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Stefano: Ah, there you are.

Kate: Stefano.

Stefano: Would you excuse us, please?

Chad: Yeah, sure. Take care, Mrs. DiMera.

Stefano: Ah. [Coughs] You, um... you did not say good-bye. You just left the house.

Kate: Do I get a demerit for that?

Stefano: What were you talking to that boy about this time?

Kate: Oh, I see. You can lie to my face for months, but I can't leave the house without saying good-bye. And I have to tell you everything about things that aren't your damn business.

Stefano: Don't you dare talk to me like--

Kate: I will talk to you any way I want! And if it doesn't work for you then you can just go to hell!

Stefano: Oh, what the hell has gotten into you?

Kate: I am tired! I am tired of the lies! I am sick to death of the secrets.

Nicole: Oh, Chloe. A baby. I'm so happy for you.

Chloe: Thank you. I still can't quite believe it.

Nicole: So when the doctor said it would be almost impossible for you to conceive...

Chloe: I guess the operative word was "almost."

Nicole: [Exhales] I'm so glad I love you so much otherwise I would be so damn jealous.

Chloe: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. This must be hard for you considering what you went through.

Nicole: No, Chloe. I told you I'm so happy for you. But...

Chloe: But what?

Nicole: Well, I just have one question.

Chloe: Oh, oh, yeah. Um, no, um, Daniel is the father. Carly did a paternity test. The results came back and--thank God--the baby's his.

Nicole: Yeah. That's great. Because the last time I spoke to you, you said that Carly wanted you to tell Daniel about your little one-night stand.

Chloe: Yeah, well, once she found out I was pregnant, everything changed. She's actually been really awesome about all this.

Nicole: Really?

Chloe: Yeah. Carly's not gonna say a word to Daniel now that we know for a fact that the baby is his.

Nicole: Well, I-I guess dreams really do come true. A wedding, a baby... Chloe, you're gonna have everything you want. And you deserve it.

Chloe: You will someday too.

Nicole: You're very sweet to say that, I'm not.

Sami: I'm--I'm sorry.

Rafe: No, no, stop.

Sami: I-I have something else I want to say. You might... EJ turned me against you by making me doubt you. And I let him. And I just wanted you to know... that I will be ashamed of that for the rest of my life.

Rafe: No, it's--you wanted to have your baby back.

Sami: And you brought her back to me. Not EJ. And never gave up. You never stopped. You kept the pressure going. And... why?

Rafe: Because I never felt like we had the truth. Now we do. It's finally over.

Arianna: Can't believe it. The man who's standing right before me. The man who has been so good to me could do something so horrible. Why, EJ?

EJ: Because she hurt me and I-I wanted to hurt her back.

Arianna: So you hurt your child too by taking her away from her family.

EJ: What exactly are you trying to say? Did I know it was a good idea at the time? No! Okay? Do I know it was a mistake? Yes! Did I fix it? Yes! Did I try to atone for it? Yes!

Arianna: How do you atone for something like that?

EJ: I don't know! But I don't deserve to have my children taken away from me!

Daniel: Chloe is very happy. The only time she isn't is when she's in this house. Which is why I will from now on keep her away from you.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that.

Daniel: Well, what--what, do you expect me to put up with it? To let you continue to just verbally abuse the woman I love? No.

Victor: Daniel, I realize you're in love with Chloe. I-I just wish I could see clear sailing ahead.

Daniel: Right back at you, Vic.

Chloe: Come on, Nicole. Be positive.

Nicole: [Sighs] It's easier said than... oh, my God. Don't even listen to me. This is your birthday. Okay, you know what, please, please, please open your present, okay? I mean, it's not much. But I think it's cute.

Chloe: Oh, wow.

Nicole: Yay.

Chloe: This is beautiful.

Nicole: Oh, dear. Um, there you go. Sorry.

[Both chuckle]

Chloe: You shouldn't have, really.

Nicole: I guess you can't wear it now, can you?

Chloe: Yeah, I don't really know where--what--what it's going to fit over. But, yeah, I'll have to wait for this baby to be born. Thank you so much.

Nicole: Welcome.

Chloe: Oh. Oh, my gosh. I'm so tired all of a sudden.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, I remember that feeling.

Chloe: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Nicole: It's okay. Why don't you go take a nap?

Chloe: [Exhales] You know what, maybe I will just lay down for a few minutes.

Nicole: Perfect. And, uh, I'll just, um... I'll just hang out here for a while.

Chloe: Okay.

Nicole: Okay?

Chloe: All right.

[Knock at door]

George: It's me, George. Everything okay in there?

Nicole: Yes, George, I'm fine. Thank you.

Chloe: Who's that?

Nicole: That is my FBI bodyguard.

Chloe: Your what?

Arianna: Is that what Sami's done? Are they gone?

EJ: Yeah. She--she says I'm not going to see them again. Yeah. My kids mean everything to me.

Arianna: So what are you gonna do?

EJ: I'm gonna see that, uh, a little justice is served.

Arianna: What do you mean? Sami?

EJ: No. I'm gonna go and see your friend Nicole.

Arianna: No. No. Absolutely not.

Stefano: So what's new? I have secrets. Did I ever promise you that I would divulge my every thought, my every movement?

Kate: I'm not talking about divulging thoughts or moves. I am talking about bold-faced lies. Destructive lies.

Stefano: Oh, for God's sake.

Kate: My grandchildren-- especially will-- they suffered because they were lied to. They thought their baby sister had died, Stefano.

Stefano: I suffered too.

Nicole: It's just a precautionary thing. Well, ever since I blew the whistle on EJ, Rafe thinks that I need protection.

Chloe: Oh, Nicole.

Nicole: But that's not all I need.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Nicole: You know what, I don't want to talk about it now. Just--why don't you go take a nap, and I will tell you after?

Chloe: No. Tell me now.

Nicole: I can't afford to pay for my apartment anymore.

Chloe: Oh, no.

Nicole: And I don't have anywhere to go. And...Brady won't even look at me.

Chloe: You'll stay here, okay?

Nicole: Really?

Chloe: Yeah, Nicole. You're my best friend. And we happen to have a very lovely guest room that's all yours as long as you need it.

Arianna: I don't know what Nicole has done now...

EJ: Let me tell you. Lying about that miscarriage, stealing Samantha's-my baby, and passing it off as her own was the tip of the iceberg!

Arianna: Okay, look, if you go after her--if you do whatever it is that you DiMeras do--you will be throwing your life away. You will lose any chance you have of ever seeing your children again. And I know that's not what you want. All we have is our future. Please look to that, okay? Look forward.

Sami: Yeah, it's over. It's finally over and I finally realized that I would be better off alone than married to EJ for the rest of my life. And, um, and that my kids are better off without--without a father at all.

Rafe: [Silent]

Sami: Not gonna say anything?

Rafe: No. Just thinking about that family. Everything they put you through.

Sami: I'm not an innocent victim. We both know that. I mean, I... I made so many... I made so many stupid decisions. And, I mean, I can't even say sorry because it's not enough. And... but I am. I'm--I'm sorry, Rafe. I'm...I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Victor: Once again, you have displayed your top-tier knack for perfect timing, Vivian.

Vivian: Well, I'm sorry to interrupt you. I just thought you'd like to know how the plans for Isabella's memorial are going.

Victor: I need a refill.

Vivian: I know that it's going to be difficult for you to attend the reinterment, but I promise you I will be there personally to make sure it goes perfectly.

Nicole: Really, Chloe? I-I can stay here?

Chloe: For as long as you want.

Nicole: [Sighs] Thank you so much. And I promise I will be the most considerate houseguest you have ever had. You won't even know I'm here. I'll go get my stuff. Ha ha.

Chloe: Oh, you--you're packed already?

Nicole: Yeah. George. Oh.

Daniel: Let me guess, George is the burly guy lurking the hallways with all the luggage.

Chloe: Yeah. Hi, honey. That's Nicole's bodyguard.

Daniel: Got it.

Chloe: Yeah, uh, I told Nicole that she could stay with us for a while. I hope that's okay.

Stefano: What? You think I had anything to do with the kidnapping of that child? I had no idea what Elvis was up to until it was too late. And then what could I do? I had to protect my son.

Kate: Oh, really? That's all you could do?

Stefano: Look, don't you dare come on to me like that, do you understand? 'Cause you would've done exactly the same thing.

Kate: Ah. I see. So you protected your son. You got EJ back into your house and then your precious grandchildren, they followed.

Stefano: It was the only way.

Kate: The only way. Right. And if my family goes through hell, so what?

Stefano: Listen, your family made it all right. They survived okay. Nobody got sick. Nobody got insane.

Kate: Oh, well, they'll be insane now. They're going to be insane when they find out that EJ was behind the kidnapping and you condoned it.

Stefano: All right, what could I have done? Disown my own son, huh? Give up on my grandchildren?

Kate: What difference does it make? Because you've lost them all now. And if--and if I lose my grandchildren--if I lose Will, then I don't know how I'm going to live with myself or with you.

Arianna: You see, hurting Nicole's not going to bring your children back. In fact, it will push them further away. Hurting Nicole will not bring back what you've lost. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Stefano: Katherine, look at me. Look at me. I promise you will not lose William. We will not lose him.

Kate: So what are you gonna do? Are you going to bribe him to forgive us? I mean, 'cause you already gave him a job. Maybe you could buy him a Maserati. What about a boat? 'Cause every teenage boy--he needs a 40-foot yacht, doesn't he?

Stefano: What is it that you need, Katherine, hmm? Haven't I given it to you? You know, sometimes I think you forget the bargain we made before you became my wife. I think you forget what I've done for you, hmm? Sometimes secrets are a way of protecting the people we love, no?

Kate: If the safety deposit box really was empty, maybe this is the only proof that Stefano is Chad's father. Oh, yes, I know.

Daniel: So you want to stay with us?

Nicole: I know it's an imposition.

Chloe: But it's only gonna be for a little while until she finds her own place, right, Nicole?

Nicole: Yes. Yes. Just a few days tops. Oh, and, Daniel, I heard the good news. Congratulations. Daddy-to-be. Oh, my gosh, you must be so excited.

Daniel: Yes. Yes, I am.

Nicole: Oh, you are going to make the perfect parents. Whoa, did you hear that, little one? With this mommy and this daddy, you are gonna be the perfect child. Perfect life, yes. One big bowl of cherries.

EJ: It's just so hard to believe, you know? Nothing is ever gonna be the same. I think you should go.

Sami: So you can say "I told you so" now.

Rafe: Course I forgive you. I should go. Let you... spend some time with your family and put the kids to bed.

Sami: Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Rafe, please don't go. Please wait. You saved me today. Again. Since the day I met you... every action proved what kind of man you are. You're every girl's dream come true. You're my dream come true.

Nicole: And just so you know, I am very, very quiet. If I listen to music, I will only use my earphones, I swear. And I won't talk on the phone because who would I talk to? The one person in the whole world that I would talk to is right here. And if I stay with you, I won't need a phone, right? We won't need a phone, Chloe.

Daniel: No, no, I guess you won't.

Chloe: Yeah. You know what, Nicole, why don't you go check out the guest bedroom, and I'll be in there in a minute.

Nicole: Yes, the guest bedroom. I will. Going. Thank you.

Daniel: All right, what happened? She invited herself and you just couldn't say no?

Chloe: Are you mad?

Daniel: Well, I just wish you had asked me first. And--and--and what's wrong with her apartment? Why does she need to stay here?

Chloe: She's just...

Daniel: Straight answers, Chloe. Just tell me what's going on.

Chloe: Honestly, I don't know. All I know is that she needs us and she's terrified.

Daniel: Of what?

Chloe: Something to do with EJ.

Daniel: Great.

Chloe: Look, if she wasn't in real danger, she wouldn't have come to us. Believe me, I know it's an imposition, but she has nowhere else to go. So please can she stay here? Please?

Will: Oh, hey.

Stefano: Ah, William.

Kate: Will.

Will: Just got your call about meeting you here. And my mom called too though. She left me a bunch of messages. Not that that explained much. She just said not to go back to the house, but to meet her at the pub. Somebody want to tell me what's going on?

Kate: It's about Sami and EJ's wedding, Will.

EJ: It's hard to believe, isn't it? Just a few hours ago, everything was gonna be right.

Arianna: The truth had to come out eventually.

EJ: Don't, okay? Just don't.

Arianna: Just think about it, okay? If you and Sami had been married, and the kids had gotten used to you two being together, and then she found out, I mean, it could have been a lot worse.

EJ: Worse? How--how--how could this be--how could this be worse? How?

Arianna: I was just thinking about your children.

EJ: No. Don't, all right? Don't placate me.

Arianna: Hey, that's not what I'm doing here, okay? I am trying to help you and you know that.

EJ: I don't need help. I need hope! I need to believe that when I explain everything to Samantha in the light of day--

Arianna: No, stop. Stop! Okay, I need you to stop. Do not do this to yourself. You need to accept the fact that it is over.

Sami: I was wrong. I was wrong about everything. EJ knows me so well, he knew where I was weak. Where I was vulnerable. And how insecure I would be about--about us. And... he knew how to take advantage of that. I mean, I would love to blame him... I would love to convince you right now that it is all EJ's fault. But it's not. It's, um... it's my fault. I let this happen. I let him come between us. And I-I know I should give you a couple days. I know if I were smart, and sensible, mature, I wouldn't do this right now 'cause it's too soon. But, um, but I'm not sensible. But you knew that. And I'm definitely not mature. And--and so I just can't let you leave. I can't let you walk out that door without telling you that I love you. That I love you with my whole heart.

Daniel: Chloe, having Nicole stay here when she's in danger, as you put it, when she's in trouble with the DiMeras, now, how is that a smart move?

Chloe: It isn't. You're right. Okay, even though I really, really want to help her out, I'll just go tell her that it's not gonna work out and she can't stay here.

Daniel: All right, wait, wait, wait.

Chloe: What?

Daniel: Yes, I feel bad for Nicole too. And the idea of refusing to put her up when we do have a room, it seems a little cruel. And where else would she go?

Chloe: I don't know. She doesn't have any money anymore.

Daniel: So she'd probably have to stay at a homeless shelter.

Chloe: Yeah, probably.

Daniel: All right, well, as long as the FBI guy stands guard outside, yeah, she can stay.

Chloe: Really?

Daniel: Yes. Really.

Chloe: Yay.

Daniel: For a few days, all right? That should be fine.

Chloe: Thank you.

Daniel: You bet. All right, well, I'm gonna go grab some takeout food across the street.

Chloe: Oh, thank God. I'm starving.

Daniel: Really? Imagine that. Hmm. Course you are.

Nicole: I heard the door close.

Chloe: Yeah, Daniel went to go get some food.

Nicole: He said no, didn't he?

Chloe: He said yes. You can stay here.

Nicole: Yay. Ha. Thank you. Thank you, Chloe, so much. And bless your heart for talking him into it.

Chloe: You're welcome. But, you know what, I didn't actually have to talk him into anything. He's such a softy. And he knows that you need us. And he wants to be there for you too.

Nicole: You don't know how much this means to me.

Chloe: Well, Daniel and I do need to know what is going on with you. Why do you need a guard?

Nicole: I'll tell you, but--but not now, okay? It's--it's too painful to talk about.

Chloe: Nicole, Daniel figured out in one second that it had to do with you and the DiMeras. So come on, is that true? Is EJ trying to come after you?

Will: What about the wedding?

Kate: It's not happening, Will. It's off.

Will: Well, I mean, it--it doesn't surprise me. I, um, I mean, I was getting that feeling from, you know, all the messages and the way the whole thing was put on hold in the first place. Still, though, Mom and EJ seemed so sure about getting married even after Rafe interrupted. So--so what happened?

Kate: Rafe uncovered something that EJ did. Something terrible. Something indefensible.

Will: What? Tell me.

Kate: EJ was behind Sydney's kidnapping. He hired Anna DiMera to take your baby sister away from your mother--away from all of us.

Will: What? Why--why? How--?

Stefano: Nobody can figure it out, William. I mean, it's my own son who has done this and I am appalled. I am--I'm--I'm--I'm shocked beyond words.

EJ: I appreciate you coming over here. It's very kind of you. You need to leave.

Arianna: Are you sure?

EJ: Yeah. I'm sure. Thank you. You should go. I'll sit here and work out the fallout from my actions on my own. Thank you.

Arianna: Well, I'm gonna check in with you later. I want you to know that I really am sorry that all this has happened to you.

Rafe: Now don't you know that through all the problems, and the fights, and the deceptions, and all that stuff, there was one thing that always stayed true? I never stopped loving you. Not for one second. And I never will.

Nicole: I promise I will tell you and Daniel everything. It's just...

Chloe: What? Not now? I got that part.

Nicole: The last 24 hours have been hell for me. And right now I am with my sweet best friend. So can we just focus on the good things, okay? Like how happy I am for you, and Daniel, and the baby.

Chloe: Yeah. And, you know what, I'm actually really glad that Carly forced me to have that paternity test. Especially now that I know that the baby is Daniel's.

Nicole: Everything's going your way.

Chloe: Yeah. Well, when I think about what could have happened if Daniel found out about my stupid one-night stand and how hurt and angry he would've been, he would never trust me again. Probably be over between us.

Nicole: But now you two are forever. Disaster averted.

Daniel: Disaster averted? What disaster?

Caroline: [Clears throat] Uh, just want to say the kids are sound asleep. And Johnny was much more resistant than Allie. He was talking a mile a minute. But he finally closed his eyes.

Sami: Thank you, Grandma.

Caroline: And your father has policemen here to protect you in case EJ and Stefano are planning to do anything.

Sami: Right.

Caroline: Well, I'm gonna leave you two alone and, uh, give you some privacy.

Rafe: Hey, so... you want to go back to my place? We can talk.

Sami: Um, yeah. Yeah, that sounds great.

Rafe: Okay. Hey, Ari.

Arianna: Hi.

Rafe: Hey.

Arianna: Uh, so, uh, I know all about what happened with EJ. And I know you know.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I know because of your brother.

Arianna: Yeah.

Sami: What? You seem like you're not happy that I know. Is that it?

Nicole: I only meant that if you decided not to let me stay here, then things would've been a disaster for me. I would've been in dire straits, you know?

Chloe: Right, but you're here now. So it's all good. Let's eat.

Nicole: Yeah.

Chloe: Mm. What'd you get?

Daniel: Chinese food.

Chloe: Oh. Well, it smells great. I'm gonna get some plates.

Nicole: Daniel, um, thank you for understanding and letting me stay here. There's no way I can ever repay you. But I'll be back in a little bit, okay? 'Scuse me.

Daniel: So you're leaving? You don't want to eat?

Nicole: I can't. I need to pick up a few more things at my apartment. I'm just gonna grab George and go there with him, okay?

Daniel: Oh, you know what, I'll go with you. Yeah. Help you bring back a few things or whatever. Yeah.

Nicole: But what--

Daniel: You know what, uh, Chloe, why don't you get started without us. Nicole and I, we're gonna go back to her place for a quick second.

Nicole: Uh, that's--that's-- that's very sweet, but there's no need.

Daniel: Oh, but there is. 'Cause you and I need to get a few things straight.

Stefano: Elvis' criminal scheme, it--well, it came as a shock to all of us today, William.

Will: I need to talk to my mom.

Kate: Honey, wait, wait, wait. Maybe you could just wait just a bit.

Will: Why?

Kate: Because we're not sure that Sami has all the facts completely straight yet.

Will: What does that mean? She knows what EJ did, right?

Kate: But she doesn't know about us.

Will: What, you and Stefano?

Kate: Honey, before you talk to her, we just want a chance to make things clear to you. Would you let us do that?

Will: I'm sorry. No. I'm going to talk to my mom.

Arianna: No. Of course I'm happy that you know.

[Cell phone rings]

Arianna: And--and--and you, yes, it's-- I mean, this is what you've always wanted. I...

Sami: Excuse me. It's Will. Sorry. Hey, um, thanks for calling me back.

Will: Hey, I heard about the wedding and what EJ did.

Sami: Unbelievable, huh?

Will: Yeah, thank God for Rafe.

Sami: Yeah. Hey, listen, um, I can't believe it. I feel like such a fool. I...

Will: Don't. You were trying to do what was best for your kids, that's all.

Sami: Thanks.

Will: Are you with Rafe now?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. We're here at the pub. I would love for you to come here. I would love to talk to you.

Will: I'll come by later. Um, you just hang out with Rafe now and, uh, will you let him know how grateful I am?

Sami: Yeah, I'll, uh, I'll tell him. Are you sure you don't want to come here and tell him yourself?

Will: Yeah, see, there's, um, there's something I need to do first.

Sami: Okay. Be careful, okay?

Will: All right. Talk later. Love you, Mom.

Sami: I love you, Will.

Arianna: Why are you looking at me like that? Yes. Yes, I'm glad that you know the truth. I am.

Rafe: But?

Arianna: Uh...okay... I was with EJ earlier and he-- he's, like, a mess. He's a mess.

Rafe: Yeah, well, he should be a mess. In fact, he should be in prison.

Arianna: I get why you think that he should be in prison. I do. But you don't know--

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, what the hell is--? Hold on a second. What the hell is going on here?

Arianna: What?

Rafe: Are you defending him? Is that what this is?

Arianna: No, I'm not defending him. I wouldn't def--no. It's not like she's blameless in all of this.

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.

Arianna: Whoa? Okay, I'm sorry, but come on, think about it. I mean, she's--what she's done--

Sami: She's what?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: What were you going to say about me? How is all of this my fault?

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EJ: The one person who has squandered all of my dreams-- one after the other!

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