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Arianna: I'm not gonna be a part of this. You shot EJ, you committed a crime, you're gonna pay.

Sami: Ari, please don't do this.

Arianna: I have to.

Sami: No, you don't. Have you even considered how Rafe is gonna react? Do you really want to lose your brother over nothing?

Arianna: Well, maybe this is exactly what he needs. Have you thought about what you've done to his life, his career? Maybe this is how he'll wake up!

Sami: It won't work. It's just your word against mine. No one will believe you.

Arianna: That's where you're wrong. The words...they're all yours.

Sami: What? What is that?

Arianna: This is proof, Sami. Proof that you shot your words. Face it... the truth is gonna come out.

Victor: Oh, Vivian. You know, I'm always taken aback by the amount of technology you put into your little schemes.

Vivian: Don't be like that, Victor. Just tell me what you're going to do.

Victor: Well, I've been thinking about getting some new golf clubs.

Vivian: About me! What are you gonna do about me?

Victor: Me, me, me. It's always about you, isn't it?

Vivian: I told you... this paint has toxic fumes in it.

Victor: Well, you should picked it.

Vivian: You believe me.

Victor: For once, yes, Vivian, I believe you.

Vivian: Well, then you know they're gonna drive me mad!

Victor: It won't be a long trip.

Vivian: If you know what's gonna happen to me, you have to let me out.

Victor: No, Vivian. You see, that's simply not true.

Nicole: Who were you talking to?

Brady: Doesn't--doesn't matter.

Nicole: All right, I'm starting to get a little spooked here. Is something wrong? Are you okay?

Brady: No. I'm not all right. I'm not okay. We've done a really bad thing, and we have to get Vivian the hell out of that coffin.

Nicole: Brady, that is what she had in mind for Maggie--

Brady: We have to get her out!

Nicole: What has gotten into you?

Isabella: You know what's right, Brady. You know what you have to do for me...your mother.

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: Brady, what is going on here?

Kayla: So I just have one little stop to make, and then I'll go see Sister Anne. Although, frankly, I don't know what she's gonna tell me.

Stephanie: It's okay. Everything's gonna be fine, because that baby is Daniel's.

Kayla: You think so, do you?

Stephanie: Melanie does too, or she wouldn't have let Chloe go through with the wedding.

Maggie: Carly.

Carly: Hey, I'm sorry to just drop by like this, but I saw that Melanie's car wasn't here, and I really want to talk to you about her.

Maggie: Well, the thing is--

Melanie: My car's in the shop.

Carly: Melanie.

Melanie: So I am here... which means you shouldn't be.

EJ: Look, it really is rather obvious, isn't it? Bo...Samantha's alibi... is provided by a man who's besotted with her. Now, she had the opportunity, she had the means...

Bo: She definitely had the motive.

EJ: Yeah. I gave her pretty good motive. So she's your prime suspect.

Bo: You know, since you've done 9/10ths of my job for me, would you do me a favor and finish it off? Tell me... how do I prove this?

EJ: Right. Let me prove to you who shot me.

Bo: Well, all I have here, Junior, is an unsubstantiated allegation from a man who had a blood alcohol count somewhere in the stratosphere... who had amnesia for several days after the incident... and who has a personal vendetta against the woman he's accusing.

EJ: You know, I don't know why I'm surprised. A Brady... covering for a Brady. I mean, forget the fact that it's your job to find out who shot me. Just...slip your mind, did it?

Bo: What I remember is you... several times trying to use this department for your own means.

EJ: Well, this is me, okay, telling you as a courtesy.

Bo: Really? Thank you.

EJ: Just so you know... what's about to go down. 'Cause I don't need the police to prove who shot me, Bo. There's a lot of ways for the truth to come out. Believe me.

Will: Okay, I get what you're talking about.

Rafe: Good.

Will: And I promise not to say anything to anybody.

Rafe: Well, you can't. As long as you and your mom keep quiet, nothing Arianna says is gonna stand up.

Will: I hope you're right.

Rafe: I am. Now, with that said, I need to get in touch with Arianna.

Gabi: Why?

Rafe: Hey. Uh, why? Because she's about to make a huge mistake.

Arianna: You know what, Sami? I think EJ is gonna know exactly what to do with this.

Sami: You know what I think? I think he's never gonna see it.

Arianna: [Gasps] No!

Sami: Get--gimme that! Give it! Give it to me!

Arianna: Let go, bitch!

Rafe: Will, can you give us a second?

Will: Sure. Sure. Hey, it's great to see you, Gabi.

Gabi: Okay, what is going on?

Rafe: Sit down.

Gabi: He's really upset and pretending he isn't.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Yeah, yeah. Sit down. All right. I need you to listen to me. More importantly, I need you to trust me.

Gabi: Why? W-what's wrong? Is Arianna in trouble?

Rafe: Well, she may be. And I need to talk to her about it. But the problem is she's mad at me, so she won't pick up her phone.

Gabi: Why? What is she mad about?

Rafe: Well, I'll explain later, but now I--I need your phone.

Gabi: I have such a weird family.

Rafe: Yeah.

[Both grunting]

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: Aah! No, you don't!

Arianna: Let me...go!

[Cell phone ringing]

Sami: No, you don't! Get off me!

Nicole: Um...what are you looking at?

Brady: Nothing.

Nicole: Nothing. Right. Brady, you look like you've just seen a ghost or something.

Brady: Maybe I just woke up...and I've seen what I've done.

Nicole: Just out of the blue. Can you give me a hint where this change of heart came from?

Brady: I could tell you... and you'd think I was crazy.

Nicole: Try me.

Brady: Maybe--you know what, maybe I just realized that I do have a conscience after all.

Nicole: Brady, it happens to everyone eventually. That's why there's alcohol.

Brady: I don't wanna drink.

Nicole: You need a drink. It will get you through this crisis of conscience and keep you from...doing anything you might regret like...the right thing.

Brady: I'm already starting to regret what I have done, and I think it's time to do something, that's all.

Nicole: Brady, think about it. It's not just us anymore.

Victor: You know, the fact is, Vivian, I don't have to do anything.

Vivian: Oh... [Coughs] Please?

Victor: Now, there's an old adage that says if you buy your sarcophagus, you have to lie in it, or something like that.

Vivian: No jokes, please. No jokes.

Victor: All right, no jokes. Instead...let's go to the bottom line. You remember our wedding?

Vivian: Yes, I do.

Victor: That day I told you in no uncertain terms that Maggie Horton was off-limits. She was out of our league. I didn't even want you to talk about her. Imagine how I felt when I found out that you'd planned to bury her her insane.

Vivian: [Whimpers] I'm sorry!

Victor: You defied me, Vivian. That's never a good idea. I am Victor Kiriakis, and I have not mellowed with age. People who defy me live to regret it. I make sure of that.

Vivian: Victor. I understand, I understand. But you don't have to do this to me. You could let me out and just torture me in some other awful way.

Victor: No, but this is what you planned for Maggie. Seems to me this is a perfect example of the punishment fitting the crime. [Chuckles]

Maggie: Maybe you two need some time alone.

Melanie: Not if Carly leaves. Which is what she should do.

Maggie: It doesn't hurt to listen.

Melanie: Says you.

Carly: I've been worried about you.

Melanie: Yeah, so's Dad. He keeps texting me 'cause he's worried about how I'm feeling.

Carly: That's 'cause we both love you.

Melanie: Well, at least you know the score now. Dad thinks I'm upset because Chloe said I'm not a real child to him, but you and I both know that's not true. I'm upset because my dad married a cheater. But you and Chloe decided that he's not allowed to know that. So he's buying another one of your lies. Which means the hits just keep on coming.

Carly: I think things are gonna settle down.

Melanie: And if they don't, we'll just lie, right?

Carly: No. No, no lies. And I think your father's gonna be very happy.

Melanie: Yeah. I know, I've heard that already. I've heard the spiel. What about me?

Carly: What about you?

Melanie: All the times you lied to me, did it ever bother you that you were lying to your daughter?

Carly: Come on, you know it did.

Melanie: I don't know. I don't really know you at all, do I?

Bo: Just so we're clear, Junior, all your ranting about who shot you will not do anything to change a court order. Stay away from Sami. Stay away from those kids.

EJ: Hmm. [Clears throat] You know... doesn't really matter... how much you try and throw your weight around. A court order is not going to mean very much when Samantha or William are in jail for attempted murder.

Bo: I don't think there's a judge in Salem who can't see through what you're trying to do.

EJ: [Laughing] I love it. I do! I love know? Your wife's in jail, and you still have that Brady bravado.

Bo: Be very careful.

EJ: Oh, I will be, absolutely. I mean, let's look at it-- your wife tried to kill me. Your niece tried to kill me. Who's ne--your mother?

Bo: She might succeed.

EJ: Maybe she will. Maybe. You know, I'm gonna miss these conversations, Bo.

Bo: You leaving town?

EJ: And I feel sorry for you. And for Samantha's father.

Bo: Really?

EJ: Mm. Really. You know, you kind of remind me of, uh, the French aristocracy at the end of the 17th century. The house of Brady's falling down, but you have no idea. It started with your wife. But Samantha...she's gonna finish the job off nicely.

[Both grunting]

Sami: No! You're not doing this!

Kayla: Hey, hey, hey! What's going on here? I'm calling 911.

Sami: Aunt Kayla--

Arianna: Oh! Wait a minute! Why don't you tell her? You don't want her to call the cops. And guess what? You get to be the first to know what your little niece has done here.

Melanie: You know, there are so many reasons, so many examples I have for not being able to trust you. But here's one: Remember when I ran into you at St. Mary's?

Carly: Yeah. Of course, I do.

Melanie: You were acting all flustered. And I get now, looking back, why you were so flustered. But you know what's amazing?

Carly: No.

Melanie: How quickly you went into damage control. You're so damn good at keeping Daniel and me from knowing the truth, and it's no wonder I'm such a good liar. It must be genetic.

Carly: I was trying to spare Daniel unnecessary pain.

Melanie: By lying to him? Which you did beautifully. You are a phenomenal liar. In fact, this remorse, this concern, this could all be an act right now.

Carly: No, it's not an act.

Melanie: But I--I don't know that, do I? You know what's ironic, Mom? Is that when I ran into you at St. Mary's and you were running around lying and acting or whatever it was you were doing, I was talking to Sister Anne about you and Dad... how about I was getting to know you guys. But I'm not, am I? Now I don't think I ever will.

Vivian: I wasn't gonna go through with it.

Victor: But you would have had to. You see, there's no way you could have let Maggie out. She would have just come to me and told me what you'd done. No, Vivian. Seems to me that you've sealed your own fate. Literally.

Vivian: Victor... don't you understand? I did it for you. I knew you couldn't stand the possibility of Maggie not loving you, and she--she couldn't.

Victor: You haven't much time, Vivian. Don't you think you should start praying? While you're still sane? [Chuckles]

Vivian: I...I know what you're doing. You're trying to scare me, and it's working. I'm terrified. But...deep down... I know there's something in you that won't let this happen to me.

Victor: No, Vivian, deep down in me, there's something that's going to enjoy watching.

Vivian: Oh...[Coughs] Don't say that.

Victor: No? You know, so far, we've only talked about what you planned for Maggie. You've yet to talk about what you did to my Isabella.

Stephanie: So my mom has to drop something off on her way, but she will be there soon.

Anne: Don't worry. I'll wait for her.

Stephanie: Great. Thanks, Sister. Hey!

Ian: Hey, yourself. Is everything okay?

Stephanie: Actually, I think everything is just about perfect.

Anne: No. It can't be.

Rafe: Well...apparently your sister's not talking to anybody.

Gabi: Okay, so now you're gonna tell me what's going on?

Rafe: Well, let me know if you hear from her, okay?

Gabi: You said you were gonna tell me what's wrong.

Rafe: Arianna has, um... she has something in her head. And you know how she is. She acts before she thinks.

Gabi: And what is it that she has in her head?

Rafe: She--[Laughs] She, doesn't matter. Doesn't. The thing is, I need to get to her so I can talk her down.

Gabi: This is about Sami, isn't it?

Rafe: Why would you say that?

Arianna: Because you're all worked up. You only get all worked up when it's about her.

Rafe: All right, this isn't just about Sami--it's about us. All of us being together. As a family.

Gabi: And you think Ari's trying to screw that up?

Rafe: I think that she thinks she's doing the right thing. That's what scares me.

Kayla: You know, don't even think about trash-talking my--

Sami: Aunt Kayla--please! I'm not letting her ruin my life!

Nicole: Brady, has it slipped your mind... that Victor now knows what happened?

Brady: I can handle him.

Nicole: You can't handle him. He knows what Vivian wanted to do to Maggie. He knows what she did with your mother's remains. I can't see him letting that slide.

Brady: There's a difference between letting it slide, Nicole, and allowing Vivian to die in a damn coffin.

Nicole: Brady... remember what you said to me before... that if we let Vivian go, she will be free, and we will pay. And that is not right.

Brady: Neither is letting a woman die in a coffin.

Nicole: I wish I could be as sure as you are about this.

Brady: Okay, listen. Here is what I am sure about. We are not gonna pay for this. I'm gonna pay for this. I will swear that you had nothing to do with this, okay?

Nicole: No. No.

Brady: Yeah. Absolutely.

Nicole: No, Brady!

Brady: Yes, Nicole, that's it!

Nicole: No! I am not...I am not gonna walk out on you. However this comes out... we are in this together.

Victor: Since before there was the written word, the Greeks revered their dead. Priam knelt before Achilles. He kissed the hand of the man who had killed his son...and begged to let Hector have a proper burial. Antigone defied Creon. She died because she gave her brother the necessary funeral. You buried my Isabella with animals.

Vivian: Please, Victor...

Victor: Your fear means nothing to me. Your terror means nothing to me. You brought it all on yourself. I hope it takes a long time.

Vivian: No! Victor! No!

Bo: Well, I feel sorry for whoever your cell mate turns out to be. ''ll make solitary look like a walk in the park.

Lawyer: This inquisition is over. Bail has been met. My client is leaving now.

Bo: Fine. Get the hell outta here. But I will see you again... when you're arrested for kidnapping Sydney.

Lawyer: Don't say anything, Mr. DiMera. Just go.

Bo: Your man here is only delaying the inevitable. Trust me, this isn't over.

EJ: You're right there, Bo. This is not...over. Give my love to Samantha.

Rafe: Oh, hey--

Sami: Rafe, oh, my God, thank God! She recorded me saying it--she recorded me saying that I did it.

Rafe: What?

Sami: She's gonna take it to EJ. We have to stop her!

[Rafe mutters under breath]

Sami: [Crying] I just knew I was never gonna be able to stop him from hurting our children. The next thing I knew, I had that gun in my hand, and I pulled the trigger. I shot him.

Arianna: I've got you, Sami. Now there's only one thing left to do.

Stephanie: mom thinks the whole test result thing was a mix-up and that the baby probably is Daniel's and there's nothing to worry about.

Ian: What if...she's wrong? What if somebody did switch the results?

Carly: I did lie to you. And I understand why you don't think you can trust me.

Melanie: So there's not really anything else to say.

Carly: Just one more thing. I didn't lie to hurt you. And I never would, because I love you. And somewhere in your soul, you know that to be true.

[Cell phone rings]

Melanie: [Sniffles] That's your phone. Answer it--you have to.


Carly: Dr. Manning.

Anne: This is Sister Anne. I need to see you now.

Carly: I'm, uh, I'm tied up at the moment. I'm sorry.

Anne: I don't care. I said now. I'm at University Hospital. This can't wait.

Melanie: Bad news?

Carly: It's something of an emergency. I really have to go. I'm sorry. Just think about what I said.

Maggie: Well, I was hoping the two of you could work things out, but it doesn't look like you did.

Melanie: I don't think we ever will.

Maggie: Maybe not tonight. But sometime.

Melanie: She just got a phone call. She has this look in her eye-- I don't think things are gonna get better. I think they're gonna get worse.

Kayla: Bo! Oh, there you are. You know that Arianna woman, you know, the--Rafe's sister?

Bo: Cheery hello to you too.

Kayla: Listen, I just ran into her and Sami in a knock-down, drag-out fight. Why do they hate each other?

Rafe: Damn it, Sami. I told you not to tell anybody!

Sami: Well, I thought I could convince her that EJ I-is up to no good, you know? I thought she'd see reason!

Rafe: Well, obviously she's had a change of heart. Are you kidding me?

Sami: Look, she has the proof she needs. It's over, Rafe. It is all over!

Rafe: Not necessarily. Not yet. Not yet. Come on, Arianna. Answer the damn phone.

EJ: Ari--Arianna, it's EJ. Can you call me, please? It's urgent.

Will: Arianna... please at least talk to me.

Arianna: All these messages... where's the only person that I have to talk to? EJ.

Vivian: "So long as men can breathe... and eyes can see... so long lives this... and this gives life to thee." A person who is going mad couldn't possibly remember all that. A person who had already gone mad could spout a lot of gibberish and then tell herself it was a damn sonnet! A person who was going mad would just lie there and debate with herself about whether or not she was going mad. Oh, Vivian, think about something else! [Sighs] Right. You're in a sarcophagus breathing lethal fumes, and you're supposed to think about something else? Note to self: Remember to pick up the dry cleaning. [Mental sigh] If I ever get out of here, [Southern accent] As God is my witness, I am never going to plan to bury anyone alive again. It never really works out like you think it will.

Brady: No. No. I will not have you pay for what I've done. You shouldn't even be mixed up in this stuff.

Nicole: Brady, don't worry about it. I don't have much going on.

Brady: Stop. I-I mean it. I'm serious.

Nicole: I know, I know. And it's very sweet of you to say that. But I think this ship has sailed. We have to ride it out.

Brady: So we nothing?

Nicole: We don't have much choice.

Brady: Did you talk to Vivian?

Victor: Of course, I did. Communication is the key to a happy marriage.

Brady: You just...left her in the coffin then.

Victor: Yep. She's in her grave. Oh, and the difference to me? It's a lot quieter, for one thing.

Brady: I gotta get out of here.

Victor: You know, maybe you should think twice about shoving people into coffins if you can't face the consequences.

Nicole: You're a real prince. You know that?

Victor: Wait a minute. I need to talk to you. To thank you.

Rafe: Here. Here.

Sami: Don't be nice to me. Yell at me, shout at me. I deserve it!

Rafe: Yeah, maybe later.

Sami: I mean, you told me not to say anything to anyone. And what do I do? I think I can handle it myself, take matters into my own hands. And now I'm gonna lose everything. I'm gonna lose you, I'm gonna lose the kids.

Rafe: Let's not panic, okay? Just wait until I talk to Arianna.

Sami: Are you kidding me? She's not gonna listen to you. She's on EJ's side! He totally has her conned--

[Knock at door]

Rafe: Maybe that's her now. Hey.

Bo: You wanna tell me what's going on here?

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Ohh! Arianna!

Arianna: EJ, um... meet me at the pub. I have something that you need to see.

Sami: Uncle Bo. W-what are you doing here?

Bo: Kayla told me that you and Arianna went a couple of rounds tonight.

Sami: Ha.

Rafe: Yeah, this is a family matter, you know. Nothin' to worry about.

Bo: Apparently, you said something about Arianna ruining your life.

Sami: Oh, come on, Uncle Bo. You know me...I'll say anything in the heat of the moment.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Yeah. I gotta go.

Sami: Well, thanks for stoppin' by. A-and, uh...well. Everything's fine.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I can see that.

Sami: Uncle Bo... I have to call Will. I have to get him to come home.

Rafe: I'm trying to track down Arianna.

EJ: A-Arianna? Ar-ari! Can you-- can you hear me? I haven't got a good signal.

Arianna: Look, I can't talk about this on the phone, okay? I just said I need you to get here as fast as you can.

Stephanie: I know no one switched the results, because you eliminated anyone who had a motive, and there's no one else who had a reason to do it.

Ian: Not that we know of.

Anne: If you could give me just a few minutes--there's someone I need to talk to.

Kayla: It's not a problem. Seems in some weird turn of events, my family's having a little crisis.

Anne: Not the Brady family.

Kayla: Ah, well, maybe just a little, ha ha. Well, I'm gonna try to call Roman and give him the heads up. So I'll catch up with you later, all right? Okay.

Carly: Hey, Sister, you sounded upset on the phone.

Anne: Upset...doesn't quite catch it, Dr. Manning. You lied to me.

Maggie: I thought you said you were gonna pack for the move.

Melanie: Thank you. I'm stalling... because if I pack, then we will be able to move.

Maggie: Well, after the move you know you can come over here anytime you want.

Melanie: It won't be the same. I know moving to Victor's was my idea, but I keep thinking I'm...leaving a sane place and going into a crazy one. Every place is crazy but here.

Maggie: You're still upset with your mom, aren't ya?

Melanie: I keep feeling like everything's gonna blow up in my face.

Maggie: Well, that's a terrible feeling.

Melanie: Carly said she loved me...and I'm supposed to know that's true.

Maggie: Really?

Melanie: Yeah. And I'm not a goody-two-shoes. So I can't figure out why I have such a problem with the fact that she's not...

Maggie: Not perfect? Honey, I don't know what's going on with you two... but by your reaction and the way you're hurting... I believe it's because she's your mom.

Melanie: Really?

Maggie: Really. As good as it is to have a mom, as important as it is... that's the downside of having a family.

Victor: You know, neither one of us can ever forget the history that we have together.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Yeah, good times, Vic. Good times.

Victor: I just want you to know I appreciate the way you've been dealing with Brady.

Nicole: I just want what's best for him.

Victor: As do I. So we're in agreement, then, that no one must ever find out what he's done to Vivian.

Nicole: He did something to Vivian?

Victor: Good girl.

Nicole: Yeah, well, thanks for clearing things up. I should go.

Victor: Nicole, there is one other thing.

Nicole: [Laughs] Course. You thanked me because... you want something.

Arianna: [Muttering under breath] EJ--

Will: I talked to my mom... and Arianna, I am begging you, please don't do this.

Arianna: I--I can't talk to you about this.

Will: After everything that EJ has put my mom and your brother through... you're gonna destroy them?

Arianna: I'm gonna make sure that you and Rafe a-are left out of this.

Will: You can't, Arianna! This is all connected! Rafe will never forgive you, and we will both go to jail.

Arianna: I'm leaving.

Will: No, you are not.

Arianna: Get off of me.

Will: Not until you hear me out.

Brady: Mother, I'm sorry. There's just no turning back.

Isabella: Good-bye, my son.

Vivian: He'll see I'm right. He will! He'll never have that woman. I'm the one he wants. I'm the one he needs. Oh. I just hope he realizes that before I'm dead.

Victor: I'd like you to do something for me. Now. Tonight.

Nicole: What?

Victor: It concerns... Maggie Horton.

Maggie: It's hard to accept the fact that people...we love have flaws. [Sniffling] Sometimes serious ones. But I don't think-- I know... Carly never, ever wanted to hurt you.

Melanie: It doesn't matter. I don't need her.

Maggie: Oh, honey, you don't mean that.

Melanie: I do. I don't need her. You're my mom. In my heart, you're my only real mom.

Anne: This is the woman you brought in for the paternity test--Dr. Jonas's fiancée. You said her name was Dana Scott. Her real name is Chloe Lane. You lied about that to me, and obviously to Dr. Jonas as well.

Carly: Sister, I can explain.

Anne: No. I don't think you can.

Sami: Where is Will? He said he was gonna come straight back..

Rafe: You gonna be okay while I'm gone?

[Knock at door]

Sami: Oh, my God, what now?

Rafe: Who is this? Hey, Gabi. Uh, not a good time right now.

Gabi: This isn't a social call. I just got a call from Kinsey. Arianna's outside the pub with Will.

Will: Please...don't do what you're planning to do.

Arianna: I-I can't talk to you about this!

Will: Because you know that I'm right. Because you know that the person who is really responsible for what happened that night was EJ.

Arianna: No! He's not--

Will: He wouldn't stop pushing, Arianna! He put my mother and your brother through hell!

Arianna: No, it doesn't matter!

Will: Yes, it absolutely matters! You're gonna let him win? Rafe and my mom could be happy. My brother and my sisters could have a real family. They could have parents who love them.

Arianna: No, just stop, please--

Will: And, what, you're gonna destroy all that? Why? Wh-what kind of person are you?

EJ: Arianna?

Arianna: No, I ca--I can't--

EJ: Hey, Arianna, wait!

Will: Leave her! Stop!

[Tires squealing]

EJ: Arianna!

Arianna: Aah!

[Crashing noise]

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Sami: How dare you make unfounded accusations about my son.

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