Days Transcript Tuesday 8/3/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/3/10 - Canada; Wednesday 8/4/10 - U.S.A.


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Bo: Oh, my God. This drug... how the hell do they have it on the market?

Hope: On behalf of women everywhere... say good-bye, bo.

Bo: Hope.

Hope: [Grunts]

Bo: What are you doing?

Hope: Ah! I couldn't watch you spend the rest of your life here with... in our house. Every time ciara cried "want my daddy," I wanted you to hurt as much as she was hurting. I did what I had to do. I hate you. I hate you!

Bo: Sorry, fancy face.

Adrienne: Oh, hey, sorry I'm late.

Stephanie: That's okay. Just got your usual.

Adrienne: Oh, thank you. So give me the scoop on nathan. Do you just love living together? Sois it everything you hoped it would be?

Stephanie: Aunt adrienne, i think I made a terrible mistake.

[Knocking at door]

Nathan: [Exhales]

Philip: Hey.

Nathan: Philip.

Philip: I'm actually looking for stephanie. We have, uh, some hospital business to go over.

Nathan: Oh, she's, uh, she's out at the moment. You try her cell?

Philip: Oh, that's all right. That's all right. I'd like to talk to you too, actually.

Nathan: Okay. Uh, why?

Philip: Well, I owe you big time. And I just wanted to say thanks.

Carly: I'm heading over to st. Mary'S. I'll meet you there in about 30 minutes.

Chloe: You sound kind of tired.Ry

Carly: I just pulled an all-nighter at the hospital.

Chloe: Well, uh, maybe we should just do the tests another time.

Carly: Chloe, we can't put this off any longer. We have to find out if you're carrying daniel's baby or somebody else'S.

Chloe: You're right. I'll be right there. Daniel, I'm heading out!

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, hang on. Hang on. Don't leave yet. Don't leave yet. I have got some nieat news. My consult just rescheduled. Which means we can now spend the entire day together.

Chloe: Oh, I can'T. I made plans already. I told you that.

Daniel: Change them.

Chloe: What? No, I--

Daniel: No! No! No. I am not taking no for an answer. You are mine today.

Brady: Are you sure about that? No, listen, I agree with you. I mean, this has to be an illegal, offshore account. I just hoping that-- yeah. No, I-I-I understand.G thank you for the information. Nicole, where the hell did you get all this money?

[Cell phone rings] Hello.

Melanie: Hey, brady.

Brady: Mel, look, it's not a good time right now.

Melanie: Why? Is something wrong?

Bradyhell yeah.

Baker: So, uh, did you get my bail money?

Nicole: Yeah, it took all night, but I got it done. A third party will bring you the cash. The police still don't know who you are, right?

Baker: Nope.

Nicole: Good. If anyone found out you're the late Dr. Richard baker, we'd both be screwed.

Baker: I'm glad you're aware of that.

Nicole: All right, when you're released, go home, okay? And stay there until I contact you.

Baker: You got it. I

Nicole: And once you get there, marco will make sure you stay out of commission till i figure out what to do with you.

Roman: Hey, officer.

Officer: Commander brady. How's the commish doing? Any leads in his case?

Roman: Eh, still waiting. But we will find whoever tried to kill my brother. Just a matteof time.


Hope: Bo, what's going on?

Do to get

Daniel: Get them online. Cer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are ago to get tickets for

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the

Chloe: Daniel, I'm going to chicago to get ticke for


Daniel: Get them online.

Chloe: I can't 'cause it's sold out and the theater's releasing some additional seats. But you have to buy them in person.

Daniel: And it's that important to you?

Chloe: Yeah, obviously, or i wouldn't want to go. The show's only open for a few more weeks. And may be my last chance. And I love it. It's one of my favorites.

Daniel: Okay. Wellin that case, I'll go with you.

Chloe: What?

Daniel: To chicago to get the tickets.

Hope: Bo, what's going on? Why am here?

Bo: You don't remember what happened last night, do you?

Hope: What do you mean? Oh, God. What hap ned last night?

Bo: What's the last thing you remember?

Hope: I-I went to bed early. But at Victor'S. How did I end up here? Bo, say something. Why am I here? Damn it, brady, what the hell is going on? Is ciara okay? Is she all right? O make t okiel: No.Ool. Go make the reservation, okaniel: No. No. Decision's been made

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get huge savings sw tt of youl: Agh. Damn it. Go make the reserva oeoe: You know how impatient sweet of you.

Chloe: Honey, that's very sweet of you. But it's gonna be so boring. I'm gonna be waiting in line for hours.

Daniel: That's why I should go. I'll keep you company.

Chloe: You know how impatient you are. Especially around opera people.

Daniel: No, just the snobby ones, really. But I will be on

Chloe: Daniel...

Daniel: No. No. Decision's been made. We're gonna get thtickets and I'm gonna take you to a very nice lunch at a wonderful italian place on michigango avenue. Let me go make the reservation, okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Chloe: Daniel, you can'T. Come on.

Daniel: Agh. Damn it. My consult is back on.

Chloe: Oh, that's too bad.

Daniel: You know what, I'm sorry.

Chloe: Well, you know what, uh, if I'm gonna get those tickets, I got to go so bye. Muah. Have a good day. Bye. Bye-bye.

Melanie: Do you want to talk about it?

Brady: Melanie, look, I-- look, I really got to go, okay?

Melanie: You sound kind of angry.

Brady: I am angry. I'm not angry at you though.

Melanie: Well, that's a relief. Look, if there's anything I can do...

Brady: I'll let you know. What the hell have you done, nicole?

[Cell phone rings]

>&gtIcole: Brady, hi. I am so sorry about last night.

Brady: You, uh, done with work?

Nicole: Yeah, I just finished. Crisis averted.

Brady: Glad to hear it.

Nicole: So where are you?

Brady: I'm at your place.

Nicole: Okay, well, don't leave. I'm on my way home and we have so much to talk about.

Brady: We sure do.

Bo: No, no, no. Take it ea. Take it easy. Ciara is fine. You know what, listen, before we get into anything, why don't you have something to eat, you know? Get your strength up. Uh, last night was-- You want some coffee?

Hope: No.-I just want some answers... You're really scaring me, brady. Bo.-I

Bo: There'sothing--look, um...lo you said you went to bed early last night. Um, why don't you tell me what happened before that?

Hope: What does that have to do with anything?

Bo: Please just trust me. Tell mytwhat happened.

Hope: Carly came over. And, uh, vivian was there. They started arguing about lawrence. S and how carly murdered him. It was really unsettling.

Bo: Why? I mean, that's not news to you. Why would it upset you?

Hope: I don't know. Maybe hearing the details, I... how carly plunged the knife into lawrence's stomach, it struck chord with me.It I don't know, it just... it made me feel anxious inside. Anyway, um, after carly left, I, uh, decided to call it a night and go to bed.

Bo: But you were still upset. Did you have trouble falling asleep?

Hope: I thought I would, so I... I took a sleeping pill.

Bo: One of these.

Hope: Yeah. What are you doing with that?

Bo: Hope, this is the answer to all your questions. Ab an and it made me want to throw up.

Adrienne: What

Stephanie: When I was unpacking nathan's books, i found it: A lovely picture oft kind of picture? X-rated?

Stephanie: No, no, no. Nothing like that. It was just a picture of them when they used to be together. And they were all smiling and happy. And it made me want to throw up.

Adrienne: Oh, I see that's upsetting you.

Stephanie: Of course it's upsetting me. He's holding on to a photo to remind himself of his precious little melanie and all theup wonderful times they used to have together. God knows how many times he takes it out a day wishing he was with her instead of me.

Adrienne: I take it you haven't confronted him.

Stephanie: Not yet.

Aienne: Good. Don'T.

Philip: Ever since I joined the hospital board, I've been pushing for new equipment for pediatrics. But everyone kept insisting Didn't need it. That is until you gave your support. I can't tell you how grateful I am, man.

Nathan: Hey, no problem. I mean, the equipment we have works fine, but it's incredibly outdated. And with the right resources, we could accomplish a lot more so...

Philip: Exactly. You know, I don't know if you have some time, but I'd love to get your input on this proposal.

If u have time for coffee? Go over a few things?N

Nathan: Sure. Anything to avoid unpacking.

Philip: Oh, yeah. Well, I'm glad you and steph are doing well. She deserves to be happy.

Nathan: Yeah, she does. But don't speak too soon. Once she realizes I leavthe toilet seat up, I might be out on my ass.

Philip: I doubt that. Look, I know we've had our differences, but, uh, I'm starting to see you're all right. You're a prettdecent guy.

Nathan: Are we bonding, philip? Is that what's happening here?

Philip: I take it back. You are--you're still an idiot.

Nathan: Yeah, but you need this idiot's help. Hey, I'm gonna make this proposal freakin' brilliant.

Philip: Oh, great. I've created a monster. Let's, uh, let's get this over with.

Nathan: [Chuckles]

[Door unlocks]

Nicole: Hey. I am so glad you didn'leave.

Brady: Come here.

Nicole: Oh. Wow. Um, that is, uh, quite the homecoming.

Brady: I missed you. I was getting lonely here.

Nicole: Yeah, I can't believe you hung out in this dump. I don't even have cable.

Brady: It's--I kept myself occupied. I got to tell you though, i don't like you living in this neighborhood. I don'T. Remember those investments you were telling me about? Those ever pay off by any chance?

Nicole: No. Not yet. I mean, I'm hoping for the best. I just--I don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't work out. T

Brady: I ow the feeling.

Hope: An answer to all my questions? What are you talking about? What do my sleeping pills h-- what happened to your hand? Are you all right?

Bo: Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm fine. You know, me in the kitchen by myself. The important thing is we found the mugger--you know, the one who was attacking those men and stealing their wallets.

Hope: That's fantastic. Who is it?Ow

Bo: Well...e: I've got to show you something. That's when you started mugging men and taking their wallets?

Hope: How do you know about the wallets?

Bo: Ciara told me. She found them under your bed soon after this started.

Hope: It's been a problem the whole time. What is this?

Bo: She's been a problem? You're the one mugging people.

Hope: I only went after the ones that had done something i hated.

Bo: What had brady done to you?

Hope: He stayed loyal to nicole, a kidnapper.

Bo: And abe?

Hope: Wasn't doing anything to get rid of that crooked D.A.

Bo: So it was okay to hit him-nock him out? Whi

Hope: I'd come home and sleep like a baby.Me


Danie hey.

Melanie: Hi.

>&gtAniel: You ready to go? Bumme

Melanie: Yes. Uh, aost. I'm just gonna finish clning up here really f>&gtT.

Daniel: Yeah.

Melanie: I'm really excited to sit in on this consult.Daniel: Yeah, well, don't get too excited. I still have to clear things with st. Mary'S. And for all I know, it might not even happen. They already cancelled once this morning.

Melanie: Oh, well, that would be a bummer.

Daniel: Well, not really. I mean, no offense, but I was kind of hoping to spend the day with chloe.

Melanie: Oh. Well, then she's probably not very excited that the cancellation got uncancelled.

Daniel: Well, you'd think so. But when I tried to make plans with her, you know, she really wasn't interested. She still wanted to go to chicago without me.

Melanie: Did she say y?

Daniel: No, she just ke making up lame excuses. You know, that was strange.

Melanie: Well, it's pretty obvious what's going on here.

Daniel: Well, you care to enlighten me?

Melanie: Yeah, chloe's keeping a secret from you.

Carly: Thank you so much, sister anne, for fitting us in.

Anne: Oh, don't give it a second thought, Dr. Manning.After all you've done for us, it's nice to finally be able to return the favor. Now let's see, you must be dana. Dana scott?

Chloe: Yes, sister.

Anne: Well, go ahead and change into your gown. The ob/gyn is running late, but he'll be here soon.

Chloe: Great.

Carly: Things a little hectic?

Anne: Well, we've had a few scheduling mishaps today. I'm afraid some ofheur new nurses haven't learned that Godng is in e details.

Carly: Oh, well, if anyone can whip them into shape, it's you, sister.

Anne: I pray you're right. The good Lord is really testing with some of these new girls. Now if you need anything else, let me know.

Carly: I will. Thank you.

[Door closes]

Chloe: , Great. Now I can add a nu to the list of the people I've lied to.

Carly: You and me both. Here. Your cover story. Opera tickets.

Chloe: Oh, my God. How did you get these?

Carly: I-I-I pulled a few strings.

Chloe: Carly, I can't thank you enough.

Carly: Thank me?

Chloe: Yeah. I mean, originally, I was against doing this paternity test. But I've come to realize for my own peace of mind, I need to know if this baby's daniel'S. And I wouldn't be able to do at wut y r help.E of mso thank you. Know iis baby'da

Carly: Chloe, I hope you get the answer you want--that we both want.

Brady: So you're basically broke? Is that what you're telling me?

Nicole: Come on, you know what I make at the tv station. It's chump change.

Brady: Yeah, I'm aware of that. But I also know that you are nicole walker. You know, you, uh, you always find a way to make a better life for yourself, right?

Nicole: I'm working on it.

Brady: Hmm.

Nicole: Right now, I'm focused on you. On us. Is--is something wrong, brady? I mean, my money situation, is that a problem for you?

Hope: What is this? I don't understand. What's going on? That can't really be me. No. It can't be. There's no way. I-I don't remember saying those things. I don't remember doing any--

Bo: I know you wouldn't remember, ho. That's why I recorded it.

Hope: But I would never-- I would never--I would never-- I would never hurt anyone.Evabe, justin, your brother. I just... o, my God.Otit just doesn't make any s--

Bo: What?

Hope: From the beginning,ha I remember having a connectionto the mugge I felt, um, they were trying to te me something, you know? Yiyou know, especially with that, uh, the celtic symL.E sothg, y know?O: The sign of female empoweT.

Hope: Yeah, but I thought it was a cry for help. But for arianna. I mean, what about her? There was dna evidence. S a bo: I'm pretty sure that was planted. Could've been by you.

Hop why would I do thatul y

Bo: We'll fe:Ure that out, hope, but u saw your confession. Yoadmitted to the mullings.

Hope: I don't remember.

Bo: There's a lot of things lately that you don't remember.On't r

Hope: You mean with ciara?

Bo: And justin.

M hope: Ciara. There have been things i couldn't explain. But why? I mean... why? B why would I... why would I hurt all those people?

Bo: Let me show you some re.

Hope: Then it stopped working. That's when I realized that the only man I wanted power over was you. And the only way to have peace was to see you dead. , God. [Crying]

Hope: Every time I see... stop. Stop the tape.

Bo: Sorry. I know this is difficult.

Hope: I want to see everything. From the beginning. Ophing

Bo: Are y sure? B

Hope: I want to know what I'veone. I want to know every single detail. Please.

Brady: Nicole, why would I care whether you had money or co on, you know meetter than that, right?

Nicole: Yes, of course. Meth of crsI do. I don't--I don't even know why i asked you that.>&gtIcE.

Brady: I'm worried about ur rsi do. Nc though. I don' I don't want yo struggle I mean, if you need some help, you know that you can come to me for it, right?I hel

Nicole: Yeah, I know. But everything's fine. I don't--I don't mind being poor for a little while making an honest living for myself and all that.

Brady: "Honest living."

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Well, then that's settled. There's nothing more to talk about. So let's not talk.

Nicole: Okay. Oh. Mm. Oh, brady, you are full of surprises.

Brady: So are you.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, I can't keep quiet about the picture. You know, if nathan's still living in the past, then I don't want him living with me.

Adrienne: Oh, honey, I really think you're overreacting here. So he has a picture of his ex. Don't sit there and tell me you don't have one of philip.

Stephanie: Well, I don't hide it in a book. And besides, he's a guy. He's not supposed to be all sentimental.

Adrienne: You know what, he has a right to hang on to his memories. And if you confront him and you make a big deal about this, h yore only going to bring trouble on yourself.L

Stephanie: And look pathetic and insecure.

Adrienne: Exactly. You know what, so this picture gives nathan an occasional warm,d fuzzy feeling. It doesn't mean he's still in love with melanie. And it doesn't mean he regrets choosing you. So you relax, okay, and make some happy memories of your own.Ou

Nathan: Are we talking about the same guy?

Philip: No, I know. It gets better. In thi hape board meeting, he fell asleep in his charts.Sa meeting adjourned. Hey.Me

Daniel: What kind of secret do you think chloe's keeping from me?

Melanie: Well, like, maybe, like, a surprise. Like, for the baby. This is her first time having a child. This is your first time kind of having a child. One that you get to raise, you know. Do you think I'm off base?

Daniel: No, no. You may be right but, um, you know at I was thinking is I wish I'd have been there for you. In the beginning. The first steps, the first words.

Melanie: My first temper tantrum and my first misdemeanor.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, those too, yeah.

Melanie: The important thing is is that you're here now. And you're the best dad i could've ever hoped for. And I hope you know how much i love you.

Daniel: Come here.

Carly: [Chuckles] What are you smiling about?

Chloe: Well, I was just thinking. You and I, we're getting along really well now, whichs the miracle of all miracles. So wouldn't it be funny if i asked you to be my baby's Godmother?

Carly: Why would that-- [Gasps] Victor. Oh, y' would love that, wouldn't he?

Chloe: Could you imagine the look on his face? That alone would be worth it.

Carly: Oh, my gosh. Well, you know what, I'm sure there are plenty of other people you'd rather ask.

Chloe: Real? Like who? Uh, nicole sur I mean, I love her and all, but the guardian of my child, I don't think so. Actually, thinking about it, you really would be a perfect Godmother. You're patient, and strong, and a really good role model. And daniel would certainly approve.

Carly: I don't know about that.

Chloe: I do. In fact, I'm really starting to see you the way that he does.

Carly: Chloe, thank you. And for the record, if you were to ask me to be the Godmother, I would be honored.

Bo: You okay?

Hope: I wouldn't believe it except it's all there. W right on tape. Oh, my God. [Crying] What have I done?

Bo: Hope, it's not you. It was the sleeping pills. The side effects are incr--

Hope: I don't care about the side effects! It doesn't change the fact that it was still me! I did this to all of these men and my daughter! And, oh, my God, I accused her m of lying. You know how confused shemust de been, ?

Bo: Stop. You weren't h yourself.

Hope: Of course I was! Onfu it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. I did it. I'm--I'm responsible oh, my God, I've hurt so many people. My family. My friends. How can I ever face them again? God, I can't even face you.

Bo: Hope, we'll get through this.Ve

Hope: No. There's no getting through this. How do we get through this? There's no fixing this. We've got to put an end to i rica'sp

Baker: Come on, nicole. Get me out of here.

Roman: Interesting.

Officer: What do you got there, commander?

Roman: Composite sketch. The guy who purchased the items to torch my other's house. And, uh, something about him looks familiar. Wait a minute. It is you.

Chloe: Okay, I'm done. Dana scott is ready for her paternity test.

Carly: Okay, I'll see if i can find the doctor. You gonna be okay here by yourself?

Chloe: Yeah, sure.

Carly: Okay, I'll be right back.

Anne: Dr. Jonas. I'm so thrilled you could join us today. And your daughter too.

Daniel: It's not a problem if she observes, is it?

Anne: No, no. I've already cleared it with the patient. However, you may want to meet with her alone at first. It's a fairly sensitive case.

Daniel: Yeah, severe burns as I understand.

Anne: Yes. The patient's name is donna scott. A lovely young woman, but she's a little hesitant about the surgery. She wants to know all her options and told her you were the expert.

Anne: Is she ready to see me now?

Anne: Yes. She's waiting in her room. Josis de you have don m scott's chart handy?

Josie: Right here, sister. St

Nicole: Oh, brady, this--

Brady: Hush.

Philip: Hey, steph. Hey, adrienne.

Nathan: Sorry to interrupt.

Adrienne: Philip. Hi. Hi, nathan.,

Stephanie: What are you guys doing?

Nathan: I am helping philip with his board proposal. In exchange, he's buying me breakfas

Philip: Hey.

Nathan: Hey.

Philip: I thought it was just coffee?

Nathan: No. Breakfast.

Philip: You know, now that you mention it, that--that is a great idea. Let's do that. Penthouse grill. Brunch. Let's do it.

Nathan: Awesome.T I guess I'll see you at home.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Nathan: Bye, you guys. Bye, adrienne.

Adrienne: Um, bye, nathan.

Nathan: Thankyou .M,

Stephanth was weird.

Adrienne: What?

Stephanie: Well, philip for one thing.At w I toldhat? He'beening strange arou me la ly. He couldn't wait to get out of here.Bect

Adrienne: Yeae but it's not just you. I've witnessed some pretty odd behavior myself.

Stephanie: Really? Like what?

Baker: Wh--I don't know what you're talking about, all right? I didn't set fire to anybody's house.

Roman: But you tried, didn't you?

Baker: No! No! And I'm not saying anything more until I get a lawyer.

Roman: All right, fine. Officer, make sure this low-life stays put. I'm gonna run his name through the system. See if he has any priors.

Baker: Wait a minute. I'm just about to post bail.

Roman: No. No, you're not. Let me ask you something. Where have I seen your face bere?

Bo: Before we me any decisions--

Hope: Stop. You and I both know what needs to be done.

Bo: No, hope.

Hope: Thank you. Stop. Thank you... for being so understanding. So patient. For not judging. P you know what needs to be done. You have to arrest me.

Josie: Here you go, Dr. Jonas. I'll show you to the patient's room.

Daniel: Great. Thank you. Well, as soon as I get the okay, I will bring you in.

Melanie: Cool. Good luck.

Daniel: Thank you. All right.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Oh, where is that doctor?

Adrienne: You know, philip's al been friendly with me. But lately, he's been, um, skittish--no, edgy. And it's been ever since I sawhim outside daniel and chloe's apartment.

Stephanie: That's right. You mentioned that before. Wait, when was that again?

Adrienne: The morning after chloe's accident.

Stephanie: Huh. Interesting.

Bo: Hope, we can handle all this another way. I don't want you to turn yourself in.

Hope: That's not your decision.

[Cell phone ringing]Si

Bo: It's Roman.

Hope: You should answer it.

[Cell phone ringing]

Bo: Hey, man, what's up?

Roman: Bo, I nged you down here as quick as you can. We got a break in your attempted murder case.

Bo: What do you mean?

Roman: Well, we got nothing concrete, but we do have a suspect in custody. M and strangely enough, I-I think he might've committed another crime against our family.

Bo: Oh, yeah? What do you got?

Roman: I'll fill you in when you get down here. By the way, do you know where hope is?I've been trying to reach her.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. She's here with mend... we have some information you're going to be interested in too. I'll see you soon. We got to go.

Nicole: That was, uh, intense.

Brady: You weren't expecting that, were you?

Nicole: No. Brady, are you upset?

Brady: Why would I be upset, nicole? You haven't done anything, have you?

Nicole: I don't know. You tell me.

Brady: It sucks, doesn't it? Being in the dark like this. Not knowing what's going on. No control over anything. Don't you hate that?

Nicole: I don't know what you're talking about.

Brady: I got a hell of a news flash for you. I am done being your victim.U. You will never lie to me again. You will never betray me again. And you will not make a fool out of me ever again.

Nicole: Brady, I don't understand.

Brady: Understand this: You know that little fling that we just had, I hope you soaked it up 'cause that's the last time that you and I are ever gonna be together. Ti There.

Stephanie: So tell me again why philip was at daniel and chloe's apartment.

Adrienne: He said he was there to pick up something for chloe.

Stephanie: Who was still in the hospital.

Adrienne: Yes. Apparently, she wanted him to pick up a watch.

Stephanie: That's odd. The morning after chloe almost dies, she wants philip to bring her a watch of all things?

Adrienne: Well, maybe it was bothered that you saw himin there.

Adrienne: Yeah. What are you getting at?

Stephanie: Well, I think philip is hiding something. And whatever it is, it has to do with chloe.

Melanie: Okay. Guess I'll text philip.

Carly: Um, excuse me, can you--

Melanie: Carly, what are you doing here?

Daniel: Miss sct, I'm doctor danl jonas. I'm here to consult on your case. Miss scott, are you in there? May I pu the curtain back?

Nicole: Brady, I-I-I don't-- I don't understand what's-- what's happening here. Why are you so angry?

Brady: You lied to me again.

Again you lied to me. I gau liou every chance to come clean and you lied to me again.

Nicole: About what? About what?

Brady: You're poor, right? You're struggling? You're hoping that some risky investments will come through? That's what you told me, right?Ug

Nicole: Yes.

Brady: To-hmm.

Nicole: It could happen any day now, but--

Brady: You're a liar.

Nicole: I'm not lying.

Brady: You are lying to me again. And I am sick of it. I am so sick of your lying. It's all you ever do. So tell me what's going on. You tell me the truth right now.

Hope: We need to take this with us. Show Roman what I said.

Bo: No. This can wait.

Hope: No. No more waiting. I need to do this for vi for arianna.O s my S.Foia st of all, for you.

Bo: Hope, the's s a l we nd undand.

Hopst bo...

Bo: To figure out here.

Hope: It won't make a diffence. My God, what I've done, i deserve to be behind bars. And I'm ready to face my punishment, whatever that may be.

Bo: No.

Ciara: Mommy, I'm so glad you're here. I missed you and I so much.

Daniel: We really need to open this curtain now.

Nicole: Why would I lie? I didn't do anything.

Hope: I did something wrong.

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