Days Transcript Wednesday 10/6/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/6/10 - Canada; Thursday 10/7/10 - U.S.A.


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Victor: Brady, are you out of your mind?

Brady: Let me guess--you do not approve.

Victor: Moving Nicole back into this house? What makes you think that would be a good idea?

Brady: Nicole and I have... a new arrangement.

Victor: What the hell does that mean?

Brady: Let's just say we bonded... over an odd situation.

Vivian: Gus... it is I, your Madame. Can you hear me? Gus! Dear? Can you hear me?

Gus: I need to see a psychiatrist. I simply cannot get Madame's voice out of my head. [Sighs] It's like she's still calling to me after all this time.

Vivian: Gus? Oh, please, you've got to hear me. You're my only hope! Gus! Gus?

Daniel: Is Melanie here?

Maggie: No. And I don't know where she is. She was upset about something-- a situation at work?

Daniel: Work? She didn't say anything about that.

Maggie: Yeah, well, she wasn't very clear--an ethnical question, I think, about a patient. Oh, maybe you could give her a little guidance?

Daniel: We'll see about that.

Philip: Hey, guys.

Maggie: Oh, you're back!

Daniel: Hey, Philip.

Maggie: How'd the meeting go?

Daniel: Well, it easily could have been a video conference, but some guys need a handshake, you know?

Maggie: There's nothing like a little human contact and-- oh, excuse me. Uh, hello?

Philip: So I drove by the, uh, park today. Looks like someone's getting married. You ready for your close-up?

Daniel: Well, I hope so, yeah. You know, I came by to, uh, see Melanie, but actually, now that you're here... I'd like to talk to you.

Philip: Sure. What's on your mind?

Daniel: It's about Chloe... your relationship with her.

Nicole: So Melanie's gonna be your... matron of honor? You--you hardly even know her.

Chloe: Come on, she's Daniel's daughter, and she's a total sweetheart. And I think we're becoming friends.

Nicole: Seriously?

Chloe: Yeah, I mean, I kind of feel like she's a younger sister, you know?

Nicole: Yeah, sure, if you say so.

Chloe: What does that mean?

Nicole: I mean, take it from me. I-I saw her at the shower. Melanie Kiriakis is a daddy's girl. So you two can bond all you want, but she will always side with Daniel.

Nathan: So this is about Stephanie?

Melanie: This is not about Stephanie. This is about what you did to my father and me, but more importantly, this is about what you're going to do to make things right.

Nathan: What do you mean?

Melanie: You know how much Daniel means to me.

Nathan: Of course.

Melanie: So then how could you keep this a secret? How could you not tell me?

Nathan: Tell you what?

Melanie: That... that Chloe cheated on my dad.

Stephanie: Actually, you're right. I haven't thought about other people knowing Chloe's secret.

Kayla: Well, if Nathan knows, my bet is that a lot more people are aware than you think.

Stephanie: You know what? Chloe can deal with it, she can not deal with it. It doesn't matter. As long as Nathan and I are solid and heading for a great future together, who cares? What?

Kayla: Stephanie... I know that you wanted to trap Nathan into marrying you by getting pregnant. And all this anxiety about Chloe and her baby and who the father is, it just-- it just seems so desperate.

Stephanie: W-wait, you know that I--

Kayla: That you deliberately stopped taking your birth control pills? Yes, I know that. I also know that the guy that you're in love with you don't believe really loves you back. So how solid could things really be?

Nathan: Look, this is--

Melanie: Don't--don't lie to me, please. I heard you tell Stephanie. Unless--unless you were lying? Did you--were you making it up out of spite or something?

Nathan: No. Listen, if you have questions about this, you talk to Chloe.

Melanie: To hell with Chloe, Nathan! This is about me and my dad, who's about to marry the woman that he's in love with, somebody that he thinks has been honest with him since the beginning. So if what I heard you tell Stephanie is true, you need to tell me, so I can stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life. Now, Nathan, tell me! Did she cheat on him or not?

Nathan: Yes. Yes.

Philip: Ah, my relationship with Chloe... wow, that covers a lot of ground. What's going on?

Daniel: Well, uh...

Maggie: Okay, guys, I got to run. Um, otherwise, the shoes I'm gonna pick out for your wedding won't match my suit.

Daniel: God forbid.

Maggie: [Laughing]

Philip: Later, Maggie.

Maggie: Okay. And if I see Melanie, I'll tell her you're looking for her.

Daniel: Thank you. Take care. Look, about Chloe... I want you to know... how grateful I am to you for being such a good friend. You got her through some very difficult times.

Philip: Oh, well, hey...

Daniel: I mean, you were with her all the way through the false pregnancies, her bouts with insecurity... not to mention the business with Vivian... making Chloe think that I was cheating on her with Carly.

Philip: Yeah, good old Vivian.

Daniel: Yeah, well, if you hadn't been there for Chloe, she might have gone right off the deep end.

Philip: No, actually... you need to know.

Daniel: What's that?

Philip: Chloe did do something.

Chloe: Hey, I get it, okay? Melanie loves Daniel, and she's always gonna side with her father over me. But I-I really think we're becoming friends. And I want that, you know?

Nicole: Yeah... it could happen. Why not? Nothing wrong with a little good in your life, right? [Chuckles] What? What?

Chloe: I don't know. You're sounding awfully trusting and optimistic. What happened?

Nicole: Well, things are getting a little better in my life every day.

Chloe: Really? Come on, details, details. Sit down.

Nicole: No, no, no, no, no. We will save that for later. Today is about you, and I cannot believe you and Daniel are finally tying the knot.

Chloe: Yeah!

Nicole: And there's no one threatening to open their big mouth and no worries about the father of the baby. Nothing will go wrong... nothing but that beautiful gown and handsome groom and a lot of sunshine.

Chloe: Yeah, when I found out that my parents and my sister couldn't make it, it felt like maybe it was a bad omen, that something else is gonna go wrong and ruin this wedding.

Nicole: No. No. No way.

Chloe: Yeah, you know what? You're right. I'm just being silly. Everything's gonna work out.

Nicole: That's right. Everything is gonna work out for both of us from now on. Give me a hug. I'm so excited.

Victor: You and Nicole have bonded? Over what, booze? Need I remind you that one woman already led you into a life of cocaine--

Brady: Stop, stop. Chloe did not have anything to do with my getting on drugs.

Victor: Forget about that slut--she's gonna make short work of Daniel's life soon enough anyway. Let's concentrate on Nicole. The woman is nothing but a lying drunk. Think, man! She's gonna lead you straight to hell and watch you burn!

Brady: Nicole's not leading me anywhere.

Victor: Something has definitely changed. You didn't even blink when I called her a lying drunk. What the hell's going on?

Brady: I'm in control.

Victor: And she's what-- casual sex?

Brady: I am working on something... a project that kind of fell into my lap, and she's helping me with it.

Victor: What project?

Brady: It's still too early to say, but I would venture to say that... you would really approve.

Victor: Well, why the hell does Nicole have to be involved?

Brady: Because she's an integral part of the plan, and I need her.

Victor: So you're using her.

Brady: You got it.

Vivian: [Whimpers] Gus... can you hear me? Blithering idiot. I know you've got that remote. I gave it to you myself. My darling Augustine, hello! Gus? Gus, can you hear me?

Gus: There it is again. I've got to get a grip. You're never gonna have a decent life till you can get her voice out of your head.

Vivian: Gus, my love, can you hear me calling? Oh, God. If he can't hear me, I'm doomed.

Stephanie: I don't get it. H-how did you find that out?

Kayla: That you deliberately stopped using your birth control pills? Adrienne told me.

Stephanie: Why would she do that?

Kayla: You know, forget about blaming her. She was right to call me. The real question is, what on earth are you thinking?

Stephanie: When I told her that, it was, like, so private.

Kayla: You know, can we focus on the real problem here? Why do you feel so insecure about Nathan's feelings that you have to--you have to trap him into marrying you?

Stephanie: I don't know. I just--

Kayla: You know, relationships are built on trust, and you don't even trust that he loves you.

Stephanie: No. Yes, he does. Nathan and I are perfect for each other, okay? Mom, I made a mistake. But I fixed it. Nothing happened.

Kayla: Nothing happened? Stephanie, you are a beautiful, educated, incredibly desirable young woman. You're an honest woman. Now, all of a sudden, you feel like you--you have to cheat to get a-a man? That is not how you were raised. It is not how you have ever been! What is going on with you?

Nicole: Okay, are you sure you can handle this alone?

Chloe: Yes, thank you. Piece of cake.

Nicole: All right, well, I'm off, and I will see you at the park later.

Chloe: All right, and thank you again for the baby gift. It was really special.

Nicole: You're welcome. Oh! And, uh, by the way, try not to look too beautiful. Makes the rest of us uncomfortable. Just saying.

Chloe: [Sighing] Oh... today's your big day. Nothing's gonna go wrong.

Philip: You know, when Vivian made Chloe think that you were off somewhere with Carly, something big happened. Now, for one thing, she realized that she couldn't believe anything that comes out of that woman's mouth, no matter what.

Daniel: Well, Vivian kind of has an evil magic about her, even when you got your guard up.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, but it taught Chloe something else too. She realized that she loved you more than anything... and always will. Losing you would be like losing her soul. Believe me... she'll never distrust you again. It's amazing, isn't it? Out of all this crazy drama... something good happened.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Life is funny like that.

Philip: And now you're having a baby?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah!

Philip: You look a little happy about it.

Daniel: Oh, I'm more than a little happy, because it was so unexpected. And you know what? I think it makes it just that much sweeter.

Philip: I hope you'll always be this happy-- both you and Chloe... just like Melanie and I are.

Daniel: Cool.

Melanie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my Go--how could she do something like that?

Nathan: I don't know. Look, I-I somehow got caught in the middle of this--

Melanie: How did you find out?

Nathan: I was walking down to Java Cafe one night, and I saw her outside, and she was on the phone, and she just kind of said it out loud. Look... I-I never-- [Pounds fist] I wish I never heard it.

Melanie: Does she know that-- that you heard her talking about it, right?

Nathan: Yeah. Yeah. No, she chased me down the whole next day, just trying to make up this story, but--

Melanie: And you bought it?

Nathan: Of course not. Look, she was on the phone with this guy, and she flat-out said, "Daniel can never find out that we slept together." No, it's kind of hard to spin yourself out of that, right? And I had to eventually tell her that it was none of my business and that I-I--and I walked away.

Melanie: Okay, so--so you-- you knew she was hurting Daniel, somebody that you say that you look up to and respect and admire and care about, and then you just helped her with a lie? You kept silent? Nathan, how... why--how could you do that?

Vivian: Gus. Gus!

Gus: That's not in my head.

Vivian: Gus, my darling... can you hear me? Hello Gus? It is I, your Madame.

Gus: Madame?

Vivian: Yes, it's me! Is that you?

Gus: Madame.

Vivian: Oh... my savior. Oh.

Victor: This is definitely a side of you I've never seen before.

Brady: What, using people?

Victor: No, making sure you're in control. I like the idea of your taking the initiative on this business thing, whatever it is. But, Brady, it's never a good idea to have Nicole around.

Brady: Trust me. She's nothing but a tool, and then she's history.

Daniel: Hey, anybody home? Ah, there's my best man.

Brady: Don't worry. I have not forgotten a thing. I just got to change.

Daniel: Cool.

Victor: How does the, uh, park look?

Daniel: Gorgeous. Uh, you got the rings, right?

Brady: I have the rings. They're in a safe place. All right, listen, uh, I have to do a couple things before the ceremony, so excuse me.

Daniel: Cool.

Nicole: Hey, Brady, are you-- oh.

Victor: Nicole.

Nicole: Victor. Hi, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey.

Victor: Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to tell Henderson to hide the silver.

Nicole: Ha! God, that-- how old is that joke?

Daniel: I think I'm missing something. He didn't even tell you to-- what are you even doing here? Wait. Are you two together?

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Stephanie: When I did that thing with the pills, I knew immediately that it was wrong, and that is why I went to Aunt Adrienne.

Kayla: Just forget about her. Forget about it, okay? Forget about it! Let me ask you something. Does Nathan know that you were trying to get pregnant?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Kayla: You told him?

Stephanie: Yeah. We talked about it. We talked all about it and where our lives were headed and at what pace. And then we both decided that having a child right now is not the right thing to do. Believe me, I did something that I will never do again. God, this is so embarrassing talking to my mom about this.

Kayla: We used to talk about everything. Listen, you just need to promise me something... that you have confidence in who you are. You have everything going for you. If Nathan doesn't see that, then he's not the right person for you.

Stephanie: Right.

Kayla: You know what? I-I promised your grandmother I'd go up and see her.

Stephanie: Uh, yeah, that's cool--I have to go anyway. Tell her I said hi.

Kayla: Promise me that you're gonna be okay.

Stephanie: I'm gonna be okay. I promise.

Kayla: Love you.

Stephanie: Love you.

Adrienne: Hey, sweetheart, how's it going?

Stephanie: I thought I could trust you.

[Knock at door]

Chloe: Philip, what are you doing here?

Philip: Well, since this is the last time I can talk to you before you're Mrs. Jonas... [Chuckles] I thought I'd come by with some good news... and an apology.

Chloe: Okay. Well, good news is always welcome but, uh, why an apology? About what?

Philip: We almost wrecked our lives.

Nathan: What Chloe did is something that she has to live with.

Melanie: Yeah, and my dad.

Nathan: Yes.

Melanie: My dad's been amazing to me since the beginning, since he found out. We just started finally getting along.

Nathan: I know. I understand.

Melanie: You don't understand anything! You sat by, and you kept your mouth shut for months while she made a fool out of him.

Nathan: I'm sorry.

Melanie: Sorry doesn't cut it, Nathan. God... I thought I meant something to you.

Nathan: You do.

Adrienne: Stephanie, what's the matter?

Stephanie: How dare you go running to my mother and blab about the pills?

Adrienne: Sweetheart, I--

Stephanie: I told you that in confidence. I trusted you, and you betrayed me.

Adrienne: I didn't betray you. I told your mother, and she needed to know.

Stephanie: Oh, right, broadcast everything on the mom channel--that's really helpful, Aunt Adrienne.

Adrienne: You just need to calm down right now.

Stephanie: Honest to God, I thought we had this thing... this... you weren't just my aunt. You were my friend. We could talk... you know? Just like I did when I was little, and that's why I came to you this time.

Adrienne: No, I'm glad you did. Let's face it--first there was the pregnancy thing, and then I catch you sneaking around with that geeky-looking guy, and you lied to me about it. I'm sorry. I was worried. And I thought you maybe needed a mother, not just a grandmother--

Stephanie: It wasn't your place, okay?

Adrienne: I disagree! You needed help, Stephanie, and you know what? You still do.

Maggie: Melissa, honey, don't think like that. I really am all right. Okay. I know, but we'll talk soon, okay? All right, bye-bye. Victor. You're a little early for the wedding, aren't you?

Victor: I was just taking a walk.

Maggie: Is everything all right?

Victor: No, actually. Look, I know you're not too happy with me lately, but... I thought since this concerns someone that you care about, you might be willing to help.

Maggie: Who does it concern?

Victor: Brady. He's drinking, you know.

Maggie: Yes.

Victor: I'm not talking about the alcoholism. That's not what I'm worried about. It's just that his whole life is becoming this big mess... or it soon will be. And I'm just not sure how to handle it.

Maggie: Can you be a little more specific?

Victor: He's gotten back with Nicole.

Brady: Nicole and I have, uh, worked out some of our problems.

Nicole: And I'm happy. We both are.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Nicole: And don't be shocked when you see me standing next to your daughter.

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: I'm back in as one of Chloe's bridesmaids. We worked things out.

Daniel: O...kay.

Brady: Ah, excuse me. Work. Mr. Kennedy, how are you?

Nicole: Uh, Daniel... I don't think I thanked you enough... for letting me stay with you when things were really bad. You--you were a lifesaver. And I know it was a strain for you and Chloe, but you really came through for me.

Daniel: Right.

Nicole: Listen, uh... I got to go. Look at the time. I have to ask Henderson something, so excuse me.

Daniel: Sure.

Nicole: By the way... you are marrying the best woman in the world. I hope you know that.

Daniel: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Brady: Hey, sorry about that. I've got a supplier who has, like, 16 questions a day.

Daniel: Brady, um, are you sure about this thing with Nicole? I mean... the girl is bad news. You know that.

Brady: Relax. I got it under control.

Vivian: Darling Gus, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to hear your voice!

Gus: Madame... why are you calling me on this thing?

Vivian: Because Victor's grandson kidnapped me and held me against my will, and it's the only way I can communicate!

Gus: But isn't this how you were supposed to connect to Maggie Horton when she was in the sarcophagus?

Vivian: Exactly! I'm the one that's in the sarcophagus. You've got to get me out!

Stephanie: Oh! I can't believe you did this.

Adrienne: I did it because I love you. If you were my daughter, I'd want to know--

Stephanie: I am not your daughter, and I'm not even your friend anymore.

Brady: I know who I'm dealing with, all right?

Daniel: Yeah... but Nicole seems to think she's back in.

Brady: Doesn't matter what-- it doesn't matter what Nicole thinks. The fact is, I've worked with her before, and I need her on an important project--end of story.

Daniel: All right, so this is just a, you know, work thing.

Brady: Exactly. Nothing to worry about, especially not today. This is your day.

Daniel: Okay. All right, you know what? I'm gonna leave it at that. Right now I've got to swing by the hospital, do some rounds, come back here, get dressed, then...

Brady: You got to get your butt to the park, and I'm gonna have the rings for you. So get out of here.

Daniel: Right on, brother. All right, man, I will see you later.

Brady: All right.

[Door opens, closes]

Nicole: Hmm. Let me guess. He doesn't think we should be hooking up again.

Brady: He was just a little surprised, that's all.

Nicole: Mm. And Victor? Is he gonna let it happen?

Brady: He didn't kick your ass out, did he?

Nicole: No.

Brady: No. So that means we're cool.

Nicole: Good.

Brady: It's very good... very, very good because we're gonna have to monitor our little boxed-up friend out there... and this happens to be the perfect place to do it.

Vivian: [Whimpers] Take the next train, plane, automobile--I don't care. Just get over here as quickly as possible.

Gus: You're entombed in the sarcophagus?

Vivian: Yes! That's what I've been telling you--I'm entombed!

Gus: How did that happen?

Vivian: Victor's grandson found me planning to put Maggie in here, so he put me in here instead!

Gus: How long have you been in there?

Vivian: It's an eternity! Oh, my God! I mean, it's worse than an Edgar Allan Poe story. I've had no nourishment... I've had no bath or no--ugh! Anyway, it's disgusting! It is intolerable! Please come and get me out of here.

Gus: Well, Madame... I'm terribly sorry you're uncomfortable, but... isn't this sort of what you deserve?

Chloe: You know what, Philip? Thank you, really, for telling Daniel how much I love him, but forget the apology, okay?

Philip: Well, I was drunk. I pushed it.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I'd had a lot of wine myself, and if I recall, it takes two. So you know what I want? For the past to stay there... buried as deep as possible.

Philip: I couldn't agree more. It's just that today... hearing Daniel tell me how much he loves you, how happy you make him... I felt like scum for what I did.

Chloe: Hey, stop it, all right? Like you said, you'd had a lot to drink, and you'd just seen Melanie kissing Nathan. So you know what? If anyone's to blame, it's me. I nearly screwed up my life and yours. And as long as Daniel and Melanie never find out about this, everything's gonna be fine, okay?

Nathan: The feelings that I have for you are... I-I mean, you're a close friend, at least I hope so, and I'm... really sorry that you found out this way, I really am. But I still think that what happened with Chloe is between her and Daniel... okay? She'll either tell him, or she won't. But it's smart if we stay out of this.

Melanie: She's carrying a baby... Daniel's ba--is-- is that even Daniel's kid, or is this the new guy's?

Nathan: She claims it's Daniel's.

Melanie: And you believe her?

Nathan: [Laughs] I-I mean, I don't have any reason not to.

Melanie: Really? You don't have any reason not to? Maybe the fact that she cheated on Lucas during their entire marriage and lied about it, and then she turned around and she cheated on Daniel? What is it gonna take for you people to open your eyes and see that she's just a liar?

Nathan: She is. You're right. She is a liar. But with this, Melanie--if she says the baby is Daniel's, then... [Sighs]

Melanie: Okay. I'm done.

Nathan: All right, well... what are you gonna do?

Melanie: [Sighs] I'm gonna find out the truth... before my dad makes the biggest mistake of his life. And I don't have a lot of time now, thanks to you.

Nathan: I honestly... I-I thought that I was--

Melanie: I don't care what you think. I don't care what you thought. And if you thought that you and I were friends, you're wrong! You are not the man that I thought you were. You are not the man that-- I don't know who you are.

Philip: It's good to see you confident again. I mean that. I was really worried about you for a while.

Chloe: Mm. Thank you. Well, you know what? It looks like we're gonna get through this, so it's time to relax.

Philip: Damn right.

Chloe: I'm with Daniel. You're with Melanie, and it's gonna stay that way.

Philip: The amazing thing is, after all this crazy, wacko hell we put ourselves through, we're still friends.

Chloe: Something even weirder? After the wedding, we're gonna be family.

Philip: Ah.

Chloe: [Giggling] Come here.

Nathan: I'm sorry you feel that way. And I'll always... care about what you think of me, and--

Stephanie: What's going on? What are you doing here, Melanie? Were you invited?

Melanie: No, Stephanie, I wasn't invited. But I overheard Nathan telling you about the affair that Chloe's been having on my dad. [Voice breaking] So if that's okay with you, I had some questions for him.

Stephanie: S-sure, yeah.

Melanie: Relax. I know you just found out too. I'm not holding anything against you.

Stephanie: Right. Well, I mean... you can't blame Nathan either. He just didn't know what to do, so he didn't do anything.

Melanie: Sure. But he knew that Daniel should know about it. He just sat there and kept his mouth shut. I'm so done here. Stephanie, as big of a bitch as you usually are, you still deserve better than somebody with no spine.

Stephanie: She just called me a bitch.

Nathan: At least you still have a spine.

Stephanie: Are you okay?

Nathan: [Exhales shakily] She's right. No, I should have stepped up. This is all my fault.

Maggie: Nicole Walker Kiriakis DiMera-- or whatever name she's going by these days-- she will do nothing to help Brady right now.

Victor: Woman is a viper.

Maggie: Brady has worked so hard to get his life back together.

Victor: Now he hooks up with a liar. Why in God's name would he do something like that?

Maggie: Oh, well, as his sponsor, I can't talk about certain things. But I think that when he and Arianna broke up--I don't know-- he went through some kind of a major change. He's just become more reckless and assertive and headstrong.

Victor: Part of that I can appreciate. I mean, if you're gonna run a business, you have to be... well, you need a certain amount of aggressiveness. You have to be willing to take risks. But Nicole is not a risk. She's poison.

Maggie: Hmm. Brady has had problems with the women he's chosen.

Victor: Well, she's gonna destroy him. I don't know how, but she'll manage somehow. And then what, back to drugs? I should just ban her from the house... have her carted off to some island somewhere.

Maggie: Victor, there are just basically two ways to approach this. Interfere, and you'll alienate your grandson. Or... stand back and just watch things closely to see how they develop and then--I don't know-- be ready to step in, if necessary.

Victor: Well, the second one sounds like good advice.

Maggie: And you'll follow it?

Vivian: Gus... what are you saying... that I deserve this?

Gus: Madame, as I recall, you were going to put Mrs. Horton in that sarcophagus, watch her suffer, drive her insane, and then return her to the world as a vegetable.

Vivian: So?

Gus: And only because you were jealous of her and that Mr. Kiriakis favored her over you.

Vivian: So?

Gus: So... that's wrong!

Vivian: Gus, listen to me. I am Mrs. Victor Kiriakis, and Maggie Horton was the threat to my marriage. I had every right to act.

Gus: Apparently, that didn't work out... fate, as they say.

Vivian: Gus, what are you saying? Are you gonna get me out of here or not?

Maggie: You're not gonna stand back and wait, are you?

Victor: [Chuckles] Is it that obvious?

Maggie: Of course, it is. You're stubborn. You're used to getting your own way.

Victor: Well, that's true enough, but...but I love my grandson, and I want to do the right thing. Can I count on you to help, Maggie? Will you keep an eye on him too?

Maggie: I will. Yes.

Victor: Thank you. It means a great deal to me. I'm glad we talked... as always. Oh, uh, hope I'll see you at the wedding.

Brady: This was Vivian's old room. And now... it is ours.

Nicole: Well, I never thought I would be back in this house again... with you, no less.

Brady: Sometimes things work out just the way you want them to.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. And I couldn't be happier.

Brady: Good.

Vivian: Gus, we may have our different philosophies of life, but surely you wouldn't leave me here to die. You wouldn't just go off and leave me. You'll get me out.

Gus: I'm sorry, Madame. But as the saying goes... you've made your bed. Now you have to lie in it. Good-bye.

Vivian: Gus! No! No!

Stephanie: Listen to me. Melanie is so incredibly wrong, okay? She only looks at things from her own selfish point of view. Nathan, it was not your job to step up or to play tattletale with Daniel.

Nathan: Daniel and Chloe's marriage is gonna blow sky-high. Melanie's never gonna talk to me, let alone forgive me. [Chuckles] I don't blame her.

Stephanie: If she feels that way, then she's not important enough to worry about. Look, everything... is gonna be fine, okay? I promise, it's all gonna work out.

Philip: Hey! Dr. Johnson. I didn't know you were back in town.

Kayla: Well, now you know. My daughter lives here, remember?

Philip: Right. Well... nice seeing you.

Kayla: Wait. Hang on a second. I never got a chance to congratulate you on your marriage to Melanie Layton.

Philip: Ah, it's Kiriakis now. Now it's Kiriakis.

Kayla: Oh, right. Yeah. Well, I actually got a chance to get to know her when, uh--when I was here last. She's a bright girl.

Philip: She is that.

Kayla: So is Stephanie.

Philip: What's your point?

Kayla: Stephanie figured out exactly who and what you are. It's just a matter of time before Melanie does too.

Nurse: Dr. Jonas, what in the world are you doing here?

Daniel: Hey, have you seen Melanie?

Nurse: No. She's not on today's schedule. Shouldn't you be getting ready for a wedding?

Daniel: Uh, actually, I'm giving Chloe some time alone. She's getting ready at home. I'm gonna get ready at my godfather's house, and then we just--we'll meet at the altar.

Nurse: I hope you don't forget the rings.

Daniel: No, no, no, best man has those and--oh, my gosh! The license. I got to go back to the apartment.

[Pounding on door]

Chloe: Whoa. It's like Grand Central Station around here. Hey, Melanie, what's--

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Lexie: Please continue pretending to be EJ's wife.

EJ: I think I found the perfect operative.

Melanie: Prove to me you didn't cheat on Daniel!

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