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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/23/10 - Canada; Monday 7/26/10 - U.S.A.


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[Monitor beeping]

Bo: My throat hurts.

Carly: Yeah. You pulled your tube out last night.

Bo: I did?

Carly: Uh-huh. You wanted to tell me something, but you were so drugged, you went right back to sleep.

Bo: I don't remember.

Carly: Okay, it doesn't matter.

Philip: Still no visitors? Okay. Okay. Tell Bo I'll be over later today. Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Melanie: Where are you?

Philip: I'm ten minutes away. Be ready to go when I get there, okay?

Melanie: What is it with all this secrecy stuff? I want to know what you're up to.

Philip: Ten minutes.

Melanie: I'm the one that gets to act weird.

[Knock at door]

Nathan: Hey.

Melanie: Come in.

Nathan: All right.

Melanie: What are you doing?

Nathan: Oh, I have some stuff stored in the basement still that I decided to pick up, since I'm moving out of Lucas' today, and, uh...

Melanie: You're moving?

Nathan: Yeah.

Melanie: Where are you going?

Nathan: I'm moving in with Stephanie.

Hope: Carly Manning called. Wonder what she wants.

Carly: Do you remember who did this to you?

Kate: I can't believe Madeline's gone.

Stefano: [Sighs] As you sow... so shall ye reap. Ah... I'm sorry that the woman is dead, but, uh, I'm not sorry that our secret died with her.

Kate: Yeah. Right. Everything's going to be fine now.

[Door opens, closes]

Chad: Hey.

Will: If you want, I will get the hell out of here.

Chad: Now, why would I want that?

Will: Because you, um... you could blame me for your mom's death...'cause I do.

Victor: Maggie.

Maggie: Oh. Oh. Did you get to see him?

Victor: No, not yet.

Maggie: Did something happen?

Victor: No, no, he's fine, just not ready for visitors yet. Listen, I want you to go home. My driver's downstairs.

Maggie: I'm fine.

Victor: And I want you to stay that way. Think about your health, Maggie.

Maggie: Don't worry about me. Worry about your son.

Caroline: Our son, actually. So, Victor... our son's in the hospital. He almost died, and it didn't occur to you to call me?

Victor: Caroline.

Caroline: I guess you decided three would be a crowd.

Bo: So I was here?

Carly: That's right. Then you woke up.

Bo: And pulled my breathing tube out?

Carly: Like I said, it seemed like you really wanted to tell me something.

Bo: I don't remember.

Carly: Okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Roman: Hey-hey. So you're awake?

Bo: Yeah.

Roman: What? You weren't getting enough attention?


Bo: Love you too, bro.

Roman: [Sighs] Don't you ever... ever do that to me again, okay? You hear me? You worried the hell out of me.

Bo: I'll try not.

Roman: I mean it. All right, so... can I ask some questions now?

Carly: Oh, yeah, sure. Wouldn't want that display of affection to last more than, uh, two or three seconds, right?

Bo: Why am I here? What happened? I don't--I don't remember.

Roman: All right, well, let's do it the old-fashioned way, okay? What is the last thing you do remember?

Hope: Hey, good morning.

Justin: Hi.

Hope: Such a beautiful day, isn't it?

Justin: Hope, nobody told you?

Hope: Told me what?

Justin: Bo's in the hospital. He was attacked.

Melanie: You're moving in with Stephanie?

Nathan: Yeah.

Melanie: Cool. Good. Great. That's--that's great for you and, you know, for her, because if she woke up in the middle of the night barfing or covered in welts or something, there would be a doctor right there, you know?

Nathan: You paint a--you paint a great picture.

Melanie: [Laughs awkwardly]

Nathan: Doesn't bother you that I'm moving in with Stephanie, does it?

Melanie: No. No, I just want you two kids to be as happy as Philip and I are.

Nathan: That's what we aspire to do.

Melanie: [Chuckles]

Nathan: I better go get those boxes.

Melanie: Yeah. I'd offer to help, but then you might say yes, so...

Philip: Hey, is Nathan here?

Melanie: Yeah. He just stopped by to pick up some stuff in the basement. He's moving in with Stephanie now.

Philip: Oh, good for them.

Melanie: Yeah. So, um, I'm ready. Surprise?

Philip: I'll show you. Come on.

[Knock at door]

Adrienne: Good. You're up.

Stephanie: I am. What are you doing here?

Adrienne: Very nice.

Stephanie: No, I mean this early. You're not a morning person.

Adrienne: Your "pain in the butt" father called and woke me up, paying no attention to time zones. He wanted to know about Bo.

Stephanie: Oh. You told him he's gonna be all right, right?

Adrienne: Yes, I did. And then we proceeded to speak about you for 15 minutes.

Stephanie: Oh, Lord.

Adrienne: Yes. Do you know that he thinks you're much too young to be living with some guy?

Stephanie: Some guy? It's Nathan. And he's a doctor.

Adrienne: Yes, I know. But your father was such a pillar of virtue in his youth, he is suspect of all men's intentions, no matter what their credentials... which is... why he's decided to come back to Salem to talk to you in person.

Stephanie: No. No. Aunt Adrienne, he doesn't talk. He growls. And then he's just gonna stop talking. He's gonna harass Nathan.

Adrienne: No, no, he won't do that... because your beloved Aunt Adrienne talked him out of it. I neutralized him.

Stephanie: Oh, thank much. Thank you, thank you.

Adrienne: Now this I love-- someone in my debt. Mm.

Adrienne: [Laughs]

Victor: It was Roman's decision not to call. He knew Bo was going to be fine. He didn't want you to worry.

Caroline: He knew you had Maggie to get you through the night, right? She can't even look at me.

Victor: No, I think, as a sensitive person, she doesn't want you to see her laughing.

Maggie: I am not laughing. Caroline, I'm sorry if I've upset you. I was with Victor when he got word about Bo, and I just decided to come along to make sure everything was all right.

Caroline: I see. I see. You should have called me no matter what Roman said.

Maggie: Victor, I'm sorry.

Victor: You were laughing, weren't you?

Maggie: Oh, I wasn't. Will you stop it? I wasn't laughing. I'm just relieved that Bo is all right. [Sighs] I can't believe that at this stage of the game, two different ladies think I'm the other woman.

Victor: You're a dangerous dame, Maggie Horton.

Maggie: Well, this dame is telling you to go after Caroline. Make it right with her. She is scared about Bo. And you know she's right. No matter what Roman said, you have called her.

Victor: You know, in the end, you women all stick together.

Maggie: Go. And as hard as it may be, try to be nice. [Sighs] Oh.

Bo: I was at Victor's. That was last night, right?

Roman: Right. Do you remember talking to me? I sent you a text. You called me back.

Bo: Uh-uh. That's... that's gone. Will you please tell me what happened?

Roman: Is it all right? Is he up to it?

Bo: Come on, you don't need-- would you talk to me? Why am I here?

Roman: I guess you are getting better. Okay. Somehow somebody drugged you. You were passed out in your living room. Your house was doused with gasoline.

Bo: What?

Roman: Yeah. It was a pretty close call. Daniel just happened by.

Bo: Well, th--thank God for Daniel.

Roman: Yeah. Something else happened too, something very strange. Somebody called 911 anonymously, so I got there five minutes after Daniel did.

Bo: That is weird.

Roman: It was a very close call. Like I said, you were one stroke of a match from your last ride, partner.

Bo: Got fingerprints?

Roman: None that can't be accounted for.

Bo: W-what the hell was I drugged with?

Roman: Tox screen's not back yet.

Bo: Oh, surprise, surprise.

Roman: Yeah. You know, when I find out who did this to Bo, I'm gonna go after who runs that office. I get suits back from the cleaners faster than this, and that's saying a lot.

Bo: Yeah. My big brother... not a fan of bureaucracy.

Carly: Well, you know, two big tough guys can't be kept waiting, right?

Bo: Carly.

Carly: No, you know what? No, listen, the two of you-- he could have died, and you're being all Starsky and Hutch about this, so cool. He could have been burned to death.

Bo: Hey, hey, I'm sorry.

Roman: Yeah, me too. I'm sorry.

Bo: Hey, come on. Come here.

Carly: Stop talking about this like it's just a case, okay? Like it's no big deal, because it is. It is.

Bo: Okay. Okay. I know.

Roman: You know what? Uh, I think I'll be going here.

Adrienne: Thanks.

Stephanie: How is it that my dad ended up being, like, some fire-and-brimstone preacher, and you wound up being so cool?

Adrienne: I'm just a superior person.

[Both laugh]

Adrienne: No, really, he's not that bad.

Stephanie: I know. I love my dad with all my heart, and I miss him. I'm just so happy about Nathan moving in, and I just want him to be happy for me.

Adrienne: I know, sweetheart. It's a very exciting time for you. I remember when Justin and I first moved-- not a good example. Sorry.

Stephanie: Why not? I know how much you guys have always loved each other, and you still do.

Adrienne: Don't go there.

Stephanie: All I'm saying is I know how happy you used to be, and I think you can have that again.

Stefano: [Sighs] Do I sense a lack of conviction?

Hope: Excuse me?

Stefano: Well, you said everything was all right just now, but, uh, you didn't seem as if you meant it. Is there something about Madeline I don't know about?

Kate: Oh, I wonder what's in this? Oh, my God. It's just that, you know, there was so much stuff in that safety deposit box, I'm worried that perhaps I missed something.

Stefano: I'm not. You're nothing if not thorough. Don't worry, sweetheart, because I think all our problems have been dealt with as far as Madeline is concerned... by... divine intervention. [Walks out]

Kate: Brush up on your Shakespeare. The evil that men do lives after them... literally.

Chad: My mom had an aneurysm. Nobody's to blame for that.

Will: I sure put a lot of stress in her life. You know, um, telling you that--

Chad: Something that was true. You didn't make anything up.

Will: I'm still really sorry that I opened my fat mouth.

Chad: Look, my mom had this whole secret life. Then you told me about it. But it had nothing to do with her death.

Will: I still wish that you never knew.

Chad: Yeah, well... there's nothing we can do about that now.

Victor: You're absolutely right, Caroline. I should have called, and I'm sorry.

Caroline: Well, I have a right to know, you know? I'm his mother.

Victor: I know. I know.

Lexie: Abe, hi. Maxine just told me about Bo.

Abe: Yeah. Hey, pal. You all set for your session with Mark?

Theo: Picnic?

Abe: We'll picnic after.

Lexie: I haven't seen Hope. Is she here?

Abe: Yeah. She's in there with Bo.

Theo: Aunt Hope? Got treasure.

Roman: Hey, Hope.

Hope: Hey. Um, your mother's here, and she doesn't look too happy, especially with you.

Roman: Well, I better go do some damage control. Catch you later.

Bo: [Clears throat]

Hope: I hear the prognosis is good.

Carly: That's right.

Hope: Well, turns out I caught this case, so I, um-- I'm gonna need to ask Bo some questions.

Carly: Okay. Not too long, all right?

Hope: So, uh, where do we start?

Kate: Mr. Woods. I just want to tell you how sorry I am about Madeline.

D.A. Woods: Why don't you just go to hell?

Nathan: Whoa. Mel? Okay, I guess she left.

Melanie: What is it?

Philip: Ta-da.

Melanie: Can I open them?

Philip: Yeah, open them. Open them up.

Melanie: Wow. Whoa. Oh, I love being rich.

[Both laugh]

Melanie: When--before I met you, a picnic would have been, um, a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich in a parking lot.

Philip: Well...

Melanie: But this is--this is... what's the occasion?

Philip: Well, we have something to celebrate. Here.

Melanie: We do. What's that?

Philip: Open it up.

Melanie: These look like my grades, but they're not out yet.

Philip: Yeah, well, did you notice the name of the new research wing on the hospital?

Melanie: Starts with a "K," right?

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: So you used your pull to get my grades early. You're not supposed to do that. Um, it says I aced all my finals. Did--did you buy these?

Philip: No, they're not for sale -- something about ethics. I don't know. You need to face that you are one very smart soon-to-be nurse.

Melanie: [Laughs] Oh, my gosh. This is so cool. You know what I just realized?

Philip: Mm, what? That I'm a great husband?

Melanie: Besides that, obviously. Yes. Very much so. Because I'm the accelerated program, I could be certified before Chloe has her baby, which means I could help deliver my little brother or sister. [Laughs] Isn't that so cool?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah. [Chuckles] Congratulations.

Adrienne: Sweetie, we're having a nice morning. Let's not talk about Uncle Justin, okay?

Stephanie: Are you mad at him?

Adrienne: No. I'm worried.

Stephanie: Can't just leave it at that.

Adrienne: He's so wrapped up in Hope that I can't believe that he can't see that she's in trouble and that there's only more trouble ahead if he continues to pursue her.

Stephanie: And you told Uncle Justin that?

Adrienne: Yes. He thinks I'm jealous... flaky and emotional. I swear this time it's him.

Justin: Is Hope still in with Bo?

Carly: Yeah, she is.

Justin: How's he doing?

Carly: He's pretty groggy.

Nurse: Here's the tox report on Commissioner Brady.

Carly: Thank you. Maybe we'll get some answers.

Lexie: Honey, what kind of treasure does Aunt Hope have, hmm?

Theo: Ciara loves treasure.

Abe: This treasure, are you and Ciara playing some kind of game?

Theo: No.

Lexie: Sweetheart, the next time you see this treasure, will you show me?

Hope: So the last thing you remember is being at Victor's?

Bo: [Clears throat] Yeah. Then after that, it's... it's just images. And... you know, I... I don't know if they're real, or, you know, it was just a dream, 'cause, I-I really... don't--you know, this whole thing, it doesn't make sense. I didn't pass out till I was at home, but I don't remember... I don't remember anything before that.

Carly: There's a reason for that.

Bo: Is that the tox report?

Carly: Yeah. And you're lucky to be alive.

Melanie: Okay, don't tell me you're one of those old-fashioned guys that can't even stand to be in the room during childbirth.

Philip: No, I'm just not sure it's my favorite topic of conversation at lunch. That's all.

Melanie: [Laughs] Okay. All right, that's fair. Which was delicious, by the way. You eat enough hospital-cafeteria food, and you really start to appreciate good food. So what's for dessert?

Philip: Oh. Right here. There you go.

Melanie: That is not a very big dessert.

Philip: Open it up. Here, I'll hold this.

Melanie: Thank you. Oh, wow. It's beautiful.

Philip: Just like you. Melanie... you're the greatest thing... that's ever happened to me. I swear.

Melanie: I think you have that backwards.

Philip: If it turns out that this kid, if he or she is mine... um, I will... I will fulfill my obligation. I won't run away, not like I did with Pocket. Look, I promise you I'll be there for you and both worlds would crumble, but... we'll get through this together.

Melanie: I love you.

Chad: It happened right here. Still doesn't seem real.

Will: You know, Chad, um... what your mom did--it's in the past. It's not who she was. And--and it's not who she ended up being.

Chad: Right. And it's like you said... what I have to think about is that she got out of it. I'm not sure how she did, but... she did.

Kate: Well, I guess I should be going.

D.A. Woods: Yeah. Your work's done here, right?

Kate: But before I go, I'd like to know if your wife was involved in a charity, because my husband and I would very much like to make a memorial contribution in her name.

D.A. Woods: I wouldn't know. I went to her safe deposit box to get her will, any notes she might have left about her... last wishes, and guess what? It was empty.

Kate: Empty? That's very strange. Well, I should be going. Like I said, I'm very sorry.

D.A. Woods: I just bet you are.

Carly: You were drugged with a massive amount of a compound that's used in a lot of sleeping, antianxiety medications. In large doses, it can cause memory loss, even death.

Hope: So the question is, uh, how did it get into Bo's system without him knowing it?

[Bo flashes back to a coffee cup]

Carly: Did you just remember something?

Bo: Uh, it's... it's just a blur.

Caroline: Bo.

Bo: Oh, hey, Ma.

Caroline: Excuse me.

Bo: Hi.

Caroline: Oh, I'm so glad to see you.

Bo: Oh. Good to see you too.

Hope: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Carly: Absolutely. Let's go outside.

Hope: Okay.

Caroline: You're all right.

Victor: Gave your mother a hell of a scare. Don't do that again, Bo.

Bo: I'm fine, Ma.

Hope: I need to ask you some questions.

Carly: Yeah, sure.

Hope: Well, to begin with, uh, where were you last night?

Carly: Oh. So you caught the case, and now you're gonna try to pin this on me, right?

Abe: I'm so glad you could get away.

Lexie: Yeah, me too. [Sighs] But I can't stop thinking about Bo and Hope. How much are those two supposed to take, Abe?

Abe: Yeah. Close call, wasn't it?

Lexie: Yeah. Carly said if it weren't for Daniel, we would have lost him last night.

Abe: I put Hope on the case.

Lexie: Really?

Abe: You know, she seems to do better when she's busy, has something to focus on.

Lexie: And you think that Hope can be objective about the person who tried to kill Bo?

Abe: Well, she may not be objective, but she'll be relentless.

Hope: Carly, I know you didn't have anything to do with what happened to Bo last night.

Carly: But I-I need an alibi.

Hope: I'm just trying to pin down a timeline, that's all. I also need to know who could have known you weren't gonna be home last night.

Carly: I'm sorry. Okay. Um, whoever did this knew I wasn't gonna be there. I called Bo, and I told him that I would be in the O.R. all night.

Hope: Was that information common knowledge?

Carly: Well, the rotations are posted. Anyone here would know that I wouldn't be going home.

Hope: And when Bo called, did he mention anything about anyone stopping by?

Carly: No.

Hope: God forbid this should be easy.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Oh, excuse me. [Sighs] All right. Thanks.

Justin: Well, that didn't sound like good news.

Hope: Well, the smoke detector and fire alarm were disabled.

Justin: Any prints?

Hope: No. Wiped clean. So whoever did this didn't want the fire department showing up, and at the same time, someone's phoning in an anonymous tip.

Justin: So it was a joint venture, and someone got cold feet.

Hope: There's someone out there with a lot of information.

Nathan: [Groans]

Stephanie: Hey. I, uh... bookshelf is yours, and I cleared out some of the nightstand drawers.

Nathan: Thank you.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Nathan: A few more loads. All right. That first beer is going to taste amazing.

Stephanie: Mm. Oh, you might want to pick some up.

Melanie: [Laughs] Really?

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: Okay, I'm gonna call Max.

Philip: All right. Say hi for me.

Melanie: Okay. He's gonna freak when he hears about my grades. [Chuckles]

Adrienne: Hey, Philip, hi.

Philip: Hey, Adrienne. How are you?

Adrienne: Oh, good. How's Bo?

Philip: Uh, he's stable. Yeah, I'm going to go visit him this afternoon.

Adrienne: Please tell him I said hello.

Philip: I will.

Adrienne: You know, have the cops found out who did this yet?

Philip: Not that I know of.

Adrienne: Speaking of police, you owe me.

Philip: I do?

Adrienne: Yes, you do. One of my neighbors buzzed in a friend, and this woman on the first floor saw you follow in that friend very closely behind before the door closed, and she was gonna call the cops on you until I vouched for you.

Philip: Great. Th--than thank you. Well, you know, I think I told you I was getting something for Chloe--a watch that... the cops? Wow. That's--that's a little over-reactive, don't you think?

Adrienne: Uh, I guess.

[Door closes]

Adrienne: Anyway, I told her that you were visiting Dr. Jonas' apartment, so...

Melanie: What were you doing at my dad's house?

Nathan: [Groans] I really hope you never throw me out, because I am never moving again. Bad joke? Something...wrong?

Stephanie: No, no. No, nothing. Nothing at all. [Kissing]

Philip: Yeah, well, it was when Chloe was in the hospital. She asked me to pick up a few things for her, so...

Melanie: You didn't tell me about that.

Philip: Well, it wasn't that big of a deal... right?

Will: Hey. You know, maybe we should get out of here.

Chad: You know, before she died... she started talking about secrets... and how she did everything for me. You know, what if that was it, you know? She--she was paid for keeping secrets, you know?

Will: Chad, I think we should go.

Chad: I need to know if there were more lies, okay? I need to know the truth.

Will: How?

Chad: I want to talk to your grandmother.

Kate: [Sighs]

D.A. Woods's voice: I went to her safe deposit box to get will, any notes she might have left about her... last wishes. And guess what? It was empty.

Kate: So... if the safety deposit box really was empty... maybe Madeline destroyed Chad's original birth certificate... which means I have the only copy that would prove who Chad's father really is.

Stefano: What did you just say?

Victor: I'm going to insist. Gonna take you home.

Maggie: Well, you know what? Now I am tired.

Victor: And, Maggie, thanks for going through this with me. It really helped having you here.

Maggie: Well, that's what...

Victor: That's right. That's what friends are for. As much as you don't want it to be true, we are friends.

Maggie: I guess.

Victor: What do you mean you guess, Horton? You know you're crazy about me.

Maggie: Maybe. But not nearly as crazy as you are about yourself.

Victor: [Chuckling]

Hope: Just got a call from CSI. Nothing yet.

Roman: They still at the house?

Hope: Yeah, they said they'd be there for at least a couple more hours.

Roman: Okay, I think I'll go over and poke around myself.

Hope: Call me if anything comes up, okay?

Roman: You got it. I'll see you later.

Bo: Hey, Roman. Get me a cheeseburger, will you?

Roman: No.

Bo: You're worthless. You know that, don't you? Worthless.

Hope: Cheeseburger, huh? Must be feeling better.

Bo: How you doing?

Hope: I'm good. I'm fine. Nothing happened to me.

Bo: Kind of did. What we're not talking about... we gonna tell Ciara?

Hope: No. I don't want her to know that... she almost lost her daddy. I don't want her to know that I almost lost you.

Chad: You have a problem with me talking to your grandmother?

Will: I don't think that's a good idea. Please, just... let this go.

Chad: That's not gonna happen. That's not gonna happen.

Kate: You startled me.

Stefano: I'm sorry. But what was it that you just said, just now?

Kate: Oh. I was thinking about poor Chad. I just ran into his father. He was drinking... at this hour.

Stefano: Shocking.

Kate: I know. But he--he did tell me something. He said that he went to get Madeline's safety deposit box, and it was empty.

Stefano: Well, so that's good news, isn't it? Now we know that we have nothing to worry about... [Chuckles] Except for the fact that you are talking to yourself.

Kate: So, Madeline... I guess I am the only one who knows your secret.

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Ha. Lucas... I was just thinking about you.

Theo: Mommy.

Lexie: What? Sweet--come here. What's that? You found a wallet?

Theo: Wallet. Wallet. Treasure.

Abe: Treasure?

Lexie: Honey, what do you mean?

Theo: Auntie Hope. Ciara. Treasure.

Abe: Hope?

Bo: Come on, Hope. I can't get out of this damn bed.

Hope: And you hate that, don't you? You hate any kind of restraint.

Bo: I'm sorry for what you're going through.

Hope: I just feel terrible I wasn't here last night.

Bo: Hey, come on, you didn't know.

Hope: No, Carly tried to call me, but I don't know how, I-I missed the call.

Bo: Come on. Will you come closer? Hey, hey, hey. I am fine.

Hope: What if it's not over? Whoever did this is still out there.

Bo: Not too worried about it. Got my best damn detective on the case.

Hope: Well, cops aren't supposed to let it get personal, and it is. I couldn't imagine this world without you in it.

Bo: I feel the same way about you.

Hope: So somehow we'll get through this. We're family. That's what they do. They get through things.

Bo: Yeah. We are family. And we always will be.

Stefano (to Kate): It's time that you learn how the DiMeras deal with their enemies.

Chloe: I don't know if we can keep this a secret anymore, Philip.

Daniel (to Carly): It's over. It's all gone to hell with Chloe.

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