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Vivian: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult you.

Nicole: No? So calling me a washed up porn star was to what, boost my ego?

Vivian: It was just a blurt. It was the panic talking. Nicole, you can't leave me here to die in this locked up coffin. It's--it's cruel. It's--it's--it's inhuman.

Nicole: Yeah. Who would do something like that?

Vivian: You are clearly being influenced by Brady, who's obviously lost his mind. He's turned into a psychopathic monster, and for you to sit there like that and not do anything, it's--it's--criminal. It's abominable, and I just-- [Coughs] I can't breathe. I'm so-- [Coughs] I'm so nauseated and dizzy, and I-- [Coughs] Oh. Oh. Oh, my God. I never thought this would happen. I've got to take off my shoes. One Prada, two Pradas. Oh, God.

Lee: It's mostly paperwork, filling out forms.

Hope: But I can interact with the patients, right?

Lee: Absolutely. Any comfort you can offer.

Warden Smith: Hey, ladies. How are things coming along?

Hope: Warden, I really appreciate what you've done. Getting me this position in the infirmary, moving me to another cell. I just--I, uh, I can't thank you enough. Thank you.

Warden Smith: Mrs. Brady, you don't need to thank me. Thank your husband.

Bo: You better pick up the pace there, little one. I'm gonna finish this whole thing by myself. Did something happen at school today?

Ciara: No.

Bo: Then why the long face?

Ciara: I miss Mommy. When can we go visit her?

Kayla: Thank you, Sister Anne. I look forward to catching up. Okay, all right, see you soon. Okay.

Stephanie: What did she say?

Kayla: She said that she will meet with me later today.

Stephanie: Well, do you think she'll actually talk to you about this?

Kayla: You know, Sister Anne and I go back professionally years. If she knows why that paternity test was changed, I think she's gonna tell me.

Stephanie: [Sighs] I hope she tells you that it was a mistake and that Daniel really is the father.

Kayla: Well, if it was a mistake, that means that somebody purposely switched the results.

Stephanie: But who? I'm running out of options. I know it wasn't Daniel, Chloe, or Philip.

Kayla: Well, who else knows that Chloe cheated on Daniel?

Nathan: Hey, Daniel. Oh! No, I know. I'm sorry I took off earlier. I had to get back to work and--

Daniel: And you didn't want to talk about Chloe about why you don't like her.

Nathan: No, it hone--it's not a big deal. I thought about it when I came here, and honestly, the only thing I have against her is the fact that she hurt my cousin Lucas, and that was a long time ago, so I mean, I really was--I was wrong for saying anything bad about her.

Daniel: You're hiding something, Nathan, and I want to know what it is.

Chloe: So right here, I was thinking that Daniel and I could exchange our vows. Don't the trees and the flowers make a nice backdrop?

Melanie: Yeah. No, it's beautiful. My dad's gonna love it.

Chloe: Ah, I hope so. I can't believe everything's finally coming together. I just hope it all goes smoothly.

Melanie: It will. Your wedding's gonna be perfect.

Justin: Brady, I thought your mother's remains were moved into the sarcophagus.

Brady: They were. They were. What I--what I--what I meant to say was, uh, this was her old coffin for the transfer.

Justin: Well, then, why is this still here? You should get rid of it.

Brady: Yeah, I'm going to. I'm--I'm--I'm gonna do it later, actually.

Justin: What if your grandfather sees this thing? He'll be very upset.

Brady: Justin, I said I was gonna do it later. Thank you.

Justin: Brady, what's really going on here? Why are you acting so strange?

Brady: Look, I'm sorry. I'm on edge, all right? I just came out here to have some alone time, quite honestly, and you're kind of messing that up for me.

Justin: Okay. Well, I didn't mean to interrupt your alone time. I was just looking for my uncle.

Brady: Well, he's not here, as you can see, so if you wouldn't mind, I would like to--

Justin: You still haven't answered my question. Why is this old coffin still here?

Brady: It's complicated. It has to do with Vivian, actually.

Justin: Oh. Go on.

Brady: [Sighs] When she had my mother re-interred, she left the casket with the caretaker, okay? She didn't make arrangements for it, so the caretaker brought it back here. Now I'm left to deal with the thing.

Justin: Okay. And that's why you're so upset?

Brady: Along with the fact that my mother's remains were in here, Justin. I'm a little unnerved about that, you know?

Justin: I understand. Okay, I understand. Well, then, let me take care of it. I'll--I'll get the staff to come down here.

Brady: No, no, no, listen. I can handle it myself. It's fine.

Justin: These things are heavy. At least let me help you carry it out.

Brady: Justin. Justin! I said I can handle it myself. I mean, please go. Will you please just leave?

Justin: No. No! Not until you tell me what's going on with you. And this time, I want the truth.

Stephanie: I'm the only one who knows about Philip and Chloe's one night stand. That I know of, anyway.

Kayla: Well, then you know what? It's most likely a clerical error. I mean, that's what makes the most sense.

Stephanie: I hope so, because if Philip really is the father of that baby... what?

Kayla: You know what.

Stephanie: Mom, I'm not just worried for myself. It'll be a disaster for everyone involved.

Kayla: You know, Stephanie, I--I have a few stops to make before I see Sister Anne, but when I get back, you and I are going to have a serious heart to heart.

Stephanie: I know what I did was wrong.

Kayla: You were breaking the law. You were poking around in medical records, all this a misguided attempt to hang on to a boy.

Stephanie: You don't understand. I have never loved anyone as much as I love Nathan. I don't know what I would do if I lost him.

Kayla: Well, if you really love him, then stop sneaking around behind his back and acting like some desperate teenager. You have to trust him and be honest with him or you can just forget this, because the relationship will be doomed.

Stephanie: [Sighs]

Nathan: I'm not hiding anything, I swear. I just--

Daniel: What, you just can't stand the woman I'm about to marry.

Nathan: It's not that I can't stand her. I--it-- it's Lucas, I guess.

Daniel: Luc--look, I already explained that to you, Nathan. I pursued Chloe, not the other way around. If you want to resent someone, you need to resent me.

Nathan: Well, you're not the one that had the commitment to Lucas. She was, so...

Daniel: Huh. Sounds like a double standard, Nathan, and that's not like you.

Nathan: I don't know what you want me to say.

Daniel: I just want you to be honest. What is it that you have against Chloe? Well, what is it? Did something happen here at work? Did you guys get in an argument?

Nathan: No.

Daniel: I know she has been fragile lately.

Nathan: Oh, please. That girl's anything but fragile.

Father Matt: Did I hear you correctly? You're getting married here tomorrow?

Chloe: Yes, Father.

Melanie: Isn't she gonna be a pretty bride? My dad's super lucky.

Father Matt: Yes, indeed.

Chloe: [Clears throat]

Melanie: Uh, okay. I have to go to the hospital and do some stuff, so I'll see you in a little bit.

Chloe: Okay.

Melanie: Bye, Father Matt. Bye, Chloe.

Chloe: Bye, honey. So, Father, you know, I really wish that you could be the one to marry Daniel and me.

Father Matt: Chloe.

Chloe: I know, it's okay. I know that you can't.

Father Matt: You still haven't told Daniel about your indiscretion, have you?

Chloe: No, but it's best that way.

Father Matt: Is it really?

Chloe: Yes, and I'll tell you why.

Vivian: Om... om... oh, Lawrence, please, if you can hear me out there, please send your Auntie Viv some help, and preferably not another hooker in heat. [Sighs] Oh...

Justin: Brady, talk to me.

Vivian: Oh! Lawrence, thank you. Justin could be the absolutely perfect person.


Justin: Are you in some kind of trouble? Are you using again?

Brady: No, and I resent you asking me that, Justin.

Justin: Sorry. I'm just worried about you, okay? I can see you're very upset about something.

Nicole: Yes, he is. Tell him the truth, Brady. You can't hide it anymore.

Hope: He asked me not to get involved, to stay out of it.

Warden Smith: Well, he won't. You know, you should be grateful that there are people looking out for you.

Hope: I am. I just don't want to be any more of a burden to my family. I got myself here. I'll deal with the consequences.

Warden Smith: Well, we all have the same goal--to keep you alive. So do a good job here, and keep your nose out of trouble. Lee, I'll check back in later.

Lee: When we get our first patient, have him fill out one of these forms.

Hope: Got it.

Lee: I couldn't help but overhear. Sounds like you've got yourself a good man there.

Hope: Best man I've ever known. I lost him.

Lee: Sorry to hear that.

Hope: No, it's okay. I, uh, I just--I--I want to make things right with him, that's all, and this morning, I took the first step.

Bo: You'll get to visit mom very soon. I'm arranging it with Grandma Julie and Aunt Maggie.

Ciara: Why can't you take me?

Bo: Well, your mom--it'd just be better that way.

Kayla: Oh, I was hoping to run into you two here.

Bo: Oh, hey, hey.

Kayla: Hi.

Ciara: Hi, Aunt Kayla.

Bo: Welcome back.

Kayla: Thank you. Wow, you are getting so big. Mmm, do you think maybe you're too old for this guy?

Bo: Uh-oh.

Kayla: Or maybe you'd like something more adult, like maybe a feather boa or something.

Bo: Oh, she already has one of those.

Kayla: Oh.

Ciara: Wow, I've wanted this forever.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: Daddy, can I show Grandma Caroline?

Bo: Yeah, you sure can.

Kayla: Well, I have to confess that I cheated. Mom told me what to buy.

Bo: Yeah, well, thanks. She really needed that right about now. And this is what I need.

Chloe: So the test proved that Daniel is the baby's father and not Philip.

Father Matt: It must be a relief to you.

Chloe: Relief? It's the best news ever. So see? Finding out that Daniel is the father, it's a sign. It was the best thing to do, not to tell him about my mistake. Father, look. If I told Daniel that I slept with someone else, he might forgive me, but knowing that that guy is his daughter's husband, there would be no way. He would hate me forever.

Father Matt: You don't know that.

Chloe: I do know that. Two happy marriages would be destroyed, and my baby would be raised in a broken home, and that would be a very, very bad thing, Father.

Father Matt: [Sighs] Chloe, you know I can't condone your actions, but believe me when I tell you, I wish only the best for you and your baby.

Chloe: Thank you. And, um, I know I have no right to do this but, uh, can I ask you one last favor?

Daniel: Let me get this straight, Nathan. You know my fiancée better than I do.

Nathan: I just meant that she--

Daniel: You meant what? What? And who in the hell are you to judge who's fragile and who isn't?

Nathan: You're--you're right. I shouldn't--God, Daniel, I--I meant that she--she seems like a strong, stalwart person, not so fragile. Honestly, it was a compliment.

Daniel: Yeah, right.

Nathan: Look, Daniel, I don't want things to be awkward.

Daniel: You don't? Well, it's a little late for that.

Nathan: Sorry. I really am. I keep putting my foot in my mouth.

Daniel: Yeah, you do, and I don't want an apology, Nathan. I just want you to be honest as to why you have a problem with Chloe. Why is it so hard to tell me the truth?

Brady: Nicole, I really think that you--

Nicole: Brady is upset because of me.

Justin: Why? What did you do now?

Nicole: Well, I was planning on doing a story about his mother, and with this whole monument thing going on, I thought it would be a great opportunity to dig up the past. Literally.

Vivian: You vile little phony. Can't you ever tell the truth?

Nicole: I thought people would find it interesting how Isabella turned out to be Victor's illegitimate daughter. Okay, Brady hated the idea. He wanted me to kill the story.

Justin: What did you expect? That dragging his mother's name through the mud would endear you to him?

Nicole: I just thought it was a good idea.

Justin: Wait, hold on a second. You work for Titan TV. Philip would have never approved of this story.

Nicole: No, he wouldn't, but I was gonna--

Justin: Brady, what's going on here? And why are you lying?

Vivian: Yes! (Clearing throat)

Brady: Um, look, um, I was the one that okayed the story.

Justin: Why? Why would you do that?

Brady: [Clears throat] Because I had a little too much to drink, Justin, and I just signed off on it without knowing, all right?

Justin: I don't believe this.

Vivian: Yes! How could you be so stupid?

Vivian: No!

Brady: Trust me, I've been beating myself up about it, okay? But I told Nicole there's no way in hell we're gonna run that story.

Justin: What is wrong with you? I mean, is this some desperate attempt to stay in Brady's life?

Nicole: Not my best idea, okay?

Justin: So you planned to trash the memory of a woman we all loved and respected? A kind and gentle soul, with a beautiful heart?

Nicole: Excuse me?

Justin: Which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for you.

Nicole: Wait a minute here.

Brady: Let me handle this, Justin.

Justin: What the hell is the matter with you?

Nicole: Look, I need to tell you something, Brady.

Brady: Not now. Listen, we got work to do.

Kayla: All righty. Here we go. Thank you. So where's my little nephew? Oh, Adrienne's watching him.

Bo: You're staying there with her?

Kayla: No, I think we're gonna--we're gonna bunk here with Mom.

Bo: What? Ma doesn't have a whole lot of room.

Kayla: We'll be fine.

Bo: I suppose you wouldn't consider hanging with me and Carly?

Kayla: You're right. I wouldn't. No way in hell.

Bo: Oh. Fine. Why don't you tell me how you really feel?

Kayla: Come on, I can't believe you would even ask me to stay with you and Carly.

Bo: It would be nice for Ciara. You know, give her a chance to get to know her little cousin Joe.

Kayla: They can see each other when Carly's not around.

Bo: You really blame her? You blame her for what happened to Hope?

Kayla: Wait, you know what? Let's just leave Hope out of this for a second. What about what she did to you and Daniel?

Bo: Me and Daniel? What the hell are you talking about?

Kayla: Her lies, Bo. How the hell can you not see it? She has caused you both a tremendous amount of pain and heartache, all because that woman has absolutely zero integrity. She'd lie her head off, as long as she gets what she wants.

Stephanie: Hey, I've been looking for you everywhere.

Nathan: Hey.

Stephanie: Sorry, did I interrupt?

Daniel: No, no. I think we hit a dead end. All right, well, I will see you around, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Okay, see ya.

Nathan: Hey, how'd it go with your mom?

Stephanie: Fine. Uh, you seem a little rattled. What did I just walk in on?

Nathan: Oh. I--I can't talk about it.

Brady: Pretty strong there.

Nicole: Don't mess with me, kid.

Brady: The thing was heavy.

Nicole: And now it's back where it belongs.

Brady: [Sighs] Thank you, and thank you for your help with Justin's interrogation.

Nicole: Hmm, lawyers. The most gullible guys around.

Brady: [Sighs] Why'd you do it? I thought you wanted to see Vivian out of here.

Nicole: I, uh--I had a change of heart.

Brady: You spoke to her?

Nicole: I had forgotten what a truly evil woman she is. She deserves to rot in hell.

Vivian: Like you're one to talk.

Brady: So are you saying that, um...

Nicole: I will keep your secret, Brady. I won't tell anyone what you've done to Vivian, even if you decide to keep her in this coffin for all eternity.

Vivian: [Gasps]

Bo: Could you at least try to have a little compassion here?

Kayla: No. Because she's not worth it.

Bo: So the fact that I love Carly makes no difference to you.

Kayla: Look, I--I don't want to fight with you.

Bo: Never would have guessed.

Kayla: I--I just feel really strongly about this.

Bo: Oh, really?

Kayla: [Sighs] Look, I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings or if I've insulted you, but I am very upset about Hope, and it makes me very sad that you and she are not together. She's been going through hell. You know that.

Bo: Yes, and I'm pretty upset and sad about this whole situation. Life hasn't been rosy for me, either.

Kayla: I'm sorry. Of course. I don't mean to add to your pain. I love you. All right, I'm gonna go see Hope.

Bo: Uh, please tell her that I need to see her, okay?

Kayla: I'll tell her.

Bo: Thank you. [Sighs]

Hope: Okay, April, I think we have all the information we need. Just sign this release form. The doctor should be here soon. How does your arm feel?

April: Okay.

Hope: May I ask what happened?

April: [Sighs] One of the other girls, uh, she just attacked me. Said I was looking at her funny. But I swear, I wasn't.

Hope: April, it's okay. You're safe here. It's okay.

April: Just... I don't even know how I ended up here. [Crying] I was always the good girl, you know? Straight "A" student. I never, in a million years, thought I'd end up here.

Hope: I know what you mean.

April: You were the good girl, too?

Hope: I was. Yeah, I was. I, um--somewhere along the way, I, uh, I lost myself. I...I don't know who I am anymore.

Melanie: Hey, Dad.

Daniel: Hey, sweetheart.

Melanie: I checked out the wedding site. It's gonna be so beautiful.

Daniel: Oh, that's great.

Melanie: Is everything okay?

Daniel: Uh, yeah. No, I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just been a long day. It's--

Melanie: See, actually, I can tell when you're lying now.

Daniel: I'm not-- okay, I am a little peeved about something but, you know, it's not important. It's just someone's opinion. Unfair, but they have a right to it.

Melanie: Well, who's this idiot with an unfair opinion, and I'll straighten them out. Or is it a her?

Daniel: Uh, it's a him. And what are you gonna do, badger them until they change their mind?

Melanie: Hey, whatever it takes, you know what I'm saying?

Daniel: [Laughs] You're the best. [Kiss]

Melanie: That's how father-daughter things work, you know? If somebody hurts you, you straighten them out.

Father Matt: You want me to baptize your child?

Chloe: Yeah. I guess it's a little presumptuous of me to ask, since you're not happy with me, obviously, and you probably don't want to have anything to do with my life anymore.

Father Matt: I never said that, Chloe.

Chloe: Well, I wish you'd say something.

Father Matt: I'd be honored to baptize your son or your daughter.

Chloe: But?

Father Matt: It seems to me you've been working overtime, trying to make up for your mistakes, and that's admirable. But I--I think you should know that if the truth ever comes out, this all won't make a bit of difference. Do you understand that?

Chloe: The truth won't come out.

Father Matt: I hope so. Because I fear if it does, you'll lose everything.

Vivian: Unbelievable. Now she's giving Brady permission to kill me. What is wrong with these people?

Brady: You know, I really don't think that, uh...

Nicole: Wait a minute, Brady. We should take this outside.

Brady: Good idea.

Vivian: Don't leave me here! Don't let me die here! Don't you dare walk away from me!

Brady: Look, I'm not gonna keep that witch in there forever.

Nicole: So what's the plan?

Brady: I don't know. At first, I thought I was doing the right thing. Now, I don't know.

Nicole: What changed?

Brady: Having my mom's remains brought back. I keep thinking that she would be really, really disappointed in me.

Nicole: Why? You tried to stop Vivian from hurting other people.

Brady: Yeah, but you know, I think she's been punished enough, and maybe we should let her out.

Nicole: No, no. You listen to me. If you let Vivian out, you will go to jail or worse, and there is no way in hell I'm gonna let that happen.

Daniel: Chloe, hey.

Chloe: Hey.

Daniel: You all right?

Chloe: Yeah, I'm fine.

Daniel: Melanie said you were here with Father Matt.

Chloe: Yeah, um, but he left.

Daniel: And he said something that upset you.

Chloe: No, no. I mean, he and I still have our problems, but actually, he agreed to do something really wonderful for us.

Daniel: He did? What? Perform the ceremony?

Chloe: No, um, but he's gonna baptize our child. I mean, if that's okay with you.

Daniel: Of course, it is. But that still doesn't explain why you look like you've been crying. Come on, what are you thinking about?

Stephanie: Nathan, talk to me. Tell me what's wrong.

Nathan: I screwed everything up. I look up to Daniel so much, and now he hates me.

Stephanie: Why? What happened?

Nathan: [Sighs] I just wish I hadn't--

Stephanie: Hadn't what? I'm sorry, I'm pushing.

Nathan: No.

Stephanie: It's cool if you don't want to talk about it.

Nathan: No, I need to, and honestly, I could use your advice. You're the only person that I can trust.

Justin: Uncle Vic, I've left the divorce papers at the house, so just give me a call once you've looked them over. Thanks.

Bo: And we all thought they'd have a long and happy marriage.

Justin: [Sighs] Shocking, isn't it?

Bo: Actually, it is--that Vivian would do the humane thing and walk out of Victor's life.

Justin: It is out of character, all right.

Bo: Yeah. Excuse me, I'm gonna go talk to Ma.

Justin: Bo, before you go, I need to talk to you about something. It, uh, concerns Hope.

Hope: Kayla.

Guard: Sorry, ma'am, no contact.

Kayla: How are you?

Hope: I had sort of a rough start. Things are better now. Hey, what about you? What are you doing in Salem? Oh, God, I hope you didn't fly all the way from Africa ju--

Kayla: No, no. I had some things I had to take care of, but you are definitely top on my list. I want you to know, you have my full support, and I love you. I always will.

Brady: You really mean that, don't you?

Nicole: We're in this together now.

Brady: Look, if I get caught, I could go to prison.

Nicole: I will be right by your side.

Brady: Nicole, there's--

Nicole: Brady, I want to do this.

Brady: Why?

Nicole: Because I love you. Isn't that obvious?

Brady: Then I need to correct you, 'cause you loved the man I used to be. Nicole, I think you need to know something. I am not that guy anymore.

Stephanie: You can talk to me about anything. I hope you know that.

Nathan: I do. Okay, I learned something a while back that really affects a lot of people we know, and I thought it'd be smart to keep it a secret, but it's getting harder.

Stephanie: What's the secret about?

Nathan: Look, I'll tell you, but you--you really cannot say anything.

Stephanie: I won't say anything.

Nathan: Chloe cheated on Daniel.

Chloe: Look, I--I just--I wish that all my old fears and insecurities wouldn't consume me, but they do. And that's why I always manage to screw everything up. I mean, look how easily Vivian convinced me that you and Carly were having an affair.

Daniel: Chloe, you have forgiven me. I have forgiven you. Honey--honey, we are past all of that.

Chloe: The sad truth is, I'll always be insecure, but I just don't want that for our child. I don't want him or her to ever feel alone or abandoned.

Daniel: Mm-mm. It's not gonna happen. With you as a mother and me as a father, that little kid is going to have it made. He's going to be a little devil, but he will have it made, okay? So please, nothing to worry about ever again. All right?

Chloe: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Warden Smith: How did things go with Hope Brady?

Lee: So far, so good.

Warden Smith: Make sure you keep a real close eye on her.

Lee: Don't worry. Everything's gonna work out just fine.

Kayla: Hope, I'm worried about you. If those attacks had been more serious--

Hope: No, no, no, there-- there aren't gonna be any more problems. They moved me to another area, and now I'm working in the infirmary, so I, uh, I--I won't be out in the general population.

Kayla: Well, that's good.

Hope: Yeah. It's all thanks to Bo.

Kayla: I wish you would let him come see you. He wants it more than anything.

Hope: Yeah, well, actually, I think there's something else he wants more than anything.

Kayla: What?

Hope: His freedom. I'm gonna give it to him.

Nicole: What are you talking about? You are still the man I have always known.

Brady: Really? Really? The old Brady? Would he ever have just slept with you in order to keep your mouth shut? 'Cause that's what happened today. I was manipulating you. Did you know that?

Nicole: No. Really?

Brady: You knew?

Nicole: You knew I knew.

Brady: I do now. Are you cool with that?

Nicole: It hurt my pride a little bit, but what the hell. I can handle it. And I do believe that in spite of that manipulation, you are still the man I fell in love with.

Brady: Then you're gonna keep getting hurt, because I'm through being the doormat that you used to walk over.

Nicole: Brady, you are not-- you were never a doormat.

Brady: The point is, I have changed. I mean, I've changed, and if you're going to be with me, you have to accept it.

Vivian: Where are those idiots? What on earth? What? [Gasps] Could it be?

Bo: What do you have there?

Justin: Hope sent them this morning.

Bo: Divorce papers.

Justin: Bo, she signed everything, so now all we have to do is file them and--

Bo: Yeah, I know, I know. My marriage will officially be over.

Hope: I had to do it. I have to let Bo live his life, Kay.

Kayla: No. No, you and Bo are destined to be together, and I will never believe otherwise. Never.

Nicole: Look, maybe we should go someplace private. If someone sees us together, it could raise suspicions.

Brady: All right, okay, okay. One more thing, though. Before we go, I gotta say this to you. I don't--I don't know what's going on here. I don't know what our future is, but I'm sincerely, sincerely grateful that I'm not facing this situation alone.

Nicole: I will always look out for you, Brady. You ought to know that by now. Come on. Let's go figure out what we're gonna do with that old bag of bones.

Vivian: Oh. It won't be long before I'm out of here, and then I will get my sweet revenge. Oh.

Chloe: Oh! I don't know how you put up with me.

Daniel: It is pretty challenging.

Chloe: I mean it. All the drama.

Daniel: Hey, you're an opera singer. It kind of comes with the territory.

Chloe: It's just that, uh, you and this baby mean the world to me, and just the thought that it's all finally coming together and that I'm finally gonna have everything I've ever wanted, it--it just feels like it's too much to believe.

Daniel: Well, you better believe it, baby, all right? 'Cause tomorrow, you and I are going to be husband and wife.

Chloe: It's gonna be the happiest day of my life.

Daniel: Yes, it is.

Stephanie: I can't believe this. This is, uh, shocking.

Nathan: Yeah, I know. And now Chloe's pregnant. What if the baby doesn't belong to Daniel?

Stephanie: Do you know who she cheated with?

Nathan: No.

Stephanie: So then, how did you find out?

Nathan: I overheard her talking on the phone.

Stephanie: Oh, well, then maybe you just misunderstood.

Nathan: No, no. Because when I confronted her, she didn't even try to deny it. She flat-out said that she cheated. She slept with another man. Chloe cheated on Daniel.

Melanie: Oh, my God, no.

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Kayla: So Chloe's secret may not be as safe as you think it is.

Vivian: Help me. Please help me.

Melanie: You're lying to me.

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