Days Transcript Monday 4/19/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/19/10 - Canada; Tuesday 4/20/10 - U.S.A.


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Hope: Hey, sweetheart. All set for school? What are you doing with that?

Ciara: Taking it for show-and-tell.

Hope: But it's not yours. Here. Ciara, give it to Mommy, please. Oh. This must be Vivian’s. But why were you taking it to school in the first place? It's a wedding magazine.

Ciara: 'Cause I thought you were getting married again.

Hope: What? Ciara, I--If Mommy was getting married again, you would be the first person in the whole world to know. I'm still married to your daddy.

Ciara: Then why did you tell me Uncle Justin was going to be my new daddy?

Hope: I never said that. [Ciara flashes back] Maybe some day, Uncle Justin could be your new daddy.

Ciara: You did too.

Hope: No, sweetheart. Ciara, honey, I would never-- I would never tell you that Justin or anyone else could ever be your daddy.

Ciara: You said it, Mommy. I remember.

Daniel: [Groans]

Carly: Hey. It's gonna be okay.

Daniel: Oh, my gosh, I really wish people would stop telling me that. 'Cause the truth is we don't even know if it's going to be okay.

Carly: Well, that's where you're wrong.

Daniel: Yeah?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: What does that mean?

Carly: It means that I know that technique that we tried yesterday wasn't, you know, great, but instead of being discouraged, I came up with a much better idea.

Nicole: It is a beautiful morning.

Chloe: Mm, it's okay.

Nicole: Oh, hey, someone needs some breakfast.

Chloe: Yeah, I couldn't eat this morning before Daniel left. I kept thinking Carly was going to show up in a teddy with some sticky buns.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Well, at least she and her buns live across the hall and not in your apartment.

Chloe: It's a good thing. I'm so sick of her, I might've killed her in her sleep.

Nicole: Oh.

Chloe: I didn't really mean that.

Nicole: Well, I'd rather see you out for blood than the Saint Chloe thing you were doing in front of Daniel.

Chloe: What choice do I have? Daniel's, like, "Isn't she great?"

Nicole: Okay, let's go get some bacon and eggs and then we will plot that woman's downfall. Go, go, I'm hungry.

Vivian: Yes, you do that, ladies.

Hope: I know how much you miss your daddy. But, sweetheart, I really think that you dreamed what I said about Justin.

Ciara: No, I didn’t. I didn't dream it. I'm not telling a lie.

Hope: Ciara, honey--wait. I know you--honey, I didn't say--Ciara!

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Yeah, what's going on? What? Abe was mugged? The mayor was mugged last night and I'm just finding out about it now? Are you kidding me? I--I'm on my way. Somebody is in big trouble.

Nicole: Okay, so before we return to the continuing saga of Daniel and Carly, I need your opinion about something.

Chloe: Okay.

Nicole: So Philip gave me a job at the television station.

Chloe: Really? As what?

Nicole: Some sort of roving reporter.

Chloe: Wait, Victor's son gave you a job--an on-air job?

Nicole: Yeah. But what I want to know is do you think that Brady’s behind it?

Chloe: I have no idea.

Nicole: Come on. You worked in television. I mean, you know how these decisions are made.

Chloe: Ugh. You know what, I'm happy for you, but that's a time in my life I'd rather just forget.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, right. That's when your charming mother-in-law poisoned you.

Chloe: Oh, wait, you didn't hear? That never happened.

Nicole: Oh, it happened all right. She was a little ticked that you were playing around on her son Lucas. Ugh. Who wouldn't play around on that idiot?

Chloe: Nicole.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. That was mean and totally uncalled for. Anyway, my point is... look, you went through hell for Daniel. And I have a feeling these problems aren't over. Do you really think he's worth all that?

Vivian: Oh, ladies, I wonder what you're talking about. Maybe ridding the world of Carly Manning. Oh, please let it be that.

Gus: Good. You're on time. We've got a lot to do. You have an appointment with the florist at 10:30. You're auditioning the string quartet at 1:00.

Vivian: Ssht-ssht-ssht-ssht. I don't have time for that. I have very important business. Very important.

Gus: Does it involve Dr. Manning?

Nicole: No, unfortunately not, because Victor was very tedious, about that just because...

Gus: Madam--

Vivian: His son is married to Carly’s daughter. You know. What?

Gus: What important business?

Vivian: Well, I was just thinking that if Carly is as vicious and ruthless as she is, she must have another enemy besides me, don't you think?

Gus: Right. Like who?

Vivian: Hmm. Like someone who could be persuaded to do something I'm not permitted to do--drive a stake through that vampire woman's nonexistent heart.

Hope: Hey, are you okay? Is he okay?

Lexie: Yeah, he's fine.

Hope: Oh, thank God.

Abe: Yeah, except for a world-class headache.

Hope: I don't know how I didn't know about this.

Lexie: Well, they tried to reach you.

Hope: I found that out after I took some poor rookie's head off. I am so sorry. My phone, it was--it was charging all night. And Henderson, well, he's not very good at giving me my messages. I really am sorry.

Abe: Looks like your mugger got me.

Hope: I'll find out for sure. Uh, that is if I'm still on the case.

Abe: You still want to be?

Hope: That creep got Justin and now you. Yeah, I want it.

Abe: Lexie, could I talk to Hope alone, please?

Lexie: Yeah. Hope, whoever this was, if they'd hit Abe just a few inches to the right, he could've died.

Hope: We'll get him.

Lexie: You better.

Hope: What makes you think it's the same guy who attacked the D.A. and Justin?

Abe: The way it happened. I was out walking on the pier on the way to meet Lexie for a late dinner.

Hope: Time.

Abe: Around 10:00. It's like Woods says. Like Justin. I didn't see or hear anything. Somebody came up behind me and... lights out. When Lexie found me, my wallet was missing. It's no help, right?

Hope: One thing I know for sure about this perp. He attacked you, the D.A., and Victor Kiriakis' nephew. He's got guts. Kinda makes you wonder what he's gonna do next.

Victor: Well, if it isn't the lovely Miss Hernandez. Please come in.

Arianna: Thank you. Just, uh, here to meet Brady.

Victor: Yes, well, his, uh, meeting ran a little late.

Arianna: Oh. Okay. Well, I'll just come back then.

Victor: No, please stay. Chat a little bit. I promise I won't have you for breakfast.

Arianna: You're not even gonna ask me how I like my coffee.

Victor: Oh, black. Maybe with a little bit of sugar. That's the only way to have it.

Arianna: Right.

Victor: So I understand that you, uh, going to start working at the television station. Please.

Arianna: Thank you.

Victor: As Cece Chavez's production assistant?

Arianna: That is correct.

Vivian: Ah. Well, was it hard to give up the glamour of the Brady pub to come to work for me?

Arianna: I thought you gave the station to Philip as a wedding gift.

Victor: Well, I did. But you see, the station is owned by Titan Enterprises, and I'm the Titan. So ultimately, everybody answers to me.

Arianna: Okay, well, I'll work hard. And I'll do an excellent job. But I won't answer to you.

Victor: [Chuckles] Well, there's that feisty thing again. That's gonna come in very handy when you and Nicole go head-to-head over Brady.

Chloe: I'm not still suffering because of Daniel.

Nicole: Oh, right. And having the mother of his child live across the way and watching them play Mommy and Daddy to little Melanie, no, that's not a problem. Of course not.

Chloe: Aren't you the one who reminded me last night how much Daniel loves me and how he and I went through hell to be together?

Nicole: Yeah, Hope Brady thought the same thing about her and Bo. And then along came Carly. I'm just saying watch your back.

Daniel: No. No way. No. No way.

Carly: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on, listen to me. Listen to me.

Daniel: No, I told you I'm not going that route.

Carly: Will you at least talk to Dr. Yang?

Daniel: Yeah? Who's he?

Carly: An old friend of mine. A binocular vision specialist.

Daniel: Oh, you just remembered you happened to have an old pal in that field.

Carly: Oh, come on. I emailed him, okay? I sent him your films. He called me this morning. Daniel, he's developed a laser technique for treating double vision that's been successful.

Daniel: Cases like mine.

Carly: More severe than yours. David is due in Chicago to speak at a medical conference tomorrow, okay? But I convinced him as a favor to me to come to Salem and do your surgery today.

Daniel: [Chuckles] Today?

Carly: You going to wait until he's available? Come on. I'm working on getting him guest privileges and then I'll assist.

Daniel: What, you--you did all that after I said I don't want anything to do with surgery?

Carly: Yeah, I ignored that. Daniel, come on. What do you say?

Daniel: Want to know what I say?

Carly: Yeah.

Daniel: Thank you.

Carly: Really?

Daniel: Really.

Carly: Oh!

Daniel: [Chuckles]

Carly: Oh, good.

Gus: If I may offer an opinion, madam, shouldn't you focus your energies on your marriage to Mr. Kiriakis?

Vivian: Yes, yes, in time.

Gus: You did promise him you'd leave Dr. Manning alone.

Vivian: I know. I know. But this is the perfect plan. You see, that Renée Fleming wannabe in there can get her hands dirty and I'll keep mine clean.

Gus: Miss Lane?

Vivian: Mm-hmm.

Gus: Doesn't she seem rather too tall and virtuous for anyone to turn her into a murderer--even you?

Vivian: [Sighs]

Gus: You're good, madam. But are you that good?

Vivian: Oh, we girls know these things about other girls. She doesn't think she can live without Dr. Jonas.

Gus: The father of Dr. Manning's child.

Vivian: Exactly. The very same one. I don't think it'll take much to push her over the edge. Do you?

Hope: This guy's targeting powerful people in the city. Better find him before he ends up killing one of them.

Abe: Could've finished me off if he had a mind to. I was down for the count.

Hope: I'm going to put a team together.

Abe: Uh, Hope, that's a good idea. You shouldn't be handling this alone. You got enough on your plate. Look, uh, have you been sleeping okay lately? Lexie told me--

Hope: Abe, I'm fine. Thank you. I'm sleeping fine. It's just that Ciara’s, uh, she's having a difficult time right now, and I'm not surprised with everything-- listen, I'm sorry. Take care. I'm gonna get going.

Abe: Hope. Hope. Look. It seems like it's time for you to update the police commissioner. Any word from Bo?

Carly: Okay. So it's outpatient surgery. I don't know what kind of anesthesia Dr. Yang wants to use. So no eating or drinking till I find out, right?

Daniel: Got it. Got it.

Carly: Okay, good.

Daniel: Carly, you're a good friend.

Carly: I'm more than a good friend, Daniel. We both know that.

Chloe: Nicole, Bo and Hope were having problems well before Carly entered the picture.

Nicole: And Carly made the most of those problems in spite of the fact that Bo and Hope are married and have children together.

Chloe: What are you getting at here? You're saying that Hope didn't stand a chance against Carly even though she and Bo have children together. And I don't stand a chance against Carly because she has a child with Daniel and I don't?

Nicole: I guess what I'm really saying is when it comes to men, most women don't have a chance against Carly.

Daniel: What do you mean that you're more than a friend?

Carly: You can't tell? Um... I'm the mother of your child as much as you might hate it.

Daniel: No, no, no. I-I don't hate that you're Melanie’s mother. You know that, right? I told you that I think Melanie’s pretty lucky to be your daughter. Now, what I do hate--yeah, you didn't give me a chance to be her father.

Carly: Of course you do. So do I. But now having your friendship and your trust, it means more to me than I can say. So thank you. So go. Go tell Chloe the good news about the surgery.

Daniel: No, I'm gonna. I'm going to. But just her. I don't want other people to know--especially Melanie.

Carly: Why not?

Daniel: Well, because if this procedure doesn't work, well, I might have to just figure out how I'm going to deal with a... career-ending injury.

Nicole: I didn't mean to undermine your confidence.

Chloe: You just said that I don't stand a chance against Carly.

Nicole: What I meant was if you want to hold on to Daniel, you have to bring your "A" game. And hope that Bo comes home early before Carly gets bored and sinks her teeth into your man.

Hope: Ciara spoke to Bo this morning. I spoke to Caroline. Apparently the bone marrow transplant went really well, and they're just waiting to see if it takes. See if Kimberly’s gonna be okay.

Abe: Good. But you haven't spoken directly to Bo.

Hope: No. You want an update on Bo, I suggest you talk to Carly Manning. Sorry. So unnecessary. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have laid that on you when you're hurt.

Abe: I'll be fine. I'm worried about you. You think you should take some personal leave time?

Hope: Rather keep working, to be honest with you. Better to focus on something else.

Lexie: Look who's here

Abe: Hey, it's my man, Theo! Come here, big guy! Whoa!

Lexie: He wanted to help take Daddy home.

Abe: You hear that? I am coming home. We'll make you pancakes tomorrow morning just like always.

Theo: Tomorrow?

Lexie: Isn't it great that daddy's doing so well? Although, I told him you have to be very careful 'cause of your accident.

Hope: If you remember anything else, you'll call me?

Abe: Yeah, you bet.

Hope: Thanks. Lex, can I talk to you for a second?

Lexie: Okay.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Theo: I want you to come home, Daddy.

Abe: Oh, sweetheart. Mm. Ah. [Chuckles]

Hope: I was hoping you could tell me about Abe's injuries. I want to compare them to the D.A.'s and Justin’s.

Lexie: Well, I can give you the basics. But if you want specifics, you'll have to talk to the doctor who admitted him.

Hope: Who's the doctor? What'd the doctor say?

Carly: Can you give me the mayor's chart, please?

Lexie: Carly.

Nicole: Okay, so here's what I'm worried about. You're counting on Bo to keep Carly busy. But what if Carly gets cozy with Daniel and Bo sees that when he gets back? Bo's been away from Carly for a while. So what if he sees her for what she is and dumps her? That woman will go straight to Daniel.

Chloe: Carly. You were trying to take Daniel from me.

Carly: No, I would never do that.

Chloe: You stay away from him!

Carly: I can’t. I'm the mother of his child. I'm a part of his life now.

Chloe: Just leave us alone!

[Water splashes]

Chloe: Oh, my God. I've killed her. I've--I've killed her.

Lexie: Are you going to talk to her?

Hope: Don't have a choice, do I?

Lexie: Want me to stick around?

Hope: No. No. You go back with Abe and Theo. I can handle her.

Lexie: Yes, you can.

Hope: Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hi, Bo. I was hoping it would be you. How are you? How's Kimberly? Yeah? That's good. Oh, God, I miss you too. So much. More than I can say.

Nicole: I'm telling you, Chloe, if you can't get Carly to move back in with Bo, you are--

Chloe: Nicole. Please. You know what, I don't want to hear this right now. Daniel is never gonna be unfaithful to me. And Carly is in love with Bo.

Nicole: Fine. If that's the way you want to look at it.

Chloe: That's the way that it is. I'm starting to wish I didn't talk to you about any of this.

Nicole: Me? I'm not the problem. You're the one who's fallen in love with a guy who's a major player.

Chloe: He was. But he isn't any more. Would you stop trying to upset me?

Nicole: Look, honey, you're the one who is sick of Carly. You are the one who's worried about her with Daniel. I didn't put that in your head.

Chloe: Okay, fine! You know what, I wish that Carly Manning would drop off the face of the earth!

Daniel: Why haven't you told me that?

Lexie: So you feeling better?

Theo: No.

Lexie: No? Honey, Daddy's fine. You saw for yourself. He's going to make us pancakes tomorrow morning. Isn't that great?

Theo: I want him to come home now, not tomorrow.

Lexie: Well, honey, hey, honey, he is coming home now. Okay? He's coming home in a little while. He's coming home today. In fact, he's gonna tuck you into bed tonight.

Theo: He didn't say that.

Lexie: Well, that's because he was so focused on making you breakfast tomorrow morning. So I'm telling you Daddy will be released from the hospital and coming home with us in a little while. You're still worried, aren't you?

Theo: What happened to him, Mommy?

Lexie: The accident, you mean? Well, um, Daddy was in a hurry to meet Mommy for dinner. And he wasn't paying attention to where he was going. And he tripped and he fell.

Theo: What if he falls again?

Lexie: Well, Theo, honey, that's the thing. Daddy's going to be very, very careful from now on. So no more worrying, okay? Daddy's going to be fine. No more accidents. I promise. Come here. Come here. Give me a hug. Ugh. Mm. I love you so much.

Arianna: I'm not gonna have to fight Nicole for Brady. She knows the score.

Victor: Yes, but you're shaving points. It makes it look like you're trying to throw the game.

Arianna: Why don't you say what you mean.

Victor: Well, you've decided not to get married right away.

Arianna: Is this house bugged?

Victor: Nicole's gonna see that as an opportunity.

Arianna: Even after Brady said that he was done with her? That he was finished?

Victor: You think that's gonna stop her? She was crawling in bed with EJ for months with a fake pregnant stomach on.

Arianna: Well, rushing into marrying Brady isn't going to stop her either then.

Victor: Putting off the marriage is gonna let her know just how sure of yourself you are.

Arianna: That's right.

Victor: It better work. You know, Nicole was a--like a bad habit. And Brady’s had problems with controlled substances in the past.

Arianna: Look, Nicole’s in Salem and she wants Brady. I can't change that. But if you think she's the one who's calling the shots, then you've underestimated me. Excuse me. I need to get going. Can you tell Brady I had to leave? I don't want to be late for my first day at the job.

Nicole: So, uh, I'm gonna let you two kids talk. Good-bye. Excuse me. Coming through.

Chloe: [Exhales]

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: Hey, Rosie. What you got for me? Oh. You're kidding. You just made my first day as a reporter. Thanks. Hey, it's Nicole. I just found out the mayor was attacked last night. But no one knows. There's a news blackout. So I have a source at the hospital. And she just said that Carver was released from the hospital and he's at the police headquarters right now giving a statement. So could you send a crew and a P.A. over to meet me right away? Thanks.

Daniel: You wish Carly would just drop off the face of the earth?

Chloe: That's not what it sounded like.

Daniel: No? Well, I don't know how else to spin it. What, is it Nicole? Did he provoke you about Carly in some way? And why would you continue to listen to that woman, who is an absolute train wreck?

Chloe: Oh. Yeah. That's right, Daniel. It's her, because I can't possibly form an opinion all by myself.

Carly: Listen, Bo, you do what those doctors tell you to do, okay? Push fluids. It's really important after a procedure like this. I love you too. Bye. Uh, Hope... I-I didn't realize you were...

Hope: I, um, actually, I-I need to talk to you. I need some, um, information about Abe’s injuries. I just, uh, wanted to know if they're similar to the D.A.'s and--and Justin’s.

Carly: They all three had, um, trauma to the back of the head. And whoever it was, um, either wasn't very strong or wasn't using the right implement because none of them...

Hope: Oh, damn it.

Carly: Uh, here. Here. Here. It's okay. Just try this one.

Hope: Thank you. Okay, so, uh, none of them--

Carly: I know that you heard us talking. Bo, um, Bo got word from the doctor. And--and he and Kimberly are doing so great. And he doesn't know when he's coming home, but... I-I-I didn't mean for you to hear us talking.

Hope: Don't worry about it.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Excuse me. Hello. Is Ciara okay? I'm leaving right now. I'm on my way.

Carly: Hope. Hope, what's wrong?

Arianna: Hello. Yeah, I'm on my way in. Police headquarters? Definitely know where that is.

Nicole: What do you mean you're not sending hair and makeup? All right, well, I-I-I hope that P.A. remembers the clothes I have in my office, my makeup bag, and my flatiron. This is my first breaking story. I'm not about to go on camera looking like little orphan Annie. Oh, oh, and please tell the P.A. I need a coffee. No, not regular. No one drinks that any more. Look, I need a skinny quad cap with caramel. Stirred, dry, not wet. Okay? Remember that 'cause I'm not repeating it. Thanks.

Carl: Where do you think you're going?

Nicole: Uh, I'm going to see the mayor.

Carl: He's busy.

Nicole: Beat it. It's a family emergency. Abe.

Carl: Do you know this lady?

Abe: I'll handle this.

Carl: Sir, you just got out of the hospital.

Abe: Don't worry, Carl. I'll be fine. So what do you want, Nicole?

Nicole: An exclusive.

Abe: What?

Nicole: I was hired as a reporter at WXIR.

Abe: I didn't know that a prison record was good background for being a reporter.

Nicole: Oh, come on, Abe. You know it would make Brandon so happy to see us work together.

Abe: I'm gonna give a press conference. You can hear my statement along with everyone else.

Nicole: Fine. Play it your way. But just so you know, I already have a crew out there setting up. I go on air in a few minutes. So I can tell the public my version of what happened or yours.

Ciara: Why are we in here?

Hope: Because that way, we can have a conversation in private, you and I. Okay? And because I... got a phone call from your teacher, Mrs. Youngblood, today. And she asked me to bring you home and have a talk with you. She told me that you stole reward stickers out of her desk, honey. Honey, I know you've been through a very, very tough year. You've been through so much and all the changes. Moving in here. Moving out of your house. Ciara, honey, you--you can always tell me when you're feeling sad. And I will do everything in my power to try to make you feel better. I love you. I love you so much, sweetheart. I'm always here for you. But I'll tell you something that's not gonna make you feel better. And that is when you take things that do not belong to you.

Ciara: You think everything I do is bad.

Hope: No, that is not-- uht! That is not true and that's unfair. I think you need a time-out, sweetheart. Please go to your room, okay?

Ciara: I want my daddy.

Hope: [Exhales]

Chloe: You know, Nicole is my friend. She may not be perfect, but she's--

Daniel: Not perfect? Huh. Well, that's just a bit of an understatement, don't you think? I will put up with her because for whatever reason you like her. But if she's putting garbage into your head about Carly--

Chloe: She is not doing that.

Daniel: No? Really? Really? Then why is it that you're telling her that you don't like Carly and you tell me something completely opposite?

Chloe: [Scoffs] I am trying to like Carly--I really am-- for your sake.

Daniel: Well, I get that. That's fantastic. But then Nicole comes along. I mean, now that she's screwed up her life royally, she wants to screw up your life. Do you get that?

Chloe: I just told you! She is not doing that. And even if she was, I'm not so stupid that I get played like...


Daniel: Like what?

Chloe: Nicole's not the problem here, okay? Carly is. Yet you refuse to see that.

Vivian: Let the games begin.

Daniel: So Carly’s the problem?

Chloe: Yes.

Daniel: But Nicole’s fine? Yeah. All she did was just fake a pregnancy, kidnap Sami Brady’s baby--

Chloe: Carly killed her own husband.

Daniel: Yeah, but I know. But in self-defense.

Chloe: See?

Daniel: The guy was a lunatic. See what?

Chloe: Oh, my God, anything Carly does, including murder, is fine.

Daniel: Okay, okay, you know what, this is--let's just forget Carly. Forget Nicole. Do you know what is really bothering me? Is I keep walking into rooms hearing you tell other people stuff that you're not saying to me.

Chloe: Okay, fine. So I didn't tell you that I didn't think I needed to see a therapist. Bad, bad Chloe. Carly didn't tell you that you had a daughter for over 20 years, but that's okay because Carly gets a pass. Free pass for anything.

Daniel: Well--well, if that's how you feel, then say something to me. Just say it.

Chloe: Who can say anything against Carly to you? You said that if she didn't stay with us when Bo was gone, you were gonna go stay with her. I didn't even get a vote.

Daniel: Okay, look, I know you're mad, honey.

Chloe: Oh, really? And, what, is that so unreasonable? I'm the one who has to sit and listen while you and Carly talk medicine and Melanie. I watch you bolt to the door every time you hear any little noise because you're afraid somebody might hurt poor Carly.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. Don't you think that's just a bit of an overreaction?

Chloe: No, it's not. Not when it comes to Carly Manning. Face it, Daniel. She's a whore who gets through life sleeping with other women's men.

Vivian: Tell it like it is, sister.

Hope: Hey, Victor. Oh, good news. Bo and his sister are both doing very well after the transplant.

Victor: Yes, I know. Bo called me. What are you doing home? It's the middle of the day.

Hope: You're home in the middle of the day, aren't you?

Victor: Well, I know how to delegate. You're all hung up on that work ethic thing.

Hope: I, um, had to pick Ciara up from school and bring her home.

Victor: Is she coming down with something?

Hope: No. She, um... she--her teacher caught her stealing reward stickers out of her desk.

Victor: [Chuckles] Well, that's my girl.

Hope: Victor.

Victor: Oh, come on. You know how much she can scalp those for on the playground?

Hope: Stop it, okay? It's not like my daughter. It's not like Ciara. She's just--my God, I don't know. I don't know. She's just not taking this separation very well.

Victor: And she's the only one having a problem with it. You're handling it just fine.

Hope: You're as bad as Abe.

Victor: Nobody's as bad as Abe. Why were you talking to Abe? Because he got mugged?

Hope: How'd you know about that? There's a news blackout.

Victor: I know everything that goes on in Salem.

Hope: All right, then, what's the word on the street about who's doing these muggings?

Ciara: Mommy, Tommy bear and me want my time-out to be over. Wow. Look, Tommy bear. Look what Mommy has.

Nicole: I just got an exclusive with the mayor. Where the hell's the crew? Well, they better be. Oh. Here they are. All right, look, I need you to have the crew set up out there and then come back and help me get ready, okay? [Exhales] Mm. Do you call that dry?

Arianna: Do you call that manners? Where's Cece?

Nicole: Cece's toast. I got the job.

Arianna: You're the reporter.

Nicole: You're the P.A.

Arianna: I'm working for you.

Carly: I can't thank you enough for making the time to do the surgery.

Yang: You already said that.

Carly: I know. I know. It's just that Daniel is such a gifted surgeon, I would hate to see him give that up because of his eyesight.

Yang: I'd like to talk to him. Is he around?

Carly: Uh, he'll be back. He's actually breaking the good news about his surgery to his fiancée.

Daniel: Two, three months ago, you wouldn't even have used a word like "whore" to describe anybody.

Chloe: Two or three months ago, I didn't know that you and Carly Manning had a daughter. I can't believe you're still defending her.

Daniel: You know what I can't believe is that you and I can't talk... in a sane, rational way.

Chloe: Oh, so now I'm crazy?

Daniel: Stop.

Chloe: Answer me.

Daniel: Stop. Answer you? Honey, I have tried to reassure you how much I love you until I am blue in the face.

Chloe: Is there something going on between you and Carly?

Daniel: I'm sorry, what? You ask me that... after everything we have been through to be together? I thought at the very least, you trusted me.

Chloe: Do you trust me?

Daniel: You think I should?

Chloe: Are you leaving?

Daniel: Yeah, I'm leaving. I'm gonna get out of here before I say something I just might regret.

Chloe: Daniel... what do you want?

Vivian: Oh, you poor, poor thing.

Victor: When Justin got hurt, I thought maybe somebody was trying to send me a message. So I looked into it. Came up with nothing.

Hope: All three men were hit in the back of the head. All three had their wallet stolen.

Victor: Well, maybe your mugger is after high profile guys with gold cards.

Hope: No, I don't think it's just robbery either.

Victor: Using that cop gut thing again, huh?

Hope: I just got to figure this out before someone else I know gets hurt.

Ciara: Tommy bear, I think my mommy has a secret.

Arianna: Cut, cut, cut!

Vivian: She's gotten to him, hasn't she--Carly Manning?

Daniel: I trust Carly. I trust her with my life.

Victor: Well, then you're a damn fool.

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