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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/18/10 - Canada; Friday 11/19/10 - U.S.A.


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Sami: What kind of deal?

EJ: The kind of deal where I get everything and you get... nothing.

Sami: Sounds fair. Where do I sign?

EJ: So here's how it's going to work. I will forget about the fact that you shot me in the head. I'll, uh, take it to my grave, as it were.

Sami: And what do you want in return?

EJ: Can't you guess?

Sami: No, I am not in the mood for guessing games, EJ.

EJ: I want my children. I want Sydney and I want Johnny.

Vivian: Brady, why are you doing this to me? How could you? Have a heart, Brady. Please.

Brady: Vivian. Mom. I thought--I thought you were, um...

Isabella: Vivian? No.

Brady: I just heard her voice just now. She was, um...

Isabella: That's because she needs you, Brady. She needs you to set her free.

Vivian: To my dear, loyal friend Gus, without whom I'd still be sitting and rotting in a smelly, disgusting... yuck. I don't even want to think about it.

Gus: Well, there is one thing you do need to think about.

Vivian: You're not gonna be Debbie Downer on me again, are you?

Gus: Mr. Kiriakis discovered that I escaped.

Vivian: Oh, dear. That's a bit of a hiccup.

Gus: Yes, he's put a guard in front of the mausoleum.

Vivian: Well, I hope he hasn't been to visit me. Maybe I should call Maggie and see how she's doing. Maggie dear, darling, how are we doing? Uh, are you reasonably comfortable? Grunt once for yes, twice for no.

Maggie: Please, Vivian. You've had your fun. Now let me out?

Rafe: Sami, why aren't you picking up? Anyway, it's me. I'm sorry I've been gone so long. Um, I will be home soon, though, and obviously as soon as I get home, we're gonna talk about EJ and what to do. Listen, I just--I want you to know not to give up hope, because I am not gonna give up hope. I promise you that. I love you. Bye.

Nicole: Aw. That is so sweet. But will you still love her when she's convicted of attempted murder? Will that sweet romance thrive through those dreaded prison bars?

Sami: You want Johnny and Sydney?

EJ: That's what I said.

Sami: I mean, I guess I don't have a choice. So, uh... so, yeah, we can work something out. We'll split time. We'll trade weekends and holidays and stuff, and, um, you know, obviously it's just their well-being, their sense of security that matters the most, and we can work through that. We can figure...

EJ: [Clears throat]

Sami: What? What are you thinking?

EJ: You don't quite seem to understand exactly what it is that I'm saying, Samantha. I want full custody of my children. I want you out of their lives.

Rafe: Get out of my sight.

Nicole: Okay, that's not very nice.

Rafe: You sadistic, lying piece of garbage!

Nicole: All right, take it easy, Rafe. I can see that you're annoyed that I gave your sister's camera to EJ.

Rafe: Sami has four kids. Does that mean nothing to you?

Nicole: Wait a second. You sneaked into my house on the pretext that I get to play with Sydney, and then you destroyed my copies of Sami's confession. You went into my laptop and you erased everything. You played me, you bastard.

Rafe: Oh, give me a break. I was trying to protect the woman I love, and you know as well as I do that whatever Sami did to EJ, he more than deserved it.

Nicole: We are not talking about EJ.

Rafe: No?

Nicole: We are talking about what you did to me. You know my heart ached for that child that I raised for almost a year, and then you spit in my face. You made me look like a fool. You weren't gonna let me get close to Sydney.

Rafe: She's not your kid, Nicole. She's not yours. And for whatever sick reason, you think that you have some sort of claim on her.

Nicole: Sick?

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Sick? You want to talk about sick? What's sick is that you think it's okay for Sami Brady to shoot someone in the head and then go live a happy little life.

Rafe: Whatever.

Nicole: Oh, whatever?

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: You blew it, Rafe, and you know it. And now your homicidal little girlfriend is screwed. Finally totally getting what she deserves.

Sami: So you want to have full custody. They, um... they live with you, and I would have to visit them?

EJ: I--I don't think you're-- you're really listening to me. So let me try and spell this out for you, okay? You don't get to see Johnny or Sydney ever. Don't get to talk to them. You don't get to send them gifts on their birthday. You don't get to write them little notes. You don't get to relay messages to them through other people. You have no contact with them. Ever. You're dead to them, Samantha. Dead. Got me?

Chloe: My sweet baby boy. You're back with Mommy where you belong. That's right. She couldn't stand being away from you for even a second.

[Door opens]

Victor: May I come in?

Chloe: Victor.

Victor: Last time I was here, I didn't get to see little Parker, my Godson's child.

Chloe: Well, now's your chance.

Victor: Well, congratulations, Chloe. You've given Daniel a beautiful baby boy. Kudos to you. Finally got something right.

Vivian: I'm sorry, darling. Freeing you is not an option.

Maggie: But at least... could I have some water?

Vivian: Oh, you're thirsty.

Maggie: I'M...dry. My mouth...

Vivian: Maggie, dear, I'm so sorry. I would send Gus over with a nice, tall glass of water, or some ice tea, lemonade, but unfortunately, Victor's put a guard up in front of the mausoleum, and we just can't pass. Isn't that a shame?

Maggie: Oh, my God.

Vivian: So, you see, everything's going to have to stay the same. Permanently.

Maggie: But that... but--but that... that means...

Vivian: You will die. But think of it on the bright side. You'll be joining poor, departed Mickey. Sooner rather than later. Cheers.

Isabella: You've lost your way, Brady. Is this really the man you want to be?

Brady: Mother, listen. Vivian needs to be punished.

Isabella: Not by you. When you punish someone, you only suffer yourself. Don't you see? Think about it, Brady. Vivian isn't the only one who's buried alive.

Sami: No more contact with my children? You're asking me to abandon my children, EJ? That is never going to happen.

EJ: Fine. I'll go to the police. I'll show them your confession.

Sami: Okay. Then I will go before a judge. I'll find one you and your father haven't bought, and I will play the CD of you confessing to kidnapping Sydney. I'll make sure that judge knows that you had me thinking that she was dead. I will force Kate to testify that you were gonna take those children and disappear. You want to send me to prison, EJ? I will make sure that you never see those kids again. I swear to God. You send me to hell, and you are coming with me, EJ.

Victor: Philip.

Chloe: Is there any update on Melanie and Nathan?

Philip: They still won't let me see her.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Philip: You haven't heard? Melanie and Nathan caught something called the Loma Virus from a patient they treated.

Victor: Loma Virus?

Philip: Yeah. The patient died. Everyone here at the hospital was on lock-down. We had to get tested.

Chloe: Melanie's very sick. And so's Nathan.

Victor: I'm so sorry, Philip. Maggie must be beside herself.

Chloe: She's out of town, isn't she?

Victor: Well, someone must have gotten in touch with her by now. I've got to see her.

Philip: No, forget it. Forget it. I already tried calling her. Her voicemail said her mailbox is full. No one seems to know where she is.

Maggie: Oh, God. This is all a joke to you, isn't it?

Vivian: Joke? No. No, it's not a joke. That's too narrow a box. No. There is many things involved here. There's comedy. There's drama. There's, um, an element of farce. Satire.

Maggie: This isn't just about me, is it? Is it?

Vivian: Pardon?

Maggie: If you had one ounce of humanity, you would understand what my death means to my family. I mean, you're not just punishing me, Vivian. You're punishing them. Doesn't that matter? I mean, don't you care about that at all?

Rafe: You're a broken woman, Nicole.

Nicole: Thanks for the update, champ.

Rafe: This is all your fault. Every horrible thing has happened because of your damn lies.

Nicole: You know, you should be thanking me that I didn't take Sami's confession to the police.

Rafe: Really? Really? I should be thanking you for trying to blackmail Sami? Or trying to hang out with her kid, the one that you stole from her?

Nicole: Why is that so terrible? I just wanted to spend time with that little girl and be back in her life.

Rafe: Yeah. That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Doesn't it? Yeah, sure. Well, I'll tell Sydney, "Hey, Sydney, how about you have a little play date with Nicole? You remember her? Yeah, the one that kidnapped you." Ridiculous.

Nicole: Sami was an idiot not to take the deal, and you should have known, you both should have known, that if she spit in my face, I would take this to EJ. Guess what, Rafe?

Rafe: Huh?

Nicole: All bets are off now. You know, you two could have had this wonderful, little life together, madly in love, watching all those adorable children running around, but you blew it. You lost everything.

EJ: You don't seem to recall, Samantha, that my so called confession to kidnapping Sydney was taped illegally by Nicole, and is therefore not admissible. Whereas because you so callously threw that little gun away, I have rock solid proof against you. What's wrong? You've run out of things to say, sweetheart.

Sami: I was just thinking about what an unbelievable bastard you are.

EJ: Oh, oh, I'm a bastard? You shot me in the head at point blank range! I think it's pretty damn generous of me to be offering you anything.

Sami: Generous. Really. These are our children you are playing with here, EJ.

EJ: Okay. Okay. Why don't we think about the alternative, hmm? Say you don't accept my deal. You can go to prison. Maybe for the rest of your life. Your children get to find out everything you did. They get to hear how you tried to kill their father. Now, maybe it's just me, but I think that's gonna sour their impression of you just a little bit. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they never wanted to have anything to do with you ever again. So go ahead. Pick up the phone. Make the call. Call Daddy. Call Uncle Bo. Call the police. It's your move.

Vivian: Well, to be honest, Maggie, I hadn't given much thought to how it would affect your family. If you had one ounce of humanity, you wouldn't have gone after my husband on our wedding day.

Maggie: No, I didn't do that.

Vivian: Right. I imagined it.

Maggie: Well, besides, your marriage to Victor was...

Vivian: What? Say it. A joke?

Maggie: Well, you know it was.

Vivian: Because you made it one.

Maggie: Only because he didn't love you. How can anyone love you? When there's nothing in your heart but hatred. And anger. You'll always be lonely, Vivian. Because you don't know how to love anyone. I feel sorry for you. I really do.

Brady: Oh, whoa. Kate. Hi.

Kate: I was just about to knock.

Brady: Uh, yeah, uh, what do you want?

Kate: I'm here to check on Vivian.

Brady: Oh, forget about that. Um, I'm letting her out.

Nicole: Do you think I'm scared of you when you stand there and you look at me like that? You're all tough and dangerous? I don't think so, Rafe. You can't touch me. I am not the least bit afraid of you.

Rafe: You just can't stand to see Sami happy, can you?

Nicole: Please. You think this is some sort of pathetic competition with Sami Brady? I mean, the woman has four kids. Two different fathers. She completely screwed up her own life. She makes me look like Mary Poppins.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, you did mention that she has four kids. She would do anything for those kids. You know how much she loves them.

Nicole: Right. Including trying to kill the father of two of those kids.

Rafe: Yeah. Mm-hmm. But you know what the really, really sad thing about all this is? The one thing that you have always wanted, Sami has. Four of 'em, in fact. A child.

Nicole: I had a child. Maybe not biologically, but the time we were together, it was...

Rafe: Oh, please. Don't even say it. You are not Sydney's mother. You never will be. And now... [Laughs] Well, now you can spend day and night with that kid, or read her stories, give her gifts, sing her lullabies. Guess what? It won't make one damn bit of difference. Because she knows who her mother is. And it sure as hell ain't you.

Sami: You want to use my love for my children against me? You want to threaten me? Fine. Go ahead. But I am never going to just let you have Sydney and Johnny. I am never going to give up on them. You hear me? Never.

EJ: [Laughs] Okay. I, um, yeah, suppose you don't mind losing young William or, uh, Rafael either, do you?

Sami: What are you talking about?

EJ: You admitted to Arianna that they knew. They knew you tried to kill me. And they helped you cover it up. Makes them as guilty as you are. All three of you in prison together. Think about it. This is, after all, your M.O., isn't it, Samantha? Selfishly serving up the ones you love to further your own agenda.

Kate: You're going to free Vivian? Are you out of your mind?

Brady: We have sunk to her level, Kate, and I, for one, can't live with myself anymore.

Kate: Oh, that's great. Okay, so lovely for you that you finally found a conscience. Great. But, you know, under the heading "timing is everything," it's too damn late, okay? Maybe you don't care she ruined your life, but she is not gonna ruin my life. She's not gonna ruin Philip's life. She's not gonna ruin Victor's life, all right? You open that Pandora's box, not only is she gonna come after us, she's going to come after everyone we love.

Philip: It's just not like Maggie.

Victor: [Sighs] Tried not to worry in the beginning, but it has just gone on too long. I mean, she would have contacted somebody by now--Jennifer, Nathan, Melanie, somebody. I mean, a phone call, an email.

Philip: I just hope to God we find her. I'm gonna go check on Melanie, okay?

Victor: There you go. I'll, uh, talk to you later.

Philip: All right, let me know if you...

Victor: Yeah, I'll let you know.

Philip: Okay.

Victor: Oh, God. Everything seems to be spinning out of control. At least not this. Vivian? Vivian?

Vivian: Oh, for the love of... what?

Victor: What took you so long to answer?

Vivian: Oh, I don't know, Victor. I'm just... oh, I don't know. A little weak. I think I'm getting more and more...deranged.

Victor: Will I be able to tell the difference? You were bat-wing crazy to begin with.

Vivian: You know, I've had a lot of time to reflect while I've been in here on you and me and where we went wrong.

Victor: Where we went wrong? Is that a euphemism for how I hate you with every fiber of my being? How you're the bane of my existence?

Vivian: Why don't you just tell me how you really feel about me?

Victor: Well, if we're back to euphemisms again, we didn't go wrong, Vivian. You did. All by your lonesome.

Vivian: Well, I certainly agree with that.

Nicole: You're wrong, Rafe.

Rafe: I'm wrong?

Nicole: I may not have given birth to Sydney, but I was the first person to hold her in my arms. To cherish her and to love her with all my heart. And I went through hell and back with that little girl.

Rafe: The hell that you created, Nicole. Speaking of hell, how did it go with EJ? Hmm? When you brought him the evidence against Sami, did he agree to let you see Sydney? Did it warm his heart to know that you wanted to reconnect with that little girl that you stole from her mother? Whoa, whoa, what's that? Are you telling me that you gave him everything without a guarantee or promise of anything? Oh, my God. Okay. So the way I figure it, you're basically back where you started before you gave everyone all this crap. You got no friends, no husband, no kid, no money.

Nicole: Enough. Just stop.

Rafe: Come on, get real, Nicole! Get real. You honestly think that EJ DiMera is gonna let you near his little girl, much less try and bond with her? So basically your reward for all this manipulation is, uh... is you never get to see Sydney again. It's genius.

Sami: You just put Will in prison?

EJ: Oh, I'm sorry. Is he somehow above the law, Samantha?

Sami: He hasn't done anything to you, and you know it.

EJ: No, no, no, he did. Yes, he did. You see, he helped cover your crime, which was, incidentally, shooting me in the head!

Sami: It's not gonna work. You know your plan would never work. You'd never just be able to get custody. Everyone would be suspicious. No one would believe that I would just hand you my children. They would know something's off, EJ. Totally off.

EJ: Ah, yeah. Well, maybe everybody would guess that you shot me too, huh?

Sami: And maybe they'll guess that you're blackmailing me into taking my children, and I believe that that is illegal too, isn't it, Counselor?

EJ: Well, Samantha, you're obviously gonna have to come up with a very believable excuse to explain why you gave me full custody of our children.

Sami: There is no excuse. There is nothing that anyone would believe, EJ. I'd have to be a different person.

EJ: Well, then become a different person! You can do that, can't you?

Sami: Not as good as you.

EJ: Okay. In a nut shell, you either accept the terms of my deal, or you go to prison, as does William, as does Rafe. Either way, sweetheart, I get the kids!

Sami: If I go to prison, you will too.

EJ: Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, the people who get hurt in this are Johnny, Sydney, and Allie. And I think you've done just about enough to hurt them, don't you?

Kate: Are you even thinking clearly? You don't see the ripple effect here?

Brady: Kate, look, Grandfather, he's not gonna let Vivian do anything.

Kate: He's not gonna let her what? He couldn't even stop her from almost throwing Melanie off the roof. And that was before she had spent months in a sarcophagus, okay? Because I'm thinking that her desire for revenge is gonna be off the bloody charts now. And she has the money and she has the connections to get that revenge now, doesn't she?

Brady: I don't--I do not want to talk about Vivian anymore. Sorry.

Kate: Oh...

Brady: The whole Vivian thing, it's gonna have to be taken off the table right now, okay? I have other things to worry about. I got to go check on Melanie.

Kate: Melanie, why? What's wrong with Melanie?

Brady: Philip didn't tell you? Melanie and Nathan are in quarantine at the hospital. They've come down with some potentially lethal virus. I don't know. I got to go.

Victor: You're actually taking responsibility for what went disastrously wrong between you and me and everything else in your pathetic life? My, Vivian, that's very mature of you.

Vivian: What I blame myself for is being foolish enough to love you, trying to make our marriage work.

Victor: Oh, stop. You're gonna make me cry.

Vivian: Well, you never knew how much I cared.

Victor: Hard-hearted bastard that I am.

Vivian: Too busy chasing Maggie Horton around.

Victor: Oh, the womanizer to boot.

Vivian: You know, Victor, you could have had everything. Now you have nothing.

Victor: I'm left with nothing? Vivian, I am free. In fact, I'm going to a nice little Italian restaurant tonight. Couple of bottles of wine. Then I'm gonna go home and get into my cozy little trundle. Where you, on the other hand, are locked up in a coffin.

Vivian: Yes, poor me. It's just so tragic.

Victor: Why do you sound so cocky all of a sudden? As if you have the upper hand.

Sami: EJ, you're angry at me. And I get that. You have a right to be angry. If you want to get revenge against me, then fine. You do it. You hurt me. Go for it. But do not put our children in the middle of this. Haven't we done that enough? I am begging you. Have you really thought through what it would be doing to Johnny? You know he loves me. You know I have to sing to him every night so he can sleep. And I have to tuck him in. Every night the exact same way. And I'm the only one who knows how. And after everything Sydney has been through, I'm her mother now. And she hugs me tight and she puts her head right here, and you know that she needs me. You know it. EJ, after everything we have been through together, I know how angry you get, and I know what you are capable of, but I know you can do what's best for your kids, and I know you want them to be happy. Please don't do this, EJ. Please. I am begging you not to do this to your children.

Victor: Brady.

Brady: What's--what's the latest? Have you heard about Melanie and Nathan?

Victor: No, no one has called me.

Brady: Does Maggie know? I mean, has anyone been able to reach her?

Victor: Tried, but no luck. You know, if only her email hadn't been so terse.

Brady: Email? I thought--I thought Maggie called you to tell you she was leaving.

Victor: No, no, just an email.

Brady: Not even a postcard?

Victor: Why do you ask that? Who sends postcards anymore?

Brady: When Vivian was planning to put Maggie in the sarcophagus, she forged letters to everyone, supposedly from Maggie, trying to cover up for Maggie's sudden absence. Uh, I got--I got to check on Melanie. See ya.

Victor: Brady, w--wait.

Kate: Chad. Come in.

Chad: I was hoping to see Mr. DiMera. Is he here?

Kate: Why?

Chad: Why do you think?

Kate: So you've made a decision. You're going to tell him about that little piece of paper?

Chad: Well, that's between him and me, isn't it?

Brady: He's a handsome guy. Good looking kid.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: Welcome.

Chloe: Hey. Can't give up hope, all right? Hey.

Brady: Hey. Anything?

Philip: No. No, I'm still not allowed to see my own wife. You know--you know she's tough, Philip. She's gonna beat this thing. I have to believe that. I can't imagine life without her.

Sami: I know you have it in you to do the right thing. I know you do. Please. For Sydney, Johnny, please do the right thing. Please. It's okay, EJ. It's okay.

EJ: You, uh... have 24 hours... to tell the children and your family and the rest of the world why... [Clears throat] Johnny and Sydney are coming to live with me... and why you will never be seeing them again.

Sami: You're a monster.

EJ: Oh. One more quick thing. Don't even think about running, because I'm having you watched. If you so much as pick up that phone to make a plane reservation, I will know about it. I'll go straight to the police station. You hear me? Enjoy your evening.

Chad: Come on, Mrs. DiMera. You had to know this moment was coming. Please go get your husband for me. Tell him. Tell him whatever you want.

Victor: Well, keep trying, damn it. We've got to find her. Hello, Vivian. You ready for company? 'Cause here we come.

Vivian: No, stop, Victor. No, no. Don't move.

Victor: Stop. You're gonna make me cry.

Vivian: Well, you never knew how much I cared.

Victor: Hard-hearted bastard that I am.

Vivian: Too busy chasing Maggie Horton around.

Victor: Oh, and a womanizer to boot.

Vivian: Victor, you could have had everything. Now you have nothing.

Victor: Vivian. Dear God. Could it be?

Maggie: Help me, please. Victor.

Victor: Maggie?

Nicole: L-O-M-A? The Loma virus? Well--well, that sounds like a barrel of laughs, but I'm not gonna do it. Send someone else down to the hospital to risk infection, okay? I just don't feel like croaking at the moment. Thank you very much. What? Are you threatening me? Yeah, okay, I know you're my boss, but this is not war, okay? I don't take orders, all right? And I choose not to be a victim of the plague, or whatever the hell this is. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever, okay? So if you want to fire me, go right ahead. Bye-bye. Oh, my God. Oh, here you are. So did you confront Sami with the confession in your possession? Oh, my God. That rhymed.

EJ: Well, I'm glad to see you're taking this seriously.

Nicole: EJ, look, what happened? What happened?

EJ: She agreed. She's gonna give me custody of the kids.

Nicole: Wow. Congrats. Then it all worked out.

EJ: Seems that way.

Nicole: So, um, what does that mean for me? Okay. EJ, I trusted you. I gave you this information. Rafe said I was a fool to do it. I'm hoping that you make a liar out of him. So will I get to be a part of Sydney's life, or not?

Rafe: [Sighs] What's wrong? What's wrong? What happened? Talk to me?

Sami: It was EJ, and he was here, and...

Rafe: He was here?

Sami: It was about the confession, and he told me that I have to give him the kids. I have to give him Sydney and Johnny, and... and that he's gonna take full custody, and I'm never gonna be able to see them again. I'm never gonna be able to see them again, Rafe. [Crying]

Rafe: Hey, listen to me. Look at me. This is not over. It's not over. This is not the end.

Sami: Rafe, there's nothing we can do. What are we gonna do?

Rafe: Well, first things first. We get married. Tonight.

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Sami: Rafe, it would take a miracle to get me out of this.

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