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Keith: Well, I just got off the phone with the landscapers, and we are good to go.

Brady: Glad to hear that.

Keith: So I'll just go on up and get all that paperwork for you to fill out. And then we will get Sparkles' remains back to you as soon as is humanly possible. Or should I say... "as soon as is 'primately' possible"?

Brady: Thanks for your help.

Keith: Okay. You know, though... that this is...

Brady: The best pet cemetery in the entire Midwest, and you want me to reconsider moving my orangutan's remains. Yeah. You've told me that many times.

Keith: Yes, well... I'll be right back, then.

Brady: I am sorry about this, Mother. I'm gonna have you out of this hellhole and back where you belong, I promise.

Victor: Not a day goes by that I don't think of you... miss you... my precious daughter. You brought so much love into my life... so many lives.

Vivian: Isabella's gone, Victor... but I'm still here, alive and kicking... under this marble slab! God, I know you miss me terribly. I miss you too. Please, Victor, if there was only some way you could find me.

Lexie: He's come to, Father. [Laughs] EJ's conscious.

Stefano: What? Tell me, when--when-- when did this happen?

Lexie: A little while ago.

Stefano: Katherine!

Lexie: I would have called sooner, but I just wanted to be sure.

Stefano: Well, of course, I understand. Katherine, Alexandra is on the telephone, and--and--and Elvis is awake.

Lexie: Father, um... you need to listen, okay?

Stefano: I'm-- I'm right here. I'm listening.

Lexie: Okay, this is great news, but, um... there's something you need to know about EJ's condition.

Stefano: Tell me. Tell me now.

Lexie: You know what? I'd rather tell you in person. I'll see you as soon as you get here, okay?

Stefano: I'll be right there.

Kate: What are you shouting about?

Stefano: Alexandra was on the telephone, all right? And she said that Elvis has regained consciousness.

Kate: Oh, God.

Stefano: Yes. Yes, yes, sweetheart! Oh, my God. He's awake. My son is back.

Kate: [Chuckles] Oh...

Lexie: You are not going in there. Rafe... I've been over this with you already. I can't have anything upsetting my brother. If his heart rate goes up for any reason, it could kill him.

Johnny: I miss you, Daddy.

EJ: Hey, that's great. I miss you too. What do you mean you live with Mommy and Rafe? You know what? Come here. I think your mother and I have a couple of things we need to talk about.

Brady: Stupid woman. Stupid, stupid bitch. You know, Vivian, a pet cemetery would be too good for you. I think a cockroach cemetery would be... would be best for you. I don't even know if that exists. You disrespectful, lying woman... I hope you burn in hell.

Nicole: What the hell is going on? And I wish I could hear what he was saying.

Sami: Um, my living situation isn't that at all. It's not what you think. All right, no more bone-crushing hugs, Johnny. We got to go.

EJ: No, wait a second, Samantha, we need to talk about this.

Sami: Okay, yeah, we'll definitely talk about it.

EJ: We'll talk about it right now--we'll talk about it now.

Lexie: Sorry to interrupt, but it's time for some tests.

EJ: No, I'm sorry, Lexie, this is a bad time. No, just--it can wait.

Lexie: Thanks for you input, Dr. DiMera.

Sami: See, I think that Lexie knows what she's talking about. I've got to get this wriggly guy out of here. I'll come back.

EJ: I need an answer. Would you tell me what is going on?

Sami: Don't be upset, okay? I'll come back, I promise. As soon as the tests are done, I'll come back. Please, can I just get him out of here?

Lexie: Calm--calm down.

[Door closes]

Rafe: What's going on? What happened in there?

Sami: Um... nothing. It's fine. It's just that, uh, Lexie's just running more tests.

Rafe: Really? That's what drained all the color out of your face?

Sami: No. Oh, my God. Hold on. Hey. Hey, uh... Maxine, you're not, by chance, taking a break, are you?

Maxine: Well, actually, I am.

Sami: I'm so relieved to hear you say that. Um, would you mind just watching him for a second, maybe taking him down to, uh--down to Sydney?

Maxine: Sure. Hey, Johnny. Where's your baby sister?

Johnny: Taking a nap.

Maxine: Aw. Well, let's go and visit her, okay?

Sami: Thank you.

Rafe: So what happened? What got you so upset?

Sami: Well, um, it started when Johnny told EJ that we're living together.

Lexie: What? Oh, my God.

Sami: Okay, Lexie, just relax, relax. He's a little boy, okay? He was excited.

Lexie: I don't care. I don't care what happened, Sami. Fix it, all right? Look, you have to convince EJ that everything is all right between the two of you... just for now. Just for now, he has to believe that you two are married... at least until he's recovered enough to be able to handle the truth.

Rafe: And when's that gonna be, hmm? Next week, next month, next year?

Lexie: How the hell should I know, Rafe? I'm a doctor, okay, not a damn fortune teller.

Rafe: Well, it's wrong. You do get that, don't you?

Lexie: How is it wrong to save someone's life?

Rafe: Her telling EJ the truth isn't necessarily gonna kill him. Besides...besides that, I mean, how is it fair that she goes through this, not to mention the rest of us--this ridiculous, idiotic charade.

Sami: Look, look, Lexie, you have to understand that Rafe is just trying to be supportive of me.

Lexie: Yeah, and I'm being supportive of my brother... whose life is hanging in the balance right now. You don't believe that upsetting EJ could kill him? Here's proof. Here's proof right here. Dr. Walters concurs with me 100%. If EJ's blood pressure rises, it will most likely cause a brain hemorrhage.

Sami: All right.

Rafe: [Sighs] Brother.

Sami: I'm sorry.

Rafe: Stop, stop--

Sami: Rafe--

Rafe: Hey, stop, stop. Don't apologize to me, okay? That's not necessary. I'm the guy that loves you, remember? Remember? It's okay.

Sami: [Sighs] [Sniffles] Okay. Yeah. I'm back.

EJ: Yeah. I can see that.

Sami: How were the tests?

EJ: All right, I suppose. I'm a little bit out of it.

Sami: Well, you've been through a trauma. I mean, it makes sense.

EJ: Why are you and the kids living with Rafe? Why? Hmm? We are still married, Samantha. And when I get out of this damn hospital bed, you're gonna be living in my house with me as your husband, right?

Keith: Well, here you are, Mr. Black. All you have to do is sign the highlighted parts.

Brady: Sounds easy enough.

Keith: Yeah. I'm just sorry that you did not want to keep Sparkles' remains here.

Brady: Don't be upset. It's just none of your business, that's all.

Keith: Well, that's probably true. It's just that if I did anything--

Brady: This is the address that I would like you to send the remains to. I trust it'll be handled with the utmost care and respect.

Keith: It will be handled with the utmost professionalism.

Brady: Just get it done.

Keith: Definitely, I will.

Brady: Good. Have a good day. Good-bye.

Keith: I plan to do that.

Nicole: Excuse me, sir, hi.

Keith: Oh.

Nicole: Keith, right?

Keith: Yes. Yeah.

Nicole: Hi. Um, I-I'm Nicole. Did you have a moment?

Victor: Rest in peace, my angel. I love you.

Vivian: Does he see the camera? I think he does. Victor. Victor, I'm in here in this death box. Please find me. Please. Don't go. Don't go.

Chad: Hey, Dr. Carver. I have a special delivery for the desk staff from Java.

Lexie: Great. I'll sign for it. Okay.

Chad: So how's your brother doing?

Lexie: He's getting stronger by the minute. Thanks for asking.

Chad: Yeah, it's crazy what happened, though. Hope they find out who did it to him.

Lexie: Yeah, so do I.

Chad: I can't even imagine having a brother, sister... how I'd feel if one of them got shot down and... was fighting for their lives.

Lexie: Yeah.

Stefano: She did not tell me much, but she said only that he is awake, so... all right. You will, uh, join me later.

Kate: Yes, yes. I have a business call, but right after that, I will join you.

Stefano: I love you, Katherine.

Kate: I love you, Stefano.

Both: Mwah!

Stefano: Okay. Sorry. Got to do it again.

Kate: Wow!

Both: Mwah!

Stefano: [Laughs] Okay. Oh, boy.

Kate: Oh, my God. If Sami did shoot EJ and he remembers... then Stefano can find out that I drove her to it. Dear God.

Sami: EJ, the truth is... the kids and I are staying at the pub with my grandma.

EJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Samantha. Johnny said...

Sami: Oh, stop it--he's four!

EJ: That you were staying with Rafe.

Sami: EJ, you know how confused he gets. Rafe is at the pub a lot because of his sisters, and that's what he's thinking about.

EJ: [Sighs] Okay. All right. Still, that--that doesn't explain why you're not living at the mansion.

Sami: Well, I hate that house. And you're not there with me, so, you know, we had to go somewhere else. It's fine. We'll talk about it later.

EJ: No, we'll talk about it now, all right?

Sami: Hey, hey, no, no.

EJ: No, listen, I want to know why the moment that I get hospitalized, my wife decides to move out of our house!

Sami: EJ, listen to me, okay? We shouldn't be talking about this at all, because it's upsetting you. Look at--look at you. Remember what your sister said. Please calm down.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

EJ: I want to understand why.

Sami: Okay. Hey, don't worry about it. Look at me. Look at me. When you get better, we're gonna be together. And we'll be fine, okay? Open your eyes--look at me. It's gonna all be okay. Once you get better and once you're out of the hospital, okay?

[Beeping continues]

EJ: Okay.

[Beeping slows]

EJ: [Sighs] Okay. I do want to get better, you know... to be back with my wife... [Sighs] And my family. You know, you are what I live for, Samantha.

Keith: So, uh... [Clicks tongue] What can I do for you?

Nicole: Oh, nothing, really. I-I just... I wanted to tell you how much I admire you.

Keith: Admire me?

Nicole: Yes. You're--you're a very caring and sensitive man. And I couldn't help watching you with that gentleman and--and how you handled the situation with such warmth and compassion. It was very impressive.

Keith: Hmm. Well, you know, just doing my job.

Nicole: I also couldn't help but overhear that, uh, he--he has an orangutan buried here?

Keith: Oh, him? Yeah. Why?

Nicole: Oh, no reason. I just didn't realize that you buried such large animals here.

Keith: Oh, we do, indeed. And that's not even the biggest one.

Nicole: Oh.

Keith: We've got an elephant buried back there, just right beyond those people's beloved llama. Yeah. Would you like to go see Gleason's headstone? It's--

Nicole: Oh, no, uh, t-the elephant? Thank you, but that, um... that would make me very sad. You see, I have--I have a soft spot for elephants.

Keith: Yeah. I understand.

Nicole: Anyway, so--so the man that--that you were talking to... why is he moving his orangutan? If you don't mind me asking, of course.

Keith: Oh, he's a creep. Wait a minute. I know you. I know you...

Nicole: Yeah?

Keith: From before you came to the cemetery.

Nicole: From before? I--

Keith: You're the TV reporter.

Nicole: [Laughs] TV reporter. No! No, no. You must mistake me for someone else.

Keith: No, I've seen you. Yeah.

Nicole: Come on. No way. I--here, I mean... right here, of course. I just came to make sure that Pookie was okay.

Keith: Wait a second. Are you sure you're not on TV?

Nicole: [Laughs] I'm, uh... positive. Yeah. I just must resemble... whoever you're thinking of. I get that a lot. I have one of those faces.

Keith: Well, I guess I'll have to take your word for it. And you can trust me that your beloved Pookie is resting very peacefully. I promise you that, hmm? All right, you have a nice day.

Nicole: Thank you.

Keith: I got to go bury a parrot.

Nicole: Oh... [Chuckles] My. What the hell is going on here? Brady never had a goldfish, much less a pet orangutan.

Brady: Vivia... you still with us? You alive?

Vivian: [Scoffs] Again with the booze. Brady, listen to me. These toxic fumes are gonna start getting to me, and I'm gonna go mad.

Brady: And that would be a good thing.

Vivian: Oh... there you go-- physical abuse, verbal abuse.

Brady: Vivian, shut up. The only fumes in there are the lies that are spewing from your mouth.

Vivian: I'm not lying. I can't breathe... and I am feeling queasy. I'm telling you that if... Victor doesn't come and find me here and I die... he's gonna have your head.

Brady: [Laughing] You are so funny. You really think Grandpa's gonna come in here and rescue you, don't you?

Vivian: Yes, he is coming.

Brady: You don't get it, do you? He's relieved. Your leaving Salem has given him a new lease on life, Vivian.

Vivian: Victor loves me, and he's going to be here. It's just a matter of time.

EJ: You have no idea... how much it means to have you by my side. I love you... more than I think you know, Samantha.

Sami: EJ, you are really tired. I'm gonna let you get some sleep, okay?

EJ: Hey, don't go, please. Just stay a little while. Just a second... please.

[Door slams]

Nicole: Fully stocked, as usual.

Victor: I thought I gave Henderson explicit instructions to keep criminals like you out of my house.

Nicole: Don't blow a gasket, Victor. I'm just here to see Brady.

Victor: I don't give a damn why you're here. I want you out.

Nicole: Oh. Yeah, I-I heard that Vivian up and left you. You know, I should send her a gift basket and maybe a note of congratulations. [Giggles] Wait a minute. Uh... did Vivian have any... pets?

Victor: What the hell has that got to do with anything?

Nicole: I was just wondering if you had any pets around the house, like maybe an orangutan-- one that Brady was especially fond of?

Kate: What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to just let EJ kidnap the kids? [Sighs] But still, if Stefano finds out that I tipped off Sami and... if she's the one who shot his precious son... [Chuckles ruefully] He will never forgive me. Perhaps this is the time... perhaps this is the time to tell him that he has another precious son. Then he would be indebted to me, no matter what. Yes. I think this is the time. Yes.

Chad: Hey, I am so sorry. I left these in the car. It's a bag of pastries you guys ordered.

Lexie: Right. Right. Thanks.

Chad: Oh, and, um, here, I-- here's, uh, your tip back, so...

Lexie: Why?

Chad: Well, because I screwed up the order, so...

Lexie: Oh, please, Chad. Everyone makes mistakes. No big deal.

Stefano: Chad, you need to excuse us. I have to talk to my daughter alone.

Chad: Uh, no problem. But, um, I just want you to know I'm--I'm praying for your son, Mr. DiMera.

Stefano: Why?

Chad: Why? Well, because he's your--

Stefano: He's no one to you. You don't even know him.

Chad: But I do. I mean, not that well--

Stefano: Look, this is, uh, none of your business.

Lexie: Father, he's just concerned.

Stefano: All right, I don't need his concern. This is family business.

Chad: Right. Sorry. I'll just, uh... can the praying, then.

Lexie: I'm sorry, Chad. Why were you so mean to that--

Stefano: I was not mean. I was honest. Now, can I see Elvis?

Lexie: Yeah, but, uh... okay, first, I need to warn you.

Stefano: W-w-what happened?

Lexie: Maybe you should sit down for this.

Sami: Rafe.

Rafe: Everything okay in here?

EJ: What is this? What are you two keeping from me, huh?

Sami: Hey, hey, calm down, okay?

EJ: What? What is that look?

Sami: Nothing! I don't know what you're talk--just relax, okay? God, just relax.

EJ: You know what? If you don't mind, I'd like a moment alone with my wife. Thank you.

Rafe: I'm not going anywhere.

[Monitor beeping]

Brady: You know what, Viv? I think you're right. I think you are delusional. I think you're breathing some serious toxic fumes in there, because even if my grandfather knew that there was a hidden camera, wouldn't you be out of here by now? Don't you think you'd be out of the damn sarcophagus by now?

Vivian: [Chuckles] You're the one that's delusional if you don't realize it's just a matter of time before Victor comes and gets me.

Brady: You keep telling yourself that, sweetie.

Vivian: Your half-baked scheme is gonna go up in flames.

Brady: How could it? There's no way. Like I said, even if Grandfather knows you're in here, if he sees the camera... he's gonna bury you in that same damn pet cemetery you threw my mother in, Vivian.

Vivian: When he hears what I did with your mother's remains, he won't believe it. He'll think you've gone back to drugs and alcohol, and he'll just put you right back in rehab.

Brady: Well, there's a big problem with that, Vivian, 'cause I got proof. I mean, you need to wake up, honey. Once my grandfather finds out what you have done, he's gonna kill you. And no one's gonna care. And no one's gonna notice.

Victor: Yes, we've got several orangutans in the mansion--couple of wombats too.

Nicole: What the hell's a wombat?

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: I have to take this. When I come back, I want you gone--out of this house.

Nicole: Sure thing. You're lord of the manor, Sir Grandpa. What the hell is going on here? This is like some kind of Fellini nightmare. Brandy owned an orangutan? What--and how could I never know about it? This is weird.

Henderson: I was unable to locate Brady, Mrs. DiMera. I suggest you check the mausoleum. He's been spending much of his free time there.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Visiting his mother, newly interred in that sarcophagus by his ever-so-loving step-grandmother. Thank you, Henderson. Thank you, thank you.

Rafe: I'm not going anywhere.

EJ: Fine. I'll call hospital security.

Sami: Oh, EJ, come on. We don't have to do that.

Stefano: Elvis. Elvis, thank God you are better. Oh, my goodness. I have been so worried about you. I can't tell you the relief!

Sami: You know what, EJ? I'm gonna let you have some time alone with your dad. How about that?

EJ: J-just wait, please.

Sami: Yeah?

EJ: Come back soon, all right? I love you.

Sami: I love you too. See you in a little bit. Okay? How can I keep this up?

Rafe: I think we just have to remember what Lexie said. Stress could kill him.

Sami: What?

Rafe: When you had the chance to take his life before, you took it.

Kate: What was I thinking? I can't just tell Stefano that Chad is his son. I-I don't even know why I thought that would make him happy. [Sighs] He hates that kid. He's made that abundantly clear. Ohh...

Chad: Mrs. DiMera. Oh, hey, uh, sorry to startle you, but, uh, the--the butler just--just let me in.

Kate: Oh, that's all right.

Chad: So, um... what did you want to see me about?

Stefano: Look at you. Yesterday we were so afraid that we were going to lose you, and now... you're awake. You're talking. You know, you even have color in your cheeks.

EJ: Mm. I feel better. Thank God for Samantha, Father.

Stefano: Well... why do you say that?

EJ: She's... she's been my savior... my angel. I just think of... her face, how beautiful she is. She's what's kept me going through all of this.

Stefano: [Sighs] No.

EJ: What?

Stefano: [Sighs] I can't take it, Elvis. Uh... [Clears throat] You must learn the truth.

Sami: What are you talking about? I-I don't know what you mean.

Rafe: When you had to pull the plug--before.

Sami: But that was entirely different, right? The doctor said that there was no hope. And this time, they're the ones who are telling us--

Rafe: I know that it was a difficult decision for you to make.

Sami: Well, yeah.

Rafe: Accidents happen.

Sami: You know it's not just difficult, right? It's impossible. It's impossible to be in there and pretending that I am his wife... to pretend that it doesn't kill me that he lied to me like that, that he betrayed me, that he tortured me, putting my daughter's clothes in a river covered in blood.

Rafe: I know, I know. Shh, shh, I know. You all right?

Sami: I don't--I don't want that. I don't want anything to do with him. I just want to be with you. [Sniffles, crying] This is the life I want.

Rafe: It's what you're gonna have.

Brady: Nah, you're not going anywhere. I understand your need to cling on to false hope, though.

Vivian: It's not false hope. Victor's gonna find me, and when he does, I'll take you down, Brady black. Mark my words.

Brady: Shut up!

Vivian: I'm not shutting up, because you're the only one I have to talk to. Otherwise, I'm going to go mad! [Crying] Please, please... I can't breathe. Please have some compassion.

Brady: You want compassion? Is that what you want? What about the compassion that you showed to Melanie Layton... or me, Carly Manning? Are you kidding me? How about my mother? Take your pick, Vivian. Do unto others. It's the golden rule. You've brought all of this on yourself, honey. I'll see ya.

Nicole: Who was he talking to?

Kate: I have a proposal for you. You remember that part-time job that was at, uh, DiMera Enterprises? It's yours if you want it.

Chad: Uh, I appreciate the offer, Mrs. DiMera, but, uh... I don't think your husband's gonna go for it.

Kate: Well, no, no, eventually, he will. He'll see it the way I do, that you are the perfect young man for the job. You're smart, and you're professional, and you're driven. You're charismatic.

Chad: Well, thank you.

Kate: [Laughs] You're welcome. And you're also very easy to get along with. And business is all about relationships. I think Stefano would be foolish not to hire you. And as for me, I'd like to see more of you.

Chad: Oh. I, uh... yeah, I-I'm flattered, but I... I-I don't think so.

Kate: [Laughs] Why not?

Chad: Well, I--b-because... I-I, um... I just, um...okay, I'm--I'm not, uh, you know, I'm not comfortable with this, uh-- this situation. Um...

Kate: [Gasps] Oh! [Laughs] Oh, my God. No. Chad, I am not making a pass at you. [Laughing] Oh, my God. I'm-- let's just say I'm a very happily married woman, okay?

Chad: Okay, I--

Kate: But I do think you are a really great guy. And, um, you've been through a lot. I'd like to be there for you... and so would Stefano, I'm sure, when he gets to know you better.

[Monitor beeping]

EJ: What exactly do you mean? I have to learn the truth-- the truth about what?

Stefano: Well, what I mean... what if something happened to Samantha? I mean, you call her your angel, your savior. I mean, if she's not around, does that mean that you have no reason to live?

EJ: Why--why do we have to have this conversation, huh? I'm not going to lose Samantha. Everything is going to work out, Father. Don't worry. Don't worry. It's fine. [Breathes deeply]

Sami: It's just not fair. We should be planning our wedding, not having to pretend to still be married to him.

Caroline: Sam, you all right?

Sami: Not really, Grandma.

Caroline: What happened? What is it?

Sami: I-I... it's gonna take a long time to explain, so, um, some other time, okay?

Caroline: Okay. Well, uh... well, then sit-- both of you, come on. You're gonna feel better when you eat. This is Wanchai Ferry Chinese food. I made some for the kids earlier, and they just couldn't get enough of it.

Rafe: Well, sounds great.

Caroline: Yes. And it's a complete meal, because it comes with rice, you know. There's plenty for everyone. So I'm gonna heat some up for you too.

Sami: Thanks, Grandma.

Rafe: Where are the kids?

Caroline: U-upstairs. Your sister Gabi... she's absolutely outstanding. Thank you. So she's watching them, and I came down here originally to heat up some more food for them, 'cause they wanted seconds.

Sami: I'm really glad to hear that they have an appetite.

Caroline: Oh, and how. So I'll heat this up for you two, and I'll be back. Bye.

Rafe: Hey. Maybe we should go upstairs and see the kids in a while?

Sami: Yeah, just... a little while. I want to pull myself together. I don't want them to see me like this.

Rafe: What if I change your mood? I know what you're thinking right now--impossible. But guess what. Got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Victor: Well, she's gone. Thank God.

Brady: Who's gone?

Victor: Nicole, the duchess of train wrecks.

Brady: She was here? Why was she here?

Victor: She was looking for you, or so she said.

Nicole: Poor Brady. He thinks he was talking to his dead mother. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Maybe the orangutan was Isabella's pet. That has to be it. And he was digging it up so he could put it in here with his mom. Ew, creepy... and kind of sad. Wow. He's really losing it, all because of her. Look what's happening to Brady. He's hanging out in the mausoleum day and night... not exactly cozy. Oh. [Chuckles] Must be Brady's.

Vivian: Why is this happening to me? If doesn't come soon, I'm gonna... it'll be over. I'm just gonna die... a hideous death. Oh, my God. Please, somebody. Somebody... please... help me.

Kate: So come on. Tell me you'll take the job.

Chad: Are you sure it's yours to offer, Mrs. DiMera?

Kate: Yes. Absolutely.

Chad: Mm.

Kate: And as a matter of fact, I think it will be good for Stefano, too, to be working with a young man of such character. So you'll think about it?

Chad: Okay, I will.

Kate: Good. Thank you.

Chad: I should-- should probably get--get going and, uh...

Kate: Yes. I'll be in touch.

Chad: All right. Take care.

Kate: Hmm. I will make this work. I will make this happen... come hell or high water.

Sami: Whoa!

Rafe: Come here.

[Both giggling]

Sami: What are you up to, agent tricks up your sleeve?

Rafe: Can't tell you just yet.

Sami: You know, I don't know if I can handle anymore surprises today.

Rafe: Well, you're gonna have to. Trust me. You're gonna love this one. You're gonna love it.

Stefano: I can't help worrying about you, Elvis. You're my son, my only son. Do you have any idea--when I thought there was a possibility that I could lose you--oh, my God!

EJ: Father... you're not going to lose me. Okay? And I'm not going to lose Samantha.

Stefano: But...

EJ: But nothing. [Sighs] But nothing, okay? Not as long as she keeps believing.

Stefano: Believing you?

EJ: Mm. That I think she and I are still married. That's right. [Sighs] I remember, Father. I remember everything.

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