Days Transcript Wednesday 9/29/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/29/10 - Canada; Thursday 9/30/10 - U.S.A.


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Brady: So Nicole was pumping you for information about me? But if she overcame her loathing for you just to ask a couple of questions about me, I'm thinking she didn't buy it.

Victor: Don't worry about it. Long as you're not having second thoughts about her, everything's under control.

Brady: Good. Damn it.

Victor: Now what?

Brady: Uh, my Bluetooth headpiece lost.

Victor: Well, what's the big deal? Buy another one.

Vivian: Are you out there? I can't see anything. If you're waiting for me to say uncle, I'm saying it. I'll leave town, do whatever you want, just don't let me die here.

Nicole: Um... hello?

Vivian: Somebody's here.

[Lid thuds]

Vivian: Ooh!

Nicole: Who am I talking to?

Vivian: Hello? Who are you? Hello? Please, could you help me? Please?

Nicole: Oh, my gosh. I'm hearing Vivian Alamain's voice. [Laughs] And she's asking me for help.

[Door opens]

Kate: Will? What are you doing here?

Will: Uh, I just left some of my stuff, and I figured it'd be safe to come pick it up now that Stefano doesn't think I shot EJ.

Kate: Okay, you know, don't even joke about that, all right? It was terrifying when he suspected you.

Will: I'm sorry.

Kate: Although, I suppose they're gonna find out who shot EJ now that he's regained consciousness.

Will: What? He-- that bastard's gonna make it?

Rafe: Okay, okay. Go, go, go, go.

Sami: You know, riding an elevator when you can't see anything is really tripping me out. I think I'm gonna make myself nauseous here.

Rafe: Ready?

Sami: Yes, okay.

Rafe: Okay. Excuse me, guys. Excuse me.

Sami: What is going in here? What is Rafe up to?

Rafe: Let's hope this works.

Sami: Yeah, me, neither.

Rafe: Ah. Okay.

Sami: Rafe, where are we?

Rafe: Home.

Stefano: [Sighs] Don't joke with me, Elvis. I've been through a lot.

EJ: Who's joking?

Stefano: Hmm?

EJ: I faked the memory loss. I know I'm not married to Samantha. I know everything that happened that night.

Stefano: Well, then you'll have justice.

EJ: Yeah, in time. But I have to be careful about how I get it. I overheard, uh, Lexie having a conversation with Arianna. Apparently, if my blood pressure gets too high, I'll have a brain hemorrhage.

Stefano: Well, then why did you say that you had no memory?

EJ: Can't you guess? If Samantha thinks she can walk out of my life with my kids, she's got another thing coming.

Sami: Is this place ours?

Rafe: That's what it says on the lease.

Johnny: Are we all gonna live here together?

Rafe: Well, that's the plan, my man.

Sami: And you did all this.

Rafe: Yep.

Allie: Mommy, Sydney has her own room and a rocking chair.

Sami: She does? Can we afford this?

Rafe: Sort of.

Sami: And how did you do this? I mean...

Rafe: Well, I've been at it for a while. Kind of kept me going.

Sami: You never stopped believing.

Rafe: Hey, you guys, you want to check out your rooms? Does that sound like a plan? Do you like bunk beds? Huh? I hope you do.


Rafe: Hey, what?

Sami: I love it. I love it, and I love you. And I want to live with you more than anything.

Rafe: But...

Sami: But what is EJ gonna say when he finds out?

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Stefano: I, uh... I didn't want to upset you or make your blood pressure go up, but, uh, if you have no memory loss, hmm? That means that you can tell me who shot you.

Vivian: Yes. Yes, it's me, Vivian. Oh! Oh, no, no, Nanette. It's you! Oh, have I told you how... how wonderful you look? Like an angel sent to me by Lawrence and God to save me.

Victor: For crying out loud, your calls can wait until you get another one! Just buy a new earpiece.

Brady: [Sighs] Yeah, um... I'm gonna do that, 'cause I have an important call I'm expecting.

Victor: You're holding out on me. [Sighs] Hope that important call isn't from a dealer.

Rafe: Yeah, well, EJ doesn't really get a vote on whether we live together or not.

Sami: Except that he has this, like, brain thing, and as far as he's concerned, we're married.

Rafe: Yeah, well, as far as I'm concerned, the sooner he finds out the better.

Sami: But then what happens? We tell him, and it creates this big scene, and then his blood pressure goes up again.

Rafe: Well, exactly. And that's just one more reason that he shouldn't be kissing on you. Right?

Sami: I'm sorry.

Rafe: No.

Sami: I hate it, too. And I hate that it feels like he's running our lives again.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, it's not as bad as it was.

Sami: You have no idea. I was just staring at him, and all I wanted to do was tell him the truth at that hospital. I wanted to wipe that smug smile off his face, and I wanted to hear those alarms go off. I wanted to watch him have a stroke.

Rafe: Well... you know as well as I do that you don't want to be responsible for that.

Sami: Right.

[Glass shatters]

Sami: Can't have that.

Rafe: No. 'Cause if EJ dies, will could possibly be facing murder charges.

Sami: There are a lot of reasons I need to be careful.

Rafe: As much as I hate to admit it, I think he's gonna get better, he'll get his blood pressure under control, and then you can tell him everything. Maybe even rub it in a little. Hell, maybe he'll figure it out on his own.

Kate: Okay, look, will, it is not unreasonable that you-- that you hate EJ, but you shouldn't go around voicing the fact that you wish he had died, especially not here!

Will: What do you-- what do you want me to do? Act like I'm worried about the guy?

Kate: Yeah, maybe.

Will: Grandma, he made us think that Sydney was dead.

Kate: Look, keep your voice down.

Will: Why? Why?! I'm not the one who put a bullet in his head. I just wish that I was.

Kate: Don't even say that! Will, when-- when Stefano finds out who shot EJ, he is not gonna stop until he gets even.

Will: I know. I know, and EJ's probably already plotting to get even with my mom for dumping him. I swear, if either of them tries to hurt my mom or take Johnny and Sydney away from her, no one is going to keep me quiet, not even you.

[Monitor beeping]

EJ: I told you, I remember everything about that night. Everything. I remember thinking, "this is actually gonna happen." Yeah. I mean, Samantha had already said, "I do." She was seconds away from becoming my wife. And then Rafe shows up, and she turns on me. Let me tell you something, when I had Anna take Sydney, I was never gonna see Samantha again, ever. I was gonna find a way to get Johnny, get the two of them on a plane. I was gonna make her pay for keeping my daughter from me. Then what did I go and do? [Laughs] I fell in love with her, didn't I?

Stefano: To my everlasting regret.

EJ: I tried to be the best father I could, the best. The best, the most caring. You saw.

Stefano: All right, take it easy.

EJ: No, I catered to her every single whim, everything. I said, "Anything you want, sweetheart, you can have it." And I meant it, everything, anything, you know, the best.

[Monitor alarm rapidly beeping]

EJ: The best schools, the best life, anything she wants. I would have turned myself inside out for that woman!

Stefano: All right, look--

EJ: And then what does she do? She doesn't listen to me! She walks out with Rafe, and even that is not enough for her! Aah!

Stefano: Oh, my God, my God. Elvis, Elvis, Elvis? Elvis! I need help in here--my son!

EJ: [Groaning]

Sami: Us moving in together, I just want to be able to tell the whole world, you know, that I'm with you now.

Rafe: Well, that's good. Know why? 'Cause I'm never gonna let you go. Like I said, the sooner EJ finds out the better.

Sami: You know he's gonna try to take Johnny and Sydney from me.

Rafe: Yeah, you're probably right. But guess what. He took Sydney from you and left her with a virtual stranger. He endangered her welfare. He tried to extort you. Told you she was dead. I mean, all that's gonna come out.

Sami: And then everything that I have done is gonna come out, too, right? I mean, they're gonna dig up my past again. It's not exactly like I was going to gardening parties and joining the P.T.A.

Rafe: Sami, that was the past.

Sami: Yeah, right.

Rafe: Yeah, right. And guess what. No matter how hard EJ or Kate or Stefano try and pass themselves off as Good Samaritans, everyone knows who they are. And, besides, once a social worker gets a look at this place, they're gonna be able to see that you can offer those kids a much better life.

Sami: You did this for me.

Rafe: Well, yeah. I figured you already have my heart, so might as well live under the same roof.

Kate: Look, you just-- you just need to relax, all right? Because I would never, ever let EJ take those children. Stefano knows that I mean business.

Will: Grandma, what are you talking about? If this goes to court, you won't have anything to say about how it turns out. EJ is a lawyer. He will know how to game the system. And Stefano will line up right behind him.

Kate: Oh, so now you're angry at me?

Will: I'm angry at everybody! Has EJ started talking about what happened now that he's awake?

Kate: I don't know. That's why I was going to the hospital to find out.

Will: You better make sure he doesn't know about the phone call you made to Mom.

Kate: The only way he could find out about that phone call is if your mom told him, and I don't think she's gonna do that, do you?

Will: No. Okay, if EJ's awake, then the police are gonna be asking him questions, and I just think it'd be better if they don't find out about the phone call.

Kate: I agree.

Will: [Sighs] I don't, uh... I don't want anything to happen to you or to Mom. And I gotta go.

Kate: [Sighs] Will.

Stefano: How is my son doing?

Nathan: I adjusted his meds, so he's quiet now. Uh, blood pressure's on its way down, so...

Stefano: Is there anything I can do for him?

Nathan: Mmm... until we get this blood pressure issue figured out, it's crucial that you do not upset him.

Stefano: Me? If my son is upset, it's because of that idiot girlfriend of his, and the mere fact that he has been shot, all right? It's not something that I have said to him that upset him. By the way, where are the real doctors?

Nathan: I am a real doctor, Mr. DiMera. If you'd like to call in a specialist to consult, that's fine. You can talk to your daughter when she comes out of the O.R.

Stefano: I'll do that.

Nathan: Great, but they're gonna tell you the same thing that I'm telling you. Your son's hypertensive and has suffered a catastrophic head injury, okay? He's lucky to be alive. What he needs to do is rest and relax and recover.

[Monitor beeping]

EJ: Samantha. How could you? How could you?

Nicole: Save you from what? Vivian, where are you?

Vivian: Look to the left.

Nicole: What? What are you talking about? There's nothing but this huge...

Vivian: That's right.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Are you telling me I am talking to you, and you are inside the-- Vivian, how did you get in there?

Vivian: I'll explain everything to you, Noreen. Just get me out of here, okay?

Nicole: Ha. Okay, this is a huge wake-up call, yeah. No more martinis or vodka on the rocks. Maybe a little wine now and again, but that is it. Everyone knows that Vivian left town. And now I hear a voice coming from a...coffin, telling me what to do. Son of Sam started this way. Yeah. I mean, this-- this is Brady's mother's tomb. There is no way in hell he would let Vivian anywhere near the sainted Isabella. Oh, I need to lie down. I'm outta here.

Vivian: Aah! No, don't go! Nadine, stay! Please save me! Oh, please!

Nicole: I'm Nicole.

Vivian: Oh, of course, you are, darling. Uh, look, you're not losing your mind, but I'm going to lose mine unless you help me out of here.

Nicole: Vivian, are you really in there?

Vivian: Yes! Please get me out.

Nicole: Okay, let me ask you a question. Is Isabella in there with you?

Vivian: No!

Nicole: Then where is she?

Vivian: I--I told you. I'll tell you everything once you get me out of here.

Nicole: Fine. Uh... [Straining]

Vivian: Mmm!

Nicole: Okay, uh... it's too heavy.

Vivian: Listen to me. There's a lever on the back. It releases the latch.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I see it.

Vivian: Oh, pull the lever!

Nicole: I see--okay. Heavens. I can't, it--

Brady: What the hell you doing?

Vivian: Oh, God.

Brady: Give me your earpiece. Give it to me.

Nicole: Okay.

Vivian: Oh, no, no, Nanette.

Brady: I knew you were a mess, but screwing around with my mother's coffin? What's wrong with you, hmm?

Nicole: Brady, I hate to break this to you, but your mom is not in there.

Brady: What?

Nicole: Vivian is in there, okay, Brady? And she is not dead. And you are not shocked or surprised. Because you put her in there, didn't you?

Vivian: Yes.

Nathan: 180 over 92. Still too high, but it's a lot better.

[Monitor beeping]

Nathan: Look, I know that you're a guy that usually needs to be in charge, but you need to let us take care of you now.

EJ: I hate hospitals.

Nathan: Well, most people do. But as far as institutions go, it's much better than a funeral home.

EJ: Is that supposed to be funny?

Nathan: No, Mr. DiMera, I'm simply implying that you need to change the way you live. But I can tell I'm wasting my breath, so...

Kate: Stefano?

Stefano: Katherine.

Kate: How is he?

Stefano: Well, he's had some kind of an episode.

Kate: What happened?

Stefano: Well, his head started to hurt him, and then his blood pressure went sky high.

Kate: My God. Is he all right?

Stefano: Well, yeah, he just has to avoid, you know, pressure, that's all. And, you know, when his head started to hurt him, we were just starting to talk about the night that he got shot.

Kate: Is he... is he remembering?

Stefano: Well, he had a temporary loss of memory, but, uh, look, you cannot tell anyone about this, all right? But, yes, he remembers everything.

Sami: Will? Hey.

Will: Um, I got Rafe's message saying to meet you at this address?

Sami: Yeah, come on in.

Will: Okay, whose, uh... whose place is this?

Sami: It's ours. Rafe did this. Take a look. I mean, he did all this work. He pulled all our stuff out of storage. Isn't it amazing?

Will: Yeah.

Sami: Come on, Will. You can muster up some enthusiasm, can't you? Rafe worked really hard.

Will: Mom, EJ is awake.

Sami: I know.

Will: What if he-- what if he remembers what you--

Sami: Hey, hey, hey, no. [Whispering] Not here, okay? Everybody's here. And look, I-- I already went and saw EJ, and all he remembers is the wedding starting, okay? It's called retrograde amnesia or something, and they think it's 'cause of the injury. Point is, when I found him, he was passed out, so if the alcohol didn't wipe out his memory, then the bullet did. He's never gonna remember what I did.

Rafe: What do you mean? What'd you do?

Sami: [Uneasy laugh]

Brady: Okay, Vivian is a nut job, and she's somewhere else causing misery in some other land, okay? She's not in here. Viv, you in here?

Nicole: No. No, Brady?

Brady: Hello! Is anyone home?

Nicole: Don't kid a kidder, okay?

Brady: She's not here.

Nicole: I can see through you just like you can see through me, and, yes, I might be a little stressed out right now and hung over, but somehow, I heard Vivian's voice, and she saw me. She recognized me.

Brady: From inside a coffin, she recognized you?

Nicole: I don't know how she did it, but she did. So Victor couldn't take it anymore, could he?

Brady: I don't even know what you're talking about.

Nicole: Oh, come on. That joke of a wedding that turned into a real marriage to a woman that made him sick. Yes, that part is obvious. What I don't understand is what he did to you. I mean, how could he get the most decent, loving man in the world to do something like this? How did he turn you into someone who would help him bury his own wife alive?

Brady: Victor didn't turn me into anything. If I've changed at all, Nicole, the credit all belongs to you.

Sami: Uh, actually...

Will: Mom, she's just worried that, um... if EJ finds out that you gave her a ring on the same night he got shot, he'll... he'll go crazy.

Rafe: [Laughs] Yeah, he will, but you know what, I told her that I would worry about EJ when the time comes.

Will: Yeah.

Rafe: Listen, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about, too, because I feel bad. I never got a chance to talk to you before I asked your mom to marry me.

Will: That's okay.

Rafe: No, it's not okay, because you're not a little kid anymore. And you were there. You were looking after your mother and your brother and your sisters before I was ever even around.

Will: Nah, I wasn't that great.

Sami: That's not true.

Rafe: Right? You were great. You still are great, so I'm really sorry about that, okay? You know, and, obviously, it's a little late, but I hope you're okay with it.

Will: Are you kidding? Did-- Mom, you didn't tell him how much grief I gave you for... for being with EJ instead of him?

Rafe: Are you kidding me?

Will: Yeah, I gave her hell.

Rafe: You're kidding me right now, right?

Will: No, no, no,

Rafe: See, that's why I love this--I love this kid. He's the best.

Will: Thank you.

Rafe: It's good.

Sami: And I love you, too.

Will: You really should listen to us, Mom.

Sami: I'm trying! I'm working on it, okay.

Rafe: He is right.

Sami: All right, you guys were, and I was wrong.

Rafe: All the time.

Nathan: You know what year it is?

[Monitor beeping]

EJ: 2010.

Nathan: Okay. Month?

EJ: You know, I'm awfully sorry, but I didn't keep a calendar of what was going on in my head whilst I was unconscious.

Nathan: Well, take a stab at it.

EJ: September.

Nathan: Okay, what is the last thing that you remember?

EJ: My wedding. Is this really necessary?

Nathan: I think I'd like to present your case at grand rounds.

EJ: Grand rounds? Really? So that's what interns are doing these days, is it?

Nathan: Surgical residents, sir.

EJ: Throwing my father out of a room, asking me stupid questions, lecturing me about my lifestyle, just so you can present me at grand rounds for your stupid interns!

Nathan: Calm down. Your blood pressure.

EJ: Get! Get out! Go on, get out! I've had enough of you! Out! The rest of you as well!

Stefano: Samantha was here earlier, before Elvis' memory cleared up. He couldn't remember the wedding. I mean, he thought they were married.

Kate: Mm-hmm. What did Sami do?

Stefano: Well, she let him believe. I mean, uh, so that he wouldn't get upset.

Kate: That was good of her.

Stefano: I suppose.

Kate: So, um, EJ is remembering what? I mean, that Rafe showed up and Sami stopped the wedding?

Stefano: I don't care about that. All I care about is who shot my son.

Kate: I see.

Stefano: And he was beginning to tell me, and then he got ill. But he's awake now, and he remembers. So all I have to do is wait, and then I'll know everything that I need to know.

Vivian: Nicole, don't let him get to you. Do what's right. Don't let him talk you into ignoring your own conscience. Oh, my God, what have I said? I've just used "conscience" and "Nicole" in the same sentence. I'm so screwed.

Nicole: So this is my fault? I'm the one who made you put Vivian in a coffin and left her to what, die?

Brady: Excuse me, I never said that I did any of that.

Nicole: So it was Victor. You're covering for him. Is that what's going on? Brady, I... I know you love him, but this is crazy. You have to see that. Victor is a sick son of a bitch.

Victor: Well, Nicole, I suppose that makes you my mother.

Sami: All right, keep at it. Make fun of me. I'm gonna go check on the kids.

Will: Okay. Mom told me that EJ's awake.

Rafe: Yeah. Yep.

Will: So I guess that means the police will be talking to him?

Rafe: Yeah. But I want you to know that you have nothing to fear...

Will: Thank you.

Rafe: As far as the DiMeras are concerned.

Will: Yeah, Grandma told me that Stefano dropped the idea that I did it, so I'm not worried about... about myself, that is.

Rafe: Well, I don't want you to worry about Johnny or Sydney, either. EJ is not gonna get those kids.

Will: I'm talking about my mom.

Rafe: Mmm. I know. No, I don't want you to worry about her as well, because EJ will never lay another hand on her.

Kate: I swear to you, I will not tell anyone that EJ has his memory back. Thank you for trusting me.

Stefano: Look, this morning, we said there would be a new beginning for us. No more secrets. I am standing by my word to you.

Kate: And I appreciate that.

Stefano: Are you doing the same?

[Door opens]

Stefano: Oh.

Nathan: Oh, uh, your son's certainly feeling much better. You're welcome to go back in if you'd like.

Kate: Can I go, too?

Nathan: One at a time's probably a better idea.

Stefano: All right. Thank you.

Nathan: Yep.

Stefano: Um, all right. I'll see you at home, Katherine.

Kate: Yes, of course. Give my love to EJ.

Stefano: I will. Ciao.

[Monitor beeping]

Stefano: Doctor says that you are feeling better.

EJ: The doctor is an idiot.

Stefano: Well, just got to get a different doctor. I'll get the best there is.

EJ: You know, Father, I've had enough of the entire medical profession, to be completely honest. I think I need to get control of my life again.

Stefano: Well, of course.

EJ: And of Samantha. You know, I remember when I lost power. I told Samantha Sydney was gone, dead. All I had to do was find some little excuse to take Johnny away, get them both on a plane, and leave. And I didn't do it, did I? I certainly paid the price for that. Well, let me tell you, that is the last time I cede power over my life to anyone.

Vivian: Victor, darling, please. Feel my presence. Get me out of here!

Brady: What are you doing here? Did you follow me?

Victor: Of course, I followed you. You were getting hysterical over an earpiece.

Brady: Let me guess, you probably thought I was expecting a call from a dealer or something.

Victor: I wondered. You have to admit, you haven't been acting yourself.

Brady: Right, come on, because I fire one lousy, good-for-nothing from the company?

Victor: I had to make sure that you were all right. Now I know that you're not. You sober yet?

Nicole: Unfortunately, yes.

Victor: Still asking questions about monkeys?

Nicole: Technically, and orangutan is not a monkey.

Victor: Why don't you just shut up and get out of here? This is private property. No way my daughter's gonna rest in peace with you in the vicinity.

Nicole: Your daughter is not--

Victor: You say one thing against Isabella, you're gonna be crawling around here on your hands and knees looking for your teeth.

Nicole: You don't know?

Victor: Don't know what? What are you babbling about?

Vivian: Me! She's babbling about me. Listen to her, darling. Get me out of here!

Stefano: Do you have a plan for dealing with Samantha?

EJ: Yeah. I have to keep her believing that I have no memory after we said our vows. None. And then what I'm gonna do is just quietly work out some kind of way to get custody of Johnny and Sydney. Sad, really though, you know. I mean, I really wanted them to have their mother in their lives, but if she wants Hernandez to be a part of hers, then that can't be the case.

Stefano: Ah! That's what I've been waiting to hear. Now, you need any help of any kind, Elvis, don't be afraid to ask.

Sami: Hey, you know what I just realized?

Rafe: Hmm?

Sami: This is the first real home that Sydney's gonna have in her whole life.

Rafe: Yeah. You like the job I did with her room, by the way?

Sami: Are you kidding me? It's awesome. The stars on the ceiling? You did that?

Rafe: No, I didn't. But I did want to make it special. I know it's not as fancy as the room she had at the DiMera mansion. What?

Sami: It's awesome.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: And I love our home together.

Rafe: Did I tell you this place, it kind of reminds me of the safe house? It does. I mean, obviously, it's better, because we're all here. No one's shooting at us.

Sami: [Laughing] Definitely better.

Rafe: Well, I protected you then, I'll protect you now.

Sami: I hope you can.

Rafe: You hope I can?

Sami: Well, I know you can. I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that I...

Will: Close the doors!

Rafe: Hey!

Sami: Oh, hey!

Will: Look who it is. And land. I got my own room here?

Rafe: Yeah, you know, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. I was hoping you wouldn't mind sleeping out in the car?

[Johnny laughs]

Rafe: Course you got your own room! What do you think? Come on.

Will: Yeah. This place is pretty awesome.

Rafe: Glad you like it.

Sami: All right.

Will: Oh, uh, so we're gonna go get some... what are we gonna get?

Johnny: Ice cream!

Will: Ice cream, and then we're gonna drop by Grandma's and check on Sydney.

Sami: Are you sure you got these two?

Will: These two? Yeah, no problem. All right, let's do this. All right, everybody, out, out. March, march.

Rafe: Bye.

Will: Okay.

Johnny: Hut, two, three, four.

Will: Oh, Rafe, um, thank you.

Rafe: My pleasure.

Will: Aah, wait for me.

Sami: He's a good kid.

Rafe: Well, yeah. I wonder where he gets that?

Sami: You know what? Um, I love it. I love being with you here. I love our new house, but, um, if you're gonna live with me, then there's something I have to tell you. It's pretty big.

Victor: Just what is it that I don't know?

Brady: That, uh... Nicole and I are... we are still in each other's lives.

Victor: So that important call you were expecting was from her?

Brady: Yeah.

Victor: Let me get this straight. You're having a romantic assignation in a mausoleum with a woman that gets loaded and talks about monkeys. You know, I followed you over here to save you from yourself. What a waste of time. You two deserve each other.

Vivian: Victor, don't go. Please don't leave me here. Oh, my darling, you heard me. You've come back!

Victor: Bye, my sweet daughter. I miss you every day. I'm so glad that you're not still here to see what an idiot your son has become.

Vivian: Oh, no!

Brady: Thank you.

Nicole: Don't thank me yet.

Rafe: So what's this thing I need to know? Oh, my God, we're finally alone, and now you clam up on me?

Sami: No, it's just that I'm thinking about, I don't know, how to say it, and I realize how ridiculous it is, you know, being me, and exhausting. And if it's hard enough being me, imagine how it must be for my kids. I mean, what must that be like?

Rafe: Fun?

Sami: Traumatizing. I mean, seriously, one second, I'm about to marry Johnny's dad, and the next, I'm wearing your ring, and...

Rafe: Yeah, except when you're not.

Sami: Now we're living in sin here.

Rafe: [Laughs] Sin? We're engaged.

Sami: I don't think that that makes such a big difference to Johnny. His life is still totally a mess. They all are, and... oh, God, I don't know what that has to do with...

Rafe: Did you know I talked to Daniel earlier?

Sami: Well, that definitely doesn't have to do with anything.

Rafe: Yeah, actually it does. In fact, it's right on point. 'Cause he was telling me about Chloe and how he wants to marry her A.S.A.P.

Sami: And I don't understand it, but frankly I don't care.

Rafe: Well, yeah, because I was totally inspired by it. The fact of the matter is, I want to marry you as soon as I possibly can.

Stefano: I, uh... I don't want to upset you by talking about it. What happened?

EJ: It's okay. It's okay. Given our line of work, I don't think we can be too evasive, can we?

Stefano: Fine. You got shot. I want to know before you talk to the police, do you know who shot you?

EJ: Yes. Yes, I do.

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Sami: He doesn't. He doesn't remember anything.

EJ: I have something to tell you.

Nicole: You son of a bitch.

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