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Nicole: Oh, EJ. [Scoffs] I thought I would enjoy seeing you like this, but... it's breaking my heart, and God only knows why.

Daniel: Surprised to see you here.

Nicole: He was my husband. I lived with him. I conceived a child with him.

Daniel: Right. Forgive my, um, cynicism.

Nicole: All right, if you think for one minute that-- I may have ended up hating EJ... but he has kids, and they love him. And I never wanted him to die.

[Door opens]

EJ: You?

[Silenced gunshot]

Sami: Hey. Hey, I left a message on your cell phone.

Will: [Sighs] Yeah, uh, sorry. My--my phone's on vibrate. I haven't checked it in a while.

Sami: Mind if I sit?

Will: Yeah, go ahead.

Sami: Looks like a good, healthy breakfast.

Will: Actually, it was cold, so I...

Sami: Well...

Will: Don't, Mom, don't.

Sami: You--you have to eat.

Will: No, I don't have to do anything, okay? I'm not--I'm not hungry. All I am is worried. [Scoffs] My God, I thought my life was a mess before this, but...

Sami: God, will, I'm so sorry. You have no idea how sorry I... I was just thinking about my kids. You know, I was just trying to protect you, and look what I--

Will: I know. I know what it was about. You don't have to justify it to me, Mom.

Sami: What?

Will: I wish I had known that EJ was planning to take Johnny and Sydney. I wish I could've helped you... so that--so that it wouldn't have to come to this.

Sami: Stop it, okay? Stop it. You cannot blame yourself. You have nothing to feel guilty about. Look at me. I'm sorry. I shot EJ. I shot him, and no one could've stopped me.

Brady: [Sighs] You moved her. You moved her. Where is she, you bitch? No one's coming for you. It's just you and me now, you understand?

Vivian: So... what are you gonna do to me?

Brady: Take a guess, Viv.

Vivian: [Panting] Get me the hell out of here! Brady! Brady, damn it! Get me out of here!

Maggie: You have to talk to him, Maggie. You just have to tell him. You have to say, "Look, Victor... now that I've decided to stay in town, it is important to..." to--to--oh, God, what the hell? Just be spontaneous. Play it by ear. [Groans] And just pray that Vivian's not home.

[Doorbell rings]

Brady: Viv... you're a genius. I mean, really, you have just redefined closed-circuit television. It's amazing. [Sighs] What's the matter with you? Hey, Mummy got your tongue? I paid you a compliment, Vivian.

Vivian: All right, Brady... you've had your jollies now.

Brady: Have I?

Vivian: You've taught me a valuable lesson... and beat me at my own game. So you've won. Now have a little sympathy. I-I know you have a good heart. You're a good man. Your grandfather has told me so. Have a little compassion now and let me out of here.

Brady: No. I can't do that.

Vivian: What do you mean you can't? What are you gonna do?

Brady: I don't know. I mean, I really don't know yet. I'm kind of making this up as I go along, but, uh... [Sighs] Don't worry. I'm gonna come up with something.

Vivian: [Cries]

Sami: Will, you have nothing to feel guilty about. I am the one who should feel guilty.

Will: I know. Okay, okay. It's okay. You did what you thought you had to do. It's about the kids. You couldn't lose them, and you won't. Mom, your--your secret is safe with me, no matter what.

Vivian: If you intend to tell your grandfather or the police about this... I'll tell them my side of the story. I'll tell them that you're a self-indulgent drunk who took his anger out on the world by throwing a well-meaning woman into a sarcophagus!

Brady: [Chuckles] Really? "Well--well-meaning"? You were gonna kidnap Maggie Horton and put her into this thing. I got the letters to prove it, Viv.

Vivian: Those letters prove nothing. I didn't kidnap Maggie, did I? She's probably baking cookies as we speak, happy as a clam.

Brady: Vivian Alemain, your whole life has been about nothing but ruining and torturing other people. Bloody Mary doesn't have a damn thing on you, you crazy bitch. Good night.

Vivian: [Whimpers] Damn you, Brady! Let me out of here! You hear me? Let me out of here! Brady, where are you? Oh, my God!

Rafe: Hey. How you doing?

Will: I'm okay.

Rafe: Good.

Sami: There you are.

Rafe: You--you left without saying good-bye.

Sami: Oh. Well, you were asleep, and I didn't want to wake you up.

Rafe: Well...

Sami: I'm gonna, um... go check on EJ. Um, so, uh, I'll see you later. Bye.

Rafe: See you. She left in a hurry.

Will: Yeah, well, she's worried, obviously. I mean, no matter what, EJ's the father of her kids.

Rafe: Yeah. Well... anyway, yesterday you said that... EJ got what he deserved.

Will: Well, that doesn't mean I don't think it's sad. You know, and--and even if EJ does make it, there still might be a brain damage.

Rafe: True.

Will: So why shouldn't she be upset? The father of her kids is fighting for his life, and she's supposed to hang out with you at the Brady Pub... have a nice, leisurely breakfast?

Rafe: [Chuckles]

Will: What?

Rafe: I'm just wondering why you're lashing out at me, why you're being so defensive.

Nicole: There were many times, Daniel, when he could be loving, you know? And--and, yes, sure... he inherited the DiMera tendency towards ruthlessness, but... there was this other side to him. And now that I see him laying there like that, that's the only side that I can think of.

Daniel: Right.

Nicole: And of course, if... he does live and... goes back to the old EJ... then I will end up hating him, again, with a vengeance.

Daniel: I'm gonna go. Okay?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. I do hate you! You bastard! With every fiber of my being, I hate you. And now that the deed is done, why don't you do your fan club a favor and die?

Arianna: Get out! Get the hell away from him!

Henderson: Mr. Kiriakis will be back shortly, if you'd like to wait.

Maggie: Yes, um, I will. Thanks, Henderson.

Brady: Maggie.

Maggie: Mm! Ah, good morning, Brady.

Brady: I assume you are here to see Victor.

Maggie: Uh, yes, I am. I wanted to tell him--well, I guess everybody is just so sick to death of hearing me go back and forth with this. I've decided to delay my trip.

Brady: Good. I am very happy to hear that, actually.

Maggie: Well, I realize I have a lot of things to do right here in Salem. I want to help Melanie with that shower she's throwing for Chloe, and... I would also like to come to your mother's rededication.

Brady: Thank you. It means a lot to me. And I know it means a lot to my grandfather too. Thank you. Oh, I--I'm glad you're gonna be sticking around. I have to get ready for work.

Maggie: Okay. Brady? Um, can I have just one minute?

Brady: Sure.

Maggie: Uh, I wanted to ask you, do you know Vivian's assistant, by any chance?

Brady: Um... Gus is his name, I believe, yeah. Why, what--what about him?

Maggie: Well, he called me. Uh, he identified himself, and then the connection was a little fizzy.

Brady: Okay, what--what did he want?

Maggie: Uh, we--well, really, all I heard were little half sentences--something about his leaving town and... well, the last two words... "Watch out." [Sighs] It was somewhat disconcerting. Do you have any idea what to make of that?

Victor: Make of what?

Will: You know, I-I, uh-- I should get to class. See you later.

Rafe: Right. See you.

[Silenced gunshot]

Sami: What I did was terrible. But, EJ, you have done some terrible things to me. So now I just need to know, will it ever end? So to whoever... has my little girl... if you can hear my voice... I'm begging you... I'm begging you to--please don't let me lose my daughter again. Please bring her back to me. It was your idea, wasn't it? That's right. It was your idea that I gather that crowd together... my whole family... for that vigil. And I begged everyone. I pleaded for my daughter. You made sure you were looking me in the eye when you told me that she was dead. And you said you loved me. [Scoffs]

Lexie: He did.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Nicole: Threw me out. Yeah, that's right, and I was told to never come back, all because of that stupid bitch. I swe--I don't even know-- I'm gonna call you back, okay? Hey, wait a minute. Uh-uh-uh-uh.

Arianna: I'm in a hurry.

Nicole: I don't care...

Arianna: Get off me!

Nicole: If you're in a hurry. [Chuckles] Not until you tell me why you had me thrown out of EJ's hospital room.

Arianna: What? You--you can't figure it out?

Nicole: He was my husband.

Arianna: Oh, are you getting all sentimental on me now?

Nicole: Yeah, we were in love.

Arianna: Really, is that what you call it? Because you ruined the guy's life. What'd you do? You stole his child, and then you switched that baby with another baby. And then you lied about it. Love, right? Is that what you said?

Nicole: Oh, gosh. Is that what you told the guard?

Arianna: I didn't need to say much, actually. I just kind of jogged his memory a little bit. He's seen you on TV. You're famous, Nicole.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Arianna: "Infamous," actually--that's the better word. Excuse me.

Nicole: You little witch.

Arianna: Get off!

Nicole: No! I want to know why you've become so protective of EJ. Why are you suddenly his guardian angel?

Vivian: [Panting] But before I murder Brady, I have to get out of here. Damn it, Gus! How could you leave me at a time like this? Maybe--maybe you'll come to your senses and realize how much I need you. I know you care. Please... come back and get your precious Madame. [Whimpering]

Victor: What were you two talking about?

Maggie: Well, nothing important. Um, Vivian's assistant called me.

Victor: Gus? Why would her idiot assistant be calling you?

Maggie: I-I don't know why he called. I-I really don't know how he got my phone number. It was just something like, uh, "Watch out," and, "I'm leaving."

Victor: Well, Vivian probably just pushed him too far. I'm amazed the numbskull stayed around as long as he did. [Chuckles] What?

Maggie: I--something was off. It was something in his voice.

Victor: Well, call Vivian and ask her personally, if you'd like. Why her idiot assistant would be calling you, of all people...

Brady: No. No, you can't--can't do that.

Sami: How can you even say that?

Lexie: Sami, whatever endgame he had planned for you, I'm sure that once he realized how much he loved you, he--he regretted what he'd done, and he wanted a chance to try to make it up to you somehow.

Sami: The thing is, is that I loved him too. And now that love is gone forever.

Will: [Sighs] I got your message. What's up?

Kate: You know I'm devoted to you. You know that. And it's not just because you're my grandson. It's because I think the world of you. I do. And I would never, ever do anything to hurt you. So whatever you tell me... that's going to stay strictly between the two of us.

Will: What are you talking about?

Kate: I think you know.

Arianna: I don't have to explain my relationship with EJ to you.

Nicole: No wonder you had no problem moving on from Brady. You went from good to worse.

Arianna: You know, just shove it, Nicole!

Nicole: Are you blushing?

Arianna: I'm not moving on with anyone.

Nicole: But you'd like to, wouldn't you? Why else would you defend a man who kept his own child from her mother or your very own brother from the woman that he loves, hmm? And speaking of Rafe... what would your saintly brother think of this whole situation? How would he react if he found out his sister had a big old crush on his archenemy?

Victor: Why did you react that way, Brady? Why shouldn't I call Vivian?

Brady: Because the last time I, uh, talked to her, she was busy with the tribute for Mom. You don't want to distract her, do you?

Victor: By asking her one question?

Brady: All right, fine, whatever. Then call her, I mean, who cares?

Maggie: Well, actually, I do. Don't get Vivian involved, please. I mean, she's liable to overreact and--and do something mean... to Gus, that is. And, uh, you may think he's an idiot, but I think he's a fairly nice guy.

Brady: You know, Maggie, I think he's a nice guy too. You know, you don't want to get him in trouble with his boss.

Victor: Fine, whatever.

Brady: Okay. Good seeing you.

Maggie: You too, Brady.

Brady: Granddad.

Victor: So... you had something to tell me, Maggie?

Maggie: Yes, I did. I had some time to think last night. And I have decided to postpone my trip.

Victor: Really? Well, I'm delighted to hear that. Any particular reason?

Maggie: Oh, there's a number of reasons, actually. But the main reason is you.

Brady: [Snorts, laughs] [Sighs] Nice. [Sniffs] [Chokes, gulps] Get out of here. Hey, Viv. Still there?

Vivian: Little early in the day for a drink, isn't it?

Brady: You drove it to me, old girl. All right. [Sniffs] [Muttering]

Vivian: Brady, that's my bedroom. Those are my things.

Brady: You better save that precious breath of yours, Viv.

Vivian: If you're looking for the--

Brady: What, the camera? I think I found it, Vivian. [Laughing] You crazy woman. What the hell were you gonna do at this angle, huh? You covered your bases, Vivian. You got, uh... you got that... oh, my God, Vivian Alemain. Were you--you gonna seduce my grandfather right here-- which is a horrifying thought-- and then make Maggie watch it? Are you kidding me?

Vivian: He is my husband!

Brady: [Laughs] Then you are one big bowl of crazy.

Vivian: I love your grandfather. And I know some part of him loves me too.

Brady: See, you're really-- you're really wrong about that, because there's no part of any man that could ever love a sadistic wretch like yourself.

Vivian: [Whimpers]

Brady: And when he finds out your little plan, what you were gonna do... he's not only not gonna love you, Viv, he's gonna want you to burn in hell.

Vivian: [Whimpering]

Victor: So... you decided to postpone your trip because of me. Dare I be flattered?

Maggie: Dare away.

Victor: Well, I feel the same way, Maggie.

Maggie: I never told you how I felt.

Victor: Well, will you, then?

Maggie: I enjoy your company. I think you're funny.

Victor: That's it? Just funny?

Maggie: Also kind... to me, that is.

Victor: Well, you're easy to be kind to.

Maggie: Not always.

Victor: Well, except when you're giving me a hard time.

Maggie: [Giggles] It's easy to give you a hard time.

Victor: Well, actually, I kind of enjoy it when you tell me off.

Maggie: Okay, then I'll make it a point of telling you off more often. [Giggles]

Victor: I'm delighted that you're staying, Maggie.

Maggie: As am I. [Clears throat] But, Victor, we do have to set some boundaries.

Victor: Oh, God, I hate that word.

Maggie: Well, I hate the need to use it... however, much to my bewilderment, you still are a married man. Now, mind you, when you and Vivian became man and wife, um, I thought I had it all figured out.

Victor: Did you?

Maggie: Well, I told everybody at your wedding that I believed that you had a valid reason for exchanging vows with such a hateful person.

Victor: Well, she's crazy about you too.

Maggie: [Giggles] So I've noticed. Anyway, my point is... that I assumed that it was about protecting your family. And, you know, I never really understood about--exactly how that worked. So can you please explain it to me, Victor? Can you tell me exactly why you feel so compelled to spend the rest of your life with that awful, awful woman?

Victor: [Sighs]

Vivian: I was desperate. Don't you see? Maggie Horton was bent on destroying my life. She didn't want to see me happy.

Brady: Vivian, no one wants to think of you being happy. No one wants you to be happy. You think I want to see you happy after what you did to the remains of my mom, hmm? Hell, no. I want to see you suffer, sweetie. And here's how we're gonna start. You know Maggie Horton's here right now? She's downstairs with Grandfather, and she looks really beautiful right now. I mean, her makeup and hair is looking good. Grandfather lit up when she came in the room.

Vivian: No!

Brady: I'm serious. That man, like, devoured her with his eyes. He's a hungry guy. And, uh, they're downstairs talking. Of course, then again, it's been a-- I haven't heard a thing. They may not be talking anymore, Viv.

Vivian: No! [Crying] No!

Lexie: Oh, EJ, who did this to you? [Sighs] Who?

Sami: Oh, God, please. No one can ever find out.

Will: What are you, uh--what are you talking about? [Chuckles] Think I know what?

Kate: Think you know about what happened to EJ.

Will: Um, he was shot. That's what I know. What? You don't believe me?

Kate: No, I don't.

Will: [Exhales deeply]

Arianna: It's none of your damn business what my brother thinks.

Nicole: Just saying.

Arianna: You know, I'm just saying that you ought to have a little compassion.

Nicole: For you?

Arianna: For EJ, you idiot! He's in the hospital. He has two children. He's probably going to die. And you're standing there, asking me what my brother thinks of the fact that I think EJ's situation is sad. Why are you looking at me like that?

Nicole: [Chuckles] I'm just... happy for you, that's all... 'cause, obviously, you're in love.

Arianna: What a waste.

Nicole: I just want to say one thing. I thought EJ was a swell guy once too. He's smart and witty and handsome as all hell. What's not to like? And he was wonderful to me in the beginning. And then he started to make me feel like I wasn't good enough, like I started to annoy him just by being around him. And then I got pregnant. And then surprise, surprise, he started to like me again. And then I lost the baby, and I was sure--I knew that he was gonna throw me out of his life. And you know what? Eventually he did... me and little Sydney, both right out on our asses, just like that. So you go ahead. Go ahead and defend him because he's so hot and smart and he wants to be this good guy. But let me tell you something, if EJ does wake up... and you happen to be the one that's by his side, holding his hand, declaring your love with tears in your eyes... just know that it won't be a happy ending, because you, Arianna... will be EJ's next victim.

Rafe: How's he doing? No change?

Sami: Nope.

Rafe: Boy. How long can it go on like this?

Sami: Well, that's up to me, isn't it? I'm the one who has to decide when to pull the plug. God, that doesn't get easier to say.

Rafe: No. Listen, I'm really sorry that this is left up to you.

Sami: I can't do it. Rafe, I just can't.

Lexie: [Sniffles]

Daniel: I'm sorry.

Lexie: No improvement. The more time goes by, even if he survives, his... brain function... oh, God.

Daniel: It's okay. Hey. It's all right.

Lexie: God, my... my father--my father's not going to be able to take it, Daniel. His children...

Daniel: It's okay.

Lexie: Oh, God!

Daniel: Hey, hey, it's all right.

Lexie: [Sobbing]

Victor: It's complicated.

Maggie: I can do complicated.

Victor: Well, with Vivian, it was never about love, but you know that.

Maggie: That everybody knows. [Sighs] Well, if you're not gonna be forthright about your situation, then let's just move along to mine. Mickey and I... we had a great marriage. And I find, instead of missing him less every day, I miss him more. The grief would be somewhat more endurable if it followed a nice linear progression, but it doesn't. It just goes around and around and around.

Victor: I'm so sorry.

Maggie: Well, the point is, in spite of my admission that I like your company and the reason that I'm staying in Salem is mostly for that reason... even if you were single... I wouldn't be ready to move on. [Groans softly] And I may never be ready.

Vivian: That home-wrecking harlot! I told her to stay away.

Brady: Yeah, but that got old, didn't it? Just telling her and telling her. It's much more effective to lock her up in a sarcophagus and drive her insane.

Vivian: I was just trying to save my relationship with Victor. I wasn't gonna leave her there.

Brady: Gee, really? Vivian, are--are you forgetting about what you said before you were actually in that sarcophagus? Let me refresh your memory, sweetheart. "I'm going to help Maggie Horton reunite with Mickey." You remember saying that? Did that slip your mind?

Vivian: I didn't mean that literally.

Brady: Let me tell you something that I do mean literally. I think that your beloved nephew Lawrence misses you very much. I think he would love your company deep in hell.

Vivian: Brady! Brady... [Panting] Listen to me.

Brady: You know what? We got some options here, though. I mean, what do you prefer? I could make your life hell on earth, or what do you want?

Vivian: What are you talking about?

Brady: How do you think Grandfather's gonna react when I tell him what you did to my mom?

Vivian: No. No, you can't tell him. You can't!

Victor: I'm a bit confused, Maggie.

Maggie: Well, I suppose I'm a bit confused myself. I need your friendship, Victor. And being with you is a great comfort to me, I admit. You cheer me up just by being you. But as far as anything else goes, between your being married... [Sighs] And my grief over Mickey... this just isn't our time.

Vivian: You can't do this to me, Brady.

Brady: Why not? 'Cause what you did to my mother was humane? Was that right? You took her remains, Vivian. And you took them out of her crypt and put them in a pet cemetery to make room for Maggie Horton. I mean, does this sound like a reasonable thing?

Vivian: No. I picked a really nice spot for Isabella, really nice.

Brady: "A nice spot"? Next to Rover and Mittens?

Vivian: No, no, it was in a really nice area, very secluded.

Brady: Shut up, shut up. You're a lunatic. You're a criminal. For years, you've done nothing but try to ruin the lives of my friends and family. You stole Philip as an embryo. You tried to kill Melanie. The situation that you're in, Viv, is because you made it that way. And all I want to do is watch you suffer. Have a drink.

[Glass shatters]

Arianna: Victim? I'll tell you right now, I am nobody's victim.

Nicole: Just do yourself a favor. If EJ wakes up, take the time to really get to know him, 'cause after that, I guarantee you will wish he hadn't lived.

Will: [Exhales deeply] Um... wow, I can't believe that you're, uh, interrogating me like this, especially since...

Kate: Since... what?

Will: Well, if anybody's keeping secrets here...

Kate: Then you know... about the phone call. You know that I told your mother what EJ was planning to do?

Will: Stop it, stop it.

Kate: I understand that you love your mother--

Will: I said stop.

Kate: Will--

Will: Stop it! Don't ask me questions that you know I can't answer.

Sami: I just--I'm not ready for this. I mean, I keep picturing Johnny's face when I tell him. I mean, how am I supposed to tell my little boy that his father

[Door closes]

Lexie: Sami. EJ...

Sami: What? Just say it.

Lexie: He's taken a turn for the worse.

Sami: Oh, my God. All right, Lexie, you're the doctor. Tell me what to do. Tell me what is the humane thing to do, because I don't know, and I just want you to tell me what to do. [Sighs]

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Brady: No one's ever gonna know where you are.

Kate: I need to know what you're hiding.

Sami: You're gonna turn my son in to the police?

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