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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/19/10 - Canada; Monday 11/22/10 - U.S.A.


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Sami: What? You want to get married tonight? I'm never gonna see them again, and you want to talk about getting married?

Rafe: Well, I thought I was pretty clear on that. So what do you say?

Victor: God, Vivian, what have you done to Maggie?

Vivian: You never knew how much I cared.

Victor: Hard-hearted bastard that I am.

Vivian: Too busy chasing Maggie Horton around.

Victor: Oh, and a womanizer to boot.

Vivian: Victor, you could have had everything, but now you have nothing.

Victor: She couldn't have. Yes, she could have. Oh, for once in my life, let me be consummately wrong.

Maggie: Victor.

Kate: So, you've made a decision. You're going to tell him about that little piece of paper?

Stefano: You want to see me?

Chad: Ahem. Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Nicole: I told you I trusted you, EJ. I gave you all that information. Rafe said I was a fool to do it. I'm hoping you'll make a liar out of him. So... will I have a place in Sydney's life or not?

EJ: First, I have a question.

Nicole: Go on.

EJ: Before you came to me with this videotape of Samantha's confession, why did you try to make a deal with her?

Sami: That's why you told me not to worry. 'Cause you have a plan. Is that what this is about? You--you have a way of helping me keep my kids, and that's why you want to get married tonight?

Victor: Vivian? You there?

Vivian: Victor? Is that you, or am I hearing things?

Victor: It's me.

Vivian: Oh, God, why do you have to torment me? Why don't you just let me die in peace?

Victor: Well, actually, old girl, I was thinking of letting you out.

Sami: I should have known you would have a plan, you would find some way to fix everything. You're not gonna let EJ beat us, right? We're gonna get married, and you won't be able to testify against me, and we're gonna be able to stop him.

Rafe: That's part of it, yeah. But, honey, our getting married, it's not gonna solve all of your problems.

Sami: Right. Right.

Rafe: Anyway, that's not the reason why I want to marry you tonight.

Sami: What is the reason?

Stefano: All right, Chad, I'm listening. What do you want to talk to me about?

Kate: Well, I think I'm going to give you two men a little privacy.

Stefano: You don't have to go, you know.

Kate: No, I know that. It's just that I wanted to call the hospital, and I wanted to check on Melanie anyway, so...

Stefano: Ah, yes, of course. Well, let me know what they say to you.

Kate: I will.

Stefano: [Sighs] Well, what do you want, Chad?

Chad: Ahem. You and, uh, Mrs. DiMera were so nice to offer me a job... twice, and I turned you down both times. If it's still open, I'd like to change my mind...again. I want the job.

Stefano: All right. You start Monday. And I'll teach you how to be more decisive. If that's it...

Chad: Actually... actually, it's not.

Stefano: If I were you, I would close that knife, son.

Chad: You see, the real reason I'm here, it's much more serious than a job. We have something to settle between us, right here and right now.

Nicole: I never, never imagined that I would get Arianna's camera, let alone Sami's confession to shooting you. I mean, my head was spinning, and all I could think about--

EJ: The only thing you could think about was how to get something for yourself.

Nicole: Of course, I was thinking of you, too.

EJ: Oh, of course, you were thinking of me, I'm sure.

Nicole: I was. But, look, I knew that Sami had temporary custody of Sydney, and I told you how much I've missed that little baby. And I figured, well, as much as Sami hates me, she doesn't hate me as much as she hates you. I mean, she shot you.

EJ: Really? So that was why you went to her, was it, and tried to cut a deal?

Nicole: I intended you to be part of this. I was going to include you in any visitation arrangement I had with Sydney.

EJ: I'm sure you were. Such a pity, really, that I was completely unaware of this.

Nicole: Well, how could you be? I mean, imagine if Sami found out I was working with you.

EJ: Right, absolutely. If she's found out, then your plan to blackmail her would have failed even more spectacularly than it did without me.

Nicole: EJ, I just want to be a part of Sydney's life, okay? Sami didn't even consider it. I mean, she just flat out rejected me. And you know what, even though she knew I had that camera, she knocked me down and tried to get it in her own grubby hands, and that didn't work, so she sent Rafe to try and get it.

EJ: Yeah. She sent Rafe to try and get it. Of course, she did. Because Rafe was so successful at getting the last taped confession you had, right? You remember the one, where I was talking to my father about Sydney?

Nicole: I admit, going to Sami first was a mistake.

EJ: Oh, well, that's very big of you, Nicole.

Nicole: But, EJ, when I came to you, I explained everything that happened with Sami.

EJ: No, no, no, when you came to me, I was uncharacteristically bewildered, okay? It took me a little bit of time to process the chronology of these events, you know, the sequence.

Nicole: Yes. But is it clear now? Do you have the pic--

EJ: Oh, yes! Oh, it's absolutely clear. Crystal clear. You were gonna give that camera to Samantha.

Nicole: No. No, I wasn't!

EJ: Yes, you were! She was gonna destroy it, and then she was gonna go and live with Rafe, and they were gonna be very happy, and they'd raise those two children. Now, you give me one reason why I shouldn't throw you in this river right now!

Rafe: Now, I know that you need me to be the guy, that guy who rides in on the white horse and saves the day right now, and trust me, I want to be that guy more than anything in the world.

Sami: Okay, so why do you want to get married tonight?

Rafe: Because I love you.

Sami: But why tonight? I mean, if we don't stop EJ, this is our last night with Sydney and Johnny.

Rafe: Exactly. All the more reason that we should do it. This will be a celebration, and I want the kids to be there. Besides, whatever happens, I want to go through this together, as your husband. And, anyway, you've got other problems besides EJ.

Victor: Vivian? I just said I was thinking of letting you out, and you're uncharacteristically silent.

Vivian: [Panting] What's the point of letting me go, Victor? I'm a shell of a woman. You've seen to that. Why don't you just finish the job and let me go?

Victor: Doesn't sound like you, Vivian, even in extremis.

Vivian: All right, I'll use what's left of my strength and go to the police, and I'll tell them what you and Brady and Nicole and Kate did to me, and when I do--

Victor: Have to get down to that mausoleum right now.

Vivian: Gus! Are you still watching Victor's house? Oh, thank goodness. Because I think he's getting suspicious, that's why.

Nicole: Just listen to me, please. I went to Sami first because I thought it would be best for Sydney. What? Sami's been taking care of her for a while now, and... and I'm sure that she's grown an attachment to Sami.

EJ: Attachment. Answer me this. How does a child become attached to a mother that she never sees?

Nicole: What do you mean, never sees?

EJ: I mean, never sees. I mean, Samantha's extremely busy. You know, she's got three other children to raise, she's got a boyfriend to take care of, she's got murders to attempt, lies to concoct.

Nicole: Okay, I know that.

EJ: Aside from which, how can it possibly be good for a child to spend time with a mother who tried to murder her father?

Nicole: Okay, that was my opening gambit. But as soon as I got my foot in the door, I was going straight to you.

EJ: [Scoffs] Well, we'll never know, will we?

Nicole: I admit it. That going to Sami first was wrong. I thought maybe she changed a little after trying to blow you away, but she didn't. I mean, she thinks that she can do whatever she wants. I don't know what you saw in her. And then, she lets Rafe use Sydney by talking his way into my house. Look, I just wanted to see the little girl that I love. I'm not trying to replace Sami or anything.

EJ: That's exactly what you were trying to do. You were trying to replace Samantha and me in Sydney's life.

Sami: What do you mean? What are you talking about? What bigger problems do I have besides EJ?

Rafe: Well, the reason that Bo wanted to talk to me tonight was, uh...

Sami: That he's planning to arrest me?

Rafe: If he has to.

Sami: What do you mean, "If he has to"? What, they expect me to just turn myself in to the police? Then why am I even making a deal with EJ in the first place? If I'm gonna go to prison anyway, there's no way I'm handing him my kids!

Victor: Damn guard. Maybe he's inside.

Maggie: Victor, is it really you? Or have I just... made you up? Because I need you so much.

Victor: [Grunts] Gotta be Hercules to get this thing open. Don't worry, Maggie. I'm gonna do it. If she put you in here, I'm gonna get you out.

Stefano: I don't know what you have in mind, but you're not gonna get away with it.

Kate: Oh, my God! Are you out of your mind?

Stefano: If you want to kill me, you're gonna need something bigger than that.

Chad: [Laughing] I don't want to kill you. I don't even want to hurt you. I just want some blood.

Kate: All right, do you think there is no security here?

Stefano: It's all right.

Kate: If you even nick him, you're a dead man.

Stefano: It's all right. It's all right, Katherine.

Kate: No, it's not all right.

Stefano: Why are you doing this, Chad? Why are you suddenly out for blood?

Chad: Because it's the only way I can prove whether or not you're my father.

Kate: Oh.

Rafe: Sami, what are you doing?

Sami: I'm calling EJ.

Rafe: Sami--

Sami: Seriously, if the police are about to pick me up, then I'm gonna tell him right now that all bets are off.

Rafe: Don't. Please? Please. I didn't say that Bo was about to arrest you and throw you in jail, did I? No.

Sami: But they're obviously building a case against me.

Rafe: Well, yeah, because you have the strongest motive, but that doesn't mean that they have anything concrete.

Sami: Except for the fact that they're totally right on.

Rafe: Well, yeah, but it's all circumstantial.

Sami: Until they bring Will in, and they make him swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.

Rafe: Will saw you leave the DiMera mansion with a gun. He didn't see you shoot EJ. Nobody did.

Sami: No. No, I just confessed to him that I did it.

Rafe: Hearsay. And if you marry me, they can't make me testify against you.

Sami: They don't need you or Will, because I confessed on camera, and EJ has it. Rafe, it would take a miracle to get me out of this. And I don't think I deserve a miracle. I don't think I deserve to get out of it.

Rafe: Sami. Sami, hey, come on. Don't say that. No.

Sami: I am so tired of running scared. I am so tired of always doing damage control. And mostly, I am tired of asking you to cover for me, and asking Will to cover for me.

Rafe: You haven't asked me, or Will for that matter. We just do it because we love you. Besides, those kids, they rightfully belong with you.

Sami: So what do we do?

Rafe: I don't know. I just want you to know that you are not gonna go through this alone. I love you so much.

Sami: I don't know why.

Rafe: [Laughs] Well, I do. Before, when I would wake up, my life, it was so neat and tidy, and I knew what to expect every morning.

Sami: That sounds great.

Rafe: Mmm. Wasn't. It was actually boring. You and those kids, you... you know, you're the best damn thing that's ever happened to me, and we're strongest when we're together.

Sami: Well, we are going to have to be pretty strong if we are gonna fight and beat EJ DiMera.

Rafe: Yeah, that's right, and guess what. We will be. And that's why I want you to take my hand and say in front of God and everyone that we will be together forever, and we will go through this thing together. You do that? Oh. Oh, that's my girl.

Rafe: Listen, I just-- I think this is the best thing that we can do right now. Get married and then we can go through this together as a family in every sense of the word.

Sami: Well, I know that us being a family is just gonna make us stronger, and we're gonna face it together. And, um, Sydney might not remember, but I know Johnny will. And no matter what happens with EJ, I know Johnny is gonna be so happy knowing that he has a family that loves him and wants him and that his step-father loves him as much as I do.

Rafe: That's for damn sure. I'm sorry we gotta do it like this on the fly. I want you to have the best wedding ever. You know that, right?

Sami: Hey, marrying you is the wedding of my dreams, any time, any way. I don't care if it's in front of a judge, because marrying you is everything I ever wanted. And I really don't know how I got so lucky.

Rafe: Stop. No, you've made me feel more love than anyone-- anyone ever has my whole life. I'm gonna spend my entire life making you feel the same way.

Sami: You already do.

Stefano: Young man, I think you better explain yourself.

Kate: After you put the knife away.

Chad: Got an envelope a little while back. Inside of it was a copy of a birth certificate-- my birth certificate. And on it, it said that Madeline Peterson was my mother and my father was you.

Stefano: Let me tell you something. Any two-bit con man can create a phony birth certificate. If I had a dollar for every creep that said that he was my heir, I'd be richer than I already am. Nice try, but, uh, no cigar. Now get the hell out of here.

Chad: Uh, no... sir.

Stefano: Then I'll have you removed.

Kate: Stefano, let him say what he has to say.

Stefano: Why do I have to stand here and listen to this?

Chad: Because I'm not trying to scam you. Because I don't want this to be true any more than you do.

Stefano: Do you have this birth certificate with you?

Chad: Yeah.

[Paper crinkling]

Stefano: If this is a forgery, it's a good one.

Chad: Did you have an affair with my mother?

Stefano: Yes.

Chad: It's true. Isn't it?

Nicole: You know, when I went to see Sami, I had no intention of trying to become Sydney's mother. And I know you can't believe me, but I am telling you the truth that is in my heart and in my head. I truly believe that Sydney belongs with her real mother. I just wanted to see her from time to time.

EJ: But Samantha turned you down flat, so... I supposed then you were forced to come to me, were you?

Nicole: Can you just listen, please? I was so desperate to replace the baby that I lost, it would have made it a lot easier on myself by passing off some stranger's kid as yours. And I had every intention of doing that, and then I found out Sami was pregnant with your child, and she wasn't even gonna tell you. I risked everything to give you your baby. So I came to you, EJ, because when I saw Sami, I realized I was right the first time. Sydney belongs with you.

Sami: I don't think we can do it tonight, Rafe. I mean, I can't tell them the truth anyway, that he's blackmailing me into giving him the kids, so we have to come up with something else, and I think we should celebrate tonight and worry about that conversation tomorrow, because the last thing I want is for them to think that I am shipping them off so that I can have more time with you, you know?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I totally agree. That makes complete sense.

Sami: Okay. Okay. So tomorrow, we will figure out how to have the worst conversation of our lives with those kids, but tonight, we're gonna celebrate. And we're gonna have a wonderful family wedding, and we're all gonna be together, and we are gonna have a great night.

Rafe: Right. Okay. I'm completely onboard with that.

Sami: I love you so much..

Rafe: I love you, too. I better go get things set up.

Sami: I know. There's so much to do.

Rafe: It's not gonna do it itself, is it?

Sami: A dress and the kids need outfits.

Rafe: You have no idea.

Sami: [Laughs] All right. Mwah. All right, go make it happen.

Rafe: I'll see you soon.

Sami: Okay. We are gonna have a wonderful night.

[Stun gun crackling]

Gus: Say good night, Victor.

Chad: So you slept with my mother. You think you're my father?

Stefano: All I'm saying is, anything is possible.

Kate: I have a suggestion. Since you have both heard what you needed to hear, why don't you both get tested? And we'll find out if there is another DiMera in the world.

Sami: Sorry, everybody. Sorry that I had to, um, wake you up.

Will: That's okay. Something wrong?

Sami: No, uh...

Johnny: [Yawns]

Sami: I have good news, that's all. Um, good news I wanted to tell you. Rafe and I are getting married tonight.

Will: What the hell, Mom?

Johnny: Can kids go?

Sami: Absolutely. Kids are going to this wedding. Are you kidding? I wouldn't get married without you.

Will: Okay, why are you doing this so fast?

Sami: Um, because there's no reason to wait. Rafe loves me, and I love Rafe, and he loves all of you. He wants to be my husband, and he wants to be a step-father to all of you, and we see absolutely no reason to wait. I have waited long enough.

Allie: Can I be the flower girl?

Sami: Are you kidding me? Of course, you can be the flower girl. You are gonna make a beautiful flower girl.

Johnny: Can I call Rafe Daddy, too, like my real daddy?

Sami: Yes, sweetheart. You can call Rafe anything you want to call him. Um, you know, things are gonna be, um, changing tomorrow, just not what we're used to.

Will: Mom, are you sure you should be getting married right away?

Sami: I have never been more sure of anything in my whole life.

Will: Why don't you look happy?

Sami: I don't know, uh... I don't know how I look. But I am. I'm so happy. I can't tell you how happy I am. You know me, I just cry at weddings and, um, 'cause I'm happy. And what I do know is that this is the right decision for our family. And--and we all deserve some happiness tonight, especially after all the...

Will: Crap. Yeah. What else are you gonna tell us?

Sami: It can wait. We'll talk about it later. 'Cause right now, we have a wedding to plan. We have to get you guys dressed, and we have to pick out cool clothes to wear for the wedding, as we have to wake Sydney up.

Johnny: Awesome.

Sami: It is awesome. We're gonna have so much fun tonight. We are gonna have the best family wedding of all time. Come here. Group hug. Family hug.

Stefano: What is this?

Chad: What--what--why-- why are they dressed like that.

Kate: Well, there was an outbreak of a contagious virus in the hospital.

Chad: In a hospital? Should we even be here?

Kate: When I called ahead, they said it had been contained, and that's why the lockdown was canceled.

Stefano: Any word on Melanie?

Kate: Yes. The nurse said that her condition is unchanged, my son's wife is a nurse here. She and Dr. Nathan Horton are the ones who contracted the disease after treating a young man who came up from Central America with it.

Chad: Well, I'm really sorry.

Kate: Thank you.

Stefano: Well, listen, Melanie is young, and she's strong. She will work her way through this.

Kate: Mmm.

Stefano: As will Dr. Horton. I'm gonna speak to the nurse. Excuse me. Um, I would like to arrange for a DNA test.

Nurse: The lab is closed.

Stefano: With all this business about the virus, I doubt that.

Nurse: A doctor has to order the test.

Stefano: Mmm. Now, ahem. A paternity test will prove whether or not I am that young man's father. And I don't want to wait until tomorrow to know. Clearly, you are a very smart young woman, hmm? And I'm sure that you know how to draw blood yourself. And you know how to take it to the lab under another name and get the results to me as soon as possible. Now, is that an ethical problem for you? Yeah, I didn't think so. Draw his blood first and then mine.

EJ: Now, I'm wondering what brought about this change of heart? And what--what did Samantha do that made you decide that Sydney would be better off with me than her? I mean, aside from not going along with your blackmail attempt, that is.

Nicole: It wasn't what Sami did. Well, not...not totally. Everything fell apart with you and me when the truth came out. My life went into a tailspin. I forgot what it was like to be a family, and all I could think about was Sydney. Then I...I saw her. And I got to hold her in my arms again after so long. And those memories came back how much you loved her and how much she loves you.

EJ: I do love her very much. She's the sweetest and most engaging little child.

Nicole: She is. And you're gonna get her back, because of me. But you didn't--you didn't promise me anything, and I am not threatening you, but you know how much I love Sydney, so I'm gonna ask you what I asked Sami. Will you let me be a part of her life? Please.

Gabi: Mrs. Brady just took off out of here.

Rafe: Did she?

Gabi: Yeah, and she actually told me to take the rest of the night off. Oh, and that you were waiting to talk to me. What do you want?

Rafe: I want you to go put on a nice dress.

Gabi: Why?

Rafe: 'Cause you're going to a wedding.

Gabi: Whose wedding?

Rafe: Mine.

Gabi: You're-- you and Sami are getting married?

Rafe: Yeah.

Gabi: Tonight?

Rafe: I know. I know it's quick. But, sis, I don't want to put it off, and I was hoping you could be my best man... uh, person.

Gabi: Um, I don't-- I don't think I can do that. Um...

Rafe: Right. Because of Arianna?

Gabi: Rafe, we just buried her, okay? I don't think that I'm in a wedding kind of place, especially when the bride is Sami.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I had a feeling that you would say that, and you probably know what I'm gonna say. What happened to Arianna was not Sami's fault. EJ made Ari think that he was her friend, and he... he turned her against Sami and me, Will.

Gabi: Why would he do that?

Rafe: Why? Because she was more useful to him that way. He used her in the same way that he used little Sydney, to get back at Sami and to get whatever the hell he wanted. Now, listen, I know I can't convince you of that, but I'm telling you that is what I believe.

Gabi: I still don't understand why you have to get married tonight.

Rafe: Life's too short. I love Sami, and I know that Ari wanted me to be happy, and being with Sami makes me happy. I'm sure as hell not gonna put it off because of EJ.

Gabi: I don't have to be there for you to do that.

Rafe: Listen, you're not my little sis anymore. I mean, you are, but I can't boss you around. But it would mean the world to me if you were there.

Sami: Who is it?

Caroline: Grandma.

Sami: Grandma? Hey. What are you doing here all dressed up?

Caroline: Oh, don't act innocent now. Rafe told me all about it.

Sami: Did you tell Dad?

Caroline: No. Rafe told me not to.

Sami: Grandma...

Caroline: All I want for you, Samantha Brady, is to be happy and to be with your family.

Sami: I love you, too.

Caroline: I love you, dear.

Sami: Will you, um, help Sydney and Johnny and Allie get dressed?

Caroline: Yes, in a minute. In a minute. Brought something for you.

Sami: You did?

Caroline: [Laughs] I carried this with me when I married your grandpa. You know, I think it covers the old or borrowed and, uh, something blue. And for you, this is a book of Shakespearean sonnets I bought for myself.

Sami: You read Shakespeare?

Caroline: Yes, indeed. [Laughs] My favorite one is, "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediment."

Sami: That's beautiful. Thank you.

Caroline: I think you and Rafe are a marriage of true minds.

Sami: I agree. I love him so much.

Caroline: And he loves you. And with that kind of love, you can get through the worst of anything together.

Sami: I hope so, Grandma.

Caroline: You will.

Sami: I hope so.

Maggie: No! No. Victor! No!

Victor: Oh, Vivian. You seem to be up and about.

Vivian: That's right, Victor. C'est moi, alive and kicking.

EJ: Oh, you want to bargain with me, right?

Nicole: Bargain with you? I just said that-- you know what? You probably wouldn't even know that Sydney was your child if it wasn't for me, and you certainly wouldn't have proof of what Sami did. But you know what, even if you didn't care about all that, think about Sydney! I still love her. She still loves me. And I may be the only mother figure she will have for a while. Do it for Sydney.

Sami: Oh, wow, it looks so beautiful.

Allie: It looks like a fairy land.

Caroline: It does. Sure does.

Sami: Hey, will, will you take Sydney? And, Allie, you stay here with me.

Johnny: What do I do?

Sami: You all stand over there, Johnny.

Will: See if we can get... [Laughs]

Sami: And you're gonna throw the petals, okay?

Rafe: You look amazing. So you ready to get married?

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