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Bo: Hey, Hope. Um... give me a call when you get this. It's pretty important. And I don't want to leave it on a message, so, um... just--just call me when you can, okay? Bye.

Maggie: Hi, Bo.

Bo: Oh, hi.

Maggie: Was that about Alice?

Bo: No, no.

Maggie: Well, something is wrong, I can tell.

Bo: Yeah. I'm worried about Hope.

Jen: Hope, I am so sorry. I was on the phone with Jack. I was trying to write down a phone number.

Hope: What?

Jen: The paper, it was just sitting right there. I didn't mean to pry.

Hope: It's okay.

Jen: What? No, it's not okay. I didn't know you and Bo were getting a divorce.

Hope: Neither did I.

Brady: Wait, what do you mean, you don't have anything? Like, six guys were mugged. You can't clear her for one of those nights? That doesn't matter to me. Keep digging. No, because she didn't do it. She didn't do it, so go prove it. [Laughs] Great. I was hoping you'd get the opportunity to come and gloat about this.

Victor: I'm not gloating.

Brady: What do you mean? Arianna's in jail. I can't get her out. I thought you'd be doing a jig or something.

Victor: If you'd just shut up and listen for a minute... I'd tell you that I'm here to help.

Arianna: It's you.

Melanie: Yeah. Guard took my cake with a file in it, though. [Laughs]

Arianna: It's good to see you.

Melanie: Yeah, well, I should have been here earlier, but I figured you'd be out on bail by now.

Arianna: Yeah. So did I. They keep delaying the arraignment, so...

Melanie: They can't--doesn't the constitution say they have to be speedy or something like that?

Arianna: Try telling that to District Attorney Woods.

Melanie: This doesn't make any sense. Anybody who knows you knows you won't mug anybody, much less Brady.

Arianna: Well, the police seem to think that I did, so...

Melanie: Do not get me started on the Salem police. You're stuck in here, and Vivian Alamain is on her honeymoon? Really? This is just--this is a misunderstanding, a mix-up.

Arianna: Yeah. Yeah, I know. That's what I thought when they first brought me in here.

Melanie: Good.

Arianna: Yeah. I'm just scared.

Nicole: Oh.

EJ: You're in quite a hurry. Aren't you?

Nicole: What are you, stalking me?

EJ: No, I just thought you and I could have a little chat, that's all.

Nicole: Oh, god.

EJ: Hey.

Nicole: Uh! Get your hand off me. Get it off!

EJ: So one second, we're having a little conversation, I'm accusing you of being behind these muggings, and the next second, you're hightailing it out of there.

Nicole: Get your hand off me, or I will scream.

EJ: Scream. Go on. Please. Be my guest. Actually, I'd quite like it if the police listened to this little conversation.

Nicole: I have nothing to say to you.

EJ: Well, I have plenty to say to you.

Melanie: Okay, look, this-- this sucks. And you can be very mad, but you don't have to be scared.

Arianna: God, you know, I try not to be. Just everything keeps getting worse, you know. It's like I'm in one of those nightmares where somebody's coming after you, and you can't move, you can't do anything.

Melanie: Stop that, stop that. Think--think about, um, think about how much fun we're gonna have spending all that money you're gonna get from your wrongful arrest settlement.

Arianna: I mean, what?

Melanie: [Laughs]

Arianna: How do you do that? You're like the only person that can make me laugh.

Melanie: I'm being serious. You're gonna make bank after this. They threw you in here for no reason at all.

Arianna: No, but that's the thing. They do have reason. They've got my fingerprints. They've got my DNA evidence.

Melanie: How--you didn't do anything.

Arianna: I don't know. I really--you know what was even worse? I don't even have an alibi for even one of those muggings.

Melanie: Yeah, you do. Uh, you and I were at the movies, remember? I just--I'm gonna need to know which day.

Arianna: No, no, no, please don’t. Look, Woods, he already thinks people have lied for me. I can't make things worse.

Melanie: Mm. All right, fine. I'm still not scared, though. Brady with all that Kiriakis money and power? There's no way he's gonna let anything happen to you.

Arianna: I'm full of good news. Brady and I are done.

EJ: You know, Arianna and I, we agree... on a lot of things.

Nicole: I'm so happy for you both.

EJ: But we don't agree on everything. I mean, she, for example, she doesn't think that Brady is a complete idiot. She thinks that if you were really trying to set her up, then he would be smart enough to be able to see that. I don't think so.

Nicole: Who cares what you think?

EJ: You should. You really should.

Nicole: Oh, I'm so scared.

EJ: Yeah, I know you are. You're also stupid. I mean, you come out of prison, you come here. Stupid. You mess around with somebody who's a friend of mine. That's very stupid. Now what am I supposed to do? Hmm? If you stay out of my sight, I don't really care. I wouldn't think about you that much. But you come here, and you put your thumb in my eye. I have to do something about that. So I'm gonna send you back to prison. And if you think that you're gonna get another pardon, well, that would be the stupidest thing of all.

Maggie: I can't tell you how to run your life, but I think right now you need to be very gentle with Hope. Put her first.

Bo: You don't have to tell me that.

Maggie: No?

Bo: No. That's what I'm trying to do. Put her first, protect her. So if you'd excuse me.

Maggie: Well, I hope you do, Bo. I hope you do.

Jen: You didn't know Bo was divorcing you?

Hope: No.

Jen: When your grandmother is dying? Do you have a baseball bat around here because there's a little conversation I would like to have with the police commissioner.

Hope: What I said--what I said wasn't completely accurate. You see, months ago, I asked him for a divorce.

Jen: What?

Hope: But then, well, you know, everything had happened, and it all got so weird. We just stopped talking about it. And I guess... I thought he'd forgotten about it.

Jen: Apparently not, Hope.

Hope: No, apparently not. It's really not his fault. I mean, once again, I, I assumed... something that... that wasn't true.

Jen: I saw your face when you were reading those papers. You want him to forget that you asked him. You don't want this divorce anymore, do you?

Brady: Can't wait to hear this.

Victor: Look, if you'd roll back the attitude. I cut my honeymoon short for you.

Brady: Ah, that must have hurt. Spending less time with Vivian.

Victor: It was very difficult dragging myself away. Anyway, I've got something for you.

Brady: Is it a get-out-of-jail-free card?

Victor: It's this.

Brady: What is this?

Victor: I was very upset when I heard that someone took yours.

Brady: Thank you.

Victor: Not to get all sentimental, but...

Brady: We wouldn't want to do that, right?

Victor: When I was young, I saw a very important, very powerful man pull one of those out, peel off 500 drachma notes like they were singles. And I said to myself, "One day, I'll have one of those, and my sons, and my grandsons."

Brady: Whether they wanted it or not, right?

Victor: Damn it, Brady, I'm not talking about the money or the gold.

Brady: It sounds like you're talking about the money and the gold.

Victor: It's about being a Kiriakis. You can do whatever you want to do, you can be whatever you want to be, but you'll always have family behind you.

Brady: Thank you for that.

Victor: You don't have to face things alone.

Brady: But wait a minute. What are we talking about? Are you gonna help me clear Arianna? Is that it?

Victor: I'm going to help you face facts.

Brady: I'm not gonna want to hear this, am I?

Victor: Brady, you have to appreciate who Arianna is. What she's done to you.

Melanie: You and Brady aren't done.

Arianna: I'm afraid we are.

Melanie: Okay, well, first of all, you gotta run stuff like that by me first, and second of all, you guys belong together.

Arianna: And I'm the one who ended it.

Melanie: Are you out of your mind?

Arianna: I don't want to do this right now.

Melanie: I know, but why did you break up with him?

Arianna: 'Cause. Because when--the night that this happened and I was accused of doing all of this stuff, I saw the look in his eyes. He actually thought that I could have done this.

Melanie: Ari, come on, I thought I jumped to conclusions.

Arianna: I know, okay. I realize, yeah, okay, I completely overreacted. So what did I do? I tried to fix things. I ask my sister if she could go find Brady and tell him that I'm sorry.

Melanie: Good. What happened?

Arianna: Nicole. Nicole happened.

EJ: I don't know why you're letting Arianna take the fall for what you did.

Nicole: Look, I didn't mug anyone.

EJ: Really? Then there must be an even stupider reason, mustn't there?

Nicole: Yeah.

EJ: Like you did this for Brady.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. You are spinning, EJ. You can't prove anything.

EJ: Can't I?

Nicole: No.

EJ: We'll see.

Nicole: Okay. Look, even the Salem police will see what you're doing. This isn't about truth, freedom, and the American way. This is about you paying me back.

Jen: Is there anything I can do, Hope?

Hope: I wish there was. No, there is. Actually, there is. Please... don't tell anyone about this. This--this doesn't matter. It's not important. The only thing that matters right now is Gran. Us as a family, that's what matters.

Jen: You're right. You're right, but if you need to talk, please, talk to me.

Hope: I will.

Jen: All right, I'm not gonna say anything to anyone. I'm just--I'm just glad that I know.

Hope: I'm glad too. Listen, I--I need to get going. I told Julie that I'd stop by, and I really want to see Gran.

Jen: But, wait, I'm headed over there, so let me just give you a ride.

Hope: No, it's okay. Thanks. Honestly, I really--I just-- I want to spend a little time alone with Gran.

Jen: Okay. All right, I understand. You just hang in there. Okay?

Hope: Of course. What choice do I have? [Sniffs] [Exhales]

Brady: You know, how about this? How about you go back to your honeymoon with your psychopath and we forget this talk ever happened, all right? It's a good story, though. The Kiriakis house of greed. I like it. It's very nice.

Victor: Damn it, Brady. Are you ever gonna grow up? That's not what I meant to say.

Brady: No, but it's succinct because I now know exactly how you feel about me.

Victor: That I love you. More than my own life. You and Philip are arrogant. You don't appreciate what you have. And before you jump all over me, I'm not talking about the money. You have family. Not everyone does. You have backup, whether you want it or not. Every time something bad happens to you, the first thing I think of is--is what your mother would do and what she'd want me to do. And then I screw it up, and I yell and I get mad and... well... that's love, Brady. And only an idiot thinks that love doesn't matter.

Brady: I agree. But I love Arianna.

Victor: I know. And I know what I think of her doesn't really matter all that much. But what does matter is, if you're facing something painful about someone you love, I'm here.

Baker: Yes, I do understand the concept of interest. You're gonna get your money. My luck has to change some time.

Man: What are you doing here?

Baker: Hey, I'm staked.

Man: That's great. For me. Wife and me was talking about a cruise. With you in the game, I'm pretty sure we can go first class.

EJ: [Laughs] That's rich. You questioning my motives.

Nicole: The police, the judge, they will question your motives. Everyone will know you're smearing me to pay me back.

EJ: Everybody knows what you did. You know that, right? Everybody hates you.

Nicole: I look in your cold... dead eyes, and I cannot fathom how I loved you so much.

EJ: Well, that was your biggest lie of all, wasn't it?

Nicole: And you loved me too.

EJ: The person that I loved didn't exist. She was just some kind of product... for sale to the highest bidder.

Nicole: No. You loved me, EJ. The real me. And maybe you still do. And the reason you hate me so much is because, deep down in your soul, you were never as happy as when it was you, me, and Sydney. Never.

EJ: You're delusional. Do you know that?

Nicole: You had it all, EJ. And you blew it. And now you're gonna spend the rest of your life wishing you hadn’t. Look, you can put me back in prison. You can put me in that river. But it won't change the fact that you were happy then and you are not happy now.

EJ: I wasn't happy. I was being lied to.

Nicole: And I know how much the truth means to you. No one's lying to you now. Are you happy, EJ?

EJ: Yes, actually, I am happy, thank you.

Nicole: Correction. No one's lying... except for you.

Melanie: Nicole?

Arianna: Yeah. When my sister went to go find Brady to tell him that I was sorry, Nicole was in Brady’s arms.

Melanie: That's not good.

Arianna: No, and he said it didn't mean anything. I don't believe him.

Melanie: Can't you give him the benefit of the doubt?

Arianna: No, no, no, I can't, because it's not just this one time. It's like ever since Nicole’s been out of prison, she's always there, always around him, circling him.

Melanie: So Brady has a stalker. That's not his fault.

Arianna: But he didn't have to hug her. You know? He's too smart. He's too smart not to see through her.

Melanie: See through her?

Arianna: Nicole was my alibi for the night that Justin was attacked, and then all of a sudden, surprise, it goes away. I was stupid. I was completely stupid. I didn't think that she would go this far.

Melanie: You didn't think Nicole would go this far?

Arianna: I know. And now I know she would do anything to get Brady.

Melanie: So are you gonna let her?

Maggie: I'm so happy you're here.

Jen: Me too. I am so happy.

[Knock at door]

Maggie: Oh. Oh, now who can that be? Marie.

Marie: [Chuckles]

Hope: Hey, Julie, I'm here. You think I'm being foolish not marrying him when we both love each other so much, don't you?

Alice: Well, no one knows what someone else needs from a relationship.

Hope: Well, I need trust. Oh, Gran, part of me just wants to forget everything that's happened and just marry him. But I know in my heart I'll still have doubts. [Sighs] I have to know that I am the only woman in Bo's heart. No matter what. You know me, Gran. I need that. I will not settle for less, no matter how much I love him.

Alice: You're stubborn, Hope. Do you know that? Did it ever occur to you that you could be wrong?


Bo: I've been calling all around, looking for you.

Hope: Because of the papers, right?

Bo: I... I didn't mean for you to see those. Just with... I spaced with everything that's going on.

Hope: It wasn't intentional, right? You wouldn't do that to me.

Bo: I'm sorry. It's--I know how difficult this is for you.

Hope: It's okay. It's all right. I asked for the divorce. It's not like you meant for me to find out this way, right? It's okay.

Bo: No, it's not. None of this is okay.

Marie: Mm. Sitting here drinking tea... it's--it's like the last 20 years didn't happen. Except when I look at you. In my mind, you're still a little girl.

Jen: Well, in my mind, I still am too.


Jen: This is wonderful. I'm so glad you're here.

Maggie: And your mom will be too.

Marie: Does she still recognize people?

Maggie: She sleeps a lot. But when she wakes up, she knows who's there and she's happy to see them.

Marie: Oh, that's a blessing from God. Nothing is more important to her than her family. And giving advice.

Maggie: Well, you can say that, I couldn’t.

Marie: Used to get on my nerves that she was right most of the time.

Maggie: When I had to tell her that Mickey died, I said, "God, please give me a little of that woman's acceptance."

Marie: I know exactly what you mean.

Alice: Just that you haven't been to services lately. And I didn't know.

Marie: Well, guess I've been kind of confused about a few things ever since my miscarriage. But that's all behind me now. I'll be there someday very soon.

Alice: Oh, darling. You don't mean you turned your back?

Marie: Well, Mom, I just couldn't understand why God would do that to me. It was something I wanted so much. But Dad helped me straighten up my thinking.

Alice: There are just so many things we don't understand... things that happen to us.

Marie: Oh, Maggie. How am I ever going to be able to say good-bye?

Arianna: Okay, what am I supposed to do? 'Cause I'm in here, and Nicole is out there.

Melanie: Fight to get Brady back. Cry. Beg. Plead. I'll go tell him you're pining away after him in here.

Arianna: Even if he's in love with Nicole?

Melanie: Yes. Because as long as you keep fighting, she's gonna keep fighting, and it is only a matter of time before she lies or cheats or steals something and she screws up and we catch her.

Arianna: Right.

Melanie: Yes. Right. Look, how does EJ feel about her? Okay? She's not invincible. She just takes a long, long time to bring down. And it is our job to make Brady see her the way that EJ does.

Arianna: You make it sound simple.

Melanie: It is. That part is simple. It's the next part that's kind of hard.

Arianna: Then what's the next part?

Melanie: Making you realize that Brady is in love with you. It's a good thing I came down here today.

Victor: Look, I just want you to be happy.

Brady: I know that too.

Victor: I love our little talks.

Brady: I like 'em too. I do. I feel like I just took a trip to Walton’s Mountain.

Victor: [Chuckles] I gotta go. Give a big hug to Grammy Viv for me, okay?

Victor: You son of a--

Brady: Right back at ya.

EJ: Your concern for my welfare is... overwhelming.

Nicole: I heard you moved Sami and family into the mausoleum. That smacks of desperation.

EJ: Yeah, I don't think that's a good word for you to use.

Nicole: Breakfast must be fun. Kate, Stefano, Sami, hmm? Hope you hired a food taster.

EJ: Desperate is what you call all of your convoluted lying so you can get your hands on--on Brady. Hmm. I mean, really, in a way, you know, when I thought about it, I understood you going to the lengths you went to to get in the DiMera family. But perjury? For Brady?

Nicole: I'm not lying.

EJ: Tell me something. How long do you think it's gonna be until he puts his entire inheritance up his nose?

Nicole: Oh, shut up.

EJ: He's kind of like a puppy, isn't he? I mean, everybody loves a puppy, except this one, he's not even paper-trained. You know? He reminds me of one of those sad souls from one of those '90s boy bands. You know the one I mean. You know, the not very talented one who's kind of sitting there just watching his entire life passing him by, wondering what kind of idiot he is.

Nicole: You arrogant son of a bitch.

EJ: I think you just rather proved my point, didn't you? Gotta be a little faster next time. It's pathetic, Nicole. And by it, I mean you. I mean, really, the once great Nicole Walker reduced to this? Putting her rival in jail? Because you can't even win over a wimp like Brady? Yeah, well, if there was ever any question to who the better woman was, I guess we know that.

Nicole: Oh, damn you.

EJ: Well, this has been lovely, Nikki, as always. We should do this more often. Don't you think? Why don't you call me?

Marie: Are Jack and the kids going to be able to come?

Jen: I really hope so. I'll talk to Jack a little later about it.

Maggie: Well, there's plenty of room here for...

Marie: What is it, honey?

Maggie: Nothing.

Marie: Don't lie to me.

Maggie: You know, you don't need this.

Marie: It's Mickey, isn't it?

Maggie: Well, just that with everyone being here... this was one of his favorite things, to have his house all filled up. Especially with kids.

Marie: Well, that's because he was always one of the kids. He never lost that.

Jen: That's so true. I remember every Thanksgiving, you know, we'd have our touch football game, and it was years before I realized that Uncle Mickey always let us kids win.

Marie: Oh, honey. The world without Mickey. Without mom. It’s...

Jen: What?

Marie: It's just not right.

Jen: No, but we have wonderful memories.

Maggie: Wonderful. Wonderful memories.

Bo: I was at the pub trying to find you, and Maggie came in and told me what I already know. [Clears throat] This is--it's a horrible time for you.

Hope: For everyone.

Bo: Well, I don't want you to go through this alone. I'm very, very sorry.

Hope: I only have a little time left with her. I want to be strong. And I don't want her to worry about me. [Sighs] I want to be the person that she thinks I am. [Sniffs]

Arianna: Guard? Guard?

Guard: Yeah?

Arianna: I need to make a call.

Guard: Your lawyer?

Arianna: No, it's more important than that.

Brady: Um, ow.

Melanie: Yeah, ow. We don't hug Nicole DiMera. I don't care what your excuse is, you know she's gonna make Arianna find out about it, which, guess what, she did.

Brady: Melanie, I don't need this right now.

Melanie: Here's how much I care. What you need is to have your head examined. When a woman in jail gives you the heave-ho, you ignore it. It's called an extenuating circumstance, and you know that she's in love with you, correct?

Brady: Correct.

Melanie: And you love her back, right?

Brady: You're darn right I do.

Melanie: So here's my second question. You do know what Nicole is doing, right?

Nicole: You are all such little boys.

EJ: Is that right?

Nicole: You're jealous. You came up with this elaborate conspiracy plot because it hurts your little feelings that I've moved on.

EJ: Uh-huh. Well, this is classic Nicole Walker. A good offense as the best defense.

Nicole: You heard of transference, mm? You say that I'm scared about Arianna because you are threatened by Brady.

EJ: Really?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Have you heard of killing two birds with one stone?

Nicole: What?

EJ: I know that you're behind these muggings.

Nicole: [Laughs] That is crazy.

EJ: See, right from the moment that I woke up, I knew that you were connected. And then you decided you'd throw Arianna in the mix. It's a pretty good idea. Gets you off the hook, throws her under the bus.

Nicole: Like I said, you can't prove anything.

EJ: Really? Really? See, all I have to do is remember who this guy is. And you're toast.

Nicole: I am so scared.

EJ: I know you are. You know, it took you a long time to remember that that was Anna’s voice. But you did. I'm going to remember exactly how you're involved when I remember who that man is.

Nicole: You're just grasping at straws.

EJ: Mm-mm. I will remember. And he's gonna tell me exactly why you're laying the blame at Arianna’s feet, who, speaking of which, I have to go and see, so... it's been a pleasure.

Nicole: You're a jerk, EJ, you know that? A real jerk.

EJ: Thank you. Oh, quick thing. You wouldn't happen to know the number for a hypnotist, would you? You can get back to me on that.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Jen: I'm gonna call Hope and let her know that we're on our way.

Maggie: Okay.

Marie: So I guess it's time, huh?

Maggie: Are you okay?

Marie: No.

Maggie: Stupid question.

Marie: No, I'm just being selfish, that's all. I had a wonderful mother for so many years.

Maggie: Honey, you're gonna get through it. You may not feel like you want to, but you do.

Marie: The smartest thing my brother ever did was marry you.

Maggie: Twice.

Marie: Well, he was a very smart man.

Maggie: Slow.


Jen: Is everyone ready?

Maggie: Ready?

Marie: Ready.

Maggie: Okay. Let's go.

Bo: What are those?

Hope: I-I take them to help me sleep. I... I won't need them anymore. My dad and I and Julie are gonna rotate shifts day and night. Like I said, I want to be the best that I can in the time that she has left.

Bo: Okay. Um, I'd like to help if I could. You know, Ma can watch Ciara every now and then.

Hope: Thank you. We'll see how it goes.

Bo: All right. Um, just call me. For anything at any time.

Hope: I will.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Thank you. I'm glad you came by.

Arianna: What are you doing here?

EJ: Something came up that I need to talk to you about.

Guard: You still want to make that call?

Arianna: It can wait.

Nicole: And I know EJ. And he won't stop until he hooks me to you and you to setting up Arianna, so what do we do?

Baker: [Sighs] I just hate it when you say ‘we.’

Nicole: [Sighs]

Man: Hey.

Brady: Hey.

Man: That clip, I've seen it before.

Brady: Really? Where?

Man: Where? Jeez, it's kind of slipped my mind.

Nicole: I say we because whatever happens to me, whatever happens to you will be a lot worse.

Baker: It's always been that way.

Nicole: We have to stop EJ. But how?

EJ: So since she has an alibi for the night that I was mugged, I'm pretty sure she's working for that guy.

Arianna: The guy that you can't remember.

EJ: I'm going to remember, okay? And then I'm gonna make sure to put Nicole back in prison. She can spend the rest of her days thinking about how incredibly happy you and Brady are.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Gran's awake.

Bo: Okay, um, I'd like to see her.

Hope: Well, she'd love to see you.

Bo: Are you coming?

Hope: No. She always loved her time alone with you. And if anyone can make her smile and laugh, it would be you.

Bo: [Softly] Okay.

Chloe: I'm not gonna cave in to your self-righteous blackmail.

Vivian: You'll pay for this, Chloe, I promise you.

Sami: Do you still want me?

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