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Sami: Come on, Rafe. You don't really believe that Nicole just wants to act as some sort of crazy pseudo-Godmother to Sydney.

Rafe: No, I think that she is a classic example of give her an inch, and she'll try and take a mile.

Sami: So why did you make her--why did you make me believe that we're gonna go along with it?

Rafe: Because we are... for as long as it takes to make sure she can't use anything against you.

Sami: I should have known. You have a plan--you have a way to end this, right? To get that camera back?

Rafe: Well, we can't just let her walk around with that kind of evidence. So, yes, I am either gonna get that camera back or make sure she can never use it.

EJ: [Sighs] Desperate times call for desperate measures. If we can't find this proof that Arianna has, it's not like I have much choice. [Tapping fingers on desk] Yes, it's EJ DiMera. Do me a favor. Gas the jet up, will you, please? I'm going out of the country. Switzerland. Yes, Switzerland. And do me a favor, will you? Keep this confidential. I don't need my father finding out.

Lexie: What about your sister?

EJ: [Sighs]

Nicole: All right, Nicole, don't--don't get all emotional, okay? You're making headway, real headway. It's like I told Sami before. I just...want to be a part of Sidney's life. And in return...I will not say anything to anyone about the video. So deal or no deal? And if they bought that... then I have some land in Florida they might like. As long as I have that video... I can bring Sami to her knees. Which is exactly where she belongs.

Sami: Rafe, Rafe, what are you gonna do?

Rafe: Stop her.

Sami: How? She not only has the camera. She said she downloaded it onto the Internet in a couple different places. She can go viral with it whenever she wants.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah. She thinks she has the upper hand.

Sami: She thinks?

Rafe: Mm-hmm. We have something she wants. Something that could buy us time. She wants to see Sidney, right?

Sami: Yes. Yes, and it is creepy even just to think about it.

Rafe: Short term, Sami. Short term. Just think about it. When Nicole's with Sidney, she's not gonna be thinking about anything else. That's when I make my move.

Jennifer: Well, I have Hope. And I have you and Aunt Maggie and all of my family and friends. So who knows? Maybe I'll come back for good.

Bo: Hope would love that. So would I. But what's really going on here?

Jennifer: I already told you. I have a little freedom. I have a little time.

Bo: What has Jack pulled this time?

Jennifer: This time? Well, let's see, this time... he has left me.

Hope: I'd like to ask you a question, and I'm hoping that you'll answer honestly.

Carly: Honestly? It depends on the question.

Hope: Fair enough. How's Bo? Not how he's telling me he's doing, how--how is he really? How is he?

Carly: Not good.

Hope: No?

Carly: No. Hope, how could he be? You're in here.

Hope: I know he feels guilty about me.

Carly: Hope...Hope... I think we both know it's more than that.

Jennifer: Bo, I am not turning a blind eye. Of course, I thought that there could have been another woman, but you know what? He bought a tent for one person. He is on this walkabout alone.

Bo: Okay, that's good. Isn't it?

Jennifer: No! I think it's really bad. I've been replaced by nothing. He would rather be alone than be with me?

Bo: He's know, just...

Jennifer: Finding himself, yes, I know. He's finding himself.

Bo: No, I was gonna say he's a jerk. And that, um... kind of goes along with being a guy.

Jennifer: Well, you know what? That's just fine. Because the kids are happy with their thing, and I get to come home.

Bo: Have you thought about, you know...maybe Jack gets out there in the middle of wherever he's going, and, uh, he sees that he made...made a mistake, and he comes back?

Jennifer: Are you asking me if I would give him another chance?

Bo: Yeah. Would you?

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Carly: You really want to hear me talk about Bo?

Hope: Not particularly. But I do think you're the one person who can tell me what I want to know.

Carly: [Sighs] Okay, first of all, as a woman who's been married to Victor Kiriakis and Lawrence Alamain, I feel totally comfortable talking about other people's marriages, because clearly I'm an expert.

Hope: I asked. Please tell me what you think.

Carly: At the very, very least, Bo totally respects you. And no matter what has happened between the two of you, that hasn't changed.

Hope: Didn't feel that way.

Carly: He respects you. He respects you, and he wants you to be a part of Ciara's life, and he is so worried that you've...

Hope: Given up? He thinks I've given up. You see, nobody understands why I felt I had--I had to accept this... I deserve this punishment.

Carly: I understand. I understand, because I know what it's like to face the unthinkable. And you must just be thrilled that I think we have something in common.

Hope: Yeah, right. Okay. Um, friend me when you get back.

Carly: You'd like that, wouldn't you? Look, there's one more thing I want to say, and I-- if you still feel like Bo doesn't respect you, I want you to consider this.

Hope: Okay. Um...I'm listening.

Carly: Hope, why do you think he sent me here?

Rafe: I know I'm asking you a lot. Just trust me.

Sami: Rafe, of course, I trust you. It's not you, it's Nicole I don't trust. And I can't. I'm sorry, I just can't.

Rafe: You think that I'm gonna let her out of my sight while she has Sidney, huh? Besides, she loves that baby.

Sami: I hate the idea of using Sidney as a pawn.

Rafe: Listen, Sami... this has got to end. It has to end. We can't keep living like this. The kids can't keep living like this.

Sami: Okay. Okay, okay. I'll go get Sidney. Okay, I'll get her ready.

Rafe: Okay. Okay, Hernandez, you better be right about this. Yeah, it's me. Listen, I need a favor. Yeah, I know. What else is new? Listen, there's something that's gonna be sent out over the Internet--a threat. And it's potentially very damaging. Now, what I need to do is stop it before it goes viral. You got a program to handle that? Ah, I knew it. Okay, good. Listen, one other thing. You know that guy DiMera's got watching us? Yeah, that's the one. Listen, I need you to take care of him in about five minutes. Distract him so I can get out of here. All right, Mike. Thanks a lot. You're the best.

Sami: All right. Sidney's ready to go. [Sighs] I'm not.

EJ: Lexie, Lexie, Lexie! You of all people should know how important it is to keep things from my father.

Lexie: Ah, the secrets in this house, mmm, mmm, mmm. What a surprise. [Laughs] Hi. Don't worry, I didn't hear what you said. And I'm not even gonna ask.

EJ: Wise.

Lexie: [Giggles] Um, so, why'd you ask me to come?

EJ: Mm, oh, I had something I wanted to give Theo. I was rummaging through some of my old belongings earlier. I found this. First pound I ever earned.

Lexie: Really?

EJ: Yeah. I, uh, I worked for a grocer, and I stacked shelves and did deliveries.

Lexie: No! You?

EJ: Absolutely, and I told them, I said, "I don't want to be paid until I've earned a full pound."

Lexie: Wow. You've held onto it all these years.

EJ: Truth be told, I really wanted to buy a Star Wars action figure.

Lexie: Ah.

EJ: But my father--well, my stepfather...

Lexie: Uh-huh.

EJ: He, uh, he persuaded me to keep it. Said it was important to remember the first pound you ever earned.

Lexie: So why do you want to give it to Theo?

EJ: know, I think I've rather lost track of the guy who...worked so hard to earn a pound. And I wanted him to have something that is from me... that is not from the person that I am now.

Lexie: Uhh. Are you saying good-bye?

Hope: I thought Bo sent you here to give me the information about about Leigh Michaels. Is there more?

Carly: Did it ever occur to you that he's the commissioner of police and Victor Kiriakis' son?

Hope: Meaning...

Carly: Meaning...if he really wanted to, he could have you transferred to another facility in less than 24 hours.

Hope: You're right.

Carly: But instead, he had me come here, give me this information so that you could... fix what's going on here.

Hope: You're right. Okay.

Carly: He's so worried about you. And he thinks the situation is very dangerous, but... he's still backing you up. He just...he really, really wants you to...

Hope: Start fighting back. I'm glad you told me that.

Carly: I just want you to see... how much he's on your side.

EJ: No! Why would I say good-bye? Come on, I'm not going anywhere.

Lexie: You sure sounded like it, EJ.

EJ: No, I mean... look, truth be told... [Sighs] Screwing up recently has just made me a bit more reflective. That's all.

Lexie: Tell you what. Why don't you hold on to this? You can give it to Theo yourself, all right?

EJ: I would love to. But if I come round to your house, Abe will shoot me.

Lexie: Well, then, I'll bring him over here.

EJ: Look, which is wonderful under any normal circumstances. But I'm so busy, my dear, at the moment.

Lexie: Okay, now I do want to know what that call was about.

EJ: The phone call was about absolutely nothing that you need to worry about.

Lexie: EJ...

EJ: Lexie...

Lexie: It's not healthy for you to keep things inside. Talk to me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lexie: Damn it, I have an emergency. I have to go. Um...I'll call you. Make plans so we can get together and talk about this, okay? I don't care how busy you are, we need to talk, EJ, all right?

EJ: I promise, okay?

Lexie: All right, I'll see you soon.

EJ: Thank you for coming over.

Lexie: Okay.

EJ: Okay. I lied. That was good-bye.

Nicole: I cannot believe Arianna's the one who's giving me a second chance with Sidney. To Arianna. Thank you for the smoking gun.

[Doorbell rings]

Nicole: Mm. I got it, I got it, I got it. Um, this probably should be here. Okay. [Slurp] Ahem. [Coughs] Sidney!

Hope: So, um... we were pointing out that, um... that Bo's backing me up. But let me point out to you that you're helping him do that.

Carly: It's an old-fashioned concept. I--I think Bo is an honorable man. And as a woman who's been married to men who bark orders at her and push and shove her around and have absolutely no honor at all, I like that about him. And I think he's doing the right thing by helping you, and I'm happy to do whatever I can to support that.

Hope: I thank you for that.

Carly: There's one more thing. I think that, uh... when it's time for me to go, we should appear to be friendly. You know, in case I have to come back.

Hope: Yeah. Ahem. I see your point. But not too friendly. The people here do know the details of my domestic life.

Carly: Okay. So no BFFs. Just...two women trying to figure out a tough situation.

Hope: Right.

Guard: Time's up.

Carly: Hope, it was really good talking to you, and I--I hope I can see you again soon.

Hope: I think that would be a good idea.

Will: Nicole has your confession?

Sami: Right. And she is bartering with it to spend more time with Sidney. Rafe just took the night to see her.

Will: What?

Sami: Yeah, Rafe thinks that he can use Sidney to have control, you know? Let Nicole spend time with Sidney, thinking she's in charge, and then Rafe can figure out how to get that camera back.

Will: Right, that--

Sami: So here's what I want you to do. I want you to convince me that he's right. Just tell me it's gonna work out, and that Nicole is not gonna get my baby back.

Rafe: Anyone here?

Nicole: Nope, I'm all alone.

Rafe: I think we need to set up a few ground rules first.

Nicole: You gotta be kidding me. Uhh! Ground rules? Um, okay. I'm the one with Sami's confession in my hot little hands. Don't you think I'm the one who should be setting the rules?

Rafe: EJ can't know about this.

Nicole: No duh. Okay, can I have the baby now?

Rafe: We set up a schedule. And by that, I mean no more surprise visits, okay? You don't just drop in on Sami anytime you feel like it.

Nicole: Yes, I know, we've been over all of this.

Rafe: Yeah, we have, Nicole, but you just don't seem to listen sometimes, so I feel like I need to say it again. You bend the rules, you break 'em, this arrangement is done. Here you go, honey.

Nicole: [Gasps] Hi, cuteness. Ooh, you got something yummy there, huh? Oh... do you have any idea how much I've missed you?

Rafe: Well, gee, Nicole... maybe it's a bad time.

Nicole: Okay, no. Please, really. I just had a sip.

Rafe: Okay, one more rule. There's no drinking during visiting hours, you got it?

Nicole: You just love rules, don't you?

Rafe: No, I don't love rules, actually. I love Sami. As much as I hate this, it seems to be the only way to...make it work. So I'm gonna give you your way, but I'm not gonna pretend to like it.

Nicole: Yeah, well, you know what I think? I think you're kinda negative. And I'd really like this time with Sidney to be positive, so maybe you should just go back home and then pick her up in an hour or so.

Rafe: [Laughing] Gee, Nicole, that is so not gonna happen. I'm staying right here.

Nicole: [Sighs]

EJ: Okay, take this bag and my children's bags and put them on the plane. I also want an update as to where Ms. Brady is.

Man: I could just take care of Ms. Brady myself.

EJ: No, it's fine. I will do it, thank you. I will do it... and I will enjoy it.

Sami: I'm so sorry to lean on you again. I just...

Will: Mom, I keep telling you, we're in this together.

Sami: I'm so lucky to have you.

Will: Lucky?

Sami: Yeah. Lucky. You are a great kid. Uh, man. Uh, guy. I mean, even Stefano DiMera knows that. Not that I would go around quoting him, but... "William is a man of substance."

Will: Yeah, like he's such a great judge of character, right?

Sami: He's worried about you. And everyone sees it in you. You entitled to be completely screwed up after everything that you have been through in your life. And you're not.

Will: Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Sami: I mean, you're totally wonderful and dependable and smart and--and you give me hope. You know, I... look at you, and I figure if you're my kid, I can't be all that bad.

Will: Okay, no, Mom, stop. You've had a tough life. But you're a fighter. I mean, I've never seen anyone who fights as hard as you do. Who's as strong as you are.

Sami: Well, I don't feel particularly strong right now. 'Cause I gotta... I gotta tell you, Nicole scares me.

Will: I wonder why.

Sami: But Rafe promised he was gonna keep an eye on Sidney. He's gonna make sure that Nicole doesn't get her away from me.

Will: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Sami: Right. Right. And--and... God I'm just worried she's gonna turn Sidney against me.

Will: No, Mom, that's not gonna happen.

Sami: But it could. You know, if Nicole spends all this time with Sidney--

Will: You--Mom, you told me that Rafe isn't gonna let this go on, okay? So trust him. He knows what he's doing.

Sami: I know that.

Will: And another thing, another thing, a more important thing...Nicole could have years with Sidney, and she would never be able to change how she feels about you. You are a great mom. And Sidney, she already knows that.

Sami: I'm a lot of things, William, but I...hardly a great mom.

Will: Well, that is not your call. We decide that.

Sami: [Sighs] You have pretty low standards, kid. I'm gonna find a way to make this up to you, I promise you I will. Think of something really good.

Will: You don't have to. We're good.

Sami: We are? Okay. So, um--do you wanna--

Will: Are you okay, though? Because I'm kind of missing a math test.

Sami: Oh, my God! I'm sorry. No, I'm okay. Will, I can't believe--

Will: Text me. Text me if anything happens, okay?

Sami: Don't forget your stuff. Go, go, I'm sorry. Of course, I will.

Will: Listen...don't worry about Sidney, okay? Rafe has got everything under control.

Sami: Oh, God, I hope so.

Nicole: Here's the steeple, open the door and see all the people. Jiggy-jiggy-jiggy-jiggy-jiggy! [Laughing] Gotcha.

Rafe: You know, you're actually really good with her.

Nicole: Yeah, well, it's hard not to. She's such a great baby. Aren't you? Aren't you? Aren't you, aren't you, aren't you--zip, zip, zip, zip.

Rafe: Hey, can I ask you a question?

Nicole: Sure. Doesn't mean I'm gonna answer it.

Rafe: Okay. Is Sidney the only reason that you didn't go to the police or EJ with that video?

Nicole: I don't know what you mean.

Rafe: I think there's another reason. You heard Sami's confession. You heard her say that EJ was gonna take the kids and run, and she had to figure out a way to stop him. Well, I think that you, more than anyone else in this world, knows exactly how that feels.

Nicole: Are you asking me to feel sorry for Sami?

Rafe: Ah, it's just the... well, I think you hate EJ as much as she does. God knows he's done horrible things to you.

Nicole: Well, maybe you weren't paying attention, Rafe. You see, all the bad things that have happened to me are my fault. Just ask Sami.

Rafe: If you love Sidney, do not let EJ get anywhere near her. Look, the guy had his chance. He kicked both of you out of the mansion. You remember? And Sami, well... she took you in, put a roof over your head, gave you money. Gave you another chance.

Nicole: Stop, stop. Why are you bringing all of this up? It doesn't do anyone any good.

Rafe: I don't know. Just thinking that... maybe we ought to put it all behind us, for Sidney's sake. We ought to start trusting each other.

Nicole: [Laughs] That's good. Come here, Sidney. [Laughing] Trust each other.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Right.

EJ: Look, I need the jet ready to take off at a moment's notice. I don't care! Just get it done, all right? [Exhales]

Leigh: Hey.

Hope: What's up?

Leigh: Sorry to pull you in here. I need you to input the rest of this information into the computer?

Hope: Okay, sure. No problem.

Leigh: Guard said you had another visitor. You're pretty popular. Who is it this time?

Hope: I'm sure you already know. This place is an information clearinghouse.

Leigh: Sometimes, when people are new to this place, it's just make it worse. But not to worry. Pretty soon, they stop coming.

Hope: Yeah?

Leigh: Hard to blame 'em. Their lives go on, and we're stuck in here.

Hope: Yeah. Their career's go on, too. I really miss my job. What about you? What's your background?

Leigh: Oh, I gotta run. I'll come back and check on your later, heh. Hey, thanks for this. God, I hate paperwork.

Hope: As much as you hate telling the truth.

Jennifer: Um...I don't know. I mean, I really think that... that this could be it. It's not that I don't love Jack. I just don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to be blindsided anymore.

Bo: Well, to reiterate, the man is a jerk.

Jennifer: Well...maybe he's not a jerk. I mean, you only heard my side of the story. Maybe I was some kind of shrew that drove him away.

Bo: Maybe he's a jerk.

Jennifer: Okay, maybe. But, look, will you do me a favor? Just keep this to yourself, please. I really don't want your sympathy.

Bo: I don't say anything to anyone. You take care of yourself, okay?

Jennifer: Yes, I will. It was nice talking to you. Even though sometimes I think you're kind of a jerk too.

Bo: The more people Hope has on her side, the better.

Jennifer: Yeah. See ya.

Nicole: So you want us all to start trusting each other, huh? Really? 'Cause not more than an hour ago you were threatening to kill me. So is this what we call an emotional roller coaster? Whee!

Rafe: All right, I'm kind of protective of Sami.

Jennifer: I noticed.

Rafe: If you can prove to me that you're not going after her, I'm actually a pretty easygoing guy.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, Mr. Easygoing guy? Why don't you hand me that diaper bag over there, huh? Yeah. Are you thirsty, huh? Would you like a drink? Will you have a drink in there? Let's see.

Rafe: Whoa.

Nicole: Thanks. What do we got? Ooh! [Gasps] We do. There's a little bit left. You've been thirsty. You want that?

Sami: Oh, God, it's been 20 minutes. Seems like a lifetime.

[Knock on door]

Sami: You...

EJ: Hello, Samantha.

Sami: EJ...

EJ: Just please, just a word.

Sami: I have absolutely nothing to say to you.

EJ: I just--I just--I need to talk to you. I want to see if we can bury the hatchet.

Jennifer: Lexie! Hi!

Lexie: Jennifer! Hey! Hi, I didn't know you were back.

Jennifer: I just got in, actually.

Lexie: Oh, are Jack and the kids with you?

Jennifer: Uh, no, it's a solo mission. I'm the executor of Gram's whole estate, and I'm here because I really want to see Hope.

Lexie: Good. Good, I'm glad to hear that.

Jennifer: Yeah, but I came by here looking for Aunt Maggie. Is she around?

Lexie: No, um, she wasn't on the schedule for today.

Jennifer: Oh, she wasn't?

Lexie: Nuh-uh.

Jennifer: All right, I guess I mixed that up. Maybe she's at Chez Rouge.

Lexie: Okay. It's so good to see you. Oh, goodness, we have to do lunch one day.

Jennifer: Yes, please, I would love that.

Lexie: Yeah, so would I., come with me. Ben, I'd like you to meet a very good friend of mine. This is Jennifer Deveraux. Her grandparents were Tom and Alice Horton.

Ben: Oh, well, nice to meet you.

Jennifer: Nice to meet you.

Lexie: This is Ben Walters. He just joined our staff.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lexie: Oh! My goodness. And I've gotta go. Listen, I'll call you about lunch, okay?

Jennifer: I would love that, Lexie, I'll see you soon.

Lexie: Okay, bye-bye.

Jennifer: Bye-bye.

Ben: Wow, so you're a descendent of Tom and Alice Horton, huh? You know, that makes you like hospital royalty.

Jennifer: Oh, well, yes. And I mean, that is how I see myself--as royalty.

Ben: Well, your highness, it was very nice to meet you.

Jennifer: It's very nice to meet you too. Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Not you too?

Bo: So she had no idea that Leigh Michaels was a doctor?

Carly: No, no, and she was really upset. I-I guess Michaels didn't attempt to help April at all when she was sick.

Bo: Well, I hope you did the right thing. Now that Hope has this information, she's not gonna give up on this case.

Carly: Isn't that what you want in the first place?

Warden: You're still here?

Hope: Yeah, Leigh was swamped. She asked me to finish up the paperwork.

Warden: I wish all of my guests were as helpful as you are.

Hope: It's no problem. I keep busy.

Warden: Now, don't let Leigh push all of her work off on you.

Hope: Excuse me, Warden, but I don't believe you'd let that happen. I've noticed you run a pretty tight ship.

Warden: Tight ship? You mean one step away from mutiny. Still can't believe I ended up a prison warden. Not what every little girl dreams of.

Hope: Hey, you know, I never asked. What's your background? I mean, how did you end up here?

Rafe: Hey, I gotta make a phone call. Think I can leave you alone for a minute?

Nicole: He could leave us alone for a couple of days.

[Rafe chuckles]

Nicole: Yes, we're fine.

Rafe: Okay. That's it? This is gonna wipe out everything?

Man: Just insert this key into the computer. It's gonna unleash a worm that will destroy the file and destroy any files that may be online.

Rafe: Great.

Man: And if the user ever attempts to re-download the content from the original device, well, it'll be gone. Lost forever.

Rafe: Hey, buddy. Yeah. Just hangin' out, doin' a little babysitting. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah. Ahem. Yeah.

Sami: Right, right, EJ. You're gonna bury that hatchet in my back, right?

EJ: Okay, oh, just, please, Samantha, could you just relax for a moment?

Sami: No, I am not going to relax around you, EJ.

EJ: I understand that we're not going to be friends. But that doesn't mean we can't find some way to coexist.

Sami: You think?

EJ: Yeah. Samantha, we have to find a way to be civil, for our children.

Sami: I am perfectly capable of being civil, EJ. As long as you honor the restraining order--oh, right!

[Phone rings]

Sami: You're not even doing that right this second. I swear to God, EJ, if you're not gone by the time I get back. If this wasn't such an important phone call I-- hello?

Man: Is this Samantha Brady?

Sami: Yeah, who's this?

Jennifer: That's from, uh, that's from a walkabout, isn't it?

Ben: Yeah. How'd you know?

Jennifer: Oh, I'm very familiar with the concept. Walkabout: A rite of passage during while male Australian aborigines would undergo a journey through adolescence, living in the wilderness for a period as long as six months.

Ben: That's exactly right.

Jennifer: And they trace the song lines or the paths that their ancestors took, and they would imitate, in a fashion, their heroic deeds.

Ben: I'm...very impressed.

Jennifer: I'm not.

Ben: What?

Jennifer: You see, I think it's laughable, actually, that a grown man would leave everything and everyone in his life to go out and find himself. But, hey, you know what? Whatever floats your boat, buddy.

Ben: What? Wha--

Warden: I, uh, I guess I just fell into it. [Chuckles] After I left college, I was offered a job running a facility outside of Chicago, and, um, somehow or other, I ended up here.

Hope: What about Leigh? How'd she end up in here, huh?

Warden: She's been here so long, I can't remember. Oh, she's a good person. That's why she's a trustee. Seems to know her way around the infirmary. Don't know why. Oh, I gotta go. Don't work too hard.

Hope: So why is Leigh keeping her past a secret?

Bo: What are you getting at?

Carly: Just that I think you're glad that Hope is on the case, and then that she's doing something.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, you're right. It's...good for her to focus on something and... I got to make sure she has all the information she needs. Gonna start with that Michaels woman.

Carly: I think that's a good idea.

Bo: See if I can get anything on those felonies. Ah, my signal is weak in here. I'm gonna step outside, okay? I'll be right back.

Carly: Okey-doke. It's not over between the two of you, is it, Bo? Not even close.

Rafe: One to go.

[Sidney giggling]

Sami: Hello? Hello, who is this?

[Both grunting]

EJ: There we go. Shh. Shh. Shh. [Grunts] [Panting] Okay.

Ali: Aah!

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