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Kate: I can't promise you anything, but I'll tell you this... unless Stefano brings it up, which is highly unlikely, I won't tell anyone about what's in the document.

Madeline: Thank you. That's all that I can ask. Let's just keep the past in the past, shall we?

Kate: I mean, no one really needs to know that you were once a...

Madeline: A whore. Is that the word you're looking for?

Kate: [Chuckles]

Will: Oh, my God.

Vivian: Mm... I hate to start without Victor. It's not like him to miss cocktails.

Henderson: He didn't tell you?

Vivian: Tell me what?

Henderson: That he won't be home for dinner.

Vivian: Oh! Uh... [Scoffs] Slipped my mind. Of course. A business dinner, right?

Henderson: That he didn't say.

Vivian: Better be a business dinner, Victor.

Maggie: Victor.

Victor: I am in the best mood. You know, there is nothing that I like better than showing off. And this time, Maggie, I have to tell you, I think I've outdone myself.

Maggie: Well, your modesty is overwhelming. On what exactly did you do this amazing job?

Victor: On the Mickey Horton scholarship foundation. Get your hat and coat. I'll go over everything at dinner. That is, if you're free.

Maggie: Well, I'm free. But I'm not going anywhere with you.

Jennifer: There you are.

Carly: Hi.

Jennifer: Oh, I can see why you hang out here, a very cheery spot.

Carly: Yeah. I think maybe I need a cloak and a hood like the French Lieutenant's woman.


Jennifer: Hey, I'm leaving tonight.

Carly: What? No! I'm sorry to hear that.

Jennifer: Well, then, let me ask you this--do you think I should stay?

Bo: Are you sure you can't use another color?

Ciara: Daddy.

Bo: I know, I know. Your artistic vision demands burnt sienna. I'll see if...maybe your kit is in one of these drawers.

Ciara: Found it.

Bo: Good, good.

[Knocking on door]

Ciara: I'll get it.

Hope: Hey!

Ciara: Mommy!

Hope: My beautiful girl! How are you, sweetheart? Bo.

Bo: Hi.

Richard: You and I are not partners. I don't even know your name. I could give a rat's ass about you.

Hope: I'm sorry. I could've sworn you helped me take down that DiMera guy--I'm sorry, but did I imagine that?

[Door slams]

Nicole: [Sighs]

Richard: Something tells me things didn't go very well.

Nicole: Smug S.O.B.

Richard: Uh-oh.

Nicole: I can't believe I married him.

Richard: Okay, so you didn't get EJ to tell you about his proof that you framed Miss Hernandez?

Nicole: No, all he keeps saying to me in his pompous DiMera way is I'm not gonna know what hits me or when.

Richard: Dude seems to be holding a grudge.

Nicole: I can't let him get away with this. And I know how to stop him for good.

Richard: I don't think I wanna hear this.

Carly: Well, yeah, Jennifer, I think you should stay. I mean, I have problems that clearly trump your life, Jack's, and the kids.

Jennifer: Carly, Jack and my children are very independent and very self-sufficient. If you're in trouble, I wanna be here for you. Did you talk to Daniel?

Carly: Uh, I almost did.

Jennifer: Almost?

Carly: It's complicated. And just--I couldn't. At least not for now.

Jennifer: But you still think you should.

Carly: Do you have any idea what I would pay not to know what I know?

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. Sometimes you would rather not be involved.

Carly: That sounds personal.

Jennifer: It is personal. I wanna talk to you about Bo and Hope.

Hope: Ciara, sweetie, Mommy needs to talk to Daddy for a little while, okay? So why don't you start that picture for Grandma Julie? I'll come get you when it's time to go, all right?

Ciara: Fine.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: How you holding up?

Hope: As well as can be expec--no, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm okay.

Bo: You know, why don't you take some leave? A couple days off.

Hope: No, I-I... work keeps me focused. I need that.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: You know, speaking of work, I heard that Arianna was released on bail.

Bo: Got a problem with that?

Hope: Yeah, I do. I have a big problem with it.

Richard: Oh, good Lord, look at the time. You know, I promised myself I wouldn't miss a single--

Nicole: We need to talk. No, I need to talk, you need to listen. EJ has to be stopped.

Richard: You know what, I think we should take a wait and see approach, all right? So why don't you wait, and I'll see you later.

Nicole: Dick, Dick. Don't you get it? EJ already doesn't like you. And you know what I think? I think whatever he did to me, he will also do to you. I can almost guarantee it.

Richard: [Sighs] So you're talking about stopping him. Any ideas on how we do that?

Nicole: Yes. You and your partner in crime take him out.

Hope: Arianna is the serial mugger, Bo. The only thing stopping her the last couple of days were those prison bars.

Bo: Okay, even if she is guilty--

Hope: If?

Bo: I don't believe that she is. But if she is... she wouldn't be stupid enough to attack again.

Hope: Oh, come on. She isn't doing this for pin money. I mean, it's obviously a compulsion, and compulsions escalate.

Bo: You think she's that much of a sicko?

Hope: Don't you?

Bo: No, I don't. She's just this normal woman.

Hope: You really don't think that she can cover the mess she is on the inside?

Bo: What?

Hope: All right, all right, you know what? I'll agree. I mean, she can. She can go through the day normal, she can keep it together, she can talk to men, even smile--maybe even let them touch her. But that's only because she knows what she gets to do to them that night.

Victor: I'm sorry.

Maggie: No, you're not.

Victor: It's just that I find that facts and figures are a little more palatable with food.

Maggie: And you've found that if you bulldoze people, you get what you want. You wanna take me out to dinner. So you throw a few old spreadsheets in a folder and expect me to buy it.

Victor: That's not fair, Maggie.

Maggie: Oh, Victor. I see through you. You may not want it to be true, but it is.

Victor: Oh, I do want to take you to dinner. I mean, you're smart, you're funny, you make more sense than any woman I've ever known. But this is not old spreadsheets in here. I would never try and con you, Maggie. Especially not using Mickey's name.

Maggie: I know you wouldn't. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, that was not fair.

Victor: So you wanna go to dinner?

Maggie: [Gasps]


Maggie: You know, I say it again and again, you are incorrigible!

Victor: Well, and hungry.

[Knock on door]

Maggie: [Giggles]

Victor: Listen, well, what's a little dinner between friends?

Vivian: I don't know, Victor, what is it?

Carly: You need to know that Bo struggled to make his marriage work. He really did try.

Jennifer: I believe that. I do. And I believe that Hope tried. But sometimes life just gets the best of us. And maybe when I said I wanted to talk about Bo and Hope, maybe that wasn't very accurate.

Carly: No?

Jennifer: No. I wanna talk about you.

Bo: You've obviously given this a lot of thought.

Hope: Look at her life. She went to jail because of a man. A man that she thought loved her. You know what, from that moment on, her life was run by powerful authoritarian men.

Bo: What?

Hope: It doesn't matter if it's true or not. It's how it felt to her. I mean, just look at the facts. She has never attacked a weak, defenseless man. They're always powerful men with authority.

Bo: Yeah, like EJ, who's now doing everything he can to defend her. So he obviously doesn't think she's guilty.

Hope: Okay. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he doesn't want it to be true that he was taken out by a woman a tenth of his size? I mean, then again, what do they always say about men? Never underestimate the level of denial generated by the male's ego, right?

Bo: Doesn't sound to me like she's the only one angry at men.

Hope: I am just trying to understand the perp. It's my job.

Bo: Yeah, and maybe you're a little too close.

Hope: You know what, maybe you're right. I hope I'm wrong about her. I really do. Because...

Bo: What?

Hope: Oh, my God. I'm worried that you could be next on her list.

Tad: I think there's a reason why you don't see Bruce Willis eating an ice cream cone. It's almost impossible to be ruggedly masculine while eating an ice cream cone. Can't do it.

Chad: Whereas you're ruggedly masculine at all other times?

Tad: Well, yeah.

Chad: So, yeah, Will's been gone a really long time. What's taking him so long?

[Phone rings]

Tad: I gotta get this.

Chad: Hot date?

Tad: [Mouths] My mother.

Chad: Ah, why don't you just block her calls?

Tad: 'Cause I wanna reach adulthood.

Gabi: Okay, why do boys always have to talk so mean about their mothers?

Chad: I think it's in our DNA, hmm?

Gabi: Well, all I can say is I'm glad you're not fighting with your folks anymore. Didn't really like that.

Chad: No, we're not fighting anymore. But I don't think we're ever actually gonna work things out completely.

Gabi: Why's that?

Chad: Why, because I'm never gonna measure up to them and their standards.

Gabi: That's not true.

Chad: Of course, it is.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Chad: I wish they could just face it, you know? But I don't--don't think my mom can.

Gabi: Okay, do not talk like that. Come on, you got into Wake Forest.

Chad: Ooh, uh...correction. I think it's more accurate to say that my mom got me into Wake Forest. If I have any future at all, it's because of her.

Kate: So I will help you as much as I can, as long as it doesn't cost me anything.

Madeline: Why am I not surprised?

Kate: Because it's exactly what you would do, right? Anyway, I suggest if you don't want Stefano to find out anything more about your sordid past than he already does, it's probably time for you to leave. He has kind of a sixth sense when it comes to people who are hiding something.

Madeline: God, my fate is in your hands. Can it get any worse than that?

Kate: I think it already has.

Jennifer: Hope is always going to be an issue in your relationship with Bo.

Carly: I know that.

Jennifer: Do you? Because when I look at the future, I see a very distinct possibility that you are going to get hurt.

Carly: So you think that Bo is going to leave me for her?

Jennifer: Carly, I don't know. You just have to know that Bo and Hope, they are connected for life. And not just because of Ciara.

Carly: Jennifer...

Jennifer: I just--look, I don't think you're seeing things very clearly.

Carly: You're not telling me anything that I don't already know. Hope will always be a big part of Bo's life. I'll just have to learn to live with that, won't I?

Bo: You really think Arianna's gonna come after me?

Hope: No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I meant that she'll go after someone like you.

Bo: Male authority figure... unfeeling...

Hope: It's a pattern.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: The next victim may not make it. The violence is escalating. Look at Roman and Brady, they weren't just attacked, they were branded. And EJ nearly didn't make it.

Bo: But he did, and now he's defending her.

Hope: And I think he's making a very big mistake. Mark my words. He's gonna regret getting involved in that case. I just know it.

Nicole: Look, everything's in place--Arianna gets released... [Sighs] EJ gets attacked again. And then he can't talk when she's being convicted, all right. It's perfect.

Richard: Forget it. It's not gonna happen.

Gabi: You think your future is up to your mom?

Chad: If she has it her way, at least.

Tad: So what made you change your mind about Wake Forest? 'Cause I mean, you were so determined on going to Salem U.

Chad: Yeah, I was. Until I got talked out of it. Finally realized that I should maybe just leave town for a while.

Tad: So now you got access to a first-class education. Sorority girls.

Chad: [Scoffs]

Gabi: Yeah. A whole new part of the country, a whole new set of people.

Chad: You guys make it sound more fun than it actually is, all right. Oh, you know what? I got a great idea.

Gabi: What?

Chad: You guys should totally come visit me. I promise, you guys will have the time of your life.

Tad: Yeah, I'm--you up for a road trip?

Gabi: I-I don't know.

Tad: Oh, come on. It'd be fun.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Yeah? I'm sorry. I'm leaving right now, I'll be there in ten minutes.

Chad: Is that your mom again?

Tad: No, Kinsey. Supposed to meet her at the pub. She's confirming I'll be there on time.

Chad: But she's always late.

Tad: Yeah, she thinks her time is more valuable than mine.

Gabi: [Giggles]

Chad: So, yeah, what do you say, Gabi? October? I hear it's beautiful that time of year.

Gabi: Chad, you're gonna be so busy. I mean, with all your new friends and everything. Are you sure you want us to come?

Chad: Oh, absolutely. Gabi, come on, you come to Wake Forest, and I promise you'll have the time of your life. Hmm?

Madeline: If you'll excuse me, please.

Stefano: Well, no. Because I want to know what you are doing here.

Madeline: I just came by to touch base with Kate to make sure that we had closure. That the past would remain in the past.

Stefano: Mm. [Sighs] Madeline, as a judge, you are supposed to have an insight into your--well, defendant's body language, right? But all I'm getting from you is a kind of lying through your teeth kind of thing.

Madeline: Do we really need to do this?

Stefano: You can ask Katherine how finicky I am about knowing everything that goes on in this house. And since I cannot trust you to tell me the truth... I'll just ask my wife.

Victor: Damn it, Vivian, get the hell out of here. You're embarrassing yourself.

Vivian: [Gasps]

Maggie: Victor! You don't give orders in my house.

Victor: You're right, I'm sorry, Maggie. We'll go.

Maggie: No. You go. But I would like Vivian to stay.

Nicole: Dick... do you know what will happen to you when EJ realizes that you're the one that set up Arianna?

Richard: I'm not sticking around to find out. One more game and I'm outta here.

Nicole: On what?

Richard: My winnings.

Nicole: You never win.

Richard: Then the law of averages is on my side.

Nicole: All right, look. Well...if you tell me who your partner is, then maybe I can change her mind.

Richard: No. Not gonna happen. Forget it.

Nicole: How much do you need to blow town? In other words... [Sighs] Just how much do you need for her name?

Hope: I didn't mean to spend so much time talking about the case.

Bo: No?

Hope: No. When I came in, you were looking at the divorce papers.

Bo: No, I was looking for Ciara's crayons, I just happened to pick those up.

Hope: We need to talk about it.

Bo: We said we'd wait.

Hope: We said we'd wait until after Gran's funeral. It's after Gran's funeral.

Bo: There is no rush. I mean, you're still grieving.

Hope: Look, you were an enormous help to me through all of that. You've moved on. I need to find a way to move on myself. And I think this means we move on with the divorce.

Carly: Hey, I'm home. I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here.

Hope: Hi.

Carly: I'll let the two of you be alone.

Hope: No, no, no. No need, Bo and I are done. I'll just go up and get Ciara. Then I'll be out of your way.

Carly: I really am sorry.

Bo: No. Don't be. It's not your fault, believe me. [Sighs] It's mine.

Will: Hey, you guys. What's up?

Chad: All right, two things. What's up with you? And where's our food?

Will: Uh, yeah. Gee, I forgot it, okay?

Gabi: I was--I was just leaving. Gotta get to work.

Chad: So yeah, just remember what I said. Think about it?

Gabi: Yeah. Hey, will. See you around.

Chad: Okay, so I was telling Gabi--

Will: You son of a bitch.

Chad: I'm sorry?

Will: Mia is not gone five minutes, and you're already putting the moves on Gabi?

Kate: Madeline... Madeline doesn't trust you. Can you believe that? She thinks you're actually going to use what you know about her to disrupt her life.

Stefano: Is this supposed to be funny?

Kate: I think that I just want it to be over. So is it very, very hard for you to believe that she would come to me for assurance that this isn't all going to blow up in her face?

Stefano: Ah, well, listen, I can understand why she could be afraid of me. Because after all, people who have been blackmailed, sometimes, you know, they nurture grudges.

Madeline: I didn't blackmail you. I held on to a little insurance.

Kate: And now that insurance--that tape is destroyed. And she's no longer a threat to us.

[Phone rings]

Kate: So let's be gracious about winning.

Stefano: Mm, I have to take this. I cannot tell you how charming it is to see two working girls stick together like this. [Chuckles] What a friend you have in Katherine.

Madeline: Did he buy that?

Kate: I'm never really sure. But I do know that you should probably go now and think twice before you stop by again.

Madeline: Yes, I will. Last thing we want is Stefano thinking we're keeping something from him.

Kate: Which is complicated by the fact that that's exactly what we're doing.

Vivian: Well...your favorite kind of event--an opportunity to become morally superior.

Maggie: Hmm. You know, I've thought a lot about you. But I never thought you were stone stupid.

Vivian: I am not.

Maggie: Do you really think that you are gonna hold on to Victor acting like a stereotypical fishwife?

Vivian: [Chuckles] Do you think this is by choice? I'm Vivian Alamain. Do you think I like dragging my husband out of a suburban kitchen? Having a rival--a romantic rival that makes Betty Crocker look like Lady Gaga?

Maggie: I am not your romantic rival.

Vivian: Really? Then what exactly are you?

Maggie: Maybe he likes to talk to someone who doesn't try to kill people. Maybe he wants to get away from some, I don't know, neurotic shrew who... [Sighs] Okay, that was out of line. I'm sorry.

Vivian: Damn you. Damn you for being right.

Bo: Good night, little one. Call you in the morning.

Carly: I really am sorry.

Bo: No, no. You live here, Hope knows that.

Carly: I'm just--I'm sorry you feel so bad.

Bo: I was looking for some crayons for Ciara, and just happened to be holding those divorce papers when Hope walked in.

Carly: Oh.

Bo: And she wants to go ahead with the divorce.

Carly: She does?

Bo: Yeah.

Carly: Do you?

Bo:'s kind of strange timing. I mean, she just lost her grandmother.

Carly: Could it be more than just timing? I mean, are you having second thoughts?

Bo: No.

Carly: Listen to me. And this is not me being noble, because I'm not. But no one should have to go through something as horrible as a divorce unless they're absolutely sure. So maybe I'm the one who needs to step back.

Jennifer: Hey, yes, Jack. I'm sorry I'm so late, there's so many people to say good-bye to. Yeah, Mike, he's already at the airport. Okay. All right, I'll see you at the airport. Love you. Bye, Jack.

Vivian: Oh!

Jennifer: Oh.

Vivian: Oh, Jennifer. Jennifer, wait.

Jennifer: Wow, two more minutes, I would've been home free.

Vivian: I just want to give you condolences about poor, poor Alice.

Jennifer: Thank you. Good-bye.

Vivian: Well, no, no, no. I do know what you're going through. After all, we've both lost someone we love.

Jennifer: I would be really careful if I were you.

Vivian: But I mean... my poor Lawrence--

Jennifer: Vivian! Are you out of your mind!

Stefano: [Sighs] The judge wasn't able to stay for cocktails?

Kate: didn't make her feel particularly welcome.

Stefano: You know how I feel about judges. At least when she was a hooker, she offered a service.

Kate: Well, I think we should be relieved, don't you? I mean, the tape is destroyed and we can get on with our lives.

Stefano: Mm. What if it's not possible?

Ciara: Uncle Justin!

Justin: Why, Miss Nana-Banana! So nice to see you again.

Ciara: That's not my name.

Justin: Rita-Margarita? [Gasps] Molly McGolly!

Ciara: No, it's Ciara.

Justin: Ciara! I was gonna say that next. Listen, I have a message for you from the kitchen. There are fresh cookies in there.

Ciara: Mommy, can I?

Hope: Yeah, absolutely, sweetheart. But with a big glass of milk.

Ciara: Promise.

Justin: [Chuckles] Oh, I wish I could package that energy.

Hope: Yeah, I know.

Justin: Uh, Hope, you look exhausted.

Hope: I am.

Justin: Listen, I just dropped off some papers for Victor. My day is over. Why don't you let me spend some time with her? I can put her to bed, read her a book, and you could finally get some rest.

Hope: I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you, that's very kind.

Justin: No problem.

Hope: Good night.

Justin: Good night.

Bo: I would let it ride, but Hope said she wanted to move on.

Carly: Well, maybe she's in shock. You know, grief is a powerful thing.

Bo: Yeah, well, the thing is I agree with her. I mean, we've been in limbo for far too long. I'm sick of it.

Carly: I still don't know if moving ahead is really the right thing to do right now.

Bo: I realize that she's still grieving, but this is something we agreed on before Mrs. H died.

Carly: Look, I'm gonna come out and say it. What if it's more than grief? Haven't you noticed how strangely Hope has been acting for a while now?

Bo: [Sighs]

Chad: Jump to conclusions much? I'm not putting the moves on Gabi.

Will: Oh, you're inviting her to Wake Forest for a study date?

Chad: I'm sorry, are you working on your dweeb merit badge? What's it to you who I ask to visit me?

Will: And...and Mia? That was--that was nothing?

Chad: Right, right. Well, she left, so am I just supposed to sit in my room and listen to Kurt Cobain 24-7?

Will: You're a jerk, you know that?

Chad: Whatever. Look, you might live in that big house with all those wack jobs, and your mom may be one taco shy of a combination platter, but that doesn't give you the--

Will: Don't ever say anything about my mother, ever.

Jennifer: You see, Vivian, I have just been to the funeral of a person who, as opposed to you, actually mattered. So don't ask me to stand here and mourn the death of a man that raped me.

Vivian: Well... [Scoffs] He paid for it.

Jennifer: Not enough! Because after he ruined my life, he went on to ruin Carly's life.

Vivian: [Sighs] I cannot even believe you're taking her side.

Jennifer: [Sighs] I can't even believe that I am standing here speaking to you right now. I am going back to London. And you know exactly where you can go.

Carly: Okay, you remember when you got back from L.A., and I told you that Hope and I ran into each other?

Bo: Yeah, and she said something about how she felt no ill will toward you anymore.

Carly: Right. And she was very forgiving, and I've thought a lot about that conversation. And it was more than her just telling me she didn't blame me for you guys breaking up. It was her demeanor towards me. She was warm and understanding. You know, like she wanted to be my friend.

Bo: This is Hope we're talking about?

Carly: Yeah. So you come back, and it's like the conversation never happened, like old times, like tonight. Look, if I'm being way off-base here, then tell me. I'd like for you to tell me that I'm way off-base.

Bo: I don't think that you are.

Richard: Nic... you can threaten me or bribe me as much as you want. I'm not gonna do it.

Nicole: Dick...

Richard: Hmm?

Nicole: Did you get a backbone?

Richard: I guess I did. Kind of weird, huh?

Nicole: Yeah, I hate it.

Richard: Look, Nic, this woman that I'm working with... she matters to me.

Nicole: Yeah, I see that.

Richard: Which is why you have to be kept apart from her. You're not exactly the good luck kid, you know?

Nicole: Well, uh... seeing that you're not spineless anymore... I guess you're not much good to me. See you around? [Giggles]

Hope: [Sighs] I need a good night's sleep.

Stefano: I thought this was verboten.

Kate: It is, but I'm making an exception tonight, because you need to relax.

Stefano: Mm.

Kate: Keep worrying about that hyphenated woman. You're letting her get under your skin, even though she's defanged. And I've told you over and over again she can't do anything to hurt us anymore.

Stefano: You know me very well, don't you?

Kate: Hmm. I know that you tend to obsess.

Stefano: Ah. Listen, I was wondering if it's possible you know where William is. I need to talk to him.

Kate: What?

Stefano: About his internship.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Stefano: Well, he told me that he wanted to get a job for the summer, so I suggested he works for me, DiMera Enterprises.

Kate: [Chuckles] Well, that will look wonderful on his resume, won't it?

Stefano: No, I--he can work on some simple projects, you know, and learn about the business.

Kate: [Chuckles] Oh, Sami will be just thrilled.

Stefano: [Chuckles] No, William and I both agreed we were not going to tell her.

Kate: You're becoming very fond of Will, aren't you?

Stefano: Well, he's your grandson. You are my wife. It's family, no?

Kate: I'm touched that you think that way.

Stefano: Of course, I do. As a matter of fact, I'm-- well, I've begun to feel as if he's my own grandson. We've got to make sure that we don't tell Samantha that either, huh?

Kate: [Giggles]

Stefano: 'Cause she's--she's stressed enough as it is. Salud.

Kate: Salud.

Stefano: [Chuckles]

Chad: Get your hands off me.

Will: Don't ever say anything about my mother again. Never again, do you understand?

Chad: Ooh, looks like I hit a nerve. Maybe she's the reason you're so protective of the ladies.

Will: I said shut up.

Chad: She's got how many kids with how many fathers, and she was how old when you were born? I guess maybe I'd be an uptight prude like you too if I had a mother like that.

Will: At least my mother wasn't a whore like yours was!

Carly: Can you tell me what you're thinking?

Bo: [Sighs] Well, before you came home, Hope and I were talking.

Carly: Bo?

Bo: You know, I'm not real comfortable talking about her with you anymore. It's just...'cause you and I have... well, it's just not right.

Carly: I'm sorry, I'll drop the subject. I shouldn't have brought it up.

Bo: No, no, it's--I'm not mad at you or anything, it's... you shouldn't have to deal with that. And I don't know, let's just not talk about it.

Carly: Fine. Hope will always be a big part of Bo's life. I'll just have to learn to live with that, won't I?

Bo: What?

Carly: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Bo: Okay.

Justin: Oh, I like this one. I think this would look really nice in my room.

Ciara: I do too. That's a dollar.

Justin: Well, for a dollar, I think I need it signed by the artist there. I'll get my wallet.

Ciara: You can't. You lost it.

Justin: Now how do you know that?

Ciara: 'Cause Mommy had it.

Hope: Time to get on with it.

Caroline: How deep are you getting into this with EJ?

EJ: Well, she's not going to find out what I did.

Hope: I'm back.

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