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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/6/10 - Canada; Monday 8/9/10 - U.S.A.


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[Doorbell rings]

Sami: Dad.

Roman: Hey. Bad time?

Sami: No, no, of course. Come on in. Is something going on?

Roman: Well, I, uh... I just wanted you to know that we made a couple of arrests tonight.

Sami: Oh, hey. The muggings.

Roman: And the attempted murder on your uncle Bo. I just, uh... I thought you should hear it from me.

Sami: Why? Was it someone in this house?

Roman: No, it's not.

Sami: Okay. Well then, who'd you arrest?

Roman: Dr. Richard baker, for one.

Officer: Make yourself comfortable.

Baker: Yeah, thanks. Hey, how about a lawyer, man? I could use a lawyer. [Sighs]

EJ: I'm a lawyer. Dick. I'm here to make sure justice is served.

Carly: Julie. Hi.

Julie: Hello, Carly.

Carly: I wasn't expecting to see you here.

Julie: Clearly not.

Carly: Uh, is Bo around?

Julie: No.

Carly: Okay.

Julie: He's with hope.

Carly: Julie, what's going on?

Julie: I wish I knew. I assume Bo didn't want to say anything in front of Ciara. He left with hope. He has not called me since. All I know is something is terribly wrong.

Hope: No, Bo.

Bo: Will you listen to me? You need a lawyer.

Hope: No. No lawyer. I don't deserve to be defended. I attacked six men. I tried to kill you.

Bo: You weren't yourself. You weren't in your right mind.

Hope: Exactly. Exactly my point. That's why I need to do this. I'm a danger to you. To our family, to my friends, to... I need to go away for a long time. And if you want to give me peace of mind to prove to me... once and for all you'll do what's best for our daughter, then you won't stand in my way.

Sami: Oh, my God, dad. Hope? That just doesn't make sense.

Roman: No. No, it doesn't.

Sami: And baker's alive? I mean, I don't--I don't believe it.

Roman: Well, apparently he faked his own death.

Sami: I saw him. Rafe and I saw the body. He didn't have a pulse.

Roman: He's a doctor. He knows all the ways to pull off those symptoms.

Sami: Of death?

Roman: Yes. I've seen it before.

Sami: I mean, dad, okay, so he mugged people. He--he was gonna kill Bo. But hope? Dad, did you talk to her? I mean, is there a possible explanation?

Roman: Yeah, well, apparently she was taking meds-- sleeping pills.

Sami: Which made her, what, crazy? Homicidal?

Roman: Well, obviously, most people who take sleeping pills, there are no side effects. But there is definitely a potential for it, and, uh, hope was unlucky, I guess.

Sami: Oh, my God, dad, I... I don't know what to say.

Roman: There's nothing to say. It's Ciara I'm thinking about. That's what breaks my heart. That poor little girl's been through too much already.

Sami: You're right, dad. But she has you. She has us, the family. I can help. I can pick her up after school. She's welcome to play here with the kids. The twins love her. They're crazy about her.

Roman: Who isn't?

Sami: Dad, that sick bastard. I mean, baker's, like, a sociopath. He--he's selling babies and switching babies and mugging people and trying to kill people.

Roman: Not anymore. Like I said, he's been arrested.

Sami: That's not enough for EJ. You know that, right, dad? When EJ finds out about this, he's gonna make baker wish he were never born.

Baker: Get out of here, you pompous jerk. You're not my lawyer. You never will be.

EJ: Never say never, dick. So I have a quick question for you.

Baker: No.

EJ: If you had the choice between being alive or being dead, what would you choose? And before you answer that, maybe you should give a little bit of time to recall exactly what it was like when you were dead.

Baker: Yeah, I do remember. You better leave.

EJ: Do you miss those days?

Baker: Guard.

EJ: Let's see what we have here. Mugging. Police commissioner. District attorney. The mayor. See this one here? That's me. Now you can't seriously have thought you were going to get away with all that.

Baker: Guard.

EJ: Nobody's coming, dick. Just you and me. I think it's about time you and I got to know one another. Don't you?

Bo: It wasn't you, hope. It was that damn drug.

Hope: No. That's where you're wrong. Somewhere deep inside me, there's a lot of anger. Otherwise those pills never would have affected me the way they did. I let our own daughter take the blame for my lies. How could I do that?

Bo: Ciara knows you love her. Even through everything that has happened. She has always felt that love.

Hope: Oh, God, my poor baby. What she must be going through right now.

Bo: Hope, there's one thing I know about you is you're a fighter. So come on. You fight. You hear me? Fight.

Hope: Fight? For what? For Ciara? She's all--it's all I've ever done. She always came first.

Bo: I know that. And she knows that.

Hope: You know, when I think back... to the kidnapping, and the aftermath of that... I thought she'd be... safe away from you. But all along it was me. She'd be much better off without me.

Bo: Hey. Don't you say that. Do not give up on yourself. I know you feel that that's what I did. But it's not true. I've always believed in you, and I always will.

Nicole: Brady, you don't mean that. You don't--you don't mean that, okay? You can't--you can't--you can't--we--we have a connection.

Brady: We had a connection, Nicole! We had it. And you killed it. And it's gone, okay? Don't cry. Don't cry. It's over.

Nicole: No! Brady, wait.

Arianna: What the hell are you doing?

Bo: Hey.

Carly: Hi. They told me you were in here. I'm sorry.

Bo: That's--that's okay. Um, can you give us a minute?

Carly: Yeah. Of course.

Hope: No. No, it's fine. We're done. Justin.

Justin: Brady left me a message. You want to tell me what's going on?

Bo: Not just yet.

Hope: Yes. Yes. Now. You deserve to know what I've done. And you deserve to hear it from me.

Sami: Dad, I got to get down to the station, before EJ--

Roman: Wait a minute. Hang on. You and I need to talk.

Sami: Grandma told you, didn't she?

Roman: Did you tell her not to?

Sami: No. No, of course not. You have a right to know if your daughter's been proposed to.

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I do. Especially if it's by EJ DiMera.

Sami: Right. Well, um, can I go now?

Roman: No, you can't.

Sami: I don't want to talk about this, okay?

Roman: Well, I do. And I want the truth, Sami. What happened between you two?

Sami: What do you mean what happened?

Roman: There is something you're not telling me. I want to know what it is.

Sami: We both love our children. We want them to be happy, and that is the end of the story.

Roman: All right. Well, the good news is this. You haven't accepted his proposal yet. At least I'm assuming that. You don't have his ring on.

Sami: Right, well, I told him I'm not ready to get married now.

Roman: Now?

Sami: Dad, I am a grown woman. I have four children of my own. I'm not gonna stand here and be lectured by you.

Roman: Sami, I know you. Your heart would break if anything happened to your kids. So you look at me and you tell me--what about me? How do you think I feel? Watching my kid, my little girl, get sucked back into this family?

Sami: Dad, I am not a victim, and I am insulted that you're treating me like one.

Roman: It's not just about you, you know. If you are stupid enough to marry this man, you're not the only one that's gonna suffer. Your kids will pay too.

Baker: What are you even doing here? Did you come here to call me some bad dude or something? Fine, get it off your chest. Get out of my face.

EJ: You're a pig. You switch innocent babies for profit so you can fund your gambling habit. Do you have any idea of the kind of hell that you've put these people through?

Baker: So how are the renovations going on your glass house, DiMera?

EJ: My glass house? What are you talking about?

Baker: "What are you talking about?" You don't recall that you impregnated two women at the same time? And while we're on the subject, you owe me, because without me you wouldn't have spent the first year of that kid's life with her. All right? It wouldn't have happened without my intervention.

EJ: Well, that's quite a revolutionary idea. Not much logic to it, though.

Baker: Oh, really? It's fact. Cold, hard, fact. Even you can't deny that.

EJ: Maybe not. Okay. Maybe you have elevated my consciousness. Maybe I will spare your life.

Baker: What game are you playing?

EJ: I'm not playing a game. I'm being sincere. But I want something from you in return.

Baker: What could I do for you?

EJ: You'd be surprised. We've tried to put the culture back in agriculture.

Hope: And I keep telling Bo, even if it was the pills that... made me do these unforgivable things, it was still me.

Justin: Hope, don't. Don't. You can't...

Hope: Justin, don't defend me. Please. Don't coddle me. I deserve to suffer for what I've done. For how badly I've hurt people. Including you. The one person who has been there for me... through everything. Since Bo and I were separated. I'm so grateful to you. And I'm so sorry.

Carly: Well, now I understand why you called me last night to ask about that drug. Why didn't you tell me what was going on? I would have come straight home. That's a stupid question. I'm the last person hope needed to see.

Bo: Sorry.

Carly: Don't be. You know I understand.

Bo: Can you tell me, um... now that hope has stopped taking those pills, will she be okay? I mean, will she be herself again?

Carly: Stopping the pills will stop the behavior. But, um, the anger that triggered the behavior, the pain that she was in, I wish I could reassure you, Bo, but I just don't know what she's gonna do with all that.

Brady: I can get you one if you want. Bartender makes a hell of a scotch neat. You know what? You keep that. I'm gonna get another one for myself.

Arianna: No, no, no, don't. Don't get another one, please. Just tell me why you're doing this.

Brady: Give me my drink back.

Arianna: No, I'm not gonna do that.

Brady: Give me my drink. You don't tell me what to do. I'm out of your life, remember? So why don't you butt out of it. Give me my drink!

Arianna: No.

EJ: So here's the deal.

Baker: Deal? We don't have a deal.

EJ: Well, you have my deal, or you can go and spend the rest of your life behind bars. Okay. So why don't you do yourself a favor, shut up, and listen to what I have to say. Now I don't care what kind of web of lies you decide to weave to the police. You keep one name out of it. You don't mention Nicole walker.

Baker: Nicole? Talking about the same Nicole? The Nicole that faked her own pregnancy, lied to you for months, made a fool of you? You want to protect that bitch?

EJ: I have my reasons.

Baker: Well, help me out here, EJ. I'm just a little perplexed, because I thought you hated that woman.

EJ: Samantha.

[ Dog barking ] Mom!

Carly: This must be terribly painful for you too.

Bo: Oh, don't--don't worry about me. Hope is the one that's... hope and Ciara, they're the ones that are suffering. Man. Ciara. The things that she's gone through. And you're telling me there might not be an end to it?

Carly: No, no, I never said that. What I meant was it might take some time.

Bo: How much time?

Carly: You know I can't answer that. None of this is gonna be easy for any of you. But eventually you'll come through it. I know you will. Because you're family. You, hope, and Ciara, and you're all strong because you have each other. And because there's so much love there.

Justin: Hope, as confusing as all this is, I do know one thing for sure. You need a lawyer.

Hope: No. No lawyer.

Justin: What?

Hope: I'm pleading guilty.

Justin: No.

Hope: Yes.

Justin: Hope.

Hope: I am. And it'll be a lot easier on my daughter.

Justin: [Sighs]

Hope: I won't have her go through that. I won't have her testify, Justin. No trial.

Justin: Hope.

Hope: I won't have her suffer any more than she already has. I won't do that to her.

Brady: Give me my drink.

Melanie: What's going on? Brady.

Brady: Thank you.

Arianna: Why don't you ask him?

Melanie: He's drinking. Brady's drinking. That's great, Brady.

Brady: How you doing? Don't worry about it. Listen, I'm not an alcoholic. I got some issues. This is not my issue.

Arianna: Well, you can't handle it, okay? You know damn well you can't handle that. Let me call Maggie. Please.

Melanie: She's at the ballet.

Brady: Why don't you stay out of this, Arianna? It has nothing to do with you.

Arianna: I feel responsible for...

Brady: You're not responsible for anything. You have nothing to do with this.

Arianna: Nicole, isn't it? What'd she do to you?

Sami: You are one sick son of a bitch. I don't care how you justify what you did to me.

EJ: It's okay, all right?

Sami: It's not okay. He screwed with our lives, EJ. He hurt our daughter. Do you know--

EJ: But it's over, all right? It's over. Okay? He can't hurt us. Not anymore.

Baker: Us? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You two?

Sami: You know what? We don't owe you explanations.

Baker: Really? You two?

[Laughs] I'm sorry. Wow.

Sami: Are you really gonna laugh?

Baker: The two of you together?

EJ: Okay, okay, okay, that is enough. That is enough! Take--no, no, no. Just--just--just don't let him get to you, all right? Don't let him get to you.

Baker: You thought I made your life a living hell? Lady, I know you. You dream about the little house and the cute little family together. But let me tell you something. You stick with this sick bastard, your life is shot to hell.

Bo: I'm glad you're here.

Carly: You sure you're not just saying that?

Bo: Why would you ask that?

Carly: I shouldn't have. I'm sorry. I just feel, at least in some part, that I'm responsible for what's happened. But we all are, right? I mean, it was just a chain of events that took a terrible turn, and...laying blame, it's-- what good does that do? In fact, I think it just makes it worse.

Bo: You're right.

Carly: Right. So I'm not gonna ask you to forgive me for my part in this, because...then that would force you to take care of me. And that's really the last thing you need right now. You need to think about your daughter. And hope.

Bo: Thank you for understanding.

Carly: I love you.

Bo: And I love you.

Justin: How much does Ciara know?

Hope: She knows her mommy's going away for a long, long time. Oh, God. [Sobbing]

Justin: Listen to me. Sweetie, listen. I will--I will check in on her, okay? And I'll do--do whatever I can.

Hope: Thank you.

Justin: And if there's anything, anything you need, anything I can do, you just ask, okay?

Hope: Always there for me. Thank you. I don't think there's anything else. Unless, of course, um, you can somehow help me face the people I love. I don't know how I'm gonna do that. I don't think I can.

Julie: Poor Ciara. She just keeps asking questions nonstop. I'm not gonna be able to distract her much longer just painting princesses. Why are you looking at me like that? I mean, have you given this any thought? What should we tell Ciara?

Doug: Oh, dear God, Julie. I think you better sit down.

Arianna: Brady. Talk to me, please. Nicole hurt you, didn't she?

Melanie: Who didn't see that one coming?

Brady: You know, actually... I feel a lot better than I have in a long time. I think it's because you and Nicole both opened up my eyes. Don't you guys have anything better to do than, like, monitor my sobriety? Really?

Arianna: No. No, see, I'm out on bail, remember? So I don't really have a job, and no social life to speak of, so...

Brady: I can't help you with your social life, but I can tell you you should probably just go out and get a job. I advise you to do that.

Arianna: What?

Brady: [Chuckles] Your crackerjack attorney didn't even tell you, did he? That guy. Honey... your name's cleared. They caught the mugger.

Arianna: Who is it?

Sami: I am not gonna stand here and get lectured by a dead guy. You set us up, you sick bastard.

Baker: By us, she means agent Hernandez, her, uh, guardian angel. What happened to him, anyway?

Sami: What happened to him is you. You ruined everything.

Baker: Actually, quite the opposite..."colleen." You know, with all the lies you told, you're lucky you ended up with that little baby to love and raise.

Sami: Shut the--

EJ: Whoa, whoa, don't let it--

Sami: You are unbelievable!

Baker: I protected you from him! That evil, slime bucket father of the baby. By the way, comrade, those were her words, not mine. And I know what you're gonna say. I know you're gonna say, like, he somehow--he's changed and he's morphed into some kind of, I don't know, human being or something.

EJ: I have changed, all right? I don't have any patience for sick bastards like you anymore.

Baker: Let go of me.

EJ: If you have a death wish...comrade... I'll validate it for you.

Justin: Bo. I mean, I knew she was going through hell, but--but this?

Bo: Yeah, I should have seen, should have realized.

Justin: Yeah, you're damn right you should have.

Arianna: Hope Brady?

Melanie: And Dr. Baker? I thought he was dead.

Brady: Apparently he wasn't dead that much.

Arianna: This is really bizarre.

Melanie: Well...well, no. I mean, this is good. This is awesome news, because now you're free, and the police can prove that you were framed.

Arianna: Yeah. Just...honey, that's really hard to believe.

Melanie: No, no, this is awesome; this is good news. This is good, right? Wonderful. This is really good news.

Brady: This is--this is good news. I feel bad for hope and Bo. I feel bad for Ciara, especially Ciara,'s great... that you're free. You should probably go to the station and make it official.

Arianna: I will do that. Thanks for filling me in. I will see you. Okay?

Melanie: Yeah, yeah. Of course, definitely. Hey, this is awesome.

Arianna: Yes, awesome.

Melanie: Okay. Ahem. You, hi. Over here. Yeah.

Brady: Hi.

Melanie: Are you sure you're okay?

Brady: I'm great. I'm great. Wh-why do you keep asking me that? How many times are you gonna ask me that?

Melanie: Mm, mm, I think I only asked you once. Look, if you want to talk--

Brady: Don't you think Philip should know about hope?

Melanie: Okay, I'll tell him. He's on a business trip, but I'll call him. I'm still not going anywhere. Except my mom just texted me. She says she needs me to meet her at home. But I'm not going.

Brady: That--that sounds urgent to me. You should go.

Melanie: I'm not... are you sure?

Brady: I'm sure. I'm good.

Melanie: Will you take care of yourself?

Brady: I will.

Melanie: You know I will always be there for you, right?

Brady: I do.

Melanie: [Scoffs] Come here. You be good.

Brady: I'll be fine.

Melanie: Okay.

Baker: You watch it, DiMera. I kept up my end of the bargain. You want me to out you to Sami? You back off.

Roman: What the hell's going on here?

Sami: Dad, dad, EJ was just defending me. Hey, let's--let's, um, let's go home, okay?

EJ: Yeah, let's.

Roman: Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

Sami: Come on.

Justin: Hey, Brady.

Brady: Justin. You got my message, obviously.

Justin: Yeah, I did. I just left hope.

Brady: Hope? How's she doing? Stupid question.

Justin: Uh, no, actually, it's not. She's, um... being really brave, actually. Far more concerned for Ciara than for herself.

Brady: I feel bad for that poor kid.

Justin: You know, I, uh, I wanted to find out who mugged me,

Brady: Yeah, I mean, do you have any theories? Do you it happened, why it happened?

Justin: Well, it was definitely the pills that caused her to behave the way she did. But, just like she pointed out herself, the anger and pain were there. Otherwise, it wouldn't have come to the surface.

Brady: The anger and pain, yeah. They can be powerful things. They can drive you to do things you never knew you had in you.

Carly: Hi. Thanks for getting here so quickly, huh?

Melanie: Yeah. I heard about hope. I kind of don't believe it. are you feeling?

Carly: Me? I'm fine. I'm fine. It's a tragedy for hope, and Bo is in shock. Rightfully so, and... I'm worried about him. And Ciara, that sweet little girl, she's just suffered through so much, and I wish there was some way I could help her. But it'd be really inappropriate for me to reach out, right, for obvious reasons. What? What are you looking at?

Melanie: You are so kind. Always thinking about everybody else's problems.

Carly: Melanie, I just said that...that family's gone through a tragedy, and for me to be thinking reaction and focusing on myself--

Melanie: Okay, then, I will.

Carly: You will what?

Melanie: I'll focus on you. Look, I know you said that this is a tragedy for Bo and hope and their daughter. And it is, this is...but... this is a really sad and--and... confusing time for you too. You know? I think I get to worry about my mom, as your daughter.

Bo: Can I get you anything?

Hope: No, thanks. Well, I know, um... it's time to go through booking. So, don't need to stay if Carly's waiting--

Bo: No, I'm staying. I'm not going anywhere.

Sami: I loved that look on his face when he thought you were gonna kill him, 'cause, you know what? I wish you had! I swear to God, EJ! If you had murdered him on the spot, I would have cheered!

EJ: Spoken like a true DiMera.

Melanie: So is that okay... if I worry about my mom?

Carly: Yeah, course it is. It's sweet. But I will be fine.

Melanie: It's not your fault, you know. You just fell in love with somebody who was single. Bo and hope were separated when you guys got together.

Carly: They're married. They're married. And they...they have children together, and maybe they could have worked things out if I hadn't gotten--

Melanie: I don't...ahem. Um... look at me. I know I've given you a pretty hard time the last couple of months. But, um... you never gave up on me. And you never stopped caring. And you're an amazing person with a very big heart. I see So will you do me a favor? Will you see yourself the way I see you? Will you give yourself a break?

Carly: [Sniffles]

Roman:'s time. You want me to, uh--

Bo: No, no. Thanks, Roman. I'll take care of this.

Roman: Okay.

EJ: Well, that was, uh, humiliating.

Sami: [Laughing]

EJ: Are you laughing?

Sami: No!

EJ: At my humiliation?

Sami: No, not at all. It was very sweet. I think it's lovely that you tried to come up with a lullaby for Sydney, and I think she really appreciated it.

EJ: Uh-huh. I'm sure she did. Johnny said his ears hurt, though, which wasn't very good.

Sami: [Laughing] Gotta love kids. I mean, at least he was being honest, right? How 'bout that? You and I, we have an honest child.

EJ: Isn't that ironic? It's like our children are teaching be honest.

Sami: [Giggles]

EJ: Makes me proud, though. Don't you think? I mean, when I think about everything that's...come between the two of us, that separated us... and now, the only thing that we have between us is the truth.

Roman: Hey, Arianna.

Arianna: Hi.

Roman: Hi. I was about to call you. I, uh...have good news for you.

Arianna: I just heard.

Roman: Look, I knew you weren't involved, and I've said that all along. And I am very sorry that you were falsely accused.

Arianna: Thank you. But you're not the one who owes me the apology.

Hope: Please... be sure you put this somewhere safe.

Chad: I'd like to talk to you...about my mom.

Sami: I don't think I will ever be able to forgive myself.

Arianna: I want you to pay for what you did.

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