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Kayla: She didn't suffer, did she?

Bo: No. No. No. No. She...she was at peace, surrounded by people who loved her and who she loved.

Kayla: We should all be so lucky.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Come on in.

Kayla: No, wait, I-I, um, I have a little surprise for you.

Bo: Oh, yeah? What kind of surprise?

Kayla: Just a little tiny one. Just a minute.

Bo: Ah!

[Kayla giggling]

Bo: Come here, come here, come here. Hey, wait a minute. Are you sure you're up for this kind of trip?

Kimberly: Oh, honey, I can do all kind of things I didn't think I could do before. I got my life back, and it's all because of you.

Rafe: Shane Donovan. What the hell are you doing here?

Shane: Well, as the great man said, "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Roman: Hey-ey-ey! What do you say, pretty girl?

Carrie: Hi, Daddy.

Roman: Damn, girl, you look great.

Carrie: Oh...I feel jetlagged. Did you hear about Mike, that he's in the hospital?

Roman: Yeah, poor guy.

Carrie: Yeah. Thank God he wasn't seriously injured.

Roman: That is a fact. Listen, I'm sorry I couldn't, uh, see you last night.

Carrie: Police business?

Roman: FBI folks are in town.

Carrie: Mom.

Roman: You haven't heard from her?

Carrie: Mm. Not a word. I'm really, really worried. I hope she hasn't done anything crazy.

Roman: Yeah, I know, me too. Listen, if you do hear from her, you need to call me immediately, okay? It's a whole lot better if I find her. Because if somebody else does...

Sami: She's gonna answer to me.

Hope: [Sniffling] Oh, Gran, who do I turn to now? Oh, God.

Doug: How 'bout your old man?

Hope: Dad. Oh, Daddy.

Maggie: Laura need any help getting ready for all those people?

Bill: No. She's got Hope and Jennifer and Julie there to help her, and you need to...

Maggie: I need to what?

Bill: Well, you need to take care of yourself. Or...let us take care of you.

Maggie: Uh-huh. So the women are cleaning and cooking and shopping and... you've been assigned Maggie maintenance.

Bill: Maggie...

Maggie: Ah! Stop it...right now.

Carrie: Hi, Sami and Allie. My goodness, I can't believe how grown up you are. Look at you! And what have you got there?

Allie: Nature Valley gr...

Sami: Nature Valley granola and nut clusters. You like 'em, don't you, honey?

Allie: They taste so good.

Sami: [Laughing] Yes, they sure do! And you know who else loves 'em? Your Grandma Caroline.

Allie: I know.

Sami: She sure does. You know what, she asked me to get her an extra bag. Would you take them up to her? She'll be so excited.

Carrie: Bye, Allie.

Roman: See you later.

Carrie: Up the stairs. Oh...[Laughs] Sami, again, I'm so sorry that--

Sami: Hey, hey, we talked about this. You have nothing to apologize for. You don't owe me an apology for your mother's behavior.

Roman: Okay. So you two have already seen each other, I take it.

Carrie: We have, and I'm happy to say that we had a very nice talk yesterday and that we've forgiven each other for everything that's happened in the past.

Roman: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Carrie: Yeah.

Sami: Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about your mom. I mean, we didn't really get into it last night, but your mom... she took my daughter's clothes, put blood on them, dropped them in the river and let me think that Sydney was dead. For money. When I find her, I'm gonna make sure she pays for what she did.

Kate: Good morning, honey.

Lucas: Hey. You working?

Kate: Oh...well, you know me. I really don't wanna talk about work, though. This is gonna be difficult for you, huh?

Lucas: Well, everybody said that Gran was at peace at the end. I guess that's all that matters, right?

Kate: The family's not gonna be the same without her.

Lucas: No. No, it won't. She used her time exactly the way she wanted. That's the most important thing I learned from her.

Kate: She never wanted to be anyone other than Alice Horton. You know, she never seemed to want more money or more love or more power. Some people might think that's old-fashioned. I envied her.

Jennifer: Uh, no, I think that's everything, yes. Yes, thank you, Reverend McMartin.

Julie: So...when do we meet with him?

Jennifer: Uh, we don't. It's done. He met with Gram after Uncle Mickey died. They planned her entire service together.

Julie: Oh... oh, good for her. So she'll get the funeral she wanted.

Jennifer: Yeah. I guess we don't have to wonder if we did the right thing.

Julie: Well, I don't think I could sit down and plan my own funeral. But then again... Gram was never one to... back away from a difficult subject.

Alice: It's hard to believe tomorrow's almost here. Oh, Julie, we've waited so long, more than a year for this moment.

Julie: I know, Grandma.

Alice: And we both have to keep reminding ourselves that the court could decide against you... and in favor of Mr. Banning.

Julie: That can't happen, Grandma. I won't let it.

Alice: Darling, he has a very strong case. The facts speak for themselves. We'll be on the defensive. We'll have to prove our case. You'll have to prove it more than anyone else.

Julie: I know that. And I intend to do just that.

Alice: Have you...faced what will happen if Mr. Banning wins custody?

Julie: I've asked myself that question a thousand times, Grandma. I'm not sure I could go on without my son.

Jennifer: Julie. You know what, God...God let us have her with us for a really long time.

Julie: I'm sure heaven is a brighter, happier place today. Certainly cleaner.

[Jennifer laughs]

Julie: Probably better organized.

Jennifer: Yeah. You know, I wonder... I wonder if Gram knew really, really how much she was loved.

Julie: Oh, honey... I don't doubt that. She knew.

Doug: I wish I could comfort you...the way Alice comforted me when your mother was so very ill. She just had this gift of being able to tell you the absolute truth in such a way it made you feel better.

Hope: Daddy... tell me again what she said when Mommy died. [Sniffling]

Doug: Said that death was only a transition.

Hope: And that life never really ends. She told me that when Zack died.

Doug: Yeah. Your mom lives on in my heart... and in your smile. And Alice will live on through her children, through her grandchildren, great-grands. You'll keep on seeing her, I promise.

Hope: I just wish...

Doug: What, honey?

[Hope sniffling]

Doug: Come on, tell me, what?

Hope: I just...wish I had told her... how sorry I am that I let her down. I just...

Rafe: So you going back to the ISA? Or the fact that they let you rot in jail for a year sour things for ya?

Shane: The ISA told me something had happened to my family. Till I can find out for sure whether that's true or not, I...I don't wanna think about what I'm gonna do next.

Kimberly: It's so great for the kids to be around family. Especially at a time like this. It was really tough on them since my divorce. I mean, obviously, but even tougher since they never speak to their dad anymore.

Bo: So you haven't heard from Shane at all.

Kayla: I think this is weird.

Kimberly: Yeah, me too. It's just like...he dropped off the face of the earth.

Kate: I miss you very much. [Sighs] But you are doing a really, really good job for Hearth & Home in Hong Kong. I have to say, I think import/export is your thing.

Lucas: Well, thank you.

Kate: You're welcome.

Lucas: I do love it. I mean, it's a lot of hard work's fun too. Allie and I travel a lot. Just I don't think Sami's gonna go for the idea of her daughter living halfway around the world.

Kate: What--come on, it's a great opportunity for her that...

Lucas: I just don't think the educational advantage outweighs the fact that Allie's life is here.

Kate: Lucas, you're her life too. You know, I... never mind.

Lucas: What? Just tell me! You're gonna say it anyway. I might as well hear it--come on.

Kate: Okay! Okay. I know that it was a nightmare for EJ and Sami when Sydney went missing and they were terrified. But now that the two of them are living here together, I just think they're... overcompensating.

Lucas: What does that mean?

Kate: What that means is that they are completely focused on Johnny and Sydney.

Lucas: Okay...

Kate: Okay. I was happy when you decided to take Allie with you because, frankly, I was afraid she'd get lost in the shuffle.

Lucas: What about Will?

Will: Yeah. What about me?

Roman: Sami, come on, calm down. It's your sister you're talking to.

Sami: You're right, Dad. I'm sorry, I... uh, got all wound up.

Carrie: It's understandable.

Roman: Listen, I have to go talk to Bo. You will give your Grandma a ride to the church?

Sami: That's why I'm here.

Roman: Okay. Good to see you.

Carrie: Mmm, likewise.

Roman: All right, I'll talk to both of you later.

Sami: Okay. Look, I-I'm really sorry about going off on your mom like that. I know she's all...whatever since Tony died.

Carrie: Sami, there is absolutely no excuse for what she did. I-I'm just sorry that I wasn't here for you to help you deal with all this family drama. And I never imagined that that would include my wacko mom.

Sami: I know it hasn't always been easy for you.

Carrie: All my life, I've kind of felt like I was the mother and she was the child. This is, uh...

Sami: I mean, look, I get it. I'm certainly no paragon of virtue, but...

Carrie: Hey, we talked about that last night. That's behind us.

Sami: You... you and Austin, you happy?

Carrie: Really happy.

[Both giggle]

Carrie: And I know that you're gonna find that one day too.

Sami: know, I thought I had. I met this...amazing guy. He's an FBI agent. His name is Rafe, and I really thought he was the one. And then... I drove him away, as only I can, completely and forever.

Carrie: You sure? There's absolutely no hope?

Sami: No. And believe me, I'd love to point the finger, but I have no one to blame but myself.

Bill: I don't know why you say we're hovering.

Maggie: Hmm. Okay, well, let's see. Last night, Marie showed up with a ham. She insisted upon taking out the garbage. While she was out there, I'm pretty sure she washed my car.

Bill: Well, she was a nun, Maggie. That's what they do.

Maggie: And your ex-wife Laura showed up yesterday and asked if I needed a ride to the church... like I can't drive.

Bill: Do you think you're being a little overly sensitive?

Maggie: No. Losing Mickey was like losing a part of myself. After all these years... I didn't know where he stopped and I began. But I'm getting through it.

Bill: I know how tough that was for you, Maggie. And I know that... we weren't here.

Maggie: It was your loss too. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm making it, and it bothers me that you all show up here and act as though I'm not just grieving but I'm disabled or something. Bill, you and Marie... you lost your mother. You should be taking care of yourselves...and your children. I'm fine.

Bill: Yeah. If you're so come you didn't tell anybody that your myasthenia gravis came back?

Doug: So what you said before at the house... about you letting Alice down. What was that all about?

Hope: Well, um... Gram was a big believer in doing whatever it took to save a marriage.

Doug: Ah.

Hope: Yeah, I can hear her right now. "Hope, dear... you and Bo have got to compromise. You should check those egos at the door... and believe in your marriage." You know, things like that.

Doug: Yeah. And you and Bo are both very fiery, passionate individuals. And she knew that. And yet, you know, she told me not very long ago that she thought that you and Bo would find your way back to one another. [Chuckles]

Hope: That's my Gran.

Doug: Yeah.

Hope: Did she know that Carly was living with Bo now in our house?

Doug: Yeah. Still, she said, "my money is on Bo and Hope." So maybe you just might consider the possibility that the odds have changed now. Might be a little bit more in your favor.

Will: What's going on?

Lucas: Well, I was talking to your Grandma, and, uh, we were talking about some business stuff. I'm thinking about running Hearth & Home from Hong Kong.

Will: Really?

Lucas: Yeah. From the business point of view, it makes a lot of sense. It's very profitable. But as far as the family's concerned, it's a little shaky.

Will: You want to stay in Hong Kong...for good.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I was thinking about it. But I'll come back as much as I can. You know, I'll visit you whenever I have a chance, you and Allie.

Will: Oh, so she'll be staying here.

Lucas: Well, yeah, yeah. I think that Allie's at the age where she probably should stay here. But you, on the other hand, I was thinking that maybe--

Will: You're thinking that you can move halfway around the world without talking about it to any of us? And I'm just gonna be okay with it? Dad, forget it!

Carrie: Am I getting this right? You, Samantha Brady, throwing in the romantic towel?

Sami: Not voluntarily. I'm just trying to be realistic.

[Carrie laughing]

Sami Carrie! Oh, great, thanks. Your sympathy is overwhelming.

Carrie: Okay, look, I'm sorry, Sami, but I just--I have a hard time picturing you sitting by the fire, twiddling your thumbs, thinking about your memories.

Sami: Yeah, they're such great memories, too, of all the lying and plotting and scheming I did to nail some guy down who didn't want to be nailed down--at least not by me.

Carrie: You were young. Now you're mature and everything, you don't do that sort of thing anymore. Do you?

Sami: [Laughs] No! I don't. I've changed my strategy. I know I can't make some guy love me, and...that's what I thought I'd found, you know? He knew who I was, and he still wanted to hang around.

Carrie: This Rafe guy.

Sami: Then Sydney was kidnapped, and the ransom note said that I couldn't involve the police or the FBI, and so I... I lied to him. After everything that he had done for me. I mean, he moved heaven and earth to help me and my kids and... and I listened to EJ.

Carrie: Well, you were under a certain amount of stress, and if this Rafe guy is the guy that you say he is, he--he understands that.

Sami: I'm not so sure about that.

Carrie: Can't you talk to him about it?

Sami: I've tried. I mean, we--we tried. But I can't talk to him at all now. He's not here, and I don't think he's coming back.

Rafe: I always heard you guys from the ISA were real chatty.

Shane: Not a lot to talk about, is there?

Rafe: Well, you can tell me what they said happened to your family.

Shane: Not till I can be sure they weren't lying about that too.

Rafe: Well, you're about to find out. Or you're about to see your family...the family that you haven't seen in over a year.

Shane: Yeah. Yeah, I just...hope I'm not too late.

Kayla: Are you worried about him?

Kimberly: Worried? Kayla, this is Shane Donovan. Oh, the Shane Donovan, he can handle anything. Why, he's probably out there somewhere right now just saving the world. But then again, what about his children? I mean, who the hell does he think he is?

[Door closes]

Roman: That's a good question.

Bill: We are worried about you. The people at the hospital are worried about you.

Maggie: Well, if anyone at that hospital said a word to you, then that's an ethical violation.

Bill: Oh, honey, listen, nobody's betrayed your trust. I said they were worried.

Maggie: And I said I'm fine!

Bill: Now, Mom didn't think so.

Maggie: What?

Bill: Yeah. The very last time I spoke with her, she begged me to look after you.

Maggie: She was always worried about everyone. She was just overreacting.

Bill: And was Mickey? 'Cause he asked me to do the same thing.

[Doorbell rings]

Jennifer: Oh, do you want me to get that, Julie?

Julie: No. No, I can handle it.

Abe: Oh, Julie.

Julie: Oh, Abe!

Abe: I am so sorry. I am so sorry.

Julie: Thank you. Thank you for stopping by.

Abe: Oh, absolutely. Oh, I tell you...mmm! It is so good to see you. And I am so sorry for your loss.

Jennifer: I know you are. Thank you.

Abe: You know, it--it... it's very hard to imagine life without her.

Julie: Mm-hmm. She is simply...irreplaceable.

Abe: I'll never forget how she would...take the Carvers under her wing... as if we were family.

Jennifer: That's right. Gram had a very fluid definition of family, didn't she?

Abe: It was a privilege to know her. [Chuckles] Even, uh, when I thought about making her a guest in the--

Julie: Even when you were slapping handcuffs on her.

Alice: Now, you just listen to me, young man. Either you let me out of here, or you come up with some proof of what you're saying and arrest me!

Abe: Mrs. Horton, we are talking about a felony.

Alice: And I said if you have proof, arrest me.

Abe: [Sighs] Alice Horton... you're under arrest. She was one tough lady.

Julie: You know, that's what Doug has always said.

[Abe chuckling]

Hope: Don't want you doing all this worrying about me.

Doug: Well, that, my darling, is not your call.

Hope: You know what? I am going to be fine. I had a great role model. Gotta handle tough times. Daddy, I'm trying to be like Gran--accept what I cannot change.

Doug: Okay. Is that acceptance, or is that just giving up? Hmm? Listen to me. Until she was sure that she couldn't change something, Alice fought like hell for what she thought was right, and she thought you and Bo were right, that you two belong together. And you know she did.

Alice: I have something for you.

Hope: You do?

Alice: Yes. Your mother... let's say your mother and I. She wanted you to have these especially. She wanted you to have them on your wedding day.

Hope: Oh, Grammy, they're beautiful. They're just beautiful.

Alice: I know. And I've stashed them away to save them for the day you got married. I-- well, of course, I took them out on the day that you married Larry Welch... but I didn't give them to you. I knew in my heart that your real wedding would be the day that you married Bo Brady.

Hope: Oh, Gram, we love you so much. You sure were that, Gran. Undoubtedly.

Will: Dad, I'm sorry. That--I think that came out a little bit stronger than I wanted it to.

Lucas: That's all right. It's my fault, you know. I shouldn't have brought it up today. It's a hard day for everybody.

Kate: I do think you should have given your father a chance to finish his invitation before you turned it down.

Lucas: You don't invite your son to live with you, all right? Let me handle this, please. You know the door's always open. I would love to have you with me. You can stay as long as you want, whenever you want.

Will: Thanks. Um...I know that. It's just...

Lucas: What, you'd rather live with Stefano in the DiMera mansion? Come on. What? I'm kidding. I can joke about it a little bit--it's kinda funny.

Will: Okay, I-I want you to understand that this is not about you. I don't want to switch schools. And you're talking about Hong Kong.

Lucas: I know, I know.

Will: Not Chicago. I'm sorry, I don't wanna leave Mom and Johnny and Allie and Sydney.

Kate: Ahem!

Will: And Grandma. How could I leave Grandma?

Kate: That is right. Okay. I do have to go make some phone calls. Would you bond with your son?

Lucas: Yes, Mom, I will. Sorry. I didn't mean to twist your arm about the Hong Kong thing. It's just... I really like what I'm doing there. And I would love to have you with me. You know that. And I do think your living arrangements now are a bit strange.

Will: Yeah. I thought it would be pretty weird too. Um...but everybody's been really nice...and nice to Mom.

Lucas: Come on. To your mother? Come on, I'm not buying that.

Will: Okay, well, they're polite because of EJ. He makes them be that way. I gotta tell you, Dad, that guy's been really decent to her.

Lucas: Well, now I'm really scared.

Carrie: So you think Rafe is gone for good.

Sami: Yeah. I mean, it's sad, I miss him. But that doesn't mean we would have been able to work things out if he were here.

Carrie: Why not?

Sami: I don't know, maybe it wasn't meant to last. You know, maybe it was one of those really intense, knock-your-socks off passionate connections that just--that can't last. Carrie, when we first met, you should have seen us. We fought all the time. I mean, it was ridiculous. We fought like four times a day.


Sami: And then...I don't know when things changed, but when I first realized how we really felt about each other... [Sighs]

Carrie: What, now those feelings are gone?

Sami: No. I mean, when we see each other, it... but when Sydney came back and when Rafe realized that I had lied to him about the ransom note again... I wanted him to yell at me. I wanted him to be angry and to get it all out and... but he was...he was just so calm and...

Carrie: And forgiving?

Sami: I mean, I know he wanted to forgive me. I mean, Rafe doesn't lie. Except he was willing to lie... for me, for my kids. He was willing to do anything, and I...

Carrie: And you--you lied to him. But your daughter had been kidnapped, and you were doing whatever it took to get her back.

Sami: And I kept telling myself that, and I know he keeps telling himself that. But that lie, I mean... it changed everything. It ate away at everything that we had, and I don't think we can get it back.

Rafe: Well, I'm not sure what I'm gonna find when I get back to Salem either. In fact, I probably wouldn't even be going back if it wasn't for my sister. I gotta make sure she doesn't get railroaded.

Shane: Have you talked to Sami yet?

Rafe: Nope.

Shane: So nobody's told you. Alice Horton died.

Rafe: Oh. No, I hadn't heard. Man.

Shane: Hmm. Did you know her?

Rafe: No. I sort of feel like I did. She was Will and Allie's great-grandmother, so... I know she meant so much to so many people.

Shane: Hmm. Yes, she was a... she was a really great lady. And no pushover either.

Bo: I have bagels and stuff in the car.

Kayla: Oh, I'll give you a hand.

Bo: [Stammering] I was gonna give Carly a call.

Kayla: Carly?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Kayla: She's not going to the funeral, is she?

Bo: No.

Kayla: Good.

Bo: You're always so difficult to read. You disapprove, don't you?

Kayla: Yeah. I do.

Maggie: Mickey asked you to look after me?

Bill: Yeah. He said that if anything ever happened to him that he didn't want you to have to deal with things alone.

Maggie: That's very sweet. So like him. But I really can take care of myself. I have to.

Bill: Yep. That's what he said you'd say. He had your number, you know.

Maggie: And how. But, uh... I'm okay. I mean, yes, I had a relapse, but my doctor's adjusted my meds, and I'm back in remission. So I'm not lying to you when I say that I'm all right.

Bill: Well, thank God. But I made a promise to my brother, so I'm sorry to say, Maggie, from now on, you're pretty much stuck with me.

Maggie: Well, I guess... I can deal with that. [Sniffling]

Jennifer: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Jennifer: You okay?

Hope: Yeah. I didn't hear you come in.

Jennifer: Yeah, I could tell. I know. I think every single one of us has given one of these to Gram at one time or another.

Hope: I'm sure she kept track too. Always the right mug for the right grandchild.

Jennifer: I'm gonna miss her so much.

Hope: I already miss her so much. I just...

Jennifer: What, what?

Hope: I can't believe we're going to Gran's funeral. I'm going to Gran's funeral today. And I'm doing it...without Bo by my side.

Bo: Since you weren't here and don't really know what happened, maybe, for once, you can suspend judgment.

Kayla: You know, I don't have to have been here to know that you and Hope belong together. Here in this house with Ciara.

Bo: Hope moved out.

Kayla: Because she was beside herself.

Bo: And if you'll let me finish...

Kayla: Okay, fine. Go ahead.

Bo: Thank you. Hope moved out. Carly came back to town, and I...I didn't plan for this to happen, I didn't want it to happen, and I didn't-- it didn't happen because of revenge. But I fell in love. And that changed everything, Kay, everything.

Carrie: So let me ask you this. How does EJ play into all this?

Sami: EJ's been great. I mean, he's really been there for me. When Sydney was missing, he...

Carrie: Yeah?

Sami: Well, it's sort of hard to explain, you know. I mean, I never thought I would have a relationship with a guy-- certainly not a guy like EJ-- and it's just... you know, let's--let's not talk about it anymore, all right? Let's talk about something else.

Carrie: Oh...

Sami: What?

Carrie: Well, I know why you want to change the subject.

Sami: Yeah. Obviously, I want to change it because talking about Rafe and--and then EJ's just-- confusing, uncomfortable.

Carrie: Exactly. And why do you think that it's confusing and uncomfortable?

Sami: What? Just say it.

Carrie: Sami, is it--is it possible that you love both these guys?

Sami: Oh.

Julie: How are you doing?

Doug: Well as to be expected, I guess. Ah. Alice had this with her when she died.

Julie: Grandma always had a lot of inspiration and comfort from her bible.

Doug: Which is why it's right for us to read several of her favorite scriptures this morning.

Julie: And something she wrote, too. It was her...her welcome home celebration. What she said was so wonderful, I asked her to write it down for all of and,'s in there, it's tucked in Psalms.

Doug: Ah. Here it is.

Alice: And as long as this family gathers together... to touch and share and laugh and remember... and as long as our hearts and arms are open to new friends, new loves, then we have everything a human being can hope for in this life, everything, and it never ends.

Shane: Well, your problem is you can't stop thinking about her.

Carrie: If you have feelings for Rafe and EJ, you have to decide.

Hope: I just don't think I can make it through this day.

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