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Sami: That's great. Really great. You're not back for five minutes, and already you're calling me a liar.

Rafe: Please, you're lying to yourself.

Sami: I don't care what you think. You walked out, which me don't have a say in my life anymore, Rafe.

Rafe: Look, I know that we' but this is the last place that you should be living. EJ's the last person you should be hooking up with.

Sami: EJ and I are not -- You're jealous?

Rafe: Jeal--no, I am not jealous. Besides, this isn't about me. It's about you. I mean, don't you get it? You're just gonna get hurt again. I don't wanna see that happen.


Madeline: Everything you stole from my safe deposit box appears to be there, except for the tape, of course.

Kate: Of course.

Madeline: I hope you and Stefano are happy.

Kate: Happy? No, no, I don't think any of us can be happy after what's happened, all that's happened.

Madeline: What do you mean, all that's happened?

Kate: Are we really going to play games?

Madeline: Games? I don't know what you're talking about.

Kate: I know, Madeline. I know everything.

Jennifer: Hey, Carly.

Carly: Hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Carly: I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Carly: I just came to pay my respects, since I couldn't come to the funeral. I didn't think it would be fair to Hope.

Jennifer: That--that was good of you to consider that. Thank you.

Carly: Listen, I'm gonna go and you can have some time for yourself.

Jennifer: No, hold on, wait. You look like you've been crying.

Carly: No, this is not about me, okay? You just lost your grandmother. Don't concern yourself about me.

Jennifer: Carly, listen to me, I know that we haven't kept in close contact, but I still consider you my friend. Is this about--is it about Bo? Did something happen with him?

Carly: No, actually, it's not about Bo.

Chloe: [Sighs] I was having the strangest dream.

Daniel: Yeah? It wasn't a dream. It's a miracle. A real one. We're having a baby.

Philip: Damn it, Chloe, answer your phone.

Melanie: Still can't get a hold of her?

Philip: You scared me. How long you been standing there?

Melanie: You don't have to hide anything from me. Just be honest. And always assume I know more than you think I do.

Philip: I'm sorry, I don't know what any of that means. I'm not hiding anything.

Melanie: Well, I know you're trying to get a hold of Chloe, and I know why.

Chloe: We're what?

Daniel: Having a baby. You're pregnant.

Chloe: I--I just remember someone in here and--

Daniel: Yes, you had a sonogram. It all happened.

Chloe: That wasn't a dream?

Daniel: No. No, we are definitely having a baby.

Chloe: A baby? Oh, my God. That's all that I've ever wanted and all I've ever wanted for us. Oh, no, that can't be.

Daniel: What can't be? Chloe?

Chloe: Um... how far along am I exactly?

Gabi: Arianna.

Arianna: Gabi, what happened?

Gabi: Rafe is back.

EJ: Rafe. I'd like you to leave, please.

Kayla: Ugh, my gosh, what a great picture.

Stephanie: I know. I really like his smile in this one. I should frame it.

Kayla: You seem so happy, baby.

Stephanie: That's 'cause I am. I'm certainly better than I was a year ago.

Kayla: A year ago?

Stephanie: When I was with Philip.

Kayla: Oh, right.

Stephanie: What?

Kayla: Nothing, it just-- it just seems like his name comes up a lot in our conversations.

Stephanie: Is that a problem for you?

Kayla: No, I just wish that he was completely out of your mind, since he's out of your life.

Stephanie: But he isn't.

Melanie: You're concerned about Chloe. She's a good friend of yours.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, she is. I just want what's best for her. Is that so wrong?

Melanie: No. No, I totally get that. In fact, it's been as much about you as it's been about my dad.

Philip: What does that mean?

Melanie: Well, helping me see that Chloe's the right woman for Daniel. You know, stop opposing their marriage.

Philip: Oh.

Melanie: What, you didn't help me see that?

Philip: No, I just, you know, I don't know how good Chloe is for Daniel, how compatible they are. I'm actually kind of-- kind of neutral.

Melanie: Yeah, right, that's, like, a complete 180.

Philip: Well, maybe it's because we're still in the dark about why they put off the wedding.

Melanie: Again.

Philip: Right, right.

Melanie: What about Carly? I could call Carly. She must know what's going on with the wedding because she was the one that interrupted it.

Philip: Right, she must.

Carly: Okay, but what I have to tell you, it has to stay between us, okay?

Jennifer: Yes, yes, of course.

Carly: It's about Daniel Jonas, the father of my daughter. You haven't met him, have you?

Jennifer: No, no, I haven't met him. I heard he's a wonderful doctor.

Carly: He's a wonderful doctor, and he's a good man. And he's been a loyal friend to me even after I deceived him for so many years about his own daughter. I mean, honestly, if it weren't for him and his forgiveness, I wouldn't be free right now. And I wouldn't have a relationship with my daughter. I mean, I owe him so much.

Jennifer: Carly, then what's the problem?

Carly: I found out something concerning him, and I wish I hadn't. I really wish I hadn't, and I've tried the best way I know to deal with this. Only now, there's this complication.

Jennifer: All right, all right, what kind of complication?

Carly: Jennifer, he is on cloud nine. He thinks the most wonderful thing has happened.

Jennifer: He thinks?

Carly: Yeah.

Jennifer: You don't think?

Carly: No, I'm--I'm afraid that this wonderful thing can turn out to be very, very sad for him. Tragic in fact.

Daniel: Honey, you seem upset again.

Chloe: I was just asking you a question, that's all.

Daniel: It's just the way you asked it. It had this, you know, anxious quality to it.

Chloe: Well, of course. Any woman would be anxious to know how far along she is. I mean, it's important, isn't it, to know the baby's due date? So are you gonna keep me in suspense here?

Daniel: You're about two months along.

Chloe: [Clears throat]

Daniel: You don't like that answer, do you?

Chloe: What?

Daniel: And I think I know why.

EJ: I asked you to leave.

Rafe: Yeah, it's good to see that you haven't changed, EJ.

EJ: This is my house. I get to decide whom I allow in.

Stefano: Well, well, well, well, Agent Hernandez. You're back in town, I see.

Rafe: Yeah. Thought I'd give you some news in person. See, I found Anna. Got a chance to talk to her all about what exactly went down with the kidnapping.

Stefano: Really?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Stefano: Huh. What did she tell you?

Madeline: So before you gave the box back to me, you went through all my papers.

Kate: Every last one. I mean, I know we only wanted the tape, but I had to make sure that there wasn't anything else in there incriminating before I returned your belongings to you. I mean, at least nothing pertaining to Congressman Anderson.

Madeline: And there wasn't.

Kate: No. But there was a very unexpected discovery.

Madeline: And did you tell Stefano about it?

Kate: No. Not yet.

Rafe: Well, I got Anna to confess her part in the kidnapping.

Stefano: That's it? That's the big news?

Rafe: Well, of course, there's a lot I can't say. This is still part of an FBI--

EJ: Come on, this is a farce, is exactly what this is. It's a farce, all right? We have a right to know what is going on. This is our daughter and it's this man's granddaughter.

Rafe: Yeah, you're right. I know both of you are concerned. Now the trouble is, is that, well, she became quite incapacitated soon after that.

EJ: Incapacitated? What do you mean?

Rafe: She was poisoned. She went into a coma. While she was being treated in the hospital, she disappeared.

Stefano: You idiot.

Philip: Mel, can--can we just leave it alone, please?

Melanie: No. Don't you know me at all by now? I'm gonna call her.

Philip: No, you're not.

Melanie: No, I'm not?

Philip: Look, even if Carly knows something, don't you think your father would like to tell you what's going on himself?

Melanie: Yeah.

Philip: Right?

Melanie: All right. I won't call her.

Philip: All right. Well, look I should probably get going if you and your father, um, want to have some privacy. You said he's stopping by. So we'll grab lunch later?

Melanie: Okay.

Philip: Okay. I love you. Bye. You gotta find out what's going on yourself, Philip. And make sure Chloe's gonna keep our secret.

Carly: I've kept this huge secret from him for so long, Jennifer, about his own child. I just feel guilty. I'll always feel guilty. I thought it was the right thing to do at the time, but it might not have been and I have hurt him so badly.

Jennifer: All right, well, that's okay. That's okay, 'cause it's all the more reason to get it right this time.

Daniel: It was the accident, wasn't it?

Chloe: What?

Daniel: And that's why you're so nervous, why you're not enjoying this news. You think that maybe the elevator fall was bad for the baby.

Chloe: Oh, yeah.

Daniel: Well, I have been on top of all of that since I saw the sonogram. Trust me, the baby is going to be fine.

Chloe: [Sighs] How could I have forgotten?

Daniel: Forgotten?

Chloe: How lucky I am. I didn't appreciate how great I had it. I spent all this time being insecure about Carly and thinking we couldn't have a child and, God, I'm so dumb.

Daniel: Shh, shh, shh. Hey, don't--

Chloe: I wish I could just-- I wish I could change it, Daniel. I wish I could go back in time and change myself.

Daniel: You can't. You can't. But I don't want you to. Whatever happened, it's over. I love you.

Chloe: Even though I put you through hell?

Daniel: Even though you put me through hell. You do. But as long as we're together, I'll forgive you for anything.

Chloe: You mean that?

Daniel: Isn't that what love is?

Chloe: Daniel, um... I have something I need to say to you right now.

Jennifer: Oh, it's okay.

Carly: Thank you so much for listening. It really helped me.

Jennifer: Really? I'm glad.

Carly: Yeah. You remind me a lot of your grandmother. Generous-hearted. Always willing to help other people even when you're going through a rough time yourself.

Jennifer: I'm honored that you think I'm like my grandmother.

Carly: I really do. So now I'm gonna go get it right, as you put it.

Jennifer: Good.

Carly: Okay.

Jennifer: You're going to be okay. Good luck.

Carly: Thanks.

Jennifer: Well, Gram, I really hope I gave her the right advice. But I was channeling you so I must have, huh?

Nurse: Excuse me. Dr. Jonas Is in with Miss Lane right now.

Philip: Oh, I guess I'll come back another time then.

Chloe: Daniel, what I have to tell you is gonna--

Daniel: Don't.

Chloe: What?

Daniel: You know, I don't wanna hear any more mea culpas, any more guilty confessions. Yes, you had your moments of confusion and insecurity, but I think I contributed to that.

Chloe: No, you didn't.

Daniel: Honey, honey, when you thought you were pregnant, and you found out you weren't, I just kept thinking how selfish and insensitive I was. I was. No, and after I'd found those baby clothes. You know, the ones that--

Chloe: Daniel, none of that matters now.

Daniel: No, it does to me. I should've been there for you, and I wasn't, and that will not happen again. I will be there for you always. Okay? But you know what? I think, uh, there was one good thing that did come out of that night I found those clothes.

Chloe: What was that?

Daniel: The making up part. 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's the night we conceived. Don't you think?

Chloe: Yeah. It had to be that night.

Daniel: I'm sure.

Nurse: Dr. Jonas, I have the forms for Chloe's release.

Daniel: Thank you. All right. You get dressed, okay? I'll be back in a few minutes. Okay?

Chloe: Okay.

Daniel: [Kiss] You make me so happy.

Chloe: I love you.

Daniel: Mmm. And this baby, we're gonna be a family.

Chloe: A family.

Daniel: Yeah. [Kiss]

Chloe: Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God. What am I gonna do?

Stefano: You failed us, Hernandez.

Sami: Stefano, please.

Stefano: Once again, after all the time that he took. He comes back here with nothing. Baloney.

Sami: Second. Rafe is doing the best he can, all right, and he does not--

EJ: I think you can let Rafe defend himself, Samantha.

Rafe: Yeah, except there's no need for me to do that, now is there? I've done the best I can. If that's not good enough for you, you can go to hell. Besides, not to worry. Truth always comes out.

Sami: Rafe. Rafe! Rafe! Wait a second. What the hell was that?

Stefano: So... [Clears throat] Anna was telling the truth. The FBI man knows nothing.

EJ: Still around though, isn't he? Still around.

Stefano: Elvis, did something happen before I got here?

Kate: I have to admit that I do feel a little bit of responsibility for bringing you into the life. For making you part of that dreadful night when everything went so terribly wrong with the congressman.

Madeline: You haven't answered my question, Kate.

Kate: I just want us all to move on.

Madeline: Then you're not going to tell Stefano about it?

Kate: Well, this situation has put me in a bad position. I'm sure you can understand that. There's a lot to consider.

Madeline: Yes, but if you would have listened to--

Kate: Sorry. That's the best I can do. Any other questions?

Arianna: Rafe was here?

Gabi: Yes, but they wouldn't let him in. Visiting hours just started when I got here. But he left a message saying he'd be back soon.

Arianna: Oh, this is the greatest news.

Gabi: He's gonna get you out of here, Ari. I know it. Then you won't have to rely on EJ.

EJ: No, nothing happened before you got here. The first thing I heard about Rafe's contact with Anna was when he told you. You're staring.

Stefano: Oh, well, I will stop. Yes, well, look, I've got to make a call.

Sami: What the hell are you doing?

Rafe: What am I doing? You're the one who's moved into the DiMera mansion with EJ, Sami.

Sami: Oh, come on, Rafe.

Rafe: I need to go see my sister, okay?

Sami: Wait a second. You are not going anywhere till you tell me why you kissed me.

Rafe: It was good-bye.

Kayla: I don't understand. You and Philip?

Stephanie: We're still a part of each other's lives. I mean, not in a romantic way obviously. He's friends with my friends. I'm friends with his friends. It's Salem, we're all connected. You know that.

Kayla: You know what, I just don't like to think that you are wasting any time or energy on that guy.

Stephanie: I'm not, honestly. It's just...

Kayla: What?

Stephanie: Well, it's kind of hard not to worry about him. He has this way of blowing it and ruining things for everyone around him. I mean, you know his M.O. just as much as anyone else. He's hurt a lot of people. Even when he tries to do the right thing and be a good guy, it always backfires. I mean, he's hurt you and Dad with the whole Pocket thing. You should know. It just, it doesn't end. And things haven't changed. I mean, even now that he's a married man.

Kayla: What do you mean things haven't changed?

Stephanie: I have this really bad feeling that Philip has done something destructive to Melanie... and possibly hurt her badly, and I'm not gonna sit by and watch that happen.

Daniel: There she is, my beautiful daughter. Oh, my God, I'm so glad to see you.

Melanie: You seem so happy.

Daniel: Well, you know, uh, ecstatic actually, yeah.

Melanie: Why?

Daniel: Well, first of all, let me just say I'm sorry for all the back and forth craziness with the wedding yesterday.

Melanie: Stop! Wait did you get married without me?

Daniel: No, no, no, no, of course not. No, no.

Melanie: Okay, then what?

Daniel: Well, just promise to keep it between us. All right, no Maggie, Philip, nobody.

Melanie: Yeah, that's fine. Just us.

Daniel: 'Cause, you know, Chloe and I really should just wait to discuss this before--

Melanie: Stop it, tell me!

Daniel: [Clears throat] You're gonna be a big sister, Melanie. Yeah, Chloe and I are gonna have a baby.

Melanie: You're gonna-- what?

Daniel: Yeah, you are, yes.

Melanie: [Chuckles]

[Footsteps approaching]

Chloe: Daniel, I'm ready to go. I'm just getting my things to-- [Sighs]

Sami: That was good-bye? Sure didn't feel that way to me, but what do I know?

Rafe: I need to go see my sister now.

Sami: [Sighs]

Jennifer: Hi, Gram. I just wanted to come by here and tell you that I feel your presence so strongly in my heart, and I always will. I know what it means now when people say that you live on in your children, and your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and all the people who love you. You have helped me, oh, so much in my life, and I don't want that to stop. I mean, with Jack and Abby and Jack Jr., I am still gonna be consulting you, okay? Oh, gosh, I just--I-- I need you. I need you to keep showing me how to be--how to be strong and how to work through my problems and how to keep pushing through when things get really tough. You're an expert at that. You're--you're an expert at everything, Gram. So I'm just telling you now that I--I'm not saying good-bye, because I have you-- I have you right here. [Sniffles] Always, Gram.

Kayla: So you're concerned that if Philip hurts Melanie...

Stephanie: It's gonna bring her right back to Nathan.

Kayla: [Sighs]

Stephanie: Look, I know it's selfish, I do. But it's not like I'm not thinking about her feelings. I mean, she's a well-meaning person. She's been through a lot, and even she doesn't deserve to be another victim of Philip's ruthlessness.

Kayla: Well, that's a strong word.

Stephanie: He's a Kiriakis, isn't he?

Kayla: But your main concern is that Melanie would be a threat to you and your relationship with Nathan?

Stephanie: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Kayla: Listen, Stephanie-- oh.

[Ringing continues]

Kayla: It's the hospital.

Stephanie: Here?

Kayla: No, back home. You know, listen, hold that thought, all right?

Stephanie: Yeah, we'll talk about it later. Hey, Philip.

Philip: Stephanie, what's up?

Stephanie: My mom and I were just talking about you.

Philip: Why's that?

Stephanie: Because I have a sneaking suspicion that you've done something wrong.

Philip: [Scoffs]

Stephanie: And just like that video you made with Melanie that got all over the Internet, it's gonna come out, Philip. It's gonna go viral.

Melanie: I'm going to be a sister, and you're gonna be a dad...again.

Daniel: Yes, again. That's right.

Melanie: What about the wedding?

Daniel: Oh, we'll do it soon, and we'll have even more to celebrate.

Melanie: Yeah, no kidding. I am so happy for you.

Daniel: Thank you. You know, I just had to tell you.

Melanie: Yeah, of course. Now I kinda feel like a big baby.

Daniel: Why? Why?

Melanie: Uh... this is going to sound really bad and selfish and awful, but I-- I'm not sure if I'm ready to share you yet.

Daniel: What? Melanie, no, look at me. No one's going to take your place.

Melanie: Can I still babysit?

Daniel: Of course, you can. Are you kidding me? Yes.

Melanie: Ok, you know, now that I'm over, you know, the petty jealousy and selfishness, you know what's really cool?

Daniel: What?

Melanie: That this time you're gonna get to be a dad from the beginning. How neat is that?

Chloe: What are you doing here?

Carly: You know why I'm here. We have to talk about what's happening next.

Chloe: What's happening next is Daniel and I are gonna have a child.

Carly: Chloe, it's one thing to say nothing about your infidelity for a few days while you're trying to figure out how to make this right but--

Chloe: Please don't do this to me.

Carly: Which you never did. But this is different. You're having a baby without telling Daniel the truth about what happened. This child could be somebody else's.

Chloe: Just okay? Shut up. You want to ruin everything, is that what you're saying?

Carly: I can't let this go.

Chloe: Well, fine. Go on then. You ruined Daniel's first chance at raising a child. Why don't you do it all over again?

Philip: Yeah, well, here we go again, right? More gossip, more drama. You really thrive on that, don't you?

Stephanie: No, I just know you, and I know when you're up to something.

Philip: I'm gonna say this one last time, Stephanie, and you're gonna listen. You have no idea what is going on here, so stay out of it.

[Cell phone rings]

Stephanie: Hold that thought. Oh, great.

Kayla: What's going on?

Stephanie: Uh, nothing. It's a crisis at work. I have to go. I love you.

Philip: Dr. Johnson. Good to see you.

Kayla: I doubt that.

Philip: So Stephanie tells me you were talking about me.

Kayla: Your name came up.

Philip: Mind telling me in what context?

Kayla: That was really between my daughter and me. Have a nice day.

Philip: Hey, hey, hey! Whatever Stephanie told you. I hope you don't go around telling other people.

Kayla: You know, I'm sure you mean well most of the time, Philip.

Philip: Well, that is a total non sequitur.

Kayla: But the truth is you do hurt people. It's a pattern with you.

Philip: Ah-ha! You know what, if you're talking about Stephanie, she was the one who broke up--

Kayla: Actually, you know what, I'm talking about Steve and me.

Chloe: If you tell Daniel what I did, then it's gonna break us up. Is that how you want this child to come into the world, with its family torn apart?

Carly: So you think it's okay to let Daniel think this child is his when it might not be?

Chloe: It is his, okay? I'm sure of it. It is Daniel's child. Not that it's any of your damn business, but when I was with the other guy we used protection, okay? So I know it's Daniel's. What, you don't believe me?

Carly: Chloe, you told me you were gonna tell Daniel the truth and yet here we are. Nothing has changed. So no, I don't. I don't believe a word you say.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Arianna: Rafe! Thank God you're here.

Rafe: Oh, it's so good to see you guys. I missed you so much.

Arianna: We've missed you. We have. We've been kinda going crazy not knowing where you were and if you were coming back.

Rafe: Hey, never mind all that. The goal right now is that we're gonna get you out of here.

Arianna: Okay.

Gabi: You can do it, right? You're gonna fix it. Can't you?

Rafe: Yes, I can, of course. First though, we need to get you out of here. Guard says only one person allowed in at a time, okay?

Gabi: Sure. I'll see you outside.

Arianna: So how are we gonna achieve this goal of getting me out of here?

Rafe: Well, you're gonna tell me every detail, every last thing. We're gonna do this.

Arianna: Good.

Rafe: Trust me.

Arianna: It's not gonna be easy, Rafe.

Rafe: Just let me worry about that, okay?

Arianna: All right. There is some hope though. Um, EJ says that if he can prove--

Rafe: EJ? EJ? What the hell does he have to do with any of this?

Stefano: Ah, there you are.

Kate: What was so urgent? Why couldn't we meet at the house?

Stefano: Well, I want us to have some privacy.

Kate: Okay, what's going on?

Stefano: Hernandez, he's back in town.

Kate: Okay. What has he done? Did he do something to hurt the family?

Stefano: Outside of the fact that he's driving everybody insane because of his need to know the bloody truth-- damn that bastard. I hope he goes to hell.

Kate: Why are you so rattled?

Stefano: I am rattled, because my son is rattled. Okay, he's rattled, he's unhappy, he's miserable. I don't know but clearly something must have happened before I got back to the house.

Kate: Did EJ say what it was?

Stefano: No, of course not. Huh? God forbid he should open up to his father, the man who tries to protect him all the time. But you know, I have to find out what is upsetting this boy. I have a right to know.

Sami: Why are you looking at me like that?

EJ: So you're back together with him, aren't you?

Sami: No, no, I'm not. Nothing's changed. Rafe and I are finished.

EJ: Right. But you threw yourself at him. I mean, you moon over him like a teenager, despite the fact that he rejects you. You already have a family, Samantha. For God's sake, where's your dignity?

Sami: EJ--

EJ: I mean, I thought--

Sami: What-- what did you think?

EJ: Stop being so coy, Samantha. You know exactly how I feel.

Kayla: Your son, Pocket. Steve and I loved him like our own. But you took him away from us. Which would have been one thing, had you raised him yourself. But you didn't. You gave him away. And if you can be so cavalier with something like that, one has to wonder how easily you would give up on a marriage or anything else for that matter.

Chloe: You are calling me a liar? You who kept Daniel's daughter from him for over 20 years?

Carly: What I did to Daniel and to Melanie, it was egregious, it was--it's something I'll regret for the rest of my life. Imagine if I did it again.

Chloe: You won't be doing it again, Carly. My God, this is completely different.

Carly: I'm so sorry. Daniel has to know the truth, the sooner the better.

Daniel: Hey, Carly.

Chloe: Hey, you know what, I'm ready to get out of here. Carly, here, was just leaving right now.

Carly: The hell I am.

Arianna: EJ is my lawyer. And he's actually come up with some really good ideas on how to get me out of here.

Rafe: Oh, really? Well, he hasn't done anything thus far, has he?

Arianna: I mean--

Rafe: I didn't think so you drop him. You don't need EJ. I'll take care of it.

Arianna: No, Rafe, I--

Rafe: Ari, you stay away from him, okay? I'm telling you.

Arianna: Is this about me or is this about Sami?

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Sami: Your feelings? I don't know...what you mean.

EJ: Everything that has happened since he left-- your moving in here, Samantha, the night we went swimming, the way we bonded over Johnny's accident. You kissed me. I mean, did it never occur to you--

Sami: What? What?

EJ: I love you.

Shane: I have something to tell you, and you're gonna listen.

Arianna: You're still in love with her.

EJ: That is the biggest lie I have heard you tell yet.

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