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Shane: Unbelievable. Mm. Too busy saving the world. And losing my family.

Rafe: I've done the exact same thing. One mistake after another. But I'm gonna fix things now.

Shane: You mean with Sami?

Carrie: Something else is going on here.

Sami: Something else? What are you talking about?

Carrie: Well, you said you love Rafe.

Sami: I do.

Carrie: But you're living with EJ.

Sami: Well, that's what's best for my kids. And, anyway, Rafe walked out on me.

Carrie: Excuse me. The guy you love leaves. And you trot off and hook up with another guy?

Sami: [Scoffs]

Nathan: The water's so peaceful sometimes.

Stephanie: Yeah, it's comforting.

Nathan: Thank you for coming with me to the funeral. I know you got a ton of work on your desk.

Stephanie: Are you kidding me? This is a rough time for you, for everyone, and I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Melissa: Mom. You don't have to do that. Let me.

Maggie: It's okay. I mean, the world isn't gonna stop just because...

Melissa: Mom.

Maggie: Our dear Alice... [Sighs] What are we gonna do without her, Melissa? What are we gonna do?

Bo: I am sorry you don't approve of my love life. But Hope made her choice.

Kayla: And you made yours.

Bo: And you weren't here, so you don't know what happened.

Kayla: Right. Right. I don't. But you know what I do know? You should have never given up. You and Hope belong to each other, come on.

Bo: Hey, would you stop?

Kayla: No, look, Carly's great. She always has been. But she is nothing but a distraction for you right now.

Bo: Yeah. I happen to love that distraction.

[Knock at door]

Mike: Hey, guys. Look, I'm sorry. I mean, I know the last thing you need is to be running back and forth between me and Grandma, and I am doing my level best to talk them into letting me out of here, but apparently my spleen burst in the accident.


Mike: Who the hell really needs a spleen anyway, right? What I need to do is see Grandma. You're not saying anything.

Jennifer: Um, I know that you wanted to see Gram more than anything, Mike, but...

Mike: But what?

Bill: Your grandma tried to hang on for you, son. She really tried.

Jennifer: But she's gone, Mike. Gram's gone.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Kayla: Look who's here.

Hope: Hey. Hi, everyone.

Kimberly: Oh, my gosh. How are you doing?

Hope: How's everyone doing?

Kayla: We're okay. How about you?

Hope: Managing. Hi.

Roman: Hey, you. Uh, you know what, why don't...

Kimberly: Yeah.

Roman: We kind of maybe head back.

Kimberly: I think we should...

Kayla: Yeah, we'll just go in the other room.

Hope: I'm sorry. Is this a bad time? Is Carly...

Bo: No, she's at the hospital. Why are you here?

Hope: I just--I needed... to see you before I say good-bye to Gran.

Rafe: It's never been easy with Sami.

Shane: Never listens.

Rafe: Never.

Shane: Lies a lot too as I remember.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I don't think that she... we've been through a lot. And a lot of it's been pretty rough. Somehow we managed to make it out alive. Although I will be honest with you. There were several occasions that I would have liked to have wrung her neck.

Shane: Oh, yeah, that's Sami. But then how she acts is not really your problem.

Rafe: Sorry?

Shane: Well, your problem is you can't stop thinking about her.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, of course. I love her. I'd do anything for her. But the other thing is, when it comes to us, she has a habit of making the wrong choice.

Shane: Then don't let her.

Sami: That is not what I meant. Oh, my God. I did not move in with EJ because Rafe left. And anyway I have my own bedroom. Nothing is going on.

Carrie: Hmm. So living with your ex-husband in his mansion means absolutely nothing.

Sami: Marlena's townhouse, it flooded, all right? So the pipes burst, and it was a mess.

Carrie: When did that happen?

Sami: I don't know. A while ago.

Carrie: So the pipes are fixed now?

Sami: Yeah.

Carrie: But you're still living with EJ. Sami, look at me. You can't do this. If you have feelings for Rafe and EJ, you have to decide. You can't have both.

Melissa: Poor Mike. I feel so bad. He was so desperate to see Grandma and say his good-byes.

Maggie: Well, she knew... she knew he was on his way there. And she knew how much he loved her.

Melissa: I don't know, it's just... it's so hard to believe that she's gone.

Maggie: Oh, she isn't gone, darling. She's right here. She's in our hearts. Now you know what? We have to carry on her legacy. Of love and courage and dignity. It's up to all of us now. You know that?

Melissa: I know. I know.

Maggie: Okay.

Justin: Adrienne? Hey.

Adrienne: Hi. How are you?

Justin: Fine. Doing well.

Adrienne: How's Hope?

Justin: Uh, well, I imagine she's taking this pretty hard.

Adrienne: You haven't seen her?

Hope: I wanted to know if-- if you'll say a few words at Gran's funeral today?

Bo: Yeah, sure. I'd like that. Is that why you came over? Well, you could have called.

Hope: I couldn't.

Bo: Are you all right?

Hope: No. I'm not. I'm not all right.

Bo: Talk to me.

Hope: I just don't think I can make it through this day... without all of my family. Now.

Mike: I can't believe it. I came all this way...

Jennifer: No, Mike, listen, she--you know what? Look at me. She knew you were there with her, she did. We told her that you were on your way, and she knew that. She felt you there with her, and she knew how much she meant to you.

Mike: Okay. Um, when's the services?

Bill: Today.

Mike: Okay. Then I need to get out of here.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Lexie: Mike, I'm so sorry, but I-I can't let that happen.

Justin: I actually haven't seen much of Hope lately. She's pretty much living over at Alice's.

Adrienne: You haven't been there at all?

Justin: No. No. I didn't want to go over there and disturb her. So how are you doing?

Kayla: Oh, that's something that I'd like to know too. How are you?


Kayla: Been too long. Hi. How are you? Are you guys going to the funeral?

Adrienne: Yes, I'm coming.

Justin: Yeah, yeah, I'll be there, but you know what? First of all, I have to get to a quick meeting, so, well, it's good seeing you, Kayla.

Kayla: Yeah.

Justin: Adrienne.

Kayla: Well, at least you two are talking.

Adrienne: Yeah, well, we're okay. I assume you've seen Stephanie.

Kayla: Oh, yeah. First thing.

Adrienne: She tell you about Nathan?

Kayla: Yes, she did. You know, we went for a little bite to eat, and he seemed great. You know, we mostly talked about doctor stuff, but she's crazy about him.

Adrienne: You don't know the half of it.

Maggie: Alice always believed in the hearts. No mistakes about that.

Melissa: Well, it's hard to go wrong with that philosophy, isn't it?

Maggie: [Laughs]

Nathan: Hello, beautiful ladies.

Maggie: Hello.

Nathan: You guys ready?

Maggie: Just about. Um, will you help me get these trays out into the car?

Nathan: But of course.

Melissa: Here, let me finish covering this last one.

Maggie: Okay. Okay.

Stephanie: Go ahead. I'll get the rest.

Maggie: Okay, great. Okay, perfect.

Melissa: Whoops!

Maggie: Whoops.

Stephanie: Goodness.

Melissa: Hate these things.

Stephanie: I know. Hey, how long are you planning to stay in town?

Melissa: Well, I'm not sure. But I certainly hope it's long enough to get to know you a little better.

Stephanie: I'd like that.

Melissa: Listen, why don't we plan lunch someday soon? You and me and Kayla?

Stephanie: Yeah, yeah, that's perfect. Let's do it.

Melissa: That'd be great.

Stephanie: All right.

Melissa: That'll be good. You got it?

Stephanie: Yes.

Bo: You're not alone today. You have your family around you. And that includes me.

Hope: I know. I mean... I know that you and I are no more, and I don't want you to feel that you have to do something that you don't want to do, but... would you sit with Ciara and me today?

Bo: Yeah. Of course I will.

Hope: Good. Thank you. I better, um... I better go.

Kayla: Am I missing something?

Adrienne: Kayla, I just--

Kayla: Is there something going on with Stephanie? I mean, I know that she thinks that Nathan's the one, but is there more to it than that?

Stephanie: I stopped taking my birth control pills, and I didn't tell Nathan about it.

Adrienne: Oh.

Stephanie: You hate me now, don't you?

Adrienne: No.

Stephanie: No, it's okay. I hate me too. What the hell was I thinking?

Adrienne: It's been intense.

Kayla: Well, I know that she said she'd been a little insecure lately.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Kayla: What did Stephanie do? Do you know something that I should know about?

Adrienne: No. No, not really. [Sighs] You know what, I gotta go. I'll see you at the church, okay? It'll be fine.

Mike: Lexie. I feel fine.

Lexie: Mike, I told you. We need to keep an eye on you.

Mike: I don't care what you told me. There is no reason for me to be trapped in this bed!

Lexie: Well, doctors make the worst patients, huh?

Mike: Is that a joke?

Bill: Mike, it's okay.

Mike: Okay? They're putting my grandmother in the ground. I'm never gonna--- I'm never gonna see her again! How is that okay?

Jennifer: Mike, please.

Mike: Oh, sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Come here. I'm sorry. Uh... [Sighs]

Jennifer: [Sobs]

Mike: I'm an idiot. I'm sorry. I was--I was making this all about me not seeing her. That's--that's not what it's about. As long as she was at peace-- right? As long as she knew how much we all loved her.

Jennifer: She knew. She knew, Mike.

Mike: Okay, then that's what's important. That's what matters. Right?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Mike: Okay. [Sighs]

Hope: It's time. The cars are here. Jennifer and Bill will meet us there.

Laura: It won't be the same without Mike.

Melissa: Well, he'll be there in spirit. We're all gonna be fine.

Maggie: Of course we are. Alice wouldn't have it any other way.

Sami: Carrie, I want Rafe. I love Rafe. But what am I supposed to do? And, anyway, EJ is the father of two of my children.

Carrie: And Lucas is the father of two of your children. Are you living with him?

Caroline: So we all set?

Sami: Hi, Grandma.

Caroline: Hi.

Sami: Hey, sweetheart. Come here. You ready to go? You look so pretty.

Caroline: Well, this won't be easy, but it's time. It's time to say good-bye to our precious Alice.

Alice: My name is Alice.

Caroline: That's--that's right, sweetheart. You were named after a great lady.

Rafe: Don't let Sami make the wrong decision? Thought you said you knew her.

Shane: I do. Trust me. I've seen her in action.

Rafe: Yeah, so you can imagine how she is with EJ. She loves the guy, she hates the guy, she wants to see him, she doesn't want to see him, she--I mean... drives me nuts.

Shane: Moth to a flame, huh?

Rafe: Exactly. And the son of a bitch is a DiMera, so... he's just as slimy and crooked as his old man.

Shane: Hmm. No kidding. Yeah, I've had more than a few run-ins with their family. First thing, watch your back. Second, get Sami away from them as soon as you can. And that includes EJ.

[Hushed chatter]

Jennifer: Everyone's wondering where Mike is. What do we say?

Bill: Just that he was delayed. That's what he wants. We'll tell them after.

Bo: Hey, there, little one. How you doing?

Hope: Okay.

Bo: Pastor McMartin led a nice service.

Hope: Yeah. And the people who spoke...

Bo: There were a lot of people. A lot of great memories.

Hope: It looks like a lot of the people are already headed over to the reception. Come on, sweetheart. Can you come sit with Mommy?

Kayla: Sad way to have a reunion.

Abe: Yeah, I know. You know, it's too bad Theo isn't with us. He would have loved to have seen you.

Kayla: Mm. How's he doing?

Lexie: Oh, he's doing so well. He's in public school.

Kayla: I heard that.

Abe: Ooh, very proud of him.

Lexie: Yeah.

Lucas: So how are you feeling, huh? You know, your mommy had to go see Johnny 'cause he wasn't feeling good, but you're okay?

Carrie: Hey, you.

Lucas: Hey.

Julie: Oh, there's my big girl.

Doug: Hi, Ali. How you doing?

Julie: Carrie. Oh, Carrie.

Doug: Good to see you, Lucas.

Lucas: You too, Doug.

Julie: Beautiful as ever.

Carrie: You too, Julie.

Julie: Well, this is a terrible loss, but look at all of us--look at all these people that gram brought together. God bless her.

Lucas: Yeah.

Jennifer: Think we should get started?

Hope: Yeah, we should get organized.

Jennifer: All right. I'll go start.

Hope: Thanks.

Justin: Hope.

Hope: Hey.

Justin: How are you doing?

Hope: Holding it together for now.

Caroline: She should be in your arms, Bo. Your arms.

Rafe: Well, it's been nice breaking out of prison with you.

Shane: Yeah, same here. Listen, I'm sure we'll bump into each other again. I'm gonna be in Salem for a while.

Rafe: Oh, good.

Shane: Yeah, and good luck with the investigation. Listen, who knows? Maybe Anna will decide to do the right thing.

Rafe: Eh, I'm not gonna hold my breath. But, hey, you never know. Good luck finding your family.

Shane: Oh, thanks. Yeah, it's what happens after that that worries me.

Rafe: Yeah.

Shane: Good luck with Sami too.

Rafe: Yeah, well, thanks. I'll need it.

Sami: Hey, how is he?

Kate: He's sleeping. Sleeping on and off. Look, I'm sorry that I had to call you. I know you were at the funeral. But EJ was out of touch, and I didn't want to do anything without talking to you.

Sami: That's okay. He's still really warm.

Kate: I know. I know. I only gave him cold compresses, Sami. I didn't want to give him medication without your permission.

Sami: Oh, I appreciate that. Come here. Shh. Oh, sweetheart. Thanks, Kate.

Kate: You're welcome. Sami, look, I know that we have our issues, all right, but I love children, and... Sydney and Allie and Will and Johnny are very special children. So I guess you must have been doing something right.

Caroline: She was a dear, dear friend. Whenever I had family problems or things that were difficult... and I felt I couldn't handle it, I turned to a woman who could. Alice Horton.

Julie: Well, to be frank, Gram did not approve of all of my life choices, and... I made some doozies. But she never, never stopped loving me or wanting what was best for me. She was...

Doug: A fair and very great lady... who convinced me to be the man that I needed to be-- a responsible husband... and father. You know, I wasn't always the greatest dad in the world. And when I wasn't, Alice Horton had absolutely no problem in telling me...

Maggie: That I needed to step up and try harder. If something is worth fighting for, you need to get in there and fight. The truth be told, if it weren't for Alice's encouragement, I wouldn't be...

Lucas: I wouldn't be alive today. I didn't find out I was a Horton until I was a teenager. But when I did, it was overwhelming. Everybody knows Mrs. Horton. Everybody, but to me, she was like royalty. And to find out that I was a part of her very own flesh and blood was... it was very intimidating. And exciting. And very rewarding.

Melissa: It was incredibly rewarding... just to sit in grandma's kitchen and have her tell you what she knew you were thinking. Sometimes before you thought it.


Melissa: And she had the best advice about boys.


Nathan: She had the best advice about girls.


Nathan: What was important and what wasn't. Uh... I didn't--I didn't know her like most of you here did. My mom and I didn't live in Salem. But when we came to visit, she always made us feel at home. Always made us feel loved.

Kate: How's Johnny doing?

Sami: He took his cold medicine like a champ and conked out. His forehead is cool.

Kate: Good. So how was Alice's funeral service?

Sami: It was beautiful. You know, the church was overflowing, and it was really simple. You know, just the way she would have wanted it.

Kate: That's nice. Did you see Lucas?

Sami: Yeah, I did. He looked good. I didn't get to talk to him. But I saw him. He and Will looked... they looked okay.

Bo: Mrs. H was a perfect example of how we should live our lives. With love and hard work and honesty and integrity. [Chuckles] But most of all with humor.

[Scattered laughter]

Bo: She always encouraged me to be good and do what was right. And she would let me know when-- when I didn't. Just the other day, she... she always advised me to follow my heart.

Jennifer: "Follow your heart always." That's what Gram would say. That's why I never, never could have imagined the day that she wouldn't be here. And that's because Gram... she hated saying good-bye. You know, it was always... it was always "until we meet again." Here's to your next adventure, Gram. [Sniffling]

Mike: Grandma, Carrie is married to Austin now. I would never do anything to come between them.

Alice: I know that, dear. But you do still love her, don't you?

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, I do, but I'm afraid if I spend too much time with her, she's gonna figure it out. So I've got to move on. I've got to keep busy.

Alice: Well, then you should be chief of staff. That would keep you busy.

Mike: I will give it some serious thought. Okay?

Alice: Yes. And your grandfather would be very proud to know that you are following in his footsteps. But whatever you do, dear, I know it will be the right thing.

Mike: Ah, Grandma, what would I have done without you?

Hope: Gran... you may not believe this, but, um... I'm a little lost for words. There are just so many... amazing things to say. You all shared wonderful memories of a great woman today. To me, she was the woman I wanted to be... and hoped that someday I could be. She wasn't just the matriarch of this family. She--she was a friend. She was someone we trusted, we loved, and she loved us back. She loved us back unconditionally. No matter what was happening in our lives, she loved us. She always looked out for us. I love you, Gran. And I know that... you'll look out for us for the rest of the days of our lives.

Alice: Good-bye, my darling. Till we meet again.

Hope: Good-bye, Gran. [Sobs]


[Doorbell rings]

Sami: It's all right, Mary. I'll get it.

Melissa: [Silently] I love you, Grandma.

Bo: I don't think I told you how pretty you look today. Hey, little one, um, I'm gonna hang out here for a minute or two, so can you go with your grandpa and grandma? Okay. I love you.

Shane: Hey.

Kimberly: [Laughs] Oh, no. Oh, no, Shane, you don't. You don't just sneak up on somebody and say, "hey." I'll see you back at the house, okay?

Shane: I'm so sorry to hear about Mrs. Horton.

Bo: Yeah. Thanks.

Hope: Thank you.

Shane: I'll-I'll see you later.

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