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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/14/10 - Canada; Monday 5/17/10 - U.S.A.


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Hope: Huh! Oh, my goodness. I thought you were in bed sound asleep. What are you doing up, honey? My, you look awfully happy. What made you so happy?

Ciara: You did. When we had our talk.

Hope: Really? Well, that's great. Uh, what talk was that, honey?

Ciara: You don't remember?

Baker: You know, partner, you give grace under pressure a whole new meaning. You know that I took a meeting with Nicole DiMera, ex-porn star with a mic in hand and an ax to grind, and you know that she knows that I was in on the muggings. And yet not one message from you. You that sure I won't give you up?

Hope: You make sure no one knows who I am, or you're toast.

Baker: Yeah, you are that sure. Here's the funny thing-- Nicole doesn't even care who you are, because she wants some nobody named Arianne Hernandez to take the rap for both of us. Beautiful.

Arianna: Do you have a hearing problem? I asked you what you were doing.

Nicole: I'm not doing anything.

Arianna: You should ask Philip for a raise.

Nicole: What? You're not making any sense.

Arianna: You're so hard up for stemware that you're stealing from the pub? Or is there something else going on?

Brady: Answer me. Are you jonesing for EJ again?

Sami: Jonesing? You did not just say that. Why would you even ask me that?

Brady: Well, let's see. You let will move out instead of telling EJ he couldn't spend his nights at your place anymore. And now you and the kids are playing house with EJ at Stefano's place. What the hell am I supposed to think, Sami?

EJ: She calls in at an appointed time. This is your idea of having her under control?

Stefano: It has been working.

EJ: Until now! What are you gonna do next? Ground her?

Stefano: If Anna has double- crossed me, I will do a lot worse than that.

Rafe: You thinking of running? I wouldn't if I were you. The person you're protecting, they gotta know that you're here right now. And I'm sure they're thinking that you're talking to me, whether you are or not. But your best chance of getting out of here... in fact, probably your only chance is to tell me. Just tell me everything.

Hope: Well, it's just that-- well, you and I, we talk all the time. Okay, you know what, tell me, what was it that I said so I can say it again sometime? What was it that I said?

Justin: Well, good evening, ladies.

Ciara: Uncle Justin!

Justin: Hey! Wow, you're up late.

Hope: Actually, I was just about to bring her back up to bed.

Justin: Oh. Hey, are we still on for the movies next weekend?

Ciara: Yeah.

Justin: Okay.

Hope: Are you here to see Victor? 'Cause he's out.

Justin: Oh. Uh, all right. Well, I'll just drop off these things for him to sign.

Hope: Up, could you stick around until I come back down?

Justin: Yeah.

Hope: Please?

Justin: Sure, no problem.

Hope: Thank you.

Justin: How about a good night hug?

Ciara: Good night, Uncle Justin.

Justin: [Chuckles] Sweet dreams, kiddo.

Hope: All right, come on. I'll be right back.

Justin: Okay.

Hope: All right, quick quick quick, it's late. You need your beauty sleep. Let's go, quick quick.

Nicole: I'm just doing it for a story.

Arianna: On cheap glassware? Wow, the numbers are gonna soar.

Nicole: No, on how easy it is to steal from a restaurant. Kids just out of college, they outfit their whole kitchen doing this--silverware, dishes, the works.

Arianna: Who brought up those kids?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. See, that's my angle. They don't think of it as stealing.

Arianna: Yeah, well, I do. Find another angle.

Nicole: Ahem.

Stefano: All right, you get back to me as soon as you know.

EJ: Okay, do you know where Anna is right now?

Stefano: Yes, generally.

EJ: Generally? Generally?

Stefano: We don't have to know where she is every minute of every day.

EJ: Why the hell not?

Stefano: Because there are only certain places that she can go, and none of them are in this country.

EJ: I see, so she's been being a really good little girl up until now, and then suddenly, she just doesn't call in.

Stefano: One time.

EJ: Right. Well, maybe, wherever you have her stashed, somebody found her. And maybe that somebody is Rafe.

Anna: I'm an American citizen, and I have rights, and I want a lawyer.

Rafe: A lawyer? Anna, no lawyer is gonna offer you a better deal than the one that I'm offering you right now. All you have to do is roll on the person that forced you into kidnapping Sydney, and you get a clean slate.

Anna: [Laughs] No rap sheet and all my troubles are over. Is that how you see it?

Rafe: You worried about retaliation?

Anna: No, I'm worried about you.

Rafe: Why?

Anna: Because this is more than just a job to you. You're on a mission. It's personal. The rules don't even apply, and forgive me...[Laughs] If I'm afraid to tell you everything I know, because I'm afraid... I'm afraid you'll kill the messenger.

Hope: Thank you so much for waiting.

Justin: Yeah. I could tell you were pretty upset.

Hope: I just--I feel like I'm failing Ciara.

Justin: Hope, come on.

Hope: No, seriously. Justin, she--she's still-- she's still making things up. I mean, right before you got here, she was telling me how much better she felt after a conversation we had last night, but I know that we didn't have that conversation. Which makes me think that I'm so wrapped up in my own personal life and the pressures of my job right now that she's creating this fantasy mother who gives her what she needs.

Justin: What--what about her therapist?

Hope: I called her, I called her, I called her. She said that she's not doing it in her sessions, just when she's with me. [Sighs]

Justin: Well, I'm worried about what all this is doing to you.

Hope: Me?

Justin: Yeah. Hope... you don't seem like yourself anymore.

Hope: Well, then who in God's name am I?

Sami: As much as I enjoy these little lectures, Brady, thanks.

Brady: Stop, stop, stop. Don't go anywhere. Look, I'm not lecturing you. I just don't know how you can be in the same room with EJ and not throw up.

Sami: Really? I would think you've worked on that, you know, given that your ex is the one who stole my child from me twice.

Brady: All right, Sami, okay.

Sami: And she went to prison for it, and yet, you didn't cut her off, or did you? You know, you're not still talking to her after you testified for her?

Brady: You are absolutely right. I did not cut her out of my life, even though she did terrible things.

Sami: To me. To me, your sister.

Brady: Yeah, but I'm not living with her.

Sami: You don't have two kids with her.

Brady: Yeah, well, I'm also moving on with my life. I've proposed to Arianna. We're engaged.

Sami: And you think I wouldn't want that with Rafe in a heartbeat?

Brady: You do?

Sami: Of course, I do. If he walked through that door right now and told me he wanted to get back together, I would do it. But he's not gonna do that. And I don't even know where he is.

Stefano: I'm telling you that Hernandez can do nothing.

EJ: Look, Father, I spoke with Samantha. I mean, she says that Rafe's on some-some kind of assignment, some kind of assignment he can't talk about, something secret, okay? And now Anna goes missing. I mean, it doesn't take a bloody genius to connect the dots!

Stefano: All right, let's say that what you say is right, all right? I'm telling you, Anna will not give you up!

EJ: Really? Because if Rafe can connect her to the kidnapping, she will do anything to get herself out of prison. Of course she'll turn me in.

Stefano: Uh-uh. I made sure that she cannot do that.

EJ: How?

Stefano: The details do not matter. What matters is that Anna knows that if she makes a deal with Hernandez, it'll be the last deal that she ever makes with anyone.

Anna: The person that put this whole thing in motion is.. Sami.

Rafe: Sami. Sami. Oh, because Sami didn't tell EJ about Sydney?

Anna: Well, you know, if she had been honest with him from the get-go, none of this would have happened. Nicole couldn't have done any of the thing she did, nor neither could I. Sami made it happen.

Rafe: Sami didn't make you take that baby. She's not the one who forced you to hole up in that cottage for weeks. She didn't do that. So don't you dare put this on Sami.

Anna: Well, if you're so worried about Sami, then what are you doing here? Why aren't you back in Salem keeping her out of EJ's clutches, huh?

Hope: I just feel like my life just veered off course when Ciara was kidnapped.

Justin: Well, I don't even know how anyone... how anyone handles that sort of thing.

Hope: Bo and I handled it two different ways. That was the problem. Or at least one of the problems. I remember feeling so powerless.

Justin: Yeah, not a good way to feel, especially when your daughter's life is at stake.

Hope: Yeah, well, who cares how I felt, what I was going through? What about my poor daughter?

Justin: Okay, so these things that she's doing, do you think that it's coming from what happened to her back then?

Hope: They have to be, don't they...somehow?

Justin: Yeah.

Hope: You think you're past it, and then something happens to remind you that you're not.

Justin: Like what?

Hope: Like hearing you'd been attacked. Seeing you in the hospital, realizing that you could have been killed, I-- I felt that same powerless feeling all over again.

Justin: Well, I'm sorry you felt that way. Because when I woke up, seeing you sitting next to me... I knew everything was gonna be all right.

Nicole: I don't think a production assistant should be telling me how to cover a story.

Arianna: I'm not telling you how to do anything.

Nicole: Really?

Arianna: I'm just not gonna help you go on the air and say that people at the Brady pub think that their customers are a bunch of thieves.

Kinsey: Okay, Arianna? Hi, um, I know you don't work here anymore, and I am sure Mrs. Brady appreciates you thinking about her glassware and all, but I'm pretty sure she'd feel better if you weren't making a scene and driving away customers.

Arianna: Don't you have some tables to wait on?

Nicole: Oh, no, no, no. Let her talk.

Kinsey: Well, these are tough economic times. Mrs. Brady is doing her best to keep prices down so she can afford to have people keep coming here, and, you know, when people steal things like glasses and silverware, makes it hard for her to do that. So I think it's really cool that you want to talk about it on TV. And, you know, if you need a quote from someone, I am happy--

Arianna: Wow! I haven't seen sucking up like that since my mother bought her first vacuum cleaner.

Nicole: Easy, tiger. She's just saying it like it is. Ahem. And so will I.

Arianna: Okay...

EJ: So I, um... looked over the plans and the, uh...the bid that you submitted, and,'s fine. Yeah, no, I like it, so... I have to talk to Samantha about it, but, uh... we'll get back to you tomorrow. No, thank you.

Stefano: You are hiring a contractor?

EJ: Yes.

Stefano: [Laughs] I put the word out to all the contractors in town not to return Samantha's call. Listen, I engineered that little toilet thing, all right? So that to make sure that Samantha and the children would come to live here.

EJ: I don't think plumbing's really gonna matter... if Anna tells Rafe what I've done. I'll never get to see Samantha or my children ever again.

Stefano: You cannot think like that.

EJ: Should I think like you?

Stefano: Well...

EJ: It was thinking like you that got me in this mess in the first place. I mean, I told Anna to kidnap Sydney. [Guffaws] Why? Because Samantha fell in love with another man, and she lied to me... and I had to get some kind of revenge.

Stefano: Of course.

EJ: I--I watched her not know where her daughter was. I mean, I watched her not know if her daughter was alive or dead. I felt her suffering, and I felt completely vindicated. I did. Not even that was enough. I had...[Laughs] To go and do the worst thing that you could possibly do to a mother. And you know what she did? She fought... with everything she had, because that girl was more important than Rafe or anything in the world, save her other children. And I realized something. I realized exactly why she kept that child's existence from me. So if by some miracle, she doesn't find out about what I've done... I'm not gonna trick her into staying in this house with me anymore.

Stefano: Dear me. I don't think that I will ever understand you, Elvis.

EJ: Don't you understand, father? It won't work. Samantha's not here because of me. She's in this house because of Will! The reason they're killing each other is because of me. So if she wants to take her children and live in her house, I'm okay with that.

Rafe: Well, I may not be with Sami anymore, but there's no way that she'd ever be with that guy.

Anna: Ha ha! You want to bet? I'm a DiMera, remember? And I lived in that house when EJ was married to Nicole for quite a while. It was pretty obvious he never got over Sami.

Rafe: But who cares? It's not about what EJ wants. It's what Sami wants-- oh, that was good. That is sharp. You got me off the subject. Let me tell you something. It's not gonna happen again. So go ahead, make yourself comfortable. It's gonna be a long night.

Brady: Hi. So I got your, uh...

Arianna: Yeah.

Brady: Message. What's Nicole doing now?

Arianna: Um, well, she stole a glass from the pub to prove how easy it is to rip the place off.

Brady: Is that a big deal?

Arianna: Well, if you're Caroline Brady, and Nicole goes on the saying all this garbage about the pub, yeah.

Brady: Ari, you know what? In fear of repeating myself, um, you can quit this job at any time.

Arianna: I like the job, all right? And I love frank. I love the production people.

Brady: Ari?

Arianna: What?

Brady: Do you think you're staying with this job because you're trying to prove something?

Arianna: [Sighs] To who?

Brady: That's exactly what I want to know.

Hope: It's nice to know someone believes in me.

Justin: You know how I feel about you.

Hope: I do. And I realize how important you are to me. But I need some more time.

Justin: [Sighs] Because of the case?

Hope: Whoever's doing this is starting to come into focus for me, and I just--I, you know, I'm gonna stay up all night, and I'm gonna figure out exactly who that person is.

Stefano: Well, I have some phone calls to return... regarding the subject we were talking about. Ahem, William. Good to see you.

Will: You, too. I better get started on my homework.

EJ: Actually, William, uh, could I have word with you? Just for a moment.

Will: Um, why?

EJ: I know how angry you are about your mother, and I know that it's because of me.

Will: It isn't just you.

EJ: Listen, I know a thing or two about holding onto anger. Feels very compelling. It's, uh, empowering. But, ultimately, it leaves you feeling very empty and very alone.

Will: Did that happen to you?

EJ: [Laughs] Let's just say that I have recently learned how very powerful forgiveness can be.

Sami: Ahem. Hey. What's going on?

EJ: Ahem, nothing. Actually, I was just, uh, going upstairs to check on Johnny and Sydney. If you'll excuse me.

Anna: Yes, this is Mrs. DiMera. My dinner still hasn't arrived. Well, it better be. God, I'm so hungry.

Rafe: Mm. I got an idea. How about we pass the time by me telling you what I think happened?

Anna: Gee, that sounds fascinating.

Rafe: You blame Stefano for your husband Tony's death.

Anna: Look, everybody knows that.

Rafe: Well, it's easier to get even that to face what you've lost, now, isn't it? So since you say you weren't the mastermind in this whole thing, I figure someone figured out how to use your anger at the DiMeras. Someone who, say, had an issue with Stefano. How am I doing?

Anna: I don't know. I can't think. I'm too hungry.

Rafe: Well, maybe this mastermind just wanted to make it look like revenge on Stefano. They had another motive entirely.

[Knock at door]

Anna: Finally.

Rafe: Allow me. Diego, what took so long there, buddy?

Anna: Mmm. Looks great.

Rafe: Yeah. Anna, damn it! '

Nicole: Ah, from the wine glass to the flashlight, and even if it's a smudge, the police will think it's one of those partials they always talk about on television.

[Cell phone rings]

Baker: Yes?

Nicole: Dick, it's me.

Baker: What now?

Nicole: I have everything I need to throw suspicion on Arianna as the mugger.

Baker: Already?

Nicole: You know how I get when I want something.

Baker: Yeah. I'm getting a distinct feeling of déja vu.

Nicole: Well, get over it. We move tonight.

Brady: Here you go.

Arianna: Thank you. I know I was the one who said that we shouldn't have anything to do with Nicole, and here I am working with her.

Brady: When you don't even have to.

Arianna: Brady, I've been a drug dealer, I've been to prison. I'm turning my life around here. And I like the job. And I'm good at it.

Brady: That may be, and you may be able to live with Nicole, but I'll tell you, Ari, I don't know if I can live with you while you're doing it.

Hope: I just feel that if I stay up tonight without any distractions of the phone ringing or... and thank God, Ciara's sound asleep, so I--

Justin: I have an idea. How about you go to sleep now, and then wake up an hour before Ciara, and that way you can look over all this stuff with a clear mind. That's what I used to do when the boys were young, and I had to prepare for a big trial. It works.

Hope: I want to solve this case before Bo gets back.

Justin: I want that, too. Because then...

Hope: What?

Justin: You'll have more time for me.

Hope: Good night.

Justin: [Sighs] Good night.

Hope: Oh.

Nicole: So this is where you meet your partner?

Baker: It's private. It's what you said you wanted.

Nicole: [Exhales] So, we're gonna frame Arianna tonight, correct?

Baker: I still have to clear that with my partner.

Nicole: Fine. You do that, and I will figure out a way to make sure Arianna does not have an alibi.

Will: I'm gonna start my homework.

Sami: Okay. Oh, um, hey, Will? Johnny asked me earlier when I was gonna teach him to play poker.

Will: He did?

Sami: I guess he wants to be part of the family game night. Um, anyway, I was thinking tonight might be a good night, and I would love your help, if you don't have too much homework.

Will: No. I'll see how much I have to do.

Sami: Okay.

EJ: So neither of our children is asleep.

Sami: What?

EJ: You okay?

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: You look preoccupied.

Sami: I just asked Will if he would play poker with me, help me teach Johnny, and, um... and he didn't say no. What did you say to him?

Anna: Ow, ow! You are hurting me.

Rafe: Good.

Diego: I need your signature on the check.

Anna: Forget that. This man is holding me hostage. I need you to call the cops!

Rafe: Forget it. And you forget it. You know who the FBI is?

Diego: Yeah.

Rafe: Good. Well, that was a nice little diversion, wasn't it? It's not gonna happen again.

EJ: Look, uh, he loves you, okay? And he couldn't keep this feud going on forever, that's all.

Sami: Yeah, but this is a complete 180 from the way he was this afternoon.

EJ: Good. Let's just hope he keeps on going that way.

Sami: That's it? You--

EJ: Who's this?

Sami: Hey! Oh!

EJ: Ohh!

Johnny: Hi!

EJ: Somebody got out.

Sami: Cards?

Will: Anybody up for a friendly little game of poker?

Johnny: Me!

EJ: Poker? Wow!

Sami: [Laughs] There you go!

Nicole: What if you call Arianna and send her on some sort of wild goose chase?

Baker: Look, does this have to happen tonight? I don't even know if my partner's gonna show up.

Nicole: Well, she better. I don't know how long transposed fingerprints stay vivid.

Baker: Where'd you learn to do that?

Nicole: Oh, you pick up a few useful skills in prison, you know?

Baker: Yeah, you weren't stupid when you got there.

Nicole: Well, thank you, but you need to stop flattering me, Dick, and help me figure out a way how to set this up.

Baker: All right, think about this one thing first. Say we do manage to frame this Hernandez woman. Do you really think that's gonna get you Brady Black?

Brady: You wanted Nicole out of our lives completely, right?

Arianna: Yes.

Brady: Yet here you are, thinking and talking about her 18 hours a day, Ari. You're getting something out of this. I don't know what it is, but it's not professional fulfillment.

Arianna: Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe, yeah, it's one on one. It's her and me now.

Brady: Ari, I don't like it.

Arianna: Why? I mean, there's nothing that she can do to us anymore. Is there?

Sami: All right, how many you want?

EJ: Uh-huh. Ah, I'll take two.

Sami: One, two. You guys in?

Will: We'll take three.

Sami: Three cards for gentleman Johnny DiMera. Hey, hey, hey. [Taps table] Decorate the mahogany there, buddy.

EJ: Oh, yeah, that's Irish Brady for, "put your cash on the table." Everybody, first bets in.

Johnny: An elephant.

EJ: An elephant, yeah? I got a train. A train beats and elephant.

Sami: Well, the dealer does not have any elephant, so I'm gonna have to fold.

EJ: [Laughing]

Sami: It's pretty intimidating stuff.

Will: Well, now it's us against your dad.

EJ: Okay.

Will: And from here on in...

Johnny: I'll show you. An elephant.

Will: A raise.

EJ: You got an elephant.

Sami: Wow!

EJ: I'll see your elephant...

Sami: You are a mad gambler there, Johnny.

EJ: I'm gonna raise you a giraffe.

Will: You know, now we can pretend to have stuff that we don't really have. Everybody except for mom. Here.

Sami: Excuse me? I am an excellent poker player.

Will: Aw, mom, your poker face won't work on me. I can tell exactly what you're thinking.

Anna: Hey!

Rafe: Something I want to say to you before you eat. I can see from the look in your eyes that you are terrified. You are obviously scared of something, and I don't think that it's me. In fact, I think it's the person that you're protecting that you are terrified of. Just wanted you to know something. I can make you disappear, Anna. This person will never know where you are. You can start over. Whole new life. I can make that happen for you, I promise.

Anna: Okay, I'll tell you, for real this time. Now can I eat?

Sami: Ah, poker went well.

EJ: It did, didn't it? So our son is either gonna grow up to be a card shark or a zookeeper, one of the two.

Sami: [Laughing] I just wish Allie could have been there to play with us.

EJ: Things seemed better between you and Will.

Sami: Yeah. I feel like the weight of the world's been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you.

EJ: For what?

Sami: For whatever you said to Will to make him... himself again.

EJ: Actually, Samantha, I have a little confession to make.

Hope: Hope you're rested, doc. 'Cause we've got some work to do.

EJ: I did something behind your back. I know that you were having some problems getting, uh, contractors to do the work on your place. So I threw the DiMera name around a little bit... and I got a bid.

Sami: A DiMera-sized bid.

EJ: Well, I will take care of it, please. I want--no, no, no. I will take care of it, Samantha.

Sami: Are you kidding me? Why would you even do that? You want me to stay here, right? For Stefano.

EJ: What I want is for you to be happy. So I hope you're not upset with me for taking matters into my own hands.

Sami: EJ, when you said confession, I thought you, um, had something really serious to tell me. No, it's--it's fine, I guess. I just--look, I just want to get it resolved, you know? Um, get the house settled, so thank you. I appreciate you making calls. Haven't gotten anyone to call me back yet.

EJ: I know, well--

Johnny: Hands up! FBI!

Sami: It's just a game.

EJ: I know.

Sami: It's just a kid's game.

EJ: I know.

Sami: Relax.

Rafe: Tell me about kidnapping Sydney.

Anna: [Ice crunching] Well, actually, I was trying to help Sydney. I mean, if it hadn't been for me, she and that crazy Nicole would still be running.

Rafe: Nicole had called, said she was bringing Sydney back.

Anna: Oh, yeah, that's right, and Nicole is always as good as her word. And bring her back to what? A tug of war between Sami and EJ?

Rafe: Well, that's not what happened, now, is it? EJ received the ransom note, and Sami and EJ bonded over it-- the note which, presumably, you wrote. But, uh, then EJ was able to convince Sami not to tell me about it for fear that I'd screw things up.

Anna: [Laughs] Is that why you're still pursuing this months after Sydney has been home safe and sound? Is that why you're so anxious to make me talk, because EJ turned out to be Sami's hero instead of you?

Arianna: You can't handle me working with Nicole.

Brady: Hold on. I did not say that.

Arianna: You just said it. Are you, like, so addicted to her that you can't even hear her name without wanting to use?

Brady: Wow, that's a really bad choice of words to use, Ari. I may be a recovering addict, but I do have some control here, okay?

Arianna: [Laughs] You know what? I can't even talk you anymore.

Brady: Ari?

Arianna: No.

Baker: Look, my partner's gonna hate this.

Nicole: Even if it gets you two off the hook?

Baker: Let's just say she has issues.

Nicole: You've got weird taste, Dick, and I can't wait to meet this mental case that you've buddied up with.

Baker: You will never have the pleasure.

Sami: Both of you are supposed to be asleep. What is going on?

Will: Johnny is a little hyper from the poker game. He has already arrested me and Sydney's stuffed bunny.

Sami: [Laughing] All right, mister, you're officially off-duty for the night, okay? Even FBI agents sleep, all right? Time to go to bed. Say good night to your daddy.

Johnny: Good night, Daddy.

EJ: Oh. I love you.

Anna: Mmm.

Rafe: The name, Anna.

Anna: Not until we talk terms.

Rafe: Terms?

Anna: Mmm. I've heard about witness protection, and I don't want to end up in some tract house out in the sticks with no money. I'm used to a certain lifestyle.

[Cart crashes]

Rafe: Now... you want to talk terms? Let's talk terms. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but either way, rest assured, I'm going to get that name.

Anna: All right, I'll tell you.

Rafe: Good.

Anna: It was--[Coughing]

Hope: Whatever happened to staying true to your partner?

Rafe: Who helped you kidnap Sydney?

Sami: I swear to god when I find out how did this, I'm gonna kill them.

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