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EJ: Why would I possibly care what you think about me? Hmm? I don't care about you.

Nicole: Because you know I'm right, EJ.

EJ: You know what I know? I know that you betrayed me. That's what I know. And I know you're going to pay. That's what I know.

Nicole: It is very convenient for you to blame me for your problems, and you skip right over what you did to Sami and your family and your children.

EJ: I protect my family!

Nicole: You think you protected them? You protected Sydney by taking her away from her mother? Did you protect Johnny by telling him that his sister was dead? That's protecting them?

EJ: I told him not to worry, all right? I told him it was fine.

Nicole: That's great.

EJ: I told him it was fine, all right? I told him it was fine. I told him.

Nicole: Good for you, EJ. You don't think that that little boy saw that Sami was dying inside? That she was unbelievably sad, and you told him what? That everything was gonna be fine, that you had it all under control?

EJ: Just--will you sh--

Nicole: No, I will not!

EJ: Shut up!

Nicole: No! Is that how little boys are raised to be DiMera men? Hmm? By making them watch the people they love suffer, and teaching them not to care? Is that how you become big, strong men? By kicking a little baby out of your house because she didn't have the right--

EJ: I said, shut up! Shut up!

Nicole: Well, I guess you'd better have another drink, EJ. Because I think you're starting to realize what you did.

Rafe: Now you remember, I'm the one who never lies to you. You're gonna be scared for a while. That's normal. Everything's gonna be okay.

Sami: You can't act like EJ's gonna just stop. I mean, he's never gonna give up looking for those kids.

Rafe: Well, I didn't say that. We know what he's done and how to fight him, how to neutralize him, and how to pay him back at the same time.

Sami: How?

Rafe: Well, you get sole custody of the kids.

Stefano: You're overreacting. I told you I would take care of the situation.

Kate: I don't trust you to take care of the situation. This day has been a complete disaster. You and EJ have been taking care of this situation for months, and you did a rotten job of it.

Sami: Wait a second. You said I might not be able to get custody, and if we take this to court, he will just pull out the long list of all the horrible things that I have done.

Rafe: The horrible things that you've--all right, first of all, we don't go to court. We go to EJ, and you negotiate with him, and you get full custody.

Sami: He's never gonna agree to that.

Rafe: You have the CD of him confessing.

Sami: Which may or may not be admissible.

Rafe: Do you think he wants Johnny to hear that? What about Sydney, when she's old enough to understand? You make it clear that if he tries to take your kids, they're gonna hate him for the rest of his life.

EJ: Sorry. [Sniffles] It's been a rough day. I'm sorry. I asked you four times to shut your mouth! The next time you--

Daniel: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You okay? What the hell? Are you out of your mind?

EJ: Let me tell you what happens to a man's life when he starts standing up for her. All right?

Daniel: Go home.

EJ: It goes straight to hell.

Daniel: It's not like you were a saint before she came along.

EJ: It's not over.

Daniel: Well, it's over for the moment, because I have got no qualms about putting drunks out of their misery. As a matter of fact, I actually enjoy it.

EJ: [Laughs]

Daniel: What happened to George?

Nicole: EJ... EJ, he...

Daniel: It's okay.

Nicole: [Gasping]

Daniel: It's okay. He's gone.

Nicole: [Exhales] He was gonna kill me. [Crying] He was gonna kill me.

Daniel: It's all right.

Rafe: You don't want to do it to the kids. You don't want Johnny to know.

Sami: Would you want to know that about your father?

Rafe: Well, I'm not saying that you're really gonna tell him. I'm saying you threaten EJ with telling him.

Sami: Well, the kids are EJ's Achilles heel. You should have seen how upset he was when he saw that FBI jacket. He--he wants to be Johnny's hero.

Rafe: He has a funny way of showing it.

Sami: Well, he acted really worried about Johnny finding out what DiMera Enterprises is really all about. I don't know. Maybe that whole thing was an act too.

Rafe: Well, I think the one thing that guy cares about is his kids.

Sami: Well, then hope the threat works, because one way or another, I have to keep those kids away from him, especially after what he did.

Nicole: EJ drinks, but he doesn't get drunk. [Exhales]

Daniel: Listen, you know what? You need to calm down.

Nicole: Oh, he was so-- he was so drunk, he was out of control. He really--he really was gonna kill me.

Daniel: Okay. Why?

Nicole: I don't know. I just--I just kept talking. I just--I--I just kept talking because I felt like if I looked scared or--or if I pleaded with him, it would have--it would have made it worse, and he would lose it, so I just kept talking about him and all the horrible things that he did.

Daniel: A lot of material there.

Nicole: God. Daniel, I felt like I was running out of time, and then-- and then you came back.

Daniel: I just threatened a DiMera, so don't you think I might want to know why?

Nicole: EJ paid Anna DiMera to kidnap Sydney to make Sami pay.

Daniel: What?

Nicole: He is a horrible person.

Daniel: But why is he so mad at you?

Nicole: Because I found out about it and I blackmailed him. Look, I overheard EJ telling Stefano about it, and I recorded it, and then Rafe got a hold of the CD, and then he used it to stop Sami and EJ's wedding.

Daniel: So you blackmailed EJ, and then you handed over the evidence to the FBI?

Nicole: Yeah, I guess you could put it that way.

Daniel: Well, you're right. He is going to kill you.

Stefano: Be careful, woman.

Kate: Oh, why? Because you have the goods on me? Because you can wave your hand and you can send me to prison? Believe me, I never forget that.

Stefano: Yeah? Well, you're acting as if you have.

Kate: Because I'm scared! I'm scared. I'm afraid that will is going to find out that you were involved with EJ, and--and that you had his back. And then he'll think that I had your back. And since I brought Will into this house, he'll think that I'm part and parcel of everything that's DiMera, and he's going to come to hate the name DiMera, and my last name is now DiMera.

Stefano: You know, this little tirade of yours accomplishes nothing.

Kate: Because I'm trying to drive home a point. When the time comes, you need to make clear to will that I knew nothing of what went on here. Nothing. And I was appalled by your son's behavior. And if that doesn't happen, not only will I walk out of that door, I will bring down this house.

[Door slams]

EJ: Get out. Out.

Kate: You're drunk.

EJ: Yep, I'm drunk! Get her out, please. We have some family business.

Will: Okay, it doesn't make any sense that Stefano would have anything to do with the kidnapping.

Caroline: No? Because hurting your mother is his favorite sport.

Will: All right, he might have been like that before, but he's not like that anymore.

Caroline: Good grief, Will. I cut you some slack about Kate because it's not your fault you're related to her, but this isn't something minor, you know? This isn't about a grade in Algebra. You don't try to tell me Stefano's good. He's changed? How dumb can you be?

Kate: It's good to see that even though you've screwed up your life beyond recognition, you can still maintain your arrogance.

EJ: Father, get rid of her or I will.

Kate: [Amused chuckle] Remember what I said. I will not let that drunk come between me and--and Will.

EJ: Cheers.

Stefano: She's not too far off the mark, you know, because this is a very pathetic performance.

EJ: The conversation that you and I had--Nicole recorded it.

Stefano: Good God.

EJ: Then she gave it to Rafe, and Rafe played it for Samantha and me, and now they're taking it to her father.

Stefano: Can't we get it suppressed?

EJ: Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know. But I'm not taking any chances. I'm doing something I should have done a long time ago. I'm taking my children, and I'm getting out of here.

Stefano: Good God! Haven't you done enough to those children already? Don't you think about them? Hmm? Oh, of course not. All you do is think about yourself.

Rafe: Do you want to go to your grandma's, see the kids?

Sami: They're asleep. I know they're safe. I just want to stay here with you.

Rafe: Well, just for the record, I did count three patrol cars there when I left.

Sami: Yeah. I don't want them to see me like this. They're gonna know I'm stressed out, look upset.

Rafe: Yeah. Any chance you could get some sleep?

Sami: I'm definitely not taking a sleep pill.

Rafe: Hmm. Yeah.

Sami: Imagine what I'd do.

[Both laugh]

Rafe: All right, well, in that case, Dr. Hernandez prescribes some medicinal brandy. How's that?

Sami: All right, if you'll have some with me.

Rafe: All right. Hey, listen, things are good. You're out of that house. Your kids are safe. This is definitely the beginning of things getting better. Okay?

Sami: Well, you're right about that.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: [Laughs] [Sighs] Okay. Okay, Sami. It's okay. Things are definitely getting--

[Phone rings]

Sami: You have got to be kidding me. How dare you call me here!

Kate: Just shut up and listen. I just heard EJ tell Stefano that he's going to take the children and disappear tomorrow.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Kate: EJ was telling Stefano about the CD that Nicole made. You know about that, right?

Sami: Yeah.

Kate: He thinks that you can use it as ammunition to get sole custody of the kids. Sami, listen to me. He's very drunk, and he's very scary right now.

Sami: Things are about to get better.

Kate: What?

Sami: I said--I said I knew EJ wouldn't stop.

Kate: Listen to me. Right now, I think he's too drunk to do anything tonight, but you better think about something to do, because he's very, very serious.

Sami: I gotta go.

Rafe: [Sighs] Top shelf.

Sami: [Laughs]

Rafe: [Exhales] So, who were you talking to?

Sami: I was talking to my grandma.

EJ: [Takes deep breath] [Exhales]

Rafe: So... kids are okay?

Kate: I just heard EJ tell Stefano that he's going to take the children and disappear tomorrow.

Sami: It's fine. You're right, everything's fine.

Daniel: Is he okay? Yeah, yeah, no problem. I can stay with her. All right, thanks. Your bodyguard will be back in a couple minutes.

Nicole: Thank you. Are you gonna stay with me?

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: Daniel, why did you come back?

Daniel: Oh, it just didn't feel right, leaving you alone. I wanted to make sure your FBI agent came back, you know.

Nicole: Oh. I see you fall into the good guy category. I don't have a lot of experience with them. Chloe's lucky to have the love of a man like you. I don't really know what that's like.

Daniel: So, uh, are you a baseball fan, hmm?

Nicole: Now that EJ's gonna kill me, I know... I'm never gonna find out. Oh, God, Daniel, why? Why me? Why?

Daniel: Hey. You know, did it ever occur to you that maybe you shouldn't have blackmailed a mobster?

Nicole: Oh... it's just my... my love of money leads me to make really bad decisions.

Daniel: I know.

Nicole: Though I really did like sticking it to EJ, and I know that was stupid too. I know that.

Daniel: Yeah, not the smartest thing.

Nicole: Oh, God. I really did-- I really did love him. I know he's a bad person, but I did love him, and before I lost the baby, we were so happy, and... oh, God. I don't know what's happening to my--to my life, Daniel. I don't--I don't--I don't know how--how long I have left to live it, and I--I--

Daniel: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, it's okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Nicole: [Crying]

Daniel: Shh. It's okay.

Nicole: I don't...

Daniel: It's okay.

Caroline: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Will: But you meant it.

Caroline: Will, I've been on your side lots of times, and I know that you have issues with Sami. But, you know, your mother said nothing and dealt with you moving into the DiMera household.

Will: She moved in herself.

Caroline: I know. Because over and over again, those people make people trust them, like Stefano made you trust him.

Will: Aren't people supposed to be innocent until they're proven guilty?

Caroline: EJ could not have pulled this off without Stefano's help and support.

Will: You say that because you hate him, but you have no proof.

Kate: Well, I just saw EJ storm by. Are you all right?

Stefano: [Exhales] It's very bad, Katherine, very bad.

Kate: Worse than before?

Stefano: It seems that Hernandez has produced a CD that has Elvis admitting that he paid Anna to take Sydney.

Kate: Oh. Loose lips sink ships.

Stefano: There's more. I'm also on it, which proves that I knew what he was doing.

Kate: Hmm. And now Hernandez is going to give that CD to Sami, Sami will tell Will.

Stefano: Look, I told you that I would fix it, all right? You are not going to lose your grandson.

Kate: Well, we'll see about that. But right now, at least EJ is stopped. He can't do any more damage. Right?

Stefano: Right.

Kate: [Sighs] You've had a very difficult day today, haven't you, my darling?

Stefano: You know... [Sighs] I was just thinking maybe we ought to get out of here, huh? Why don't we spend a night on the yacht?

Kate: Do you think it's a good idea to leave EJ all alone?

Stefano: I think he'll be fine.

Kate: Yes, of course, he will. Because after all, he has his father to take care of him, doesn't he?

Nicole: Brady is a good guy, and I ruined it. I ruined it.

Daniel: You know, Nicole, EJ may have gone home to get a gun, so let's just skip the stroll down memory lane. Okay?

Nicole: He doesn't want to have anything to do with me, and I don't blame him.

Daniel: You know what? You don't--oh, look at that. There you are. You all right? Good to see you.

George: You okay, Miss DiMera?

Nicole: Physically.

George: I know it's been a long night, so I think I'll just wait till tomorrow morning to get your statements.

Daniel: All right, that's fine. Uh, well, I'm off.

George: Right. A squad car will follow you home. Wait outside your apartment till we know exactly where DiMera is.

Daniel: No, that's okay. It's okay. I don't think he's gonna be coming after me, so...

George: I don't think so, either. The protection is for Miss DiMera.

Daniel: Excuse me?

George: She's staying with you, right? The safest place I could offer her is a cell.

Daniel: Yeah, but, uh, I-- there--

George: Come on, huh? Be a good guy.

Sami: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but you've done so much for me, I--I can't let you get in trouble for me. [Sighs] I have to do something.

EJ: Harold, I said get out! Out! [Draws deep breath] [Exhales] [Sniffles] [Sighs] [Sniffles] [Exhales]

Sami: Three cards for gentleman Johnny DiMera. Hey, hey, hey. [Raps] Decorate the mahogany there, buddy.

EJ: Oh, yeah, that's Irish Brady for "put your cash on the table."

Johnny: I'll show you an elephant.

EJ: An elephant? Yeah? I got a train. A train beats an elephant.

Sami: Well, I do not have any elephants, so I'm gonna have to fold. [Sniffling]

Stefano: There was no reason for me to tell you what Elvis did.

Kate: There was every reason, because I could have gotten will out of the house. We could have been in Hong Kong when all of this hit the fan.

Stefano: I guess I could have been wrong about you, Katherine. You don't care about me.

Kate: Don't give me that. I am just like you. I know exactly where I rank in regard to your precious Elvis and Alexandra, so don't give me that wounded look just because I feel the same way about my family that you feel about yours. Now you can fix this, and we can go back to where we were, but the ball's in your court.

Stefano: Fine. But, uh, get one thing straight. I am not doing this because you threatened me.

Kate: No? Then why?

Stefano: Because I love you.

Kate: But DiMeras never tell the truth.

Stefano: Excuse me, Caroline, we are looking for William. Is he here?

Caroline: You're late, Stefano. Way, way late.

EJ: [Sniffling]

Rafe: Sami.

Sami: EJ!

Kate: I just heard EJ tell Stefano that he's going to take the children and disappear tomorrow.

Sami: No. There's no way that's happening, EJ! EJ! EJ, where are you?

EJ: [Sniffling] It's okay.

Sami: EJ, this is it. From this moment on, for the rest of your life, nothing will ever be the same. That child is the most important thing in the world, and his needs have to come first, before yours and mine and before Stefano's.

EJ: [Crying]

Sami: Anything I felt for you, you killed. You destroyed it with what you did. I mean, I can't believe you! I'm taking my kids, and I'm getting out of here! And I swear to God, EJ, I will make sure that you never see your children again!

Stefano: Good God! Haven't you done enough to those children already? Oh, no, of course not. All you do is think about yourself.

EJ: [Crying] [Sniffling] [Grunts]

Caroline: Now Will has a much clearer picture of what you are like, Mr. DiMera, and how you operate.

Stefano: Listen to me. I had nothing to do with the kidnapping. As a matter of fact, Elvis was as mad at me as he was with Samantha.

Caroline: Ah. And I don't think he's as taken with you either as a co-conspirator and assist his kidnapping.

Kate: I had no idea what EJ did until today.

Kate: Well, tell Will that. See if he believes you. You two have such pristine records, and your good word means nothing. Don't be vindictive.

Caroline: It's over. My Sami's gonna be hurt for the last time, and she has Rafe Hernandez to make sure of it.

Nicole: [Sighs] Thank you for everything, George.

George: I screwed up. I'm sorry you had to deal with that guy, but it won't happen again.

Nicole: Hmm. From your mouth to God's ears, huh? Hmm?

Nicole: You know, Chloe went out for a while. Can I get you some water or something?

Nicole: Uh, or some vodka, gin, rubbing alcohol.

Daniel: [Laughs] All right, I'll see what I can get.

Nicole: [Sighs] I know you didn't want to do this, which makes it even nicer that you are.

Daniel: Ah, don't mention it.

Nicole: Daniel, do you think EJ's really gonna kill me?

EJ: [Exhales] [Sniffling] [Crying]

Sami: EJ!

Daniel: Well, now that you're here, I don't think you have to worry about EJ anymore. Assaulting an FBI agent-- that is a major mistake.

Nicole: Yeah, well, sadly, he has a way of rebounding.

Daniel: Yeah? Well, we'll see about that. Well, you know where the guest bedroom is. It's time for me to go to bed. This being a good guy, it's a little exhausting. You all right?

Nicole: Yes.

Daniel: Good night.

Nicole: [Sighs] Well, I guess it's over. I have nothing to worry about.

EJ: Somebody turned up at my wedding today, unexpectedly, with a slightly unexpected little audio wedding present.

Nicole: Cops patrol this area, EJ.

EJ: The cops? Nikki, sweetheart, I've got nothing to lose, all right? So I'm a very dangerous man right now.

Nicole: [Sighs] No, it's not over. Not while EJ's still alive.

Sami: EJ! EJ, where are--? Wake up! Get up! I am not letting you take my children from me! It is not happening, EJ! Get up! Oh, God, I--

Kate: I just heard EJ tell Stefano that he's going to take the children and disappear tomorrow.

EJ: The ransom note was a hoax.

Sami: What--what do you mean?

EJ: I mean, our baby is dead.

Sami: What? I don't know what you're saying.

EJ: You don't? I love you.

Kate: He's going to take the children and disappear.

EJ: Our baby is dead. I love you.

Kate: Take the children...

EJ: Our baby is dead. I love you.

Kate: Take the children.

[Sami takes the gun out of EJ's hand while he sleeps and shoots him]

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Nicole: I will not have a moment's peace in my life until I take care of EJ permanently.

Stefano: No one is gonna do anything hasty tonight.

Sami: [Gasps] Oh, God.

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