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Stefano: Go ahead, say it. You want him to die.

Sami: Do you really want to do this now?

Stefano: And if I didn't know that you had an alibi, courtesy of your Boy Scout here, I'd still think you are the one who have put him here.

Rafe: Well, she didn't. She was with me, so back off.

Stefano: Yes, you were sleeping. I promise you, Samantha, that I'm going to find out who did this, and when I do... that person is going to die in pain and alone.

Daniel: The hematocrit can give us an hourly basis of any internal bleeding in the--

[Monitor beeping]

Stefano: [Breathes deeply]

Daniel: No change for now, Mr. DiMera. We're monitoring any internal bleeding. His brain functions are still diminished, but patterns are holding.

Stefano: I don't want to hear about functions, patterns. I want to hear... when is he going to wake up?

Daniel: I'm afraid I can't tell you that, sir. All I can say is everything that can be done is being done, and it's going to stay that way until this situation resolves itself. Excuse me.

Chloe: Vivian, the door is that way.

Carly: Damn right, get out.

Vivian: Oh, no, no, no, my goodness, no. I never walk away from a discovered treasure, and you two are the mother lode.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Vivian: Something's going on between the two of you, and it isn't sisterly love. So let's see, what could it be? Well, it's not money, and it... [Chuckles] Certainly isn't brains and wit, God knows. So, uh, perhaps it's a man. Something's going on here. And it's only a matter of time before I find out what it is.

Carly: Last warning, Vivian.

Vivian: Oh, Chloe, your new friend is being so protective. It's really a shame that she doesn't know how open you were to my suggestion.

Carly: You just go from bad to worse. What are you talking about?

Vivian: Why don't you let your new BFF tell you the details? Ciao.

Chloe: Um, Carly... [Sighs] I-I think I need to tell you something.

Melanie: Why would it be your fault, uh, that Vivian's trying to get all gooey with me?

Maggie: Because Victor and I have become friends, and she is jealous.

Melanie: Of you?

Maggie: Mm, she's insecure. Stop it. Obviously she feels that if she ingratiates herself in Victor's family that he'll be inclined to see her in a good light.

Melanie: Well, if she wants to ingratiate herself with me, she better stay out of my way.

Maggie: Well, I don't think you have to worry about that, because once I'm gone, she won't feel threatened anymore, and she'll stop being a pest.

Melanie: Good... I think.

Stefano: [Exhales deeply]

Lexie: Hey. Are you all right?

Stefano: All right? My life is in pieces. [Chuckles] How's it ever gonna be all right?

Lexie: Where is Kate? She should be here with you.

Stefano: Oh, she's, uh-- she's looking for William, I think. A family--you know. Alexandra... I have to know.

Lexie: Father, I... if I could tell you, I would. [Sniffles] We just... have to prepare ourselves for... for whatever happens.

Stefano: Go on. I know you have work to do. Go. I know you have other patients. Go. I'm strong. I'll be all right. Go do your work.

Lexie: Okay.

Stefano: Go.

Lexie: Okay.

Sami: Dr. Jonas, can I, um, interrupt?

Daniel: There's been no change.

Sami: And that's bad?

Daniel: He may not wake up anytime soon or at all. His vitals are all very weak but stable for now. The main concern is his reduced brain activity. And if that doesn't improve soon...

Sami: Okay, so, um... I-I have this really awful question.

Daniel: Sure.

Sami: I mean, I've just never been in a situation like this, you know, having to decide for someone else, and it's-- it's horrible. You know, I don't know. I just want a doctor's opinion.

Daniel: Okay.

Sami: Well... look, if I have to do this, if I have to make the decision to pull the plug, which, by the way, is, like, a horrible expression, but if I'm gonna be the one in charge of deciding when to... end EJ's life... how do you know when it's okay? Like, when it's the right thing to do?

Daniel: Of course.

Stephanie: What's wrong now?

Ian: Last time I jumped the St. Mary's firewall without a problem, but now they have a new one. Unbelievable.

Stephanie: Okay, well, um, what if I log onto the university hospital's website and access it that way?

Ian: Are you kidding? That would leave a trail that they can track in, like, two seconds. Nothing's private on the internet, Steph, unless you have the right software, of course.

Stephanie: Ian, this is not a game, okay? I have to know if Philip is the one who changed the paternity results.

Chloe: And she just won't quit, you know?

Carly: Causing trouble-- are you kidding? That's Vivian's reason for living.

Chloe: Well, um... I think we're alone now.

Carly: Yeah. You got me curious. What was she talking about, you know, about you being open to suggestions?

Chloe: Well, um... I hope that you could understand. I was--I was so upset and emotional, and I was doubting myself and Daniel and everybody. And I was probably the lowest I'd ever been.

Carly: And along comes Vivian.

Chloe: Yeah, and--and she tricked me into believing that you and Daniel were at that motel together.

Carly: I know all that. Listen, let it go, okay? So she got to you, but it's over now.

Chloe: Well, um... not quite. [Sighs] Look, Carly, you--you really went out on a limb and helped me with this paternity test and making sure that Daniel didn't find out about it... so I owe you the truth.

Carly: About?

Chloe: What I almost did to you.

Daniel: There are no easy answers, Sami. There's not even guidelines to follow, 'cause every case, every person is different.

Sami: So there's no way to know for sure?

Daniel: Look at it this way. When Chloe was in a coma, several doctors told Lucas that she would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. He almost pulled the plug.

Sami: But she made it back.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, she did, and in her case, she was breathing on her own. EJ's situation is entirely different. If his brain functions drop significantly or cease entirely...

Sami: That's when I'll know?

Daniel: Maybe. I wish I could be definitive... but I can't.

Sami: Okay. Look, I understand. Thank you.

Stefano: You know... [Chuckles] Fathers... are not supposed to have a favorite son, you know. But I did... you. [Chuckles] It would always be you. I know, I know, we--we fight. We fight, yes, but it's because, I mean... [Sighs] You are so difficult to argue with. You're so--so good with words. [Chuckles] But... we always come back together again... always... because of the love... and because of the beautiful grandchildren you have given to me. [Laughing] How coul--how could you not be my favorite son, huh? [Laughs] [Sobbing]

Vivian: [Sighing] Oh. Oh, Philip, how wonderful to see you. If you're looking for Victor, he stepped out.

Philip: I came to see you.

Vivian: Oh, that's so nice. Son comes to visit.

Philip: I am not your son!

Vivian: I carried you for nine months for--

Philip: Shut up. Shut up and listen. You stay away from my wife, okay? No run-intos, no bump-intos, nothing. Are we clear?

Vivian: Oh, dear, I guess Melanie told you about my offering to help with Chloe's shower.

Philip: She doesn't want you anywhere near her, and God knows I don't either. I mean it, Vivian-- final warning. Next time, I will do whatever it takes to make sure you never see Melanie again.

Vivian: Well, all right, fine. I can drop the shower business. I have enough on my hands with my plans for Isabella.

Philip: Excuse me?

Vivian: Oh, your father didn't tell you. I'm planning a lovely tribute for his late daughter, your lovely sister. I am having her remains moved and put into a magnificent sarcophagus. She will be prominently displayed. Isn't that nice?

Philip: Isabella's been dead a very long time, Vivian. What's your game?

Vivian: Game?

Philip: Don't give me that blank look. What the hell are you up to?

Maggie: What do you mean, you think it's good? I thought you didn't want Vivian in your life.

Melanie: Yeah, but I want you in my life.

Maggie: It's just a little trip. I'm not gonna be gone forever.

Melanie: But I'm gonna miss you.

Maggie: I'm gonna miss you too. I'm gonna book this trip today. It's that important.

Melanie: Today? Why--why would you-- it's because of Victor, huh?

Rafe: Hey. Any news?

Sami: No. Dr. Jonas said that when the time comes, I'll know what to do.

Rafe: Hmm. Well, Stefano will never say that it's time to let go. So you're gonna have to be the one who decides... for EJ... and for the kids.

Stefano: [Crying] Be strong. You can do this. You have to do this for the children. You hear me? I don't know who shot you, Elvis, but... they shot the wrong man. I should be lying here instead of you. [Sobs] If I could only take your place, eh?

Ian: All right, I'm in.

Stephanie: Great. Now can you tell me if Philip's the one who changed the results from negative to positive?

Ian: [Sighs] Nothing came into St. Mary's from Titan, so it definitely wasn't Philip.

Stephanie: Really?

Ian: Whoever changed the results, they--they came in from--from somewhere else, I mean, from a different server... unless it was done internally.

Stephanie: But Philip is the most logical. I mean, he's the father, not Daniel, and now the results say the exact opposite. Who else would want to keep this secret safe? Melanie didn't know. Daniel didn't know. Oh, my God.

Melanie: Maggie!

Maggie: Oh. Oh, no, no, no, no, now. Victor has got nothing to do with this. I've been planning this trip for months. It's time, that's all.

Melanie: No, I don't believe that. Something happened with you and Victor.

Maggie: Melanie.

Melanie: I mean, why else would Vivian start feeling the need to mark her territory? And all of a sudden, you're gonna go grab a plane today?

Maggie: The trip has got nothing to do with Victor. Now, the subject is closed.

Vivian: Philip, sweetheart, I'm not up to anything. Maybe I'm just trying too hard to convince Victor and all the others that I'm--that I care, that I'm proud to be part of the family.

Philip: Oh, wake up, Vivian! Nobody cares about you, and nobody cares about what you think.

Vivian: That's not true. The problem is... well, I figured out what--what is really wrong, and that is that no one will give me a second chance, except for my beloved husband.

Philip: You tried to kill my wife, Vivian. And now you've come up with this ludicrous idea of moving my sister's body to some sarcophagus. What, do you think that is gonna impress my father? You can't fix a marriage made in hell by moving dead bodies around, Vivian.

Victor: What's going on here?

Stefano: I will never give up on you. Fight, my son. Fight. And don't worry. I'll find who did this to you. I love you. Fight.

Sami: I don't want to decide this. I can't.

Rafe: I understand. Some things... you just have to let them play out. You think, um...

Sami: What?

Rafe: Well, maybe if you went in there and, I don't know, sat next to him, maybe you'd have a better idea of what to do.

Sami: Right, and if it were anyone but EJ, I'm sure that would help, but it's not. It's EJ and those damn machines.

Rafe: Well, those machines are keeping him alive.

Sami: Right. And if I tell the doctors, they're gonna turn them off.

Rafe: Look, if he's gonna die anyway... why not just let him go? It'd make life easier... for everyone.

Daniel: Oh, come--come on in, beautiful.

Melanie: Hello.

Daniel: So what's up?

Melanie: Well, I thought I would stop by and tell you that I'm throwing a baby shower for Chloe, and if you're good, I'll invite you.

Daniel: I'll try to be good.

Melanie: [Giggles] Carly's gonna help too.

Daniel: Really?

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Well, you just turned an otherwise stressful day right around. It sounds like you and Chloe are actually getting close.

Melanie: Yeah, I guess we are.

Daniel: Yeah, and the fact that Chloe and Carly are now getting along is like... icing on the cake.

Ian: Wait, you know who changed the test results?

Stephanie: It has to be the one who had just as much to lose as Philip--Chloe.

Ian: The mother of the baby.

Stephanie: Right.

Ian: Well, does she have the smarts to do that?

Stephanie: No, but she could find a friend.

Ian: Kind of like you did.

Stephanie: Yeah. But you're the best friend in the whole world.

Ian: Thanks. But hey, you've, um, done me favors, so...

Stephanie: So we're even now, right?

Ian: Right. And I guess this pretty much wraps it up. I mean, if anybody wants to keep the results secret, it's the mother.

Stephanie: Yeah, except for the fact that Chloe is the biggest blabbermouth. I don't really trust her to keep the secret to herself. Plus, I have to make sure that it was really her.

Chloe: This is really hard for me to talk about.

Carly: Chloe, I can see that, but it's out there now. So what is it you tried to do to me?

Chloe: When I thought that you and Daniel were sleeping together and lying and I slept with another guy... Vivian started saying all this crazy stuff, and I...

Carly: What?

Chloe: Well, um, I... I sort of... tried to kill you.

Philip: Well, your new bride is getting an earful from me about staying away from my wife and out of my life for good.

Vivian: Philip, I know you'll always be somewhat distrustful of me, but you have to know that I have only your family's best interest at heart.

Philip: Oh, you don't have a heart, Vivian.

Stefano: Where do you think you are going?

Sami: Well, Stefano, I'm going to go sit with EJ for a little bit.

Stefano: You are never to go into that room, ever.

Lexie: Okay, Father, stop it. You can't dictate who goes into EJ's room.

Stefano: I am his father.

Lexie: Sami is his legal medical guardian.

Stefano: Oh, for the love of God.

Lexie: Do I have to call security?

Stefano: I'll be watching you.

Sami: Fine, you do that.

Stefano: My son is helpless in there.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Stefano: And your new fiancée has brought nothing but pain and ugliness in his life.

Rafe: Well, at least she didn't kidnap his baby daughter. Now, if you're looking for someone to blame as to why EJ got shot, why don't you look in the mirror?

Stefano: What?

Rafe: Yeah. For all we know, the wrong DiMera got shot last night. As far as I'm concerned, I wish whoever was responsible for this would've wiped out the entire DiMera clan.

Sami: You are Johnny's dad. You're Sydney's dad. How could you-- I can't believe I did this.

[Silenced gunshot]

Vivian: [Sighs] I do care about you, Philip, and Victor. Aside from Lawrence, you're all I have. That's why Maggie Horton's going on a long, long trip... to nowhere.

Philip: Why is she still here? I mean, okay, something weird was going on at the wedding, but, I mean, that's got to be over with by now, right, dad?

Victor: Philip, I would appreciate it if you don't ask me questions I can't answer.

Philip: Oh, you can. You just won't. [Sighs] Look, I don't know what the hell is going on here, but I do know this--there's got to be somebody out there that you can love--I mean, you know, really love. Somebody who'd actually make you happy. Whatever. I'll see you.

Maggie: I'm going on this trip for us... and not for whatever silly stuff is going on with Victor.

Ian: We just proved that Philip wasn't the one that changed the results, so, I mean, isn't Chloe the next logical suspect?

Stephanie: I suppose. I mean, she did sleep with Philip and, uh, cheat on Daniel, so I'd imagine that that slut wouldn't want anyone to find out.

Ian: But still...

Stephanie: What?

Ian: Well, I mean, you just said she's a big blabbermouth. So if that's true, I mean, eventually she's gonna slip up, and everybody's gonna know the truth.

Stephanie: No, I can never let that happen.

Carly: You tried to kill me?

Chloe: Please let me explain.

Carly: As in actual murder?

Chloe: Yeah, but it was a complete lapse in judgment. I was not thinking straight.

Carly: I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Chloe: I am so sorry. It was a huge mistake, and I have regretted it ever since.

Carly: Chloe, what exactly did you try to do to me?

Stefano: My son is in there fighting for his life, and you--

Lexie: Okay, okay, okay, stop it, stop it, both of you. Okay, no one needs this right now. Back off, Rafe!

Rafe: All right, I'm sorry.

Abe: Lex, Lex, Lex.

Lexie: Oh, Abe, I'm so glad you're here.

Kate: What's going on?

Stefano: This trash here is gloating over the fact that my son is on his deathbed.

Lexie: EJ, um... he's on life support. He has diminished brain activity. He... [Sighs] He may not-- he may not--

Sami: Oh, my God, what have I done? Lexie! Lexie! Somebody!

Sami: Lexie! Oh, my God, Lexie, hurry!

Rafe: What's going on? What's going on?

Sami: I don't know. I don't know.

Lexie: EJ? EJ?

Sami: I was just talking to him, Lexie, and--and he opened his eyes.

Lexie: Rafe, please.

Rafe: All right, come on. Come on, let's wait outside.

Sami: Okay.

Lexie: EJ. EJ, can you hear me? EJ, honey, can you hear me? EJ? EJ!

Sami: I don't believe this. I mean, I-I don't believe this.

Stefano: What happened?

Rafe: EJ opened his eyes.

Stefano: [Gasps] My God. D-d-does that mean...?

Sami: He's waking up. He must be waking up.

Stephanie: If Chloe is the one who changed the paternity results, I will talk to her. I'll just tell her that I'll do everything I can to keep her secret.

Ian: Yeah, I mean, but first, you need to prove that it's her.

Stephanie: Yeah, how do I do that?

Nathan: Uh-oh, guess who's on break. Hi, Ian.

Ian: What's going on?

Nathan: Not much. What's going on with you? And, uh, why are you here a-again?

Chloe: Well... let me start at the beginning. [Sighs] I was hit with a lot of things all at the same time-- finding out I probably couldn't have children and then the hysterical pregnancy and then finding out that Daniel had a child with you. I'd never felt so jealous or insecure over someone my whole life. You had given Daniel the one thing I thought I never could. [Voice breaking] And then Vivian found out how much I hated you, and you know what happened next.

Carly: She tricked you. She made you think Daniel and I were having an affair.

Chloe: Yeah, and that led me to sleep with another man, and you found out and started pressuring me to tell Daniel about it.

Carly: You wanted to get rid of me for good.

Chloe: I was desperate, okay? I didn't know what I was doing. I just--I couldn't bear the thought of losing Daniel. I'm really ashamed.

Carly: You still didn't tell me what you were trying to do. How did you try to kill me?

Chloe: It's too horrible to even say. You find out, you'll never speak to me again. And you'll probably go to Daniel and tell him. But after what I did... I wouldn't blame you.

Maggie: Sorry I didn't call. I was in the neighborhood, and I wanted to drop this off. It's for the baby.

Daniel: Well, uh, thank you. But why--

Melanie: Hey, Maggie, I didn't know you were coming over.

Maggie: I was delivering a baby gift.

Daniel: Isn't that thoughtful? And speaking of thoughtful, guess who's throwing a baby shower for Chloe.

Maggie: I heard. That's so sweet.

Melanie: Yeah. I wish you could come.

Maggie: What, have you been bad?

Melanie: [Laughs] No, she hasn't. She's going away. And that just breaks my heart.

Vivian: Oh.

Gus: Madame, do you really want to be doing this?

Vivian: Broken record, Gus.

Gus: But the last time you put someone in a coffin--

Vivian: Oh, please stop talking about the last time. Practice makes perfect. Besides, I'm not trying to kill anyone. I'm just playing with Maggie.

Gus: Playing with her? You're planning on driving the poor woman insane.

Vivian: The poor woman shamelessly threw herself at my husband, no, I'm afraid Maggie has made her bed, and now she's going to have to, as they say, lie in it.

Sami: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe he was just lying there, a-a-and then he--

Stefano: And then--then what?

Sami: He told you, he-- he opened his eyes.

Stefano: And you wished he hadn't.

Sami: No. No, of course not. Don't say that.

Stefano: Oh, cut out the act, Samantha. We all know how you feel about my son. And in your heart, you don't want him to make it, because if he does, you know what is going to happen.

Chloe: Do you remember the night of Victor and Vivian's wedding?

Carly: Unfortunately, yes.

Chloe: Well, you ordered me to tell Daniel about my fling.

Carly: Yeah, I did. Go on.

Chloe: Well, Vivian overheard me, and she offered to help me take care of you. So she gave me a number to this man who was supposed to be really good at making elevators malfunction.

Carly: That night in the hospital, the elevator crashing?

Chloe: Yeah, it wasn't an accident. It was meant to kill you.

Ian: I'll catch you later, Steph.

Stephanie: Yeah, I'll call you.

Nathan: You know, up until recently, I'd never even heard of your pal Ian before, and now he's here all the time. What's, uh... I mean, what's up with that?

Stephanie: Nothing. I told you, he's helping me with the hospital's new computer software. I didn't realize how difficult it was gonna be.

Nathan: Right. Come on, you're not telling me the whole truth.

Daniel: Where are you going?

Maggie: Um, a vacation, you know, just to get away for a while.

[Cell phone rings]

Melanie: Shoot, it's the caterer I tried to call. I'll be right back.

Maggie: Okay.

Daniel: Okay. Well, are you gonna be gone for a while?

Maggie: I'm not sure. Um, I'm just gonna kind of play it by ear.

Daniel: Are you? Okay, well, have you been planning this? Because it seems a little sudden.

Maggie: Um... well, you know, no, I just-- I've been wanting to get away. And then this, you know... this trip... Mickey and I--we had planned to take it right before he died. [Chuckles] So I just thought that maybe it would be... comforting in a way.

Daniel: Hey.

Maggie: Okay, okay, what? All right, why are you looking at me that way?

Daniel: I just think that, I mean, going on a trip that you were going to take with Mickey... look, is it--is it presumptuous for me to say that I don't think it will be comforting? In fact, I think it will be, uh, difficult, actually.

Maggie: No, it's not presumptuous. You lost your wife. So you do have experience with grief. [Sighs] You could be right.

Daniel: Is there another reason you're leaving town?

Victor: You know, it's very dangerous to disobey me, so listen carefully. No matter what it takes, I order you to have fun today. Am I clear? Then let our adventure begin.

Sami: Stefano, I do not want EJ to die. He is the father of two of my children.

Stefano: That's exactly why you want him to die, because you would love nothing more than to have the children to yourself.

Sami: Oh, that is ridiculous, okay? EJ is the one--

Stefano: Alexandra, did he wake up? Is he going to be all right?

Carly: You're not getting away with it this time.

Will: I know what you did.

Rafe: So I'm gonna make you pay for what you've done to Sami.

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