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Vivian: [Thinking] Oh, where are you, Victor? Flip one lousy switch? You had to get help? Calm down, Vivian. Victor knows now. He knows what's been done to his beloved. He'll be back. Of course, he will. As long as Brady and that skank Nicole don't stop him.

Nicole: Brady, did you check on...

Victor: Who? Vivian?

Brady: He knows everything.

Nicole: Everything? I don't know what you're talking about.

Brady: You can cut the act. He knows Vivian's in the crypt and that I put her there. And he knows that you know that I put her there.

Nicole: Oh. And how does he feel about it?

Brady: He was just about to tell me.

Victor: I think locking Vivian in the coffin that she bought herself is just... just a stroke of genius. By golly, you are a chip off the old block after all. [Chuckles]

Sami: Yeah, I know I was just there, Grandma. Um, I just wanted to let you know that Will's gonna be coming over in a little bit, okay? You sure? As soon as I'm done with my errands, I'm gonna come pick the kids up, okay? Yeah, I'll see you soon. Done with the errands. Yeah, right. Some "to do" list. Find a way to stop Arianna from blurting the truth to EJ and thereby ruining my life and my family. I'll get right on that.

[Knock at door]

Bo: Hey, Sami. You busy?

Sami: Yeah, actually, I'm--

Bo: I need to talk to you about EJ.

Stefano: Nothing from Arianna?

EJ: Father, she must have proof that it was either Samantha or Will who shot me. I mean, what other information would help me get my children back?

Stefano: [Sighs] What if Arianna wants to back out?

EJ: She won't. She can't.

Stefano: No? Because you've been her defender for a few months? Rafael Hernandez has been her brother for her whole life, all right? No matter how mad she is, the way you tell me, right? He is still her blood.

Rafe: Ari, I-- I am asking you. Listen to me, I am asking you for the last time. Keep what you found out about Sami to yourself.

Arianna: What I found out about Sami is that she shot someone, and you want me to bury that?

Rafe: We've been over and over this.

Arianna: Okay, let me get this straight, Rafe. Sami shoots people, and it's okay because it's Sami who did it?

Rafe: Because EJ drove her to do it! Why is that not registering to you?

Arianna: How did he drive her to do it? Okay, she found out what he did, so she walked away, she took her kids, she had you, but that wasn't enough, was it?

Rafe: You're not even trying to see this through my eyes.

Arianna: Are you telling me that you still want to make a life with a woman who just admitted that she shot her kids' father in the head?

Rafe: Yes, I am.

Arianna: She tried to destroy EJ's life, Rafe. She is gonna do the same thing to you.

Rafe: No, she is not. You are wrong. That is not gonna happen.

Arianna: I'm sorry. I'm not gonna let her get away with this.

EJ: I have to discredit Samantha somehow in a court of law, otherwise, I'm going to lose all of my rights as a father.

Stefano: You already have false passports for yourself, Giovanni, and Sydney, all right? Leave the rest up to me.

EJ: Spend the rest of my life running? Father, that is not what I want for my children. Hey, Arianna, it's EJ. Um, if you could just give me a call, please, whenever you have a second, that'd be great. Thank you.

Stefano: She's not answering her phone. Hmm. I wonder why? A change of heart, perhaps?

EJ: She wants me to win this, Father. If I can get Rafe's sister to prove that Samantha is involved in the shooting, then I'm home free.

Sami: So why do you want to talk to me about EJ?

Bo: I found out he violated a restraining order with Sydney at the hospital.

Sami: Right. I took her down there for her checkup, and Lexie offered to hold her while I was talking to Grandma on the phone. I was having trouble with the cell service there, so I walked away, and when I came back, EJ was holding Sydney. Lexie seemed upset about it.

Bo: Doesn't matter what happened with you or Lexie. He violated a court order, and you didn't call me or your father about it.

Sami: I know.

Bo: Why not? Is something going on here that you'd like to share with me?

Rafe: Ari? Ari, I want you to actually think about what you're gonna be doing if you go talk to EJ. I'm not talking about pretending to think. I'm talking about wrapping your mind around it, because you know Stefano's gonna find out, and he will try and have Sami killed.

Arianna: EJ wouldn't let that happen to the mother of his children.

Rafe: This guy, you're really buying his act, aren't you?

Arianna: Don't talk to me like I'm stupid!

Rafe: You know that he stole her baby and pretended that she was dead. You don't think that he'll try and have her killed?

Arianna: I will go to the police.

Rafe: Oh, really? And say what? That you overheard Sami tell Will that she shot EJ? That's hearsay. It's basically gonna be your word against hers... and mine.

Arianna: You would... you would say that I was lying.

Rafe: To protect Sami from Stefano and EJ? In a heartbeat.

Sami: Uncle Bo, EJ only got to hold Sydney for a couple of minutes before I got back. I put a stop to it right away, and that was it. That was the end of it.

Bo: If you hadn't come back right away, he could have taken her from you again.

Sami: But he didn't.

Bo: If you're afraid of him, you don't have to be. That court order was issued for a reason. If he violates it, he's breaking the law.

Sami: Look, yeah, it does scare the hell out of me that after everything that he has done, he's still angling to get his hands on my kids.

Bo: Yeah. Son of a bitch thinks he's above the law. I'm gonna do something about it.

Nicole: Did he just say, "Attaboy"?

Brady: Sounded like it, didn't it?

Victor: Vivian bought that coffin to lock Maggie in it, and then she gave us all that garbage about wanting to honor your mother.

Brady: Who she buried in a pet cemetery.

Victor: Yeah, that scheming, lying bitch. Now she thinks I bought her sob story, and she's expecting me to let her out.

Brady: Are you gonna do it?

Victor: Well, if I do, the two of you will be arrested, and she'll expect me to go back to that charade of a marriage that we had.

Brady: Are you saying that you do not want to let Vivian out of there?

Victor: I'm saying not yet.

Arianna: Wow. I can't believe it.

Rafe: Believe it.

Arianna: My own brother would accuse me of lying to the police when I'm not.

Rafe: Well, only if you insist on putting yourself in the middle of a situation that's got nothing to do with you.

Arianna: Yeah, life's funny. It really is, because I grew up believing that I could never measure up to you.

Rafe: Well, I don't know where you got that idea. You're every bit as good as I am.

Arianna: Yeah? I'm beginning to think that right now. Yeah, sure, I went to prison. Yeah, I did time, but you know what? I never would have given anyone a pass when I know for a fact they actually shot someone.

Rafe: Well, you're real disappointed at me, I get that. But this situation, Ari, it's not what you think it is. If you would just--

Arianna: If I what? Huh? Be reasonable and do what you say because you are my big brother? I don't even know you anymore, Rafe, and thanks to Sami Brady, the brother I knew is gone.

Rafe: Ari.

Stefano: Can I help you?

Perkins: Salem P.D. We're looking for EJ DiMera.

EJ: That would be me.

Perkins: EJ, you're under arrest.

EJ: [Mutters] You know, I've asked you several times if I can call my lawyer, and if you deny me that right, all this little pushing and shoving is gonna be for nothing.

Perkins: Sure, sure.

Bo: Thanks, man.

Perkins: Oh, no problem.

EJ: You can leave that door open if you like. I won't actually be saying anything.

Bo: I'll do the talking. I hear from witnesses that you, uh, violated a restraining order against you.

EJ: By witnesses, I'm assuming you're talking about Samantha.

Bo: You assume incorrectly.

EJ: [Laughing] Really?

Bo: My point is, you did it.

EJ: Ah, I did it, yeah. And now you're gonna use that against me, are you?

Bo: [Laughs] I assume that's rhetorical.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sami: Hey, hey. Did you get through to her?

Rafe: No.

Sami: Oh, man.

Rafe: Yeah. But Arianna knows now that it's gonna be her word against yours and mine. That puts her at a disadvantage.

Sami: Rafe, you quit your job. You can't lose your sister, too.

Rafe: Let me worry about that. You just sit tight and try not to say anything, okay?

Sami: My Uncle Bo was here. He was asking me why I didn't tell him or my dad about what happened at the hospital.

Rafe: What did you tell him?

Sami: I told him that I didn't think it was that big a deal. He disagreed, and now he's decided to go after EJ.

Rafe: All right, well, good for him. I'm gonna go try and find Will, make sure he keeps quiet. That way if Arianna does say something, it's just gonna look like she's got an ax to grind.

Sami: Rafe, I don't like this. I don't like it at all.

Rafe: Well, neither do I. I don't know what's going on inside of Arianna's head anymore. I'll talk to you later.

Sami: First Will, and now Rafe. Everyone I love is lying for me, and I can't let it go on. I have to find a way to stop it.

[Cell phone ringing]

Arianna: I don't have anything to say to you, Sami.

Sami: Look, Arianna, I have something I want to say to you. We may not be friends, but we both love Rafe. Will you please... just come here and listen?

Arianna: Fine.

Brady: What are we gonna do about Vivian?

Victor: Just leave her to me.

Brady: All right then. You're gonna need this.

Victor: What the hell is that?

Brady: You'll figure it out.

Victor: Oh, I think I already have.

Brady: Stay in touch.

Nicole: Whoa.

Brady: Whoa is right.

Nicole: He knows.

Brady: And he's not gonna give us up.

Nicole: Are you kidding? If he does, he'll have Vivian on his hands again. Plus, he was nice to me. That calls for a celebration.

Brady: We happen to be out of vodka.

Nicole: Oh, ye of little faith. Ah. Hey, you okay?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I'm great.

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: Good.

Isabella: You think you've gotten away with this, and you're happy about that? What's the matter with you?

Brady: Mother? Is that really you?

Isabella: I promised you that I would always be with you. It seems you stopped believing in that.

Brady: I... I don't know what to believe in anymore. My world has gone upside down.

Isabella: You've lost your way.

Brady: Vivian... Vivian used my love for you. She used Grandfather's love for you, and all that cynicism and all--she... it was inexcusable. I snapped, Mom. I snapped.

Isabella: I understand how you felt.

Brady: The only way I've been able to deal with the fact that I lost you was that I knew you were at peace, and you're not. And it's because of her! It's her fault!

Isabella: No, it's because of you. You could have gone to the police. Bo is my brother.

Brady: She--Vivian evades the law, Mother.

Isabella: So you decided to take the law into your own hands, and now you're as guilty as she is. No wonder my father is so proud of you. You've turned into him.

Vivian: Victor? Oh, Victor, you're back. Oh, thank God.

Victor: That was quite a story you told before. Had everything but the bloodhounds snapping at your rear end. Course, you neglected to tell me some of the facts, like what you really planned on doing with this coffin. But I got my facts straight now, and, my dear, you have only just begun to pay.

EJ: Look, you can try and paint this as some Machiavellian plot if you really want to, but the truth is, I was at the hospital because I had an appointment with my doctor. When I was there, I came across my sister, who was holding my daughter.

Bo: I'm thinking you had one of your people call, let you know there was a window of opportunity.

EJ: Bo, I acted instinctively as any loving father would.

Bo: [Laughs] A piece of advice. A loving father doesn't get even with his ex by kidnapping her child. And you showing up at the hospital a coincidence? Nah. That doesn't happen in your world.

EJ: Well, you have this all figured out, don't you?

Bo: Don't I?

EJ: You seem to be missing one rather large piece of the puzzle, or maybe you're just choosing to ignore it.

Bo: Please enlighten me.

EJ: The person who's a danger to my children is not me. It's your niece.

Rafe: Hey, Will. Hey, been looking for you.

Will: Why?

Rafe: Everything okay with your grandma and the kids?

Will: Yeah. What about your sister? Is she gonna keep her mouth shut?

Rafe: Well, she still wants to go to EJ or the cops.

Will: Are you kidding me? We have to stop her. We have to protect Mom.

Sami: Thank you for coming.

Arianna: You said we needed to talk? We both care about Rafe?

Sami: I know you're planning to turn me in.

Arianna: Well, you know what? I don't really know what choice I have. I know what you did. I know that you shot EJ, so...

Sami: But you don't know why.

Rafe: Okay. You need to relax, man, okay? Just chill.

Will: Okay, how can I do that when you can't get your own sister to shut up?

Rafe: Well, because the best way to neutralize Arianna is to act like we have nothing to hide.

Will: So we do nothing while Arianna runs to EJ and says that my mom shot him?

Rafe: So what? He's saying that anyway. He doesn't have any proof. Neither does she for that matter.

Will: She heard Mom and me talking.

Rafe: It doesn't matter. You can't hang that on your mom any more than Stefano could hang it on you.

Will: There's a big difference between me and my mom. I didn't do it, but she did.

Rafe: Yeah, and guess what? She has me as an alibi. There's no other evidence. There's no gun, and the only witness is you, and you and I made a deal. Now is the time to honor that. Now, listen, if Arianna starts talking, we calmly say that she is lying, okay? We bring up the fact that she has a prison record, and there's all the stuff that happened with Hope. Well, now she's got a grudge against your family. Listen to me. Never get intimidated. Never get defensive. Can you do that?

Will: She's your sister, man.

Rafe: Yeah.

Will: Can you do it?

Sami: Well, you know everything that was leading up to it, right? I was ten seconds away from marrying EJ. Rafe came in and saved the day with the evidence that proved that EJ had kidnapped my daughter. I don't know if you can try to imagine what it must have felt like to be about to marry a man, spend the rest of your life with a man who was capable of kidnapping, hurting your own child, just to get back at you.

Arianna: It must have been horrible for you.

Sami: It was. But I was walking away. Rafe and I took the kids, and we were leaving. We took the kids to the pub. I went with Rafe to his place. We were moving on. And then, um... and then Kate called me.

Arianna: Kate DiMera?

Sami: She sounded really freaked out. She, um... she told me that EJ was planning on taking my children and leaving the country.

Arianna: And you knew that was true?

Sami: Look, Kate doesn't like me. She never has. And she was willing to stick her neck out going behind Stefano's back to tell me that.

Arianna: Why would she do that?

Sami: I think she did it for Will. She loves him. And she knew Will would be hurt by what EJ did, too.

Arianna: It must have been horrible for you to think that EJ could do something like that to you again.

Sami: It was. But even then, I didn't act right away. I mean, I was trying to think of the right way to handle it, you know? I was really trying to deal with it, and after Rafe fell asleep, I just couldn't. You know, I couldn't just lie there and do nothing. So I got up, and I went over to the mansion, and I was shouting the roof down, you know, demanding to talk to EJ.

Arianna: You just walked in there, and you started yelling?

Sami: Pretty much. Look, Arianna, I didn't go over there to shoot him. I went over there to stop him, to tell him I was not gonna let him get away with taking my children from me. But he wasn't anywhere to be found. I went upstairs. I looked in the kids' rooms. I finally found him in my room, my old room at the mansion. And I walked in, and he was passed out on the bed. He had alcohol, and there was a gun in his hand. Kind of looked like he had thought about killing himself, then for some reason, he couldn't go through with it or he might have been planning to come after me and kill me. Or maybe Rafe... and passed out before he could do it.

Arianna: I could see why you would think he could do something like that after everything that's happened. Then what happened?

Sami: [Sighs] Well, obviously, I wasn't gonna be able to talk to him, so I decided to leave. I turned around and started to walk away. And then it just hit me. Just like a flood. Everything he has done to me and my family. Every single time he has hurt all of us. And I let him back in. I let him do that to us again. It's because of me he was able to hurt my daughter. Kidnapping her. Letting me think that she was dead. And then he had me living with him again, falling in love with him like we were gonna get married. And I just knew I was never going to be able to stop him. I just knew I was never gonna be able to stop him from hurting me, from hurting our children, and... and I just couldn't let it go on. I had to stop him. The next thing I know, I had that gun in my hand, and I pulled the trigger. I shot him. Now you know why. I mean, you have to see why, right? Understand why I had to do it?

Vivian: Uh, hey, darling. Victor, I am the victim here.

Victor: Victim? You said you bought the sarcophagus for Isabella's remains.

Vivian: Yes, I did.

Victor: You bought it for Maggie!

Vivian: You've been talking to Brady.

Victor: Oh, does that surprise you?

Vivian: Oh, I'm sure Maggie's fine. She's just thriving. Meantime, your grandson's trying to kill me. Please, Victor, get me out of here.

Victor: Yes, and then what happens?

Vivian: I'll give you freedom. I'll ask for a divorce. I won't ask for a penny. I know I'm never gonna get your love.

Victor: Finally figured that out, did you?

Vivian: I'll leave Salem. You'll never have to see me again. Just...[Coughing] Oh, get me out of here before these fumes kill me.

Victor: Fumes? What fumes? What else have you planned for Maggie?

Isabella: I'm right, aren't I? You've become my father.

Brady: I have not. What he does, he does for power.

Isabella: And you locked Vivian in a coffin for a good reason?

Brady: I was sick and tired of seeing her get what she wants.

Isabella: And you were drunk.

Brady: She buried you. She buried you in a pet cemetery, Mother!

Isabella: It doesn't matter. Don't you see? I'm here with you. I will always be with you. What do you think is going to happen now that my father knows about Vivian?

Brady: I don't think he's ever gonna let her out of there.

Isabella: That's right. He's used to having blood on his hands, but you're not. So what are you going to do now?

Bo: Let me walk you through this again, Junior. Sami was with Rafe when you were shot.

EJ: Rafe loves Samantha, okay? He would say anything for her. Where was Will during all of this?

Bo: Will's not a killer.

EJ: Right. Like your wife not being the Salem mugger.

Bo: My wife is doing time for what she did-- a lot more than you've ever done for your crimes.

EJ: Oh, yeah, yeah. There are legions of people who want me dead, Bo. Legions. But for the last year, I was devoted to Samantha and my children.

Bo: Your devotion is well documented.

EJ: I've already atoned for the rash and emotional way in which I responded to your niece keeping my daughter from me.

Bo: While you were so busy atoning, you did not tell her the truth.

EJ: Right! I didn't. I was gonna marry her. I was gonna keep it a secret. Who had a stronger reason to want me dead, hmm?

Will: I mean, even if she gets away with it, EJ is never gonna leave her alone.

Rafe: Yeah, you're right. He'll probably fight for custody of Johnny and Sydney for the rest of his life, and if he can't do it legally, he'll try the DiMera way.

Will: Those poor kids. They love the guy.

Rafe: Well, he'll probably never spend another day alone with them again.

Will: That's if everything goes our way. But if Arianna gets to EJ...

Rafe: No, that's not gonna happen. Trust me on that.

Will: How do you know?

Arianna: After you realized what you had done, you must have been horrified.

Sami: I really didn't process it right away. I mean, I just got out of there, and I remember being at the pier and, I mean, there was a gun in my hand, and I just freaked out, and I threw it in the river, and then I... and then I ran back to Rafe's. And I didn't want to ever tell Rafe. I wasn't gonna ask him to lie to help me. I didn't want anyone to know.

Arianna: But Will...

Sami: Will heard me at the mansion... and he confronted me about it. And then Rafe started to suspect Will, so I had to tell him, because I didn't want him to think will was capable of something like that.

Arianna: No. Guess that pretty much covers it, huh?

Sami: Yeah. So... so now you understand, right?

Arianna: Yeah. I understand perfectly. You shot a defenseless man in the head. You lied to my brother. You made your teenage son cover for you. You're some piece of work, lady.

Brady: What should I do?

Isabella: I think you know the answer to that.

Brady: Don't make me guess. Just tell me what to do.

Nicole: Hey. Who are you talking to?

Vivian: Fumes? Did I say fumes?

Victor: You know you did.

Vivian: Well, I meant Fume Blanc. See, I think Brady was trying to lace that gruel with alcohol.

Victor: What fumes?

Vivian: Oh, all right. I had this thing painted with paint that has toxic fumes.

Victor: So you weren't just gonna teach her a lesson. You were gonna kill her!

Vivian: No! Fumes don't kill you... right away. They make you a little different.

Victor: Different how?

Vivian: Have you ever heard the phrase "dazed and confused?"

Victor: You are a lunatic.

Vivian: Oh, Victor, you're not gonna leave me in here! Please come back! Please! Ohh!

Rafe: Will, listen to me. It doesn't matter what Arianna says. There is nothing that puts your mother in the house that night that EJ was shot. EJ was shot in her room, so it makes perfect sense that her DNA and fingerprints are all over the place. The only other witness is you, and you're not talking. Now, that means the only way that they can pin this crime on your mother is with the gun. They're never gonna find it.

Sami: Arianna... wait a second.

Arianna: How do you even live with yourself knowing what you just did to EJ?

Sami: How do I live with myself? I think about how he made me feel, hurting my daughter, kidnapping her, all those weeks I spent not knowing if she were alive or dead, and how he enjoyed every minute of it. And how he was planning to do it again! That's what I think about!

Arianna: Well, why didn't you go to your father? Or why didn't you go to your Uncle Bo, the police commissioner? No, you just had to have yourself a little frontier justice.

Sami: You bitch! I should have known better than to trust you!

Arianna: You nearly blew a guy's head off, and I'm the bitch who can't be trusted? Spare me!

Sami: You are not going to the police.

Arianna: You watch me.

Sami: Look, I get it, okay? I get what you think of me, and, frankly, I don't blame you. But you had better think about what you are doing to Rafe and Will if you do this.

Arianna: Am I supposed to believe you're actually worried about them? You're just using them to get yourself off the hook!

Sami: I am protecting them. If you go to the police, they will be charged as accessories. Now what are you gonna do?

Nicole: Brady, who-- who were you talking to?

Brady: Uh... it doesn't matter.

Nicole: All right, I'm starting to get a little spooked here. Is something wrong? Are you okay?

Brady: No, I'm not okay. Nicole, we've done a really, really terrible thing. We need to let Vivian out of that tomb.

Victor: You know, I am always taken aback by the amount of technology that you put into these schemes of yours.

Vivian: Oh, don't be like that. Just tell me what you're going to do.

Victor: Well, I thought I'd go out and buy some new golf clubs.

Vivian: About me! What are you gonna do with me?

Victor: It's always about you, isn't it, Vivian?

Vivian: Victor, I told you these fumes are toxic.

Victor: You should know. You picked it.

Vivian: Then you believe me?

Victor: Yes, for once I believe you.

Vivian: [Relieved sigh] [Coughing]

Stefano: Jerry, Stefano DiMera. Something very bad happened. Two cops just showed up here, and they dragged Elvis down to the police station. Of course, it's about the court order! What else could it be? My son just got out of the hospital, so this is police brutality. Well, I'll tell you what I want you to do. Get him out of there now! Why do I put up with such idiots?

EJ: It really is rather obvious, isn't it, Bo? Samantha's alibi is provided by a man who is besotted with her. Now... she had the opportunity, she had the means.

Bo: She definitely had motive.

EJ: Yeah. I gave her motive. I think you need to consider Samantha your number one suspect.

Bo: Since you've done 9/10 of my job for me, do me a favor. Finish it off. Tell me, how do I prove this?

Sami: Say something.

Arianna: No, you know what? No, I'm not gonna be a part of this. You shot a man! You committed a crime, and you are gonna pay!

Sami: Please don't do this.

Arianna: I have to.

Sami: Have you thought about what this is gonna do to your brother? Are you really prepared to lose him over nothing?

Arianna: Maybe this will be the best thing in the world for him. I mean, have you thought about what you've done to his life, his career? Maybe this is exactly what he needs to wake up!

Sami: It doesn't matter. It's not gonna work. You take this to the police, and it is just your word against mine.

Arianna: No, Sami. The words, they are all yours.

Sami: What? What is that?

Arianna: This is the proof. The proof that you shot EJ, on video in your words. The truth is coming out.

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EJ: I don't need the police to prove who shot me, Bo.

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