Days Transcript Tuesday 4/20/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/20/10 - Canada; Wednesday 4/21/10 - U.S.A.


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Nicole: I just got an exclusive with the mayor. Where the hell is the crew? Yeah, well, they better be. Oh, they're here. Okay, look, I need you to have the crew set up out there and come back and help me get ready, okay? [Sighs] Oh, do you call that dry?

Arianna: Do you call that manners? Where's Cece?

Nicole: Cece's toast. I got the job.

Arianna: You're the reporter.

Nicole: You're the P.A.

Arianna: I'm working for you.

Nicole: Okay... did Philip set this up? I mean, is this a joke?

Arianna: No.

Nicole: Okay. Well, then, it must have been Victor. I mean, of course he would do this to me.

Arianna: You know what, Nicole, I interviewed for the job, I got it. Face it. I'm the new production assistant.

Nicole: Oh, no, you're not. You're fired.

Chloe: Are you leaving?

Daniel: Yeah, I'm leaving. I'm getting out of here before I say something I just might regret.

Chloe: [Sighs] Daniel... what do you want?

Vivian: Oh, you poor, poor thing.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Vivian: Well, I couldn't help but overhear that argument you just had with your fiancé.

Chloe: You know what, I don't need to hear this. I don't need your sympathy or really anything from you.

Vivian: Oh, but you're so wrong, my darling. You do.

Yang: I wish Dr. Jonas would get back. I'd like to get him prepped.

Carly: Uh, I'm sure he'll be back any minute.

Yang: You did tell him that this procedure is still experimental?

Carly: I told him about your website. I know he looked at it. He's still a good candidate for this, right?

Yang: I wouldn't have agreed to perform the surgery if he wasn’t.

Carly: Of course. And thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. When I told Daniel that I would be assisting in the operation, he seemed to relax a little bit.

Victor: You operate on Daniel? Like hell you will.

Ciara: Tommy bear, I think my mommy has a secret.

Hope: Ciara! Ciara, where are you, honey?

Brady: [Sighs]

Justin: Brady.

Brady: Justin, hey, man. How you doing?

Justin: So, I see you bought an aluminum water bottle. And I didn't think you were listening.

Brady: I'm all about saving the planet, man. Hey, how you feeling after your, uh, mugging?

Justin: Yeah, good as new.

Brady: I never even heard how it actually happened.

Justin: Well, I was outside the Cheatin' Heart and making a phone call, and it all went blank. Adrienne found me on the ground.

Brady: They catch who did it?

Justin: No. Not yet. But Hope's all over it.

Brady: That's good. Did I also hear that the Cheatin' Heart is for sale?

Justin: Yeah. It's what Adrienne wants. Look, I-I haven't seen much of you. What are you doing? All caught up in the wedding plans?

Brady: Um, no. Actually. We're putting that off.

Justin: Whose idea was that? Arianna's or Nicole’s?

Arianna: You can't fire me.

Nicole: I totally can. I'm the talent.

Arianna: They call what you did in porn movies a talent?

Nicole: Oh, good. Moral judgments from the drug dealer.

Arianna: Honey, you don't have the power to fire me.

Nicole: No, I don’t. But Philip does, and when I tell him I refuse to work with you, he'll have you reassigned to someone else.

Arianna: Works for me.

Nicole: Good.

Abe: Nicole. You wanted an exclusive, let's do it.

Arianna: You're gonna give her an exclusive? Are you out of your mind?

Hope: Oh! There you are. Sweetie, what are you doing in here?

Ciara: Nothing.

Hope: Oh, really? You're trying Mommy's shoes on, it looks like. But you only have one on. Were you looking for the other one? You're awfully quiet, honey. It's like you don't want me to know what you're thinking. Come here. Come here, sweetheart. Oh, come here, come here, come here. You know what? I am--I'm a little worried. I feel like I don't know what's going on in your head.

Ciara: I don't know what's inside your head either, Mommy.

Hope: I don't--I don't know what you mean by that.

Justin: Let me ask you something. If Nicole were still in prison, would you and Arianna be married right now?

Brady: Probably.

Justin: And would that be a good thing?

Brady: For me, yeah. For her, I... I think one of the reasons Arianna was comfortable saying yes is she thought Nicole was gonna be out of the way for a while.

Justin: But she still feels the same way about you?

Brady: She says she does, Justin.

Justin: You know, I just had to look Adrienne in the eye and agree that our marriage is over. You know that old saying about hindsight being 20/20?

Brady: Yeah.

Justin: I look back, and all I see are missed opportunities to ask her what's wrong... suck it up and say I'm sorry. You have a chance for happiness. Don't be casual about it.

Brady: I'm not. I hear you. I'm not. I'm just giving Arianna some time to figure out that Nicole can't change things between us.

Justin: Okay. Good luck. Hope it works out for you.

Brady: Thanks, man. I hope it does too.

Nicole: Forget her, Abe, okay. She's nobody. So you want to do this interview now?

Abe: That's right.

Nicole: Okay, but I haven't changed or put my makeup on.

Abe: I said now.

Arianna: Oh, boy.

Nicole: Where is the cameraperson?

Arianna: [Laughs] You're looking at her.

Nicole: You're going to do camera for my first interview?

Arianna: Yeah. You didn't give production any notice, so the camera crews have already been assigned. Oh, but don't worry. The guys in the truck--that's yours--yeah, they kinda real quickly told me how to do this, so it's all good.

Nicole: So reassuring.

Arianna: Yep, it is. And I took a TV course once in college. So--guys, you there? Yup, Mayor's here. Okay, Mayor, can you stand, please, next to Nicole?

Abe: All right, let's get started, hmm?

Nicole: I guess we're doing this now.

Arianna: In five, four, three, two...

Nicole: Hi. Hello. I'm Nicole DiMera, and I'm here at police headquarters with Abe--I mean, Mayor Abe Carver. Mr. Carver, is it true that you were attacked last night?

Abe: Yes, I was the victim of a mugging.

Nicole: Can you tell us what happened?

Abe: I was waiting for my wife at the pier, and I was hit from behind.

Nicole: Now this was the third attack in just a few days. All on powerful men.

Abe: You could say that, I guess.

Nicole: You guess. Well, you, D.A. Woods, and attorney Justin Kiriakis were all victims. Don't you think that reflects badly on your administration and the Salem P.D.?

Abe: I am very proud of my record and that of the police department.

Nicole: In spite of the fact that you yourself have now become a statistic. Isn't that a little embarrassing?

Arianna: Cut, cut, cut!

Vivian: She's gotten to him, hasn't she, Carly Manning? You mustn't let her win, darling.

Carly: Do you want to go scrub in? I'll deal with this.

Yang: Sure.

Victor: Who the hell's that?

Carly: He is the surgeon that's gonna correct Daniel’s vision problem.

Victor: What vision problem?

Carly: He's had double vision ever since he fell on the ice.

Victor: Well, let him fix it. You steer clear of him.

Carly: I am assisting. And I'm the only surgeon on staff that's been briefed for this procedure.

Victor: I don't care. Isn't it bad enough you ruined Bo's marriage? Now you have to ruin Daniel’s life as well?

Daniel: No, she's not doing that.

Victor: Daniel.

Victor: Just shut up and listen. Look, I trust Carly. I trust her with my life.

Victor: Well, then you're a damn fool.

Hope: You want to know what's going on in my head? All right. I will try to tell you. I'm worried about my little girl.

Ciara: Why?

Hope: She misses her Daddy and having her family together. And what concerns me is I think she says things that she's really thinking and feeling to Tommy bear. And not to her mommy or Dr. Hancock. Is that true, Tommy bear?

Ciara: He can't talk.

Hope: Oh, shoot. 'Cause I was really hoping that he could tell me how to make you feel better so you wouldn't feel like you have to make up stories about things I never said. Like about Justin. Honey, why would I ever tell you that Justin was gonna be your new daddy? You already have a daddy who loves you. How about you and Tommy bear go down to the kitchen? I came looking for you because dinner is ready. Okay? I'll be down in just a second. Here, let me help you. Ooh, there you go.

Ciara: But, Mommy, I didn't make it up.

Nicole: A production assistant does not call cut. Not on me.

Arianna: You were being rude to the man.

Nicole: Philip wants me to get the news. That's what I was doing.

Arianna: By not letting him finish sentences? By telling him that he should be embarrassed? Do you call that news? Do you think people actually want to watch you acting like that?

Nicole: All right. If the public thinks that I'm a little rude or a little edgy, let them. If they want to call me a porn queen or a baby switcher, fine. Sticks and stones, honey.

Abe: Nicole, can we get this ordeal over with?

Arianna: I apologize for her, Mr. Mayor.

Abe: It's okay. I'd like to answer her question.

Arianna: You guys good to go? All right. In five, four, three...

Nicole: Mr. Mayor, you, the D.A., Attorney Justin Kiriakis were all victims of crimes on your watch. Don't you think that's a little embarrassing for your administration?

Abe: A crime isn't a worse crime because it happens to someone in power. There will be an end to this violence, and I can promise you that whoever is behind these attacks will be apprehended.

Nicole: Can you tell us what's being done?

Abe: There is a task force being put together by the police department's very best detective, Hope Brady.

[Knock at door]

Hope: Come in.

Justin: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Justin: I saw Ciara in the kitchen. She said you were up here.

Hope: She must be really glad to see you. Is she okay?

Justin: Yeah, she's having her dinner with Henderson. What about you? How are you doing?

Hope: Something's been going on with Ciara for a while now. But lately, Justin, I'm worried.

Justin: You wanna tell me about it?

Hope: The last couple of days, she's, um, she's either having really bad nightmares or she's making stuff up.

Justin: What kind of stuff?

Hope: Like telling me I'm saying things that I know that I would never say. And when I tell her that she's wrong, that she must be dreaming it or imagining it, she says no and she insists that it was real--and, look, the point is that she was lying about it. And I just--I don't understand why. She doesn't lie.

Justin: Hope, look, I've been spending a lot of time with Ciara. We go to the park, we play, we laugh, we talk--she is a normal, happy kid. So just because she claims she heard something that you didn't actually say, I mean...

Hope: I know, but, you know what, it's more than that. There's more to the story.

Justin: What more?

Hope: She stole something out of her teacher's desk. She stole rewards--she's never stolen anything.

Justin: Okay, well, she obviously, shouldn't have done that. But it's not like she knocked over a liquor store or something.

Hope: Yeah, right, I mean... am I overreacting here?

Justin: Hope, I repeat. You are a good mother. The best.

Hope: But, Justin, lately, I swear to God, I mean, it's just--it's like she has these issues with me, and I don't understand it.

Justin: Have you talked to Bo about this?

Hope: No. He's not exactly available right now anyway. He gave his sister a bone marrow transplant. He's actually in Los Angeles right now recuperating in a hospital. This is my problem. I've got to deal with this right now.

Justin: Well, now hold on. It doesn't have to be.

Hope: I'm gonna call the therapist first thing in the morning.

Justin: No, what I'm trying to say is...maybe I can help.

Chloe: You know what bothers me about people like you? You think everyone else is stupid.

Vivian: Me?

Chloe: Mm-hmm. You think I haven't figured out why you're saying all this? You hate Carly.

Vivian: Oh, well, everyone knows that. She murdered my nephew so she could come to Salem and break up Bo's marriage.

Chloe: I thought she came here to protect her daughter and to be near her.

Vivian: Oh, I'm sure that's in there somewhere. Especially since she's reconnected with the ever-so-attractive doctor who's the birth father of Melanie.

Chloe: Yeah, I don't need to hear this.

Vivian: I heard what you said to Daniel. You're afraid she's after him, and you don't know how to fight her. Well, I've had a lot of experiences with Carly Manning. She destroyed my nephew. And I'm not gonna let her do that to Daniel, Melanie, or to you.

Chloe: Father. Hi. What are you doing here?

Matt: Priests drink coffee too. So how are you? Everything okay?

Chloe: Actually, no, it's not. I can't seem to make this lady leave me alone.

Daniel: You know what, can I have a word with you? Look, I know that you hate Carly. But I respect her as a friend, as a doctor.

Victor: I see she's gotten you in her orbit as well. Have you forgotten that everywhere this woman goes, people start dropping like flies?

Daniel: This woman has had a rough life.

Victor: This woman took a life.

Daniel: She would have been killed herself if she hadn’t. And you know damn well that's the case.

Victor: I know nothing of the sort.

Daniel: That's because you've been brainwashed by an insane, senile woman. And why in the hell would you even tolerate Vivian Alamain’s presence, not to say anything about the fact that you want to share a home and a life with her?

Carly: Daniel, Dr. Yang is anxious to get you prepped for surgery.

Victor: So you're gonna go through this?

Daniel: I am.

Victor: He better come out of that O.R. alive and seeing perfectly. Otherwise, you're gonna hear from me.

Carly: Well, one thing about Victor, he's consistent.

Daniel: I'm sorry about that.

Carly: No, look, I'm used to it. Did you find Chloe? Did you break the good news?

Daniel: No, no, I didn't tell her about the surgery.

Carly: Why not?

Daniel: Well, because we got in the biggest fight we ever had.

Carly: Well, can I ask what about?

Daniel: It's about you.

Hope: You really are good at putting kids to bed.

Justin: Well, I hope so. I had four of them.

Hope: Telling her she could blow the light out, oh, she loved that.

Justin: [Chuckles] Yeah. The old jokes are the best jokes. What?

Hope: I was just thinking about the thing that she said I told her.

Justin: Oh, that you think was a dream?

Hope: Yeah. She said that I told her that you... you were going to be her new daddy.

Justin: Wow. Now I know it was a dream.

Hope: She really likes you a lot, Justin. So do I. Bo's always gonna be her daddy. I could never say anything else.

Justin: I know that. Has she been spending a lot of time with Bo?

Hope: Not a lot since Carly moved in with him. I just feel it's too dangerous. With everything that happened with Lawrence.

Justin: Oh, and Vivian circling. No, there's nothing wrong with that.

Hope: Aside from that, I... to be perfectly honest, I also don't want her to start thinking of Carly as her stepmommy.

Justin: Is that a possibility?

Hope: Well, I overheard a phone conversation that Carly was having with Bo tonight. Let's just say it was the kind of conversation that you have with someone that you're... very intimate with.

Justin: I'm sorry.

Hope: Me too.

Justin: Why were you at the hospital?

Hope: I was visiting Abe.

Justin: Is he sick?

Hope: He was mugged last night. It happened just like it happened to you.

Justin: You're kidding me.

Hope: No.

Justin: Did he see who did it?

Hope: I wish he had.

Nicole: Thank you for the interview, Abe, and for being such a good sport.

Abe: Well, I wish I could say it's been a pleasure.

Matt: Would you excuse us, please?

Vivian: Certainly, Father.

Matt: That's Vivian Alamain. I recognize her from the paper.

Chloe: Well, I didn't think you'd seen her in the confessional.

Matt: And what was she saying to you?

Chloe: Eh, nothing. She just overheard an argument between Daniel and myself, and she wanted the dirt.

Matt: Big argument?

Chloe: Yeah. The biggest. Father, I think I may be pushing Daniel right into Carly Manning's arms.

Gus: I think I should drive you back to Mr. Kiriakis' house.

Vivian: No, no.

Gus: He's wondering why you haven't returned his calls.

Vivian: I can't yet. Not until I make some headway with Chloe Lane.

Gus: You still think you can program her to destroy Dr. Manning?

Vivian: I thought so, and now I know so. Daniel and Chloe just had a terrible argument. He left her in tears. It was glorious!

Gus: Have you approached her yet?

Vivian: I tried, but that wretched priest interrupted us. But somehow I'm not giving up. Someway I'm gonna make her into a weapon of Manning’s destruction.

[Cell phone ringing]

Arianna: Hey, chica, what's up?

Gabi: Where are you?

Arianna: I'm actually at the police station.

Gabi: What'd you do?

Arianna: [Laughs] No, I'm working.

Gabi: Oh, how's that going?

Arianna: Well, I'm learning on the run. I've already been a camera operator.

Gabi: Wow. You know how to do that?

Arianna: Well, I told them I took this TV course once in college. I didn't mention the fact I never bought the book. So I'm kind of, like, flying by the seat of my pants here.

Gabi: Brady's going to be so proud of you. When will your camera thing be on TV?

Arianna: Tonight. And you'll never guess who the reporter is.

Gabi: Cece somebody?

Arianna: No, actually, Cece got a job. Um... Brady’s friend Nicole.

Gabi: Get out. You're working with her?

Arianna: Mm-hmm. I don't know how it happened, so don't say anything until I figure it out, okay?

Gabi: I won’t. Good luck with the baby switcher.

Arianna: Thanks. I'm gonna need it.

Gabi: Yeah. Bye.

Brady: Baby switcher? You're talking about Nicole, aren't you?

Carly: I really don't want you and Chloe fighting about me.

Daniel: No, I'll--I'll fix it.

Carly: Did I do something to offend her, Daniel?

Daniel: No. No, no, no. No, she's just feeling a little insecure right now, so...

Carly: Why? She's drop-dead gorgeous, and I hear she has the voice of an angel.

Daniel: That is so true. But she feels like an outsider. So when suddenly she hears that I have a daughter that she never knew about...

Carly: And that daughter's mother is back in your life.

Daniel: She feels like she's on the outside again.

Carly: I'm really, really sorry.

Daniel: No, I just--you know, I just didn't think this was the time to tell her about the surgery.

Carly: Daniel, she should know. You should tell her.

Daniel: Well, come on, it's not like you're gonna drill in my skull. It's just an outpatient laser surgery.

Carly: She is your fiancée. Shouldn't you make her understand that she has nothing to fear from me?

Hope: Listen, I've got a splitting headache. I want to check in on Ciara and then turn in myself.

Justin: Well, it's pretty early. Sure you're not coming down with something?

Hope: No, no, it's just a sinus headache. I think what I really need is just a really good night's sleep.

Justin: Okay.

Hope: Thank you. Thanks for tonight. Good night. Sleep well.

Justin: Okay.

Daniel: Hey, honey. I guess you turned your cell phone off. I'm sure you're pretty mad. Look, I'm sorry about what happened. I didn't mean to blow up like that. It's just this situation is so-- I don't know, just frustrating. But I love you, baby. That hasn't changed. Look, the reason I came looking for you is because I'm gonna go into surgery. This procedure's not that complicated, but it is, you know, pretty late, so probably won't be home tonight. All right, bye.

Carly: Daniel, yang's ready for you.

Daniel: All right. Let's do it.

[Cell phone ringing]

Victor: Where the hell have you been? I've been calling you all day.

Vivian: Oh, well, you know, I'm sorry. Wedding preparations and everything. Something wrong?

Victor: Yes, there's something wrong. Daniel's having surgery on his eyes, and that black widow is gonna be in the O.R. with him.

Vivian: Carly?

Victor: Who else?

Vivian: Well, I don't know. Every time you hate some woman, you use animal imagery. Maybe that's why they were fighting.

Victor: Who was fighting? The hell are you babbling about?

Vivian: Well, I came into the pub to get some coffee. And there was Daniel with his fiancée. What's her name? Carla? Cathy?

Victor: Chloe.

Vivian: Yes, Chloe. Well, Daniel was here, and they were having this enormous argument. Ha. That's all I know. Oh, darling, I can't wait to tell you about the seating arrangements for the reception. They're brilliant. Good-bye.

Gus: Found out anything useful?

Vivian: Daniel is having some sort of surgical procedure in the operating room, and Carly’s going to be there. And Daniel didn't see fit to tell Chloe.

Gus: Useful.

Vivian: Very useful. I just have to figure out how to use it.

Matt: We've talked about Carly before. Now did you take my advice and discuss this with Daniel?

Chloe: I meant to. I really did. Carly always seems to be around. She lives right across the hall from us, she's a doctor at the hospital.

Matt: What is it that you'd like to say to Daniel?

Chloe: I'd like to tell him that I feel like Carly’s moving into every part of our lives.

Brady: Gabi, don't play me, okay? You're no good at it. You were talking about Nicole to somebody. Was it Arianna?

Gabi: Yeah.

Brady: Is WXIR planning to do another story about Nicole or something?

Gabi: Just ask Arianna.

Brady: Gabi, Gabi. Listen, listen to me. Listen to me. Look at me. You are not gonna get in trouble. I promise you. But please tell me what's going on.

Gabi: She's going to kill me.

Brady: No, she won’t.

Gabi: Arianna's working for Nicole.

Brady: No, that's not possible.

Gabi: Yeah, it so is. Nicole is a reporter there now. Arianna had to run the camera for her tonight.

Brady: Oh, my God. Where are they?

Gabi: The police station. But you didn't hear it from me.

Nicole: Take my things back to the office, and hang them up nicely, and if you're the one who gets my coffee next time, get it right.

Arianna: You know, is this just something you do when I'm around, or are you always a bitch?

Nicole: What did you call me?

Arianna: A bitch. Because that's what you are.

Nicole: [Chuckles] You're right. I am a bitch. But that's why I got to interview the mayor before anyone else, that's why I'm gonna rock this job, and if you don't like the way that I do it, then you can go back to the pub and serve clam chowder, okay?

Brady: What the hell is going on?

Chloe: Oh, excuse me. I have a message from Daniel. I don't know how I missed that.

Daniel: Look, the reason I came looking for you is because I'm gonna go into surgery. This procedure's not that complicated, but it is, you know, pretty late, so probably won't be home tonight.

Chloe: Hmm. Guess not. I thought he was calling to say he's sorry or that he'd forgiven me.

Matt: I thought he couldn't do surgery right now.

Chloe: Oh, you know what, he must be consulting or something. I don't know. He didn't discuss it with me.

Matt: Chloe, why don't you go to the hospital and see if you can catch him before he goes into the operating room? You can work this out.

Chloe: I wish I could. I just can’t.

Victor: The hell are you doing here?

Justin: And good evening to you too. Brought some contracts for you to sign. Bottom of page two on each copy.

Victor: [Sighs] Could have done this in the morning.

Justin: Yeah, I guess.

Victor: Then you wouldn't have had a chance to come sniffing around Hope, right?

Hope: Oh, God, I overslept. I don't have very much time.

Vivian: Are you sure he's the right person?

Gus: I did my research, Madame. He hates his job, and he needs the money.

Vivian: So much so that he'll ruin Carly’s reputation for me?

Gus: Day trading.

Vivian: Excellent.

Carly: You relaxed?

Daniel: I should be. I'm doing eye surgery under a local.

Yang: All right, let's do this.

Carly: Okay. Don't worry. It's gonna be okay. I won't leave your side.

Chloe: [Sighs] I can't talk to Daniel tonight. He's in the O.R.

Matt: Don't back away from this. Go to the hospital, see if you can catch him. If you can't, leave a message. You can work this out.

Chloe: Sometimes I don't know if we can work things out. I just always feel like everything's against us.

Matt: Come off it, Chloe. You're good people. You love each other. You can fix this situation.

Arianna: Hi, honey.

Brady: Hi. I heard you two were working together. I thought I would come down and see how it's going. I think I know now how it's going.

Arianna: I'm doing great.

Nicole: Oh, I disagree. She was late, she was rude, and she tried to embarrass me in front of Abe Carver.

Brady: Working with Nicole, this is not what you signed up for.

Arianna: I know. And I know you're sick of the drama, and, believe me, I get it, but you got me in the door, and this is where I landed.

Brady: Well, I can get you through another door and you can land somewhere else, okay?

Arianna: I don't want to keep coming to you, okay? And I actually like it here.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Arianna: I really do.

Brady: Look, there are other jobs at the TV station. Why don't we check some of those out?

Nicole: Brady's right. There are other jobs, so why don't you take one of those?

Vivian: Mr. Winton, I presume?

Greg: Right.

Vivian: Vivian Alamain.

Winton: Oh, I know. Yeah, I read about you in the paper. I can't believe I'm meeting you.

Vivian: Yes, well, it'll be all your pleasure if you do just what I ask you to do.

Justin: I really don't want to have this conversation with you again. I know how much you want Bo and Hope to get back together.

Victor: 'Cause they belong together.

Justin: I think that's up to Bo and Hope. And Bo has already made his choice.

Victor: Bo's gonna see through Carly Manning and realize he's being an idiot.

Justin: So while you wait for Bo to come to his senses, Hope is supposed to just raise Ciara and deal with all of her problems alone?

Victor: And you're the man that can make all that happen for her, huh?

Justin: I can sure as hell try.

Hope: Tonight is gonna be the night.

Arianna: I'm not a quitter.

Brady: That is not what you would be doing.

Nicole: I agree.

Arianna: Just stay out of this. Now I accepted this job. I don't want you going to Philip saying, "My fiancée is unhappy, and she wants another job." And I have had rotten bosses in the past. I've handled them.

Brady: Yeah, this is different.

Arianna: Okay, then look at it this way. If I get transferred to another station, then this woman, and I use the term loosely, wins. I'm not running away.

Yang: Okay, Daniel, you're numb. I'm gonna go prep the laser.

Daniel: Cool. Oh, here we go.

[Clears throat]

Carly: Pretty soon, no double vision.

Daniel: Yeah. I hope so.

Carly: Did you get in touch with Chloe?

Daniel: No, I left a message. I just think this whole double vision thing is getting to me. That's why I blew up at her earlier. I think, once I get out of here, I'll make everything right.

Chloe: Hey, Greg.

Greg: Mm, Chloe. What are you doing here at this time of night?

Chloe: Well, I just wanted to leave a message for Dr. Jonas. I know he's in surgery, but I know he usually checks his patients here before he goes home.

Greg: No, Dr. Jonas isn't doing surgery.

Chloe: Are you sure? He left me a message, and that's what he said.

Greg: I mean, you can stay around and check with Maxine if you want to, but I saw the O.R. schedule, and he's not on it.

Chloe: Hmm. Doesn't make any sense. What?

Greg: [Sighs] Look, I like you. So I'm gonna be honest.

Chloe: About what?

Greg: Dr. Jonas was here. And Dr. Manning was here too, they're gone.

Victor: I thought Hope gave you your walking papers.

Justin: I'm beginning to think she changed her mind about that.

Victor: Forget it.

Justin: Can I ask you something?

Victor: Sure.

Justin: I clean up your messes, keep you out of jail. And Bo tells you on a regular basis that he would put you away if he could. Why do I get the feeling that that makes him the real man in your eyes?

Victor: Of course he's a real man.

Justin: Because no son of Victor Kiriakis could be anything else. Right? No, you better take a look at those papers, make sure I didn't just get you to sign away the dynasty. I'm gonna go check on Ciara and Hope.

Hope: Perfect.

Chloe: I need to know where they were going.

Nathan: Tell me how you feel about me.

EJ: You look very beautiful.

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