Days Transcript Thursday 7/8/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/8/10 - Canada; Friday 7/9/10 - U.S.A.


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Stefano: Anna is the only one that knows the truth. And she has been neutralized.

EJ: She better be.

Stefano: Now she knows what would happen to her if she ever told anybody that you paid her to kidnap Sydney.

Nicole: I can't believe I didn't see it. All this time thinking that Anna was the mastermind behind this whole thing. She was just EJ's minion. He's the one who's evil. Pure evil. And it is time for him to pay for his sins.

[Doorbell rings]

[Door opens]

Victor: Daniel. What in the world are you grinning at?

[Cell phone rings]

Chloe: [Sighs] What?

Carly: Hello to you too.

Chloe: Oh, let's just scrap the niceties, Carly. What do you want?

Carly: I called to see how you were feeling.

Chloe: Oh, I'm fine. Just peachy. Or at least I will be if you keep your mouth shut.

Carly: Look, Chloe, instead of lashing out at me, what you need to do--

Chloe: Just stop with the preaching, would you please? For God's sakes, just let Daniel and me be happy, please. Just leave us the hell alone.

Melanie: Stop complaining. It was ten minutes out of our way.

Philip: I don't get it. I don't get why we had to come all the way back here right now.

Melanie: I had to pick something up at the hospital. We'll be two seconds, and then we'll spend a day at the beach.

Philip: It's gonna be over soon if we don't get a move on.

Melanie: You're being a butt. Stay here. I'll be right back.

Philip: [Sighs] Damn it, Chloe. Call me back! What the hell's going on with you?

Stephanie: Hey, Philip.

Philip: I got it. I got it.

Caroline: Oh, dear. So many forms.

Nathan: Yeah, but there's not that much to fill out really. Oh, and we'll also need a doctor's note just to verify that you're up to date on your vaccinations.

Caroline: Oh, yes, I understand. I volunteered before.

Nathan: All right.

Maggie: Well, how great. I didn't know you were volunteering, Caroline. I assume with the hospital?

Caroline: Yes, yes, at the hospital. Well, someone has to pick up your slack.

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Hello.

Nicole: What the hell is the matter with you?

EJ: Nicole. Always a pleasure.

Nicole: I knew you were a disgusting, heartless creep, but this, EJ? You have outdone yourself.

Carly: Chloe, could we please not do this over the phone?

Chloe: No more games, okay? Come on, Carly, just tell me. Are you gonna tell Daniel what I did? That my baby may not be his?

Carly: I'd like to finish this conversation in person if possible.

Chloe: Fine. Daniel's gone all day. You can come over now.

Carly: Listen, Chloe, I know how difficult this must be for you.

Chloe: Like hell you do. You have no idea.

Kate: Hey. So what's so difficult for Chloe now? What has she done to screw up her life this time?

Nicole: I knew that you were a sadistic son of a bitch, but this? Whoa.

EJ: Nicole, what exactly are you babbling on about?

Nicole: And to think, all this time, I was scared of you.

EJ: Okay, well, if you're not going to give me a straight answer.

Nicole: You've been putting the screws to me the last few weeks, saying that you had something on me, something that has to do with Arianna and the muggings. Does that ring a bell?

EJ: What exactly are you getting at?

Nicole: I'm putting you on notice. That's what I'm getting at. The shoe's on the other foot.

EJ: [Laughs] Shoes and screws. I fear I've had enough of your mixed metaphors, so good-bye.

Nicole: Hey, don't you...

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: Don't you hang up on me, EJ. Unless you want your entire life to go up in smoke.

Carly: I know that you hate Vivian Alamain as much as I do. We can add Chloe to the list of Vivian haters. Take care, Kate.

Kate: Wa-wa-wa-wa-wait. There aren't more details?

Carly: No. You know what, it's Chloe's business. I shouldn't have said as much as I did.

Kate: Well, it's a little late, don't you think?

Carly: Vivian Alamain is a sick, vindictive person.

Kate: Sounds like she might have gotten it right for once.

Carly: What?

Kate: Well, after the nightmare that Chloe put both of my sons through, I have absolutely no sympathy for her whatsoever, so if Vivian is torturing her in some way, I think she deserves it.

Carly: Age hasn't mellowed you at all, has it, Kate?

Kate: Well, it certainly hasn't made you any wiser either, has it? She doesn't deserve you in her corner, Carly.

Carly: Daniel loves her. And I'm his friend.

Kate: Well, when it comes to Chloe, Daniel is an idiot.

Carly: Daniel has chosen--

Kate: Daniel is throwing his life away over Chloe. Certainly I'm not the only one who thinks that perhaps he deserved better. I don't know. Such a shallow man. I don't know what the hell he was thinking.

Stephanie: Must be a really important text.

Philip: Mm-hmm. It's work.

Stephanie: Right.

Philip: What, you don't believe me?

Stephanie: I'm having a hard time believing you lately.

Philip: [Sighs] Well, even though this has been an absolute riot, I'm gonna have to go. If you're looking for a fight, look elsewhere.

Stephanie: No, no, Philip. I am looking for you to stop playing me because I know something's up, and it's serious.

Philip: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: You've been really weird lately.

Philip: Hmm.

Stephanie: Ever since you blurted out that your problems with Melanie were your fault. Remember that? You've been really jumpy since then.

Philip: Jumpy. Yeah.

Stephanie: What about when my aunt Adrienne saw you outside of Daniel and Chloe's apartment? Remember how strange you were acting then?

Philip: She said I was acting strange?

Stephanie: Yeah. She said you were really nervous.

Philip: Okay, you know what, that was her opinion. Okay? She was right outside the door. Give me a break.

Stephanie: Okay. All right. Fine, let's say you weren't nervous then. What about just now with the phone?

Philip: Stephanie, you know, even if I was jumpy or whatever the hell you think, why do you care?

Stephanie: Because I know you, and I know you're hiding something.

Philip: Well, if you know me so well, then you know what it is I'm about to say. Stay the hell out of it, Stephanie. I mean it. For everyone's sake, including your own.

Nicole: Look, we need to meet, EJ. Right away.

EJ: You know, I don't know exactly what it is that you're hoping to accomplish, Nicole.

Nicole: We need to meet now.

EJ: Fine. Why don't you come to the mansion?

Nicole: Oh, no, no, no no. We're gonna meet in a public place. No wires, no goons, no tricks.

EJ: Okay. I will meet you at the pier in 20 minutes.

Nicole: Can't wait.

Stephanie: That sounded like a threat.

Philip: Oh, my God. You just won't stop pushing, will you?

Stephanie: What does that mean, stay out of it for my own sake?

Melanie: Problem?

Stephanie: No, actually. I-I have to meet Nathan. We have the day off.

Melanie: Hmm. So do we.

Stephanie: Lucky you.

Melanie: [Snickers] Weird. That was uncomfortable. Did you detect a hint of sarcasm there?

Philip: She's just bitter. Okay? Jealous.

Melanie: Why?

Philip: That I love you more than I ever loved her. You know, which I do.

Melanie: Yeah?

Philip: Love you. Like crazy.

Maggie: Well, thank goodness someone is going to pick up my slack. I know I've been a little distracted these last few months.

Nathan: No, you haven't. You've been great. All right, you always work really hard, and everyone loves you at the hospital--the patients, the...

Caroline: Well, it's just your grandson and I thought it'd be a good idea if I coordinated St. Luke's Outreach Program with all the hospitals in Salem.

Maggie: Ah, it's a big responsibility.

Caroline: Yeah, it is, but I have the time. The pub practically runs itself.

Maggie: Nathan, sweetheart, would you mind giving Caroline and I a moment alone, please?

Nathan: No problem. [Clears throat] Um, I have to get back to the hospital anyway. But take care, okay?

Maggie: Okay.

Nathan: And we'll be in touch, Mrs. Brady, thank you.

Caroline: Yes, of course. Yes.

Maggie: Well?

Caroline: Well what?

Maggie: Come on, Caroline. Don't you think I've noticed how hostile you're being towards me?

Caroline: I have work to do.

Maggie: I thought you said the pub runs itself now. Caroline, please. Be honest with me. What are you so angry about?

Caroline: [Scoffs] All right, fine! You really want to know? You ignored my advice about Victor.

Maggie: Your advice?

Caroline: I told you to stay away from that man, but no, I mean, you just can't help yourself, can you?

Maggie: Can't? I don't know what you're--

Caroline: What is going on between you and Victor? What are you doing with that man?

Daniel: You know what, it's no big deal, Victor. I just needed to find... something.

Victor: Look, Daniel, if you're planning on giving some of your mother's jewelry to Chloe, let me just say--

Daniel: Stop, stop. I do not need your advice when it comes to Chloe.

Victor: Fine, I was just going to--

Daniel: And you know what, and let me give you some advice about her and me and how you could make things, I don't know, better for all of us.

Victor: Well? I'm listening.

Daniel: When--when my parents died and then I lost Rebecca... you know, you were there for me, Victor. You got me through it. You really did.

Victor: You give me too much credit.

Daniel: Well, it's true. And now, after a few false starts, I am finally starting to make a life for myself. With Chloe.

Victor: And your point is?

Daniel: My point is, I want you to give her a chance, Victor. I need you to be genuinely supportive of us. She is extremely important to me, and we are going to have an amazing life together.

Victor: From your mouth to God's ear.

Carly: You know what, you are being really unfair, not to mention disrespectful of Daniel.

Kate: Disrespectful?

Carly: Yeah.

Kate: I'm saying this out of respect for the dear doctor. Chloe's dangerous. Carly, from the vicious accusations she made against Philip when they were teenagers, she cheated on Lucas all through their marriage, I cannot understand why you would want to see Daniel share his life with a woman like that.

Carly: Well, it's not really my call, is it, who he wants to share his life with.

Kate: Well, it certainly isn't my call either. I'm just telling you, if you're thinking of helping the woman, don't. You would be making a terrible mistake. If you involve yourself in her craziness, you're the one who's gonna end up paying. Take care.

Daniel: Chloe? You here? Honey?

Chloe: Hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Chloe: You're back already?

Daniel: Yeah, the hospital schedule changed, so I had a little time to do some things that I've been meaning to do.

Chloe: Huh. Like what?

Daniel: Well, I went through my parents' stuff finally.

Chloe: Oh, what stuff?

Daniel: Well, Victor's been keeping their possessions in storage on the Kiriakis estate, and I--well, I've been avoiding it till today.

Chloe: Oh, so you just went through it all?

Daniel: Yeah, well, most of it. And I wasn't sure I was gonna find what I was looking for, but, luckily... I found this.

Chloe: It's...

Daniel: It's a christening gown.

Chloe: Oh, my gosh, it's beautiful.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I was told everyone in my family was christened in it. As you know, I haven't really been all that religious. But I was hoping that we could have our child christened in it.

Chloe: Of course. Daniel, it's gorgeous.

Daniel: Yup.

Chloe: And I can't wait for our baby...

Daniel: Sweetie, what?

Chloe: I'm just afraid it's not gonna happen.

Daniel: Not gonna happen?

Chloe: Please make me believe that it will.

Daniel: Baby.

Chloe: Tell me no matter what it's gonna be okay.

Nathan: Perfect. Cheers. Oh, you had to run to the hospital earlier. What was that all about?

Stephanie: It was uneventful. How'd it go teaching my grandma the new ropes for the volunteering job?

Nathan: That is a weird story, actually. [Clears throat]

Stephanie: What happened?

Nathan: Um, it can wait. I have something more important I need to do.

Melanie: [Laughing] You stop.

Philip: [Laughs]

Melanie: [Clears throat]

Nathan: Hi.

Daniel: Chloe, honey, I understand your fears. Conceiving this child, it feels like a-A... you're scared, like it's a miracle. I understand that. What, do you think you're gonna jinx it or something, is that it?

Chloe: Yeah. I guess so.

Daniel: Hey. Look at me. I want you to try to not think that way, okay? Do not think that way. This baby is going to be fine. Damn it.

Chloe: What?

Daniel: The christening gown, it's too much, it's too soon.

Chloe: No, no, no. Don't.

Daniel: I should have waited.

Chloe: Don't do that. Don't blame yourself. You didn't do anything.

Daniel: I get excited about this stuff...

Chloe: You didn't do anything wrong, okay? Come here. The christening gown and the fact that you went to go look for it and family tradition, it means so much to me. Thank you so much. I-I just love you so much.

Daniel: Oh, I love you too. More than you know.

Chloe: Mm. Mm. Can't you just stay a little longer?

Daniel: Mm, I wish I could. But I got to get to the hospital. I'll call you on my break, okay?

Chloe: Okay. I'll be here.

Daniel: All right.

Chloe: Mm.

Daniel: Send me a naughty text or something.

Chloe: Ooh. [Laughs]

Daniel: Oh, my key.

Chloe: Ah, keys.

Daniel: Bye.

Chloe: Good catch.

Carly: Hi.

Daniel: I was just leaving, so...

Nicole: You certainly took your time.

EJ: Yeah. So... what's so urgent?

Nicole: I've been up all night trying to decide what to do with something.

EJ: Really? What's that? 

Nicole: A bomb. A big, powerful bomb.

EJ: [Snorts] A big bomb?

Nicole: Yes, a big bomb. And the thing about bombs and DiMeras is it can be pretty dicey. If you use a bomb against a DiMera, it could blow back up in your face, and I've been going over this and over this a million different ways. And you know what?

EJ: No. I don't know what.

Nicole: I'm still scared... and a little worried, but to hell with it, 'cause I'm gonna do it anyway.

EJ: You are? You're gonna do it. Great. I like that. Good for you. You do it. While you do it, if you'll excuse me, I'm just gonna--

Nicole: You are not excused. You are not excused.

EJ: I'm not gonna listen--

Nicole: Just shut up, EJ!

EJ: What's got into you?

Nicole: I'll tell you what's got into me. I am in the driver's seat now, Elvis baby. I hold all the cards from this moment on.

Maggie: What I'm doing with Victor?

Caroline: Mm.

Maggie: He happens to be a friend of mine.

Caroline: Friend. Oh, right. That's why he called earlier? For a quiet booth. And who waltzes in but you? Hmm?

Maggie: Caroline, you really have to calm down about this.

Caroline: It's obvious that you and Victor are having yet another little rendezvous.

Maggie: A rendezvous.

Caroline: I made it crystal clear to you... that you can't trust him. It's a mistake to get involved with him.

Maggie: Caroline, will you please listen to me? Can I talk now? Victor and I have a meeting here, yes. It's not a rendezvous or anything of the sort. We are discussing a scholarship that we are setting up in Mickey's name.

Caroline: Right.

Maggie: Okay. Even if it were a rendezvous, I don't see how it concerns you.

Caroline: This is my pub. And if you meet here, and I have to witness that, I'm concerned, Maggie.

Maggie: Fine. Then we'll meet somewhere else.

Caroline: Well, good, you do that.

Maggie: Caroline! This is insane. Whatever it is you're assuming. I mean, first of all, how could anything be going on between Victor and me? He just married Vivian.

Caroline: Oh, please, this whole town knows that marriage is a sham. I mean, there's no love between them. Vivian roped him into that. Victor thinks that she's a stupid woman.

Maggie: Fine, she roped him in. He can't stand it. How is any of this my fault, Caroline? Why in the world are you angry with me?

Victor: She's not. It's me she's angry with.

Daniel: You're here to see Chloe? Right. Thank you for doing this. And I'm running late. We'll talk later. All right, bye-bye, honey.

Chloe: What did he whisper to you?

Daniel: He thanked me for coming. He thinks I'm here to work things out with you, to try and start over.

Chloe: But you're really here to destroy me, aren't you?

Melanie: Uh, well, it looks like great minds think alike.

Philip: Yeah.

Stephanie: Yeah, what a coincidence. We all have the day off.

Nathan: Well, picnic area's big enough for all of us, so...

Melanie: Uh, I think we're gonna go down more by the beach. Do you want to go by the water?

Philip: No, let's not.

Stephanie: You're staying?

EJ: Are you okay? Is something wrong, Nicki? Did you have some caffeine this morning? Is that it? Did Brady give you some amphetamine?

Nicole: You know, what's even more satisfying about this whole thing, EJ...

EJ: Really? Tell me.

Nicole: Is that you brought this on yourself.

EJ: Really?

Nicole: Yes.

EJ: Did I?

Nicole: You pushed me. You pushed me, and you said you had something incriminating on me, and you have some sort of proof that there was--

EJ: Yeah, a connection between you and Arianna and the muggings. I think we've established that.

Nicole: No, we haven't established it because it is completely false. I did what I had to do to protect myself, and now look where we are.

EJ: Yeah, let's look at where we are, shall we? You faked a pregnancy, then you switched a baby, and you kidnapped my daughter. You lied to everybody in this town, including me, and for all of that, you did exactly eight seconds in prison.

Nicole: I did more than eight seconds.

EJ: And just because you managed to get yourself out of that does not mean you're not a dangerous sociopath.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, well, you know exactly what that means, don't you, EJ?

EJ: Oh, you would better believe it.

Nicole: No, no, you have outdone me, don't you see? If we are talking sociopathic... dangerous, cruel... sick... I don't even bat in your league, honey.

Philip: What, staying? You think we want to hang out with you guys on our day off? No, thank you. No, we're gonna do something else altogether. Let's go.

Melanie: Yes, yes, that is-- that's--that's a good idea. We're gonna go, so enjoy--those look great. Um, have a--and the sun's--okay.


Stephanie: [Sighs] Just our luck.

Nathan: Small town.

Stephanie: [Sighs]

Nathan: What? Come on, what's the big deal?

Stephanie: I mean, really? Did I have to see them again?

Nathan: Again?

Stephanie: Well, they were at the hospital earlier.

Nathan: Okay. Did something happen?

Stephanie: No, no. It's just--Philip is just...

Nathan: He's just what? What did he do?

Stephanie: Nothing. He can just be arrogant, that's all.

Nathan: [Laughs] What else is new? You shouldn't let it get to you. Come on.

Stephanie: You're right. And I'm not gonna let it get to me because I am with the least arrogant person on earth.

Nathan: I have never been called that before. The least arrogant person on earth. I like that.

Stephanie: Also the sweetest and the sexiest and the smartest.

Nathan: Yeah, those I've been called before.

Stephanie: I'm sure you have. [Laughs]

Nathan: But not by you, so it kind of turns me on, you know.

Stephanie: That's the idea.

Nathan: Mm.

Carly: Chloe, this was never about me trying to destroy you.

Chloe: Could have fooled me.

Carly: You think I like carrying this around? That I wanted to know any of this?

Chloe: I don't know what to think!

Carly: Look, I'm in no position to throw stones given my history. But this is about me keeping a secret from a man that I care so much about, and if he finds out from someone else--

Chloe: He's not gonna find out, okay. If you keep your mouth shut, he's not gonna find out anything.

Carly: Chloe, we've been through this.

Chloe: Yeah, and you don't seem to get it.

Carly: All right, look, I found out last night what got this thing in motion. It was Vivian's hatred for me. She managed to make you doubt Daniel, she paid people to lie to make you jealous.

Chloe: Yes! Yeah! It was Vivian. She's the one who's turned my life into a nightmare.

Carly: And she did it to punish me, obviously, getting all those people to set you up. But look at how it ended up hurting you.

Chloe: Yes. Everything that's happened is because of Vivian. She's evil. Everything that's happened is her fault.

Carly: Not totally, Chloe.

Chloe: What?

Carly: What Vivian did, it was--it was horrible. But you made some bad decisions.

Chloe: But you just said...

Carly: I know your history. You were disloyal to Lucas Horton. If you did something like that again, if you hurt Daniel--

Chloe: I've told you before. It's not gonna happen ever.

Carly: I really wish I could believe that. What is that?

Chloe: Um... Daniel found it today. It's--it's his family's christening gown. Everyone in his family's been christened in it, and he wants our baby to be christened in it too. [Sniffles]

Carly: It's clear. Everything is clear now.

Maggie: Look, you and Caroline have some issues to work out. We'll do this another time, Victor.

Victor: Maggie, please.

Maggie: Another time.

Victor: What did you say to her?

Caroline: Don't you dare use that tone with me.

Victor: Caroline, you stay out of my affairs. You understand me? You meddle in my business one more time--

Caroline: Are you threatening me now, Victor? Is that what we're reduced to?

Victor: Oh, for God's sake.

Caroline: Oh, then go ahead. Come on. Bring it on.

Nicole: You never had any evidence... linking me to framing Arianna, did you? You just said all that, and then you had me followed in the hopes that I would trip up just like you had me followed all those months ago.

EJ: Right. You mean when you actually did kidnap Sydney, and I caught you?

Nicole: It all comes back to me deceiving you, doesn't it, EJ? That is the reason you hate me. But at that time, I did it for love.

EJ: I cannot believe you're still using that defense. You stole a baby, so you could trick me into marrying you so you could rip me off. Love had nothing to do with it!

Nicole: You're right. What I did was misguided and wrong.

EJ: [Laughs] It was what? Misguided and wrong. Misguided and wrong? Don't go overboard, sweetheart.

Nicole: Do you want to know why it was wrong?

EJ: Please, tell me. Because you weren't worth the effort. And now I hate you more than you hate me.

EJ: Do you hate me more than I hate you? What is this? Are we at school again? I don't care how much you hate me.

Nicole: Well, you should care!

EJ: Really? Why?

Nicole: Because after what you have done, EJ, you better care about how I feel.

EJ: [Laughs] What, because I put a tail on you and it didn't pan out? Nothing lost, my dear. Nothing gained.

Nicole: See, my love, that is where you are wrong.

EJ: Really?

Nicole: You have lost. You have lost everything!

Victor: I was not threatening you, Caroline. I was merely advising--

Caroline: Oh, no, you were just telling me to stay out of your business. Right! I got that. You want me to just stand by and watch you marry the wicked witch of Salem and then cheat on her with poor, unsuspecting Maggie.

Victor: I was not cheating on anyone. What in the world gave you the idea I was?

Caroline: You know, Victor, women to you are either just liars or whores or some idealized, perfect vision of goodness like Isabella or...

Victor: Or you.

Caroline: Yeah. This conversation's at an end.

Victor: You're damn right it is. This is none of your damn business. You stay out of my life.

[Door slams]

Daniel: Kate.

Kate: Daniel. Hello.

Daniel: Hello. What are you doing here?

Kate: I just had my latest checkup. I'm still in remission.

Daniel: Hmm, well, that's great.

Kate: Thanks to you.

Daniel: Well, I'm just glad you're healthy.

Kate: Are you really?

Daniel: What kind of question is that?

Kate: Well, I don't know, I just can't imagine you wouldn't still hold a grudge.

Daniel: Hmm. Doesn't mean I want you to be sick, Kate.

Kate: Hmm. So you are admitting then that you hold me responsible for Chloe's poisoning and the coma.

Daniel: Do you really want me to get into that now? Here?

Kate: No, I don't think so. It's kind of fraught.

Daniel: Excuse me.

Kate: But I would like to say that I think it's rather sad. Tragic, actually.

Daniel: Sad? Tragic? What do you mean?

Kate: How you're still deluding yourself. How you really don't see Chloe for what she is.

Carly: More than anything, I want Daniel to be happy. I think I made that pretty clear the last couple of months.

Chloe: And what do you think will make him happy?

Carly: I think he'll be happiest being able to raise his child with the woman he loves. And hopefully he'll be able to do that without anger and regret.

Chloe: So you're not gonna tell? Oh, my God, Carly. Thank you. Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Melanie: Thank you.

Philip: Hey, I had a great idea. How about we go to the gym, then we go to lunch?

Melanie: Ooh, that sounds good. Except for the gym part.

Philip: [Laughs] We can skip the gym.

Melanie: No, it's okay. We'll go. That way I won't feel bad about having a big lunch. I need to grab my water bottle, though.

Philip: Okay. Hey, Mel, I think I left my card in your bag. I'm just gonna get it, okay? Mel?

EJ: Well, you're not making any sense. Not that that should surprise me.

Nicole: This whole business with you having something on me related to Arianna, I have to admit, I have to admit, it paralyzed me with worry. So I took matters into my own hands.

EJ: Did you?

Nicole: I broke in the mansion last night. Yeah, and I overheard you talking to your father. You were talking about Arianna and Sami and... oh, yeah, you were talking about Sydney too.

Daniel: Do you hear yourself? The woman who tried to kill Chloe and got away with it is telling me that I don't see her for who she really is.

Kate: But that was never proven.

Daniel: Oh, please, Kate. Anyone with half a mind knows that you did it. And it was never proven because you married the most evil son of a bitch on the planet in exchange for his help.

Kate: You should really keep your voice down, doctor.

Daniel: You're insane.

Kate: No.

Daniel: You know that?

Kate: Oh, oh, I think I upset you. I'm so sorry if I did that. I'm going to try to redeem myself. I'm going to say something nice about the woman.

Daniel: Hmm, how generous of you.

Kate: Well, I'm thinking she must be doing something right if she has Vivian going after her, right?

Daniel: What?

Kate: You didn't know?

Daniel: I know. But how do you know?

Kate: Carly told me. So I need to be going now. See you later.

Chloe: You have no idea how happy you've made me.

Carly: I want what's right for Daniel.

Chloe: This is what's right. I'm sure of it. This is the only way to go.

Carly: It's the best option we have for now.

Chloe: What do you mean now?

Carly: Until you get a paternity test.

Chloe: What?

Carly: Chloe, I'm sorry, I can only stay silent if this child that you're carrying is Daniel's.

[Door opens]

Philip: Whoa, whoa. Hey, what is this?

Melanie: Oh, no, no, no, you weren't-- well, I'm sure Daniel will understand.

Philip: Understand what?

Melanie: I'm gonna be a big sister because Daniel is gonna be a dad. Again.

Philip: What are you talking about?

Melanie: What? Chloe's pregnant. They're gonna have a baby.

Philip: Wow.

EJ: I...I... you know, I don't know... what exactly it is that you think that--

Nicole: Shh shh shh. It is over, you sick bastard. Anna stole Sydney... because you paid her to.

On the next Days of our Lives" --

Melanie: Why do you look so worried?

Carly: I'm not gonna let him think this baby is his if it's not.

Nicole: Now you will pay.

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