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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/22/10 - Canada; Tuesday 11/23/10 - U.S.A.


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Victor: You seem to be up and about.

Vivian: That's right, Victor. C'est moi. Alive, and kicking.

Victor: You're here.

Vivian: In the flesh. Which is very, very bad news for you.

Hope: Daddy.

Doug: Hey, honey!

Hope: Julie! What are you doing here so late? Is everything okay?

Doug: Sure, Julie insisted.

Hope: But you were on a cruise.

Doug: And the second we stepped onto dry land, Julie said, "We are going to see Hope," in that tone of voice that brooks no argument.

Julie: Oh!

Hope: So you haven't spoken to Bo?

Julie: No. Is something wrong?

Hope: No, no. I was just wondering if maybe you had a message from him.

Julie: It seems to me if Bo had something to tell you, he could come out here himself.

Hope: No, no, no. I'm sorry. It's not like that.

Julie: What has he done now? You're upset, I can see it.

Hope: Julie, no. It's fine, I'm fine. Please, you have to believe me.

Doug: I'm not so sure that I do.

Nicole: If you love Sydney as much as I know you do... you'll let me in her life. Do it for Sydney.

EJ: Nicole, if I wouldn't let Sydney be with Samantha, why would I let her be with you?

Nicole: For one thing, I didn't shoot you in the head.

EJ: Oh, how very restrained of you.

Nicole: It's more--it's much more than that. I'm giving you Sydney back-- well, for no other reason than I think she's better off with you.

EJ: No other reason?

Nicole: That is how much I love her. And that is why you will let me in her life.

Sami: Oh, wow. It looks so beautiful.

Allie: It looks like a fairyland.

All: [Laughing]

Caroline: It does. It sure does.

Sami: Hey, Will, can you take Sydney?

Will: Yeah.

Sami: And Allie, you stay here with me.

Johnny: What do I do?

Sami: You all stand over there, Johnny. Are you ready to throw a few more petals? All right. Here's this.

Rafe: You look amazing. So... you ready to get married?

Sami: I can't wait.

Priest: We are gathered here tonight in the presence of God to join this couple, Rafael Alejandro Hernandez and Samantha Jean Brady, in holy matrimony.

Sami: [Crying softly]

Doug: I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

Hope: I know.

Julie: But you do seem nervous about something.

Doug: Yes, yes. Closed off. Honey, you know, you can tell us what's bothering you. Look, if Bo has stopped coming out here, we need to know that.

Hope: Daddy, please. I am fine. As a matter of fact...

Julie: Yes?

Hope: He's been coming out here so much they restricted his visits.

Julie: They have no right to do that!

Hope: They have lots of rights; I have none. They're being very lenient letting me see you both this late at night.

Doug: I'm your father!

Hope: And they're being nicer than they have to letting me see you. They treat me very well. Bo's doing everything he can, so I'm fine. Please, please, just don't worry about me, okay? You just got off this beautiful cruise. You should be relaxed and happy, not worried about me. As a matter of fact, you know what, you should both be doing another lap around the Caribbean or something.

Doug: Yeah.

Julie: Oh, that's hardly likely with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Oh, why did I say that? I could kick myself.

Hope: Of course, I know the holidays are coming. I am just trying not to think about it...what this year's going to bring.

EJ: You see, I think there's another reason that you came to me with this little goody bag. You tried to deal with Rafe and Samantha, and very quickly you realized that no matter what they said, they were never going to let you be a part of Sydney's life.

Nicole: Well, sort of, but--

EJ: Not surprising... considering the hell you put Samantha through. So you thought you'd come to me. And hopefully, I'll just forget about the hell you put me through.

Nicole: Or maybe you will remember how good I was with Sydney. To state the obvious, she is a little girl. Do you really want Kate to be her only female role model?

EJ: So you're boasting that you're not as Kate is? I don't think that's a very persuasive argument.

Nicole: I don't need an argument. I love Sydney. And more importantly, she loves me. That is why I'm asking you to do what's best for Sydney.

EJ: Oh, I will. I promise you, I will.

Nicole: [Sigh]

Sami: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Rafe: No, no, you have nothing to be sorry about. It's okay.

Sami: You did all this for me. You made this night so beautiful, and I love you, and I want to marry you.

Rafe: But you can't.

Sami: I wanna be happy. And I am, I am so happy with you, you have to know that.

Rafe: Well, how can you be happy when you're so scared about your kids? About Johnny and Sydney? I shouldn't have done this.

Sami: You didn't do anything wrong. You didn't.

Sami: It was me, I ruined it. I was standing there thinking about how perfect this is, and how beautiful this night is, and... [Cries] How horrible tomorrow's going to be.

Rafe: No, I shouldn't have done this. I'm sorry, this was a bad idea.

Sami: That's not what I meant. Rafe...

Rafe: Listen, here's the plan, okay? We're gonna focus on getting your kids back. And once we have them back, then we'll talk about getting married.

Sami: What if I go to prison?

Rafe: We'll deal with it. Listen, we're gonna get married. It's a done deal, it's a given. But right now let's just focus on your kids, okay? Everyone here loves you, it's okay. I'll take a rain check.

Sami: No, no.

Rafe: Sami...

Sami: No, no! Listen to me, I love you and I know you love me. And everyone here tonight loves us, and they are here to celebrate with us. You know what? I am not gonna let EJ take one more thing away from us. And...and whatever I face tomorrow, I wanna face it as your wife. I want that more than anything.

Rafe: Guess what? I want that too. Okay?

Vivian: Well... here we are, Victor, the last scene of your very own personal Greek tragedy, and you wanna know the irony? Because I know you Greeks love irony. You could've had everything. You had me.

Victor: Vivian... the last wish of a dying man, shut up.

Vivian: You chose to give up everything for a housewife.

Maggie: You bitch!

Vivian: We could've had everything. But you were enticed by a coupon-cutting suburban siren.

Victor: Vivian... dying in the same room with Maggie is better than three lifetimes on my beach at Skyros with you.

Vivian: Oh, why do you have to say such hurtful things to me?

Sami: Okay, everybody, I'm ready. Got the mascara back on my eyelashes. So let's do this. What do you say, Sydney? Take two.

Will: All right, here you go. [Mutters] Excuse me.

Rafe: Game on. Wow... you are even prettier than before.

Sami: You're just saying--

Rafe: 'Cause it's true.

Sami: All right, who's ready to get married?

Johnny: I am!

All: [Laughing]

Sami: Well, it's a good thing. I'm marrying Rafe and this is our wedding, Johnny.

Rafe: That's right, my man. Come here. Come on, let me tell you guys something, huh? This is big-time stuff. Now, I'm marrying your mom, but you know what that means? That means I'm gonna be here for all you guys, you got that? You need anything, you talk to me. Cool? All right. Let's do this!

Will: Yeah.

Sami: Yeah, let's get married before I fall apart again. Oh! My goodness, thank you.

EJ: Mary...can I get a word with you, please? I need to talk about the children's bedrooms.

Nicole: What, are you gonna order a turndown service and put a mint on their pillow?

EJ: What are you doing here?

Nicole: I'm continuing our little conversation. Do you really think Sydney's gonna be happier by having Mary spruce up her bedroom? No, I should be back in her life.

EJ: Nicole, let me explain this to you in a simple sentence, okay? Go...away. Go away, go away. Go away. All right? [Sigh]

Nicole: You know what I figured out about you when we were married?

EJ: Oh, I don't know. I'm so stupid I didn't realize that the baby in your belly was in fact a pillow up your shirt? Hmm?

Nicole: You know that thing you do when you turn around and walk away? Well, I thought it was British reserve or masculine reticence, but no, no. You see, I've finally figured it out. It's what you do when you know you're wrong, and you hate admitting it.

EJ: Is that right?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

EJ: This little trip down memory lane... not really serving your purpose, you know? Reminding me of all the deceit and betrayal does not make me want to welcome you back into the fold.

Nicole: What about before there was a pillow? When I really was carrying your baby.

EJ: Oh! You're talking about when you were trying to get a slice of the DiMera pie.

Nicole: No, no, no. That is not true. You're just saying that to protect yourself from the truth, EJ. Look, we each loved that child. And we loved each other.

EJ: And when that child died... and you decided that I did not have the right to know.

Nicole: I didn't think you could handle it. And everything that you've done since then has proven that I was right.

Priest: Ready?

Sami: Yes, yes.

Priest: Well, as I was saying... we are gathered here tonight in the presence of God to join this couple, Rafael Alejandro Hernandez and Samantha Jean Brady, in holy matrimony.

Gabi: Yes! [Giggles]

Priest: And although we are not in a traditional church, we are still in the presence of God. He...

Caroline: [Clears throat]

Priest: Or she.

Caroline: Thank you.

Priest: Welcome. Created this beautiful forest, put the stars in the sky for us tonight, and gave us a lovely and unseasonably warm breeze this evening. But even more than that... he gave us love. The most beautiful thing God ever created was the love that he puts in our hearts for our family and our friends. And for Rafe and Sami, their love for each other. And talk about love, Sami. Rafe has told me he would like to say out loud, in front of everyone here, how he feels about you. He's one in a million.

Sami: [Softly] I know.

Nicole: Look at the way you've lived your life ever since you found out about Sydney. You went off the rails.

EJ: [Sigh] Well, Nicole, that may be because my entire life was a lie.

Nicole: Seriously? What's your last name again? [Scoffs] Lies, betrayal, deceit, murder... and then you, what? It's all in a day's work. And you throw a kid into the mix? Especially yours. And you become all emotional, and irrational-- and might I add, stupid.

EJ: Stupid, hmm. What is stupid, Nicole, is speaking to me this way and then thinking that you're gonna get something from me.

Nicole: You need something from me. When there was just this little window of happiness, when it was you, me, and Sydney, we were a team. Mommy, Daddy, and baby. You can't parent alone, EJ. You're too emotional. You need me to balance you. Sydney needs me to balance you. So she's gonna grow up in this house with Stefano, Kate, and a single father? Do you really think she's gonna be happier? Do you think she's gonna grow up strong? Try 300 pounds, and a sweat suit, and problems with rage.

EJ: [Clears throat] Nicole... nobody is ever gonna need you in their life for balance.

Nicole: There you go. Walking away. Because once again, you know I'm right.

Julie: I'm so sorry.

Hope: I'm fine. It's fine. Hey, good news. How about that, huh? Bo's already cleared bringing Ciara to see me on Thanksgiving. That should be a real thrill for her, huh?

Doug: It will be. She'll be here with you. That's what matters.

Julie: And we'll be here too. And we'll sneak in some turkey for you. [Giggles]

Hope: I'm so lucky to have you two. There are a lot of women in here that are dealing with all of this without any support at all.

Doug: Yep.

Hope: No one. Their families have completely abandoned them. As if they don't matter to anyone.

Doug: Sounds like they matter to you.

Hope: [Sigh] Some...matter a lot.

Warden: I thought Hope Brady was still on duty.

Lee: She got some visitors.

Warden: Fine. As long as it's not that husband of hers. I'm gonna make sure those visits are kept to a minimum.

Lee: Good idea. Last thing we need is her raising her questions with him.

Warden: Why the hell did I assign her to the infirmary in the first place? Last thing we need in here is an ex-cop.

Lee: Can't you get her transferred out?

Warden: [Sigh] I think at this point that would draw suspicion. [Sigh] For the time being, we're stuck with her.

Lee: Unless...

Warden: Unless... she steps out of line. And then I could do whatever I want to her.

Victor: I won't let you do this.

Vivian: You can't stop me!

Maggie: Victor! Watch out!

Vivian: This hurts me more than it hurts you.

Brady: No, you don't.

Vivian: Oh, no! No!

Victor: Brady... Maggie--she's put her in there.

Brady: I got her. Get her out.

Vivian: It's too late.

Brady: Get her out.

Victor: God give me strength. [Groans]

EJ: I am not wrong, Nicole.

Nicole: You know you are. For example, no matter how you feel about Sami, Sydney will love her. She is Sydney's mother.

EJ: Well, she doesn't deserve to be.

Nicole: Oh! Well, try explaining that to Sydney. You may not want it to be true, but Sydney will be devastated when you take her away from her mother. And you may not want this to be true, but you know that I have mothered that child. And she accepts me, she knows me, she loves me. And I think it is better for Sydney if I am in the picture.

EJ: My children, Nicole, are a lot more resilient than you give them credit for. Get out of my house. Now.

Nicole: I've been barking up the wrong tree with you.

EJ: Damn right you have!

Nicole: You're not afraid of me being a part of Sydney's life. You're afraid of me being a part of yours.

Rafe: Well...when I first got to the safe house, I remember thinking, "This is the girl they warned me about?"

Sami: [Giggles]

Rafe: Please. Little blue eyes here? What's she gonna do? Well, obviously that opinion didn't last long. I think it was about two weeks later, I was sleep deprived... due to your endless attempted escapes in the middle of the night, my inability to watch any basketball games in peace, and you... you not being able to sit anywhere in silence, I was about ready to throw myself on the assassin.

Sami: Can we get to something nice at some point?

Rafe: Yeah. Well, I'm not exactly sure, looking back, when it changed. But I think it was sometime around when I discovered you were pregnant. That was quite a surprise. Yeah, and after I got over the initial shock of it, I saw it as this incredible secret you were guarding from the world. And this secret you've made so much sacrifice for. And seeing that, in addition to the love and devotion that you had for your kids-- she hated being away from you guys, by the way. I mean, couldn't stand it. And that, in addition to the fact that you were just... drop-dead gorgeous... well, that sealed the deal for me.

Sami: Rafe! Rafe, I was nine months pregnant.

Rafe: I know, it's... which pretty much says it all. And you know, I don't know if I was more scared of this assassin killing you, or this impending thought I had of delivering the baby, or the fact that I was falling head-over-heels in love with you. Anyway... looks like you're stuck with me now.

Will: You're stuck with us too.

Rafe: Are you kidding? Are you kidding, you guy--you're like icing on the cake. Will, just hanging out with you. And Johnny, my main man, my FBI man! Are you kidding me, buddy? Huh? God, I love you guys. And the girls. Just to see you guys grow up. Keep the boys away from you.

Gabi: He's not kidding. [Giggles]

Rafe: Blue eyes. I just want you to know... that I feel like the luckiest man in the world. Because of you. All because of you.

Victor: Maggie. Maggie, no!

Hope: I feel terrible you came here right after your beautiful cruise.

Julie: Are you kidding? Of course, we're here for you.

Doug: Well, we're all set for Thanksgiving. Is there anything in particular you'd like us to bring?

Hope: Just yourselves. I hope you know how much--how much I really appreciate your visits.

Doug: I still feel there's something you're not telling us.

Mimi: [Clears throat] Just wanted to let you know, I'll be stepping out for just a couple of minutes. You'll have to leave when I get back.

Doug: Okay, Mimi, thanks. Thanks for letting us know.

Hope: Mimi? How do you know her name? Why is she leaving us alone? Why is she leaving? Nobody ever leaves.

Julie: Didn't you notice Mimi's lovely new watch? Your father bought it in Bermuda. Duty-free.

Hope: You bought Mimi a watch?

Doug: I figured maybe I ought to bribe the screws.

Hope: Bribe them? What for?

Doug: This. [Laughing] Ah.

Sami: I guess it's my turn now. You're all right.

Rafe: [Chuckles]

Sami: You know, as far as heroes go, or whatever.

Rafe: God.

Sami: If that's what you're into.

Rafe: [Sigh]

Sami: I know. I know you hate it when I say that. Because for you, a hero has to be some movie star. You know, like, people think that hero means something like Batman, or Harrison Ford, or...

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: Some perfect ending. That's not what it means. You're my hero because no matter what kind of trouble I get into, you take my hand and you look me in the eye. And I know it's gonna be okay. And I know you're gonna go with me no matter what it is. And you're gonna help me, and you're gonna be there for me. That's a hero.

Rafe: Okay. [Chuckles]

Sami: But Rafe, that's not even what I love the most about you. You remember when I made you feel my stomach when Sydney was kicking one time in the safe house?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: I think that's when I started to fall in love with you.

Rafe: [Softly] Really?

Sami: I mean, I didn't know it at the time. We had a long way to go before that. But, um, you loved her. This little baby that you couldn't even see. And you wanted to protect her. And that's how you feel about all my kids. You're this, like, tough guy, but...

Rafe: Come on.

Sami: But underneath, you have this big heart. And I'm so, so lucky. That your heart chose me to fall in love with. I don't know what I did to deserve it. But I promise you that I will always be true to you. No matter what lies ahead. Thank you for loving me. Because... no matter what happens, I know I couldn't get through it without you.

Rafe: [Sigh]

Victor: Maggie. Maggie, please, open your eyes.

Vivian: She never will. You left me to die in there. And now you've lost her forever!

Victor: I found a pulse. She's not dead!

Vivian: Not dead yet!

Victor: Maggie. Maggie, open your eyes, please. I need you. I love you!

Vivian: [Crying]

Victor: Oh, thank God. Thank God!

Vivian: [Crying]

Hope: Hey. Thanks for the privacy.

Mimi: You're lucky to have a dad like that.

Hope: I know. Very. What about Lee? How'd she end up in here, huh?

Warden: She's been here so long, I can't remember. Oh, she's a good person. That's why she's a trustee. Seems to know her way around the infirmary.

Lee: I said hello! Yoo-hoo!

Hope: Sorry.

Lee: It's like you were a million miles away.

Hope: Just thinking.

Lee: Everybody gets a little weird after they have visitors. How'd it go?

Hope: Great.

Lee: Family?

Hope: Yeah, yeah. Just they're trying to figure out how to make Thanksgiving normal this year. I don't think it's possible.

Lee: It is. You just have to find a new normal.

Hope: I guess. I was thinking about what you said, about how families stop visiting. What it would be like in here during the holidays without anyone.

Lee: It's not a wonderful life.

Hope: What about you? Does your family come to visit?

Lee: Nah. I get it, though. They live too far away.

Hope: Where do they live?

Lee: Why you wanna know?

EJ: And now I have another reason to keep you away from Sydney. You're delusional, Nicole.

Nicole: Am I?

EJ: Absolutely.

Nicole: I think I put my finger on what's going on here. I think somewhere inside of you, if you see me with Sydney again, those memories and all those feelings of when we were married will come flooding back.

EJ: Mm. That's not gonna happen because I know you're not her mother. What you are, Nicole, is a lying, scheming parasite.

Nicole: You loved me, EJ. And you were happy. And that scares the hell out of you.

EJ: Your belief in your own allure is, frankly, staggering.

Nicole: Once, for once in your life, EJ, you gave and you liked it. You were a human being in love, and you liked it.

EJ: Yeah, because I was living in a--in a dream world!

Nicole: Loving me and loving our child was not a dream.

EJ: My child. Mine!

Nicole: When you realized what I had done, you believed you were made a fool of.

EJ: As did everyone I know!

Nicole: But you weren't, EJ, you weren't. I mean, you have to cling on to this idea that I was out for your money because you're scared of the truth. What I did I did out of love. And look, you...

EJ: [Laughing]

Nicole: [Sigh] You didn't have what was... well, why don't I just be discreet about this? You didn't have the strength, EJ. You didn't have the strength to just shrug and...and keep on being happy. And maybe you will find that again when you get Johnny and Sydney back. I'm not saying that you don't love them. You do. But that's only a part of your happiness. EJ, if you keep going on like this, you will end up lonely and sad.

EJ: And if you keep going on like this, Nicole... you're gonna end up sitting on your ass outside.

Nicole: Is that the kind of father you want Sydney to have?

Priest: Sami and Rafe, in telling each other and all of us their feelings about what they are about to do... well, it seems to me that they exemplify what Saint Paul had to say about love. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast. Love is not proud, it is not rude. Love is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."

Hope: I'm sorry. Sorry, I think maybe that sounded nosy, and... I'm just curious. I realized I don't know anything about you.

Lee: There's not too much to know.

Hope: Sorry if I crossed the line.

Lee: I don't think you were being nosy. I think you're really curious about other people. Doing time here, I guess I forgot there are people like that.

Hope: I understand.

Lee: There's a reason for the unwritten prison rule. Don't get too close to anyone. You could end up getting yourself hurt. I'd hate to see anything happen to you.

Maggie: You took your own sweet time.

Victor: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Maggie: In there... I think I went crazy.

Victor: There were fumes. You're fine now. You're gonna be fine.

Maggie: I thought... Victor, I thought I heard you say...

Victor: I love you.

Vivian: [Cries]

Victor: I did. I do.

Maggie: Mm.

Victor: Maggie? Maggie? Maggie, no! Maggie!

Vivian: [Laughing]

Victor: Maggie!

Priest: Would you please face each other now and take each other's hands? Do you, Rafael, take Samantha to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, for better or for worse?

EJ: I didn't ask you for a drink, Nicole. I told you to go away.

Nicole: Because you know I make that drink exactly the way you like it.

EJ: [Sigh]

Nicole: And you know I know how to get rid of that knot in your left shoulder, the knot you get when you're really stressed out.

EJ: Well, that would involve you touching me. And that... is not going to happen.

Nicole: Yeah, I know. I understand. You can't trust yourself around me.

EJ: [Scoffs] Come on.

Nicole: Don't worry, don't worry, your virtue is safe with me.

EJ: It's not funny.

Nicole: No, it's not. And you are making unilateral decisions about Johnny and Sydney's lives, and you are pushing away the one person who could help make their lives happier.

EJ: I do not want to talk about this. Thank you.

Nicole: Well, you don't have to. I've landed my shots. So...kick me out, walk away. But you are not going to be able to put what I've said out of your head. You're going to think about this whether you want to or not, EJ.

EJ: keep telling yourself that, Nicole. Keep telling yourself that.

[Phone ringing]

EJ: [Clears throat] Yes? [Sigh] What about Samantha?

Rafe: I do.

Priest: Do you, Samantha, take Rafael to be your lawfully wedded husband...

EJ: They're doing what? The children are there? They're watching this bloody thing?

Priest: To have and to hold, for better or for worse?

Sami: I do.

EJ: Son of a bitch!

[Glass shatters]

EJ: God! Damn that woman!

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Brady: Do you hear what I'm saying to you, old woman?

Vivian: I'm sorry, but if this old woman is taking a wrap, everyone's going down with me!

Hope: You're not getting away with this, Lee.

Sami: You bastard! You!

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