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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/15/10 - Canada; Friday 4/16/10 - U.S.A.


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Arianna: I didn't set you up, okay? We were having a meeting. I'm trying to get--

Nicole: Oh, really? Really? It's just some big coincidence? Get that camera out of my face.

Cece: Nicole, we're just interested in hearing your side of the story. Just one question.

Brady: Cece. That's enough. Go.

Cece: Yes, Mr. Kiriakis.

Brady: What in the hell is going on here, huh?

Nicole: She did this. Your sadistic, little girlfriend. She set me up.

Arianna: I didn't set you up, okay?

Nicole: Oh, like hell. Like hell. You had her come here for her show, whoever she is so that--

[Both arguing]

Brady: Stop. Stop. Stop. Hey! Hold it! Enough!

[Arianna sighs]

Nathan: Hey.

Melanie: Yeah, hi.

Nathan: I didn't know you were back.

Melanie: It's my first day.

Nathan: Ah.

Melanie: Um, got to go check on my patient.

Nathan: Yeah. Right.

Melanie: Yeah, I can't do this.

Rafe: You're tailing her right now? Well, great. Keep me posted. Are you kidding? If you found Anna DiMera, I'm gonna fly to Morocco and bring her back myself.

Sami: I know. It was so lonely last night without Johnny, wasn't it? But you know what? In half an hour, we get to go pick him up, and Sydney too, and we're gonna have so much fun. We will be rescuing them from the evil dungeon, huh?

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: Ooh. Hey, what's up? No way.

Stefano: Oh, sweetheart, you have no idea how happy no-no is that you and your little brother spent the night here, you know? And soon, soon, you and your brother are going to live here permanently, along with your brother William. Huh?

EJ: If you have any idea how I'm supposed to do that, please feel free to share.

Stefano: What? You're a man. She's a woman. You tell her that's the way it's gonna be, and you bring your children and you live here.

EJ: Come on, Father. You know damn well I can't just do that.

Stefano: Canít... or won't? What kind of game are you playing, Elvis?

Nathan: Uh, what can't you do anymore?

Melanie: Pretend that everything is okay between us, because it is not.

Nathan: Yeah, I got to admit that you're--you suck at pretending everything's okay.

Melanie: Okay, yeah, I do. Look, from now on, nothing but the truth, okay?

Nathan: Nothing but the truth. I think I can handle that.

Sami: You know, you could not have picked a worse time to ask me this. No, no, everything's fine with Will. It's just that I-- no, I--I can't talk about it now, anyway. I'll call you back.

Rafe: Hey.

Sami: Hi.

Rafe: Everything okay?

[Sami sighs]

Rafe: Well, how's that ice cream? Is that good? Bet it is. You seem upset.

Sami: Well, that was Lucas, to let me know that he's gonna be traveling most of the summer, but he has a couple weeks in Hong Kong, so he's really hoping I can have Allie come out to spend some time with him, which of course I don't want to do. I don't want to be away from my kids for that long. I... [Sighs]

Rafe: Speaking of which, where's Sydney?

Sami: Uh, she's with EJ and...his father.

Rafe: What?

Sami: Yeah, she spent the night last night with the DiMeras.

EJ: Look, father, I can't risk upsetting Samantha any more than I have already. I mean, did you see what she was like last night? She was furious. And this was about one night.

Stefano: [Grunts] We have a deal, Elvis. Perhaps you would like me to go over it to make it clear, huh?

EJ: Okay.

Stefano: Okay. I do not go to the authorities about your kidnapping little Sydney if you publicly reconcile with me and you bring your children to live here.

EJ: Okay, but we have a problem with that, because Samantha is not going to agree to it. And if she doesn't agree to it, she's gonna kill me, essentially, and the other thing is it's gonna upset her a great deal. I'm not quite sure I want to do that.

Stefano: What? You were not concerned with her feelings before. Why--why are you starting now?

Brady: Look, don't do this.

Arianna: Don't do what, Brady? Defend myself? Are you telling me you actually believe this--this lying--

Nicole: Of course he believes me. Anyone in here can see that you started this argument, and why? 'Cause you had that roving reporter over there film this for her show. Anything to make me look bad.

Arianna: I didn't have a roving re--

Nicole: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, deny it all you want. You did this.

Arianna: I didnít. Brady, please tell me that you believe me.

Brady: I believe you.

Nicole: What?

Brady: I believe you. I don't think that you would set her up. That's not in your nature, okay? But she--you can't let her play you like this, all right? She's working you, all right? She can manipulate people.

Nicole: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute here. Don't talk about me like I'm not here, okay?

Nicole: Forget it. Know what? I shouldn't even be here.

Brady: No, stop, stop. You're not going anywhere.

Melanie: Look, I--I cared about you, and I still had feelings for you when I got married to Philip.

Nathan: Okay.

Melanie: But I don't anymore. A lot of things have changed, actually.

Nathan: Changed? Yeah.

Melanie: Yeah. I'm less selfish. You know. Not everything is about me. And I love my husband. He's the best. And he makes me very happy.

Nathan: Melanie, that's great.

Melanie: But if that's gonna make it weird between us at the hospital, if every--

Nathan: Hey, it's not a problem. I'm with Stephanie now.

Melanie: Right.

Nathan: Hey, so it's cool. We're cool.

Melanie: We're fine. We're good.

Nathan: I mean, we both moved on.

Melanie: Yeah. Uh, I'm glad. I'm glad we could get that out in the open, then.

Nathan: Right.

Maxine: Melanie, did you check on Mrs. Martin yet?

Melanie: No. Yeah, I'm gonna--gonna do that right now.

Maxine: Actually, Dr. Horton, she was asking for you, so if you and a student nurse walked in, it'd probably make her day.

Nathan: Sure. Why not? Shall we do this? Together?

Melanie: Yeah.

Nathan: Yeah.

Rafe: I'm sorry. Did you want to run that by me again? Did you just say that you let Johnny and Sydney spend the night at the DiMerasí?

Sami: Well, I didn't want to. I had to.

Rafe: Had to.

Sami: Yeah, EJ was adamant. I guess his father is ill or whatever anyway, so I didn't want to get into a big fight about it in front of the kids. I... I did what I thought was best for my children.

EJ: Father, do you not remember what kind of fierce opponent Samantha can be?

Stefano: [Laughs] Do you think I am intimidated by the likes of Samantha Brady? Oofa. Although you seem to be.

EJ: No. Not intimidated. I just don't want to upset Johnny and Sydney. If you upset Samantha, you upset the children. It's not fair.

Stefano: I'm sure you'll come up with something. I have every confidence.

EJ: Your confidence isn't what I need. I'm sorry. I can't have the mother of my children put through any more agony than she's already been through.

Stefano: Which you put her through. You know, you think she's mad now because the children stayed here overnight? When you see how she reacts when she realizes that the father of her children is the one that put her through all this hell. Oh, ho, she will really hate you then. And I'm sure that's something you do not want.

Nicole: You want to believe her over me, fine. But why do I have to stay and listen to it?

Brady: Because I need you to hear what I'm gonna say to you, and I'm only gonna say it once. I don't care if we're talking tomorrow, the next day, next year, whatever. Don't you ever put Arianna or me in the middle of your drama ever again.

Nicole: I didnít.

Brady: Nicole, I don't care what went on here today, and I don't care why you think she's to blame. Arianna has no interest in hurting you, she doesn't want to be around you, and your life has no interest for her. Or for me. I'm done with you.

Nathan: Strong pulse you have there, Mrs. Martin.

Melanie: Bp 140 over 80. Pulse ox 99.

Nathan: How you feeling?

Mrs. Martin: I'm still awfully groggy.

Nathan: Yeah, it's the pain medication. Unfortunately, removing your appendix required full surgery. It'll be a while before the pain subsides, but, all in all, mean, your vitals are perfect, and you seem to be in good spirits. But you always seem to be in good spirits, huh?

Melanie: Something tells me you're one of Dr. Horton's favorite patients.

Mrs. Martin: Oh, well, aren't you sweet to say--oh!

Nathan: Mrs. Martin? All right, where's the pain?

Mrs. Martin: I can't breathe.

Nathan: Okay, is it chest pain?

Mrs. Martin: Yes. It's burning. Oh, oh, dear God.

Nathan: Okay. Okay, okay. Give me an EKG, stat. I'm gonna up your pain medication, so that way--

[Flat lines]

Nathan: Melanie. Melanie, code blue. Call it. Go. I need a crash cart in here right now.

[Sami sighs]

Rafe: So leaving the kids at the DiMera mansion, that's what's best for them?

Sami: Well, why do you have to say it like that? I was doing what I thought was best. I didn't want them to pick up on tension of some huge fight. And anyway, yeah, Stefano is a son of a bitch, but it's not like he eats children, okay?

Rafe: Well... so what was that you were saying about him being ill?

Sami: I guess EJ said the diabetes is worse, and they can't control it, and it's his heart or something. I don't know. He said his days are numbered.

Rafe: Hmm. What a shame.

Sami: Right. Well, in the meantime, EJ wants his children to spend time with their grandpa.

Rafe: So you said, "sure, why not?"

Sami: No. I didn't say it like that. It's not like I want them to be around him. I just--well, EJ was insistent, and he convinced me.

Rafe: Well, he didn't convince you, he manipulated you.

EJ: You know, father, I-- I could care less if Samantha hates me, frankly. But what I worry about, what you should be concerned about, is that if she finds out the truth, she's going to go to court, and she's gonna make sure that I never see my children again.

Stefano: Maybe, maybe not. Look, Samantha Brady found out that I was helping Nicole cover the truth about little Sydney, huh? Now did you see little Sydney when they brought her upstairs, how happy she was, huh? And Giovanni, he's going crazy because he stayed at no-no's house.

EJ: Okay. You think that if she finds out about the kidnapping, she's not gonna retaliate? Come on.

Stefano: What, you think I'm afraid of her, huh? Does she have any idea what I could do to her?

EJ: You harm one hair on her head, and our deal is off. You understand me? Off.

[Stefano sighs]

Nicole: Brady, that is cold. And you are not done with me. You never will be.

Brady: I said I would only say it once. I got to make a call.

Arianna: Do you get it now? I mean, do you finally get it? He doesn't want you in his life anymore.

Cece: You know, Ms. DiMera--

Nicole: Oh, go away.

Cece: Can I just say one thing? There are two sides to every story. You never got to tell yours. Maybe now's the time. I go live in four and a half minutes. What do you say?

Sami: First of all, he didn't manipulate me. I made that decision on my own.

Rafe: Oh, right. What's next? You want to remind me of how EJ's changed?

Sami: He has.

Rafe: Oh, I know he has. Totally. Yeah, he's in fact, like, a completely different person, right? I mean, never mind the fact that he's working with his father again. Don't let that fool you.

Sami: Look, his father is dying, all right? And it's not like I wanted to leave my kids there. It was really hard for me.

Rafe: Oh, I'll bet.

Sami: I hated leaving Sydney behind like that. And I certainly can't stand the fact that Will is living there.

Rafe: Will is living there?

Sami: Will and I had a fight. And Lucas is in Hong Kong. Will ran into his grandma, Kate, and now he's living with her.

Rafe: And Stefano.

Sami: Right. Right. Yes, and Stefano.

Rafe: He's 17, Sami. He's 17 years old. Why didn't you just put your foot down? What is wrong with you? What, you can't say no to him? You can't say no to EJ? What's going on?

Sami: What? What is that supposed to mean? What are you accusing me of?

Rafe: I'm not accusing you of anything. I'm just... you know, you used to, uh, take control of a situation or be in charge. What's going on?

Sami: Oh, my God. It's your fault.

Stefano: Elvis, you are protecting a woman who lied to you about carrying your child. What the hell is the matter with you?

EJ: What's the matter with me? This woman had her baby, our baby, taken from her by Nicole. She then had to mourn the death of another child she thought was hers. She's been through more pain in the last 18 months than most women go through in a lifetime.

Stefano: Yes, which you put her through, you.

EJ: I did. I dragged her through hell. And she turned around and dedicated her life to being an amazing mother. An amazing mother. She showed you compassion. Even though all of her instincts were telling her not to do it, she'd had her children come and stay in this place because she thought you were sick. That's who I'm defending. And I will not have you threatening her. Am I clear?

Stefano: My God. You really are in love with her.

Nathan: All right, charge 250.

Melanie: Uh, charging 250. Okay, 250.

Nathan: Clear. Come on.

[Breathing heavily]

Nathan: All right. All right, charge 300.

Melanie: Okay. Charging 300. Uh, 300.

Nathan: Clear. Oh, come on, come on, come on.

Cece: So then you never intended to lie about the miscarriage.

Nicole: No. No, I--I was gonna tell... I was gonna tell him. I loved my husband very much. But then when I found out that Sami Brady was pregnant with his child and lying about it...

Cece: Not even letting EJ know she was pregnant.

Nicole: Yes. I lost my husband's baby, and she was having his. It was unfair.

Cece: You felt you had to act.

Nicole: I know it was wrong. At least on one level.

Cece: Some people say you're a criminal, that you should still be suffering some form of punishment.

Nicole: Please don't think I'm still not being punished.

Cece: If you could say anything to those people who still condemn you, what would you say?

Nicole: I would say... all I wanted was for my husband to be happy. And bring his baby home to live with us. What I did... I did for love.

Philip: Hey.

Brady: Hey. There he is.

Philip: Sorry I'm late. Sometimes those hospital board meetings, I feel like they're gonna last longer than my life.

Brady: I know. Anything interesting?

Philip: Not at the meeting. I saw Melanie at the hospital today.

Brady: Yeah. Oh, yeah, it's her first day back.

Philip: Oh, you knew?

Brady: Yeah. We're friends, Philip. We do talk.

Philip: Oh. So tell me something. Am I the only one who didn't know that she was gonna dump me for Nathan Horton on my wedding day?

Maxine: Doctor.

Melanie: 350 charged.

Nathan: Clear. All right, charge 400.

Maxine: Doctor, she's gone.

Nathan: No, we can do this. Charge 400.

Maxine: Doctor Horton, I'm sorry. She was a fine woman, but it's time. I know you don't want to. I know it's hard. But it's time.

Nathan: Time of death, 4:27 P.M.

Rafe: Oh, it is my fault? It is my fault that you let Will move in with the DiMeras?

Sami: You know what? I'm not gonna stand here and let you question my decisions, all right? You want to be a part of them, then we can talk about it, but you're not gonna stand here and criticize me about the decisions I make after I make them, when it's too late to do anything about it. I mean, I'm a decisive person, okay? That's just who I am. I make decisions, and I stick to it. I mean, maybe they're not always the right decisions, but they're my decisions. I'm not waffling through life. I'm not indecisive. I'm just a person who goes out there and makes things happen.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Sami: And that's just the best I can do, 'cause you know what, Rafe Hernandez? I am a proactive person. That is who I am. That is what I believe in. I have always been a woman of fortitude and determination, because--because I'm just being me, and I'm not gonna be criticized by you for it. I'm just trying to...

Rafe: Just be you.

Sami: Exactly.

Rafe: Yeah. I got it. I got it. You're not waffling around. The fortitude and determination. Which, by the way, you haven't said stuff like that...

Sami: Shut up, okay? God, I miss you.

Rafe: Miss you too.

Stefano: How the hell could this happen, huh? You idiot. Tell me. Tell me. Well?

EJ: [Sighs] When she lied to me about the pregnancy...

[Stefano sighs]

EJ: I decided I was gonna make her pay. So I did. Kidnapped Sydney. I made her think that she was dead. I was gonna take Johnny and leave.

Stefano: But you didnít. Instead, you fell back in love with her all over again.

EJ: She doesn't belong with Hernandez.

Stefano: She doesn't belong with you.

EJ: I certainly don't deserve her. But I do love her.

Cece: And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the other side of the story. Thank you so much, Ms. DiMera. This is Cece Chavez, your roving reporter, saying good-bye and good luck. Yeah, we're out of here. Ooh.

[Cell phone ringing]

Cece: Thank you so much, Nicole. That went really well. Great stuff. This is my agent. Hold on one sec. Hey, Artie. What's going on? Yeah, you just caught me. What? Oh, my gosh, that's-- I'm on the--Artie, I'm on the next plane out of here. Okay, stand by. I'll call you in about ten minutes, okay? Okay. Oh, my God. I can't bel--I can't believe it. Oh, my God.

Nicole: Okay, what's going on?

Cece: The Cece Chavez show is moving to New York as of today. I have fi--finally climbed one more rung up the ladder.

Nicole: Okay, but this interview, it's--it's not gonna show on air?

Cece: Oh, yeah, didn't I tell you? It was live. It already aired. I mean, they still need to insert stuff to extend it for the rebroadcast. Jonesy, let's--let's roll. Come-- you know, Nicole, I have to ask you one more thing, though. Um... when you said you'd never commit a crime for a man, for the love of a man, was that the whole truth and nothing but?

Nicole: Well, that would depend on the man.

Brady: Wow.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Um, uh, have you talked to Melanie about this?

Philip: Uh, not about the letter, no, but I did ask her about her feelings for Nathan, and she said she's glad she married me. She loves me. And what they had was history.

Brady: Well, uh, you believe her, right?

Philip: Yeah. Well, the way I see it, I got two choices. I can be like my father, who doesn't trust any woman, lives his life bitter, alone, miserable, or I can trust Mel, trust her love. And go from there.

Brady: What's your choice?

Philip: What do you think?

Brady: From that smile, I think you made the right one, and good for you.

Philip: Yeah, good for me. Good for me. Because I'll tell you something, man, truth is no one has ever made me happier.

Melanie: It was really hard.

Nathan: Yeah. Got her last blood work back. She had viral myocarditis. Her internist said that she had no symptoms.

Melanie: So the surgery...

Nathan: Stirred it all up. She crashed, and there was nothing that we could do, so... sure you're okay?

Melanie: Yeah. You?

Nathan: Yeah, I'm good.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, no. [Clears throat] Can't do this. You know I can't do this, Sami. I just... maybe tomorrow, a week from now, or who knows when, but all these trust issues, they come back up, they start tearing us apart... I can't deal with it, Sami. I canít. Your involvement with the DiMeras. With EJ... the kids with him. I'm sorry. Just every time I'm around you guys, I... I feel like an outsider, Sami.

Sami: You're not. You're not.

Rafe: I am. I am. And I'm sorry. It's just the way I feel. I can't do this. I'm sorry.

Stefano: Look, I don't want to lose you, Elvis, all right? [Sighs] I lost Anthony, all right? I cannot have my heart broken again.

EJ: Come on, father, that won't happen. You're not gonna lose me, okay? Father, you have me. You have my children. But don't ask me to choose between you and Samantha.

Stefano: All right, look, okay, just do not threaten me, all right? Because if she finds out the truth, you won't have a choice.

EJ: Okay, well, you don't fix it so she finds out the truth, okay? Because if you do, you'll never see your grandchildren. Ever.

Stefano: This is impossible. Oh, my God. I don't believe-- you are actually asking me to accept Samantha Brady back into your life?

EJ: No, I'm not asking you, father. I'm demanding.

[Stefano sighs]

Arianna: Knock, knock.

Brady: Hey.

Arianna: Well, at least you didn't tell Henderson not to let me in, so... look, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about everything that happened today. I don't like who I am when I'm around Nicole. I don't, you know? And I'd like to work on that, you know? I would like to not sink to her level.

Brady: I just wish you could trust me, and know how much I love you.

Arianna: I want to.

Brady: I'll tell you what. Let's see if this helps.

Arianna: That helps. Yes.

[Cell phone ringing]

Arianna: Oh!

Brady: Oh.

Arianna: Oh, my God. Oh, my god. Sorry. Got to get this. This is it. This is good. This could be good. This could be really bad. Okay.

[Ringing continues]

Arianna: Hello? This is Arianna. Oh, my God.

[Cell phone rings]

Philip: Hey, Howard. Cece got picked up for New York? Well, that's no surprise. You know, the problem is, I'm not really happy with our possible choices to replace her. Who? What interview? It's on replay now? Hey, bartender, can you turn it to channel four?

Bartender: Yeah, you got it, boss.

Nicole: There was nothing I could do. It was like my life was rolling downhill, and I was totally out of control, and the only thing that I had to hold on to was my love for that little girl.

Cece: If you could say anything to those people who still condemn you, what would you say?

Nicole: I would say... all I wanted was for my husband to be happy. And bring his baby home to live with us. What I did, I did for love.

Cece: You know, Nicole, I have to ask you one more thing, though, um, when you'd never commit a crime for a man, for the love of a man, was that the whole truth and nothing but?

Nicole: Well, that would depend on the man.

[Philip chuckles] Yeah...

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: Hello?

Philip: Nicole, it's Philip. You want to meet me for a drink?

Nathan: Should have seen it coming.

EJ: Yeah. Yeah, no, no, no, no. Don't you worry. I'll find out exactly what happened. Okay. Father, that container we got from Argentina just pulled in. The cargo hold is empty. I'll have to go down to the dock and take a look.

Stefano: All right, check out the cargo yourself, all right? Don't take that captain's word for anything.

EJ: Sure. Listen, before I go, I'd like you to promise me that you're not going to say anything to Samantha about the kidnapping. Because if you do, you have to understand that my children will be out of both of our lives, permanently.

Stefano: [Sighs] I want my grandchildren with me.

EJ: And, uh, their mother's role in my life?

Stefano: Oh, God. This is idiotic. [Groans] All right, all right, I--I will not get involved. You can just... mutter all the silly little things in her ear that you want.

EJ: Okay, well, speaking of silly little things, I haven't muttered any of them yet, so if you could keep that to yourself, I'd be very grateful.

Stefano: Yes, yes, yes. Another one of your secrets is safe with me. Ah.

Nicole: Okay, so I'm here.

Philip: That was quite an interview you gave Cece.

Nicole: Oh, you saw it?

Philip: I caught the replay. My assistant phoned me to tell me you lit up the phones. And our website is completely full. People are talking about you. How you talk, how you look. All sorts of stuff. By tonight, you'll probably be viral.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I mean, that woman, she is such a manipulator. She made me say things that I shouldn't, and then--

Philip: Hey, hey, hey, okay, stop. Cece is not a manipulator. She did a great interview. As usual. Secondly, she's moving to New York. Today.

Nicole: Yeah, I know. She acted like she won the damn lottery.

Philip: And, third, I want you to take her place.

Arianna: Well, yes. Uh, yes. Thank you. Uh, yeah, I'm very excited. Okay, yes. All right, bye-bye.

Brady: Huh? Huh?

Arianna: I got it. I got it. I am the production assistant to the roving reporter!

Brady: That's pretty cool. Congratulations.

Arianna: Oh, my God! Thank you so much for setting this up. Mwah. Yes.

Brady: Whoa, you are gonna love working with Cece. She's great.

Arianna: Oh, God, this is great. Thank you. Oh, um, oh.

Brady: What?

Arianna: And aside from feeling more secure about, you know, having this great job, and, you know, I'm gonna do this great, great job, um... I'm not gonna have time to think about, um, you know who. Okay.

Nicole: Philip, I'm... you're not doing this... okay, I really do need the job, but if this is some kind of cruel joke, I--

Philip: What are you talking about? You have got to stop expecting to be punished. You did yourself proud today. You are back, baby. Come on. What do you say? Trial basis. Deal?

Nicole: Uh, yes, yes. Oh, my God. Yes. So--so, what do I do?

Philip: You just be yourself. You be who you were with Cece today.

Nicole: Okay, I will, I will. I won't change a thing. I--wow. Philip, I... I could really make this work.

Philip: Yeah. Cheers.

Nicole: Yes, cheers. Cheers.

Nathan: Thought you said you were okay.

Melanie: I thought you said you were okay.

Nathan: It's different for me, okay? That woman was my patient from day one.

Rafe: EJ.

EJ: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Hear Stefanoís sick.

EJ: He is. You should send him some flowers.

Rafe: Hadn't planned on it. He's had diabetes for a while now, though, hasn't he? I mean, is this new, his sudden physical decline?

EJ: Yeah. Think that's personal.

Rafe: Well, obviously something has to be going on, otherwise you'd never let Sydney and Johnny stay with the guy.

Stefano: Put it there. That's it. Then I have this.

Sami: [Clears throat] I'm here for Sydney and Johnny.

Stefano: Ah, right on time. Just to the minute. No extra time for no-no, huh?

Sami: Right. Where are they?

Stefano: Upstairs, saying good-bye to brother William.

Sami: Where's EJ?

Stefano: Well, he's not here. As a matter of fact, he had to do some business. I'm sure he's going to be sorry that he missed you.

Sami: No problem.

Stefano: Samantha, now that you and my son are on good terms, uh, is it safe to say that you have, um, how can I put it, uh, bonded?

Sami: What's it to you?

Stefano: Well, maybe you have forgotten, but my son's happiness is very important to me.

Sami: Right, right. The loving father.

Stefano: Exactly. Which is why I have something I would like to say to you.

Melanie: He didn't do anything wrong. Please believe me.

Rafe: I don't know what you're up to, but I will find out.

Stefano: Samantha, you have sealed your own fate.

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