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Vivian: [Giggling] Oh, Victor, that--that tickles! [Giggling] Oh...oh. You naughty boy. Aah! No! [Gasping] Oh... oh, dear God! Dear God, somebody let me out of here, please! Get me out! Please!

Brady: What are you lookin' at?

Nicole: Pictures from the wedding. Doesn't Chloe look beautiful in this one?

Brady: Mm. She looks... lovely.

Nicole: After everything she and Daniel went through... they finally have their happy ending.

Brady: They definitely deserve each other.

Nicole: What about us? Do you think we'll have a happy ending too?

Vivian: Gus? Gus, can you hear me? Oh, God. Oh... Brady must have knocked him out, that sadistic bastard. Oh, my God. What if he killed him? I'll never get out of this tomb. Oh...Gus! [Panting]

Man: Hello?

Vivian: Victor? Oh, my God, it's you. You've come to save me.

EJ: Arianna, if you know something, anything that can help me get my children back, you have to call me. Please, will you just call me? God, where is she?

Chad: Problems?

EJ: How did you get in here?

Chad: Uh, the butler said it would be cool if I just--

EJ: It's not cool, all right? Just... leave, all right? Just go... now.

Arianna: That's what you're asking me to do? You're asking me to lie for Sami?

Rafe: I'm... I am asking you to curb your suspicions.

Arianna: Oh... no. No games, okay? Hey, you know damn well these are more than just suspicions!

Rafe: Oh, come on! Come off it. Sami is not the bad guy here. EJ is!

Arianna: And you were always the good guy... the golden child-- joined the FBI. You did everything right.

Rafe: So what, what the hell is that supposed to mean? What are you, the black sheep, huh?

Arianna: You know what? It's true, right? I was always the problem child that caught up in all the wrong things. I-I went to prison. And look at you. Now you're lying to protect your psychotic fiancée. And it goes against everything that you believe in. Why are you doing this, Rafe? What has Sami done to you?

Sami: Go on, Rafe. Tell her.

Arianna: How about I answer that? Let me explain.

Sami: Go on, then. Why don't you tell me what you think that I have done to your brother?

Rafe: Why do you care what she thinks? She's just bitter and angry.

Sami: It's okay, Rafe. I can take it. Let her talk.

Arianna: You know, ever since you walked into my brother's life, you've done nothing but cause him pain and misery. You drag him into one mess after another.

Sami: I don't think he sees it that way.

Rafe: Of course, I don't.

Sami: Look... Arianna, I have never intended to hurt your brother. I love him.

Arianna: Are you kidding? The only person you love is yourself. As long as you get what you want, you don't give a damn who you destroy!

Rafe: All right, that's enough! That's enough out of you, okay? You're either gonna say sorry to her, or you're gonna get the hell out. Do you understand?

Arianna: Oh, my God, I'm supposed to say that I'm sorry? For what, Rafe? For knowing the truth?

Rafe: I'm warning you.

Arianna: Am I supposed to feel guilty about that? Because let me tell you something, Rafe, I don't feel guilty--not in the least. Because this woman who my brother plans on marrying, because this woman who my brother quit his job for is not only a slut, she's a homicidal maniac! Hey, Sami, I know what you did! I know you shot EJ!

Vivian: Victor! Can you hear me?

Victor: Vivian, is that you?

Vivian: Yes, it's your beloved wife. You're standing right next to me!

Victor: What? What the hell are you talking about?

Vivian: I'm in the sarcophagus!

Victor: You're what?

Vivian: I'm stuck in the sarcophagus! Please, get me out of here!

Brady: Are you asking me if, um...?

Nicole: We'll ever get married. [Laughs] Five's always been my lucky number.

Brady: Ha. That's kind of premature, Nicole. I mean... we just got back together, didn't we?

Nicole: I know. I was--I was just wondering... if it's at least a possibility.

Brady: Well, I got to be honest with you. I mean, I really haven't thought about anything besides our friend Vivian... which, may I remind you, if anybody finds out we have her locked up, there's not gonna be much of a future with us... because we're gonna be wearing his-and-her jumpsuits.

Nicole: Brady... we're not gonna get caught. No one's ever gonna find out what we've done.

Victor: This can't be happening. Good God, you're not in there with Isabella, are you?

Vivian: No! Don't be ridiculous.

Vivian: Well, then where is she? Where is my daughter?

Vivian: Listen, my darling, it's a long, sad story, which I will be happy to share with you once I've had a nice meal and a hot shower. But in the meantime, would you just get me out of here?

EJ: Listen, um... Cass...

Chad: Chad.

EJ: Whatever. This is not a great time. So why don't you just go away, and you can come back later, all right?

Chad: Okay, look, I'm... I'm sorry. But I'm not going anywhere.

EJ: Excuse me? This happens to be my house.

Chad: It's actually your father's house, and that's who I'm here to see. I'm not going anywhere till I talk to him.

Stefano: Talk to me about what?

Sami: Look, I don't know what you heard...

Arianna: Oh, I overheard everything. I overheard you talking to Will on the pier, saying how you were trying to murder the father of your children.

Rafe: Yeah, and you haven't got a shred of proof.

Arianna: Whoa! I don't know what's worse here--the fact that she shot EJ or you're lying your ass off to protect her!

Nicole: [Giggles] Wow. Look at this one.

Brady: [Laughs] Oh! She's really starting to show, isn't she?

Nicole: Yeah. It's pretty amazing, isn't it? You know, the doctor said that Chloe probably wouldn't get pregnant. And here she is... with her own little miracle baby... just like mine. You know, I was thinking that, uh... I was told that I couldn't conceive, but I did. And I know I-I lost the baby, but... who's to say I couldn't have another miracle?

Brady: Nic, Nic, don't--

Nicole: No, really, really. I-I know--I know it sounds crazy. I know that, but look at us. I never thought in a million years that you'd come back into my life, and look, here we are. So I'm starting to think that... when you want something badly enough... anything is possible.

Victor: Now, let me get this straight... you somehow managed to get yourself locked into a sarcophagus with a remote-control receiver.

Vivian: Yes! Victor... what are you thinking?

Victor: I'm thinking I'd like to know how the hell this happened.

Vivian: What difference does it make?

Victor: Humor me.

Vivian: Oh... oh, fine. Okay. Brady locked me in here.

Victor: Brady? You're more idiotic than I thought.

Vivian: He's not the sainted do-gooder he pretends he is.

Victor: Vivian, I don't have time for your lies. Sleep tight.

Vivian: But wait, Victor! Nicole was also involved. She dragged Brady into this. I'm sure of it. She--she probably corrupted him like she does all the men she gets her paws on.

Victor: You and Nicole don't know each other well enough to hate each other. Why would she like to see you entombed?

Vivian: I don't know! Maybe it's my money. You know how the poor are-- greedy, desperate, morally bankrupt. Whatever the reason, the fact is I'm locked in this tomb, and I can't breathe! So, Victor, please, if you ever had any affection for me whatsoever, get me out of here!

Victor: How the hell would I do that? This thing must weigh a ton.

Vivian: There's a lever... under the lid. All you have to do is push it, and--and--and we'll be united again.

Stefano: A paid internship?

Chad: Well, Mrs. DiMera said she would talk to you about it.

Stefano: Ah, well, she hasn't.

Chad: Or maybe you just didn't want to hear it.

Stefano: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Chad: Well, let's see. The other day at the hospital when I said I was praying for your son, you seemed offended.

EJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. Why exactly would you be praying for me, Chad?

Chad: Oh, I don't know... to be nice. But your father didn't like the idea very much, so I just gave it a rest.

Stefano: Well, I'm sorry, Chad, but obviously I was under a lot of stress.

Chad: Hey, no worries. EJ seems to be doing pretty fine without my prayers anyways. And you were right. It's a family matter. It's none of my business.

EJ: So... you think you can just come in here and throw some kind of hissy fit because my father's not very charming or lovely to you when his son is on his deathbed?

Chad: I came in here to talk about an internship!

EJ: You watch your tone with me, sunshine, all right?

Chad: [Clears throat] You're right. Sorry. It seemed, from what your wife said, that I pretty much have the job. So I was just awaiting confirmation.

EJ: [Snickers] I'm sorry. I don't have time to talk about some meaningless, uh, internship.

Chad: It's not meaningless to me, all right? I just lost my job, so I could really use the money.

EJ: Oh, I didn't realize it was money you wanted. I can certainly help you there.

Stefano: [Chuckling] Hold it, hold it, hold it. Elvis, put your money away. Put it away.

Arianna: Do you see what you've done to my brother? He is the most honest, stand-up guy I have ever known, and now he's compromising his integrity for you, to cover up your mistakes.

Rafe: This is none of your business, all right?

Arianna: How is this not my business, Rafe? You're my brother. And she's ruining your life.

Rafe: She--she is my fiancée. Now, I'm not gonna let you talk to her that way in my house, do you understand?

Arianna: Oh. Fair enough, 'cause I'm leaving. I'm gonna go to the police station and report a crime.

Sami: I'm not gonna let you do that.

Arianna: Get out of my way.

Sami: You are making a huge mistake.

Arianna: How? By seeing that justice is served? By making sure my brother doesn't waste his life on a heartless criminal?

Sami: How dare you judge me? You dealt drugs for a living. And if I'm not mistaken, you went to prison for it.

Arianna: Well, you know what? I did, and you know the difference between us? I actually admitted to the crimes that I did, and I paid for them. You, on the other hand, are using my brother to get away with shooting a guy in cold blood!

Rafe: Arianna, you don't know what you're talking about.

Arianna: Why do you keep defending her, Rafe?

Sami: Why are you defending EJ? Do you know what he has done to everyone in this town... most recently that he made me think that my daughter was dead?

Arianna: Well, maybe you shouldn't have lied to him, Sami. Maybe you shouldn't have kept him from his child to begin with!

Sami: Okay, okay. I see what's happening here. You think I'm manipulating Rafe... when you are being manipulated by EJ. And look, look, I-I get that you can't see that right now. Look, I have been in your shoes. But he is a master manipulator. He has you wrapped around his little finger.

Brady: Look... I don't--I don't mean to sound negative.

Nicole: Then don't--don't. Then don't. Please. Don't tell me it's impossible for me to get pregnant. You know, even... even if I can't conceive... you and I can always adopt. You'd be up for that, right?

Brady: Nic, I-I don't even know if I'm cut out to be a dad.

Nicole: What? Why would you say that?

Brady: I don't know. I'd be worried that I would lose my temper and, hell, throw my kids in a coffin during a time-out or something.

Nicole: Well... we'll just have to make sure we don't have any coffins lying around the house.

Brady: All jokes aside, listen... I don't know if it's gonna happen, especially the kid thing. Even if we wanted to do it, Nicole, I don't think it could happen.

Nicole: So why wouldn't it happen?

Brady: Because adoption is a really tricky process, and you happen to have a criminal record. Hey, hey, hey. Look, I don't--I don't mean to hurt your feelings.

Nicole: Yeah.

Brady: But I don't--I don't see--this fantasy that you have of us being together, I don't know how it's gonna happen. I'm really sorry.

Vivian: Maybe if you just put your back into it.

Victor: I'm pulling as hard as I can. The damn thing won't budge.

Vivian: [Whimpers] I don't understand. Maybe Brady or-- maybe Nicole disabled it.

Victor: Well, whatever happened, it's stuck now. I need to get some help.

Vivian: Must you leave? Can't you just call home?

Victor: I don't have my phone.

Vivian: Oh, please, hurry back. Oh. And don't ask Henderson for help. He has absolutely no upper-body strength.

Victor: But he'll be so pleased to know that you're back.

Vivian: Do whatever you must. My life is in your hands... your strong, capable hands!

Stefano: Chad, my son happens to be dealing with a very important family problem, all right? And I...have to have some input in it. So I will, uh... I'll get back to you on this paid internship, hmm?

Chad: You know what? Forget it. There's obviously been some kind of mistake.

Stefano: Oh, no, no, I will talk to Mrs. DiMera. I'm sure that she will explain--

Chad: No. Don't bother. I've lost interest. Excuse me. [Sighs]

EJ: What a little bugger. I don't know why you put up with him. Why are you smiling like that?

Stefano: That little bugger... why is it he seems to remind me so much of you?

Arianna: EJ is not manipulating me.

Sami: Really? He didn't "suggest" that you find proof against me? He didn't suggest you interrogate my son? I'm sure he's really slick about it. I'm sure he made you think it's your idea.

Arianna: I don't care whose idea it was. The fact is you shot him!

Sami: Look, the second you take any information to him about what you think you know, he's gonna throw you away like yesterday's trash.

Arianna: I don't care what happens to me. I care about putting you behind bars, where you belong!

Rafe: Arianna, you cannot go around accusing people of crimes when you have no proof.

Arianna: Uh... I... you're right. [Scoffs] You guys are right.

Rafe: Where are you going? Arianna.

Arianna: To tell the truth, Rafe. Someone has to.

Rafe: Don't worry. I'll put an end to this.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I-I guess I just got carried away.

Brady: Look, look, look... I understand how much you've always wanted children. And I also understand how heartbroken you were when you had that miscarriage.

Nicole: Even though I was only pregnant for a short time, it was the happiest I've ever been.

Brady: Then you need to hear this from me right now. I don't see children in my future.

Nicole: Okay. Okay, if... if you're serious about that, then we can have a whole other kind of life, right? We--we--we could travel the world, and we can have all sorts of adventures without being tied down and--

Brady: Nicole, listen, listen, yeah, maybe, maybe, but right now we need to focus on... Vivian back home, okay? We need to go check on her. So, uh... you coming?

Nicole: I-I'm gonna finish my drink first, but I'll catch up.

Brady: All right. I'll see you back at the house.

Nicole: Okay.

[Door opens, slams]

Nicole: [Breathes deeply]

EJ: Father... I hardly think I was ever as unpolished as that young man.

Stefano: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, not you. Of course not. You have never been snotty or cocky or obnoxious--

EJ: Can we talk about something slightly more pressing, please, like Arianna?

Stefano: She has information on Samantha or William?

EJ: She was supposed to come here last night. She said she had something to tell me, okay, something that would help me get my children back, and now she's disappeared into thin air. I have no idea what she wanted to tell me!

Stefano: Why not?

EJ: Because she didn't have a chance to explain, Father. She never came here. And now I have no idea where she is.

Stefano: All right, calm down. Just calm down, Elvis, all right? Because I know exactly how to find Arianna Hernandez.

[Silenced gunshot]

[Glass breaks]

Sami: Oh, God, I've ruined everything. Rafe! Rafe.

Will: Just me.

Sami: Oh.

Will: Mom? What's going on?

Sami: Uh, nothing. You know what? I need to check on the twins.

Will: Okay, wait, wait. Did something happen with EJ?

Sami: No.

Will: Okay, Mom--Mom, please don't shut me out now.

Sami: Look, um... Arianna knows that I shot EJ.

Will: What? How?

Sami: She overheard us talking at the pier, and she's going to tell EJ everything if Rafe doesn't stop her.

Rafe: Ari. Ari!

Arianna: No, there's nothing left to say!

Rafe: Listen to me. Listen to me.

Arianna: What?

Rafe: If you accuse Sami of shooting EJ, you're signing her death warrant. You know that. You know what kind of people the DiMeras are.

Arianna: She tried to kill someone, Rafe. She needs to be brought to justice.

Rafe: Yeah, and if the DiMeras get a hold of her first, that's not gonna happen.

Arianna: Well, maybe she should have thought of that before she tried to murder one of them.

Rafe: All right, look, look, if she--

Arianna: You know what? Forget it!

Rafe: All right, okay, okay! You want the truth? Okay. You're right. It was Sami. She's the one who shot EJ.

Nicole: Come on, where are my keys?

Caroline: Excuse us.

Nicole: Oh, I'm sorry. I was just looking for my-- Sydney.

Brady: Grandfather, how was your day?

Victor: Rather mundane. Read the paper, got a haircut, found Vivian locked in Isabella's coffin.

Brady: Pardon?

Victor: You heard me.

Brady: You found Vivian locked in a--

Victor: Yep.

Brady: Um, did you let her out?

Victor: Not yet.

Brady: What'd she tell you?

Victor: She told me Nicole is responsible for her being in there and that she coerced you into helping her.

Brady: That's not the case. I was the one that locked Vivian in that coffin... and Nicole found out after the fact.

Victor: I figured you'd say something like that.

Will: Okay, what if Rafe can't stop Arianna from talking?

Sami: I don't know, honey.

Will: You can't go to prison, Mom. Our family would be destroyed. What if EJ or Stefano try to take Johnny and Sydney?

Sami: I'm not gonna let that happen.

Will: You can't stop them if you're not here.

Sami: Will, I will find a way to protect you, always. [Hug]

Will: You know what? Let's run away. Let's--let's get the twins, let's get Sydney, and we'll disappear.

Sami: We can't do that. We can't do that to your brother and your sisters. It wouldn't be fair to any of you.

Will: This isn't fair either. You were only trying to stop EJ from hurting our family.

Sami: Will, I'm sorry. I just want you to know that I'm really sorry for having screwed up yet again.

Will: No. No, no, no. Don't say that, Mom. I know--I understand why you did it. I really do.

Sami: If Arianna talks... my intentions won't matter. I'll still lose everything.

Stefano: When you first mentioned that you were gonna use Arianna, I was a bit, um... skeptical. I wasn't sure if she was up to such an important task.

EJ: Well, why didn't you tell me that, Father?

Stefano: Would you have listened? Of course not. So instead, I came up with an insurance plan--one that I think is gonna pay off very nicely.

EJ: What do you mean?

Stefano: It's me. I need you in the living room right away. Thank you. Soon... your questions will be answered.

Arianna: If you know that Sami shot EJ... why are you covering for her?

Rafe: Didn't I already explain that? One, because I love her, and two, because I saw what that monster did to her for months, Ari--months!

Arianna: But that doesn't give her the right to take the law into her own hands, Rafe. EJ would have paid for his crimes.

Rafe: Oh, y-you think so? Really? Well, then evidently you have no idea that he was planning on leaving town. That's the only reason that Sami shot him, 'cause she found out that he was gonna kidnap her children--again!

Arianna: How do you know that for sure?

Rafe: It doesn't matter. What matters is that Sami was scared to death. Now, look, I am not condoning what she did. She made a choice--one that she regrets. But she did it to protect her children. You can understand that, can't you?

Nicole: Oh, Sydney, sweetheart, you... you have grown so much. Hey--

Caroline: Uh, I need to get her inside. She'll get some kind of disease out here.

Nicole: Yeah. Of course.

[Door slams]

Victor: Why, Brady? Why would you lock Vivian in a sarcophagus, especially one meant for your mother?

Brady: It was never, ever intended for my mother. It was meant for Maggie.

Victor: What? What the hell are you talking about?

Brady: I caught Vivian in the mausoleum admiring her handiwork. She had tricked out that sarcophagus. She put a monitor in there, a food tube obviously meant for someone who was still alive. And then I finally got her to admit that it was Maggie that she was gonna put in there.

Victor: Oh, dear God.

Brady: She was gonna torture her. She was gonna make Maggie watch as she tried to seduce you.

Victor: [Sighs] I knew she was up to something! Damn! Back to burying people alive again!

Brady: There's more. Psychopathic bitch... she needed somewhere to put Isabella's remains.

Victor: Whoa, wait a minute. I think I need to sit down for this.

Brady: She had her remains reburied... in a pet cemetery.

Victor: A pet...

Brady: In a pet--

Victor: No, no, no, don't say it again. I don't want to hear it.

Brady: I'm sorry to tell you this.

Victor: Damn that evil bitch!

Brady: Listen, I already moved mother's remains back into the mausoleum. When I found out... what that bitch did to my mother's, your daughter's remains, I snapped. I didn't think about it. I just--I just shoved that bitch into the coffin.

Victor: And then you covered your tracks. Sent the email from Vivian's address so that no one would look for her.

Brady: Yeah.

Victor: And the only other person that knows about this...

Brady: Is... Nicole. She knows everything.

Victor: [Sighs]

Will: You know what gets me? Arianna knows... what EJ has done. She knows that he stole Sydney, and she is still on his side.

Sami: Yeah. Well, he has her convinced that he is the victim in all of this. And, um... I don't think anything's gonna change her mind. She sort of has a... crush on him.

Will: That's sick.

Sami: And right from the beginning, she has believed that I was gonna hurt Rafe. And she's not wrong.

Will: No, Mom, she is wrong... about everything, especially EJ.

Sami: The problem is, no one's gonna be able to change her mind. She's gonna believe that EJ walks on water until he turns on her.

Stefano: Ever since you recruited Arianna, I've had Mitch here keep tabs on her... just in case.

EJ: When was the last time you saw her?

Mitch: About an hour ago. She was at her brother's loft.

Stefano: Very good. Thank you, Mitch. Look, if I need anything else, I'll call you, huh? So... [Clears throat] You think she's trying to get more information from Hernandez?

EJ: No. No. No, when I saw her, she already had proof. Why would she talk to him instead of talking to me, Father?

Stefano: That's true. Maybe she wanted to tell him that she knows that Samantha or William shot you.

EJ: No, she can't do that. If she does that, he's gonna do everything he can to--to her to keep her mouth shut! We cannot allow that!

Arianna: Yeah. Sami was trying to protect her family.

Rafe: Yeah. Yes.

Arianna: And now I have to protect mine.

Rafe: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Arianna: And the sooner she's put away, the sooner you are out of her web.

Rafe: Okay. All right, what about this? What about when you went to prison... for dealing drugs? Who visited you every single week? I did. You want to know why? Because I didn't want you to feel alone, Ari.

Arianna: No. No, no, no, we are not talking about me here.

Rafe: No, we are talking about you, because I am trying to make a point here, and that is that I stood by you in the same way that I am standing by Sami.

Arianna: But you know what? She--

Rafe: She is my fiancée! She is, and I love her. And those kids--they're part of my family now too, and I have to protect them. Do you understand that?

Arianna: No.

Rafe: Ari, I need you, please. I need you to help me on this. Can you do that?

Vivian: This all could have turned out so badly.

Father Matt: I now pronounce you man and wife. Whom God has joined together let no man put asunder.

Maggie: What are you waiting for? Tell him he can kiss the bride.

Father Matt: You heard the lady.

Henderson: Begging your pardon, Mr. Kiriakis.

[Record scratches]

Henderson: There's a delivery for Ms. Horton--Mrs. Kiriakis, that is.

Victor: So what? Why would you interrupt our wedding for a delivery?

Henderson: I believe it's important, sir.

Maggie: Let's see what it is, Victor.

Henderson: Right this way.

Maggie: [Gasps]

Victor: Good God!

Maggie: A coffin? Why would someone send me a coffin?

Vivian: Surprise!

Maggie: Vivian.

Brady: Damn it. She's back.

Vivian: I never left.

Victor: Henderson, get this woman and her coffin out of here.

Vivian: Ever wonder why Brady and Victor spent all that time in the mausoleum? It's because Brady threw me into the sarcophagus that I bought for Isabella!

Victor: Lies. They're all lies.

Maggie: You courted me while you buried a woman alive? [Comical whistle] You son of a--

Victor: Maggie, don't go! I am going to deal with you... and then I'm going to get Maggie back.

Vivian: I don't think so. I'm never letting you go. Ahh... yes... Maggie will be surprised. [Giggling]

Nicole: Brady, did you get a chance to check on--

Victor: Who? Vivian?

Brady: He knows everything.

Sami: Hey, will you do me a favor?

Will: Sure.

Sami: Will you, um, head down to the pub? I want to let the twins finish their nap, and, um, you know, I'm a little worried about Grandma. So I thought maybe you could go down there and hang out with her and Sydney.

Will: Are you sure? I don't want to leave you alone like this.

Sami: I'll be fine.

Will: You'll call me if you hear from Rafe?

Sami: Yes, I promise I will call you. [Hug] All right, get out of here. Go have a milkshake on me. [Giggles]

Will: [Sighs] I have to find a way to protect Mom.

Sami: There's absolutely no way I'm going to let Arianna Hernandez ruin this family. I've got to do something.

EJ: Rafe... must have convinced Arianna not to talk. That would explain why she hasn't called me.

Stefano: Elvis, look... [Clears throat] They are family, after all. They are bound to stick together.

EJ: Damn her! I trusted her! Okay. We're not finished. If she has proof that Will or Samantha shot me, we will find it. By any means necessary... we will find it.

Arianna: I'm sorry. No. Sami nearly killed someone, and she needs to answer for that.

Rafe: Arianna, would you listen to me? This is about my life too. Sami is the love of my life, and if you go to EJ, you're gonna be taking that chance away from me forever, to spend the rest of my life with her. You're gonna be destroying your brother's life. Is that what you want?

Arianna: No, I don't want to hurt you.

Rafe: Okay, then for God's sake, don't do this! Don't!

Arianna: I have to tell the truth.

Rafe: No, no, no, you don't. You do not, and I'm not gonna let you.

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