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Maggie: Obviously.

Vivian: But we need to talk about Victor.

Nicole: I don't know what Rafe knows about anything. He doesn't confide in me.

Stefano: You've always been one of the best liars in the world. See, I think that you don't want me to know something. I also think, Nicole, that you are very, very afraid.

Kate: So, Nikki didn't get her drink. Her hands must be trembling now.

Stefano: I think we should leave.

Kate: That didn't look like a very pleasant conversation.

Stefano: I will tell you in the car. Go get Giovanni and Allie.

Kate: I just love the imperative. It makes me feel so close to you.

Stefano: Oh, mamma mia. Marco, I want you to take care of a problem for me.

Listen, you heard my voice on that tape, right?

Sami: Mm, I sure did. I heard every word as you admitted to what you had done.

EJ: Then you heard how much I hated--hat Rafe was right about one thing.

Sami: He was right about everything.

EJ: No, he wasn't. It was like I awoke from some horrible nightmare, Samantha. I couldn't do it. Who was I kidding? I couldn't hurt you. I couldn't take Sydney from you. I couldn't leave you. And I have spent every moment since then trying to make up for the horror that I put you through. I want you to marry me. So I can spend the rest of my life making up for what I did to you.

Nicole: Damn it, Rafe. You liar!

Sami: You think that justifies what you did? You think that because I hurt you, or because the fact that you love me, you think that makes it okay that you put me through the worst hell a mother can go through?

EJ: Of all people, Samantha, you should understand. Because we both know the kind of pain that you have inflicted on the people you love. Right? Now, I am d of what I've done. I am truly. But you know in your heart that is not who I am. You gave me this-- this opportunity to become this man that you always knew that I could be, and I will never hurt you ever, I promise.

Sami: But I can't believe you, because I don't think you can help yourself. EJ, every word out of your mouth is a lie.

EJ: Now, you know that's not true. Was I lying when I told you that I loved you? Samantha, I love you. And you still love me.

Maggie: Is this another ultimatum, Vivian? Because you do remember, they don't go down very well with me.

Vivian: Ah, no, no. I've learned my lesson.

Maggie: You never learn lessons.

Vivian: Well, ahem. To tell you the truth, I have come here humbly to ask a favor, and...oh! Oh, sorry. It's all right. It's just something happened

Maggie: What?

Vivian: Well, I thought it was loo-- it's the post. Must have fallen out. I'll just put this in my purse.

Maggie: Fine, just put in your purse and get to the point, would you, please?

Vivian: Uh, yes. Uh, well, Victor and I showed you the plans for the new sarcophagus, so you know what I'm intending to do.

Maggie: To get Isabella that one last upgrade.

Vivian: How amusing. Uh, no. You see, I think this is gonna have to be handled in a very sensitive...way and with a lot of discretion.

Maggie: I have no idea what this has to do with me.

Vivian: Well, I thought I'd ask you if you could give me the name of the funeral director that you used when Mickey died.

[Suspenseful music]

Roman: You know, I didn't think it was possible to despise that guy any more than I already did.

Rafe: Yeah. He's already planning on how to get out of it legally. But at least Sami knows.

Roman: I owe you big time. I mean, it's hard to watch your kid think they're in love with somebody like that.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, he played her for a real long time. And he knows a lot of people who are willing to lie for him, and he's got a lot of money, so chances are he's probably not gonna do any jail time. But he's gonna pay. Yeah.

EJ: Samantha. W-w-wait, wait!! Please! Please. I'm right, aren't I? I mean, underneath all the anger and all that, you still love me, Samantha.

Sami: Love doesn't have anything to do with this.

EJ: Love has everything to do with this. Everything! We love one another. We love our children, Samantha. And, yes, I did a terrible thing, and I have moved heaven and earth to try and make this up to you, so we can have a family, so we can be together. And I've changed. You know, I've changed from a man who was hell-bent on hurting you to somebody who just wants to wake up every day for the rest of his life lying beside you. And you've changed. You know, you've gone from a woman who couldn't even tell me that we had a child together to a woman who's just about to marry me. Samantha, look at me. We can get through this. We can. We c because we love each other. So I'm asking you... please. Will you marry me?

Maggie: No, Vivian, I didn't keep the mortician's card. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't be needing his services again.

Vivian: Oh, I'm sorry. I've upset you--

Maggie: Why are you doing this?

Vivian: Why, Victor, of course.

Maggie: Okay, from someone who knows, when someone you really love dies, you don't give a damn about the size of the coffin.

Vivian: Well, I wanted Lawrence's grave to be a monument.

Maggie: Yeah, I said love, not kinky obsession.

Vivian: Really?

Maggie: I have the bill from Mickey's funeral upstairs. It has all the information on it. If I give it to you, will you then leave?

Vivian: Of course.

Maggie: Oh. And don't get into a habit of just dropping in. Remember, we don't like each other!

Vivian: Like each other? I loathe you, you... soon-to-be-interred, judgmental bitch! Oh, God. Get a grip. Time is of the essence. Aha. Can't be this. She's planning a trip? This is even easier than I thought. [Mumbles excitedly]

Melanie: Ho!

Daniel: You know what, maybe this was a bad idea.

Victor: Oh, stop being so sensitive, Daniel. Just tell me your... whoa!

Chloe: Whoa, what?

Victor: Well, that dress, it's a bit snug. Not that it's not attractive, but...

Chloe: If you think I'm getting fat, yes, I'm gaining some weight, but it's because I'm pregnant.

Victor: Oh, well, that explains it. Is the baby Daniel's?

Chloe: Of course the baby is Daniel's. How could you even ask me that?

[Doorknob rattling]

Nicole: Oh, my God. I'm a dead woman.

Sami: You want to marry me?

EJ: Samantha, how it's been since Sydney came back, that's how it can be. We can be a family together.

Sami: You know why I wanted to get married today?

EJ: Because you love me.

Sami: Because I went to Rafe last night. Because I was gonna give him one more chance to stop me from marrying you. And I saw him kissing Nicole. So classic Sami, I come rushing back here, and I'm begging you to marry me. Not because I love you. Because I love Rafe, and he broke my heart! All this time I was worried! Thank God Rafe still cares enough about me to spend all that time trying to find the truth. Thank God he came here and talked to me and t what you did!

EJ: Samantha, but-- but you love me.

Sami: Anything... felt for you, you killed! You destroyed! You destroyed it with what I me I'm taking my kids, and I'm and I swear to God, EJ, I will make sure that you never see your children again! Get them to... What your sick and twisted son did. Not even just to me-- to my children, to my whole family. You let everyone think that that-- that that beautiful little girl was dead. You let them mourn her. You--you were relishing our pain as our hearts broke into a million pieces, thinking that she was dead! And you knew she was fine the whole time! And after everything that she had been through, you took her away from everything that was familiar to her, everyone who loved her?

EJ: Samantha, I just--

Stefano: Look, pull yourself together. 'M not I am sick of listening to I'm not gonna let you tell me what to do anymore! I'm going to see to it that I take my children and I make sure you never see them again. I won't let you stop me from taking my kids out of here!

Stefano: Over my dead body.

Rafe: Yeah, that's right. You see, DiMera, if you do try and stop Sami from taking her kids away from you, or this amoral psychotic son of yours, then, yeah, it will be over your dead body.

Kate: Stefano.

Sami: Where are my kids? Don't! Don't touch me.

Kate: Mary has them. They're fine. What's going on?

Rafe: The truth is out about Sydney's disappearance.

Kate: What truth?

Rafe: Well, while Sami and her family were going through hell, and while we were searching everywhere to try and find that little girl, even thinking for a while that she'd been murdered, bloody clothes found in a river. Kate: Rafe, get to the point.

Rafe: The point is EJ was behind it all. It was his little brainstorm.

Kate: What are you saying?

Rafe: He planned the whole thing. He even hired Anna DiMera to kidnap Sydney.

Kate: What? Oh, that's not possible. I-- EJ, why?

Rafe: Can't you figure it out, Mrs. DiMera? It was to punish Sami for lying about her pregnancy. Pure and simple, an act of revenge.

Victor: I mean, it was a simple question. You said you were pregnant, I just asked who the father was.

Daniel: What the hell is the matter with you?

Victor: Well, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be insulting. It's just that it took me by surprise, that's all. I always thought that Chloe was barren.

Daniel: Barren? Who even uses that word anymore? And, no, she is not barren. No one ever told her that she was barren. They just told her that it would be difficult for her to conceive. That's all. Honey, I'm sorry.

Victor: As am I. Lien, Chloe, I didn't mean to imply that you were unfaithful to Daniel. It's just that when you said you were pregnant, I thought maybe the baby was conceived with a sperm donor. I mean, you have had fertility issues.

Daniel: No, Chloe and I conceived this baby the old-fashioned way. And, sadly, we actually thought you'd be happy for us.

Victor: Well, I am. Please, my sincere apologies. I mean, a baby is always a blessing, especially when it's unexpected.

Chloe: I agree. And, unlike you, Victor, God has been kind and generous to me. He's given me everything that I have ever wanted, just the way that I want it.

Vivian: I have to dash. Uh, Maggie's upstairs getting some information for me. I was just gonna leave her a little note.

Melanie: Instead of just calling up the stairs?

Vivian: Well, actually, you can give her the message. E to come over for drinkies A.S.A.P. Ta-ta.

Melanie: Absolutely not.

Maggie: Vivian, I'm sorry I was rude, but it's just talking about... 's funeral.? I thought Vivian was here.

Melanie: No, she was here. She, um... she says she'll call you.

Maggie: Ah. Great. Always good to have something to look forward to. Thing going?

Gus: Fine. The sarcophagus has arrived and is in place.

Vivian: Oh, good. I'll be there soon. But first, I have to write a letter. Maggie Horton's farewell to Salem.

Caroline: Sami canceled the

Roman: Right in the middle of the ceremony.

Caroline: Thank God. Do you think that means that she's come to her senses? Rafe did some digging around, and, uh, he found... well, check this out. He found that EJ DiMera paid Anna DiMera to kidnap Sydney. Now, how's that for a showstopper?

Caroline: His own daughter? Well, that's-- that's evil. That is pure evil. The suffering Sami.

Roman: Well, not just Sami, all of us. Any rate, Sami and the kids need a place to stay till Sami gets back on her feet.

Caroline: Well, they can stay here, of course. There's plenty of room.

Roman: Yeah, that's what I was thinking, and I think it would be good for Sami having you close by.

Caroline: But, Roman, you think EJ and Stefano are gonna let her leave with those precious children?

Roman: They got no choice, mom. They're going down. EJ and his father are about to lose everything.

Nicole: Aah! Aah!

Sami: I promise we will come back, and we will get everything, okay?

Johnny: Where are we going?

Sami: We're gonna go to our new home, Johnny.

Johnny: But I want to stay here.

Sami: I know. Your daddy's gonna see you really soon, okay? Come here. Oh, there we go. You know I love you more than anything else in the world, right? You know that? It's time to say good-bye, Johnny.

Johnny: No.

Sami: Johnny, we're leaving. Come on.

Nicole: I didn't get to say good-bye to Sydney.

Sami: That's exactly what you did to me.

Victor: So God has decided to single you out, has he, Chloe?

Chloe: What's that supposed to mean?

Victor: Well, it's just with all the suffering in the world-- innocent children starving, people dying in wars, the economy in shambles all over the world-- you must feel very special that God singled you out to give you exactly what you want.

Daniel: You just won't cut her a break, will you?

Victor: I'm sorry. It's just a pet peeve of mine, people who thank God for their good fortune. I mean, it implies that God is biased. He helps some of us, and the rest are just ignored.

Chloe: Okay, I'm sorry. I said it in the wrong way. I didn't mean to imply that I'm special. I'm just grateful for all of God's blessings.

Victor: As we all should be.

Daniel: Considering our good news, we thought it might actually be, uh, pleasant to come and see you for once. But you know what? No, it's actually a bigger nightmare than I thought. Let's go.

Victor: No, please stay. My sincere apologies. I mean, you're like a son to me, Daniel. Any child of yours would be precious to me, including this one that you're carrying, Chloe. And he or she is family.

Vivian: There it is-- a magnificent symbol of the human desire to transcend death, rise above mortality. [Sighs] What's the matter, Gus? Am I being too profound for you?

Gus: No, Madame. I think it's indeed a lovely sarcophagus.

Vivian: It's perfect! But isn't it a shame to think of sullying it with the person that's going inside?

[Door opens]

Stefano: I do not understand, Elvis. How the hell did Hernandez find out?

Kate: Wait. You knew EJ was the one?

Stefano: Answer me, Elvis. Why are not my grandchildren in my home?

EJ: Nicole.

Nicole: Okay! Shoot me, okay? I'll do anything! Whatever you want, just don't FBI?

George: Well, at least now we know she can read.

Nicole: Tell me that in the first place?

George: I thought you were a would-be assassin. Never figured you'd be stupid enough to hide in your own home, of all places.

Nicole: Well, what happened to the other guy?

George: He requested another assignment. Said he didn't want to be responsible for someone so intent on getting herself killed.

Nicole: Well, as much fun as this has been, whatever your name is...

George: George. George McKee.

Nicole: Well, Mr. McKee, came back here to get some of my things. I'm not staying here in Salem, okay? And I protect me, so you're free to

George: Look, you need to trust me right now okay, I will never trust you, ever. Not anyone ever again.

Stefano: Katherine, would you excuse me a moment? I want to talk privately with my son.

Kate: Why? Am I not a member of this family, too? Don't I deserve answers?

Stefano: Not now.

[Stefano sighs] Nicole. What the hell does she have to do with this nightmare?

EJ: She came over here a couple of weeks ago. She overheard a conversation between you and me.

Stefano: So she heard what you had done?

EJ: Yep.

Stefano: My God, how could you be so... careless?

EJ: I don't need a lecture from you, please. E, do you understand? I mean, she came to you with the information. What did you do? You gave her money, what? Is that what you did? Yes, I gave her some money, all right? She told me the truth would never come out!

Stefano: Aha, wonderful! She told you the truth was-- so, nothing about, right? Because she is such an upstanding woman. I mean, ha ha, she is totally trustworthy, isn't she?

EJ: But it's in best interests for her not to say anything.

Stefano: What mutual best rest, Samantha Brady walks out of this house with my grandchildren? My God in heaven! What happened to you? Has your love for Samantha totally ruined you is that the reason why that your life is not worth living? Is that why your whole life is going up in smoke?

Victor: Again, forgive me if I offended you, Chloe. It won't happen again.

Daniel: No, it won't. And if it does, this child, whom you consider to be family, will not be a part of your life, Victor.

Victor: Well, all the more reason for me to be on my best behavior... from now on.

Daniel: All right, we better go.

Chloe: Yeah, I am kind of tired.

Victor: Oh, please stay. Why don't you go ahead, Chloe? Daniel can stay and talk with me. Vivian's not here. I'd enjoy the company.

Daniel: I wouldn't.

Chloe: No, Daniel, just stay, try to wk things out.

Daniel: No, Chloe.

Chloe: No, it's all right, really. I'll see you a okay? Take care, Victor.

Victor: You, too, Chloe.

Daniel: I am sick of the way you treat Chloe.

Victor: I did apologize.

Daniel: Y you did. You do that a lot, and then you go right back to insulting her.

Victor: You're right. I was disrespectful.

Daniel: To put it lightly.

Victor: But don't you think that she's a little sensitive?

Daniel: No, I don't think. And even if she was, she has every right because she is pregnant, hormonal, and fragile, and she does not have to deal with your harassment and disrespect.

Victor: But why is she so fragile, Daniel? I mean, didn't she say that she's got everything she wants just the way she wants it? I mean, come on. She's in love, she's having a baby with the man of her dreams. She should be the happiest woman alive.

Nicole: They did what? How is that even possible? Well, you know what you can tell your branch manager?

Nicole: My accounts have been frozen. Oh, my God, EJ's been busy.

George: So I guess you're not going anywhere then.

Nicole: Wait, uh. I can't stay here. EJ knows where I live. And, besides, I couldn't afford the rent on this dump anyway.

George: Well, from looking over your file, I didn't get the impression that you had many friends or resources to turn to.

Nicole: Thanks for the briefing, George.

George: So where are you gonna go then?

Nicole: The only place I can.

Sami: Hey! Hey, wait for me, wait for me!

Roman: Hey, hey! The gang's all here! How you doin', hotshot?

Caroline: Sydney, oh, and Johnny, bless their hearts. Well, listen, would you like to go into the kitchen and find out if we have some-- yes, chocolate chip cookies.

Sami: Wait, wait, Johnny, just one.

Roman: [Laughing]

Sami: Hold on. Take your sister with you, okay, Allie? Hold her hand.

Caroline: All right, here we go.

Roman: Okay, enjoy that chocolate. Sweetheart, does will know? Not yet. I, um, left him a message to call me. I want to tell him.

Roman: So, uh, how are the little ones taking it?

Sami: They were upset leaving the house. They're confused. Why wouldn't they be?

Roman: How about you?

Sami: I feel like a damn fool. I mean, I almost married the man that tried to destroy our lives.

Rafe: Well, EJ's not gonna hurt you anymore... or the kids. We have to protect them. I mean, the kids are the most important thing. We have to protect them, dad.

Roman: Well, just don't you worry about it, okay? You will be well taken care of. All of you, I promise.

Sami: Dad, when EJ is down, that's when he is the most dangerous. I learned that the hard way. Da

Stefano: For God's sake, Elvis, why didn't you come to me? Why didn't you ask me for my help?

EJ: It's okay. It's all right. I know what to do. My mess, my responsibility. I'll fix it.

Stefano: How?

EJ: I'll kill Nicole.

Vivian: Well, burial technology has come a long way in the last decade or so, hasn't it, Gus?

Gus: I wouldn't know, Madame.

Vivian: Well, I can tell you this is a breeze compared to the first time... and ever so much more fun.

Nicole: Bet you thought I forgot.

Chloe: What's this?

Nicole: It's your birthday.

Chloe: Thank you. Come in.

Nicole: Look, I know I haven't been around much, but... oh, my God. We have some serious catching up to do.

Kate: Hey, will, it's me again. I know you ringing off the hook, but there's something you need to know, and I want you to hear it from me first, so if you could call me or... I'm at the lake now. If you can meet me here, that would be... that would be good. I love you, sweetie. Bye.

Chad: Mrs. DiMera. You ok

Kate: Chad, what are you doing here at this hour?

Chad: I was just taking a walk. Are, um, you okay?

Kate: Yeah, I'm fine.

Chad: Mmm, I don't think so. Look, if you want to talk... I mean, you've been so nice to me, I'd like to return the favor--ahem--if I can.

Kate: That's very sweet of you.

Chad: I take it you didn't go to the wedding?

Kate: What?

Chad: The wedding. Will said something about his mom getting married today?

Kate: Yes, well, that didn't happen. That's off.

Chad: Really? Yikes. Well, will must be relieved.

Kate: Actually, will doesn't know him, Chad, please tell him to get in touch with me. Promise me that.

Chad: Sure, of course.

Stefano: Ah, there. Would you excuse us, please?

Chad: Yeah, sure. Take care, Mrs. DiMera.

Stefano: Ah, ahem. You, uh... you did not say good-bye. You just left the house.

Kate: Do I get a demerit for that?

Stefano: What were you talking to that boy about this time?

[Car keys rattle]

Stefano: Well, I take it you heard. All right, great. Your digs in, okay.

Caroline: Well, Roman and I will help put the twins to bed. I think they've had a very long day.

Sami: Thank you, grandma. I appreciate it, dad.

Roman: We are just all relieved you're safe and sound.

Caroline: Come on, Roman.

Roman: I'll talk to you later, sweetheart. Rafe? Good job.

Rafe: Thanks.

Sami: I, um... I...I don't even know what to say.

Rafe: You don't have to say anything.

Sami: Yeah, I do. I mean, you... you saved me today... again.

EJ: I don't need help. I need hope! I need to believe that when I explain everything to Samantha in the light of day--

Rafe: No. Just thinking about that family. Everything they put you through.

Sami: I'm not an innocent victim. We both know that. I mean, I... I made so many... I made so many stupid decisions. And, I mean, I can't even say sorry because it's not enough. And... but I am. I'm--I'm sorry, Rafe. I'm...I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

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