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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/5/10 - Canada; Monday 11/8/10 - U.S.A.


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Sami: This isn't like you, EJ. [Scoffs] You're posturing. What, you've got nothing, so you're just sputtering a bunch of nonsense?

EJ: H-how do you do it, Samantha? His sister is dead... because of you, and yet he's still your little lapdog. I don't quite understand.

Sami: EJ, you have--

Rafe: That's it.

Sami: No, no, no, Rafe, he's just trying to fight with you.

Rafe: Well, he's gonna get what he wants, huh?

Justin: Rafe! Rafe! I wouldn't do that if I were you. Sami's right. That would be playing into his hand.

EJ: [Snickers] The voice of reason.

Justin: Now, if you'd all just settle down, I need to talk to you. Gabi, you too.

Gabi: What's going on?

Justin: Well, I was Arianna's lawyer... so I need to talk to you about her will... and some things that she left behind.

Sami: What's in the box?

EJ: Yes, well, what is in the box? Samantha and I are dying to know, aren't we, darling?

Philip: I actually feel very close to you all at this moment.

Nicole: I think that calls for a toast.

Vivian: I'm... seeing things. Or was I? Hello? Anyone out there?

Kate: Well... to Vivian. May she get everything she so richly deserves.

Brady: Hear, hear.

Nicole: Cheers.

[Door creaks open]

Vivian: [Gasps] What was that? Oh, my God. It's the sweet by and by. [Whimpers]

[Sarcophagus creaking]

Vivian: Oh... nice work, Vivian. You're going into the light... and you've taken his name in... vain. [Whimpers]

Victor: There were icy fingers around my heart when I looked at Vivian and heard myself saying, "I do." But, like all contracts, marriage has an escape clause. Till death do us part.

Brady: Hear, hear.

Philip: Hear, hear.

Kate: Hear, hear.

Melanie: [Scoffs] Philip, what the hell are you doing?

Vivian: I don't think I'm dead. I think I'm free, I'm... oh...thank you, Philip. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. [Gasps]

Gus: Not Philip. C'est moi, Madame.

Vivian: Ohh...

Justin: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The first thing I need to tell you is that Arianna left a will.

Rafe: Really?

Justin: She came to me after she and Brady were engaged. She also made up a list of friends and family to whom she wished to leave some... personal effects.

EJ: Like the proof that you shot me.

Vivian: Ohh... [Sighs]

Gus: Drink this, Madame.

Vivian: Oh. [Coughs] [Strangled] That's water.

Gus: I thought you'd be dehydrated.

Vivian: I can't drink water! What are you thinking?

Gus: Perhaps that Madame might thank me?

Vivian: Oh, I am so sorry, Gus. Thank you. I'm awash in gratitude. It's just that I'm so disoriented after that horrible ordeal.

Gus: [Chuckles] Your ordeal? Do you have any idea what I went through to rescue you? That Greek tyrant you married had one of his goons tie me up and throw me in some kind of dungeon.

Vivian: [Giggles] Bet you liked that. [Giggles]

Gus: Time is of the essence. We must go...

Vivian: Oh, no.

Gus: Before they discover you're free.

Vivian: No, no, no, we can't go, not quite yet. Oh, my nails. [Whimpers]

Justin: I have some forms that will require your signature. Have a seat.

EJ: So... what do you think is in that box?

Sami: I haven't the faintest idea.

EJ: I think you do. See, I think you know exactly what evidence it was Arianna had against me.

Sami: What is that?

Arianna: This is proof, Sami... proof that you shot EJ, in your words.

EJ: I have a feeling this is going to be a very bad day for you.

Chad: Gloria. Hi. Is, uh--is my dad around?

Gloria: No, he's still in court.

Chad: Oh, okay. Well, he left me a message asking me to meet him this afternoon, so, uh--so should I just wait or...?

Gloria: All he wanted to do was give you this mail that came for you at the house.

Chad: So he didn't want to see me?

Gloria: I'm sorry, Chad.

Chad: Don't worry about it.

Gloria: I have to take that stuff to your dad at the courthouse. Maybe I can tell him it's urgent that he see you today.

Chad: I said don't worry about it. [Voice breaking] What the hell is this thing?

Gus: Madame, we must go. You're weak. I'm worried about you.

Vivian: Physical weakness means nothing. They are going to pay for their contempt.

Gus: Yeah. Can't they pay tomorrow?

Vivian: No! I have something I have to do now.

Gus: Ow!

Vivian: I can't do it without you. You've got to be on board.

Melanie: Okay, so you couldn't make it to Arianna's memorial because you were knocking back a few with your family?

Victor: Be angry with me, Melanie. I kept Philip here. We closed a deal, and we were celebrating.

Melanie: Oh, you were celebrating with Philip, right after you told him that we couldn't move in with you. Or--or with Brady and Nicole because they're such a big part of Titan Enterprises. And Kate, of course, because you guys are so close.

Philip: Honey, I'm sorry.

Melanie: Good. You should be. And you! Do you really think that Gabi and Rafe just didn't notice you weren't there? Because it was to honor Arianna. What in the hell could be more important than that?

Justin: Thanks. I was just telling Rafe and Gabi that I was out of town on business when I heard about Arianna. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for your loss.

Rafe: I didn't even know if she'd made a will.

Justin: Well, I got to know her a little bit when she was with Brady. And so when she asked me to draw up the will, I said I'd be delighted to. I had no idea that...I might actually be executing it.

Rafe: Yeah. I think we're all feeling that way.

Gabi: Aren't you supposed to go to an office or something when you're reading somebody's will?

Justin: Well, you can do it however you like. I was hoping to be here in time for the memorial service. So I brought along a copy of the will with me, because... well, I wasn't even sure you knew it existed.

Rafe: I wonder why she did it... and what she'd want to leave people.

Sami: You know, the pub's closed. Everyone's gone. We could read it right now if you want.

Gus: They're monsters, monsters all.

Vivian: Sadly, Gus... you never really know a person until you've talked to them from inside a sarcophagus.

Gus: You're right. They need to pay for how they treated you.

Vivian: So you'll go along with my plan?

Gus: Madame... you need never doubt me again.

Vivian: Oh... I'm so glad you're back. Of course, you're going to have to do a lot to get on my good side, but you're off to a good start.

Gus: Shall I dial for you?

Vivian: Oh, no. No, I can manage. I can manage.

[Cell phone rings]

Maggie: Yes?

Vivian: Hello, Maggie. Guess who.

Maggie: [Laughs] Vivian.

Vivian: Yes. [Singsong voice] I'm back!

Maggie: Hmm.

Rafe: Can you excuse us for a second?

Sami: I totally shot my mouth off, didn't I? About reading the will here. I know.

Rafe: It's all right.

Sami: Well, we don't have to. I could just tell Justin that you don't want to do it.

Rafe: Are you not worried about what's inside that box?

Sami: Of course, I am.

Rafe: Well, Justin said that he was out of town yesterday when he heard about Arianna. Doesn't that mean that she couldn't have left the box with him yesterday... or amended her will?

Sami: Rafe, I hate that you have to think like an FBI man right now. You shouldn't have to do that, not about this.

Rafe: Well... EJ says that he's here as Arianna's friend, but he's been eyeing that box ever since he showed up.

Sami: Well, I mean... she might have given the box to Justin's assistant or secretary or something. It's certainly the right size. She could have fit that camera in there. Oh, God, what are we gonna do?

Brady: You're right... not being there is pretty inexcusable. Are Gabi and Rafe still there?

Melanie: Well, they were when I left.

Brady: Then I'll go apologize in person.

Nicole: Brady, wait. Hey, Brady, wait. I-I'll go with you.

Brady: No, you don't have to. It's not your problem.

Nicole: Can't I go through this with you?

Brady: I don't think Gabi and Rafe are gonna be thrilled to see you, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, you know, I should say sorry too. Arianna and I obviously did not get along, but that doesn't mean I don't feel for them.

Brady: This is just a really crappy day.

Philip: I really am sorry. Things got out of control here, and I lost track of time.

Melanie: You were all laughing when I walked in.

Philip: Yeah, we were laughing, but in true Kiriakis fashion, no one was having a good time.

Melanie: Was there really a business deal?

Philip: In a way.

Melanie: Tell me what happened... and be honest with me.

Maggie: Vivian, where are you calling from? And why on earth would you be calling me?

Vivian: Oh, I'm back in Salem, and, uh, I'm afraid there's a bit of a crisis at the Kiriakis mansion.

Maggie: [Gasps] Is Victor all right?

Vivian: Oh, that's so thoughtful of you to ask. Yes, Victor's fine... physically. I'm just... a little concerned about his soul.

Maggie: Hmm. You came all the way back because you're concerned about his soul.

Vivian: It's not funny, Maggie. He's done something terrible.

Maggie: What?

Vivian: Well, I can't really tell you on the phone, so why don't you come over here? I-I think I need your guidance.

Maggie: Uh, hmm. All right, um, sure. I'm on my way.

Vivian: Oh, Maggie. Don't come to the front door. Uh, Victor really shouldn't know about this.

Maggie: So should we meet at Java?

Vivian: Oh... no, I have a better idea-- the mausoleum. It's quieter.

Maggie: [Laughs] How fun.

Vivian: And, Maggie... come alone.

Brady: I'm gonna go, um, talk to Rafe and Gabi and let 'em know I was sorry I missed the memorial service, and when I can make a graceful exit, we'll get out of here. But in the meantime, will you please keep your mouth shut?

Nicole: Yes, boss.

Brady: I'm ju--Nicole... just ple--don--if you say one nasty word to Sami today--

Nicole: I-I won't, okay? I'm not, I promise.

Brady: Okay. Gabi, Rafe... hi.

Rafe: Hi.

Brady: I'm very sorry I wasn't able to make the memorial service.

Rafe: Don't worry about it.

Brady: My grandfather had some issues, and I couldn't get away.

Rafe: No, no, no need to explain. You were there in the end when it counted.

Gabi: She knew you loved her.

Rafe: Yeah.

Brady: I hope so. Um, but I wanted to say I was sorry, and if there's anything I can do for you two...

Rafe: Hey, if I think of anything, I'll let you know, okay?

Brady: All right, man. All right, I'm gonna go. But, um... I'm gonna go.

Justin: Hey, Brady, actually, you need to stay.

Brady: Why?

Justin: Because I'm about to read Arianna's will... and you're mentioned in it.

Sami: What exactly are you doing here, Nicole?

Nicole: I came with Brady.

Sami: Well, Sydney's not here, in case you're curious. And I'm going to make sure that you never get your hands on her again.

EJ: Yeah, well, soon, Samantha, neither will you... or Johnny. See, I'm taking both of my children away with me. And I'm going to do everything I can to pretend the two of you never existed.

Nicole: What's he talking about?

Sami: Look, you get out of here, okay? No one wants you here, you son of a bitch.

Justin: EJ... if you could, uh, stick around for a little while, there's a bequest for you in Arianna's will.

EJ: I'd love to. Looks like she has something she wants to tell me.

[Pounding on door]

Chad: All right, look, I--

Will: What are you doing here? Why are you pounding on the door?

Chad: Didn't expect to see you here.

Will: Uh, I-I left some stuff, so I-I came to get it. What--what are you--what's wrong?

Chad: Where is Stefano?

Will: Uh, I don't know. I mean, he's not here.

Chad: Well, then where is he? Kate must know.

Will: She's not here either.

Chad: That's great. That's fantastic, just great.

Will: Chad.

Philip: Mel, I'm going to ask that you trust me.

Melanie: That sounds ominous.

Philip: It is... kind of. First, I now think it's a good thing that we didn't move in here.

Melanie: Because...

Philip: Well, like you saw, my mother's kind of back in the picture.

Melanie: Right. And Stefano or Vivian?

Philip: Not like that, not like that. They're--they're in something together. And I know what it is, but I'd feel a lot better if you didn't know anything about it.

Melanie: Nicole knows.

Philip: I don't care about Nicole. But what is happening, it's... it could be dangerous.

Melanie: Now I'm worried about you.

Philip: I think... I'm fine. But like I said... I need you to trust me.

Victor: Well, you two seem awfully serious.

Melanie: Oh.

Victor: I'd love to know what you're talking about.

Melanie: Well, uh, Philip just very nicely told me to mind my own business... and I'm going to.

Victor: Oh, wonderful. Why don't we have some champagne?

Melanie: Congratulations, too, on your business deal, because I was just thinking that you guys needed more money.

Victor: Well, it's not so much that we closed a deal as... it is that we had a big problem that we were finally able to lay to rest. Shall we?

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Gus: The matter's taken care of, Madame.

Vivian: Oh, thank you, dear.

Maggie: I thought you wanted to see me alone.

Vivian: Well... Gus is privy to everything in my life.

Maggie: Well, not mine. I don't want to discuss Victor in front-- Vivian... you look terrible.

Vivian: Well, I'm still just a little weak.

Maggie: Were you ill?

Vivian: Oh, ho-ho. I-I was at death's door.

Maggie: Really? Were you in a... sanitarium?

Vivian: No. I was in here!

Sami: Hey, um--hey, Justin, can I ask you something?

Justin: Sure.

Sami: What did Arianna leave to EJ?

Justin: Oh, I can't tell you that, not until we read the will. In fact, technically, you shouldn't even be here.

Sami: Why?

Justin: Well, you're not in the will.

Rafe: Everything okay?

Sami: Yeah, um... yeah, but... Justin told EJ that Arianna left him something in her will.

Rafe: Oh. Great. So who reads it, you?

Justin: No, not me. It's a video will.

Rafe: You mean that we're gonna see Arianna?

Justin: Yeah. Still want to do it?

Rafe: [Sighs]

Sami: Hey.

Rafe: Hmm?

Sami: You know, whatever you decide, it--it's your call.

Rafe: You know what? We're good. Let's just get it over with. Yeah.

Justin: Okay, everybody... this is a DVD of Arianna stating the terms of her will.

Arianna: Um... do I--do I start now? Okay. All right, um... so if you're watching this, then, um... I guess it means that I'm dead. [Laughs] Now that that's out of the way, uh... I solemnly swear that I am Arianna Maria Hernandez and that I am of sound mind and body and that this is my last will and testament.

Will: Chad?

Chad: Whoa, did you--did you just follow me here, dude?

Will: Yes, I did. Why are you so amped?

Chad: [Sighs] This. Did you have anything to do with this?

Will: Are you kidding me? You're Stefano's son?

Chad: No. No. No. It's obviously a joke.

Will: How did you get this?

Chad: Well, the envelope didn't have a return address or a postmark. It must have been messengered to my dad's house. I don't know.

Will: So you have no idea who sent it or why.

Chad: Well, whoever it is, whatever they're trying to do, they--they--they suck at it. Because you see the date? According to this, I'm a whole year older than I actually am. You know--you know Stefano DiMera better than I do. You think he's behind this?

Will: [Sighs] If Stefano thought that you were his kid, he wouldn't be anonymous about it.

Chad: Well, what about the rest of his family?

Will: They're busy with other stuff, and if any of them thought there were a chance that you're Stefano's son, they wouldn't mess with you.

Chad: You know what? I-I-I didn't need this... someone wanting me to think that my mom slept with Stefano DiMera. I mean, whoever this is... they're gonna pay.

Kate: Melanie, dear, would you like some more champagne?

Melanie: No, thank you. All good. I got to get going.

Kate: You just got here.

Melanie: Yeah, but I'm going with my dad to the Horton cabin to pick up a rocking chair, so...

Kate: Yeah. Life in the fast lane.

Melanie: It's a gift for Chloe.

Kate: Yeah. Well, I'm sure she's going to be thrilled. When you think about it, I mean, she can sit in it and rock in it and sing arias and knit booties in it.

Philip: Knock it off, okay?

Kate: Oh, sorry. Victor, darling, I really have to get going. This was just fabulous, though.

Victor: Oh, can't you stay? We could all play charades.

Kate: [Laughs] Love to, but I have to dash. Sweetie, you need to call me. I feel like I... never see you anymore.

Melanie: I'll walk out with you. Call you when I get back from the cabin.

Philip: All right.

Melanie: [Clears throat] Oh, Kate?

Victor: Well, it's been quite a day. It's a good thing Melanie didn't arrive a few seconds earlier. She would have found out about Vivian too.

Philip: Right. All I had to do was lie to her... again.

Maggie: You were in there?

Vivian: Yes! And it was ghastly.

Maggie: And that happened how?

Vivian: I told you on the phone. It was Victor's fault.

Maggie: Victor put you in there?

Vivian: He wanted to get rid of me so he could pursue you.

Maggie: This is so ridiculous! One, he didn't pursue me. Two, putting someone in a coffin is stupid and ridiculous. Victor is neither.

Vivian: Stupid and ridiculous?

Maggie: Mm. Well, it's kind of like a harebrained thing that you would come up with. And, you know, you're crazier than I thought if you think I'm gonna buy into this ridiculous story.

Vivian: I was in this coffin! Victor taunted me. He said terrible things to me. I almost died, but Gus saved me.

Maggie: Now, listen... about 20 minutes ago, I was in the hospital helping people. And now I'm standing in a mausoleum listening to a loon. Guess which one I would prefer.

Vivian: If it's so ridiculous, how do I know that you were here, that you were worried about him, that you took his hand? I heard every bloody word.

Arianna: Mom, I also want you to have my rosary. Because of you, I have my faith. And it's helped me get through some really rough times, just like you told me it would. I hope it's helping you now. I love you, Mom. Okay. And, uh, here. To my big brother Rafe... I am going to leave you my car, because, uh, no matter when I die, my car's always gonna be cooler than yours, right? And just a FYI, your image-- it does need a little sprucing up. Um, can you do me a favor, too, and, uh, could you just, you know...? Just make sure you wash it a lot, 'cause, uh... it keeps the finish looking really good. Yeah. Okay. Um, I also leave you with a request. I know that you're always gonna look after Mom. I mean, you always have, but I was just wondering if you could call her once a week. Um, that's the part that I always did. Could you tell her that--that you love her? I mean, she knows that you do, but Mom--she really needs to hear it. Um... and, Rafe... like I've always told you... you're the best big brother anyone could ever have. I love you. Okay. To my sister... Gabriela Josefina Hernandez, I leave you my jewelry... and, uh, the diamond studs that I bought when I took that awful job working as a receptionist in the dentist's office. But I saved a year and a half for those suckers, so don't lose 'em. And, uh, I want you to have all my DVDs. And I... [Sighs] I just--I want you to watch them and--and remember all the fun that we had eating popcorn and... watching them together. And I leave you with a request. I want you to take care of Rafe. I want you to be the smart, sassy, in-your-face, beautiful little sister that you've always been to me. I guess that's it for the family... [Sighs] Except for one last thing. I love you. I'll always, always be with you... even if you don't see me there, so don't mess up.

Gabi: Can you stop the DVD for a minute, please?

Justin: Yeah.

Rafe: Oh, kiddo.

Gabi: [Crying] Is it okay if I go now?

Rafe: Yeah, of course. I think you've had to deal with enough for one day. I'll call you later, okay?

Gabi: Okay.

Rafe: I love you.

Gabi: I love you too.

Will: You're right. I mean, whoever sent you that birth certificate wasn't just saying something about you. They were saying it about your mom.

Chad: Ha. Yeah, when she's not around to defend herself.

Will: Chad, if there is anything that I can do... to help you get to the bottom of this... just say the word.

Chad: Thanks. I know we haven't... exactly been bros lately, but, uh...

Will: We're on the same side now.

Chad: Well, I guess I should probably figure out who hates me enough to do something this heartless.

Kate: Chad... look, you're a sweet guy. You really are, but I thought I made it perfectly clear to you--I'm a happily married woman, and I have absolutely no interest in you either.

Chad: See, no offense, but I'm not sure I believe that.

Kate: Okay, you know, you just need to get over yourself, all right? I offered you the job not for my sake, but for Stefano's.

Will: Chad? Chad, what is it?

Chad: I think I know who sent this.

Melanie: Kate, hi. I just wanted a private word with you.

Kate: I'm a little late.

Melanie: Oh, that's okay. This won't take long. Back there when Philip told you to knock it off, I wish he hadn't...

Kate: That's all right.

Melanie: Because that's my line. See, I have to put up with Philip's family because I love him, but I don't have to put up with your snide crap about mine.

Kate: I was talking about Chloe, Melanie.

Melanie: Right, my father's wife. If you think you don't see a lot of Philip now, just keep up with your funny jokes, and I'll make sure you never get to see him.

Victor: You know, secrets and lies, Philip, are the basis of a healthy marriage.

Philip: And you know this because you've had so many healthy marriages?

Victor: You're not lying to Melanie. You're protecting her. She's not like... Nicole and Kate. She may get a little squeamish about burying someone alive.

Philip: Yeah. She's a real wuss, all right.

Victor: You know, I have grown quite fond of her. I wish you two could have moved in.

Philip: Yeah. Even trapped in a sarcophagus, Vivian screws up everything.

Victor: Well, I know Maggie enjoys having you over there with her.

Philip: What?

Victor: You know, I really can't believe what Vivian was going to do to that wonderful woman. Thank God Brady stopped her.

Vivian: That's right. There is a closed-circuit TV and camera in there. I heard and saw everything-- you blathering away about his icy something or other and his warm, loving heart and how damned complicated he is!

Maggie: No...

Victor: I'll miss Isabella, yes... but I'm just relieved that she's not around to see what I've done.

Maggie: What do you mean? What have you done? You were in there.

Vivian: Shocking, isn't it?

Justin: Rafe, should we continue? Before we start again, I want to read you something... so the last words you hear will be from Arianna and not from me. After she completed the will, she came to my office and wanted to add a codicil... um, a bequest for EJ DiMera. She also left the contents of this box.

Justin: I will, uh, read the codicil first. "To EJ, who was not only my defender but also my friend, I hope you appreciate what I'm giving you. And when you look at it, know that I will always have the faith in you that you had in me."

Rafe: That's Saint Anthony.

Sami: Patron saint of miracles.

Rafe: Yeah. My mother gave it to Arianna before she went to prison. You better... take good care of that.

Will: Okay. I mean, come on, whoever sent that phony birth certificate, we will take care of them.

Chad: All right, well, look, let me do the research first before I say anything. And you'll keep your mouth shut, right?

Will: One thing that I've learned the hard way... keep the DiMeras out of your business, no matter what.

Chad: Right... if you can.

Kate: Well, of course, it is wonderfully wonderful that you are sticking up for your daddy and that piece of heaven that he's married to. But the truth is, Chloe will never change her lying nature, and one day your father is going to wake up and wish he had never set eyes on her. But all that aside... no jokes. They really are just the cutest couple of the year, aren't they?

Philip: I think the reason five people didn't care if Vivian stayed in that coffin was that she was going after Maggie.

Victor: Which doesn't make any sense. I mean, Maggie wouldn't have anything to do with me. She thought, quite correctly, that I was an old reprobate. And on top of that, she respected my marriage to Vivian more than I did.

Philip: It's like Vivian can't even comprehend someone being a good person.

Victor: You know, I think it was more than jealousy with Vivian, more than the fact that she thought I wanted Maggie. Vivian just couldn't stand... the goodness in Maggie. It inflamed her. She had to destroy it.

Philip: Well... we don't have to worry about Vivian anymore.

Maggie: He put you in there?

Vivian: And enjoyed every minute of it.

Maggie: [Exhales sharply] Well, we have to call the police. I mean, we can't let him get away with it.

Vivian: Oh... don't worry, Maggie. He won't. I promise you. He'll pay. And it'll be worse than anything he did to me.

Justin: There's just one last bequest.

Arianna: [Breathes deeply] I leave everything else that belongs to me to the one man who changed my life... my fiancÚ... Brady Black. I love you.

Melanie: Hi, it's me. [Clears throat] I've had enough of your lies. I need to see you right now.

Victor: This is Vivian's command central, where she planned to watch Maggie in that damn coffin. And now... we get to watch her.

Vivian: Oh... it's so nice to breathe the fresh air again.

Gus: It's good to have you back, Madame.

Vivian: It's good to be back.

Maggie: Vivian... let me out.

Maggie: Today, we're celebrating 45 years of "Days of Our Lives." Our families have been through a lot together. And today we especially want to thank you for being with us through it all and to let you know that we are looking forward to many more years of all of us sharing the days of our lives.

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