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Brady: Shut up. You're the lunatic. You're a criminal. For years, you've done nothing but try to ruin the lives of my friends and family. You stole Philip as an embryo. You tried to kill Melanie. The situation that you're in, Viv, is because you made it that way! And all I want to do is watch you suffer. Have a drink. Hey.

[Shattering glass]

Vivian: Please wait. I have something you-- you absolutely have to hear. Please.

Kate: Will, I know you love your mother, and I respect that.

Will: Stop, Grandma. Stop it, okay? Stop it! Don't ask me questions that I can't answer.

Kate: You can't answer? Or you won't answer? Now, you need to talk to me. I need to know what you're hiding.

Sami: Okay. I did it. I shot EJ. Please just tell me what to do.

Lexie: [Sighs] I... all I can tell you... it's not what--what we hoped. Oh, God, I'd give anything if he'd...oh!

Sami: Do I have to decide this now?

Lexie: EJ's living will is very specific. He doesn't want his life prolonged by artificial means.

Jason: He hasn't been able to breathe on his own since he was operated on. Brain activity has diminished even further. I wish I could say there's a good chance, but frankly... [Sighs] His odds are so low. If he stays on the ventilator, yes, he'll be alive. But it comes down to the quality of that life.

Sami: Look, Lexie, I know you're his sister. But as a doctor, I'm asking you to please tell me, what would you do?

Lexie: I'd recommend that you take him off life support.

Vivian: Please, wait. I just want a moment. Just a moment.

Brady: Fine, talk.

Vivian: You understand, Brady, I've been in here all night and all of today, and I've have a chance--an opportunity to think about all the horrible things I've done to people over the years.

Brady: Let's not forget about what you were going to do to Maggie.

Vivian: Oh, yes, well, that. That--that's true. Ghastly, absolutely ghastly. Well, I'm so grateful for you raising my consciousness so I can change and become a better person. Your mother would be so proud. Yes, she would. She would. That's why you have to do the right thing and let me go. Think of your mother. Think of Isabella.

Victor: If this is about Vivian, I can assure you--

Maggie: I explained it to you, Victor. It's about Vivian. And Mickey. Another time, another life, who knows? But now... we simply can't be together. Except as friends. Now you have to accept that.

Victor: No, I won't. I will never accept that.

Jason: So if you're clear what the situation is...

Sami: Yes, Dr. Walters, I'm clear.

Jason: I'll give you a moment.

Sami: Oh, my God.

Rafe: It's tough.

Sami: What do I do? Do I shut the machines off? Just let him die?

Stefano: Let him die? Who the hell are you? God?

Maggie: Look, Victor, I explained to you why we can't.

Victor: Yes. We can only be friends. You're still mourning Mickey and--

Maggie: And you're still married to another woman.

Victor: Who I don't love. Never did, never will.

Maggie: Oh, Victor.

Victor: All right, listen. Hear me out. You said we should be honest with each other. That's what I'm being. I will never accept that we can't be together. Will I honor your request? Of course, I will. Doesn't mean I like the idea, and that I don't wish deeply that it could be otherwise.

Maggie: Things are what they are. I'm sorry. I'll see you at your daughter's memorial. It really is the right thing to do.

Brady: Yeah, well, that's the thing. Viv, I am actually thinking about my mother, and that is why I am not gonna let you the hell out of there. I'm gonna say good-bye for now, actually.

Vivian: No, Brady, you can't sink to my level. You're better than that. You're your mother's son. Yes, think of her. Think of her. She wouldn't want this.

Brady: We are done here.

Vivian: Fine. Go ahead and be an idiot. Don't think you won't see me again. I'll rise again!

Brady: Oh.

Vivian: My assistant will come looking for me, and he'll find me.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, about that. Um, Gus left town. Yeah, no one knows where he is. Just like no one's ever gonna know where you are.

Vivian: What? Oh, no.

Stefano: Look at her. Go ahead, everybody, come on. Look at her. No, never mind, look at Samantha Brady! She wants to murder my son!

Lexie: That is not what's going on here, and you know it!

Stefano: Like hell, it's not! You disgusting bitch!

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Listen, we're not doing this right now.

Lexie: That's enough! Not another word, do you hear me? Father, calm down!

Stefano: Let me go. Calm down. [Sighs] How am I going to calm down? There'll be plenty of time soon enough... to calm down.

Will: [Sighs] Why don't you just say it?

Kate: Say what?

Will: You think that my mom shot EJ.

Kate: No, I don't. Because she has an alibi. But I wouldn't have blamed her if she did it because she would have only been protecting her children from an absolute monster. I would do the same thing for my children. I would do the same thing for my grandchildren. I want you always to remember that.

[Phone rings]

Kate: Sorry. Yes?

Lexie: Kate, it's Lexie. You need to come to the hospital right away. Father's going to need you, probably very soon.

Kate: I'll be right there.

Sami: Stefano has another thing coming if he thinks he's gonna send me home crying because he called me names. You know? I didn't--

Rafe: You know, he knows that, okay? But his son is lying there in a bed with a bullet in his head. He's got to blame someone.

Sami: That doesn't make it right.

Rafe: Well, I didn't say that it does.

Sami: [Sighs] Thank you. I should just listened to Lexie. You know, maybe I should just do it, have her take him off the machines or whatever.

Rafe: No, you're not gonna do that. You are not gonna do that, because if you do, whoever shot him, it's basically gonna go from attempted murder to murder. I know that you have a lot on your plate right now, but that's something to consider. No you are gonna be... you're gonna be laying murder charge on someone.

Jason: We get the latest on his hematocrit?

Sarah: Not yet.

Jason: All right, I'll check on it.

Sarah: Has the family decided yet?

Jason: No. It may take a while. It's the hardest thing they'll ever do.

Lexie: Father, why don't you go sit down?

Stefano: Only if I can sit by his side.

Lexie: So...

Vivian: You're lying.

Brady: You think?

Vivian: Gus would never abandon me. Oh, we may have had a little tiff, but he's the personification of loyalty. He's going to come and find me, and you're going to end up in prison!

Brady: Viv, I think you're overestimating Gus a little bit. Did you know that he called Maggie to warn her?

Vivian: What?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, he called her. She said that the call was kind of fuzzy, but Gus basically said that he was heading out of town and that she should watch out for you.

Vivian: That useless eunuch!

Brady: It's been fun, Viv.

Vivian: Wait! How long are you going to keep me in here?

Brady: I don't know. I hadn't really thought about it. How long were you gonna keep Maggie in there?

Vivian: Well, I, uh... Brady, you can't understand this. You've got to let me out of here. If I stay in here any longer, I'll be as good as dead!

Vivian: Well.

Brady: Well, what?

Vivian: Well, I may have had a slightly harsher plan in mind.

Brady: Define "harsh," Vivian.

Vivian: You've got to get me out of here. The inside of this sarcophagus has a toxic substance, and if one breathes it too long, one--a well, they--first, they go insane.

Brady: First? Well, what--what--what the hell does that mean?

Vivian: Well, you sort of become a vegetable.

Brady: A ve--? Get out of here. Really?

Vivian: That's right. I need to get out of here.

Brady: Hold on. Wait, wait, wait, wait. All right, if what you're saying is true, then tell me. If you were planning this for Maggie, why the hell shouldn't I have you suffer the same thing?

Vivian: Your grandfather.

Brady: My grandfather? Are you kidding me? This would be a, uh, favor to him, Viv.

Vivian: Oh, he'd be very disappointed to know you've gone to the dark side.

Brady: Yeah, that's true. But he's never gonna find out, is he?

Vivian: Don't underestimate Victor. And thing about today. I arranged that entire memorial, and if I'm not there, people are going to be asking questions. Wait. Think, Brady. Stay with me. Now, you acted impulsively. You admit that this was not your plan, so without me there, you're stuck, you see? There's nothing to cover your tracks.

Brady: Yeah, you're right about that.

Vivian: So, it's--it's time to end our little game and start afresh, don't you think, Brady?

Brady: [Grunts] See ya.

Vivian: [Sighing]

[Tapping on wall]

Stefano: I'm gonna call johns Hopkins, the University of Michigan, all of them. They have experts in brain trauma. It will make all the difference.

Lexie: Father, you n--you can call, you can fly them here.

Stefano: Don't say that it will not matter.

Lexie: Father, I know how hard this is for you. Letting go is the hardest thing that--

Stefano: I am not going to let it go.

Lexie: Okay, just--just listen to me, all right? I love EJ too. Okay? This is hard for me too. I mean, yeah, what he did to Sami was--it was disgraceful, but that does not mean that I stopped loving my little brother. EJ' always been so full of life, Father. He's always been--been looking for love. I know that he-- [Sighs] I know that he would not want to go on like that. He signed that living will for a reason. Yeah, it's too bad that Sami has the authority instead of you, but that doesn't matter right now, Father. What matters is that he was very specific about wanting any treatment measured against the quality of his life.

Stefano: All right. But how do you think he would feel right now if he could see what is going on right now, huh? You know, it is one thing to sign a paper when you are strong and healthy. It's another thing entirely when you are hanging by a thread.

Lexie: [Sighs] Okay, I-- why don't you just go--go sit with him, okay?

Stefano: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Sami: I mean, why do you care so much, anyway, about whoever shot EJ?

Rafe: I care because I don't want...whoever did it to be facing a murder charge.


Sami: Oh, my God. You know.

Victor: Damn it!

Brady: What's wrong?

Victor: What good is email around the globe in two seconds if the damn Chinese won't respond?

Brady: Well, it's 3:00 A.M. over there, Grandfather.

Victor: What's wrong? Listen, about the ceremony day, if you don't want to take part in it, no one will blame you. The last thing your mother would want is for you to be upset about anything.

Brady: [Exhales] You know what? I'm gonna be there.

Victor: You'll be all right, then?

Brady: I'm fine. I'm perfect. I've never been better.

Lexie: Anything?

Sarah: No change, Doctor.

Lexie: [Sniffling]

EJ: What's wrong?

Lexie: I have a patient on life support.

EJ: Oh.

Lexie: Yeah. And, uh, the family's having a hard time deciding to let go.

EJ: I'm sorry.

Lexie: Yeah.

EJ: That's awful, you know? God knows, if I was ever in that position, I'd switch the machines off after 24 hours. I mean, I love life, but life's about being alive, feeling alive, you know?

Abe: Honey.

Lexie: [Sniffling] Oh, Abe.

Abe: Oh.

Rafe: Oh, thank God. I knew it.

Sami: Just say it.

Rafe: Oh...Will.

Sami: What? What? You think that Will shot EJ?

Rafe: Yeah. Who did you think that I meant?

Sami: I don't know. I thought you just knew who did it, but I can't believe that you think that Will would do something like that.

Rafe: Of course, I think it was Will.

Sami: Have you lost your mind?

Rafe: No, I haven't lost my--

Sami: What would make you think that?

Rafe: Because he had motive, he hasn't been straight with me. You know, I'm not saying that there is proof, but Sami, you need to understand something. If it was Will, and you pull the plug on EJ, then it's gonna up the charges against him. What?

Sami: You're gonna turn my son in to the police?

Rafe: Sam--

Vivian: [Gasps] Oh! Brady, you're back. You know, when I thought-- I thought when you disconnected us, I would hear the sound of you prying the lid off this little box.

Brady: Actually, I thought about it. I thought about actually coming down here and letting you out, but I came up with a better idea.

Vivian: Better than letting me changing my life?

Brady: Yeah, a lot better, actually. See, I thought you made a good point about people wondering where the hell you are during the memorial service so, uh, I came up with a plan.

Vivian: A plan? To--?

Brady: An email. See, Viv, you're gonna send an email to everybody, explaining everything. It's gonna go something like this. "Dear Victor, by the time you read this, I will be... gone." Let's see. "It is quite clear to me now."

Vivian: No, Brady, you mustn't.

Brady: Will you please--will you please be quiet? I'm trying to type. You're being very rude. People need to know what you're doing, Viv cannot go on."

Vivian: Brady!

Brady: "I realized, I'm sure you would say, finally, that we were simply not meant to be."

Vivian: That doesn't even sound like me. Just stop.

Brady: "And besides, my work here is done."

Vivian: "Besides? I would never use that word. It's silly.

Brady: Right, you're right, that is a silly word. "In any event, my work here is done. The shrine for your lovely daughter Isabella will stand for all time."

Vivian: You can't leave me here for all time." Victor--Victor won't believe that I left him or that email. No one will.

Brady: I don't know about that. I mean, I thought these--these letters, you know, that you wrote to Maggie's friends, they were pretty convincing, Viv. They were, you know, pretty damn poetic, actually. You'd be surprised. It's funny how people tend to believe anything if it's in writing. Anyway, stop interrupting me. Um, uh, "Don't try to find me or call," yeah. "I've gotten a new phone, and I'm gonna be changing my name." [Chuckles]

Vivian: That is nonsense. I'm telling you, it's not gonna work.

Brady: "And in the end, I realize that you heart belongs to Maggie. I wish you both a long and happy life. Love, Vivian."

Vivian: No! No! No, no!

Stefano: My son. My boy, Elvis. My life. Oh, if I had only been there in the early part of your life, when you were growing up, maturing. But life had different plans, huh? [Chuckles] Oh, God. [Sniffles] See, that is the reason why I have relished every moment, every day that we have shared together since you've come back into my life. I still do. I always will, you know. How can I? How? Nobody can tell me. How can I say good-bye? How? [Crying]

Sami: You would, wouldn't you? You have to do everything by the book, so now you're gonna turn my son in. You think he shot EJ, which he didn't, by the way.

Rafe: Sami, would you just listen to me for a second, okay? I know that you're upset and you're tired. You haven't slept much, and things are super crazy right now, but here's the thing. I don't have any evidence against Will, okay? Now, all I have is, he's been acting strange, he hasn't been up-front with me. Maybe he's hiding or covering for someone. I don't know. But here's the thing. I would never turn him in.' I would always protect him in the same way that I would always protect you, all right?

Sami: I love you. Thank you.

Rafe: I love you too. You have no reason to thank me. But listen--listen to me. Here's a point that I'm getting at. If I'm considering him as a suspect, chances are, other people are too. They're not gonna be interested in protecting him, so that's something that you need to consider.

Sami: Look, there's nothing to worry about, okay? Because I don't care what anyone thinks. The truth is, Will didn't do it, and no one's ever gonna be able to prove that he did.

Rafe: Okay.

[Door slams]

Rafe: Okay.

Abe: You gonna be all right?

Lexie: [Sighs] I don't know. Sometimes I wish I were anywhere but here. Oh, you're, uh... you're--you're, uh... you're going to need a statement. Uh, something to feed the press. Uh, it's already on the internet. We've had a few calls.

Abe: Hey, hey, hey. Don't worry about that, okay?

Lexie: [Sighs]

Abe: You know, right now, I don't want to be mayor. I just want to be your husband.

Lexie: I'm so glad you're here.

Kate: How EJ?

Lexie: Well, uh, there's been more deterioration. A decision is going to have to be made soon.

Will: It's really that bad?

Lexie: Yeah. We have to face the facts. T there's been no improvement, and all the tests were telling us there won't be.

Abe: Unfortunately, it's not a question of what to do. Just when.

Lexie: But the decision isn't up to the doctors. It's up to Sami.

Kate: But in your opinion...

Lexie: I feel that we should think about what EJ would want and respect his wishes.

Abe: It's a very difficult decision for...for someone to make.

Sami: Yeah, it is.

[Monitor beeping]

Lexie: Oh, my God.

Stefano: Oh, my God, what-- what is going on? What--what--what--what is happening here?

Lexie: Father, hey, hey, let them work, let them work, let them work. It's okay, it's okay. Let them work. Dr. Waters.

Abe: What--what happened?

Jason: Sorry. EJ had a temporary drop that set off multiple alarms, but things are back to normal now.

Kate: So it's all over?

Lexie: Uh, yes and no. I mean, he's stable for now, but his vitals could drop again. These episodes could become more frequent.

Sami: Okay, so does that mean there's no hope?

Jason: There's always hope, but statistically, the chances just aren't there. I'm sorry.

Lexie: Father.

Stefano: Oh, please, Lexie.

Lexie: Everything that could be done has been done.

Stefano: I asked for a sign. Heh. I got one.

Jason: What would you like us to do?

Sami: Um... I'm just gonna need a minute with EJ.

[Door closes]

Brady: This--this is good. "I wish you both a long and wonderfully happy life together Vivian, come on, that sounds like you. I mean, I'm really getting your voice here, don't you think?

Vivian: Brady, this is wrong on so many levels.

Brady: Here's the ending: "All my love, Vivian." Okay, now all I gotta do is send it. Wait for it.

[Taps key]

Vivian: [Gasps]

Brady: All right, now we've got some business to do. These letters--these have to disappear because Maggie isn't going anywhere. The laptop has to go. Jewelry has to go.

Vivian: Brady, you can't be doing this. You're too good a man.

Brady: Look at this. Nice earrings. What else, what else, what else? Uh, passport.

Vivian: Oh, please, I'll do anything. Just tell me, tell me. Just don't leave me here.

Brady: How much jewelry do you have, honey? My gosh.. Another cell phone. That's very tech-savvy of you, Viv. You got a text message on here. "Waiting for word." You want to tell me what that's about?

Vivian: Well, it's, um, it's a publisher who's interested in my memoirs, and sometimes he leaves me a message.

Brady: Your memoir? Your memoir? That's--that's--that's funny. I'm thinking that this is probably from somebody who was gonna help you put Maggie in the sarcophagus. Am I right? I think I'm right, aren't I? Yeah. Why don't we text him back? [Exhales] "Change of plans. Mission aborted." How about that? I don't think this person's gonna come to your rescue anytime soon, do you?

Vivian: You bastard! [Gasps] What are you doing with Lawrence's ashes?

Brady: Now I know damn well that you wouldn't leave town without your beloved dead nephew. So I'm gonna do something for you, Viv. I'm gonna find a nice, special place to dump his dust, all right? I'm thinking a certain pet cemetery. Maybe the one that my mother was put in? Then Lawrence--well, hell, he'll have a wonderful view as well.

Vivian: Brady!

Sami: Oh, my God, why can't this just be over? I have loved you and hated you. Sometimes at the same time. But I never thought it would end like this. [Sighs] [Exhales] [Sniffles] [Exhales] Okay. Ve made my decision.

Stefano: [Sighs]

Vivian: Is--is this box getting smaller? I can't take it. I can't take it anymore. [Hyperventilating] Wait, wait, wait. If Victor doesn't believe Brady, he--he--he'll come to my rescue. He'll come to my rescue. [Coughing]

Brady: Hey.

Victor: Hey. Ready for this memorial?

Brady: [Exhales] Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Victor: You know, I was just thinking. Despite all her vast shortcomings, Vivian did a good turn with this thing. I mean, a tribute to your mother is--well, it's meaningful.

Brady: Yeah, it is. I'll be sure to thank her when I see her.

Victor: For doing one good thing in her whole miserable life.

Brady: [Chuckles] Hey, did you, uh, did you check that email, by any chance?

Victor: Mm-mm, it's still the crack of dawn in China.

Brady: True, but, uh, who knows? I mean, that might give us a leg up on the bidding process, actually.

Victor: Yeah. Oh, there's an email here from Vivian.

Brady: Really? What, the woman can't, uh, talk to you face to face anymore or what?

Victor: Oh, believe me, that would be a blessing. What?

Brady: What is it?

Victor: Viv-- no, I don't believe a word of this.

Sami: All right. Go ahead.

Lexie: [Crying]

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Victor: Wonderful news! Vivian has left me! [Laughs]

Kate: You're here so we can talk about Will.

Rafe: Where were you when EJ got shot?

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