking me down.

Jennifer: Sure. Hey, she left you a note. Um... I just hope this all has a happy ending.

Carly: Dear Bo, I don't have a lot of time, and I don't know where to start. I am so sorry I had to make this decision without talking to you, that I never got to kiss those sweet lips good-bye, if that's what this is. I do know that all you have to do is imagine it was Ciara who was sick, and you would have done the same thing. When I got here to Salem this last time, I had given up on the idea that it was possible for me to be happy, but now when I wake up in the morning, and you're next to me. Bo, the last few months with you made all the pain and sorrow worth it. I love you. I always will. Carly.

Warden: You wanted to talk to me?

Hope: Warden, I don't want to accuse anyone of anything. I know I don't have a complete case.

Warden: Excuse me?

Hope: I've got to do this. I, um-- I can't allow another innocent person to die

Melanie: Dad? Dad! Dad, Nathan's not doing good. We have to give him the drug.

Daniel: Okay, we don't even know if it's gonna work yet.

Melanie: No, please. Look at him. Dad, please!

Daniel: Sweetie, we don't--

Melanie: Please! I can't lose him, Dad.

Daniel: Okay, okay, all right, all right, Nathan. Nathan, hey, hey, hey. Nathan, focus. Focus. Look at me. Look at me. Hey, focus. Nathan--Nathan!

Carly: You're here.

Kate: Sami, it's me. This isn't the message I wanted to be leaving. [Sighs] I tried to neutralize EJ, but it didn't work. So in short... you're screwed and so am I.

Stefano: I'd be very, very careful what you say about my wife.

EJ: Really? Okay. Let's talk about you, shall we? You're getting soft, sentimental.

Stefano: What are you saying?

EJ: You may have blackmailed Kate into marrying you, which, I'll be honest. I didn't really mind at the time, because I like anything that sticks it to Phillip. She was nice to have around the house. But she sold you a bill of goods, Father. And she's been scheming to get out of this house since she said, "I do." In fact, since she said "I have to."

Stefano: That's not true.

EJ: Do you know why she shot me that night? And I mean that night.

Stefano: No.

EJ: She had no reason to shoot me that particular night, Father, unless-- come on! You did such a great job figuring this out the first time around. Unless...

Stefano: Unless... she knew that you were going to take the children.

EJ: Right. And she did know. She knew because your Katherine told her. So who's the idiot now?

Nicole: Brady, you don't look happy.

Brady: Is that important to you?

Nicole: Yes, it is. I want you to be as happy as I am.

Brady: Nicole, a woman that I loved just died. Melanie. Someone who I look at as a sister...could die. And I just stuffed a woman in a box, and left her to die. You know, if I was a happy guy, I think there'd be something really, really wrong with me.

Nicole: I just wish there was something I could do.

Brady: Nicole, I get that you're happy to see Sydney again, but I can't celebrate the fact that my niece was ripped away from her mother and handed over to Elvis the sociopath.

Nicole: I didn't do that. Sami lost her kids because she shot EJ. You can't blame me.

Brady: Nicole, you and I... we're way beyond blame. Way beyond.

Stefano: Katherine... told Samantha?

EJ: I imagine she thought she was right. You and I, of course, know she was wrong.

Stefano: She would not do that.

EJ: Why? Because she's a devoted wife, Father? Because she loves you so much? Once a hooker, always a hooker. She certainly knows how to fake it.

Stefano: Shut the hell up.

EJ: I don't think I could stain her honor if I tried.

Stefano: [Knocking on table] You enjoy mocking me on this, huh? I, who have backed you up after one disastrous mistake after another. I chose you above everyone else. All right? And you think that this is funny?

EJ: What I think, Father, is that there need to be consequences for Kate.

Stefano: It's my decision. Mine only.

EJ: Well, don't forget. She betrayed you just as much as she betrayed me.

Stefano: Elvis... I do not have to be reminded of that.

Ben: Jennifer? Mr. Kiriakis?

Jennifer: Yeah?

Ben: I have some good news. The antiviral appears to be working.

Jennifer: Oh, thank God. That is so great.

Ben: Dr. Manning's viral loads have decreased appreciably just in the last few minutes.

Philip: So she's gonna make it? It's gonna work?

Ben: It looks like she's gonna make a full recovery.

Philip: And you can use the drug on Melanie?

Ben: That's right. Now, I can't make any promises, but I think we have every reason to be optimistic.

Jennifer: Great.

Daniel: Well, it worked, Madame Curie.

Carly: Melanie?

Daniel: Yeah, I'm gonna give her and Nathan the drug right away. Everyone's gonna be okay.

Melanie: Did you hear that? They're gonna give us the drug. We're gonna be okay.

Philip: Hey, Dr. Walter said the drug was gonna work.

Warden: You think someone is gonna die?

Hope: You know two women have already died in the infirmary during surgery.

Warden: We've talked about that.

Hope: I don't think they were accidents.

Warden: What?

Hope: I said I don't think the deaths were accidents. Both women who died had no family. Both were cremated. Both died during routine surgeries. Appendicitis, a broken leg? What was the last time you heard someone dying from a broken leg?

Warden: I-- I don't know what to say.

Hope: I want you to say that you'll stop the surgery, and that you'll have her transferred to University Hospital.

Jennifer: [Sighs] You know, Bo, sometimes you have to wonder how much more a family can go through.

Bo: Yeah, I'd pay $1,000 to be bored for maybe five minutes.

Ben: Hey, Jennifer, I've got some more good news. Dr. Manning's condition has improved considerably. Now, Dr. Jonas is gonna get the drug to Melanie and Nathan, but I really think we're in the home stretch here.

Jennifer: Oh, thank God.

Ben: You're welcome. Oh, you weren't talking to me.

Jennifer: Wait a--wait--wait. What a jerk! Why would he say something like that at a time like this? That was so stupid. Why would he do that?

Bo: We just got really good news. Let's not waste any energy on him.

Jennifer: So dumb. But you're right. You're right. You know what? I'm gonna just be relieved and grateful and this is really good news.

Bo: Yes, it is.

Jennifer: And we can just breathe now.

Bo: Been saying way too many good-byes recently.

Jennifer: Yeah, you know what? You have. It's okay.

Bo: I know.

Philip: Thank you.

Bo: You know, I have never seen Philip like this. He really does love Melanie.

Jennifer: Yeah, he sure does. He tore out of here when he heard that Code Blue.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: You could tell he couldn't bear the thought of losing her.

Ben: Now, I can't tell you when they're gonna be out of quarantine, obviously, but I really don't think you have anything to worry about anymore.

Kate: I am so happy for you, honey.

Philip: Everything's gonna be just fine.

Nicole: Brady, you get like this, and it scares me.

Brady: Hey, listen to me. I don't want to take my problems out on you, all right? But I'm not like you. I can't do what you do. I can't pretend that we're this cute, young couple.

Nicole: I don't want that.

Brady: I think it is what you want.

Nicole: No, it's not.

Brady: I don't have your brand of amnesia, Nicole.

Nicole: You are too hard on yourself.

Brady: See, I think you're wrong there. Look, I know who you are. I do.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Brady: I know why you do what you do, and I don't want to change it, and I'm not gonna judge it. I can't, because it would be a little hypocritical of me to do that. But I'll tell you what. I can't pretend that you wanting Sydney in your life again is a good idea for you or for her.

EJ: It's not up to me. You deal with Kate as you see fit.

Stefano: That's right. And you will deal with Samantha?

EJ: Of course.

Stefano: "Of course." [Sighs] I'm not so sure about that.

EJ: What do you mean by that exactly?

Stefano: What I mean is this: One day you want to marry her. The next day you want revenge and then, ba-boom. It all changes again. She is the sun in your solar system. Look, you've got to-- you've got to give this up. Let it go.

EJ: No, absolutely not, Father. I want to see her pay. And prison is--it's too easy. It's painless. She has to watch me and Nicole bond with her children. See, for Samantha, that's living hell. [Chuckles]

Daniel: Hey, why don't you go talk to your mother? I need to check his vitals.

Melanie: Oh, I don't think you have to do that. He's doing better. You can see it in his eyes.

Daniel: Oh, okay. I'll put that in the medical journal when I publish about this. "Antiviral drug clearly effective 'cause I could see it in his eyes." [Laughter] I can see it in your eyes too. Thank God. Come on. And you, not only can I see it in your eyes, but your fever's down.

Nathan: I don't know what you made that drug from, but I mean, it almost had an instant reaction. I immediately stopped having those chills.

Daniel: That's good. That's amazing, man. Now, you were about to tell me something important too. Something about Chloe.

Nathan: I was?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Nathan: I don't-- I was probably saying a lot of stuff. I was delirious. I don't really remember anything specific.

Jennifer: Listen. With everything that's going on, I forgot to ask you. Did you get my message about Hope? That's good.

Bo: Hope?

Jennifer: Yes. She called me, Bo. She was really upset, and she was about to tell me something, and we got disconnected.

Bo: Uh-huh? Well, I just had a little discussion with the warden. She said that Hope stole a cell phone. Because of that, she put her in solitary.

Jennifer: What? Isn't that a pretty severe punishment?

Bo: Mm-mmm. It's not punishment. She wanted to keep Hope from telling you what she wanted to tell you.

Warden: I'm glad you came to me. I assure you that I will take personal responsibility for Pam's safety.

Hope: Thank you.

Warden: And I'll go right now to talk to Lee. Hope, I'm afraid there's always procedure. There will have to be an inquiry. But as soon as it's over, I'm getting you out of here and back to your job in the infirmary.

Hope: No, no, don't worry about me. This is about Pam.

Warden: But, Hope...I do. I can't help it.

Brady: Really? Seriously? That's--that is so wonderful. Thank you so much for calling me. All right, I'll be right there. [Sighs] They think Melanie's gonna be all right.

Nicole: Oh, Brady, you deserve good news.

Brady: Ah, God. I'm gonna go down there. Is that okay?

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah, of course. It's so good to see you smile.

Brady: Thanks. Will you find your way back okay?

Nicole: Uh-huh. Yeah. Go, go. I'm fine. I'm fine.

EJ: Saw you and Brady together. Think it's about time you and I set some ground rules.

Daniel: Well, seeing as how the door is locked on the outside, I really don't think that there's any point in arguing with you. All right, thanks. Well, while all the indicators are that we're all gonna be fine, they're not gonna release us till the morning.

Carly: Sleepover.

Melanie: Yay. [Giggles]

Daniel: Yeah. Thank you... for saving our daughter's life.

Carly: Hmm. From where I stand, it looked like we did it together. Go call Chloe. Tell her to kiss that baby for me.

Daniel: Yeah.

Carly: Okay?

Daniel: I will.

Melanie: I have to tell you something.

Nathan: Yeah?

Melanie: I didn't like watching you almost die. So don't ever do it again.

Nathan: Yes, ma'am. As long as you don't do it either.

Melanie: It's a bummer we have to stay here tonight.

Nathan: I know, right? Bummer. Tomorrow, it's... back to the real world.

Melanie: I'm not gonna forget what happened.

Nathan: Me neither. Where do we go from here?

Philip: Hey, I wanted to have one more word with you.

Ben: Yeah?

Philip: With this drug-- Melanie and I were talking about having kids.

Ben: Oh, yeah. It shouldn't be a problem.

Nurse: Excuse me for interrupting.

Ben: I'd check with a specialist. Yeah, what's going on?

Nurse: Dr. Carver, she needs to see you in her office for a consult, but she said she tried reaching you herself.

Ben: She what? Oh. [Mouth clicks] Pager's off. Okay. That's why she couldn't get me. Thanks for tracking me down.

Nurse: All right.

Ben: I would check with a specialist just in case, but you should be fine.

Philip: Thank you.

Ben: I hope you get the answers you need.

Philip: Thanks.

Bo: Philip? Being a dad?

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Bo: You sure you're ready to be a dad?

Philip: I'm absolutely sure. Absolutely.

Bo: Okay.

Jennifer: Bo, hey, listen.

Bo: Anything?

Jennifer: Nothing's working. No, it just keeps going straight to voice mail. There's no personal message or anything.

Bo: Yeah, I didn't think it would work. That phone has been neutralized.

Jennifer: I know this sounds silly, but I wish Gram were here right now.

Bo: [Scoffs] Doesn't sound silly at all, because... I've been thinking about how Gran helped me, uh, bust Roman out of jail with those doughnuts.

Jennifer: I remember that.

Bo: Yeah.

Jennifer: That was a woman who knew how to think out of the box, didn't she?

Bo: Yeah. That's exactly what I have to do right now.

Hope: [Sighs] God, Hope, I hope you did the right thing. No, you did. You had to. You had no choice. You had to trust someone. I just pray to God that warden's one of the good guys.

Warden: [Sighs] You were right. She knows too much.

Lee: Now what are we gonna do with her?

Warden: We get rid of her. That's what we do.

Lee: How? Her husband's gonna be all over us.

Warden: Don't worry. He won't be a problem.

Stefano: Katherine.

Kate: You know, don't you?

Stefano: Yes. I know.

Kate: So... what are you going to do?

Stefano: Well, my darling... just gonna have to wait and see.

EJ: What you do on your time is your business. But when it comes to Sydney, I have to consider my daughter's best interests.

Nicole: What?

EJ: Now, I have been very generous in letting you become a part of Sydney's life... but you're going to have to make a choice. Either you can have Brady in your life... or you can have Sydney. Not both. Think about that.

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